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My Lisa

PostPosted by Solar_Dawn » Mon Oct 04, 2010 12:31 pm

This morning I buried my four year old cat, I had her since she was just a little kitten.
She and all her siblings were living in my mom's garage, and feeling bad for them, she took them in, and Lisa was the brief little kitten who ran right upstairs and snuggle into my mother's blankets in her bed.
That's why I picked her, she was so brave, I felt a connection with her, and when I took her home in the cat carrier she didn't cry once.
When we got home she jumped right out of the carrier and settled herself on my bed, satisfied and content.
I loved her, I used to hold her in my arms like a baby and she'd be happy and gently go 'pat pat' on my face with her paws, never using her nails, and purring softly.
About a month or two ago the vet told me she had a heart problem and it would drastically reduce her life expectancy.
I decided to do everything I could to save her, including a rather expensive operation, and giving her pills to help with her heart difficulties.

But yesterday she came out from under my blankets and howled in pain and I knew something was very wrong, she had pee'd on my bed where she was sleeping, which she had never done before, and she seemed to have trouble breathing.
After watching her for a little while and realizing she could barely get up, it broke my heart but I decided i had to go to the vet and consider putting her to sleep.
I picked her up and gently tried to put her in her cat carrier, but she howled and pawed at me desperately trying to get out, and I choose then not to bring her to the vet, but to let her stay at home because the vet already assured me there was nothing to be done.
I stayed with her for hours, petting her and talking to her, watching her grow weaker, until finally after hours of troubled breathing, she passed away.
She died while I was petting her, and the last thing I said to her was "Ik hou zo veel van je" (I love you so much).
I tried to call her back, make her come back to me, but she'd gone to where she can't hear me.

So this morning, I called a few pet cemeteries, and settled on a small cemetery nearby in a small town, with a very nice owner.
I brought her there, wrapped in one of my bed sheets, where she loved to sleep.
The owner was extremely nice, and even he seemed sad she'd died so young, and said she looked adorable even in death, it might have been a blatant lie, but it seemed nice.
So I put her down gently in her grave, and walked around a bit as he buried her, looking around at all those other pets that had been so beloved and left holes of their own in the hearts of their owners.

Then finally it was done, and she was buried next to a rabbit and a small dog with a nice set of small flowers on her grave.
I sat in front of the grave for what seemed like a long time, because it felt that once I walked away, I had really abandoned her, she'd be really gone.
But eventually I had to get up and the owner was still waiting for me.
We discussed what i wanted to do next and i told him straight away I want a tombstone, he told me I should wait, and not make any hasty decisions because I couldn't know what I really wanted at this time of grief, but I told him I know exactly what I want, and wouldn't accept no.
I picked out a stone I think is very nice, smooth granite like on one side where the writing will be, but rough and natural looking on the edges and the back.
On the stone it will read.

Lisa Flipse
May 2006 - October 2010
The best is yet to come

Priegel was a nickname my father once gave her but it stuck, it means a small sliver of a thing, and she always a very small cat.

I know it's not healthy to become so attached to a pet, some people don't understand at all how I can be so affected by the death of a simple cat.
But it hurts, and it hasn't stopped hurting, I feel like I've lost a child. I hand raised her, I named her, and I loved her deeply.
So being crazy is the least of my concern now, those who think I'm insane, well you might be right, but I don't want to hear it right now.

I don't know everyone who visits this forum, I know some of you well, others a little, and a few more by name, and even less of you knew anything about my cat.
But I had to share something somewhere, I had to do more then just grief, so I hope you'll let me share her story with you all and hope maybe you'll catch a glimpse of what I saw in her.

This is my Lisa a few days before becoming really sick, puckered out from playing on a hot day.
ImageLisa Napping by Solar_Dawn

This is where she was buried today.
ImageLisa's Grave by Solar_Dawn
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Re: My Lisa

PostPosted by NulSyn » Mon Oct 04, 2010 12:51 pm

Sad Day. :s_cry
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Re: My Lisa

PostPosted by verdilak » Mon Oct 04, 2010 6:40 pm

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Re: My Lisa

PostPosted by Shinitenshi » Wed Oct 06, 2010 12:10 am

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