World of Darkness: Life, Death, and the Bottomless Pit

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World of Darkness: Life, Death, and the Bottomless Pit

PostPosted by Asisirio » Thu Nov 04, 2010 12:13 pm

Rules: nWoD
Type: Play-by-Post
Post Time Requirement: 3 days.
What types of characters?: Any. ( Human, Vampire, Prometheus, Changeling, Mage, etc.)

"I'm afraid you can't save anyone. No one can. You see THEY are watching us right now. The Eye is everywhere and IT can see even where we cannot.
I tried to fight it. I rose up and broke barriers putting my family's name to shame. But what is in a name, right? Be not worried by generations, and bloodlines. Right bloodlines. But now they hunt me because of my fathers transgressions against them. They scorn and mock me grabbing out from shadows all because I know their plan... They want to eat us!"

- The last words of Mr. Thomas Morrison, Jr.


I would like to run this World of Darkness Game
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