Nerd saves entire BBC archive for $3.99, you can help for $0

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Nerd saves entire BBC archive for $3.99, you can help for $0

PostPosted by verdilak » Thu Feb 10, 2011 9:46 pm wrote:Earlier this week I was chatting on twitter about the BBC's insane decision to take a load of websites offline.

Apparently some of them will be archived, some will not, and there is good reason to be nervous, as the BBC has a bad history of deleting important archive material.

Surely, I mumbled out loud, someone could spider the BBC websites, download copies, and bundle them up in a big torrent file that we could share online, and save some important pieces of history.

Inevitably I wasn't the only person who had this idea: one ninja had already got cracking, the full download finished this morning, and they have posted it online here for your delight and assistance:

Interestingly, as you will read when you get there, it cost a massive $3.99 to create this important historical archive, you can download it for free to keep the thing safe, and I strongly recommend you do so now, quickly, before some insightless person at the BBC activates lawyers to shut the site down.

Also, I know the name of the person who did this, but she/he is an OUTLAW whose identity must remain secret. HOW EXCITING IS THAT! Like Robyn Hood or some shit.

Incidentally, in moments of convergent evolution, I keep posting ideas, and then geniuses keep turning out to be doing them already. This is to be expected, in a near infinite universe of nerds, but it still feels a bit like pronoia (via sadly deceased uber-zippie Fraser Clark): I've got the unnerving sense that shadowy nameless figures are conspiring behind our backs to make sure that everything turns out... just fine.


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Note: For a brief time the server was out of action. Ignore all this, fixed now, stays for, er, archive only:

Update 5 minutes later:

Er, sorry, the site at seems to be a bit dead, possibly as a result of your torrential love explosion. I'll try and get a link to the torrent and maybe mirror the text from the blog post, check back in a bit, and I'll tweet an update when fixed.

Another update:

Okay, I've got the torrent file myself but posterous won't let me upload it here, even if I change the end to .txt, presumably they think torrents are only for evil copyright infringement. Email me if you have time/place to host the torrent file somewhere and I'll email it to you, I've got to run and update some slides for medical student teaching ("pharmaceutical industry marketing: a survival guide for doctors", hello UCL students).

Last update:

Ok, the torrent file itself is here on the archivist's site:

You might have more luck if you just try to get that rather than loading the page. There's a really good blog post on the page too but I don't feel okay about mirroring it here without permission.


You can get the torrent of the content the BBC is killing here, works fine:
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