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Helel's Kitchen Time

PostPosted by Helel » Wed Jun 09, 2010 5:54 pm

Alright, going to teach you a great new recipe for French Toast. French Toast, a delicacy of awesomeness. Anyone who has not eaten French Toast should damn well eat it! Possibly the greatest breakfast food of all time, to me surpassing even morning sausage or bacon. Now it's time for my special recipe on making French Toast.

Alright, delightful cooks it's time choose your ingredient. Now first is the wear you choose, if you have a non-stick pan use that. I find that sometimes french toast might stick when made really well, and might tear when trying to come off. A non-stick pan removes this issue or for people who don't have a non-stick pan use my special trick. Place some aluminum foil underneath the french toast when it's half-way done cooking, this makes it so that it'll be cooked pretty good first and it won't start sticking. Now it's time to choose your bread, this actually is a good choice. I use regular bread to make my delicious french toast, but I've seen it using wheat bread and multi-grain and such. Although things such as Rye bread I would not suggest.

Take your eggs make your French Toast like normal, this isn't about making french toast this about adding the secret stuff I do to the toast. So it's almost at it's finish right. All right time to add the zest. First cut a few slits into the french toast. Now get some cereal, I use Cap'n Crunch, but Honey Nut Cheerios, and other grain cereal's would work as well. Take your syrup and fill the slits with it. This means that the syrup will be cooking inside the french toast. Making it no syrup required. Letting the French Toast adsorb it. Now take the cereal and take the French Toast now cover the toast in cereal. And put it in the pan. The syrup combined with the cereal and your cooking will make it stick to the French Toast. When you think there stuck together and made.

Place them on your dish and enjoy it! Put some sugar maybe or some cinnamon. I even use vanilla sometimes. With that you have just made Helel's Kitchen Time French Toast. Everyone will love you now! Post your results and how it came out if you decide to try it.
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