Thursday, December 18

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Thursday, December 18

PostPosted by verdilak » Mon Sep 27, 2010 5:22 pm

A month has passed since Peter left, this time for good (or so he says). During this time frame, Allison was cleared of any wrongdoing in the raising of Loretta and has rejoined the force (or at least, was offered and if taken, her first day starts today). Loretta has gotten used to school life... well, as much as anyone can tell. Loretta IS a bit difficult and good at holding secrets close.

** Allison steps out of the shower and dresses before yawning and then nudging Trent **
Trent: *grunts and gets up*
Allison: "Wake up time..." *Yawns slightly again and covers her mouth* "How come a month of no work seemed to pass in no time at all... I was just starting to relax just a little.."
Trent: "Don't pretend you're not excited to get back."
Allison: "Well, it will be nice to be working again. But that's not to say it wasn't nice to have so much free time either."
** Eric kicks at his alarm clock lazily when it goes off, followed by a groan **
Trent: *smirks* "Free time? You mean between scrubbing every inch of the house, multiple times a day, and dragging loretta around by a leash?"
Eric: "I hope it didn't break this time..... They're like 20 bucks each..."
Allison: "There's that... Then there's all the laundry, and groceries... paperwork, oh and worrying about you when you're off patrolling!"
Allison: "Still, I think i got half an hour of extra rest somewhere in that month.."
Trent: *puts on some clothes* "Well next time, the break will be your idea."
** Eric climbs out of his bed and grabs a towel before heading off to the public bathroom to shower and get ready, staring at his own hair in the mirror for a moment **
Eric: "Gee... I look like some kinda anime character with all the wild hair... must be time for a haircut..."
** Eric shows, and then heads back to his room to dress and get ready for school, throwing a random collection of school books into a bag **
Eric: showers*
** Allison grins **
Allison: "Well i do think someone owes me a honeymoon"
Trent: "I guess we should get around to that one of these days."
Allison: "Yeah, but we'll have to do it when there's a school holiday, I'm not leaving those two in the house alone. Otherwise we'll come back from our trip and find the whole town has been sucked into the seventh layer of hell or something.."
Trent: "You want to take the kids with us."
Allison: "Well, do you want to leave them to their own devices?"
Trent: *thinks about it long and hard*
Trent: "We've gone thirty days without incident. Ok, without major incident at least. Maybe we should just hire a sitter and go for it?"
Allison: "I don't know, it'd have to be a pretty good sitter, particular Loretta isn't really a regular girl... But we can keep an eye out, would be nice to be on some tropical island without them.."
Trent: "Maybe we could get the house warded into a prison."
Trent: "Quite the fire risk though..."
Allison: *Smirks* "If you had your way, the house would be a big castle, with a giant mote around it and a big dragon guarding the top tower where we keep Loretta"
Trent: "I did draw up some plans for that..."
Allison: "Well I'm not living in a castle until I see a crown or Tiara first!"
Trent: "That's what i get for marrying a girl with expensive taste."
Allison: "Quite! But for now I'm going to make some breakfast, before Eric tries again and you have to put out another oven fire"
Trent: "I'll be down in a minute."
** Allison heads downstairs and starts making breakfast **
** Eric heads downstairs and starts complaining breakfast is not yet ready **
Loretta: *startles awake from the table as she hears the others coming downstairs, homework paper stuck to her face*
** Eric chuckles **
Eric: "There's something on your face"
Loretta: *peels paper off, then sets it down and tries to smooth out the creases* "Thanks."
Eric: "Long night? What subject is that?"
** Eric sits down and tries to peer at what's written **
Loretta: "Um...i don't remember. English i think?"
Trent: *comes down, dressed for work, nods a good-morning to Eric, and heads outside for a smoke*
Eric: "oh.." *Looses interest and goes back to glaring at his sister expectantly, impatient for feeding time*
Trent: *gathers all the papers up, a bit clumsily, and shoves them into a bag* "I guess there's always the first 20 minutes of class."
Loretta: *gathers all the papers up, a bit clumsily, and shoves them into a bag* "I guess there's always the first 20 minutes of class."
Loretta: (stupid names)
Eric: "Don't forget bathroom breaks"
Eric: "That's when I do most of my homework"
Loretta: "Gross."
Allison: "Let's hope that doesn't reflect in your next raport card"
Loretta: "Report cards..." *smoothes her hair back out of her face* "How often do those go out?"
Eric: "Oh, like, four times a year, don't worry, I'll show you how to fake them with photoshop"
Loretta: "Cool."
Trent: *returns* "What's cool?"
Allison: "A certain little hoodlum thinks he'll be getting away with purgery"
Trent: "Ahh."
** Allison finishes with the breakfast, and starts handing out a specific plate for everyone **
Eric: "Finally! Thwanks"
** Eric is already half way into his plate, and his mouth full **
Trent: "Thanks Hun." *is also halfway finished before the words come out*
Loretta: "Yeah, thanks." *pokes at it*
Allison: "You know, it's a good thing we don't live in wartime, I don't think me or Loretta would get any part of our rations."
Trent: *looks hurt by that statement, but not before he's swallowed the last morsel*
Loretta: *smirks*
Allison: *Smirks and kisses Trent's cheek before eating her own breakfast* "So everyone ready for work or school?"
Eric: "Sure, I guess"
Loretta: "Ugh."
** Eric stuffs the last of his breakfast into his mouth and then checks his backpack to be safe. **
Trent: "Sorry to eat and run, but i better be off." *kisses Allison back and gets up to leave* "Remember Eric, you still need to get the oil changed in your car."
Eric: "Just hope Loretta can stop all this backseat driving, shouldn't have started giving her lessons. Now everything I do is wrong!"
Loretta : "Maybe if you just did it right..."
Eric: "I am doing it right, that's how I got my license! Unlike some!"
** Eric get's up and stretches, waiting for Loretta expectantly **
Loretta : "Do i look ready to you?" *still wearing what she came home in*
Eric: "Well come on then! I wanna hang out a bit before school"
Loretta : *gives Eric a quick glare before pushing the rest of her breakfast away and getting up*
Loretta : "Fine. But you're helping me with Biology tonight."
Allison: "Be nice, or I'm making you share your car when she has her license"
Allison: "What?! But i build it with my own hands?!"
Allison: ((eh damn))
Loretta : *smirks all the way up to the bathroom*
Eric: "What?! But i build it with my own hands?!"
Eric: "It wasn't even working when I got it!"
Eric: "As I understand it, Trent did most of the work, you just kind of lingered around, now be nice and stop pushing her. Plenty of time for you to hang out with your friends"
Eric: (ggrr))
Allison: "As I understand it, Trent did most of the work, you just kind of lingered around, now be nice and stop pushing her. Plenty of time for you to hang out with your friends"
Allison: ((it's started being stubborn suddenly))
Loretta : *comes down shortly, cleaned-up, dressed, and smelling like a girl again* "Well let's go then; stop wasting time."
Eric: "Oh yeah, it was totally me wasting time. Right let's go, so where are you with biology?"
** Eric heads over to his car to get them to school **
Loretta : "Well...i haven't exactly started."
** Allison shakes her head, and then starts locking up the house before leaving for work herself **
Loretta : "You should let me drive."
Eric: "Hah! i think not, this is my car, I fixed it with Trent, you can have like... a pink vespa"
Loretta : "Fine, but when you're bleeding to death next, you'll wish i had more practice."
Eric: "Yes well, I think with your driving my chances of bleeding to death would only increase anyway!"
Loretta : "Hm."
Loretta : *sets herself to brooding*
Eric: ((I ready to skip to after school or to whenever you want if hippie is too))
Loretta : (yeah, i got nothin; mostly just planning to pout through classes and lunch)
Trent: *works as usual, taking a long break to bring Allison something for lunch to celebrate her first day back*
GM: (yeah, skip to school letting out)
GM: Trent, you notice that around 2:30pm, Harry informs Mike that he's going home for the day. Mike doesn't seem to notice or care.
** Eric hops onto the hood of his car and stares at a gathering of girls nearby while waiting for Loretta **
Trent: *doesn't really think anything of it; Harry's an old bastard anyway; calls out from under a station wago* "Later, Harry."
Trent: *wagon
GM: *grunts and leaves, only to to end up at the high school parking lot, looking for someone in particular...*
Harry: *grunts and leaves, only to to end up at the high school parking lot, looking for someone in particular...*
Loretta: *finally makes her way out of the school, glaring menacingly at the group of mindless cheerleaders blocking the sidewalk*
Harry: *sees Loretta and makes his way to her, stopping in front of her and blocking her path* "Girlie, time to work."
** Eric is staring intently at said cheerleaders **
Loretta: *glances up and stops abruptly before crashing into the old guy* "Yeah, no kidding." *moves to get around him*
Harry: *keeps blocking her path* "No, you have work to do and I'm not sure you are cut out for it. But its not exactly your fault. I didn't want you to mess up what I got here but since it looks like you are sticking around..."
Loretta: *rolls her eyes* "Dude, you have no idea, ok?"
Harry: "In other words, I've been watching you." *emphasis on the word 'watch'*
Loretta: *facepalms* "No. You have not been. Or you'd know better than to get up in my face right now."
** Eric finally manages to pull his eyes away from the cute cheerleaders to look at loretta and head over lazily **
Eric: "Who's your new friend?"
Harry: "I know exactly who and what you are. And you, girlie, you need training."
Harry: *he lights up a cigarette, coughing as he does so*
Loretta: "Actually, that's where you're wrong. I'm super-trained, and i'm good at what i do. So why don't you just pack up your depends and back off."
Loretta: "He's no one. Let's go."
Harry: "Trust me, I'm not happy about this either, but you need a Watcher."
** Eric gapes at the man **
Eric: "wow, you peeping toms don't even try to hide it anymore do you?"
Loretta: "Now i need a Watcher? NOW!? You've got to be kidding me. I didn't have one when i wanted one. Didn't have one when i needed one. And now you want to step in and tell me what to do? I really don't think that's going to work out to well for you, Mr."
** Eric frowns a little **
Eric: "Think i missed something.."
Loretta: *looks at Eric* "Yeah, it's a long story. I'll explain later."
Harry: "You really shouldn't. Explain, that is. Unless you want him to get killed."
Loretta: "I live with him; he's seen, known, and been attacked by plenty that it's not going to hurt him any more to hear about this too."
Eric: "Gee, you must be a lot of fun at parties..."
Harry: "So they all know then?" *he shakes his head and mutters* "Kids these days..."
Loretta: "Yeah, well maybe if you'd have got off your ass the first six months i was in town, or even the first nine, it wouldn't have come to that. But you didn't. See why i don't need you? It's way too late."
Eric: "Hey, I was there when the snail pirate tried to eat us, while his friends wanted to abduct my sister. Where were you?"
Harry: "I figured the rest of them would come and get you like that other one. I don't know why they haven't yet, but seeing as they have left you out in the cold, its time to do my part."
Loretta: *rolls her eyes* "Well thanks, that's awful nice of you. Wait til i've been kicked around a little, abandoned, kicked around some more, and completely forgotten about. Nice."
Harry: "Me young man? I was doing what i could to keep a few of those girls you were eyeing weren't raped by them while you were busy elsewhere."
Eric: "Oh, well... I guess that's worthwhile.... still! What about the cow killer?!"
Eric: "I mean, killer cow!"
Harry: "I was retired for a reason, I did not want to deal with you. But like I said, its past time."
Harry: "You didn't need me, obviously."
Loretta: "Yup. So go on back to the nursing home and be retired some more.":
Harry: *he looks around at the school* "What are you doing here, pretending to be normal?"
Eric: "Hey buddy, she's doing real good at being normal, and we put a lot of effort into that and it's going great!"
Loretta: "No, i'm BEING normal." *moves again to get around him*
** Eric studies the man a bit longer **
Eric: "You know.... You look kinda familiar..."
Harry: "So do you kid, but then, all kids like you look the same."
Harry: "You aren't normal girlie. Do you even have a handbook?"
Loretta: "They make a handbook!?"
** Eric studies the man even more, trying to place him **
Harry: "Yes, they do. For all Slayers. I know things, things you will need. You sure you want to shut me out? Because if so, I go back to ebing who I was and not lift another finger as I watchn this town burn down around me."
Eric: "You sure have that whole melodramatic thing happening for you eh?"
Harry: "It comes with the prunes."
Loretta: "Dude, i'd be teaching YOU things."
Harry: *drops the butt of his cig and lights another one*
Loretta: "He smokes almost as much as trent."
Eric: "You know, smoking is Illegal on school property, it's a public domain.."
Eric: ((I don't know if that's actually true in america lol))
Harry: "Like how to get the hoodoo to not charge you for every piece of information?"
Loretta: "Alright, so you can teach us one thing. Out with it then, and we'll call it even."
Harry: "Or to find out where the vamp's nests are? Or do you prefer walking up and down the streets every night like a lost little girl?"
Loretta: "It's been working so far."
Eric: "Hey, it's working"
Harry: "Then why are there still people going missing?"
Loretta: "Because we can't be everywhere, obviously."
Eric: "Well, aren't you all wise and mighty, but in the meantime, like she said, you weren't here before, and I think we, and by that, I mean mostly Loretta, has been doing a pretty damn good job, even if we are just making it up as we go along. So maybe you should start with that, and we'll be more inclined to hear you out!" *glances at loretta* "Right?"
Loretta: "Yeah."
Harry: "She has been doing well enough... but is that enough? How about you? How well can she fight when she has to worry about your ineptitude... that is, if you actully help. I can train you both to be better." *watches the two of you slyly*
Eric: "Hey, I killed a vampire too!"
Eric: "Well.. I helped kill it.."
Loretta: "How about you just tell us the couple of things we don't know, and stop wasting our time?"
Eric: "Well.. i was there!"
Eric: "Besides, i don't go along with patrols anymore, Trent does that, and sometimes Allison.."
Harry: *he smirks at Eric* "You could have killed one if you knew what I can teach you."
Harry: "Dont think so girlie. If I'm going to bothered, its all or nothing."
Harry: (to be)
Eric: "I already had someone try to teach me martial arts.... I think I have a hernia from that still..."
Harry: "That shit is for humans. You aren't fighting humans, now are you? You are fighting vamps. Takes a while different style for us to do that."
Harry: "Unless you are a slayer, but trust me, I can teach you a few things in that regard as well girlie."
Loretta: "You can teach us stuff, but you're not going to interfere beyond that. We already have a system for this."
Harry: "Looks like its going speldidely. Like how you squander the daylight when you could be taking out nests of vamps and instead play cheerleader?"
Harry: (splendidly)
Loretta: *hands on her hips* "Do i LOOK like i'm playing 'cheerleader?'"
Eric: "Hey buddy, if you think it's so important, why don't you take out those vampire nests, Loretta has every right to a life."
Harry: "I have no idea what you are playing here, but you are not doing your job. The one you were born for."
Loretta: "I do both. And if you're going to keep insisting that i'm not doing good enough, you can take your stake and shove it."
Harry: *he shrugs and turns, heading back to his vehicle* "Don't say I didn't warn ya."
Eric: "Who made you god? You don't get to tell Loretta what she was 'meant' to do. We live in a free country, and she spends every night hunting things that lurk in the dark. Which is more then anyone else is doing"
Loretta: *mutters nasty things at the old man, and gets into Eric's car*
Harry: "Care to say that a little louder, boy?" *obviously referencing the openness of the parking lot?"
Harry: *
Eric: *Shrugs and follows Loretta* "Hey, you came to us in this place... Coulda come to our home too.."
** Eric get's into his car and glances back at Harry **
Eric: "I swear i've seen him before..."
Eric: "Somewhere.."
Loretta: "Old guys all look the same."
Eric: "Yeah... I guess so..."
Harry: *gets into his truck, which has a big "Three Mike's Towing" magnet on the door, and drives off*
Loretta: "He's right though. I mean he might be wrong about most of it, but he's right about be wasting time at school."
Loretta: *me wasting time
Eric: "No he's not, he's selfish."
Eric: "He doesn't want you to have a life outside slaying because it's good for him. He doesn't care about what's good for you. You're just grumpy because he called you a cheerleader"
Loretta: "Maybe. If he really wanted to help, he would have done it a long time ago. But i could be doing more than just patrols at night."
Loretta: "It's not like i like going to school anyway. No big loss."
Eric: "Sure, and allison and everyone who works with her at the police station could be working 60 hours work weeks, even the good guys deserve a life"
Eric: *Stares after the truck and frowns* "Wait... isn't that Trent's work?"
Loretta: *looks* "Yeah."
Eric: "So that's why he looked familiar... huh, do you think he knows?"
Loretta: "Do i think who knows what? That Trent knows he's a Watcher? That he knows Trent's a Wolfie?"
Eric: "That you're family to Trent"
Loretta: "Oh. Dunno. If so, then he's an even bigger lazy bum than we thought."
Eric: "Well, best go home, before my cellphone rings..."
** Eric starts driving home **
Loretta: *thinks about doing some homework during the drive, but decides it's a waste of time anyway*
** Eric narrowly avoids hitting the trashcans outside and parks the car into the garage **
Eric: "Oh right... Now that Allison's working again, we got a bit before she's home.... Well we can get started on biology"
** Eric hops out of the car and grabs his backpack **
Loretta: "It's hardly worth the trouble."
Eric: "Oh don't be so grumpy just because some old geezer thinks you should be doing things diffirently, that's what being old is all about, complaining about young people. Now come on, won't take us long"
Loretta: "If i went two or three times a week, and stayed at least half the day, Allison probably wouldn't get into any trouble."
Loretta: "You could pick up my homework, and maybe i wouldn't fail completely."
Eric: "You shouldn't be listening to some old coot. Going to school aint so bad, and you're doing more then enough to battle evil. if taking out vampire nests is so effective as he says it is, i'm sure we can do it on the weekends."
Eric: "I doubt they grow back that quick, they aren't weeds"
Loretta: "Don't say anything to Allison about it."
Eric: "Fine, I won't say anything, if you come and do your biology homework with me!"
Loretta: "Like i can think about that right now!"
** Eric smirks **
Eric: "Then you can just sit next to me and fake it!"
Loretta: "Very funny."
Eric: "Just sit down and show me what you need done, i'll get some potato chips"
Loretta: "Fine, but i'm leaving in an hour, if we're finished or not."
** Eric grabs some BBQ potato chips and sits down next to her **
Eric: "Sure, Trent will probably be back then... I think.."
Loretta: "If he is, he is. Ok, here's what i'm supposed to do." *shows him her notes*
** Eric starts working on the homework with Loretta while keeping the potato chip back on his side of the table **
** Allison comes home a while later and smiles happily seeing the two of them working on homework at the table, though snatching away the bag of chips **
Allison: "I told you, no junk food before dinner"
Loretta: "That should be good enough; thanks Eric." *pushes self away from the table*
** Allison puts away the potato chips and glances at Loretta briefly before checking the fridge for what's avaible to make as dinner **
Loretta: "Later." *walks out*
** Allison frowns after Loretta **
Allison: "I hope she brought her phone.."
GM: Loretta, down the street, you can see what looks like a large truck much like the one the old guy was driving earlier.
Loretta: *turns and walks the opposite way, purposefully*
GM: The truck roars to life and disappears as it drives away.
Trent : *arrives at home, kisses his wife, and washes up for dinner*
Allison: "Loretta set off already, I think she'll have her cell phone with her though, and dinner will be ready in about 40 minutes.."
Loretta: *goes into patrol mode, though it's a couple of hours from dark, since that's the way she does her best thinking and brooding*
GM: Loretta, as you are about to turn down another street, the truck is down it, waiting for you.
Trent: "Hm. Did she have a rough day?" *looking at Eric*
Loretta: *continues on her path, pretending she doesn't see it*
** Eric shrugs **
Eric: "Eh, I dunno. Different classes, she didn't mention any trouble at school"
Loretta: "It would help if you were a little more observant. Do you even talk to her once you leave here?"
Trent: "It would help if you were a little more observant. Do you even talk to her once you leave here?"
GM: The old man is sitting in the truck's cab, smoking, watching you.
Eric: "Well of course I do! But she's a girl, sometimes they're just grumpy and I can't figure out why. "
Loretta: "CREEPY!"
Trent: "Suppose that's true."
** Allison pokes Trent in the side **
Trent: "Ow. Well it is."
Harry: "Seems like what I said had an effect." *he calls out his open window*
Allison: "Well, she has been trying the last month, and been on her best behavior... So I figured she's earned a little leeway..."
Loretta: "Not really. If you had bothered introducing yourself, you would know that." *keeps walking*
Loretta: *introducing yourself before
Harry: "Suppose I could have, don't really see what it would have done though." *said rather matter-of-factly*
Loretta: *over her shoulder* "Still don't see what it's doing now."
Harry: "Tell you what, when you decide you need my help, I'll give you my name." *doesn't see the point in letting her know his name so she can bother him later after his help was refused*
Loretta: "All i've gotta do is ask Trent."
Harry: *chuckles* "Aye, thats true. Do you want to know why taking out nests are important?"
Loretta: "Duh, i know why."
Loretta: *has stopped and crossed her arms, smirking, since she one-upped him*
Harry: "You'd be wrong."
Loretta: *laughs* "It's not to kill vamps? Dude, i don't know what you've been smoking, but if you think there's another reason, then i REALLY don't want your advice."
Harry: *his eyes go hard* "Look in the bed of the truck."
Loretta: *looks, curious*
Harry: "Because, I wasn't the only one following you today..."
GM: There is a teenage boy back there, bound and gagged.
Loretta: (he look familiar?)
GM: (somehwat, he was one of those who gave you the time of day due to being new and still gives you glances every now and then between classes)
Loretta: "Um, how do you determine a difference between 'following' and 'has the same classes?'
Harry: *he shakes his head* "Check under his shirt. The boy has a real need for being bitten."
Loretta: *lifts his shirt*
GM: There is a good 2 dozen bite marks, vamp, that are in various stages of healing.
GM: None of which look to be newer than a week.
Loretta: "Aw, what the hell?"
Harry: "Bet you my truck that he's gotta earn his next bite. See, nests mean that vamps get smarter and more calous. They use humans, especially boys like him who are addicted to being bitten. He'd do anything for his next bite, including fidning out where a certain young girl lives. Maybe even use the things he learns in chemistry class to place a homemade bomb in someone's truck. Thats why you take out the nests first thing, so they can't retaliate."
Harry: *he gets out of the cab of his truck, holding a syringe and needle which is filled with a liquid of some kind*
GM: The boy is looking at you, pleading with his eyes.
Harry: "This is why you need me, need a Watcher. When you breeze in and out of a town, doing what you are doing works, and works well. But when you are in one place for an extended amount of time... it becomes more like a war."
Loretta: *frowns* "What's that?"
Harry: *he taps the needle and squirts a small amount of liquid out* "Just something to make him forget most of today. He might flunk a few classes, but I don't think you nor he will mind much. But the question is, what are you going to do now?"
Loretta: "Tie him to a chair and interrogate him?"
Harry: "Thought you didn't want my help?"
Loretta: "I don't. But i'll take your prisoner."
Harry: *holds up a finger* "You said it, he's mine. I'm going to make him forget today, but thats it. If you want my help though..."
Loretta: "Oh come on! You don't really *want* to help me, you've already admitted that much. And i don't really want your help. But it would be ok if you imparted a little wisdom you've gathered over the years. No harm in that, and no need for any major commitments, right?"
GM: "No, I don't want to go from retired to active duty again, but I will since you are sticking around here. Before, I could just let you do your thing, but when you stayed around even during that whole legal bullshit Trent was talking about with the school and social services... I knew I would have to stick my head out again. So no, I'm not going to play 'Tit for Tat'. I'm either your Watcher, or we go our seperate ways."
Harry: "No, I don't want to go from retired to active duty again, but I will since you are sticking around here. Before, I could just let you do your thing, but when you stayed around even during that whole legal bullshit Trent was talking about with the school and social services... I knew I would have to stick my head out again. So no, I'm not going to play 'Tit for Tat'. I'm either your Watcher, or we go our seperate ways."
GM: Allison, your smoke detector goes off as your dinner gets past the point of "ready".
Allison: "Ack!"
Loretta: *rolls her eyes* "Gee, i'm so sorry to inconvenience you with my existance."
** Allison runs over to pull everything off the stove **
Allison: "I don't think it's too bad..."
Trent: *moves in to put out yet another oven fire* "Must be a faulty appliance..."
Harry: "No big trouble, I just like to do things all the way or not at all." *lights up another cigarette*
Allison: "Yeah... Maybe we should check into it.... sure paid enough for this kitchen.... Well, I think it's salvagable..."
Trent: "Well that's your own issue. I'm not doing nothing."
Trent: (oops)
Loretta : "Well that's your own issue. I'm not doing nothing."
** Allison starts putting the pots and pans on the dinner table and setting the table **
Allison: "Wonder if Loretta will be home for dinner.... I don't like her going without a meal.."
Harry: "No, you aren't. But what you are doing, isn't exactly smart. If I wasn't inclined to follow you today, tonight there would have been at least one or more vamps learning where you lived. You patrol so tell me, do you think Trent and his girl would stay inside if there was a vamp making a meal out of their neighbor on the front lawn? And do you think they would notice the other vamps waiting out of sight?"
** Eric comes downstairs after hearing smoke alarm go off **
Eric: "Oohh dinner, so who set off the bomb?..."
Allison: "Just a small mishap..."
** Allison slaps at Eric's fingers when he tries to steal something out of a pan **
Harry: "How about having to pay for information about things, which is then sold to any number of demons out there who are curious to know what a Slayer is learning about? I have my own library of books. Maybe not as extensive, but safer in the long run. Hell, do you even know what is going on in LA and over in Europe?"
Allison: "You wait until we're all sitting down and ready"
Loretta : "Of course i don't. The last two watchers who cruised through town barely introduced themselves--well, the first one didn't at all, and the next one took off with the other slayer almost immediately." *grumbles about that other slayer's lack of skill*
Trent : *rinses the singed hair off his arms*
Allison: *Frowns and collects some anti burn cream just in case it's needed* "Sorry, I just wasn't paying attention. Maybe we should send Loretta a messaege and ask if she's having dinner at home?"
Harry: "I'm Harry." *getting the feeling that introducing himself is a big thing to her... 'Girls' he thinks to himself*
Trent : "Sounds like a personal problem--oh, you mean that's your name. I'm Loretta, but you've probably stalked me long enough to know that by now. There are laws against that, by the way."
Trent : (oops again)
Loretta: "Sounds like a personal problem--oh, you mean that's your name. I'm Loretta, but you've probably stalked me long enough to know that by now. There are laws against that, by the way."
Harry: "I know your name from Trent. He gets talky when he has trouble figuring out a mechanical problem."
Loretta: "He does? I didn't know that."
Harry: "Which, by the way, is better than him going off the deep end and wolfing out." *said with a bit of respect, foolish respect but respect nonetheless* "Or maybe he gets talky when he bitches about getting my cigs. Can't really really remember."
Harry: (reallyx1, not x2)
Allison: *Heads over to her bag to pick up her phone and sends a text message to Loretta "If you're still near home, dinner's ready soon, if not, I'll put some in the fridge for later in a tupperware bowl"
Loretta: *smirks* "It's probably just when he doesn't know what to do with himself. He's funny like that."
Loretta: "You should see him when Allison is displeased about something..."
Harry: "That he is. I like the kid actually." *he chuckles* "That girl of his is good for him."
Harry: *gets back to business* "Now, Slayer, as your Watcher, I suggest that you get what information out of this boy that you can, using whatever methods you can, and then rehab him, cold turkey. But if I'm not your Watcher..."
Loretta: *nods* "Here's the deal: i'll let you think i'm listening to you, you help me out a bit, and i won't be real blatant when i ignore your advice, alright? Just don't be too pushy about it. I don't do well with people trying to be authority figures."
Harry: *looks thoughtful as he mulls around your words for a bit, before shrugging* "Eh, that works for me."
Loretta: "Alright. Can you give the chew toy and me a ride over to Trent's place?"
Harry: "Sure, hop in."
Harry: *puts the syringe away and starts up the truck*
Loretta: *gets into the truck and immediately starts texting Allison* "Gotta run some errands; probably won't be back tonight"
Allison: *Picks up her phone and checks the message* "Alright... We can start dinner" *Ignores her food and slides the phone over to Trent to show him the message* "Maybe you should call her, to go along?"
Harry: "So, where is it?"
Loretta: "That apartment building over by your work."
Harry: "Oh yeah, thats right. He talked about it a few times before that girl snagged her hooks into him." *drives there*
** Eric finally digs into his food savagely **
Loretta: "Yup. He keeps the rent up on it just in case."
Eric: "it's hwalf cwold"
Trent: "She would have waited for me to get home if she wanted company." *eats quietly*
Harry: "And wont mind the place getting bloodied up?"
Allison: "I know.. But I still don't like her out there alone... Well, luckily she hasn't been up to anything shifty anymore.... Well... other then the whole slayer of foul things part.."
Trent: *nods* "Good, clean, wholesome fun."
Loretta: "Well, that's what bleach is for i guess."
Harry: "Good, was worried you didn't want to get your hands dirty."
Loretta: *snickers* "Told you you didn't know me."
Harry: "I didn't think I needed too. Until you stuck around like you have. 'Course, that means we got a lot to catch up on, sorry about that."
Harry: *pulls up to the building*
Server Administrator-> Ping Results: 1055.9 ms (parsed message, round trip)
Loretta: "You could stop being so bitter about me staying in town, you know?" *gets out and gathers up the bundle of adolecent man-boy from the truck*
Harry: "I'm not bitter..." *says as though not even he believes it* "... I was just, comfortable you could say, in how things were."
Loretta: "Yeah, well there were monsters here before i showed up, so it's not like i made things worse. You should be glad i'm here!"
GM: There is a fearful squeek coming from the boy who normally towers of ther girl who picked him up like a 20lb back of potatoes.
Harry: *keeps quiet on that point, not wanting to mention how it was the influx of slayers that caused the demons to seeks out places to hide, like this town*
GM: "I was, I am. Now its come to the point where you need me to help you change your game."
Harry: "I was, I am. Now its come to the point where you need me to help you change your game."
Loretta: "Fine. Just don't be a pain in my ass about it, and we'll call it square."
Harry: "Sounds good to me, if you do the same."
Trent: "So Eric, how was school?"
GM: (We can do the torture later if you want, since its gotten quiet on Solar's end)
Trent: (wooohooo torture scene later!)
Trent: (i mean, sure)
Eric: *shrugs* "Well, Like school... finished Loretta's biology homework... I'll do my own in a bit, won't take long"
Trent: *raises an eyebrow* "You often finish her homework?"
Eric: "I didn't finish it 'for' her, We finished it together. She was there too"
Trent: "Ah." *doesn't seem convinced* "And how was work, Honey?"
Allison: "Oh, it was alright, it's kind of awkward with these kind of investigations, even if you're cleared of all charges, people still treat you diffirent for a while, but it will pass. As soon as the next big thing happens"
Allison: ((You can do the torture scene if you want, it's more integral to the plot then our banter, I don't mind))
Allison: ((I'll steal focus some other time!))
Trent: *nods* "They're not giving you a hard time out loud though?"
GM: (yeah, but it can be done whenever)
Allison: "Nah, it's just a vibe, it will pass, I've seen it with others, just awkward for a while. But life goes on"
Trent: "That's good."
Allison: "What about you? Hows Bussiness? Christmas is comming up..."
Trent: "I rebuilt a tranny on a Subaru. That was a new experience. Those things never go out. Must have been really abused. Christmas. Right. Do you guys travel somewhere?"
GM: (yes, Christmas is in a week)
Allison: "No, we always just sat by the tree and the fireplace. oh and eh.... well..."
** Allison looks slightly guilty **
Trent: "And what?"
Eric: "We open our presents on the eve before christmas, because neither of us could ever wait!"
Trent: "Sounds fair."
Allison: "I'm glad you think so, Because I wasn't looking forward to waiting this time!"
Trent: "I used to bake cookies with my sisters on Christmas Eve. What? Mom usually picked up extra hours, since everyone that could afford to wanted time off for the holidays. They always waited for their presents though. Guess we were a little more disciplined." *grins*
Allison: *Smirks* "That's sweet... But us murphies have no patience like that!"
Trent: "Sometimes it was January 4 before everyone was home and awake at the same time..." *almost bragging at the self-restraint*
Eric: "January 4??!!"
Eric: "That's not even christmas anymore!"
Trent: *shrugs*
Eric: "I say, when christmas day comes, it's every man for himself, i'm making off with my presents like a bandit!"
Trent: *shakes head disapprovingly*
Allison: *Grins a little* "Yes well, we're gonna open christmas presents together, there will be no making out like a bandit.... Though, let's try to avoid january 4... bad enough waiting till the next morning..."
Trent: "Well, the two of you might have to suffer a little, but i'm sure Loretta and i will be just fine, no matter what happens."
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Re: Thursday, December 18

PostPosted by verdilak » Mon Sep 27, 2010 11:14 pm

Harry: *looks around the place* "I hope this place was furnished better when Trent was living here..."
Loretta: "Nope." *puts the guy down in the tub* "Are you staying for this?"
Harry: *shakes his head* "The boy needed that girl something fierce. An yes I am staying, there ain't much I haven't seen out there and then saw it drawn in even greater detail."
Loretta: "You're going to have to answer some questions too then, old man. Like how you found him."
Harry: "Its rather easy for someone looking to know when someone is following them. Another clear case of what I need to teach you."
Loretta: "That's not answering my question."
Harry: "I ran into his passenger''s side. Don't worry, my truck can handle it. And why all the complaining about my name if you aren't going to use it?"
Loretta: "It's not so much the name, as giving a person the time of day. And you're the first Watcher to do that, so we're good on that point."
Loretta: "You're not one of those old people that, like, expects 'yes sirs' and 'no sirs, right?"
Harry: *realizes she has some serious issues and lights a cig* "Nope, don't have any use for that sort of talk. I ain't no sir."
Loretta: "Good."
Harry: "But if you call me old man, I'm gonna call you girlie."
Loretta: "I been called worse. So did you get anything out of him already?"
Harry: "Don't bother me much what you call me..." *looks at the kid* "Didn't have time, really. But the bite marks explain the whole story."
Scared Teen: *muffled, scared sounds*
Loretta: "Well still, we need all sorts of details. You playing assistant, or what?"
Harry: "Observer, mostly. You say you've been doing fine on your own? Lets see what you can do. If need be, I'll interject."
Loretta: "Whatever." *reaches into the tub and yanks the guy up into what looks like a more comfortable sitting position, adjusting his bindings as needed* "You and me are going to have a little chat, ok? So long as you don't get real loud, there won't be any trouble. If you scream and bother the neighbors though, i'm gonna have to just knock you out and try again tomorrow. Nod if you understand."
Scared Teen: *nods, tensing his body for what is about to occur*
Loretta: *smiles* "Good. I'm gonna make it so you can talk now. We both gotta trust each other though, understand? If you yell, i could get into a lot of trouble. And if i hurt you, obviously you will yell, so that wouldn't be doing myself any good. It benefits us both to stay calm and civil. You agree?"
Scared Teen: "Y-y-yes..."
Scared Teen: *nods*
Loretta: "I think we're going to get along just fine." *unties his mouth* "So what's your name? Do you know mine?"
Scared Teen: "You are the new chick.. Lorrie. I'm Mike, we don't have any classes together."
Loretta: *nods* "Ok, that's why i don't really know you yet. Nice to meet you, though the circumstances could be better. The old guy didn't hurt you too bad, did he?"
Scared Teen: *tears in his eyes* "He... he... he killed Maureen!"
Loretta: "And she would be...?"
Harry: *snorts in derision* "Whoever heard of naming a car 'Maureen'?"
Scared Teen: "She's the best car in the world old man!"
Scared Teen: "And you killed her!"
Harry: "You don't name cars kid, you name trucks. What do they teach you kids these days.."
Scared Teen: "Fuck you!" *looks sullen*
Loretta: *snaps her fingers at Harry to quiet him* "Well he happens to know a good mechanic, so maybe if we continue to work together here, we can get it fixed up."
Scared Teen: "Doesn't matter, I fucked up. They are going to kill me now."
Loretta: "Probably. Unless you help me enough that i can kill them first. Sound like a plan?"
Scared Teen: *shakes his head* "Its getting close to when the sun sets, then they'll be out. You dont have time to kill them. Maybe... maybe if I don't tell you anything... maybe she'll bite me to kill me!" *gets a hopeful look in his eye*
Harry: *mutters* "Careful, you're loosing him.."
Loretta: "Nah, we still have a couple of hours. And i don't work alone. You're going to have to tell me how many, and where, so i can coordinate with my allies."
Scared Teen: "Why should I tell you? You are just some dumb girl... You can't do anything to them. You might be crazy strong, but they are stronger!"
Loretta: "You should tell me, because i'm not dumb, i'm not just some girl, and i'm more than crazy-strong. I'm a pro at this. Did they tell you why you should follow me?"
Scared Teen: "They wanted to eat you. Said you were being trouble."
Loretta: "'Being trouble' how?"
Scared Teen: "How should I know? Probably just by being yourself."
Harry: *starts to laugh, but quickly changes it into a cough*
Loretta: *smirks* "Well don't you think they'd only bother with me if i was really big trouble? As in 'killed several of their buddies' trouble? Why else would they bother with 'some dumb girl?'"
Scared Teen: "you can't kill then. No one can."
Scared Teen: (them)
Loretta: "Tell that to their ashes."
Scared Teen: *refuses to believe*
Loretta: "Either way, if you refuse to tell me or if you do tell and i fail, you're going to die by your logic, so you may as well tell me."
Scared Teen: "You know what... I'll tell you where tjey are if you let me go."
Loretta: "You tell me where they are, and when i finish with them, i will come back and let you go. Because you look like just the kind of coward that would lead me into a trap instead."
Scared Teen: "Oh hell yeah its a trap. You can't kill her, so I figure that if I send you to then, it'll be even better than telling them where you live."
Scared Teen: (them)
Loretta: *sits on the toilet and gets comfortable* "Harry, go get me something sharp out of the bedroom closet."
Harry: *goes*
Scared Teen: "What? I'll tell you where they are! No need to get mean."
Loretta: "Alright then. Tell me. We're on a tight schedule, in case you haven't noticed."
Scared Teen: "You know that cemetary down there on 10th? There's a church nearby that they live in the basement of."
Harry: *brings back a machete*
Loretta: *takes the weapon* "Is that the only place you've seen them?"
Harry: "There where I go to get bit."
Scared Teen: "There where I go to get bit."
Loretta: "Do you remember seeing any windows in the basement?"
Scared Teen: "Nope.. dont think anyone even remembers there being a place down there."
Loretta: "How many are there, total?"
Scared Teen: "Well, last night there were 6 of them. But I bet there were a few out doing whatever that I didn't see."
Loretta: "Is that the most you've ever seen?"
Scared Teen: "No. There were 8 or 9 a week or two ago."
Server Administrator-> Ping Results: 16865.3 ms (parsed message, round trip)
Loretta: "Alright." *gags him again and turns to Harry* "I'm going to go check that out. Stay here a bit and make sure he behaves?"
Scared Teen: *looks surprised* "I'm coming with you."
Harry: *looks surprised* "I'm coming with you."
Loretta: "Sure, if you want him to get loose and file a police report!"
Harry: "Just give him a good knock upside the head. He'll stay passed out while we are gone."
Loretta: "I'm not knocking him out, he cooperated!"
Harry: "If you won't, I will. And still follow you."
Harry: *looks at you only like a stubborn old ass of a man can*
Loretta: "I should have known you'd be a huge pain in the ass first thing!"
Loretta: "If i knock him out, i'm knocking you out too. Still want to try and go?"
Harry: "I do the watching! And the helping, if need be. How else we gonna know what good I am to you or not?"
Harry: *he chuckles* "If you want to try to take me on, you'd be surprised how long I can last. And it'll be too late by then to take on the vamps."
Loretta: "Oh for gods' sake, you can't help me, you're old! But you can babysit the vamp bait."
Harry: "The hell I can't! Or are you stalling girlie? Afraid to have me see you in action?"
Loretta: "We don't have time for this. Sorry Mike." *backhands him just hard enough to knock him out*
Loretta: "You get in my way *once* old man, and you're next!"
Harry: "Don't worry, I know how to handle myself, especially around vamps."
Loretta: "Since you won't help the way i really *need* you to, you can at least get us to the church faster." *heads out to his truck again*
Harry: "You'll see just how helpful I can be." *mutters and heads out after her*
Harry: *drives to the cemetary and church*
Loretta: *waits until they're about there before she texts Trent: "Nest, 9+, church on 10th"
Harry: "Who you calling?"
Loretta: "Not calling, texting."
Harry: "Same damn difference."
Loretta: "Trent."
Harry: "YOu don't need to get him involved."
Loretta: "You want me to take on 9 or more, by myself. I'm not saying i can't do it, but i'm not quite that suicidal either. It would be nice to have someone watch my back."
Harry: "What am I? Chopped liver?" *mutters* "No damn respect."
Loretta: "I said 'watch my back' not 'throw out his back, watching me.'"
Harry: "Oh, you think you are so smart. Hardy har har. My back is perfectly fine."
Loretta: "Fine. You want to see me do it alone? You'll see me do it alone." *gets out when he parks*
Harry: *grabs up a black bag, like that of an old doctor, gets out of the truck, and follows her* "Not without me you aren't!"
Harry: *follows Loretta, pulling out a crossbow from his bag and tossing her a stake*
Loretta: *moves around the building, first checking for windows to the basement*
GM: There are no windows, not even any doors leading down there... but as you walk around, you can feel the presence of vampires beneath you when you get close to an old above-ground crypt.
Loretta: "Right place."
Loretta: *goes inside*
GM: "You are just looking, right? Waiting for Trent to back you up?"
Harry: "You are just looking, ri*testing her determination*ght? Waiting for Trent to back you up?"
Harry: "You are just looking, right? Waiting for Trent to back you up?" *testing her determination*
Loretta: "That was my original plan. But then you implied i shouldn't involve him. And since you're so much wiser and more experienced, i figured we'd just go balls-to-the-wall on this one."
Loretta: *grins*
Harry: "Don't worry, I can handle myself. Lets see if you can do the same."
Loretta: "Deal." *looks for stairs*
GM: There are no stairs, but there are grooves in the ground around the last casket.
Loretta: *shoves it aside*
GM: Lo and behold, there are stairs leading down.
Loretta: *holds her stake ready and heads in*
Harry: *hopes she realizes that its going to dark down there, meaning that the sun still being up doesnt help them right now!
Harry: *
GM: Its dark down here, though there are strings of orange halloween lights places around the walls for light.
Loretta: *does go quietly, in hopes that she might sneak up on the nearest one or two before all hell breaks loose*
GM: Loretta, they all seem to still be asleep, with a radio playing pop music across the catacombs at a low volume.
Loretta: *makes a hand signal to Harry, indicating she's going to move to the opposite side before attacking, and he should cover the exit*
Harry: *makes MANY mental notes of what NOT to do when in a vamp lair*
GM: You see at least 4 vamps laying around on the floor on numerous mattresses. There IS a large part of the area that you cannot see from your vantage point*
Loretta: *moves in farther before acting*
Loretta: (circular sweep of the area, if possible to get a count)
GM: You are starting to move into where trash of different kids litter the floor... it seems that only through the center is clear of trash, which is where the matresses and chairs are at.
GM: (kinds)
GM: (and that means, a Body check if you wish to continue!)
Loretta: [2d8] => [7,2] = (9) vs 8
GM: You kick a can across the room and the nearest vamp stirs!
GM: (Initiative!)
Loretta: [2d8+17] => [1,8,17] = (26)
GM: [2d8+7] => [8,4,7] = (19)
Loretta: Punch [2d8] => [1,2] = (3) vs 16 Stake through the heart [2d8] => [4,3] = (7) vs 13
Vamps: *takes the punch, thinking its one of the other vamps, but throws up an arm to try and block the stake* [2d8] => [8,1] = (9) vs 5
GM: (you did 32 damage from the punch and 92 damage from the stake through the heart...)
Vamps: *he cries out one word before bursting into dust* "No!"
GM: The other vamps are startled awake, 6 more heads pop up! ([2d8+5] => [1,1,5] = (7))
Loretta: Kicks at the next one [2d8] => [5,4] = (9) vs 16 then Stake through the heart [2d8] => [4,5] = (9) vs 13
Vamps: [2d8] => [6,4] = (10) vs 5
Vamps: *dust!*
Vamps: [2d8] => [5,3] = (8) [2d8] => [2,1] = (3) [2d8] => [3,1] = (4) [2d8] => [6,6] = (12) vs 7 [2d8] => [2,6] = (8) vs 12
GM: Three of the vamps get close enough to attempt to hit you with a punch*
Loretta: Dodges [2d8] => [1,6] = (7) vs 10 [2d8] => [6,5] = (11) vs 6 [2d8] => [8,1] = (9) vs 2
GM: You take 17 and 32 damage!
Harry: "Need any help yet?" "Watch your right!"
GM: The vamp on the right is a beautiful woman, beautiful and reeking of age.
Loretta: *attacks the one on the right, cause it hurt more!* kick [2d8] => [8,5] = (13) vs 16 kick [2d8] => [7,7] = (14) vs 14 stake! [2d8] => [2,2] = (4) vs 11
Vamps: *she attempts to block your attacks* "Its the Slayer! Kill her!"[2d8] => [7,5] = (12) vs 10 [2d8] => [8,4] = (12) vs 10 [2d8] => [6,6] = (12) vs 6
GM: Shock fills her face as she bursts into dust!
Vamps: *strengthn their resolve as they attack to avenge their vampire slut queen!* [2d8] => [3,2] = (5) [2d8] => [8,4] = (12) [2d8] => [5,6] = (11) [2d8] => [8,5] = (13) vs 8
Loretta: Dodge [2d8] => [8,7] = (15) 10
GM: Another 18 damage!
Harry: "Keep your guard up! Just because you killed their leader doesn't give an excuse to drop your guard!"
Loretta: "Oh come on, i'm awesome!" *focuses on the one that got her* Punch [2d8] => [8,6] = (14) vs 16 Stake [2d8] => [4,4] = (8) vs 13
Vamps: [2d8] => [3,2] = (5) vs 6 [2d8] => [7,6] = (13) vs 2
GM: The stake seems to barely pierce him for a palty amount of damage.
Loretta: "Wuh-oh."
Vamps: *He grins as they throw more punches your way!* [2d8] => [7,6] = (13) [2d8] => [8,4] = (12) [2d8] => [6,7] = (13) [2d8] => [5,8] = (13) vs 8
Harry: "There you go!"
Loretta: *tries again on the one she just poked* Kick [2d8] => [3,3] = (6) vs 16 Punch [2d8] => [5,1] = (6) vs 14 Stake [2d8] => [1,6] = (7) vs 11
Vamps: [2d8] => [1,3] = (4) vs 6 [2d8] => [4,4] = (8) vs 2 *doesnt try to dodge the stake as it comes in too fast for him*
GM: Another one bites the dust!
Harry: "Maybe you didn't much my of my help after all..."
Harry: (of my)
Loretta: "That's what i was saying!"
Harry: "But your form needs serious work!"
Loretta: "Bah!"
Vamps: [2d8] => [6,6] = (12) [2d8] => [3,1] = (4) [2d8] => [6,7] = (13) vs 8
Loretta: [2d8] => [7,1] = (8) vs 10
Loretta: "Come on, it's like poetry!" *attacks the next one* Kick [2d8] => [7,5] = (12) vs 16 kick [2d8] => [7,8] = (15) vs 14 Stake [2d8] => [5,3] = (8) vs 11
Vamps: [2d8] => [3,5] = (8) vs 6 [2d8] => [1,7] = (8) vs 2
GM: And another one gone!
Loretta: "Bring it, bitches!"
Vamps: *they sandwich you between their punches, attacking multiple times in desperation!* [2d8] => [1,7] = (8) [2d8] => [2,1] = (3) vs 8 [2d8] => [3,7] = (10) [2d8] => [3,6] = (9) vs 6 [2d8] => [3,1] = (4) [2d8] => [1,1] = (2) vs 4 [2d8] => [8,1] = (9) [2d8] => [6,8] = (14) vs 2
Loretta: Dodge [2d8] => [1,1] = (2) vs 10 [2d8] => [1,5] = (6) vs 6 [2d8] => [5,7] = (12) vs 2 (can't dodge the fourth)
Harry: "Don't let them... ! Nevermind, you did."
GM: You take 18+18 damage!
GM: [17+32+18+18+18] => 103 damage total so far you have taken
Loretta: *attacks the one on the left* Punch [2d8] => [7,7] = (14) vs 16 Kick [2d8] => [6,5] = (11) vs 13 Stake [2d8] => [6,8] = (14) vs 11
GM: [2d8] => [8,6] = (14) vs 6 [2d8] => [8,5] = (13) vs 2
Vamps: The vamp you tenderized looks at you meanly, showing his fangs at you as the one on your other side goes in for a grapple! [2d8] => [3,6] = (9) [2d8] => [3,5] = (8) vs 6 (you get a -4 to your roll)
GM: .... nevermind. You are like a greased pig!
Loretta: "Watch this!" *goes after the one she didn't hit before* Kick [2d8] => [3,4] = (7) vs 16 Stake [2d8] => [4,1] = (5) vs 13 then spins and tries to stake the other one too! [2d8] => [5,2] = (7) vs 11
Vamps: [2d8] => [8,5] = (13) [2d8] => [1,3] = (4) vs 6 [2d8] => [8,4] = (12) vs 2
GM: One goes down in a pile of dust but the kast one you attempted to stake, he moved aside at the last minute!
Harry: "You missed one girlie."
Loretta: "Working on it!"
Vamp: *runs for it!*
Harry: *lets the vamp pass unmolested*
Loretta: *tackle!* [2d8] => [3,4] = (7) vs 14 then stake! [2d8] => [5,6] = (11) vs 13
Vamp: [2d8] => [8,8] = (16) vs 6 [2d8] => [6,7] = (13) vs 2 "She's gonna kill me!"
Harry: "I know." *he states as the vamp turns to dust when the stake hits home*
Loretta: *giggles, getting up and dusting herself off* "We miss any?"
Harry: "Doesn't look like it. Doesnt seem to be any additional entrances that are not bricked up."
Loretta: *does a search of the whole basement to be sure*
Harry: "You are doing it wrong!"
Loretta: "Bullshit, i'm doing just fine."
Harry: "Get over there, middle of the room."
Loretta: *huffs* "Why!?"
Harry: "Humor me girlie, I'm about to teach you something." *when she gets into place* "Now, close your eyes and relax, push out your senses, try to feel them like you did before."
Harry: "You should NEVER go looking for a vamp, you should always feel them before you see them. You will get good enough to fight a vamp blinded relying on this sense alone. I promise you this."
Loretta: "Are you kidding!? How am i supposed to do that at a time like this!? We've gotta make sure there aren't any others, and we have to go check on the prisoner you insisted on leaving!"
Harry: "Now is the time!" *he roars* "You could be looking over there as a vamp slips by you from overe here. You trust your senses, not your sight and ears."
Loretta: *breathing heavily, not from fatigue, but because she's all battle-crazy* "All i sense is that i want to be outside now."
Harry: "Imagine you are blinded and a vamp has your little friend from earlier, Trent's girl's brother. You can't see or hear them, you would have to feel them."
Harry: "Take a deep breath and try."
Loretta: "Fine, if i have to i will, but there's more to do tonight!"
Harry: "You have to."
Loretta: "No i don't!"
Harry: *points the arrow of his crossbow at you* "Yes, you do. Now get to it!"
Loretta: "You wouldn't!" *but crosses her arms and complies anyway*
Loretta: *closes her eyes, fidgeting at first, but forcing herself to be still for a minute so they can get on with it*
GM: You feel, surprisingly, a small bit of vampire-ness from each of the piles of dust and as your senses expand, you are completely certain that you feel no other vampires down here.
Loretta: *shudders* "Weird."
Loretta: *pulls out her phone and texts Trent again* "nm, -7"
Harry: "We'll get you taught up to do that during battle, between punches. You have to know if someone is possessed or not and the moment the possessing entity is gone, otherwise you might just kill someone normal." *then responds to her unasked question* "Yes, you can also sense those who are possessed the same way as a vamp."
Loretta: "Ok, sure; let's get going before Mike gets loose."
Harry: "We have to close up this hole first. If one vamp found it, others surely will."
Loretta: "Ok..."
Harry: *he walks up the steps and hands you a sledgehammer expectantly* "Well, don't lollygag, break those steps and walls up!"
Loretta: "Hmph." *uses some of her excess energy to do just that*
Harry: *once done, he points at the stone casket* "Break up the casket and the floor where the groves are at as well. Better to vandalize that give anyone a hint that there is a basement here ripe for the useage."
Loretta: "Sure, sure..."
Loretta: *crash, smash*
Harry: *is glad that she is wearing herself out*
Loretta: "NOW can we go?"
Harry: "Yup, looks good."
Harry: *sprinkles holy water over the robble, just as an added precaution*
Loretta: *shakes her head and climbs back into the truck*
Harry: *gets in and drives back to the apartment*
Harry: "What do you think should be done to the boy?"
Loretta: "Said you have something that'll make him forget today, right?"
Harry: "That I do. But not yesterday, when he was told to find out where you lived. You might have to do something to deter than during the day tomorrow."
Loretta: *smirks* "I'll think of something, but with most of them gone, big deal if he comes looking for me again."
Harry: "Yes big deal. There are more vamps out there, and he'll be looking for them. He might also take the initative and try to kill you. Addictions are hard to break. Best would be to put him in a body cast. That would give him enough time without to break the addiction."
Harry: "Oh, and in case you are not afraid of a human, remember that guns can kill not just you, but your loved ones. So can fire. Or any number of things."
Loretta: "Yeah, yeah; just drop me off with the boy and the big needle and i'll take care of it."
Harry: *pulls up outside* "Oh, I'm still going to watch. Its what we do." *gets out of the truck*
Harry: *grabs his bag and heads up to the apartment*
Loretta: "Fine, but you're not going to like what you see. And if you do, you're a big ol perv on top of it."
Harry: "We'll see."
Harry: *worried about what she plans on doing*
Loretta: *goes in, and checks the bathroom to see if he's still there, and if he's still passed out or not*
GM: He is still passed out
Harry: "What, exactly, is your plan?"
Loretta: *picks up Mike and carries him to the bedroom* "Explain the bondage marks without saying anything?" *puts him down on the bed and starts undressing*
Harry: *facepalsm* "You were not raised right."
Loretta: "I wasn't raised."
Harry: "Put your clothes on girlie and listen to what I am going to tell you to do. Because as of right now, no matter what you do, I am your Watcher, you are my Ward, and I will teacfh you right."
Loretta: *looks at him, skeptically, and puts her shirt back on*
Harry: *pulls out an ice pick from his bag* "Here is what you are going to do. Puncture his nect to look like a vamp mark. The hospital won't know what it is, but he will when he wakes. This will make him think he fucked up and a vamp did it. Then you are going to shatter his collar bone, break his arms, and break his legs. With the 2 weeks or more laying in a bed with pain killers, he'll lose the addiciton and with the pain and the bite mark, he'll never want to see a vamp again in his life."
Harry: "It is the kindest thing you could ever do for the boy, and for those you care for."
Loretta: "You want me to cause him grievous bodily harm."
Harry: "I'm guessing with the naked thing you amlost did there, that you've seen junkies on the streets. Have you ever seen one of them NOT do something if they thought it might get them a taste of their drug of choice? How about a lesser drug?"
Loretta: "I see your point, but my way might work! I'll just keep him here until he gets over his pervy vamp obsession."
Harry: "No. You will not stockholm anyone on my watch Break him, get him to the hospital, and lets them fix him. He's not a sports guy so you won't have ruined his future."
Loretta: *crosses her arms and looks defiant* "Break him yourself."
Harry: "I would, but they need to have the look of a fist. An inhuman fist. Like a vamp... not of a crowbar or wrench."
Loretta: "Gawd, you're an evil bastard. You know the first time i hit him, he's gonna jolt awake and scream. And then the next time he's probably going to go into shock. And if i hit him too hard, he might bleed to death internally before we can get him to the hospital."
Harry: "I'm a bastard, but not evil. The stuff that will make him forget? It will also make him forget a good chunck of time right now as well. It will also knock him out."
Loretta: "So you're going to do it before or after?"
Harry: "I'll do it now so he doesn't try to get away. It'll be more humane this way."
Harry: *injects the liquid*
Loretta: "Right. Humane." *looks at his fingers for callouses to determine which hand is dominant* "Let's let him keep an arm so he can do crossword puzzles."
Harry: "Sure... he's just gotta get through this addiction in a week, one arm okay will still keep in the hospital."
Harry: (keep him)
Loretta: "You mean we need him in the hospital for a week? Or he has to get better in a week?"
Loretta: "You said that weird."
Harry: "He's gotta get through this additiction in about a week or so. Something is coming up, and we dont want him to fall back onto bad habits before he is better."
Loretta: "What's coming up?"
Harry: ".... I dont know if you are ready yet."
Loretta: "Don't be cryptic with me old man!"
Harry: "Vampires. They are going to be known by the world over as real. No more hiding in the shadows."
Loretta: "You've got to be joking."
Harry: "Worse yet, they will be thought of as a good thing, while Slayers... Slayers will be known too. As the bad guys."
Loretta: "Yeah. Sure. Because we're the ones that kill people."
Harry: *he thinks back on the events in the church* "You know... you might just be able to stop it to. Oh, don't underestimae the power of fame. Of dumb blond broad of a vamp is gonna get herself a tv show and the moronr out there that think about starbucks and Survivor? They will love her."
Harry: (One dumb)
Harry: *taps his head* "I've seen it with my own head."
Loretta: "Well, if that happens, i'm retiring, because the world is officially no longer worth saving."
Harry: *raises an eyebrow, surprised* "I wouldn't have expected that outta you."
Loretta: *shrugs* "Oh come on, it's bad enough that i'm outnumbered and unappreciated, but if people want to start demonizing me? They can just go ahead and be cattle to their vampire overlords. They asked for it."
Harry: "No, we are going to get you ready and then we will fly out and take the bitch down."
Harry: "Because she won't portay a real vamp to them, she will portray a vamp who drinks blood bank blood and pigs blood."
Harry: "They will be lied to and only realize their mistake when they become a snack."
Loretta: "Well if i'm going to go take her out, do i really have to break this guy's legs? How about i just do an arm and call it good?"
Harry: "Do the colar bone. It will match better with the car accident of his."
Loretta: *takes a deep breath and slams her elbow against his collarbone at an angle that would indicate a seatbelt catching*
Loretta: *promptly rushes to the bathroom to throw up*
Harry: *makes a note of this mentally, and how it might cause issues in the future*
Harry: *pats the kid's unbrokwn shoulder* "Its for the best..."
Harry: (unbroken)
Harry: "You gonna help me get him to the truck so I can take him to the hospital?"
Loretta: *flushes the toilet and rinses her mouth before returning; doesn't answer, but picks Mike up again and carries him down to the truck*
Harry: "I'm sorry, but it had to be done. And next time, it might be someone you know you have to hurt to save."
Loretta: *puts him in the passenger seat* "You better do the rest yourself; i show up at that place way too often to be coincidence."
Harry: "I will. Get home, heal up, rest up. Tomorrow, training begins."
Loretta: "Hmph."
Harry: "Bring the boy too."
Harry: "Sounded to me like he needed some structure too and I'm not sleeping with his sister to worry about crossing her, like Trent is."
Harry: "I take it he knows your secret, right?"
Loretta: "Eric? Yeah, duh, i already told you so."
Harry: "Yeah them bring him. He'll need to know how to protect himself against demons and vamps."
Loretta: "But he's not likely to come along. Last time i tried to get him to train with me he wussed out after a couple of sessions."
Harry: "Well I'm not going to let him wuss out. I'll be hard, but firm. He'll learn it, even if I have to deal with Trent. Which, he should come too. Boy needs to learn to control himself without that damn weed."
Loretta: "Good luck with that..."
Harry: "Yeah... Better wait on Trent. I dont have a cage that can hold him."
Harry: "He looks like the type to be smart when he changes."
Loretta: "He is. He can even talk."
Harry: *whistles* "He's got some damn fine control then... but the weed is a crutch. I bet I can fix him of that."
Loretta: "Like i said, good luck, if you really want to try." *belts in Mike, since it's against his other shoulder anyway* "Try not to crash again on the way."
Harry: "I ain't blind nor daft girlie!" *starts up the truck and drives off, but not before calling out tomorrow* "Be sick tomorrow, its going to be a long day."
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Re: Thursday, December 18

PostPosted by hippie_mama » Tue Sep 28, 2010 10:50 pm


As soon as Loretta's text came, Trent leaped from the table wordlessly, but not without making noise. His chair clattered to the floor at about the same time he snagged up his truck keys near the back door. He was through said door before whatever Allison had to say about it could reach his ears. Betty roared to life, tires squealed against pavement, and he was four blocks from his destination before the second text arrived.


Once Harry was out of sight, Loretta began walking back to Allison's house in a half-patrolling manner, keeping an eye and ear out for trouble, and also stopping occasionally to practice what Harry showed her, despite herself.

She crouches behind a large trash can as she feels something approach at a quick pace, only to realize as the vehicle slows and stops that it's only Trent.

Loretta: *steps from behind the trashcan, casually* "Oh, hey."
Trent: "Seven?"
Loretta: "Yup."
Trent: "Was that all?"
Loretta: "Yeah."
Trent: "You're sure?"
Loretta: "Of course i'm sure! I'd still be there if i wasn't. But i can tell."
Trent: "Who helped you?"
Loretta: *answers honestly* "No one."
Trent: "Get in."
Loretta: *walks around to the passenger side and gets into the truck*
Trent: "You hurt?"
Loretta: "Not bad."
Trent: *reaches across to the glove box in front of her, pulling out some antiseptic and handing it over before putting the truck back into gear and driving again* "You're lucky. Why didn't you wait for me?"
Loretta: *long pause* "Wanted to see if i could."
Trent: "Dammit Loretta, that was real stupid."
Loretta: "Yeah, yeah. Kinda my trademark."
Trent: *shakes his head and smiles in spite of himself* "I'm real glad you're ok, but i'm real disappointed too. Why'd you even leave without me?"
Loretta: "I was just going to take a walk, but then i got a lead. I couldn't let it get away, and i wanted to check it out before i dragged you out there--and once i was in there, i decided i wanted to get it done with."
Trent: "Don't ever do that again. Drag me, Loretta. I'd rather waste an evening chasing down a bad lead than let you take something like that on by yourself."
Loretta: *another pause* "Ok."
Trent: "I mean it."
Loretta: "I know you do."
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Re: Thursday, December 18

PostPosted by hippie_mama » Thu Sep 30, 2010 11:42 pm

[Loretta and Trent]

Upon their return, Loretta avoids eye contact with Allison, and goes straight to her room.

Trent returns to the table and continues his meal, as though he'd never left, hardly noticing that it's cold now.
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Re: Thursday, December 18

PostPosted by Solar_Dawn » Fri Oct 01, 2010 5:55 am


Allison watches Loretta head straight up to her room and avoid eye contact.
"Oh boy, we know that look."
She then turns to look at her husband expectantly
"What happened? And maybe I should put your food in the microwave real quick, can't be warm anymore?"
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Re: Thursday, December 18

PostPosted by hippie_mama » Fri Oct 01, 2010 8:18 am


"It's fine."

He takes another bite.

"Loretta took out seven vamps." He gives Allison a steady look, and continues in a grave tone, "Before i could get there."

He turns his attention back to his food, as though he'd rather focus on something that makes sense in his reality, and just leave the business with Loretta where it is.
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Re: Thursday, December 18

PostPosted by Solar_Dawn » Fri Oct 01, 2010 8:47 am


She let's out a soft sigh and looks at the stairway Loretta disappeared on.
"She should know better, she could have gotten seriously hurt, or worse."
She walks over and kisses Trent's cheek then heads over to take the cold meal saved for Loretta out and put it in the microwave.
"Either way, she shouldn't go without food."
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Re: Thursday, December 18

PostPosted by Solar_Dawn » Fri Oct 01, 2010 8:19 pm

[Allison] *Picks up the heated up meal and heads on upstairs to find Loretta, starting in her room*

[Loretta] *is there, seems to be shoving something under the pillow* "Hey."

[Allison] "Heya, I brought you some food because I don't think you've eaten yet" *Puts down the food on her nightstand*

[Loretta] "Thanks."

[Allison] *sits down next to her on the opposite side and glances at Loretta briefly* "So look, I think you know me and Trent aren't happy when you go off on your own taking on horde's of bad guys. We worry, and we agreed you were gonna let Trent help you out. I also think you already know and it was just a situational thing, so we don't need to have any kind of big deal about it, right?"

[Loretta] "Right. I wouldn't have left by myself if i thought i was going to run into a nest."

[Allison] "Good, there is something else we need to talk about though."

[Loretta] "There is?" *looks worried*

[Allison] *Gives Loretta a stern look* "You need a christmas list"

[Loretta] *looks vaguely confused* "I do?"

[Allison] *Grins at her and shrugs* "Well, it's either that, or you can just trust me to buy you the things 'I' think you should like..."

[Loretta] "Eh..."

[Allison] "I thought so, so you'd better get working on a list"

[Loretta] "Ok."

[Allison] "Alright good, you can give it to me in a day or two. Anything else you like for christmas, any special foods or activities you like doing on christmas?"

[Loretta] "I...don't really know any."

[Allison] "That's alright, it will be nice. Though I might need to call upon slayer strength to keep Eric away from his presents"

[Loretta] *smirks* "I can do that."

[Allison] *Grins and runs a hand through her hair* "I thought as much! Don't forget your food now" *Get's up to head back down*
[Eric] *Stares at Trent sadly, having been plotting to steal his plate once he was gone for too long*

[Trent] *eventually looks up, warily*

[Eric] *Sighs softly, and finally admits defeat* "I'm gonna go do some homework or something.."

[Trent] "Did you change the oil?"

[Eric] "Eh, not yet. I eh, need to get a little more car allowance from Allison, thing sucks up gas like a cloissart downs the wine!"
[Allison] *Comes down the stairs and scowls* "It wouldn't if you stopped driving like a maniac"

[Trent] *smirks and gathers up the empty plates*

[Eric] "Hey, any maniac would totally envy my driving skills"
[Eric] "Anyway, homework.. Yeah"
[Allison] *Heads over to help Trent with the dishes and glances at him sideways* "So have you thought about what we should get them?"

[Trent] "For Christmas? I figured that would be more your territory."

[Allison] *Grins and nudges him* "Well I was planning to do most of it, but my parents always got us one 'big' present each year. I was planning to do the same"

[Trent] *looks at her suspiciously* "What's your definition of 'big'?"

[Allison] "Well that depends, it doesn't have to be expensive, but something significant, something they 'really' want..."

[Trent] "I could probably find a decent turbocharger used. And Loretta would like a camera of her own."

[Allison] "Well I'm sure Eric would like that, but I'm not sure he should be going even faster!"

[Trent] *grins* "Well he's a boy. It's his nature."

[Allison] *Smirks* "Well alright, but first ticket he get's i'm taking the whole car away from him."

[Trent] "Fair enough. I don't suppose i get a clue about what my wife wants, do i?"

[Allison] *Smiles and shrugs* "I dunno, it's not really important, I want everyone else to be happy with their gifts. I'm still very happy with the last gift you gave me" *Runs her finger briefly over her wedding band*

[Trent] "Well i'm not sure that counts. And the one before that was hardly romantic, i gathered from your reaction..."

[Allison] "Of course it counts, it will always count. The one before that... well... eh, it was sweet because it was you? I can't really think of any present I'd want... " *Her mind drifts to something for a moment but she shakes it off* "Something small is fine really"

[Trent] "I'll come up with something, if only to set a good example." *smiles*

[Allison] "I know you will, oh speaking of big gifts..."

[Trent] *starts running the water for the dishes*

[Allison] *Picks up a dish towel to dry them off when Trent is with them, and put them away* "I've been wondering if I shouldn't get a new car."

[Trent] "Yeah?"

[Allison] "Well, I like my BMW, but really it's not very effective, mostly because it only seats two. "

[Trent] "We usually take two or three cars everywhere anyway--and we could all fit in Eric's or my truck."

[Allison] "That's true, I guess I just felt that because we're a bigger family now we should have one vehicle that seats all comfortably. But maybe we don't really, no real reason."

[Trent] *smirks* "Don't tell me you're thinking minivan..."

[Allison] *Smirks too and nudges him* "Well no, not quite 'that' bad"

[Trent] *is visibly relieved*

[Allison] "So do you have anything special in mind as christmas gift?"

[Trent] "I'm far too pleased with the way things have turned out for me to push my luck." *is completely sincere about that*

[Allison] *Smiles and puts her arm around him to lean against him* "Good, it's fine really, I already had a pretty good idea of my own for you"

[Trent] *dries his hands off before putting his arms around her* "Hmmmm does it have anything to do with that little red number with the lace?"

[Allison] *Smirks* "That all depends on what present you get me"

[Trent] "I figured. But it doesn't hurt to hope."

[Allison] "It'll be nice, our first christmas as a family. Speaking of which, while I'm in charge of presents, I think you're in charge of getting us a tree! "

[Trent] "Fair enough. The kids should help."

[Allison] *Nods* "We got a whole set of boxes upstairs with various decorations. So they can do that and go nuts. My mom was crazy about christmas decorations, but I never got rid of them"

[Trent] "You should have said something before; it's kind of late to put lights on the house. But if you want, i still can."

[Allison] "Well i never really thought about it, I never bothered to, I sure wasn't going to climb up on the roof to do that stuff. It was my parents who liked to do all that. It doesn't really matter to me."

[Trent] "Hmm...well i probably shouldn't go climbing around up there while it's dark, but first thing when i get home tomorrow, i'll see how many of them still work."

[Allison] *Nods* "Oh just eh, there's this really ugly old garden gnome/santa cross breed. Whatever you do, don't put that out!
[Allison] "I remember my dad got that when I was a little girl. Freaky little thing. Every year he'd put it outside."

[Trent] "Ok..."

[Allison] *Pokes him in the side and smirks* "Don't give me that look! I'm sure you had stuff you were afraid of when you were little too!"

[Trent] *looks uncomfortable* "Well...yeah, of course; everyone does."

[Allison] *Watches him curiously and with a little grin as she pulls him to the couch to sit down on, nudging him gently* "What were they?"

[Trent] *mutters* "Ježibaba. You know, Baba Yaga. The creepy old witch of eastern European mythology that flies around and eats children."

[Allison] *Smirks and leans against him while turning on the TV* "Well don't worry, I'll protect you from her"

[Trent] "Don't judge me. I had a Czech grandma, and she was scary enough without being a witch too!"

[Allison] "I wasn't! I was just curious. I was scared of plenty of things less scary then a baby eating witch!"

[Trent] *mutters something softly about witches*

[Allison] *Pokes him in the side* "What about me?!"

[Trent] "Ow, what? You cast as spell once. That doesn't mean anything. Does it?" *looks at her a little suspiciously*

[Allison] "Well, I don't know. I mean, I might have tried a few more small things..."

[Trent] "Might have?"

[Allison] "Well Peter was convinced I could do magic, so I was curious. So I tried to make a spoon fly"

[Trent] *tries to hide his panic* "Why would you do something like that?"

[Allison] *Frowns* "I don't know, it seemed nice and simple, what's wrong?"

[Trent] "It's brooms. Or mops. Or cauldrons. Or anything else big enough to ride on.":

[Allison] *Nods* "Agreed" *Turns to the television and mumbles softly* "Oh and I turned one of Loretta's teachers into a toad.."

[Trent] "You didn't."

[Allison] *Grins and takes his arm to put around her* "Well of course not"

[Trent] "Let's keep it that way, scary woman."

[Allison] *nods and yawns, watching the TV briefly but soon falling asleep*

[Trent] *stays snuggled on the couch with her until the evening news is over, then turns off the tv and carries her to bed*

[Eric] *walks into Loretta's room with all of his attention on a piece of paper* "Do you think 52 items is too many for a christmas list?"

[Loretta] "You're kidding, right?"

[Eric] "Well, it's not like i'm expecting to get them 'all'.... Just gives people a variety to choose from right?"

[Loretta] "I guess so... I'm asking for new gym clothes."

[Eric] "mmmm, something small and spandex?"
[Eric] "What else, besides that?"

[Loretta] "That's all."

[Eric] "Eh, so you want gym clothes from 3 people? Not to mention the other gifts..."

[Loretta] "What do you mean? I thought just Trent and Allison would get me something together."

[Eric] "Well no, first off, I want to get you something too. Secondly, she's not gonna get you just one thing. We're still kids, we get a bunch of presents"

[Loretta] "Huh."

[Eric] "So you need a bigger list. Come on, what else do you like?"

[Loretta] "I don't know. What else should i ask for?"

[Eric] "Well let's think about what you like. Oh, you like photographcs right?"
[Eric] "So put down a camera?"

[Loretta] "Yeah, but that's a bit much, isn't it?"

[Eric] "There's camera's that are good and not that expensive, besides, it's not a list of demands. It's a list of things you'd like to have"

[Loretta] "Ok, fine."

[Eric] "Besides, she 'loves' this stuff. Wait till you see the smile she'll walk around with after going christmas shopping"
[Eric] "The reason we couldn't ever wait till christmas morning to open presents isn't just because I couldn't wait to get my presents.... well... alright maybe a little. But also because she couldn't wait to give them"

[Loretta] "Well, if it makes her happy, i guess that's good." *pulls a notebook out of her school bag and writes down 'gym clothes' and 'camera' then pauses a moment before writing 'battleaxe'*

[Eric] *Stares at the wall and mutters softly* "Skimpy bikini..."

[Loretta] *smirks* "That should probably go on your list."

[Eric] "Yeah but you put it on 'your' list, 'I' can pick it out, you see where this is going?"

[Loretta] "Yeah, somewhere inappropriate..." *writes down 'punching bag' and 'brass knuckles'*

[Eric] *Smirks* "Wish I could be there when Allison goes out to buy things off your christmas list! How about night vision goggles? so you can better see what those vamps are up to"

[Loretta] "I don't need to see them..." *said off-handedly as she continues to work on her list*

[Eric] "What if you want to spy on them? Some night vision goggles and a directional microphone could come in real handy for some decent spywork"
[Eric] "Never know when you might want to listen in on some kind of master plan!"

[Loretta] "I'd rather just sweep in and kill them all at once. Who cares about their plans if they're dead?"
[Loretta] "Hey, do you know a guy from school named Mike?"

[Eric] "There's a few I think, pretty common name..."
[Eric] *Studies her for a moment* "Why... Do you have a thing for one of them?"

[Loretta] "I think he's a junior, kind of jockish, kind of nerdy.

[Eric] "I think I know who you're talking about, I've seen him around, don't really know him. Think i heard something about his grades plummetting or something?"

[Loretta] "Not surprising."

[Eric] "Not surprising what? That I don't really know him, his grades are down? How do you know him?'

[Loretta] "He led me to a vamp nest tonight. Well, after some persuasion."
[Loretta] "I suppose they were buddies of sorts, but i would rather not think about it too much..."

[Eric] "How do you make buddies with a vampire, I mean, aren't they all "Come here human, I shall upon thee! Tremble before my power!" or something.."

[Loretta] "The older ones are less 'grr' and more 'serve me, minion'
[Loretta] "But i think i got most of them, and i'm pretty sure i dusted their leader."

[Eric] "Older ones? Oh.... Well i guess that's just one of those things the average person doesn't know about vampires!"
[Eric] "So did you see that guy anymore?"

[Loretta] "What guy?"

[Eric] "You know, the old one with the tobacco face"

[Loretta] "Oh. Not really."
[Loretta] "Anyway, just watch out for that Mike guy; if he remembers running into me and realizes we live together, it might be trouble. He shouldn't be back to school for awhile though."

[Eric] "Ehm ok, that's kind of cryptic... I guess I'll stay clear of him, but I doubt it matters..."

[Loretta] "The vamps had him looking for me. They wanted to know where i lived."

[Eric] "Oh... That's disturbing.... But they're gone right?"

[Loretta] "Hope so. Most of them, at least. As far as i know..."

[Eric] "Why do they want to know anyway? I mean, they can't enter uninvited right?"

[Loretta] "No, but they can wait outside, or have a human burn it down."

[Eric] "Oh yeah, that would suck..."

[Loretta] "The older ones, sometimes they're focused on the bigger picture. And sometimes they know others. I may have taken out that nest, but there could be others, and they might have friends. I don't want to go into paranoia mode, but it could be pretty serious."
[Loretta] "You should always watch your back, even in the daytime."

[Eric] "Alright, we'll work it out."

[Loretta] "Sorry, it shouldn't be your problem. I just worry sometimes."
[Loretta] *finally remembers her plate of food; picks it up and starts eating*

[Eric] "Hey, just because I can't go out and patrol with you doesn't mean I can't hear about it and think about it. 4 heads are better then 3 right?"

[Loretta] "Right, i know,"
[Loretta] "Will you cover for me tomorrow if i have to skip classes?"

[Eric] "Well, I guess, if it's important, where are you going to go though?"

[Loretta] "I haven't figured that part out yet. But i need to do some stuff."

[Eric] *Studies her for a bit* "Like what?"

[Loretta] "Boring reconnaissance-type stuff. i need to get some more training in too. Katas in the garage aren't quite cutting it. I mean i did pretty awesome tonight anyway, but it was sloppy."

[Eric] *Frowns, considering whether or not to say something*

[Loretta] "It's too bad we couldn't keep the dojo open. But the paperwork would have been insane, and i couldn't ask Allison to do all that." *said with uncharacteristic regretfulness*

[Eric] "Put it on there..."

[Loretta] "You know, sometimes you're really not funny."

[Eric] "What's it going to hurt? Look you don't even need 'that' dojo do you? Maybe Trent would let you turn his apartment into one. Can't you teach a few other kids there?"

[Loretta] "It wouldn't be the same anyway."

[Eric] "Well you were the one who mentioned it. I'm just trying to give you options."

[Loretta] "I just mean something's missing, and i need to do something about it. That's all."
[Loretta] "I've let too many things get in the way of what i have to do."

[Eric] "Alright, just don't go all solo Rambo on us. "

[Loretta] "Nah, it's not that extreme."

[Eric] "So, how much do you know about all this magic bussiness?"

[Loretta] "Pretty much nothing. Why?"

[Eric] "Oh nothing really, probably"

[Loretta] "'Probably'?"

[Eric] "Well I came home the other day, I thought no one was home, but then I heard sounds in the attic. So eh, Allison was sitting in the attic all zen or something. And this entire old cabinet was floating around in the air next to her.."

[Loretta] "Creepy. Think we should be worried?"

[Eric] "I dunno, I didn't say anything because well... I didn't wanna like startle her or something. I don't think she saw me. So I was kind of hoping you could tell me"

[Loretta] "Sorry, it's out of my area of expertise. If i can't kick the crap out of it, i really don't know how to stop it.:

[Eric] "But you've used magic before right? It's not like, bad for you or anything?"

[Loretta] "I've never used magic..."

[Eric] "Oh, well, I guess we should keep an eye on her? Just in case.."

[Loretta] "I'm sorry, i wish i knew. She seems ok though. Maybe there's a book on it somewhere. I eh...might know someone that could tell me; i'll ask tomorrow while i'm out."
Matthijs says:
[Eric] "Yeah she seems alright. Maybe even a bit cheerful, might just be the holidays. Anyway, I should take a nap, try to sit in on at least one or two morning classes alright?"

[Loretta] "I'll do what i can; thanks Eric."

[Eric] *Heads on to his own room to take a hard earned nap, well, hard earned to his mind*

[Loretta] *pulls out her journal and does some writing before going to sleep herself*
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