d20 future thurs 2am GMT

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d20 future thurs 2am GMT

PostPosted by mjrbatou » Sun Jun 05, 2011 9:53 pm

PL6 with personal gear and cybernetics at PL7
level 1 recruits (volunteered or drafted) training to fight an invading alien force
military occupation gets normal wealth rolls, but their starting equipment up to pdc20 is 'free' - also has access to military grade items including PL7 gear at +5pdc and will gain earlier access to things like mechas and starships
other occupations get max start wealth and can take 10 on lvl wealth checks - cannot get military garde items (under license required)
biodroid characters must take 'memory implant' and 'rogue robot' feats and have the military occupation
all characters (except biodroids) will undergo genetic manipulation for the primary stat of their first class lvl (fast-dex, smart-int)
all items/components are purchased seperately, so a single shared frigate might be a better buy than individual fighters if you want a starship
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