NightBane Morphus Tables Chart

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NightBane Morphus Tables Chart

PostPosted by verdilak » Tue Oct 05, 2010 2:46 pm

Posted these up for Nul (has the canon books and rifter morphus tables, as well as some web-based ones. The only ones that are not included are those from Rifter 44)

01-20% Almost Human (roll on NB Characteristics Table, but reroll if you get more than 1 characteristic)
21-30% Inhuman but Beautiful (Roll on Unearthly Beauty and NB Characteristics)
31-45% Marred Beauty (Unearthy Beauty, Stigmata, NB Characteristics
46-60% Lycanthrope (Animal Form Table)
61-75% Monstrous Lycanthrope (Animal Form, Stigmata, NB Characteristics)
76-90% Inhuman Shape (Stigmata, NB Chraacteristics)
91-00% Bizarre (Unearthly Beauty, NB Characteristics, Animal Form, Stigmata)

  1. Unearthly Beauty
    1. Unearthly Beauty ............................... NB 92
      1. Doll-Like Appearance
      2. Animal Magnetism
      3. Elfin Features
      4. Physical Perfection
      5. Fallen Angel (w/ wings)
      6. Combination of Two
    2. Additional
        01-10% Opposite Sex: The Nightspawn's Morphus is indeed very beautiful, for a member of the opposite sex! Roll again on the Unearthly Beauty table, ignoring this result if rolled again, but make the form the opposite sex.
        11-20% Famous Person: The Nightspawn's Morphus resembles a movie star or famous personality, usually a sex symbol.
        21-30% Personal Favorite: The Nightspawns Morphus resembles someone different to everyone who sees him. The form is that of the person they believe is the most handsome/beautiful of the Nightspawn's sex.
        31-40% Beautiful Altered Ethnic: The Nightspawn's Morphus is beautiful, but is not of the same ethnic group as the Facade. Roll again on the Unearthly Beauty table, ignoring this result if rolled again, and apply the below table for the ethnic background:
          1 American Indian
          2 Caucasian
          3 Negro
          4 Oriental
          5 Combination (player's choice)
          6 Other (player's choice)
        41-50% Vampire Like: The Nightspawn's Morphus resembles that of the stereotypical movie vampire like Twilight.
        51-60% Exaggerated Personal Features: Use your imagination. The features are 3 to 4 times the size of Facade form. This appearance is difficult to conceal and always attracts attention.
        61-70% Anime Beauty: The Nightspawn's Morphus is beautiful/handsome, but seems to be a cartoon artists idea of beauty. His nose is almost non-existent, eyes are overly large, and mouth is small, but opens overly wide when yelling. The Morphus's skin has a shiny, smooth texture, and he tends to stand perfectly still at times, only moving his mouth when talking. This makes him even more resemble an animation.
        71-80% Too Many Of Them: The Nightspawn's Morphus is beautiful but has too many of a certain sexual feature.
        81-90% Ghost Like: The Morphus of this Nightspawn is beautiful, but pale and ghost-like. The Nightspawn floats one inch above the ground constantly and can walk over the lightest surface without leaving a trail. He can also walk over water at full speed. The body is almost transparent and seems immaterial, but is solid to the touch.
        91-100% Half & Half: The Morphus is beautiful, but is split to half one sex and half the other. This can one sex from the waist up and the other from the waist down, or can be split to left and right sides. Roll again on the Unearthly Beauty table for each half.
    3. Cultural Beauty Forms: Unearthly Beauty III
      1. Kouros/Kore: The embodiment of perfection in during the Greek Era (600 B.C.). Nightbane with this Mophus characteristic tend to be from either the time period or of Greek decent. The male (Kouros) is naked, slim, broad shouldered, with very simplistic features, moderate muscle tone and hair that seems braided (or sometime dreaded). The female (Kore) is typically a clothed woman with a toga draped over her body in a very elegant and majestic way. The female tends to have a small waist and an abstract yet soft appeal to her breasts. The body is very angular and soft. The hair is pulled back and braided.
      2. Gashia : The features of the beautiful japanese dancers are prominent in this Morphus. The Nightbane's face is painted white, and jet black hair is pulled back into curled rolls on the back of her head. An elegent robe is drapped over the beatiful figure. The robe feels silky to the touch ... but almost has a life of it's own. It moves to the Nightbanes whim. The robe can be detailed with any desisn (though animals that the Nightbane has morphus charateristics of are most common).
      3. Eros: This is similar to the Animal Magnetism described in the original Nighbane gamebook, in that the Morphus possesses incredible beauty and charisma. The main difference is that this also combines animal characteristics! The Bane has ears, muzzle, tail, and soft, shiny fur in the colors, shapes, and patterns identical to their animal.
      4. Superhuman: This form began surfacing in the late thirties after the debet of the "superhero" comic books. This form varies per generation. During the 1940's most morphus forms resembled a variation of the the flag of the Nightbane's homeland. Usual colors were red, yellow, white, or blue. As time went on the colors became more subdued the yellow's and whites became black and the red and blues became darker. Capes which many of the older Nightbane had were quickly discared by the new generations of "heros" By the arrival of the new millenium ... the Nightbane with this morphus form had completly disgarded the gawdy costumes and the morphi had become more in touch with the times. (Player's costume must be decided before play starts, Gamemaster has final approval)
      5. Viking Warrior: In cultures where strength is respected and feared, the form of the viking warrior is common. The common characteristics of this shape include a bipedial form, huge muscles, and an enhanced endurence. Those of Celtic, Scottish, or Early Eurpeon desent tend to all share this form. (As do fans of the Vikings footbal team). Most of the Nightbane who share this form tend to be extremely quick to anger and barbaric.
      6. Centerfold: It has been said that there is nothing more beautiful than the naked body . Many cultures have exposed and exploited the naked form in magizines, movies, and smutty romance novels ... Nightbane with this morphus are extremely beautiful and photogenic though typically not very bright .The body is nearly completely naked ... usually revealing the breast and genitals.
      7. Der Ubermensh: "The Overman" is a powerful form that many neo-nazi and skinheads find thier morpuses resembling. The Nightbane is perfectly Aryan, Blond Hair, Blue Eyes, Pale Skin.
      8. Demonic: A quite devilishly handsome morphus typically tends to have reddish tones to their skin, two small horns on thier head and bat- wing like appendages individuals with this type of charaterictic tend to be charismatic and mischievous.
      9. Fire Elemental
      10. Fairy

  2. Stigmata
    1. Unusual Blood (Stigmata/Alien) ................. R15 62
      1. Odd Color
      2. Animated Blood
      3. All Body Fluids = Blood
      4. Has No Blood
      5. Hemophiliac
      6. Other Liquid For Blood (Tree Sap/Gasoline/Water/Alcohol/Mineral Acid/Beverage/Oil/Mercury or Quicksilver/Glycerine/Other)
      7. Blood of Fire
      8. Gaseous Blood
      9. Under High Pressure
      10. Other
    2. Stigmata I ..................................... NB 101
      1. Bloody ooze
      2. Corpse Like
      3. Stitches
      4. Nails
      5. Razor Blades
      6. Broken Glass
      7. Barbed Wire
      8. External Wounds
      9. Missing Skin
      10. Leatherboy/girl
      11. Boils or Sores
      12. Zippers
      13. Bones
      14. Biomechanical
      15. Combination of Two
    3. Stigmata II .................................... BtS 132
      1. Insides are Outside
      2. Transluscent Skin
      3. Body Faces (Small heads and faces dot the character’s body)
      4. Withered Flesh
      5. Gut Tenticles
      6. Shifting Body (every few minutes to a few hours the body shifts to show a different Stigmata)
    4. Freakish Appearance ............................ R15 58
      1. No Bones
      2. Meat (no skin and has muscles made of raw meat)
      3. Oddly Unsettling
      4. Shadow Man
      5. Abnormally Large Sensory Organs
      6. Brute
      7. On Fire
      8. Baggy Flaps of Skin

    5. Gross Stigmata ................................. R1 89
        01-10 Splitin' Headache: The Nightbane's head has been split apart! We're not talking a neat, little sword slash across the cheek, nope, it looks more like a pipe bomb had been strapped onto the hair-line! Blood is splattered across their face and clothing and the brain (or what's left of it) can clearly be seen twitching around in the skull and dribbling from the wide wound. More than likely (85%), one eyes has been knocked out by the force that cracked their skull and either left an empty socket or is dangling by it's nerves.
        11-20 Visible Intestines: The Morphus's stomach has been slashed open and now everything that is supposed to be inside is hanging out and highly visible. Aside from just seeing the intestines, stomach, and parts of the liver, they also constantly drip blood, leaving a highly visible trail wherever they go.
        21-30 Outer Veins: Every blood vessel that would normally be an inch under the Bane's skin is now running along the surface, crisscrossing the surface with countless red tubes and making their skin ripple and pulse with every heartbeat.
        31-40 Psycho: The Nightbane looks like a raving psychotic. They are spattered with blood from head to toe, their eyes are opened incredibly wide, their mouth is constantly pulled into an evil grin, and their entire body shivers as if in anticipation.
        41-50 Nightmare Pet: Roll once on the animal type table or choose an animal at random. This type of creature is permanently a part of the Nightbane, appearing as if he were impaled on it or it was sewn on in a quick, careless manor. The fur is matted and covered with blood and the creature is constantly growling, squawking, or hissing and struggling to free itself from the Morphus.
        51-60 Decapitated: The Morphus's head has bee cut off of the their body and now must be carried in their hand or in some other manner. The neck stub squirts up bits of blood and flesh every few minutes and the bottom of the head drips almost constantly. Despite this, the head still sees, smells, hears, eats, and talks normally and the movement isn't restricted.
        61-70 Blood-Sucker: The Nightbane's canine teeth are grossly enlarged, even beyond those of vampires. In addition to that, the teeth, along with their lips and chin, are constantly dripping with a disgusting mixture of blood, drool, and bile. Their eyes are heavily bloodshot and wide, making them look perpetually hungry.
        71-80 Slashed: The Nightbane looks as if someone has taken a razor blade and crisscrossed it across their face. Several of the pieces have already fallen out or are pealing off, revealing muscles and tendons beneath, along with plenty of blood.
        81-90 Acne: This could make anyone wish to be a normal teen again. The Bane's face, along with most of their body, is covered in thousands of huge, infected zits! These will bleed from time to time and, if popped, release a very corrosive substance.
        91-00 Crushed: Some part of the Morphus looks like it has been crushed beneath a heavy weight or vehicle. The portion of the body is only 1 to 3 inches thick, has broken and shattered bones ripping through the skin at several spots, along with countless cuts and tears in the skin that are constantly bleeding, not to mention heavy bruising and distortion.
    6. Another Stigmata table
        1-12% Burned: the nightbane is totaly or partialy burned. skin is fried and 3rd degree burns cover at least 50% of the bane's body. a stench of chared flesh follows him.
        13-24% Shrapnel: jagger pieces of metal, glass, and plastic protrude from the bane's skin. looks unhealthy and possible infected.
        25-36% Body Piercing: the punk from hell look. the bane's skin is covered in rings, saftey pins, studs, spikes, coat hangers, sewing needles, magnets, etc.
        37-48% Bullet Ridden: the bane appeares to have been shot full of holes. shells occasinaly stick out from one of the many blood oozing holes.
        49-60% Obesity: or wieght challenged. looks like that guy from the movie 'seven'. really sickning.
        61-73% Skeletal: not really a skeleton but mostly skin and bones. the bane also has sunken eyes, flat small ears, slightly raised nose and every rib can be seen clearly.
        74-86% Eye Wound: some thing along the lines of a stick or a knife or a candle or a pencil or a spoon severed finger (ewwww) is sticking out of one or both of the banes eyes.
        87-00% Flesh Wound: the bane is really cut up and shredded. looks like he got in front of the buisness end of a chainsaw axe murderer. constantly bleeding ond oozing bodily fluids from the wounds.
    7. An Additional Stigmata Table
        01-09% Profuse Bruising: The character's body, especially the head, is covered in large, intense bruises.
        10-18% Blood Weeping: The character cries blood, rather than normal tears. Moreover, his eyes are always watery, welling up to tears every fifteen seconds. There will constantly be blood in the character's eyes, and streaming down his face.
        19-27% % Broken Bones: The character's skeleton is broken and shattered, with joints moving in unnatural ways and the body resting in seeming abnormal positions. The character may actually have additional joints (actually shattered bones).
        28-36% Cracking Joints: The character's joints are stiff, and may appear swollen and arthritic. They make an audible "pop" when the character moves (consistent sounds every second or two, resembling cracking your knuckles).
        37-45% Parasites: The Nightbane seems to be covered in parasites.
        46-54% Stitches-Eyes: The eyelids of this character are sewn (or pinned, or stapled) shut.
        55-63% Stitches-Mouth: Similar to Stitches: Eyes, the mouth of this character is sewn (or pinned, or stapled) shut.
        64-72% Loose/Sagging Skin: The character looks as if he/she has just gone through a period of starvation, complete with loose skin, sagging around the eyes and joints. Skin is pale and veins protrude easily.
        73-81% Internal Pressure: This Nightbane looks as if they are constantly straining all their muscles, complete with protruding veins in the neck, hands, and forehead. Eyes bulge slightly, and skin has a reddish pallor to it.
        82-90% Skin Grafts: The character is covered in grafts of misplaced skin (i.e., another face stretched over his chest, etc...). This can be human skin (a la "Texas Chainsaw Massacre"), or otherwise.
        91-00% Horn Eyes: The Morphus's eyes appear to have been gouged out by a pair of sharp spikes protruding from the sockets. These could look like metal spikes, jagged shrapnel, curving horns, or rock or crystal shards, and are 1D4 + 1 inches long. The protrusions are constantly dripping with fresh blood. The character's vision is not hampered by the lose of their eyes and can perform slam attacks with said eyes.
    8. Gruesome Stigmata Table
        01-10% Gouged out eyes: The Nightspawn has his eyes ripped from their sockets, leaving bloody holes.
        11-20% Bite: The Nightspawn has a large bite taken out of him. Examples include a surfer Nightspawn that has a shark bite from a leg to a wolf like Nightspawn with a nasty chunk missing from his throat.
        21-30% Imbedded Weapon: The Nightspawn has a hand weapon imbedded in his body. This is often a fatal wound like a knife in the back, an arrow through the head, or similar.
        31-40% Small animal: The Nightspawn has a small (up to 70 lbs) animal biting/attacking him for eternity. This can be a rat chewing on his face, a wolf at his throat, or a monkey forever on his back. The animal appears to be attacking him, but is actually part of him and cannot be removed without hurting the Nightspawn.
        41-50% Electrocuted: The Nightspawn is a little over cooked. He has burnt hair, black marks on his body, is warm to the touch and constantly emits a small amounts of smoke. Eyes glow or spark when angry and the Nightspawn has a constant static electric charge.
        51-60% Surgical Accident: The Nightspawn's Morphus looks to have just gotten off the surgical table, but before the surgery was done! A large open wound adorned with clamps, hoses, and sponges is clearly visible.
        61-70% Desicated: The Nightspawn's body is completely drained of fluids.
        71-80% Branded: The Morphus bears a burned shape in it's flesh, clearly visible.
        81-90% Blood Weeper: Magical deep red tears stream from the Morphus's eyes constantly.
        91-100% Hole: The Morphus has a large hole blown or burned straight through his torso, large enough to put an arm through!
    9. Diseased Form Table
      1. Rabies
      2. Death Plague: The Nightbane looks as though he/she is one deaths door. The Nightbane is extremely emaciated. Their skin is blotchy and pale.
      3. Pox: The Nightbane's skin is covered in swollen purple and blue pox marks
      4. Zits: The Nightbanes body is covered with acne, and clogged pores that are so severe that they actually cause severe itching and pain. If they are popped , the puss and blood that are released is extremely pungent and mildly acidic
      5. Leper: The tips of the Nightbanes fingers and toes have begun to fall off and rot.
      6. Contagious
      7. Cancer-ridden

  3. NB Characteristics Table

    1. Themed
      1. Themed Morphus: Halloween Form
        1. 01-08% Jack-o-Lantern: The Nightspawn's head replaced by a carved out pumpkin. How it is carved varies. The head is hollow and may be used for storage
          09-16% Devil: The Nightspawn resembles a classic devil from myth. His skin turns red, and he gains a long forked tongue, and a prehensil tail.
          17-24% Animal Costume: The Nightspawn should roll on the Animal Form table and take the appropriate Humanoid Animal from it, but with the following modifications. The form looks to be a costume, with seams, a zipper etc., but this is actually the skin of the Nightspawn.
          25-32% Halloween Animal: The Nightspawn should choose an animal normally associated with Halloween, like a black cat, a spider, or a bat. Roll on the appropiate animal form table. In the animal is always one of the most frightening looking of its type
          33-40% Skull Face
          39-48% Bones
          49-56% Goblin: The Nightspawn's skin turns a sick shade of green, he gains an elongated pointy nose and ears and a slight hunch to his back.
          57-64% Scary Witch/Warlock: The Nightspawn gains a hooked warty nose, and a stereotypical black hat if female or if male, a receding hairline with long gray gair, rotten teeth and a voice like the stereotypical bad guy from a Scooby-Doo cartoon ''And I would have gotten away with it if it hadn't been for you meddling kids!!!''.
          65-72% Risen Dead: The Nightspawn looks as if he just clawed his way out of a shallow grave. He is dressed several decades out of style, and is covered with grey mud and clay that will never wash off.
          71-80% Cheap Mask: The Nightspawns' Morphus seems to be wearing a cheep plastic halloween mask, complete with eye-holes and a string around the back of his head. But in reality this is really his face!
          79-88% Stabbed: The Nightspawn's Morphus has been stabbed by a knife, sword or other sharp instrument, The item cannot be removed and is part of the Nightspawn.
          89-96% Spooky Sounds: The Nightspawn is surrounded by an aura of scarry noises. Door's will creak when opened, the wind seems to softly cry as it blows, and insects are compelled to make loud noises in the Nightspawn's presence.
          97-100% Roll twice on this table, re-rolling any roll above 96 or duplicate rolls.
      2. Science Fiction
        1. Science Fiction: Alien World ................... R20 55
          1. Orbital Debris Field surrounds the body, up to 5ft away
          2. Cities (dozens or more cities (modern, fururistic, anchiect, ect.) cover the body)
          3. Moons (1d10 moons orbit the character)
          4. Orbital Space Telescope (tiny space telescope orbits the character_
          5. Orbital Communications Array
          6. Orbital Weapons Array
          7. Orbital Sensor Array
          8. Roll Twice
        2. Science Fiction: Cybernetics ................... R20 56
          1. Thruster Assisted Leaping (Rocket Feet)
          2. Heavy Military Unit (Mecha Suit)
          3. Dedicated Tactical Computer
          4. Cybernetic Overdrive System
          5. Android
          6. Cybernetic Eyes
          7. Roll Twice
        3. Science Fiction: Extraterrestrial .............. R20 57
          1. Roswell Gray
          2. Cheesy, B-Movie Alien
          3. Green Blood
          4. Parasite (looks like an alien parasite is controlling the character)
          5. Energy Being
          6. Small Alien in a Robotic Body
          7. Pod Person
          8. Spheroid
          9. Gaseous
        4. Science Fiction: Sci-Fi Equipment .............. R20 58
          1. Hostile Environment Suit
          2. Flight System
          3. Holographic Projection System
          4. Energized Ancient Weapon
          5. Energy Cannon
          6. Odd Hair Color
          7. Power Armor
          8. Roll Twice
        5. Science Fiction: Space Craft ................... R20 58
          1. Fighter Escort (tiny, orbits character)
          2. Carrier Ship (body contains a flight deck which lauch space fighters)
          3. Advanced Recon Craft (like the Fighter Excort, but spacefract)
          4. Point Defense Weapons (turrets dot the body)
          5. Heavy Beam Cannon
          6. Missile/Torpedo Tubes
          7. Star Drive
          8. Defense Shield
          9. Roll Twice
      3. Themed Morphus: Medieval Fantasy
        1. Medieval Fantasy: Dragon ....................... R20 53
          1. Full, Small (6ft tall, 15ft long)
          2. Full, Giant (12-18ft tall, 30-50ft long)
          3. Were
          4. Humanoid
          5. Centauroid
          6. Head
          7. Scaly, armored Skin
          8. Breath
          9. Pet Dragon
          10. Ancient Dragon
          11. Roll Twice
          12. Roll Thrice
        2. Medieval Fantasy: Faerie ....................... R20 54
          1. Wings
          2. Short
          3. Small
          4. Tiny
          5. Faerie Clothing
          6. Glow
          7. High-Pitched Voice
          8. Frail Looking
          9. Antennae
          10. Bottomless Stomach
          11. Strange Ears
          12. Roll Twice
          13. Roll Thrice
        3. Medieval Fantasy: Knight ....................... R20 52
          1. Leather Armor
          2. Chain Mail
          3. Full Plate Mail
          4. Warhorse
          5. Weapon
          6. Shield
          7. Magic Weapon
          8. Magic Mount
          9. Token of Esteem
          10. Roll Twice
          11. Roll Thrice
        4. Medieval Fantasy: Ogre ......................... R20 54
          1. Large and Muscular
          2. Giant
          3. Ogre-sized weapon
          4. Stone-like flesh
          5. Irredeemably Hideous
          6. Hairy
          7. Halting Speech
          8. Roll Twice
          9. Roll Thrice
        5. Medieval Fantasy: Royalty ...................... R20 50
          1. Warlord
          2. Prince/Princess
          3. Voice of Command
          4. Rich Clothing
          5. Wisdom
          6. Legendary Weapon
          7. Divine Right
          8. Roll Twice
          9. Roll Thrice
        6. Medieval Fantasy: Wizard ....................... R20 51
          1. Book of Magic
          2. Arcane Knowledge
          3. Great power
          4. Familiar
          5. Covered with Symbols
          6. Amulet
          7. Magic Wand
          8. Crystal Ball
          9. Roll Twice
          10. Roll Thrice
      4. Themed Morphus: Chosen One ..................... R20 33 (Roll 1d6 times below)
        1. Roll on Stigmata Table
        2. Roll on Animal Form
        3. Roll on Inhuman Beauty
        4. Holy Armor
        5. Holy Weapon
        6. Holy Shield
        7. Heroic Proportions
        8. Halo
        9. Divine Protection
        10. Noble Bearing
        11. Icon of the Faith
        12. Roll Twice
      5. Themed Morphus: Cursed ......................... R20 38 (Roll on Stigmata, Roll on Alien Shapde, Roll 1d4 times below and all features will look demonic in nature)
        1. Roll on Animal Form
        2. Roll on Inhuman Beauty
        3. Roll on Stigmata
        4. Roll on Alien Shape
        5. Roll on Unusual Facial Features
        6. Roll on Unnatural Limbs
        7. Brimstone
        8. Eyes of Ice
        9. Death Gaze
        10. Wraiths (multiple Wraiths surround the Nightbane)
        11. The Taint (everything touched decays)
        12. Profane Armor
        13. Profane Weapon
        14. Mark of Evil
        15. Roll Twice
      6. Themed Morphus: Dark Side ...................... R20 34 (Roll on Animal Form, Roll on Alien Shape, Roll 1d4 Times below)
        1. Roll on Animal Form
        2. Roll on Stigmata
        3. Roll on Alien Shape
        4. Roll on Unusual Facial Features
        5. Roll on Unnatural Limbs
        6. Roll on Biomechanical
        7. Disturbing Voice
        8. Distinctive Scent
        9. Always in Shadow
        10. Nightmare
        11. Particularly Feral
        12. Roll Twice
      7. Themed Morphus: Fan Boy ........................ R20 39 (Roll 1d6 time below)
        1. Roll on Inhuman Beauty
        2. Roll on Animal Feature
        3. Roll on Biomechanical
        4. Roll on Unnatural Limbs
        5. Character Costume
        6. Lookalike (looks like his favorite character)
        7. Autograph Hound
        8. Special Weapon (same as favorite character’s)
        9. Voice Over (character’s voice is that of his favorite character)
        10. Special Defense (per favorite character or show)
        11. Theme Music (from favorite show)
        12. Roll Twice
      8. Themed Morphus: Robot/Cyborg ................... R20 35 (Roll on Biomechanical, Roll 1d4 times below)
        1. Roll on Biomechanical
        2. Roll on Unnatural Limbs (will be biomechanical in nature)
        3. Roll on Unusual facial Features (biomechanical in nature)
        4. Roll on Animal Feature (biomechanical in nature)
        5. Computer Brain
        6. Machine Noise (when the character moves)
        7. Radar System
        8. Gyroscope
        9. Universal Connection Port
        10. Techno-Organic
        11. Heavy Plating
        12. Roll Twice
      9. Themed Morphus: Spirit of Nature ............... R20 37 (Roll 1d6 times below)
        1. Roll on Animal Features
        2. Roll on Inhuman Beauty
        3. Roll on Unnatural Limbs
        4. Roll on Alien Shape
        5. Earth Blood (bleeds water, mud, tree sap, or similar)
        6. Plant Growth (plants grow in footsteps and touch)
        7. Plant Clothing
        8. Eco Creature (body is a complete ecosystem with miniature trees and even tsmaller creatures living within them with lakes, waterfalls, rivers, ect.)
        9. Pollution
        10. Animal Nature
        11. Earth God
        12. Roll Twice
      10. Themed Morphus: Victim ......................... R20 36 (Roll twice on Stigmata, Roll 1d4 times below)
        1. Roll on Stigmata
        2. Roll on Inhuman Beauty
        3. Filthy
        4. Hunched Over
        5. Constant Pain
        6. Malnurished
        7. Manacles
        8. Hollow Eyes
        9. Child
        10. Indomitable
        11. Phantom Attacker
        12. Roll Twice

    2. Unusual Facial Features
      Unusual Facial Features ........................ NB 102
      1. Oversized Carnivorous Mouth
      2. Glowing Eyes
      3. Cyclops
      4. Misshapen Facial Features
      5. Extra Eyes
      6. Sharp Teeth
      7. Skull Face
      8. Small Horns
      9. Large Horns
      10. Facial Tentacles
      11. No Face
      12. Biomechanical
      13. Alien Features
      14. Combination of Two
      15. Combination of Three
      16. Kabuki mask: The characters face is an Oriental mask which nay look serene or grotesque. Typically these are like the Yakuza (pale, with small horns and fangs) or Tengu (red, with huge nose or beak.)
      17. Pin Head: The character becomes bald and his face covered with half inch pins.
      18. Mummified: The character seems a lot older than he is, usually about by 100 years or more.
      19. Unicorn horn: A single, long horn protrudes from the character's head.
      20. Warpaint: The character's face is painted, and depending on where he comes from they'll signal different things. Chinese characters may have paint from Noh opera figures. Aborigines may have designs in white paint on their faces.
      21. Earthworm Jim: The character's head pops into their body and pops back up as a giant earthworm with 2 massive eyes and a mouth.

    3. Biomechanical
      1. Ancient Biomechanical Forms
          01-05: Armorgraft - *
          06-13: Spiked Club Arms
          14-21: Abacus Creature
          22-26: Bow Hand
          27-31: Mechanical Limbs - *
          32-36: Metal Endoskeleton - *
          37-41: Metal Exoskeleton - *
          41-46: Lantern Head - The Nightspawn's head had been replaced with a lantern, lamp or other primitive lighting device
          47-49: Metal Teeth and Talons - *
          50-56: Telescope Eyes - The Nightspawn's eyes are replaced by small telescopes that can fold out to over a foot from the head, or retract to a mere few inches.
          57-61: Wood - The body of the Nightspawn is covered by small wooden planks nailed in place.
          62-66: Projectile Limbs - *
          67-69: Clockwork Wings - The Nightspawn has a set of functional mechanical wings. These appear to be run by gears and springs, but are actually living parts of the Nightspawn.
          70-76: Stone Tablet Face - The face of the Nightspawn is replaced by a stone tablet that changes as the Nightspawn speaks. Perhaps it has a carved picture of a face reflecting his mood, or had the words he speaks inscribed on it.
          77-83: Musical Instruments - The Nightspawn has one or more brass or woodwind instruments protruding from his head or other part of his body.
          84-90: Tool Hands - *
          91-95: Weapon Hand - *
          96-00: Wheels or Treads - *
          * - These talents from the Nightspawn book and Between the Shadows are used unchanged, or with some small modifications. Tool Hands might be ancient smith's tools, Wheels or Treads would be wagon wheels on a small cart or mini-chariot, and projectile limbs would be propelled by great coils of spring etc.
      2. New Biomechanical III
          01-10% Wires and Cables, Prehensile
          11-20% Cassette Deck or CD Player
          21-30% Metal Exoskeleton
          31-35% Hi-tech Blaster
          36-44% Power Tools
          45-51% Missile Launcher
          52-60% Headset Radio
          61-68% Storage Compartment
          69-75% Nanotech Body: Gives the character the same abilities and bonuses as the Plasmoid body in the Nightbane book under Alien Shape Table
          76-84% Grappling Hook:
          85-93% Rollerblades
          94-00% Targeting System
      3. Car Form Table
          01-11% Headlights
          12-23% Windshield Wipers: 2d4 protrude from the body.
          24-35% Ornamentation: Door handles, chrome runners, hood ornaments, fuzzy dice, etc. adorn the body of the 'bane.
          36-47% Horn
          48-59% Engine: If the Nightbane is large enough (over seven feet tall) an engine can be imbedded in the torso. This engine can hum and roar in response to the bane's emotions, level of activity, or it can act independently. Exhaust pipes commonly stick out of the back near the shoulder blades.
          60-76% Auto Armor: Heavy sheets of automobile paneling are bonded to the character's body. This is simply a vehicular version of the Armorgraft. A grille is probably imbedded in the chest, door frames on the back, hips, or arms, a small storage area (the trunk) on the back, etc. The paneling can be rusted and primed, or the newest looking sparkling shades.
          77-90% Sound System
          91-00% Electrical System: A distributor cap and car battery are mounted somewhere in/on the body. Cables (possibly frayed and sparking) run over or into the skin to power 2d4+4 spark plugs that line parts of the body.
      4. Submersible Biomech ............................ R15 56
        1. Diving Suit Skin
        2. Flippers
        3. Propellers (attached to back/arms/legs/ect.)
        4. Sonar Screen (in the chest)
        5. Jet Engine
        6. Fins
        7. Net Clothing
        8. Mechanical Gills
        9. Scuba Gear
        10. Harpoon Arm
      5. Biomechanical I ................................ NB 105
        1. Armorgraft
        2. Plastic
        3. Rocket Jets
        4. Metal Teeth and Talons
        5. Metal Endoskeleton
        6. Mechanical Limbs
        7. Weapon Hand
        8. Metal Exoskeleton
        9. Metal Head & Camera Eyes
        10. Wheels or Treads
        11. Gun Limbs
      6. Biomechanical II ............................... BtS 131
        1. Screen Face
        2. Speakers
        3. Tool Hands
        4. Monitor Eyes
        5. Chain Saw Arms
        6. Computer Creature
        7. Projectile Limbs
        8. Plumbing Limbs: One of the Nightbane's arms, legs, or possibly even their head has been replaced by a mass of piping, joints, valves, and other plumbing fixtures. Despite the bulky and rather stiff appearance of the limb, there is no lose of ability with delicate skills (and with the head, there is no impairment of vision, sense of smell or hearing). Any fixtures like shower-heads, faucets, or sprinklers can squirt out a dirty liquid which causes opponents to lose one attack while they rub it out of their eyes and nose. The liquid actually is water (although not fit to drink) and when the limb is damaged, it "bleeds" murky water and its of hair clogs and soap scum, or sewage.
        9. Arm Retractor: This addition to the body has little power of its own, but can be incredibly useful when combined with other Bane features. This is a device taking the place of one forearm, and can appear mechanical, high-tech, metal, or plastic. Its function is simple, it allows the Morphus to switch between several different hand features, when they would normally only be limited to a maximum of two (only two hands). A normal, flesh and blood hand, matching the rest of the Morphus's body is attached to the end of the mechanical forearm. This can be brought into the Retractor and exchanged with any other hand-related feature the Bane has. The basic hand allows the character to perform any skills normally without any penalties that would come from having their hands replaced by tools, weapons, or paws. The retractor itself is normally not too hideous or attention grabbing, and could probably pass as eccentric fashion.
        10. Techno guts: This one is cool. The character, superficially, looks human. However, if he was to be cut, beneath his skin are gears and pipes instead of normal organs! When cut open, instead of blood, the character will bleed crude oil.
        11. Train body: Hands up to anyone who's seen Starlight Express. The character looks like an anthromorph of a train; his feet becomes roller blades, his body looks like the sleek exterior of a compartment, and his head morphs into a simile of an engine.

    4. Alien Shape
      1. Everglades ..................................... R1 87
        1. Croc/Gator-Man
        2. Mud-Form
        3. Bird Body
        4. Air Boat
        5. Fish Body
        6. Spirit of Destruction
      2. Megalomaniac ................................... R20 65
        1. Radiates with Supernatural Power
        2. Unparalleled Might
        3. God/Goddess
        4. Invincible
        5. Death God
        6. Mental Colossus
        7. Strength of the Wild
        8. Maelstrom
        9. Force of Nature
        10. Devastation
      3. Toy/Gizmo Alien Features ....................... R15
        1. Batteries
        2. Skates
        3. Gimmick Switches
        4. Biomechanical
        5. Stuffed Animal
        6. Construct
        7. Action Figure
        8. Hidden Compartments
        9. Puppet/Marrionette
        10. Roll Twice or Make up your own
      4. Undead ......................................... R15 60
        1. Ghostly Knight
        2. Skeletal Form
        3. Mummified
        4. Walking Corpse
        5. Vampiric
        6. Specter
        7. Other
      5. God Form Table: Alien Shape III
          01-10% Animal Head: A trait commonly associated old Egyption gods. Roll on the animal table and take the head of the animal trait.
          11-20% Physical Perfection: From the Unearthly Beauty table.
          21-30% Personal Weapon
          31-40% Godly Charisma
          41-50% Personal Armor: The Nightspawn's Morphus is suited in powerful gilded armor (really his skin.)
          51-60% Godly Proportions: The Nightspawn's Morphus is of heroic proportions.
          61-70% Godly Wisdom: The Nightspawn's Morphus extraordinarily wise.
          71-80% Word Of The Gods: The Nightspawn has a distinctive, booming voice. It is impossible to speak softly in Morphus, but at least he never gets ignored.
          81-90% Combination of Two: Roll again twice ignoring any roll above 80 or if a result is duplicated.
          91-100% Combination of Three: Roll again three times ignoring any roll above 80 or if a roll is duplicated.
      6. Alien Shape .................................... NB 103
        1. Plasmoid
        2. Bark-Like Skin
        3. Bony Exoskeleton
        4. Thorns
        5. Crystalline
        6. Living Tattoos
        7. Unusual Skin Color
        8. Hulking Monster
        9. Mouth-Covered Body
        10. Ice-man: The character looks like a person carved out of ice.
        11. Scarecrow: The character looks like he's mad of pieces of cloth stiched together. Many parts may not match, and the hair looks like it is dyed straw. This may cause a vodoo doll look, and may have skulls and death's head designs painted on him, as well as a number of beads, etc.
        12. Combination of Two
      7. Plant Life ..................................... NL 142
        1. Humanoid Tree
        2. Cactus Skin
        3. Thorn Skin
        4. Living Mannequin
        5. Tree Features (like leaves for hair, branches for arms)
        6. Flower Child (skin covered with flowers)
        7. Bark Skin
        8. Poison Ivy
        9. Stink Weed (pale green skin that is covered with fine vines and clusters that can be opened to create a repugnant odor)
      8. Mineral ........................................ NL 141
        1. Rough Metal Body
        2. Metal Statue
        3. Rough Stone Body
        4. Stone Statue
        5. Part Inorganic
        6. Part Inorganic arm w/ weapon
        7. Mineral Horns/Spines/Spikes
        8. Crystalline Body
      9. Multiple Body .................................. R20 64
        1. Siamese Twins
        2. Chained Together
        3. Under Attack
        4. Imp/Faerie
        5. Pet
        6. Conscience and Id
        7. Swarm
        8. Infestation
        9. Clone/Doppleganger
        10. Beauty and the Beast
        11. Dual Morphus
        12. Roll Twice
      10. Oafish Appearance .............................. R15 59
        1. Head (Double Size/Huge Jaw/Huge Teeth/Huge Neck/Very Small Head/Pencil Neck/Huge Ears/Huge Eyes/Huge Nose/Roll Twice or Pick)
        2. Arms (Huge Arms/Small Arms/Huge Hands/Small Hands/Roill Twice)
        3. Torso (Hugely Muscled Torso/Hugely Fat Torso/Puny Torso)
        4. Legs (Huge Legs/Small Legs/Huge Feet/Small Feet/Roll Twice)
        5. Roll Twice
        6. Roll Thrice

    5. Unnatural Form
      1. Aura ........................................... R15 51
          00-09% Heat Flash:The character, while not actually on fire, always feels warm.

          10-17% Cold Flash:The character is always freezing cold to the touch

          18-26% Static Electricity: Small sparks can be seen between the Morphus's fingers, legs, arms and body.

          27-35% EMP

          36-42% Hate:

          43-51% Fear:

          52-60% Halo: The character glows with a holy brilliance.

          61-69% Stench: The Morphus stinks, plain and simple. Be it feces, urine, rotten fruit, garbage, decaying flesh, whatever it is, its horrible.

          70-78% Shadow: An unnatural darkness hangs over the 'bane, making it appear as if it is standing in a dark alley. While it is not a complete darkness, it is enough to hid features and help hide in shadows.

          79-86% Animal Repulsion: Normal animals (i.e. not supernatural) will not come near the Morphus.

          87-95% Shatter Glass: All glass within ten feet will explode outwards as if hit by a gale force wind.

          96-00% Combination of two: Select two or reroll twice, ignoring results of 96-00%.
      2. Animated Nightbane ............................. R1 84
        1. Pencil and Ink
        2. Sketch
        3. 30’s Black and White
        4. Comic Strip
        5. Modern American Cartoon
        6. Anime
        7. Child’s Doodle
        8. Animated Animal
      3. Artificial Form
        1. Store Mannequin
        2. Crash Test Dummy
        3. Scarecrow
        4. Porcelain Doll/Ceramic Statue
        5. Junk Golem
        6. Glass Statue
        7. Patchwork
        8. Clay-Like
        9. Wood Statue
        10. Mirror Skin
      4. Circus Form Table
        1. Demonic Clown Head
        2. Two-headed Abomination
        3. Tall Man/Woman:
        4. Tattooed Man
        5. ConeHead
        6. Clown Clothing
        7. Bearded Lady
        8. Extendable Tongue
        9. Monstrously Obese
        10. Strongman
        11. Devil-Chin: The Nightbane's face is very angular, and the chin actually comes to a near-point.
        12. Elephant Features: Roll on the Elephant forms table, but the elephant parts of the 'Bane are covered in glitzy sequin-like material.
        13. Siamese Twins
        14. Unicycle Graft: The Nightbane's torso is grafted onto a unicycle!
        15. Rings: Several limbs, and indeed even the entire body, are tightly surrounded by rings of various sizes and colors.
        16. Contortionist: The Nightbane seems to be a contortionist, with arms and legs folding over different places and pushing through different areas, doing the human pretzel thing.
      5. Toy Form Table
          01-10% Building Block Growths
          11-20% Slinky Limbs
          21-30% Doll Head: The Nightbane's head looks like a doll's head, player's choice whether it looks like a Barbie doll or a Raggedy-Ann.
          31-40% Play-doh Skin:
          41-50% Clown Face: The Nightbane's face looks as if it is painted on, like a clown's face, but this is his/her actual skin.
          51-60% Sparking Mouth: Nightbane has only to move his arm in a certain way, and sparks shoot out of his mouth
          61-70% Spring-wound Arm:
          71-75% Removable Limbs: The Nightbane has the ability to remove limbs and body pieces and still control them!
          76-85% Ragman Body: The Nightbane's body is composed of rags like a ragdoll's is.
          86-95% Crayon Fingers
          96-98%: Combination of Two: Roll twice on this table, ignoring any further rolls of 96+.
          99-00%: Combination of Three!: As above, but roll three times.

    6. Unnatural Limbs/Features
      1. Enlarged Features .............................. R1 86
        1. Enlarged Cranium
        2. Bulbous Eyes
        3. Muscular Arms
        4. Enormous Hands
        5. Swelled Chest
        6. Bulbous Belly
        7. Boulder Butt
        8. Giant Feet
      2. Equipment ...................................... R20 63
        1. Ancient Weapon
        2. Hand Gun
        3. Pocket Knife
        4. Toy
        5. Book
        6. Watch
      3. Food ........................................... R15 52
        1. Pasta
        2. Rice
        3. Butter Skin
        4. Ground Beef Skin
        5. Condiment Blood
        6. Gingerbread Man
        7. Soda (Plastic skin, filled with soda, face is either molded or a label, ect.)
        8. Soggy Cereal
        9. Pudding
      4. Clothing #2 .................................... R20 63
        1. Armor
        2. Toga
        3. Formal Wear
        4. Leather Jacket
        5. Ten Gallon Hat
        6. Space/Hazmat/Radiation Suit
        7. Military Uniform
        8. Rags
        9. Super Hero Costume
        10. P.J.’s
        11. Animal Skin
      5. Weird Clothing ................................. R1 92
        1. Old Favorite
        2. Disco Inferno
        3. Classic Victorian Era
        4. Animal Costume
        5. Clown Suit
        6. Futuristic
        7. Old Fogey
        8. Baby
        9. Legitimate Businessman
        10. Opposite Gender’s Clothing
      6. Fish Limbs and Attributes ...................... R15 55
        1. Puffer Fish Skin
        2. Urchin Spines
        3. Shark Mouth
        4. Fish Spines/Fins
        5. Piranha Hands
        6. Bioluminescence
        7. Webbed Digits
        8. Electric Eel Attack
        9. Shark Teeth
        10. Ink Cloud
      7. Head ........................................... R42 84
        1. Pinhead
        2. Egghead
        3. Two-Headed
        4. No Neck
        5. No Head
        6. No Body
      8. Unnatural Limbs ................................ NB 104
        1. Prehensile Tail
        2. Spiked Prehensile Tail
        3. Tentacles
        4. Long, Sensitive Fingers
        5. Additional Pairs of Tiny Arms & Hands
        6. Four Normal Sized Arms
        7. Pseudopods
        8. Articulated Spikes
        9. Antenna
      9. Alien Appendages #2 ............................ R15 52
        1. Chains (extra Limbs that are made of chain)
        2. Bone Chains (as above but bone instead of metal)
        3. Vines (as above but made of vines)
        4. Wires (as above, but wires with electrical currents)
        5. Eye Stalks
        6. Prehensile Hair
        7. Elephant Trunk
        8. Cape
        9. Prehensile Belt/Tie/Headband
        10. Super Tongue

    7. Chimera
      1. Chimera: Body .................................. R20 41
        1. Animal Companion Body (Roll twice on Animal Form, one half of body will be the first animal rolled and the other half the other Animal rolled)
        2. Animal Body with a Human Head (roll on Animal Form for Animal types)
        3. Animal/Human Combination Body (Roll on Animal Form, half the body will be that Animal. Top or bottom, char’s choice)
        4. Additional Bodies (one set of legs but at the waist it splits into two separate bodies each with two arms and a head)
        5. Two Fronts (Has no back, just two fronts)
        6. No Body (only has a head and a pair of hands visible, the rest is invisible)
      2. Chimera: Coloration ............................ R20 42
        1. Strange Hair Color
        2. Strange Eye Color
        3. Strange Skin Color
        4. Strange Color, Other (like fingernails, teeth, lips, ect.)
        5. Strange Color Pattern, Hair
        6. Strange Color Pattern, Eye
        7. Strange Color Pattern, Skin
        8. Strange Color Pattern, Other
        9. Shifting Hair Color
        10. Shifting Eye Color
        11. Shifting Skin Color
        12. Shifting Other Color
        13. Glowing Hair
        14. Glowing Eyes
        15. Glowing Skin
        16. Glowing Other
        17. Glass Teeth
        18. Two Different Colored Eyes
        19. Roll Twice
        20. Roll Thrice
        21. Roll 1d6+3 times
        22. Choose as many as you want
      3. Chimera: Hair & Fur ............................ R20 43
        1. Hairless
        2. Normal (roll on Hair Type)
        3. Lion’s Mane
        4. Hairy Back (roll on Hair Type)
        5. Mohawk (roll on Hair Type)
        6. Large Patches (on shoulders, forearms, and shins. Roll on Hair Type)
        7. Super Long Eyebrows (roll on Hair Type)
        8. Fur Coat (Roll on Hair Type)
        9. Whiskers
        10. Random Patches (roll on Hair Type)
        11. Windswept Hair (roll on Hair Type if wanted)
        12. Roll twice
            Hair Type
            1. Normal Human Hair
            2. Short, Soft fur like rabbit
            3. Long, Soft fur like sheep
            4. Thick Wool
            5. Short, Bristly Fur
            6. Quills
            7. Thick, Insulating Fur
            8. Stiff, Wiry Hair
            9. Grass or Small Plants
            10. Feathers
            11. Snakes/Works/Millipedes
            12. Greasy, Matted Fur
      4. Chimera: Head & Face ........................... R20 43
        1. Multiple Heads
        2. Multiple Faces (on same head)
        3. Face in Chest
        4. Angelic Face
        5. Mask
        6. Snake/Worm/Milipede for Tongue
      5. Chimera: Limbs ................................. R20 40
        1. Snakelike, Flexible Arms
        2. Snakes/Worms/Millipedes for Fingers
        3. Additional Eyes on Hands
        4. Additional Mouths on Hands
        5. Additional Forearms and Hand on Each Arm
        6. Snake for a Tail
        7. Spider Legs
        8. Additional Arms in Unusual Places
        9. Small Wings (on forearms, ankles, head, ect.)
        10. Roll Twice
      6. Chimera: Skin .................................. R20 41
        1. Scales
        2. Slimy
        3. Fish-like Scales
        4. Rough and Wrinkly
        5. Slug-like Skin
        6. Armored Scales
        7. Carapace
        8. Crawling Skin
      7. Chimera: Stench ................................ R20 42
        1. Rotting Meat
        2. Sweat
        3. Wet Dog
        4. Earth
        5. Specific Food
        6. Blood
        7. Smoke
        8. Something Different
    8. Roll Twice
    9. Roll Thrice
    10. Roll Four Times

  4. Animal Form
    1. Animal Form: Armadillo ......................... R1 85
      1. Giant
      2. Were
      3. Humanoid
      4. Shell Only
      5. Head Only
      6. Hands and Feet Only
      7. Centauroid
    2. Animal Form: Bear .............................. BtS 130
      1. Full
      2. Were
      3. Humanoid
      4. Centauroid
      5. Head
    3. Animal Form: Amphibian ......................... BtS 131
      1. Full
      2. Were
      3. Humanoid
      4. Centauroid
      5. Head
    4. Animal Form: Arachnid .......................... NB 94
      1. Full
      2. Were
      3. Humanoid
      4. Scorpion Pincers/Spider Limbs
      5. Centauroid
    5. Animal Form: Avian/Bird ........................ NB 94
      1. Full
      2. Were
      3. Humanoid (with separate wings and hands end in claws)
      4. Head
      5. Bird Face (normal human w/ large eyes and oversized beak)
      6. Talons
      7. Feathered Hair
      8. Winged Human
    6. Animal Form: Bat ............................... NB 95
      1. Full
      2. Were
      3. Humanoid
      4. Wings
      5. Head
    7. Animal Form: Canine ............................ NB 96
      1. Full
      2. Were
      3. Humanoid
      4. Centauroid
      5. Head
    8. Animal Form: Crustacean ........................ R15 53
      1. Giant/Full
      2. Were
      3. Humanoid
      4. Lobster Claws
      5. Crustacean Shell
      6. Centauroid
    9. Animal Form: Dinosaur
      1. Dinosaur Form: Ankylosaurids ................... R20 44
        1. Full, Small (2 ft tall, 10ft long)
        2. Full, Giant (8ft tall, 25ft long)
        3. Were
        4. Humanoid
        5. Centauroid
        6. Head
        7. tail
      2. Dinosaur Form: Ceratopids ...................... R20 45
        1. Full, Small (5ft tall, 10ft long)
        2. Full, Giant (10-15ft tall, 20-30ft long
        3. Were
        4. Humanoid
        5. Centauroid
        6. Head
        7. Horns and Collar
      3. Dinosaur Form: Dromeosaurids ................... R20 46
        1. Full
        2. Were
        3. Humanoid
        4. Head
        5. Toe
      4. Dinosaur Form: Hadrosaurids .................... R20 47
        1. Full, Small (5ft tall, 10dt long)
        2. Full, Giant (12-18ft tall, 20-30ft tall)
        3. Were
        4. Humanoid
        5. Centauroid
        6. Head
        7. Crest
      5. Dinosaur Form: Pterosaurids .................... R20 47
        1. Full
        2. Were
        3. Humanoid
        4. Centauroid
        5. Head
        6. Wings
      6. Dinosaur Form: Sauropods ....................... R20 48
        1. Full, Small (10ft tall, 20ft long)
        2. Full, Giant (20ft tall, 40-50ft long)
        3. Were
        4. Humanoid
        5. Centauroid
        6. Head
        7. Neck
      7. Dinosaur Form: Stegosaurids .................... R20 48
        1. Full, Small (4ft tall, 10ft long)
        2. Full, Giant (10ft tall, 25-35ft long)
        3. Were
        4. Humanoid
        5. Centauroid
        6. Plates
        7. Tail
      8. Dinosaur Form: Tyrannosaurids .................. R20 49
        1. Full, Small (6ft tall, 15ft long)
        2. Full, Giant (20ft tall, 50ft long)
        3. Were
        4. Humanoid
        5. Centauroid
        6. Head
    10. Animal Form: Equine/Bovine/Deer ................ NB 96
      1. Full
      2. Were (Minotaur, ect.)
      3. Humanoid
      4. Centauroid
      5. Head
    11. Animal Form: Feline ............................ NB 97
      1. Full
      2. Were
      3. Humanoid
      4. Cat-Like
      5. Centauroid
      6. Claws
      7. Head
      8. Partial Feline Head
    12. Animal Form: Fish .............................. R15 55
      1. Full
      2. Full but with Humanoid Limbs
      3. Humanoid
      4. Mermaid
      5. Scaly Skin
      6. Gills
      7. Head
    13. Animal Form: Griffin ........................... R1 89
      1. Full Griffin
      2. Were
      3. Humanoid
      4. Partial Griffin (normal human with certain griffin body parts grafted on)
      5. Lower Body Griffin
      6. Centauroid
    14. Animal Form: Insectoid ......................... NB 98
      1. Full
      2. Were
      3. Humanoid
      4. Wings
      5. Head
      6. Eyes
      7. Centauroid
    15. Animal Form: Octopoid .......................... R15 53
      1. Giant
      2. Were
      3. Humanoid
      4. Extra Tentacles
      5. Head
      6. Centauroid/Mermaid
    16. Animal Form: Otter ............................. R1 90
      1. Giant
      2. Were-
      3. Humanoid
      4. Tail & Whiskers
      5. Webbed Hands & Feet
      6. Centauroid
    17. Animal Form: Porcine ........................... R42 83
      1. Full
      2. Were
      3. Humanoid
      4. Head
      5. Centauroid
    18. Animal Form: Reptilian ......................... NB 99
      1. Full
      2. Were
      3. Humanoid
      4. Head
      5. Centauroid
    19. Animal Form: Rodent ............................ NB 100
      1. Full
      2. Were
      3. Head
    20. Animal Form: Snake ............................. NB 100
      1. Full
      2. Limbed Snake
      3. Humanoid
      4. Scaly Skin
      5. Lower body Snake
      6. Head
    21. Cetacean (Dolphin/Whale) Form Table
        01% to 15% Full Cetacean: The Nightbane is fully dolphin or whale-shaped.
        16% to 35% Humanoid Dolphin/Whale: The character still resembles a whale/dolphin, but the tail is replaced by a pair of legs with webbed toes and the flippers to the sides have become humanoid arms with webbed fingers (-10% to delicate skills). Their is still a triangular dorsal fin on the back, and the coloration and the head's shape are still definitely animal. The Nightbane is roughly human sized (6 to 9 feet tall).
        35% to 55% Finned Humanoid: The Nightbane is relatively human, but has a triangular fin growing from each forearm (however many arms they may have), as well as on the lower leg and a dorsal fin in the middle of the back. Their fingers and toes are webbed as well. The hair is most likely black, blue, blue-gray, or white. The character has no visible ears.
        56% to 70% Exotic Aquatic Humanoid: The Nightbane appears mostly human, but has soft skin of a strange tone, webbed fingers and toes, and the hair is either black, blue, blue-gray, or white. Their eyes also have a strangely exotic nature. The character can easily pass for human.
        71% to 85% Cetacean Head: The 'Bane's body is human, but the head is that of a whale or dolphin, complete with blowhole.
        86% to 00% Mermaid: From the waist up, this Morphus appears to be a normal human, but from the waist down is a long, dolphin-like tail. The tail is slightly longer than the rest of the body, giving the average "mermaid" a length of about 7 feet. In this form, the Morphus is nearly helpless on land unless can fly/swim in the air.
    22. Kangaroo Form
        01-15% Full Kangaroo: The Nightspawn's body resembles that of an oversized Kangaroo, at least 6 feet tall.
        16-45% Were-Kangaroo: The Nightspawn is a vaguely humanoid, but extremely Kangaroo-like. He has a completely kangaroo like head, and oddly shaped legs and a thick tail. But his torse and arms are too large and muscular to be a kangaroo.
        46-60% Humanoid Kangaroo: The Nightspawn could pass for human in a bad light, but closer inspection reveals fine fur, muscular legs, and long ears and nose.
        61-75% Kangaroo Head: The Nightspawn has a completely normal body (except for possible other characteristics) but the head of Kangaroo.
        76-90% Kangaroo Centauroid: The Nightspawn has a normal upper body, but the lower body is replaced with large kangaroo legs and a thick tail.

        91-100% Kangaroo Tail: The Nightspawn has a thick, furry tail that is so long it rests on the ground. [/ist]
      • Hominid Form
        01-15% Early Homonid: The Nightspawn's body resembles a specimen of man's small ape-like ancestors, but at full man size. The Nightspawn's back is slightly curved, and fur covern most of his body. His head is more like that of a chimp than that of a man.
        16-45% Late Homonid: The Nightspawn is a humanoid, but extremely ape-like. Body hair is heavy, his head slopes back, with a oversized jaw.
        46-60% Caveman: The Nightspawn could pass for an average human in a bad light, but closer inspection reveals heavy body hail, muscular legs, and and a brow ridge.
        61-75% Brow Ridge: The Nightspawn has a large ridge over his eyes.
        76-90% Oversized Jaw: The Nightspawn has an oversized jaw with enlarged canine teeth.
        91-100% Powerful Legs: The Nightspawn has muscular hairy legs, with caliouses on his feet.
    23. Shark Form
      1. Full
      2. Were
      3. Humanoid
      4. Shark Teeth
      5. Head
      6. Mermaid
    24. Turtle Form
      1. Full
      2. Were
      3. Humanoid
      4. Centauroid
      5. Head
      6. Shell
    25. Octopoid Table
      1. Full
      2. Were
      3. Humanoid
      4. Centauroid
      5. Head
    26. Dragon Form Table
      1. Full Dragon Form
        The Nightspawn becomes the size of a full grown dragon ranging from 50' to 10' tall, 80' to 10' long, 120' to 15' wingspan, their abilities and size are dependent on their dragon type.
      2. Were - Dragon
        The Nightspawn resembles a Dragon reduced to human size with a bipedal stance and somewhat developed claws/hands.
      3. Humanoid Dragon
        The Nightspawn has a lightly scaled skin, and can pass for human if in bad light under heavy clothing. These characters have spikes/spines lining their back bone, making car seats degrade much more rapidly, and often wearing out coats much f aster than normal.
      4. Dragon Centauroid
      5. Hydra
      6. Dragon Head
      7. Dragon Features
        The Nightspawn is almost completely human with extra-hard skin and fingernails that grow twice as fast and are twice as strong as normal. Their sense of sight and depth perception is excellent, allowing many to act as forward observers without being anywhere near enemy lines.
      8. Winged Human
      9. Dragon Breath
    27. Elephant Form Table
        01-15% Full Elephant
        16-35% Were-elephant: Can stand on two legs, although is a lot taller than normal humans. Cannot be disguised to look like a human, because the trunk is still there. 30% chance of tusks.
        36-40% Tusks41-45% Elephant Ears: On the side of the 'Banes head are two enormously floppy grey ears.
        46-60% Humanoid Elephant: A grey-skinned human, with a mostly human-looking head. The ears are a lot larger than most peoples, and there is a 50% chance of the trunk still existing. 15% chance of small tusks.
        61-75% Elephant Head
        76-90% Elephant Trunk
        91-00% Elephantine Centauroid
    28. Unicorn
      1. Full
      2. Were
      3. Humanoid
      4. Head
      5. Centauroid
    29. Sphynx
      1. Full
      2. Were
      3. Humanoid
      4. Head
      5. Centauroid
    30. Animal Form: Combination of Two
    31. Animal Form: Combination of Three

Transformation Tables
Transformation Method Tables
  1. Flames
  2. Phoenix
  3. Bursts from the Flesh
  4. Replacement
  5. Possession
  6. Smooth Morph
  7. Pixels
  8. Zipper
  9. Overlay
  10. Spinning
  11. Sudden Shift
  12. Pulsating
  13. Implosion
  14. Transformed by Another
  15. Encased/Cocoon
  16. Roll Twice
  17. Roll Thrice
Transformation Effects Table
  1. Light From Heaven
  2. Lightning Strike
  3. Smoke
  4. Glow
  5. Nightlands Halo
  6. Phantom Voices
  7. Wind
  8. Phantom Music
  9. Push Away
  10. Ground Shatters
  11. Float/Hover
  12. Trace Lightning
  13. Unique Effect
  14. Roll Twice
  15. Roll Thrice
  16. Roll Four Time
Transformation of Clothing and Items
  1. Clothing and Items Adapt to new form
  2. Clothing and Items are destroyed
  3. Clothing and Items vanish
  4. Clothing and Items are contained within and can only be used if has a form that can reach inside of itself like plasmoid or gaseous
  5. Clothing and Items change in to Clothing worn by new form
  6. Clothing and Items explode
  7. Clothing and Items fall off, undamaged
  8. Clothing and Items only appear to be damage or ripped or destroyed, but are not actually
  9. Clothing and Items are unaffected by the change

Morphus Attitude Table
  1. Appears Angry
  2. Appears Happy
  3. Appears Sad
  4. Appears Confused
  5. Appears Embarrassed
  6. Appears Nervous
  7. Appears Drunk
  8. Appears Arrogant
  9. Appears Bored
  10. Appears Frightened
  11. Appears Mesmerized
  12. Appears Mischievous
  13. Appears Malicious
  14. Appears Benevolent
"I'm imagining Kiera Knightly, Katherine Zeta-Jones, Angelina and Meg Fox sitting around your map wearing bandanas vigorously shaking fists full of d20s." - Aval Penworth, in regards to a map I made
"We're talking about the GM that made us fight giant Fruit, Verd is totally unpredictable." - Nikurasu (one of my players)
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Re: NightBane Morphus Tables Chart

PostPosted by verdilak » Tue Oct 05, 2010 4:28 pm

Love random tables! (using due to the odd numbered dice)

Marred Beauty

o Eros
o Pox
NB Characteristics
o Themed: Chosen One
* Icon of the Faith
* Roll Twice: Holy Armor & Animal Form (Reptile Head)
* Heroic Proportions
* Halo
o Unnatural Form: Pencil and Ink
o Biomechanical: Mechanical Limbs
o Unnatural Form: Glass Statue

So, the Morphus would look like a perfectly proportioned heroic figure. His arms would be mechanical in nature. His head would be that of a reptile with a tail to match. Holy Armor would cover him with a holy symbol resting atop the armor's chestplate. He would look like he were drawn in pencil and ink and be partially see-through, as though he were made out of glass. He would also glow from a brilliant, inner light that gave him a halo-effect.
"I'm imagining Kiera Knightly, Katherine Zeta-Jones, Angelina and Meg Fox sitting around your map wearing bandanas vigorously shaking fists full of d20s." - Aval Penworth, in regards to a map I made
"We're talking about the GM that made us fight giant Fruit, Verd is totally unpredictable." - Nikurasu (one of my players)
Everyone is an atheist about some gods, we just went one god further. - Richard Dawkins
Ism's in my opinion are not good. A person should not believe in an -ism, he should believe in himself. I quote John Lennon, "I don't believe in Beatles, I just believe in me."--Ferris Bueller, 1986
To the human body, a spoonful of flour and a spoonful of sugar are identical.
"Seeing, contrary to popular wisdom, isn't believing. It is where belief stops, because it isn't needed any more." - Terry Pratchett, Pyramids
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Re: NightBane Morphus Tables Chart

PostPosted by NinjaBunny » Wed Oct 06, 2010 6:14 pm

That sounds kinda cool
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Re: NightBane Morphus Tables Chart

PostPosted by Throol » Thu Oct 07, 2010 12:08 am

The charts, and wiki, very cool.
The palladium system sucks, tho.
Tri-Stat Nightbane?
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Re: NightBane Morphus Tables Chart

PostPosted by verdilak » Thu Oct 07, 2010 1:15 am

Heh... you never know what setting the gritty supers will be. ;)
"I'm imagining Kiera Knightly, Katherine Zeta-Jones, Angelina and Meg Fox sitting around your map wearing bandanas vigorously shaking fists full of d20s." - Aval Penworth, in regards to a map I made
"We're talking about the GM that made us fight giant Fruit, Verd is totally unpredictable." - Nikurasu (one of my players)
Everyone is an atheist about some gods, we just went one god further. - Richard Dawkins
Ism's in my opinion are not good. A person should not believe in an -ism, he should believe in himself. I quote John Lennon, "I don't believe in Beatles, I just believe in me."--Ferris Bueller, 1986
To the human body, a spoonful of flour and a spoonful of sugar are identical.
"Seeing, contrary to popular wisdom, isn't believing. It is where belief stops, because it isn't needed any more." - Terry Pratchett, Pyramids
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