oWoD vs nWoD setting

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oWoD vs nWoD setting

PostPosted by verdilak » Sun Jan 23, 2011 8:39 pm

What is the difference between the two that makes/breaks the setting for you?

Also, what makes you like the oWoD/nWoD setting?
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Re: oWoD vs nWoD setting

PostPosted by NulSyn » Sun Jan 23, 2011 9:27 pm

EEk! There is quite a lot of setting to compare. I'll try to compare in a very broad stroke, but each one comprised of several settings combined so it's a much more detailed thing to try to analyze.

oWoD was like nothing seen in the RPG industry. It took topics and styles that were not associated with gamers and made it so. Goth and Punk style were prominent, and it caused a surge of new gamers that were interested in these styles. oWoD games were also FULL of metaplot. Each book would add more and more to the stories of the world. It was a lot like Rifts and Torg in that area. Each new book moved it forward (if lucky) or just filled it with more to keep up with (annoying.) The rules were extremely simplistic in some ways (throw a bunch of dice and see) and really ridiculous in complexity at other times (rolling 3 sometimes 4 times for each attack, and each games special rules for Humanity, Delerium, etc...) Still though the shock value, and unknown style that invaded RPG Geekdom is what made the game.

nWod is where WW saw their sales slumping and realized that the style of gamer oWoD had brought in had died off or moved on out of the hobby. Their reaction was to make a more 'sensible' rules set that gamers would like. And to make more sensible settings for more mature gamers; whereas, oWoD had a sort of rebellious immaturity to them. They decided to ditch the metaplot and allow the setting to be in the players and GM's hands instead of running their own setting into a deadend like last time. The system ends up being much more simple and quick to use, but does sacrifice some detail to do it. The settings also work better together than oWoD did.

Rules wise nWoD easily beats oWoD IMHO. Combat is much faster since every action and situation in the game requires only one roll of the dice. None of the attack + weapon + soak of the old ones. It's much more polished than the old, and it shows they learned from their mistakes. I also like the more mature aspects of the new settings. The old got downright ridiculous especially in the books it was trying its best to shock people with liek the 18+ sourcebooks.
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Re: oWoD vs nWoD setting

PostPosted by Starmage21 » Tue Jan 25, 2011 2:09 pm

oWoD has remained popular in spite of the existance of the nWoD and the lack of continued support for the oWoD. So popular, in fact, that they've created an official conversion guide, so that you can play in the oWoD setting using the nWoD rule set.
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Re: oWoD vs nWoD setting

PostPosted by Pyriel » Wed Jan 26, 2011 8:57 am

rules-wise, i'd say nWoD is MUCH better for a "beer and pretzels game" than oWoD. and i say it despite that*personaly* i like oWoD more. objectively, nWoD is better.
faster, simple when it has to, complex when it has to, etc. the ONLY thing i complain is, i LOVE "maneuvers for everyone", which nWoD doesnt have. but that's just imho.

setting-wise, you CANNOT compare them. nWoD is a game with some possible settings. oWoD is a complete, specific, CAMPAIGN, not even a setting. it has ready plots, NPCs, genre, mood/themes, etc. hence, a specific audience will like it and others won't.

personaly, i love its setting. but then again, i dont think i'm a typical gamer; i like Neon Genesis Evangelion where everybody loses/dies and everyone gets revealed to be schizo-psycho, i liked the deconstruction in dark age of comics(albeit the 'for the evulz' theme of some of it was too immature for me...), the only clubs i go out to are goth clubs, and i occasionaly watch/have acted in ancient greek tragedy. i also HATE 'rule of cool' with a fiery passion, and love realism(though not always in games; in games i just love 'cause and effect' realism, i.e. when every event makes sense , GM has done extensive research, etc. this part is common in rpg-ers in my area) . two of my favourite tvtropes are 'humans are bastards' and 'crapsack world'.

i also rp for acting reasons, as well as creative ones(especialy the idea of imagining a persona and using rules to make it come to life). heroic fantasy/'beer-and-preztels fun' has nothing to do with me rp'ing and as a fiction theme leaves me COMPLETELY untouched. come to think of it, i even only watch lord of the rings-y fantasy films when friends go too. even then i'm reluctant.

hence, when i try to see it from the persepctive of a gamer that just wants to lay back back , play an rpg and possibly live out some cool story or cool scenes, i can see how that gamer would not like oWoD.

what it comes down to is, oWoD is "fun through serious-business tragic catharsis", not "fun through gaming". both can be fun, but admitedly some dont like the former ;)

(edit: Yay for oWoD mmorpg! not only will be old setting, and possibly affetced by the old rules, but they are even discussing the 'permanent PC death' idea to keep the non-heroic/tragic horror theme alive!unfortunately i dont think they'll keep that one tho . hmph)
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