So Apparently (PB related)

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So Apparently (PB related)

PostPosted by OmegaWolf57 » Fri Jan 13, 2012 2:28 pm

People can make jokes about the finding of a dead body, and once finding out that it's of a teenage girl who was a victim of a possible hate crime, but I can't comment on a Darwin award.

People can make a list of celebrities that they want to shoot their wad into and then discard, along with honorable mentions, but I can mention that I'd have sex out of love with fictional characters, without actually going into details about it.

Pepsi Jedi can replace the actual facts of what's actually in the books and side commentary from KS himself about how the CS is a halfassed redneck mockery of a regime that it itself was a halfassed redneck mockery of a regime that espoused mockery whislt shouting gibberish that would make even Hitler cringe, but standing up to him with respectful is a no-no when everone else is calling him for what he is. Come on now, mentioning that I was wanted to change my name to Coca-Cola Sith as a result of his behavior was totally appropriate, and came AFTER other people said similar things.

People saying they hate Apple because they have to pay for services is oaky, but mentioning that I can't get free programs to watch free porn on my iPod Touch (which I now after a few of using, regards as the shittiest electronic device that I have ever owned) is no acceptable. Truth be told, I'd actually agree with them, if not for the fact that the Internet is for porn and Steve Jobs always blew his wad in his costumer's faces and asses instead of a consenting partner's love tube. Actually, now I have a third entry on my **** list.

Gotta go do volunteer work now. Be back later.
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