Low Fantasy One-Shot [TSdX] 11/21/11

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Low Fantasy One-Shot [TSdX] 11/21/11

PostPosted by hippie_mama » Mon Nov 21, 2011 11:24 am

One night, and one night only!

November 21, 2011; 6pm central standard time, OpenRPG (check the board chat at 5pm for character discussion and server info)

Tri-Stat dX, 75 point characters, low fantasy skill chart

Anything goes so long as the points work out and it's not too ridiculous; please keep Special Attacks at 4 levels. This is a low-powered adventure; think starting characters. We'll build the world as we go, so don't dwell too much on the details, just have fun and be creative!
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Re: Low Fantasy One-Shot [TSdX] 11/21/11

PostPosted by Throol » Mon Nov 21, 2011 3:49 pm



Body 11 (22 cp)
- Less Capable (Agility -6) (+2 cp)
Mind 4 (8 cp)

Soul 9 (18 cp)

- Inept Defense, -3 (6 cp)

HP 100

Grow Level 3 - 24 ft tall, 12,800 lb, Armor 30, 60 meter Knockback reduction, Superstrength level 3 (+12 strength checks, +30 close combat damage, lift 10 tons), net +45 close combat damage, opponents get +3 attack bonus (30 pts)
- Maximum Force (2 cp)
- Permanent - severe inconvenience (3 cp)

Armor +3 levels - net Armor 60 (9 cp)

Special Defenses level 7 - Does not age, Does not eat, Does not feel pain, Sleeps once every 3-7 days (7 cp)

Special Movement - Zen Direction (1 cp)

Divine Relationship Level 2 (2 cp)

Achilles Heel - common, fire x2 damage (+3 cp)

Phobia - frequent, fire (+2 cp)

Marked - not concealable, humanoid tree (+3 cp)

Unappealing - slightly, -2 Seduction =) (+1 cp)

Area Knowledge (Forest) - Mind Level 1 (3 sp)
Biological Sciences (Botany, Ecology) - Mind Level 1 (2 sp)
Intimidation (Woods) - Body Level 1 (2 sp)
Navigation (Wilderness) - Mind Level 1 (3 sp)
Powerlifting (Bulky Objects) - Body Level 1 (2 sp)
Wilderness Survival (Forest) - Mind Level 1 (3 sp)
Wilderness Tracking (Forest) - Mind Level 1 (3 sp)

Unarmed Attack (Strikes, Throws, Grappling) - ACV Level 1 (6 sp)
Unarmed Defense (Strikes, Throws, Grappling) - DCV Level 1 (6 sp)
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Re: Low Fantasy One-Shot [TSdX] 11/21/11

PostPosted by verdilak » Mon Nov 21, 2011 5:51 pm


Race: Human

Body 5
Mind 7
Soul 6


HP 55
Armour (Shield) 32

3 Archery (Bow)
3 Melee Attack (Sword)
4 Melee Defense (Shield)
1 Climbing (Walls, Natural Surfaces)
1 Medical (First Aid)
1 Riding (Felines)
1 Stealth (Concealment, Silent Movement)
2 Wilderness Survival (Forest, Plains)
2 Wilderness Tracking (Forest)

3 Servant: Tiger
3 Servant: Crow
6 Telepathy - Only w/ beasts | Targets: 2
3 Animals Control/Summon (10 animals) | Duration: 4 | Unreliable Power: -4 to Soul Checks (if failed, power still works, just unreliably: i.e. summon chipmunks instead of wolves)
5 Combat Technique: Accuracy, Block Ranged, Deflection, Lightning Reflexes (+5 to Init), One Shot Left
1 Armour: Shield (+20)
1 Massive Damage: Bows
2 Gadgets:
(M) Bow: 10dmg +10dmg (Massive Damage) +6 (ACV)
(M) Long Sword: 12dmg +4 (if using both hands) +6 (ACV)
(M) Shield: 12 armour +20 armour (Armour Attribute)
(m) four yet to be named
5 Highly Skilled

Cursed (-3) Must save any and all damsels in distress

Tiger (Aku)
Body 7
Mind 2
Soul 1
HP 40
3 Unarmed Attack (Natural Weapons)
3 Unarmed Defense (Natural Weapons)
1 Swimming
1 Stealth (Silent Movement)
2 Natural Weapons: Claws, Fangs
2 Heightened Senses: Hearing, Smell
2 Special Movement: Cat-Like, Light-Footed
1 Massive Damage: Natural Weapons
1 Jumping
Awkward Size (-2)
Easily Distracted: Raw Meat (-1)
Less Capable: Manual Dexterity (-1)
Less Capable: Composure (-1)

Crow (Paku)
Body 2
Mind 5
Soul 2
HP 20
1 Flight
2 Heightened Senses: Sightx2
1 Natural Weapons: Beak
Diminutive (-2)
Unskilled (-3)
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Re: Low Fantasy One-Shot [TSdX] 11/21/11

PostPosted by Solar_Dawn » Mon Nov 21, 2011 7:15 pm


Race: Half-Dragon

Ocupation: Warrior

Body: 10 20 Points
Mind: 6 12 Points
Soul: 6 12 points

ACV: 7 + 1 = 8
DCV: 5

Health: 80

Natural Weapons: Claws, Tail 2 points
Heightened Awareness: 2 Ranks 2 Points
Combat Technique: Blind Fighting 1 Point
Armour (Scales): 3 Ranks 9 points
Superstrength: 3 Ranks 12 Points
Special Attack(Fire Breath): 1 Rank, Area Effect, Burning, Limited Shots (3 Times, Once Per day), 40 Damage 4 Points
Attack Combat Mastery: 1 Rank 3 Points
Highly Skilled: 1 Rank 1 Point

Defect: Marked (Clearly a half-Dragon), 3 points -3 Points

Skills: 30 + 10 skill points

Melee Attack (Slice): 4 Ranks 20 Skill Points
Physical Sciences (Geology): 2 Ranks 2 Skill points
Foreign Culture (Dragons): 4 Ranks 12 Skill points
Riding (Horse): 2 Ranks 6 Skill Points

4 XP
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Re: Low Fantasy One-Shot [TSdX] 11/21/11

PostPosted by hippie_mama » Tue Nov 22, 2011 8:39 am

You're all walking down a trail through the woods, meet at a 3-way intersection, and hear screaming in the distance.
Syrian: People in trouble tend to give coin for saving them, corpses tend to have coins on them as well, so no matter what i find, the screaming is the way to go. I head towards said screams.
Baylor: (is it a womanly scream?)
hippie: sure, womanly scream.
Throol: I go check it out
hippie: You all arrive at approximately the place you think the scream may have come from. It is a grassy clearing in the woods. You each see a human with a tiger, a human with reptilian features, and a tree that walks (minus whichever one is yourself).
Woodbeard: (no screamer?)
Baylor: *looks at the large lizard-y thing as well as the man-tree, wondering why they are not attacking him as they seem to be similar in nature to things heros like him need kill, while making sure his bow is notched*
hippie: (you see each other; since you're all manly (i think) it's either unlikely or awkward)
Syrian: *Studies both creatures and frowns* "Either of you do any screaming?"
Baylor: "You speak!"
Baylor: *the shock is clear on his face*
Woodbeard: In a booming voice, the tree-man responds, "No. I do not scream."
Woodbeard: "Well I didn't scream, and apparently the lizardman didn't scream. That leaves you, human."
Baylor: "You speak as well!" *he points his arrow at each of them* "Where is the woman? WHich of you ate her?"
Woodbeard: "Eat her? And make a bloody mess of my mouth?"
Syrian: "I don't eat humans.... And even if I did, it'd be quite the feat to do in mere seconds..."
Woodbeard: "I am not an animal."
Baylor: "Own up beasts, for I do not wish to have to carve my way through your stomaches, but I will in order to find her."
Woodbeard: "I am also not a beast. I have no stomach."
hippie: Another scream is heard, from beneath the very ground you stand on.
Baylor: "You also do not look like you have a brain or lungs, but yet you speak and think."
Woodbeard: "Interesting." (Area Knowledge check?)
Syrian: "Thiss is wasting time" *Stops speaking and looks around for something that may lead underground, a cave or something*
hippie: (sure)
Woodbeard: [2d8] => [3,3] = (6) vs 6
hippie: anyone can make a search roll or use any other applicable skill
Syrian: I'll just make a search roll without any added skill? [2d8] => [8,5] = (13) vs 6
hippie: (body + enhanced senses or whatever else)
Syrian: ((I chase my own tail))
hippie: (cause it looked like a girl's? :P )
Woodbeard: (body?)
Syrian: ((Oh right, I have +4 to find hidden things, but that would still be a failure))
hippie: (yes, it's stat + skill + attribute if one applies)
Woodbeard: (I'd think mind would be applicable)
Baylor: *thinks to his beasts Help me find where the screams are coming from.* (tiger) [2d8] => [3,8] = (11) vs 11 (hearing), [2d8] => [5,6] = (11) vs 11 (smell) | (crow) [2d8] => [3,2] = (5) vs 10 (sight)
hippie: (i meant for search; mind would be the one to use for area knowledge)
Syrian: ((oohh if i can use body for search, as well as my +4 to finding hidden things, i succeed!))
hippie: (ok)
You must be either a player or GM to use the miniature Layer
hippie: (so is your area knowledge result 6 vs 6 Throol?)
Woodbeard: (yes)
hippie: Syrian sees a suspicious rocky outcropping that might indicate some kind of ruins or mining debris. Baylor's tiger and crow notice the area as well, and indicate as much by pawing at and flying above it, respectively. Woodbeard recalls some talk a number of years ago about the area once being used by ground-dwellers. But 'a number of years ago' could mean very different things among his kind, depending on the age of the individual who used the pharse.
** Woodbeard booms, "Well, a number of years ago, ground-dwellers used this area." **
Baylor: *heads towards the rocky outcroppings backwards, keeping his arrow trained on the tree-thing and the lizard-man*
Syrian: "Aren't trees ground dwellers also?" *He says, as she starts trying to clear the ruins or debris, what it may be*
** Woodbeard thinks for a minute. "I suppose... that is true." **
Baylor: (is your character one of those sex-changing frog-dragons from Jurrassic P0ark? LOL)
hippie: As Syrian and Baylor enter the ruinous area, a rumbling can be heard in the distance.
Syrian: ((I'm actually a velociraptor! But no, it was a typo :P))
Baylor: (lol)
hippie: (darn.)
Syrian: "A storm coming?.."
Baylor: *glares at the lizard-man* "Do not seek to enter, creature, for I shall not let you consume the lady that hides within." *as he tries not to worry overmuch about distant rumblings, as he has two monsters infront of him and a woman to save!*
Syrian: "As I said, I don't eat people, it's barbaric... And if someone is needing to be saved, I shall assist"
Woodbeard: "We should take care of this. I don't need a bunch of humans digging up my woods."
Baylor: *cautiously lowers the tip of his arrow* "What then do you consume, if not virgin brides?"
Woodbeard: "Eat? I do not eat. I gain sustenance from water and the sun."
Syrian: "When I can, AND when they agree to let me in, which isn't always the case... I eat at an Inn... if denied that... I eat what I can find in the forest... Rabbit if i can catch it... apples... the same things you eat"
Baylor: *lowers his arrow completely* "Really? Well... I still not fully trust you, no matter what you eat... but I suppose I can not be rude while you are acting peacably."
hippie: the rumbling is getting louder and closer.
Baylor: *turns towards the direction of the rumbling and sen ds his crow towards the sound to see what it is and to report back as fast as possible*
Syrian: "Then I suggest we hurry, before whatever has this maiden of yours in it's hold.. does eat her..."
hippie: Baylor, the crow flies ahead and conveys to you a feeling of danger from many things, big and solid.
Baylor: *enters the ruins, but stays near the entrance as he switches his bow for his sword and shield, as he waits for his crow to return*
** Woodbeard walks to where the animals are congregating. **
hippie: There seems to be a deep hole there, Baylor.
Syrian: "Are we heading down?.."
hippie: The tiger sniffs the air and sends a mental message to Baylor: "Rock."
Baylor: "I believe that a large rockslide is about to cover this area..."
Baylor: *begins to climb down into the hole as he tells his crow to return as fast as possible, while reminding his tiger to take care when jumping* [2d8] => [8,1] = (9) vs 7
Baylor: (tiger jumps down, has jumping and cat-like special movement)
Syrian: *Jumps down after Baylor*
hippie: Baylor stumbles and slides ungracefully down a slope of mud and rocks beneath the ground.
hippie: As the others go beneath the earth, Woodbeard (thanks to his height) sees the source of the rumbling sound: several soldiers apparently made of stone.
Baylor: *waits a moment to check and see that nothing is broken before getting to his feet* (first aid, though I would think a broken bone would be very hard to miss lol) [2d8] => [1,7] = (8) vs 9
Woodbeard: "Stone humans approach."
hippie: The fall was more embarassing than painful; the tiger leaps in effortlessly behind.
Syrian: Not sure if I need a jump check too, but in case I do: [2d8] => [3,6] = (9) vs 10
Baylor: *grips the tiger's fur in order to facilitate getting to his feet without any more embarasement*
hippie: Alright, Baylor, Tiger, and Syrian are under ground. They hear Woodbeard's warning. The crow lands near the opening of the sinkhole, but has no interest in entering.
Baylor: *doesn't force the crow to enter and is rather glad to have a pair of eyes topside to relate what is happeneing up there*
Syrian: "Stone humans first?.. Or damsel?"
Baylor: *looks up the way he fell* "I am going to save the woman."
Woodbeard: (do the stone humans look overtly hostile?)
Baylor: *feels around for something that is combustable in order to create light*
hippie: (they look big and solid, and they carry stone clubs. So i suppose so. It's open to interpretation at this point, really)
Syrian: "Alright, but I suggest we hurry..."
** Woodbeard pauses to count the stone humans. **
hippie: Baylor, if you grope around a bit you can find some twigs and dry leaves scattered around
hippie: Woodbeard, you see six, but there could be more concealed in the foliage.
** Woodbeard pauses a moment, focusing on the wild, to determine his next action (Zen Direction). **
Baylor: *uses a stone and flint to start the twigs and leaves* [2d8] => [1,4] = (5) vs 10
hippie: Woodbeard, you sense the stone soldiers may be dangerous.
Syrian: "Well done... Let's carry onwards.. Before we're attacked from both sides..."
Woodbeard: (so I feel pulled towards the opening?)
hippie: Baylor and Syrian, the light from combusting plant matter reveals a small room around you, dug from clay and supported by old and no longer reliable-looking wood beams.
Syrian: "Or before the room collapses..."
hippie: (the stone soldiers feel like the most immediate threat)
Baylor: *nods at the lizard-man and heads deaper into the room, looking for a way to continue forward*
hippie: there are two passageways that slope downward, one to the left, and the other more or less straight ahead of you. The one ahead of you appears to be steeper.
** Woodbeard moves into the opening once the fire-threat disappears. **
hippie: Woodbeard blocks the exit.
hippie: (the bottom 1/3 or so of your trunk is underground, the rest of you is sticking out the top)
Baylor: *looks at his tiger and thinks at him What do you smell from the openings?*
Woodbeard: (and I'm at the bottom?)
hippie: Tiger: Dirt and rocks to the left. Dirt and water ahead.
hippie: (the bottom of you is at the bottom. the top of you is sticking out of the hole)
Baylor: "Lizard-man, which do you prefer: Water or rocks?"
** Woodbeard climbs back out **
Syrian: *Considers that briefly* "Water... And call me by my name if you would, it's Syrian.."
hippie: By this time, the stone soldiers have arrived at the edge of the clearing. They have raised their weapons and are in combative stances.
Baylor: "Then we go ahead." *touches minds with his crow to know what is going on topside as he uses his shield to dig into the slope in order to slide down the slope at a more measured, and safer, speed*
Syrian: *Follows Baylor immediately*
hippie: Crow: Stone men here. Here to smash tree.
Baylor: "Looks like the tree-man is going to be kindled by the stone men."
Syrian: "I could head back, while you handle things here..."
Baylor: *shrugs* "If you wish to help out that thing, go ahead. I am here to save a woman, not a walking, talking tree."
Syrian: "If the entrance is lost we'll end up fighting those stone men anyway... Might as well make use of a willing ally.."
Baylor: "Perhaps, unless they are only here for the tree. Its history is unknown to me."
Syrian: "We'll find out... I'll go see how things are doing back up there..."
Syrian: *Heads back towards the entrance*
Baylor: *watches the lizard-man attempt to scale the steep slope he just went down*
Syrian: Body: [2d8] => [5,1] = (6) vs 10
hippie: The stone soldiers are still at the edge of the clearing. Their weapons are still raised, and they are paused in their combative stances.
Baylor: *shakes his head, motions to his tiger, and heads further in*
hippie: Baylor enters another room similar to the first, but the floor is muddier.
Woodbeard: (How far away are they?)
hippie: (less than 20 feet)
** Woodbeard looks at the stone humans. "I am called Woodbeard. I speak for the trees. Why are you here?" **
hippie: (Syrian, you're with Woodbeard now, or as near as you want to be)
Syrian: *Climbs back onto the surface and looks from the stone men to the tree* "What's the situation here? They just standing there?..."
hippie: The stone soldiers are standing in formation, two rows of three. The front, center one turns his head with the unmistakable sound of stone sliding against stone. With an appropriately gravelly voice, he responds "To crush intruders."
hippie: Baylor, as you pause to assess the room, you feel your feet sink into the mud a bit. Or maybe the mud is rising.
Woodbeard: "Intruders to these woods?"
Baylor: *looks about quickly for exits to the room he finds himself in, as well as asking his tiger what he smells*
Syrian: *Steps forward towards the speaking stone man* "We aren't intruders, we're only here to rescue someone, we'll be departing soon... no need for things to get... ugly..."
hippie: Soldier: "Intruders to the Underground." His big stone head slides against his shoulders again, to look at Syrian. "If you are rescuing someone here, you are intruding." He advances three paces, and the others follow.
Woodbeard: "What do you do with intruders?"
hippie: Baylor, you can go back the way you came (uphill), take a left (downhill), or hurry across the muddy room (also downhill)
Baylor: *continues straight, across the muddy room*
hippie: Soldier: "SMASH! THEM!" All of the soldiers rush ahead. Initiatives, please.
Syrian: ((I forgot how intiative is in tri-stat..))
hippie: (2d8 + ACV + 5 for each level of lightning reflexes)
Syrian: [2d8+8] => [8,4,8] = (20)
Woodbeard: [2d8+8] => [1,4,8] = (13)
hippie: Tiger: Woman. Gold.
Woodbeard: (ah, the best things in life. But you forgot ale.)
hippie: Soldier 1 [2d8+10] => [1,7,10] = (18)
hippie: Soldier 2 [2d8+10] => [8,7,10] = (25)
hippie: Soldier 3 [2d8+10] => [2,5,10] = (17)
hippie: Soldier 4 [2d8+10] => [2,6,10] = (18)
hippie: Soldier 5 [2d8+10] => [3,8,10] = (21)
hippie: Soldier 6 [2d8+10] => [1,7,10] = (18)
Baylor: ("Conan, what are the best things in life?" "To crush your enemies. To see them driven before you. And to hear the malentations of their women.")
Baylor: *continues towards where his tiger scented the woman, but moving slower and with attempted stealth* [2d8
Baylor: [2d8] => [6,6] = (12) vs 7 (tiger's stealth) [2d8] => [5,7] = (12) vs 9
hippie: Soldier 2 attacks Woodbeard twice with his stone club [2d8] => [3,5] = (8) vs 11 and [2d8] => [2,4] = (6) vs 11
hippie: (don't forget -4 for a second defense)
hippie: Both are successful and do 26 damage each if you don't defend.
** Woodbeard attempts to dodge the clubs. [2d8] => [1,7] = (8) vs 3, [2d8] => [4,7] = (11) vs 2 **
hippie: Soldier 5 attacks Syrian the same way (twice, with his club) [2d8] => [3,1] = (4) vs 8 and [2d8] => [8,1] = (9) vs 8
hippie: one makes contact and does 26 damage, if you don't defend
** Woodbeard is struck by both clubs, but appears unaffected. **
Syrian: Dodge! [2d8] => [7,5] = (12) vs 5
Syrian: ((I do have 30 armor though, so they don't actually do damage?))
hippie: (right)
hippie: Syrian's turn
Syrian: *Hopes that his claws can actually do anything to these stone monstrosities as he slashes at the one that attacked him*
Syrian: [2d8] => [5,5] = (10) vs 13
Syrian: For... [10+30+8] => 48 damage
Woodbeard: (base damage is ACV, right?)
Baylor: (yup)
hippie: (i always forget that, lol)
hippie: Soldier 5 attempts to defend [2d8] => [8,8] = (16) vs 6
hippie: and fails.
Syrian: ((Epic fail!))
hippie: Your blade bites into him a little, but doesn't seem to effect him too much
hippie: Soldiers 1, 4, 6, and 3 learn from Soldier 2's mistake, and attack Woodbeard together. [2d8] => [7,2] = (9) vs 5 [2d8] => [6,7] = (13) vs 5 [2d8] => [6,3] = (9) vs 5 [2d8] => [1,3] = (4) vs 5 (you defend with a single roll, but at a -1 for each opponent)
Woodbeard: (umm.... ok?)
Woodbeard: (so what do I roll with one guy succeeding??)
hippie: (just -1 on top of your usual penalties)
Woodbeard: [2d8] => [6,5] = (11) vs 2
Woodbeard: Actually that'd be 3, forgot my skills oops, still a fail
hippie: 33 damage from 3 of them, but not combined, so armor applies to each of them separately
hippie: Woodbeard's turn
Woodbeard: (ok, no damage)
** Woodbeard Woodbeard swats at one of the stone men. [2d8] => [6,8] = (14) vs 10 **
hippie: Cut scene back to Baylor: he and the Tiger both tromp loudly into the room, with mud from the last one apparently still weighing them down. Baylor sees a very attactive woman standing innocently in the middle of the room.
Baylor: *scans the room to see if any other signs of danger are here*
hippie: Nothing looks dangerous, only inviting. There are plush pillows and blankets places strategically, as well as candles lit and other pieces of furniture. The woman smiles and beckons you toward her. Seduction [2d8] => [3,2] = (5) vs 15
Baylor: *grins at the woman and heads towards her* "I will not complain if you want to reward me for saving you, but shouldn't this wait until after you have been save?"
Baylor: (saved)
hippie: "Shhh...."
hippie: Back to the battle!
hippie: Soldier 2 holds his action to coordinate with the others against Woodbeard. Soldier 5 swings his club twice more at Syrian. [2d8] => [4,4] = (8) vs 10 and [2d8] => [3,2] = (5) vs 10
Syrian: [2d8] => [5,8] = (13) vs 5 to dodge one
hippie: 33 damage and 33 damage
Syrian: So 6 damage in total
Syrian: *Let's out a hiss as some of his scaled skin is bruised
hippie: 2, 1, 4, 6, and 3 attack together. [2d8] => [2,7] = (9) vs 6 [2d8] => [2,8] = (10) vs 6 [2d8] => [4,6] = (10) vs 6 [2d8] => [5,1] = (6) vs 6 [2d8] => [4,8] = (12) vs 6
hippie: (attacking Woodbeard, sorry)
hippie: again, none of them coordinate. They each hit separately with 33 damage (if you don't defend)
Woodbeard: (they hit? I thought only one hit)
Woodbeard: [2d8] => [2,3] = (5) vs 4
hippie: (they don't hit together, but without the -8 penalty for hitting simultaneously, they still hit apart)
hippie: Woodbeard's turn
Woodbeard: Hitting again [2d8] => [1,6] = (7) vs 10
hippie: defence [2d8] => [2,5] = (7) vs 6
hippie: damage?
Woodbeard: (acv 8 +1 unarmed skill +1 strikes specialty +45 = 55, I believe)
hippie: (it's just acv + weapon + massive damage if you have it)
Baylor: (just 53, skills dont add to dmg)
Woodbeard: (oh ok)
hippie: (which one are you hitting? 2, 1, 4, 6, or 3?)
Woodbeard: [1d6] => [2] = (2)
hippie: Baylor, this woman is not behaving like a helpless damsel, but she does seem very grateful.
Syrian: ((I didn't get an attack yet :P))
hippie: (hmm let me recount, lol)
hippie: (yup, you totally got skipped; go ahead)
Syrian: I claw at the stone man's eyes! [2d8] => [2,4] = (6) vs 5!
Syrian: ((awww, rats))
hippie: (lol)
hippie: (figures)
Baylor: *while the lack of helplessness is something that should be noted, but the facts that the current damsel in front of him is both beatuiful and more than willing trumps any concerns about her lack of helplessness*
Server Administrator-> Ping Results: 1105.8 ms (parsed message, round trip)
hippie: Unmentionable things happen in the underground room. And then (as he's clearly not defending himself at the moment) the woman grasps Baylor by the head. Special Attack: Mind Drain [2d8] => [4,4] = (8) vs 13
Baylor: *attempts to throw the woman off as a defensive maneuver* [2d8] => [1,8] = (9) vs 5
hippie: No damage, but Baylor loses 2 Mind
Baylor: *attempts to run his sword through the woman as he asks his tiger for help* [2d8] => [7,5] = (12) vs 10
Baylor: (tiger) [2d8] => [2,5] = (7) vs 7
hippie: She attempts to twist out of the Tiger's path [2d8] => [5,1] = (6) vs 4
Baylor: The tiger swipes at her with his claws, doing 23 dmg.
hippie: The woman appears uneffected.
Syrian: ((Where is your guy with the steel balls when you need him!!))
Baylor: (LOL)
Baylor: (That character jumped the shark, twice, lol)
hippie: Topside, Soldier 2 is holding his action, and Soldier 5 is attacking Syrian again. [2d8] => [5,6] = (11) vs 10 and [2d8] => [6,4] = (10) vs 10
Syrian: Dodge! [2d8] => [6,7] = (13) vs 5
hippie: the usual 33 damage
Syrian: ((I zigged when I shoulda zagged!))
hippie: And this time i'll let you go on time :)
hippie: Syrian!
Syrian: I go for his eyes again!
Syrian: [2d8] => [7,1] = (8) vs 5
hippie: Soldiers 2, 1, and 4 attack Woodbeard together. [2d8] => [1,3] = (4) vs 9 [2d8] => [5,8] = (13) vs 9 [2d8] => [6,2] = (8) vs 9
hippie: 66 damage together and 33 damage separate if you don't defend.
Woodbeard: What's my penalty?
hippie: -2
hippie: (-1 for each one that manages to hit simultanously; that last one hits but he's not a part of the combined attack so he's not creating more difficulty)
Woodbeard: [2d8] => [4,6] = (10) vs 2
hippie: Soldiers 6 and 3 combine their attacks too [2d8] => [3,3] = (6) vs 12 and [2d8] => [4,1] = (5) vs 12
hippie: (against Woodbeard)
hippie: (also a -2 penalty since there are two and they both succeeded in synchronizing)
Woodbeard: ok total 12 damage
hippie: (oh, right, negative difficulty)
hippie: Back to Baylor. She reaches out to touch him again! [2d8] => [4,6] = (10) vs 13
Woodbeard: (I won't bother trying to defend from here on out this battle, save time)
hippie: (oops, skipped Woodbeard that time)
hippie: (go ahead and do your attack Woodbeard)
Woodbeard: [2d8] => [1,5] = (6) vs 10
hippie: [2d8] => [2,8] = (10) vs 6
hippie: got him; which one?
Woodbeard: 53 dmg again
Woodbeard: 2
hippie: k
hippie: he's still fighting, but he's got some deep grooves in his rocky body
Baylor: *Attacks the woman with a sword swipe and then a thrust, as his tiger swipes at her again* "Why?!" [2d8] => [6,8] = (14) vs 10, [2d8] => [2,3] = (5) vs 8 (tiger) [2d8] => [4,1] = (5) vs 7
Baylor: (sorry, missed that I need to defend)
hippie: (you secretly don't want to defend!)
Baylor: *blocking her arms with his shield* [2d8] => [7,8] = (15) vs 11
hippie: 2 more Mind drained!
hippie: (adjust your ACV accordingly)
Baylor: (so vs 9 and 7, respectively)
hippie: Dodge from sword [2d8] => [2,5] = (7) vs 4 and from Tiger [2d8] => [6,2] = (8) vs 4
Baylor: (sword=17, tiger claws=23)
hippie: Again, no blood is visibly shed.
hippie: Soldiers 2, 1, and 4 attack Woodbeard together again. [2d8] => [7,6] = (13) vs 9 [2d8] => [6,1] = (7) vs 9 [2d8] => [5,6] = (11) vs 9
hippie: they really aren't very good at it. 33 damage from each of them, separately so without consequence.
hippie: And of course, somehow i managed to skip both Syrian AND his attacker this time.
hippie: (btw Woodbeard, if you want to purposefully go full attack mode, you get a bonus)
hippie: Soldier 5 attacks Syrian! [2d8] => [3,8] = (11) vs 10
hippie: and misses
Syrian: Oh yeah, I'll go full attack while clawing out his eyes!
hippie: Syrian's turn
Syrian: [2d8] => [7,2] = (9) vs 7, better odds
Woodbeard: (what is full attack again?)
Syrian: ((son of a bitch))
Baylor: (+2 to the attack roll)
hippie: (means you don't defend and get a bonus on your attacks)
hippie: Soldiers 6 and 3 combine their attacks against Woodbeard again [2d8] => [5,4] = (9) vs 12 and [2d8] => [7,8] = (15) vs 12
hippie: and do their normal 33 damage each, not bothering the big tree in the least
hippie: Woodbeard's turn
Woodbeard: [2d8] => [8,8] = (16) vs 12 full attack
Woodbeard: crit fail!
hippie: (aww, no such thing in this game, but it's still sad, lol)
hippie: Baylor, the woman gives you a look that begs your sympathy. She reaches out and tries to touch you gently, "I'm just so lonely here." Of course, it's really another attack. [2d8] => [3,3] = (6) vs 13
Baylor: "NO! None of that witch!" *tries to block her arms again with his shield* [2d8] => [7,3] = (10) vs 11
hippie: Soldier 2 holds his action again, apparently never tiring of the routine. Soldier 5 attacks Syrian again. Also not tiring. [2d8] => [1,5] = (6) vs 10
Syrian: ((I can't dodge))
hippie: (oh, ok, BAM 33 damage, if it matters)
Baylor: *leap backwards out of melee range of the woman, sword and shield held in defense*
Syrian: ((still 3 damage))
hippie: (hmm you guys are all too evenly matched, lol. Anyone else getting kind of bored?)
Woodbeard: (I almost always get bored in combat)
hippie: (k, time for an intervention then)
hippie: As the battle drags on, Woodbeard feels a rustling in his leafy bits, like a small breeze is calling to him from behind.
** Woodbeard turns around **
hippie: A small woman is standing there--well, small to you. She's seven feet tall and very thin. Completely naked, with gray-brown skin and green hair. Her voice is nearly imperceptable as anything but the sound of wind, but Woodbeard understands her perfectly. "Whhhhyyyyy.....not....leeeeeavvvve?"
** Woodbeard pays little attention to the thwacks on the back of his head as he thinks a moment. "I suppose I could." He starts walking towards his favorite area of the wood. **
hippie: The stone soldiers turn away from Woodbeard as soon as he leaves the clearing. They all turn their attention on Syrian.
Syrian: "Hey, I come back to help you out tree!"
Syrian: came*
hippie: Just beyond the spot where Woodbeard departed the area, that same green-haired lady gives Syrian a look like he's a complete moron.
Syrian: ((It happens all the time!))
Woodbeard: "Come along then."
Baylor: Syrian: "Hey, I come back to help you out tree!" Syrian: came* hippie: Just beyond the spot where Woodbeard departed the area, that same green-haired lady gives Syrian a look like he's a complete moron. Syrian: ((It happens all the time!)) Woodbeard: "Come along then."
Syrian: "What about the screams, and what happened to that human with the petting zoo... I'm going to see what's keeping him, you keep on playing with your stone men and naked nymphs..."
hippie: "Dryad."
Syrian: *Heads back towards the ruins to see what that human is doing* "Sure, dryad"
hippie: Following the muddy footprints you find him, in a romantically lit room, defending himself with sword and shield against a gorgeous naked woman who appears to want nothing more than to hump him. Desperately.
hippie: The Tiger looks amused, if that's possible.
Baylor: *thrusts his sword in her direction* "Where is the crying woman?"
Syrian: "You know, we could have used some assistance back up there, with the stone men while you were rolling around here having fun"
Baylor: "It was not all fun! Not at all!"
hippie: The woman looks at Syrian as he enters the room. "He thinks i mean him harm. But i'm just a helpless, lonely woman." She bats her eyelashes at Syrian, and he catches a bit of a reptillian look in her eyes. Seduction [2d8] => [8,6] = (14) vs 15
hippie: Meanwhile, the dryad seems content to wait at the edge of the clearing. The stone soldiers are again lined up in their ranks.
Syrian: "Well... Some humans just don't appreciate a good woman I suppose..."
Baylor: "Careful! She will touch your head!"
hippie: "Nonsense. He can do the touching himself if he prefers." She saunters toward Syrian, arms stretched outward.
Baylor: *looks around for an exit besides the way he entered*
Syrian: "You snooze you loose, that's the saying isn't it?" (There's no like defense against seduction is there?)
hippie: (you can make a soul roll; kind of like a will save)
hippie: There are actually 4 exits.
Syrian: [2d8] => [2,7] = (9) vs 6
hippie: One behind you (the way you came) one ahead, leading farther down, and two to the left (one leading down, the other leading up)
hippie: She sincerely seems to want you, Syrian.
Baylor: *thinks to his tiger Do you smell any other women?*
Syrian: *Heads towards the woman, deciding the human might just be nuts, or not really like women all that much, he can't find anything wrong with her*
hippie: Tiger: How could you possibly wantmore?
Baylor: Tshk, this is clearly the wrong woman.
hippie: As soon as skin-to-skin contact is made (of whatever kind, whichever place), Syrian feels a slight pressure on his brain. Special Attack: Mind Drain [2d8] => [1,1] = (2) vs 13
Syrian: ((I hope this game doesn't have critical hits!))
hippie: (it does)
Syrian: ((eek, my brain))
hippie: Tiger: *sniffs* No others.
hippie: -4 Mind. Syrian is feeling rather animalistic.
hippie: Can't decide if he wants to attack or...you know...that other thing.
Baylor: (lol)
Baylor: *draws his bow, notches an arrow, and shoots at the woman's head as she is attacking his very new lizard-man friend person*
Syrian: ((Who needs a brain anyway!))
Baylor: *thinking that if ever this witch should be vulnerable, now would be the time*
hippie: (embrace the lizard side)
hippie: (you should probably make a roll)
hippie: (you could miss)
Baylor: [2d8] => [8,1] = (9) vs 11
hippie: her DCV minus an awkward position penalty comes out to 0, so you hit her. What's your damage?
Baylor: (26 dmg)
hippie: She shrieks like, well, any woman shot in the head who doesn't immediately die. There's a lot of blood. But she's still very conscious and quite put out over it. "Shoot me in the head!? Seriously! I just need some help out of here! For gods' sakes, are you trying to kill me!?"
Baylor: "You did something to my head! Made me less... less!" *he says with a lack of eloquence*
hippie: "Pfft, it'll get better. Relax."
Baylor: "I can help you leave, but no more doing that!"
hippie: "Good. Everyone's calm now. Right?" She speaks as though soothing children (which, from a mental point of view, is pretty much the truth of it).
Syrian: *Scowls and hisses* "Whatss thiss? you can't get any, so you ruinss it for me too??"
Baylor: *notches another arrow, but doesn't point it directly at her* "I... I will stay calm as long as you do not touch me again."
Baylor: "Which I cannot believe that I am actually saying..."
hippie: "Deal." She turns to Syrian. "No need to be angry with your friend. Come here, love." She moves to a pile of pillows and casually pulls the arrow from her skull.
** Woodbeard takes root and has a drink **
hippie: (Throol, your guy still in the area at all, or has he wandered off really far?)
Syrian: "Yes, pillows soft, lady soft, arrows hurt!"
Woodbeard: (not too far - once they leave him alone, he'll watch)
hippie: "Mmmhmm." She gets into a comfortable position and pulls Syrian close. She speaks to Baylor though. "Here's the thing: i'm cursed to guard this room. Only love can break the spell." She strokes Syrian's hair. "It's nothing personal. I'm just really sick of staring at these dirt walls."
hippie: (k, cause the dryad is there too if you want to talk to her at all; she's waiting for the other two to come out)
Baylor: ".... and after?"
Syrian: "Yess.... walls are ugly.... room ugly.... needs gold.... and gems... shiny..."
Woodbeard: "What is this about?"
hippie: She shrugs, "Who can say. These things are usually really vague. Either a few minutes of coerced love will work, and i'll be free forever to do as i please, or i'll get dragged back in here when it all falls apart. But i don't care. Even a few minutes of sunshine and fresh air is worth the effort.
hippie: Dryad: "Whaat? Is what?"
hippie: Dryad: "You mean...Soooooldiers?"
Woodbeard: "Soldiers and a woman underground."
hippie: Dryad: "Sssstraaange place....ooooold cursssse."
Baylor: *watches her with celar curiosity in his eyes* "You are not clothed or armored, but yet my weapons... "
Baylor: (clear)
hippie: "A woman has her secrets." With that, some other scaly bits seem to form out of nowhere, making her all the more appealing to Syrian. "This might go quicker if you give us a few minutes..."
Syrian: *Nods quickly* "Yes, we's doing this or we's just talking, boreds of talking now!"
Baylor: *shrugs and turns to leave the room* "Say, what else is down here?"
hippie: "I assume you mean the treasure?"
Baylor: "Treasure?"
hippie: "You're kidding. That's not why you came?
Baylor: "No. I came to help a woman I heard crying. That in itself was reward enough. Though, i do not mind additional rewards... Too bad about the touching and mind thing."
hippie: She smirks, "Your loss."
Baylor: "So... treasure?"
hippie: "Funny thing about that. Only my lover can take it out of here. So you might want to let me work my magic."
Baylor: *looks at Syrian* "Sorry buddy for breaking the mojo, but I think it won't be broken for long." *leaves the room* "I'll be outside."
hippie: The large tree man and a familiar dryad are waiting patiently
Baylor: *pokes his head out of the opening for the ruins*
Syrian: "Finally, me thinks he never leaves, now we can get's back to the important matters!"
hippie: Dryad: "Yooooour friendsss. Learn. Slooooow."
Baylor: "You are here... why?"
hippie: Dryad: "There wassss....disorder..."
Baylor: "The love curse you mean?"
Woodbeard: (where are the stone men?)
hippie: Dryad: "No, no. I....did not...want...damage....to be done...here." She glances at the stone soldiers still lined up in the clearing "Life is fragile." She glances around at all of the plant life.
Baylor: *he doesn't know quite how to respond to that, so he changes the subject* "The woman down below, she is being freed now."
hippie: Dryad: "Interesting...."
hippie: "You are safe, if you do not go back into the clearing or the ruins. Tell your other friend to leave quickly once he resurfaces. I am leaving now."
Baylor: "Goodbye." *wonders why the tree-man is so silent*
hippie: Without further ceremony, the dryad simply steps into a nearby tree, but the shuddering in its limbs, and then the limbs of the next tree, the next, and so on suggest she didn't stay there. She isn't seen again though.
Woodbeard: "Did you find the female?"
Baylor: *muses out-load* "Perhaps the tree-man likes tree-men..."
Baylor: "Were you asleep?! I just said that!"
Baylor: "What type of monster are you, to sleep when someone is speaking?"
Woodbeard: (one who was up too late last night)
Woodbeard: "Time passes. When nothing is happening, I rest."
hippie: Below, the woman is doing and saying whatever it takes to make Syrian care about her.
Syrian: ((Shouldn't be hard now that my brain is mushy :P))
hippie: (yeah, if it goes badly, she can just zap you again and make you need her to feed and change you)
Baylor: "I see."
hippie: A couple of hours later (and a couple of Mind points restored to both victims), Syrian returns with the woman on one arm, a wooden box under the other, and a satisfied grin on his face.
Syrian: ((Besides if she had mentioned treasure before he'd have done it wihtout any intelligent sucking!))
hippie: (lol)
Syrian: "hhmm.... It seems to have gotten dark.... What time is it..."
Baylor: (nod same here lol)
Baylor: "Dark enough to have finished the deed more than once." *looks to the woman* "You are freed now?"
hippie: (no, no, only forced love breaks the spell, not greed! oh, wait...)
Syrian: "It doesn't hurt to be thorough in these matters..."
hippie: "Seem to be. But one can never be too careful." *grins mischievously*
Syrian: "At least those stone men went off... Saves us some more trouble.."
Woodbeard: "What are you discussing?"
Syrian: "And no more Dryad's lurking around either.."
Baylor: "Being cautious is a good thing, especially when curses are involved..." *grins back at her in the same manner*
Syrian: *Decides to open up his brand new box and see what kinda treasure he's earned for all his hard work*
hippie: Not a ridiculous amount of treasure, but old gold coins and gems that would buy several horses, maybe a boat or a good piece of land somewhere.
hippie: 4 XP if anyone's counting
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