Sunday, November 23rd

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Sunday, November 23rd

PostPosted by Pyriel » Thu May 27, 2010 1:12 pm


Peter woke up-it was Sunday morning, perhaps a very calm one; His dojo, like most, was closed on Sundays, So he didn't really have much to do in the morning; He considered calling Allison; He wanted permission to go have breakfast with the rest, not only to see them but also to talk to allison about her magical abilities. Plus, at some point, he should find a way to see what this half demon nursegirl was all about and wether she would be a threat, or just neutral, or hopefuly want to join them.

*ring ring*
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Re: Sunday, November 23rd

PostPosted by Solar_Dawn » Thu May 27, 2010 1:35 pm

*Wakes up early and after laying in bed lazily for a while, she kisses Trent's cheek and sets off to get a shower, coming back she wraps a towel around herself and then turns as she phone rings, picking it up quickly in the hopes of catching it before it wakes anyone*

*Wakes up early as well, his neckwound starting to itch horribly, he lays in bed struggling with the mad desire to tear off the bandage and just scratch at the wound madly, but manages to barely retrain himself by turning on the TV and watching star trek, deciding he should at least be able to get some breakfast in bed from this all.*
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Re: Sunday, November 23rd

PostPosted by Solar_Dawn » Thu May 27, 2010 2:10 pm

[Allison] *Picks up the phone while glancing at Trent to make sure he's still asleep* "Hello?"

[Peter] "Hey Allison; how are you?This is Peter."

[Allison] "I'm alright, just got up."

[Peter] "Me too; listen, i was thinking; Since this is Sunday, could we, like, gather in your house for breakfast? Plus i think I'd like to see how your brother is feeling today too."

[Allison] *Thinks for a while, but decides it should show they watch him and Loretta at all times now.* "Alright, but not quite yet, everyone is still sleeping"

[Allison] "Let's say... In two hours, gives people a time to wake up on their own, get showered and dressed and grow a little hungry"

[Peter] "I guess; You wont, like, expect me but still have breakfast without me, right?I'll see you then."

[Allison] "No, I'll get started on breakfast a little bit before you arrive, can't promise Trent won't have a few tastes of everything, but we'll wait with breakfast otherwise."

[Peter] "thanks a lot. bye."
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Re: Sunday, November 23rd

PostPosted by hippie_mama » Fri May 28, 2010 12:52 am


Hearing the TV on in Eric's room, Loretta decides it's as good a time as any to make up for how harsh she was the night before. She goes to his door and opens it slowly, making sure he's awake and not doing anything weird, before saying anything.

"Sorry about last night; i was in a mood--what the hell are you watching? No, you can't be that big of a geek. Holy shit dude..."

Out of morbid curiosity, Loretta sits on the bed beside him to get a closer look at the screen, "What are they even doing?"
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Re: Sunday, November 23rd

PostPosted by Pyriel » Sat May 29, 2010 10:42 am


Peter does a workout routine for some time, and then heads to shower; He was feeling glad to go have breakfast with the rest; It made him feel as if he wasnt alone. He then goes and gets dressed, watches some TV to pass the time, and when the time comes, heads to Allison's house.
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Re: Sunday, November 23rd

PostPosted by hippie_mama » Sat May 29, 2010 4:08 pm

Trent: *wakes as Allison puts the phone down* "What's up?"
Allison: "Just Peter, he wanted to know if it'd be alright to mooch some breakfast off us.."
Trent: "Ah." *stretches some and groans a bit*
Allison: *Giggles* "When you can't get up without a groan it means you're getting old I hear"
Trent: *frowns* "Hey, i have an excuse at least." *sits up and inspects some of the larger bruises* "See?"
Allison: *nods* "True, you're my brave hero."
Trent: "That's what are you making?" *grins*
Allison: "Probably pancakes... and some toast, and some bacon for you."
Trent: *leans over and smacks her ass playfully* "Well get on it, woman!" *then quickly ducks out of the way*
Allison: *Smirks* "You're so lucky they took my gun..."
Allison: *Goes downstairs to start on breakfast anyway*
Trent: *throws some clothes on and grabs his cigarettes before following Allison down*
Eric: "How can you call yourself an american and not love star trek? It's like.. the ultimate show... That's picard... he's trying to decide if data is really data, because they also took his twin brother lore onboard, and lore is evil but nobody has yet suspected it except wesley, but nobody believes him"
Loretta: *smirks* "I see..."
Loretta: "You really need a girlfriend."
Eric: "Tell me about it!"
Loretta: "How's your neck?" *pokes at it some*
Eric: "Itchy! Stop that!" *Swats at her hand* "It's already driving me crazy, I want nothing better then to scratch to the bone"
Loretta: "Hmmm that's probably normal i guess."
Loretta: "Gross though."
Eric: "How about you? You feeling better?"
Loretta: "Yup." *pulls the collar of her t-shirt aside to show that her neck and shoulder still have marks on them, but the once-life-threatening wounds are already closed*
Eric: "That's good, I guess there's a few perks to being a slayer anyway. So... Where's my hero's breakfast on bed?"
Loretta: "Dunno; better go ask your sister."
Eric: "But i'm watching star trek..." *nudges Loretta with a foot* "Come onn, i'm hungry!"
Loretta: *rolls her eyes* "Alright, fine; but don't get used to it! I just feel bad for being mean last night." *goes downstairs to see about breakfast*
Eric: *Leans back, highly pleased*
Trent: *sits outside the back door, having a smoke and feeling slightly regretful that all he has are conventional cigarettes now*
Loretta: *goes to see Allison in the kitchen* "Your brother is being a diva."
Allison: *Smirks slightly* "I guess I should have seen that coming.."
Allison: "You can tell him breakfast will be served down here.."
Loretta: "He's begging to have it delivered."
Loretta: "...but i guess i can take it up. Just this once."
Allison: *Considers for a moment* "is he in any pain?"
Loretta: "He says it itches."
Loretta: "But you know what a cry-baby he is."
Allison: "Then he can come downstairs and have breakfast with the rest of us, Peter wanted to come and join us too, if it's alright."
Loretta: "Oh, ok. i'll go tell him then." *rushes upstairs and goes to the shower first before saying anything to him!*
Trent: *stays outside and smokes half the pack*
Loretta: *gets fully dressed and does her hair and makeup before going back to Eric's room* "She says tough luck; you get to come down and be social 'cause Pete's coming over."
Eric: "Awww, but I'm hurt"
Loretta: "Oh, get used to it!"
Peter: *gets near the house and sees Trent; waves* "hi dude."
Eric: *Sighs dramaticly* "Alright alright" *Get's up slowly too and follows Loretta*
Trent: *nods back at Peter* "Sup?"
Peter: "glad to see you." *walks over* "i do think this could be one of the best Sunday mornings ever; i cant remember when it was last time we gathered like this."
Trent: *shrugs, not looking too enthusiastic really*
Peter: "so, you wanna keep smoking these, -by the way they'll kill ya- or should we get inside and say hi to the others?"
Trent: *grunts slightly and puts out the one in his hand before getting up and opening the door*
Peter: "laconic as ever." *gets inside and looks around*
Trent: *goes to the kitchen to see if Allison needs any last-minute help*
Eric: *Sits down with a great groan and tortured expression*
Loretta: *follows Eric downstairs* "'Morning, Pete."
Allison: "hey honey, you can start putting the things that are ready on the table, careful, some of the plates are hot"
Peter: *nods, smiling* "how are you today, Eric? ... good morning, Lorrie."
Trent: *carries plates out, not bothered by the hot ones*
Peter: "hey Allison; i didnt help you this time in breakfast, so anxious to try your recipes; something tells me they're great."
Peter: *sits down*
Eric: "Eh, alright i guess, even if the service is less then stellar.."
Allison: *Brings out the last of the plates herself and sits down* "Think we have everything"
Loretta: *sits down and kicks Eric slightly under the table*
Peter: *waits for all to sit down before he starts eating*
Trent: *fills his own plate and passes things around*
Allison: *Has a few bites of everything herself, but mostly spends her time making sure everyone else is eating*
Peter: *fills too and passes around; feels nice to do this for second time as far as he remembers in his life*
Eric: *Pulls as much onto his plate as he can fit onto it, and pigs out*
Loretta: *eats some before speaking up* "So what are we going to do about the vampire invasion?"
Peter: "hmm... actualy i have a very minor idea. I think they are relevant with my case-about me potentialy being watched. For example, the explosive devices seem expensive-like, mil sanctioned. There is a spell prepped that could help me regain some memories about them so we know how to prepare."
Loretta: "Couldn't that be dangerous? Like, what if it made you remember everything?"
Allison: *Swaps at Eric's hands* "No eating with your hands or I'll glue your fingers together!"
Loretta: "I mean, they probably made you forget stuff for a reason, and if they're watching and know you remember..."
Peter: "maybe; maybe that reason was so that i cant evade them; maybe they werent even the ones that made me forget." *pauses* "I don't know, but its the only lead i seem to have at the moment. I mean, explosive devices implanted on vampires? its gotta be that, or somehting similar."
Peter: "unless..."
Loretta: *nods and seems to lose interest in breakfast*
Allison: "Isn't there a diffirent way to go about it? Sounds like there's a magic spell for everything, maybe there's a better magic avaible for this situation too."
Peter: "had i ever talked to anyone of you about what was happening there? anything? any memory, any name?"
Peter: "perhaps." *sees loretta being sad* "maybe there is a way other than restoring my memories."
Allison: *Shrugs* "i didn't know you as much back then, but I don't recall anything like that.."
Loretta: "Don't remember any name for it or anything, just that they did bad things and you wanted nothing to do with it anymore, and then you went back anyway, so maybe you didn't tell us everything."
Peter: "i thought i went back because of mental health problems, how does that mean i hid anything?"
Loretta: "How would i know?"
Trent: *sort of shrugs once, still eating*
Peter: *lowers his head, feeling accused; tries to see what everyone is feeling now as he is afraid of this conversation gong bad* (empathy) [1d10+8] => [6,8] = (14)
Eric: *Tries to speak with a mouth full* "Mabbe they blackmaiffed you.."
Peter: "yes. see? that is quite possible. what if they found me and threatened me with your safety if i didnt get back?"
Eric: *Is feeling mild interest at the conversation, considerable interest in his food, and anoyance at missing the other half of his star trek episode*
Trent: *feels slightly agitated, but not specifically about this conversation*
Loretta: *is concerned/paranoid about the topic at hand*
Peter: "I think we could do the following: i asked the store owned to prep a spell to fiind their organizations' name;at least then we wont be blind. i did it exactly because i didnt wnat to risk learning stuff that shouldt be learned in my memories. so, that is valid chocie. but theres one problem..."
Allison: *Is protective of her family, worried, but not particulary suspicious of Peter, no more then at any other time anyway*
Peter: "we need to cast it at noon, in the beach. and maybe, the spellcaster should be..." *looks at allison* "never mind. silly thing, *today* is a great time to do that, since we have no jobs or school."
Peter: "i think this way we will egt a handy info without risking affecting my mind too much."
Allison: "So it just gives us the name?"
Trent: "Will the name even help? Before, i think you just called it 'a secret paramilitary organization.' I mean that kind of says it all, doesn't it?"
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Allison: "That's quite true, on the other hand, it's more then the 'nothing' we have currently.."
Peter: *nods* "perhaps. but what if we contact out hunter allies about this?maybe they have heard of it. NSA was secret for quite many years too, but lots of people knew."
Peter: "so, a name gives us research potential."
Trent: *shrugs slightly* "I can make some calls; see if anything comes of it."
Loretta: "I could ask Samuel about getting some of his guys on patrol duty; they've been doing ok with hanging around without looking too out-of-place."
Peter: "i dont think so; parailitary guys will neevr get noticed by people that arent from this era and hence dont know what looks off-place."
Allison: *Accidentaly spears her piece of pancake a bit too ferocious and drops her fork* "I don't think we should be reaching out to any questionable.... people, in our current situation."
Loretta: *frowns* "What do you mean 'questionable?'"
Peter: "that too; DFS will be here soon, which means we should 'look our best' as far as rules are concerned. However ... this also means they will hardly try anything overt when the DFS is here."
Allison: "I mean people who would raise eyebrows with the police, I'd rather avoid having them ask questions of those pirates."
Loretta: "Well we can't exactly let vamps run amok through town, can we? We barely took those four ourseleves last night; what if there's eight tonight? Or more?"
Peter: "I dont think they will do that. It doesnt suit their modus operandi."
Loretta: "It doesn't? One the first night, four the second? What makes you think there won't be more?"
Peter: "numbers of vampires will mean less secrecy, which they do not want. they need to use elite teams, not masses. media coverage will draw Langley's attention you see. and i doubt Black Ops like that are congress-sanctioned."
Loretta: "I'm just going by what they've done so far..."
Allison: "Even so, I'd rather not be fighting these people at the same time while fighting the government. We need to protect our family from both threats."
Peter: "that is correct; number one priority is making sure DFS lets Loretta stay here. and i wouldnt say we should take desperate measures before gathering information."
Loretta: *crosses her arms and sits back defensively* "I really doubt hungry vamps are going to wait while we deal with that."
Loretta: "What happens if we don't go out and take them on? How many normal people do you think would get killed?"
Peter: "what happens if i am correct and we go there, better armed and prepared, and find a smiliar force but we can take them out due to preparations?"
Peter: "then we wont need pirates' help. plus we could still just ask Bobby and the others."
Loretta: "If they're even available; we have the pirates right here, waiting for something to do."
Peter: "and while that happens and we win but the DFS takes you god-knows-where, and we all are in trouble too, how would that victory help us any?"
Trent: *taps the floor with his foot, rather incessantly for a few moments, thinking of something before finally saying it* "Initiative. That's what it was called." *shakes his head slightly* "Don't know why i couldn't think of it before."
Loretta: "It's better than letting people get killed, isn't it?"
Peter: "we should first look at our low-risk options." *to Trent* "Initiative? when did you ear that?" (ask if you dont remember)
Trent: "You mentioned it the first time we met with the Portland hunters, and they knew of it."
Peter: "see? no need to plan anything when we havent tapped our HUMINT resources-errr, i mean when we havent gathered info yet."
Peter: "however... the spell i told you about can *confirm* this is the Initative's doing. I ahve already payed for the components, now we just need to cast it. and we will know our enemy, with chances of knowing more about them when we ask the hunters."
Allison: "You said it's cast at noon? Do we have anything better to do untill then?"
Allison: "What times is that bookstore place open, you know, with the creepy owner"
Peter: "always it seems, i dont know."
Peter: "the guy, like, sleeps there."
Peter: "do we know any other people with information? a watcher's telephone number, a witch, a journalist even better?..."
Trent: "The witch we knew stopped returning calls a long time ago; if there were any watchers around, i would like to think they would have contacted us by now, considering..." *nods slightly toward Loretta*
Allison: "I don't know any journalist who thinks all these things that go bump in the night are genuinely real"
Peter: "true i guess. " *looks at Loretta calmly* "i think this time things are going to be okay. i have *you* guys on my side.and i dont just run."
Peter: "and no, i meant a journalist where we could file an envelope with info for a secret paramilitary organization, threatening to go public if we are harmed."
Peter: *gently pokes Loretta's leg with his foot under the table; nods to her hoping to see how she is; worried*
Loretta: *is clearly displeased that her idea was so unanimously turned down, but otherwise entertaining her own thoughts*
Eric: "Wonder if this initiative has an intranet or something..."
Eric: "Everything is hackable by the right person if they do... But i'm not sure if i'm that person.."
Peter: "it might, i dont know." *laughs* "But i guess if there was anything useful about it there, Echelon would have picked it up unless we talking about hacking."
Trent: "It's not a bad idea. Just risky."
Eric: "Agreed, but I guess it begs the question... Would we be in more risk then we already are currently?"
Trent: "Now that's a good question."
Peter: "and if we dont come up with anything, we could always surrender me; better than ruining your family guys. but i still think we can do it."
Loretta: *glares at Peter* "We never surrender."
Peter: *glares at Loretta* "thats the spirit. we dont surrender. we dont compromise our life just to be 'effective'. that is not the way. the same way we dont compromise your family. remember that about your plan."
Eric: "So are we going to the beach, if so, we should bring lunch.. Like a picknick.."
Peter: *smiles* "true; pass from the store too to get the ingredients first."
Eric: "After we know what's after us, I'll check online to see if there's anything to be found." *Wrubs the bandage on his neck briefly* "I don't think those people can get a lot more dangeorus personally..."
Peter: "me neither. not unless they get overt and ruin their secrecy and hence their organizations' survival. thats why i think we stand a chance."
Loretta: *is still clearly unhappy, but doesn't say so*
Trent: "Well, it's a start at least."
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Peter: "Loretta, do you have anything else to say?... Try to understand. *please*, we need to first consider our lower-risk options?"
Loretta: *shrugs* "I think we're just losing sight of what we need to do here."
Peter: *hopes allison will aid him in this*
Allison: "Meeting force with force is going to get a lot of people into trouble, foremost us, secondly the pirates too. And if they really are after us or.. one of us specifically, going out amongst people could increase the chances of other people getting hurt."
Loretta: "Yeah, but shouldn't we be *ready* to meet them with force, just in case?"
Peter: "in case? loretta, if they need to come in force, they can just carpetbomb the pirates' base. or send five hundred trained armed to the teeth soldiers."
Peter: "so... what happens is they *cant* do that. and we should take advantage of that."
Loretta: "What do you call sending Vamps in then?"
Allison: "Even if I wasn't worried about my own family, I'd be very hesitant about starting some kind of war between pirates and whatever is out there. Force didn't help us any when we were still fighting the pirates either.."
Peter: "i think the best thing we can do is threaten them with publicity, actualy. "
Allison: "That hardly sounds like something that would go over well with the DSF.."
Allison: "Apart from that, we have absolutely no proof."
Peter: "true, but i meant a bluff."
Peter: "I guess; like i said, best thing to do is gather intel and make no rash decisions. and we remember: we do not choose between family and survival. we need both. so we dont do what would anger the DFS."
Peter: *looks at everyone, esp Loretta, to see if agreed*
Allison: "I'm not a good poker player, but I don't like bluffing when we have absolutely no hand."
Loretta: "We need to know as much as we can about what we're dealing with either way; nothing lost, nothing gained at this point by choosing one final method over the other."
Peter: *sighs* "I guess we'll decide in soe hours."
Peter: some*
Peter: *sighs, gets outside, wandering about options, and worried*
Trent: *puts some dishes in the sink, then goes outside with Peter and lights up another cigarette*
Peter: *lets some time pass* "this sucks."
Trent: *nods*
Peter: "what the hell are we supposed to do? act covertly and its what they do best,so its a really narrow path; act overtly and we all get in trouble."
Trent: "Yup. Gotta find out what their endgame is."
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Re: Sunday, November 23rd

PostPosted by Pyriel » Sun May 30, 2010 11:38 am


Susan wakes up , showers and gets some breakfast. She felt bad-why did she have to be on shift at Saturday night? She could just as well be reading stuff or go have fun. At least she was dropped a hint-that cute boy, Murphy something, was totaly vampire victim. Which begged the question-how did he survive? She thought of that while having some tea.This nurse job definitely had its perks when info such as that was concerned.

She opened the TV- "what? this Star Trek next generation shit? damn. I hate this; I even hate how Worf suffers from 'Badass Decay' syndrome; lame show.original was better." She closed the television and read some Anitta Blake book she usualy read when she felt bored-she remembered every single owrd, but in a way the adventures of a superpowered occult investigator were kind of appealing; hit close to home. Plus, they were sexy!
"Speaking of sexy... I could take this and read on the beach i guess. better than sitting here on my own." With that, she got ready for the beach and headed there.
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Re: Sunday, November 23rd

PostPosted by hippie_mama » Mon Jun 07, 2010 10:49 am

[Trent] *sits and smokes, doing his strong, silent, contemplative thing*
[Peter] "I am slightly worried about a possibility."
[Trent] *pause* "I'm worried about many. But go on."
[Peter] "so far, all we know is that its a secret paramilitary organization; if it is 'Black', it means they do not have Congress support, making things much simpler as far as their resources are concerned. But what if it is not 'Black'? what if they are not just secret service sanctioned but *actualy* government sanctioned? that would mean infinite resources dude... i can only think of one way to escape that, and i'm not sure it's worth it."
[Trent] *stays quiet, but gives him a brief look like he expects him to continue*
[Peter] "Unlike what Loretta thinks, unfortunately the pirates would never be proper help against such impossible odds. they would become insignificant. The only way is resorting to fugitive life- life on the road, hunting monsters on the way, using no laptops or cellphones and such if possible-the less electronics, the better. Just like these Taliban that hide in caves. I dont mean we would live in caves, just that we should avoid electronics. The thing is, of course, is this the life we wanna live?...a life doenst just have to exist... it also has to be worth living." *stops*
[Trent] *nods* "This is the question we constantly need to ask ourselves."
[Peter] "dont misunderstand me; i am all for a monster-hunting life. I *cannot* imagine myself stopping. never. ever. but you-you have a family, and even while monster-hunting, you guys deserve a happy home..."
[Trent] *finishes the cigarette he was smoking, and pushes the end into the sidewalk, looking very serious and at least 10 years older* "It does change things."
[Peter] *stays silent a bit* "i see. i do hope you are mature enough to know I am only staying because you are already exposed and want to defend all together, the way i saved eric last time; whenever you think i should leave for your family's sake... i will be obliged to do so if you ask. i wouldn't *force you* into this."
[Trent] *eyebrows furrow slightly* "That's...not what i meant."
[Peter] "i consider you a very close friend. i am glad you might still think of me as one too." *tries to suppress a smile, not too successfuly, showing his relief*
[Trent] *nods once* "What i meant was that, just a few months ago, it would have been very clear this is the time to leave town, regroup elsewhere, and reassess. This family thing makes the hunting very difficult, and complicated."
[Peter] "yes, but it doesn't have to end this way. If the Initiative really is here, then there are lots of questions regarding what it did, and why it did not do certain things before. I mean, if they are so powerful... why not take action? surely, there are things they are afraid. so there is still hope i guess."
[Trent] "We still don't know what they want. So far we're only guessing."
[Peter] "well, i'm guessing it's to take me back. Indeed, though they probably have other goals too. plus, since we have at least 5 hours till noon starts, maybe we can have, like, a beach picknick till then." *smiles*
[Trent] *chuckles* "You're so embarrassing sometimes...but if i know Allison, i'm sure that's what she's thinking too."
[Loretta] *comes out and sits on the step*
[Peter] "hey Lorrie."
[Loretta] "I think it's going to be awhile--Allison's in the kitchen again."
[Trent] "See?"
[Peter] *shrugs* "guess you know your wife well enough. i like the idea though."
[Trent] *smiles and lights another cigarette*
[Loretta] *looks at Peter* "Is it just me, or is he smoking even more than usual?"
[Peter] "man's entitled to be nervous. afterall, don't forget he is still sore from his bruises and all. i do think allison will cheer him up though ."
[Loretta] *shrugs*
[Peter] *sits besides her but not too close, knowing Trent is there* "relax. everything will work out for the best."
[Trent] *shakes his head at them talking about him like he's not there, then gets up to move things around in his truck*
[Loretta] "Things will work out about as well as they always do, i guess."
[Peter] *looks at her in the eyes, serous, a pleasant glow in his eyes* "believe." *pauses* " You never know what future brings.That man is the proof that when you try your best, as we all will do, good things eventualy happen in life. his life was so different just three months ago."
[Loretta] *looks at Trent, who has by now found some reason to climb halfway under his truck* "Eh...besides finding a chick that would actually do him?" *giggles*
[Peter] *tries to see how untouched she was by what he said* "is this realy what you think?"
[Loretta] "That's what you meant, wasn't it?"
[Peter] "I was talking about family. Being a part of something, *belonging* together with other people, is different to just hanging out. So much better, and you can be a part of it. I know you don't want such stuff in your personal life-god knows what you're afraid of- but i dont see why you shouldnt accept this family, this gift given to you."
[Loretta] *frowns* "Someone's in a serious mood..."
[Peter] *chuckles* "oh i can so be in a funny mood; but you dont let me know when you're relaxed enough missy!" *pokes her* "OK, i do admit a small part of me fears that my time is up and all, and that i'll be taken away; but hell if i'll let that happen!" *grins*
[Loretta] "You better not."
[Peter] "or you'll come, free me, and kick my ass for failing?"
[Loretta] "Every time."
[Peter] "have we ever had pick nick at the beach?" *seems now much more comfortable *
[Loretta] "We've had a lot of lunches with Allison and Trent. The beach though...well, that was usually just our thing." *gives him just a little bit of a naughty smile*
[Peter] *seems surprised, but returns the naughty smile, apparently happy to know*
[Loretta] "You turned out to be a decent surfer. Since you remember how to do other things, you might still."
[Peter] "well it is nearly winter... but i tough it out well, so i could go surf at some point i guess." *secretly hopes she means going with her*
[Loretta] "Good. The waves are better in winter anyway."
[Peter] "hmm, hadnt thought about it." *grins*
[Trent] *comes out from under the truck, looking rather greasy*
[Peter] "hey man; how's the tru-what's her name again?"
[Trent] "Betty. Betty's good. Just checking some stuff out. Gotta keep an eye on my baby; i take care of her, and she takes care of me."
[Peter] "true i guess; a well-taken care of car can work miracles."
[Trent] "That it can. I'm afraid i'm going to have to find something bigger though." *seems very, very regretful about that*
[Peter] "bigger?... how's that?"
[Trent] "It would be easier at times to travel together. And sure, there's the bed, but that's not exactly safe."
[Peter] "i guess. hey, we could turn it to a War Wagon."
[Trent] *nods* "Mods could be made; just not sure about practicality...need to think on it more..."
[Peter] "of course."
[Loretta] *looks lost/bored with this conversation* "I guess i could go see if Allison wants some help so we can get this show on the road."
[Peter] *smiles* "OK."
[Loretta] *goes inside*
[Trent] *gives Peter a bit of a look* "Supervised beach trips."
[Peter] "yeah, i was informed about supervision; i am not sure i dont actualy *like* the idea. it has merits."
[Trent] "Good. So long as we're clear."
[Peter] *shrugs, honestly not knowing why he wouldnt accept that; for a *very* brief moment he though maybe this was loretta's version of asking him out, but quickly reminds himself it's just a beach trip; then he continues, again firmly believing what he says* "in lots of ways i like the idea." *motions for Trent to sit besides him and wait for others, smiling*
[Trent] *does sit, and pulls out another cigarette*
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Re: Sunday, November 23rd

PostPosted by Pyriel » Fri Jun 11, 2010 10:54 am

[Peter] "listen... good chance i should be going; i should get some supplies from the book store, i'll probably bring them with me when i meet you at the beach; i'll still be there in time for the pic nick, just you'll get some family moments i guess; nothing wrong with that right?"
[Trent] *nods* "Yeah, see ya there dude."
[Peter] *offers him a low high five in a manly handshake way* "see ya. gonna greet others too, better not leave them worried."
[Trent] "Sure."
[Peter] *gets inside, nodding to Loretta discreetly*
[Loretta] *nods back, while cutting vegetables*
[Peter] *mouths to her* "talk a bit?"
[Loretta] *shrugs slightly and walks out, without saying anything to Allison* "Sup?"
[Peter] "I kinda have to go for a bit-not for long, just to get some supplies from the bookstore. I'll be there for the beach thing. you wont be worried right?"
[Loretta] "Of course not, why would i?"
[Peter] *smiles* "cool. i can take care of myself you know. also, Trent heard what we were saying before..."
[Loretta] "Oh."
[Peter] *smiles* "he was quite reasonable about it i think."
[Loretta] "Really?"
[Peter] "yeah. on some ...conditions of course... but i think it could totaly work out?" *tries to maintain a calming voice*
[Loretta] "Hm."
[Peter] "I think its better than nothing... But okay, i'll tell you what; if you dont like what he says, then call me so we can work this out together?..."
[Loretta] *sighs* "They just think i'm a huge slut. That's all it is."
[Peter] "in a word: No. nobody here thinks that. listen, its not the time for such a talk, because i have to go; but i promise i'll be there if you wanna talk about it-maybe even arrange to do something tonight before patrol?..." *hopeful*
"i the beach i mean; it should be calm and quiet... should be nice."
[Loretta] "I guess; see ya."
[Peter] *smiles at her, trying to cheer her up* "see ya at the beach."
[Loretta] *goes back to help Allison*
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Re: Sunday, November 23rd

PostPosted by Pyriel » Fri Jun 11, 2010 3:59 pm


Peter proceeds to go to the Book store and get the spell components so that Allison can cast the spell at noon. It cost a lot of money, and Peter was really glad he wasnt paying for any cars or kids or other additional expenses, otherwise things would be weird this month.

He then proceeded to meet up with the others on the beach, carrying the components. That is, until he saw a familiar face... It was that nurse of Eric's, the half demon! how was she here?... was it... a coincidence? or maybe she was watching him? she could even be sent after him as last night's vampires were.

He watched the potential threat as she walked towards the beach, same as him; Instinctively, he made a circle around a block ; he saw she made no attempt to follow him, even though circling around a block would make her lose him if she was stalking him.

"not a hostile" he thought. maybe she was a potential ally then? she was a nurse afterall-how bad could a nurse be? With that, he went towards her "Excuse me miss?... "

Susan was walking toward the beach, when she heard the voice. "hi; do i- oh; you're that friend of mr Murphy's."

[Peter] "you remember him?..."

[Susan] "i never forget names." she thought 'or mostly anything, for that matter' She took a long look at the man in front of her; she did find him kind of hot. were Eric and his friends all like that?

[Peter] *notices the stare and tries not to blush* "so, uh... he is better today."

[Susan] "really?"

[Peter] "yeah, i know... these bite marks would make everyone think he was bitten by some vampire" *coughs* Peter hoped she would know about this stuff, since she was half demon; if she didnt, worst case she'd think he was crazy.

[Susan] "there are far worse things than vampires out there..."

[Peter] *looks at her intently* "like half demons."

[Susan] *startled; this man knew about her! he could use this to his own advantage, if he was evil... but then again, if he was, why would he reveal his knowledge to his victim?... she could not deduce about that, even though lots of scenarios ran through ehr head; maybe it was worth a shot getting to know him, just to see*

[Peter] "You dont need to be afraid."

[Susan] "really? why is that?"

[Peter] "i can see things. i can see what you are, how you feel. sometimes, what will happen. i have gathered a group that fights demons and other nasty stuff, indeed i was to meet them at the beach."

[Susan] "really? I... i was a member of one such group once... they were, like, my family."

[Peter] "thats pretty accurate a word..."

[Susan] "but it was different; we stood a chance, we had, like, this slayer..."*becomes comfortable again; she still didnt trust him exacty, but in that regard she couldnt trust anyone; truth was he seemed as if he was probably not more likely to harm her than a bystander; aferall , while she wasnt really stronger than most humans, she was definitely harder to kill*

[Peter] *nods*

[Susan] "oh. you too? well... i wont join the group... but can i just come to check it out?..." *comes awkwardly closer to him, breathing in his ear, teasing him, though *not* really meaning what she says * "i'll make it worth your while."

[Peter] *stands still, in awe for a moment at her being so blunt about it, but then turns around and keeps walking to the beach* "in a fun mood, are we? well, i think you'll like them."

[Susan] *grins, happy that he took the hint it was a joke, following him*
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Re: Sunday, November 23rd

PostPosted by hippie_mama » Sat Jun 12, 2010 1:12 pm

Allison: *Is busy creating a great pile of food on the kitchen table while helped by Loretta, occasionally giving her guidance on what to do as the stockpile of food and pastries grows*
Loretta: *is oddly quiet and compliant for her*
Trent: *returns to the kitchen, conveniently after most of the work is done* "Pete's going to meet us there."
Allison: *Nods, appearently concerned with something else* "Maybe I should get a second table, this one's almost full.."
Trent: "Table?"
Allison: *Nods, and motions with a hand to the kitchen table filled with prepared food and treats. from sandwiches to little chocolate chip cakes*
Trent: "Oh...uh...well you could also just stop cooking, before i need to buy another truck too to haul it all."
Loretta: *snickers*
Allison: *Looks over at the table and ponders* "I don't know, think it's enough?"
Allison: "Well... Alright... But can you fill up a few bottles of water too while i go change?"
Trent: *kisses her cheek* "Yes, i think it's enough, and i can do that."
Allison: *Returns his kiss affectionately and heads on upstairs to put on a bikini and then wear a bright summer dress with flowers over it, and wear some sandals*
Eric: *Comes back downstairs with a backpack and grins at the table, already reaching for it* "Oh, cupcakes!"
Loretta: "Allison will kill you if you touch anything. You coming with us?"
Eric: "Someone's gotta eat all this stuff."
Loretta: "So that's a yes?"
Eric: "Yup"
Eric: *Nods to his backpack* "Got everything I need for a beach excursion here*
Loretta: "Good. I was afraid you'd just mope around in your room all day."
Eric: "Swimming trunks if the water's nice, PDA if i need to be online, a book if things get dull, and my digital camera"
Loretta: "Just in case it's warm enough for chicks to be out in their bikinis?"
Eric: *Smirks* "You know me too well"
Eric: "Where's yours?"
Loretta: "Upstairs."
Eric: "Better go get it, wouldn't want to be without it!"
Loretta: *eyeroll* "Fine, but it's NOT for your benefit!"
Loretta: *goes upstairs*
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Eric: *Shrugs* "Doesn't have to be!"
Allison: *Comes back downstairs while putting on her sandals and starts packing everything into the cars*
Trent: *gets a good look at her, lets the mind wander a bit, then helps her load up all the stuff*
Allison: "You take Eric along in your car and I'll take Loretta?"
Trent: "Sure, if he doesn't insist on driving himself."
Allison: "Probably will now that i think about it.."
Trent: "It's a guy thing."
Loretta: *carries the last of the stuff out to the cars, since Eric is being lazy as usual!*
Trent: "Hey Eric, you riding or driving?"
Eric: *Comes out a little later and smirks* "Driving, i can take along some cupcakes in my car if you want"
Trent: "That won't be necessary...":
Allison: *Pushes some water bottles into eric's hands* "You can bring those."
Eric: *Grumbles, but throws them in, and sets off with his car first*
Allison: "You can come with me Loretta, Trent will bring all the food"
Trent: *when everyone seems ready, drives to the beach*
Allison: *Follows just behind Trent in her car, worrying about all the shifting the food seems to do within the car*
Loretta: "I should get a car too so we can take four everywhere we go and be completely ridiculous."
Allison: *Smirks* "Not without a license*
Loretta: "That's only like...five more months."
Allison: "Well, maybe we should consider starting to give you some driving lessons"
Loretta: "...Really?"
Allison: *Nods* "i think so, i know you can be responsible. And you'll need it eventually anyway"
Trent: *parks and starts looking for Peter as soon as they get to the agreed beach*
Allison: *Parks her car next to Trent's and get's out to fuzz over the food*
Eric: *Parks his car slightly away from the others and walks over lazily*
Peter: *does not seem to be there yet actualy*
Trent: *finds a spot, but waits for Allison's nod of approval before setting stuff up there*
Eric: *inspects the spot for a little while and then nods, helping Trent set everything up*
Allison: *inspects the spot for a little while and then nods, helping Trent set everything up*
Eric: *Sits down onto the sand, putting his backpack besides him and looking around*
Loretta: *helps unload the cars too*
Trent: *once everything is settled, sniffs the air a bit, then gets comfortable*
Allison: *Sits down next to Trent and smiles at him, leaning gently against him and looking around* "This is nice..."
Peter: *after some time when everyone is comfortable , a pair of figures can be seen approaching the beach, walking while talking to each other*
Trent: "That's interesting; Peter seems to have brought a friend."
Trent: *waves to them*
Susan: *smiles* "so, do you think i'll make a good impression?" *Peter shrugs*
Loretta: "Why would be bring someone? Aren't we doing or at least discussing magicky stuff?"
Allison: "hhmm" *Looks thoughtful and watches the two figures*
Trent: "Well...she's not fully human, so i suppose we'll see."
Loretta: *just watches them suspiciously*
Peter: *walks towards them* "hey guys; remember her?" *shows Eric's nurse as they are closer*
Susan: *smiles to all of them* "um... hi! Peter told me about you guys..."
Trent: *regards her with a nod* "Yeah, she works at the hospital. Good to see you again under better circumstances."
Peter: "she was working with a Slayer some time ago, apparently."
Loretta: *doesn't relax her suspicious look* "Hasn't everyone these days?"
Eric: *Studies Susan with some interest and some aprehension, wrubbing his neck* "Yeah I remember.."
Peter: *sits down along with the others,preferably close to Loretta but not "too" close*
Susan: *winks at Eric* "of course you do; i'd bet." *sits down next to Peter*
Loretta: "So you just 'ran into each other' or something?"
Peter: "well, yeah; i 'did' tell you i'd try to recruit her when we were at the hospital afterall, didn't i? i ran into her while bringing some stuff,and it was convenient."
Susan: " 'recruit' me? i bet you would like that... among other things." *giggles*
Peter: *shrugs, oblivious to what she meant*
Loretta: "Hmph."
Susan: "so... my name is Susan. Susan Heicht. nice to meet you."
Allison: *Narrows her eyes slightly and nods slowly* "Yes, very nice. I'm a bit confused as to why Peter decided we needed a nurse so badly at this point..?"
Susan: "oh i am not just a nurse; I am a haf demon. half byblos, to be more accurate."
Peter: *nods* "could be valuable, don't you think?"
Allison: "I.. Wouldn't know. I'm not as intimimately familiar with demons.."
Susan: "well, for one thing, i am. do you want me to tell you about my type? i can totaly not lie, since you can find out on your own due to knowing the name now."
Allison: "I suppose that would be good."
Susan: " well... we're smart-like, real smart. i have IQ of about 173, and i am one of the dumbest of my kind, according to most. we also have photographic memory, and though our muscles are not stronger than a humans, we die much harder."
Susan: *turns to Eric* "so how do you feel today?"
Loretta: *listens quietly, not looking amused*
Eric: "I'm alright, my wounds a lot better, even if you did try to poke my jugular with that needle!"
Susan: "wha?... i didn't!" *gigles, then whispers* "or maybe i lost my balance ina clumsy attempt to grope you;" *sihs* " if only you would let me from the start..."
Trent: *clears his throat, disapprovingly*
Allison: *Digs her nails painfully into Trent's arm and glowers across the selection of food* "Maybe we should go back to learning more about 'you' "
Peter: "she's just kidding, Trent. you should have seen what she told me while we were going here."
Trent: *is not comforted by this*
Eric: "Well.. I was missing a lot of blood at the time. And you did try to kill me!" *smirks*
Susan: *sighs* "that was not what happened, but anyway... " *pulls out a book* "so, what else do you guys wnat to know about me?"
Allison: "Everything"
Trent: "Start with what you did to help the Slayer."
Susan: "well, we sort of had this group-there was a Hellmouth in our town, and we sort of protected it from opening. we helped her fight and mostly supported her too. even a Slayer can use people she can rely upon you know."
Trent: "We know."
Allison: "We know"
Peter: *cannot help but smile at how cute they looked answering like that together*
Loretta: *is too busy glaring at Susan when she isn't looking to notice anything cute!*
Allison: "That still doesn't tell us a whole about you yourself."
Trent: "Yeah; what are your skills? Research?"
Susan: *starts reading through the book, leaning backgwards and supporting herself to Peter's shoulder, while Peter confused and pondering wether to push her away* "well, i understand; i can research stuff-oh, we did that all the time in my old group!- and i also have photogaphic memory."
Trent: *looks at Peter, since she isn't paying attention anyway* "Well, that's great, but i really don't think we'll have much for you to help with. What we go after tends to be real big, and we've got plenty of help on the research."
Loretta: *nods in agreement with Trent's words, cheering up just a bit*
Susan: "really?... i bet i am harder to kill than most of you, and i really doubt anyone here is smart enough to even know who Worf was."
Trent: "Are you good with weapons?"
Peter: "well, i dont think we should jump into conclusions; she is a half demon so we could use someone with her physique anyway. thats kinda self-evident." *sighs and pushes her away, obviously feeling uncomfortable*
Susan: "i have dusted some vampires in my time, although with help usualy..."
Eric: *Shrugs* "I don't see how knowledge about the next generation will help us fight demons, but everyone knows worf."
Trent: "I just don't know how much we need someone tough enough to stand in something's way."
Trent: "Unless she can deal out some damage too."
Allison: "We aren't exactly safe company to keep at the moment..."
Susan: "it was a manner of speaking. plus you never mentioned your names?..."
Trent: "Trent."
Loretta: "I'm Loretta."
Susan: 'besides, i think i can fight most of you; Peter here seems strong, and maybe Trent, but i bet i can beat up most of the others; especialy the two kids."
Allison: "Allison"
Eric: "Hey!"
Susan: "i guess i am a kid too so its kinda hard to understand this..."
Loretta: "Lady, you have no idea what you're talking about."
Eric: "I'll have you know Loretta would wipe the floor with anyone!"
Susan: "OK, sorry for calling you two kids. i am technicaly a minor too, but like i said, I bet i can defeat most of you."
Susan: "so why do you doubt wether i can contribute to combat?"
Trent: "You talk tough, but you still haven't mentioned any weapons training."
Trent: "Tough isn't quite enough to keep up with us."
Allison: "This isn't just some little club dedicated to hunting bad things, it's our family, we're protective of it"
Susan: "i understand; but, am i really the weakest link in combat? are you sure of it? i am fast and can survive ccar crashes that could kill most humans.And like i said, I'm by default one of the best book grils you'd hope for."
Trent: "We can give you a try; but you're not going on patrol until we've seen what you can do, in the dojo or otherwise."
Peter: "that is correct; maybe you and Loretta could have a spar or something."
Allison: "All of that doesn't mean a lot to me, what means more is what kind of person you are, what you want out of life, out of this whole demon hunting thing. Those are the things i find important, and the truth is, I just don't know you at all beyond this short talk."
Allison: "So I need to know you a lot better before I can say one way or another if I'd think you could help us."
Susan: *gets serious* "what you now said, Allison, is more than acceptable and perfectly true. i dont have to be part of you right now; i do hope to meet with you from time to time though, and maybe you will see for youself and judge."
Susan: "plus, what about this dojo?..."
Peter: "oh, i kinda... have a dojo. some of us train here i guess."
Eric: *Leans very close to Loretta and whispers* "I like how she says she needs to get to know someone thoroughly and entirely before knowing if they'll do well with us, after marrying Trent a month after they met."
Loretta: *smirks and whispers back* "Maybe she needs to sleep with her?"
Trent: *narrows his eyes at Eric and Loretta* "Enough."
Peter: "well, what about you, Eric and Loretta? you didnt tell us what you think."
Loretta: "I'm with Trent; i don't think we need her."
Eric: *Shrugs* "I dunno, I mean those nights of researching are pretty dull, so if we've got someone volunteering for that, don't bother me."
Loretta: "Hmph. You mean someone volunteering to keep you entertained on research nights."
Susan: *giggles* "I have no problem with that idea."
Loretta: "You seem like the type."
Trent: "Loretta."
Loretta: "What? Just calling it like i see it."
Peter: *sighs* "seriously. i think its best if we just exchange our phone numbers and figure this out at some other point. no need to jump into conclusions."
Susan: *to Loretta* "excuse me?"
Loretta: *gives her an unflinching stare-down* "I said. You look. Like the type."
Susan: *angry* "i think i'll be regreting not taking that spar with you in the dojo afterall." *sighs, then to Trent* "is this about me being a minor? i think you have other minors too..."
Trent: "They're family."
Allison: "Loretta enough. And, Susan." *Turns to look at her* "If you really want to join us, it will mean learning restraint on certain impulses, it's a requirement for all of us. You can't just say and do anything that pops into your head" *Glances at Loretta and Eric too*
Susan: "sorry. i guess i just thought it was harmless." *to Eric and Peter* "was i too intrusive?...were you offended?"
Peter: "i know you were just kidding... just, it was kind of intrusive."
Eric: *Shrugs, considering bringing up Allison's own past and the way she once acted, but decides he's not quite ready to be buried*
Loretta: *crosses her arms and looks displeased, but keeps quiet*
Susan: "ok; i'll leave now if you want, and i'll leave you my phone number, just in case?"
Peter: *whispers to Loretta* "you alright?"
Loretta: *just glares at Peter*
Allison: *Nods* "Alright, i think we can agree to at least stay in touch? And if we can use your help we'll let you know" *Looks at Trent*
Peter: *mouths off* "whats wrong?... is it..." *nods to susan with discretion*
Loretta: *gives him an unmistakable 'duh' look*
Trent: *nods in agreement with what Allison said*
Susan: "i sure hope so..." *writes down her phone number a couple of times, leaving it near there and getting up* "so... i guess i'll see ya."
Trent: "Good to meet you again, Susan."
Peter: *makes an honestly sad look, wandering how he can apologise; does not make any motion to pick up any of the two papers with her phone number at all*
Peter: *to Susan* "bye."
Eric: *Waves after Susan and picks up the phonenumber to store then putting it back, shrugging*
Peter: *takes a deep breath* "sooo... who cooked?this stuff seems delicious."
Peter: "i know, Allison did, but i was just empahsizing."
Trent: *enters the number into his phone as well* "Yup; she overdid it a bit, but it's always good."
Eric: "Good point" *Takes two cupcakes at once* "Needs more cupcakes, less sandwiches"
Loretta: *still brooding* "I don't like that chick."
Peter: "Well we'll see how it goes.In a way i dont like her either, just figured we should have a good idea of any supernaturals in our home turf."
Trent: "We need to see what she can do either way."
Trent: "She wasn't real forthcoming, so either she's bluffing about how useful she could be, or she's hiding something."
Peter: *shrugs* "hence why i proposed for her to spar with loretta; maybe we could leant if she was hiding some super strength or something."
Loretta: "I would be GLAD to find her weak points."
Peter: :Ok, before i eat too much, i think i'm gonna be just fine with the few things i ate; see, what with knowing about the beach, i came prepared to go for a swim!" *winks*
Peter: "I'll eat right before the time instead.we already had breakfast afterall."
Allison: *Nods gently* "The weather does seem pretty nice"
Peter: "so who else is coming?"
Allison: *Waits to see what everyone is doing before deciding*
Eric: "Guess i will, just gotta change in my car"
Loretta: "...I'll go..." *strips down to her suit right there*
Peter: *is ready clothes-wise too and starts walking towards the sea, knowing some will follow*
Allison: *Nods* "I'll come too. *Get's up to take off her summer dress and fold it neatly into a bag to keep it sand free* "There's towels in Trent's car afterwards"
Trent: *naturally watches Allison undress*
Trent: *stays back though, preferring to keep a watchful eye on the beach*
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Re: Sunday, November 23rd

PostPosted by Pyriel » Sat Jun 12, 2010 7:59 pm

[Peter] *at some point that the two murphies are swimming further away for some reason, he swims towards Loretta* "sorry for that."
[Loretta] "Sorry for what, bringing some random person and telling her what we're all about?"
[Peter] "no. i stand by that decision, this was how this group was formed from what i gather. maybe we wouldnt even have met were it not for that."
"sorry for... her behaviour and how it might have hurt you."
[Loretta] "It didn't hurt me, she was just annoying!"
[Peter] *makes a small dive just to wet his hair then comes back up ina couple of seconds* "dont misunderstand me, you look very cute when slightly jealous... just, i dont like you to fel bad, thats all. look at the bright side."
[Loretta] "Who says i'm jealous? I just don't like her. Should i be jealous?"
[Peter] "should you? you tell me. I cant like her like I like you, obviously... "
"i mean, thats absurd and i think you know that. But should you be jealous?... i get jealous sometimes, so i guess its alright for you... but i just think you should look at the bright side."
[Loretta] "Which is?"
[Peter] *winks* "when we hopefuly meet this evening, you can totaly force me to make it up to you." *throws her some water, playfuly*
[Loretta] *dodges out of the way of the splash* "Good luck. I'd have to sneak out to avoid an audience."
[Peter] *smiles* "while i like that you'd want to do such a think with me, i wouldnt really like you to start sneaking out, if possible... i have a question though. "
[Loretta] "What?"
[Peter] "do you really think having supervision would ruin everything? i mean, at first i didnt know if you meant it as meetup or date, but even so... I think if we had small privacy, like some mere distance, it could still be nice. did we cross any line at the dinner, per se?"
"and i dont believe supervision will go on forever; its just a patience thing i think."
[Peter] "how do you feel about our proposed meeting this evening? i think it can still be feel very nice despite being supervised."
[Loretta] "Doesn't it make you mad? That they don't trust us?"
[Peter] "it does. afterall, dont you think i'd like to meet with you alone?... just... i think they're scared, and worried. if they didnt do this, then they'd feel really awkward if they let us..."
[Loretta] *smirks* "Yeah, i guess it would.
[Loretta] "Still, it really isn't fair. i could go out and meet all kinds of random guys, and they wouldn't even know, but since you're a friend, they're all judgmental about it."
[Peter] *takes a sad expression for a small moment* "you have no idea how unfair it sometimes feels to me too. still, it doesnt change the fact that , in about ten hours from now, we get to surf again and lie down on the beach together; I know it will be weird because someone will be watching, but its still our thing.""we just have to, like, be less physical i guess. i can see the unfairness in that... but isnt it much better than nothing?"
[Loretta] *starts to get uncomfortable* "I don't know; when you say it like that, it sounds like a bad idea."
[Peter] "why? because its a compromise? its not compromise at all; its *patience*, and i remember many fun and nice times we had without getting too physical. we could have that if only we stopped talking now and tried at evening, you'd see."
[Loretta] "You just make it sound serious; like we've gotta wait for something. I just wanted to have fun."
[Peter] "i thought we could have fun-cant we?"
[Loretta] "I'm afraid it will turn into something weird again."
[Loretta] "And then comes the drama from everyone else.":
[Peter] "only, thats why the supervision exists" *winks* "it offers a weird-protected environment in a way. imagine how funny it would be if it actualy helps.""it would mean we get to meet with no drama."
[Loretta] "And if we make any mistakes, we get Trent and Allison all uptight about it."
[Peter] "I dont know, i dont think they are as unreasonable as you might think...thats the reason why i like this deal, because it can help. tell you what; i'll be there, and if you wnat you can come. I promise it will be nice. now if you dont want, not much i can do." *smiles*
[Loretta] "Just don't take it personally if i don't, ok? We have to patrol later anyway."
[Peter] "well, it would make it even easier if Trent would come too then. but even so, i wont be mad if you dont show up. I'd really like it if you did though."
[Loretta] "So are we going to do this spell thing, or what?"
[Peter] *laughs* "alright, alright, we go eat a bit, then we do the spell."
*starts swimming to the shore*
[Loretta] *beats him there!*
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Re: Sunday, November 23rd

PostPosted by Solar_Dawn » Tue Jun 22, 2010 9:20 am

*Swims around for a while after changing in private and dives down several times to try and find cool stuff in the water, but after a mere 30 minutes he comes back out limping a little and looking mournful. "Damn jellyfish, I got stung by one that must have been.... This big..." *Holds his hands two feet apart*

*Swims around quite contently for a while, though her eyes stay fixed on Loretta a lot, almost deciding to just swim up right in the middle of her conversation with Peter. But manages to restrain herself by a hair and she soon realizes she's actually missed swimming a lot, not having done so in a long time.*

*Having such fun swimming around and searching out the largest waves it takes her a moment to realize she's the only person not back yet, and quickly heads out of the water too to walk back to the group, frowning slightly at the look on her husband's face and nudging him gently* "Are you awake honey?"
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Re: Sunday, November 23rd

PostPosted by hippie_mama » Tue Jun 22, 2010 9:30 am


Trent had been alternating keeping a careful eye on the beach, and keeping a careful eye on Peter and Loretta, until they returned. Then he contented himself with simply watching his wife from a distance, which he considered a fair break from his guard duties. His awareness of the outside world gradually melts away, until he's no longer aware of where the others even are...all he sees is a vision of wet, blond beauty.

Allison wrote:"Are you awake honey?"

"Hm? Oh, yeah. Sorry. I just saw a goddess walk out of the waves, and i got a bit distracted."
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Re: Sunday, November 23rd

PostPosted by Solar_Dawn » Tue Jun 22, 2010 9:37 am

*Smiles affectionately at Trent while wrapping a very large fluffy beachtowel around herself before sitting down next to Trent and leaning affectionately against him, kissing his cheek before turning to Peter*
"So how do I do this spell?"
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Re: Sunday, November 23rd

PostPosted by Pyriel » Tue Jun 22, 2010 9:45 am

[Peter] *gets some components from his bags and starts explaining* "... like i said, all in all, I think you will find you are more than up to the task." *hands the things over, secretly hoping its not the initiative after him afterall, hence hoping it wasnt his presence that endangered his friends*
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Re: Sunday, November 23rd

PostPosted by Solar_Dawn » Tue Jun 22, 2010 10:01 am


*Tries to take in everything Peter is saying, and follow his directions very carefully, but feeling very silly while doing so.*

Gonna spend my free daily drama point just to make sure my first spell ever doesn't blow up in my face.
OOC: = 17 + 10 from Drama point = 27
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Re: Sunday, November 23rd

PostPosted by verdilak » Tue Jun 22, 2010 10:20 am

As Allison casts the spell, chanting during the sun's zenith, the light of the sun seems to focus only on Peter with the rest of the world turning dark. The only light around is shining down on Peter in a column of sunlight. Peter's body rises up into the air a few meters and while his body shakes and jerks as though he was flat-lining and was being hit with panels, his entire lifestory comes flooding back into his brain.

After a good 30 minutes of chanting from Allison, the sun moves out of position as the world around you guys goes back to its bright, warm self. Peter drops to the ground heavily and while he is still just starting to get his bearings on his past and what he knows now, a very strong vision from the Powers That Be shoves him down into the sand, hard, from the force of it.

Peter, you see Initiative Commandos watching your group right now only a dozen feet away, you see others nearby with caged demons ready to unleash them on your group, and lastly you see a command tent where there are pictures of everyone in the group with red X's over each face except yours, which has a circle. You can hear someone, whose voice rings of authority, "No, do not move on the civilians until the asset alerts them to our presence. But make no mistake gentlemen, I want that asset by 22 hundred."
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Re: Sunday, November 23rd

PostPosted by Pyriel » Tue Jun 22, 2010 10:57 am


Peter is shocked at his lifestory. He remebers the way the Initiative treated him, his first visions, the way he found his friends... He is overall overwhelmed at the importance of his later decisions. As he thinks of his only option, a tear runs down his cheek.
"Damn... now that was a 'shoking truth' moment." *pauses* "I...I..." *starts trembling just a little bit* "I received a vision... I need to leave this town. I need to go find my family. I am sorry... they need me right now. I must leave today, right before night falls. Trust me on this." *very matter-of-factly* "I did not choose that, but it is true. Everyone has their fight, and this one is mine."
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Re: Sunday, November 23rd

PostPosted by hippie_mama » Tue Jun 22, 2010 11:32 am


Loretta sat quietly during the spellwork and resisted the urge to do or say anything during the theatrics.

She can't keep quiet when Peter mentions leaving again, though.

"Your family? I thought you didn't--nevermind. Ok. Well, can I help you pack at least?" She tries really hard not to look or sound upset; she just hopes he'll explain things to her, and knowing him, thinks the chances of that will be better if they're alone.
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Re: Sunday, November 23rd

PostPosted by Pyriel » Wed Jun 23, 2010 9:06 am

* places his hand on Trent's shoulder* "...I know you'll do great good here, man.But i *must* leave-that cannot change no matter what i'd want. Good thing that i leave this place in good hands."

*listens to Loretta*
"... sure. That would be very nice. I dont know if i'll be able to see you guys after i leave afterall...saying goodbye would be helpful for both of us..."
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Re: Sunday, November 23rd

PostPosted by hippie_mama » Wed Jun 23, 2010 9:27 am


Trent simply nods at Peter's words. If a man says he's got a battle to fight somewhere else, he wasn't one to argue. Especially if family was involved.

However, he's not so sure about Loretta 'helping' Peter, or the two of them 'saying goodbye' at a more private location. His fatherly instincts definitely protest. He clearly remembered how it was the last time Peter left though, and he knows how Loretta gets...

"Just be back in time for dinner, Loretta. Don't delay him too long; he has things to do."
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Re: Sunday, November 23rd

PostPosted by Pyriel » Wed Jun 23, 2010 9:32 am


"That is correct; i should be leaving at some point, so I think Loretta will be there for dinner, or at least i will be totaly irrelevant to any delay."
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Re: Sunday, November 23rd

PostPosted by hippie_mama » Wed Jun 23, 2010 9:44 am


Trent throws Peter his truck keys, "You can leave it at your place, but don't waste any more time."
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Re: Sunday, November 23rd

PostPosted by Solar_Dawn » Wed Jun 23, 2010 10:28 am


*Gives Trent a look of deepest disapproval she can muster and it takes a moment before she can move at all, getting up and folding up the towel to put her dress again*
"You have your phone with you right Lorrie? You can call me when you need to be picked up, I want to do some major grocery shopping tonight, and you can help me carry some of the heavier things on the way back. I'll also bring Trent along so he can bring his car back"
*Turns to look back at Peter, considering what to say for a moment, feeling she has to say 'something'*
"Family 'is' most important, i can certainly understand that. I hope it works out for you."
She picks up some of the things from the picnic and starts packing it into her own car.

*Sneaks away from his sister, not wanting to be caught in that storm, and turns to Peter instead*
"Well eh Pete, it's been short but sweet? Best of luck to you, we'll hold down the fort here. Maybe we'll see you again sometime."
*Holds out his hand for Peter*
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Re: Sunday, November 23rd

PostPosted by Pyriel » Wed Jun 23, 2010 10:38 am


*to Allison*"It is; Only makes what you people have here all the more important.You are a cornerstone of that. Thank you."

*shakes Eric's hand* "You have potential dude. you'll see it in due time. I think we would have become good friends in time. Take care."
*sighs; Trent's car keys in his hand* "well, time to go Lorrie." *to the others* "I said she'll be back in time, and a promise is a promise."
*walks towards the truck if/when Loretta follows*
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Re: Sunday, November 23rd

PostPosted by hippie_mama » Wed Jun 23, 2010 10:44 am


Loretta bends down to grab her phone from the pocket of her jeans, and holds it up to show Allison, "Yup, i've got it!" then she runs off, still in her swimsuit, and jumps into the truck.


Trent silently gathers up the rest of the picnic items, and the remnants of the spell components, and loads them into Eric's and Allison's cars, expecting a long and painful ride home.
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Re: Sunday, November 23rd

PostPosted by hippie_mama » Mon Jun 28, 2010 5:50 pm

[Allison] *Starts up her car and starts driving slowly towards home, letting eric go ahead and occasionally glancing at the beach*

[Trent] *sits quietly and tries not to fidget, not used to being the passenger*

[Allison] "You know... I 'thought' we agreed to watch her wherever she goes, patrolling or normal life alike. In fact, I rather remember it being your who brought it up.."

[Trent] *nods* "You remember correctly..."

[Allison] "So where exactly did this plan turn into letting her go back to a Peter who's leaving again.."

[Trent] "I...he's leaving. Probably for good this time. I thought we'd never hear the end of it if she didn't get to say goodbye."

[Allison] "What if she breaks down again? Decides to cope by running off into something dangerous, or going to her pirate friend again. What if Peter convinces her to go with him somehow? What if I find her in a few hours heart broken again? She could've said goodbye in a better situation.."

[Trent] "Eh..."

[Allison] *Smirks* "I think the words you're looking for are 'I love you darling, you're beautiful and wise, and I'll consult first next time', right?"

[Trent] *nods*

[Allison] *Reaches out to take his hand and pull it away from his fidgetting and squeezing it affectionately* "You really don't like being the passenger do you?"

[Trent] "I'll learn."

[Allison] "Well, you can drive whenever it's possible. So, what did you think about Peter's ordeal?.."

[Trent] "Weird. But it's Peter. I'm sure there's more to it than he's saying, but it's probably not a good idea to press him about it."

[Allison] "I can't have like... Done the spell wrong can I?"

[Trent] "I don't know...since when can you do those at all, anyway?"

[Allison] "I don't know.. Peter was the one who said I had a magical aura..."

[Trent] "You don't look or smell any different to me, but it's not my area of expertise i guess. Any idea where it came from?"

[Allison] "None, though, It seemed to start around the time we got married, maybe it's just.. Happiness shining through?"

[Trent] "Maybe..." *seems quietly concerned*

[Allison] *Pulls into the driveway but doesn't move to get out, instead taking Trent's hand again* "What is it?"

[Trent] "There's just a lot of things i still don't know much about. And this is kind of new."

[Allison] *squeezes his hand gently* "And we'll figure it out together"

[Trent] *quickly corrects himself* "Not that it's a bad thing. and exciting?" *grins in a way that reveals he's trying really hard to be positive, but is unsure*

[Allison] *Frowns and leans over to kiss his cheek* "Please don't worry, it'll be alright." *Nudges him gently* "Will you feel better if i let you do a complete examination?"

[Trent] "I think that's the only responsible thing we can do, given the situation."

[Allison] *Smirks and hops out of the car* "Naturally"

[Trent] *follows her into the house!*
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Re: Sunday, November 23rd

PostPosted by Solar_Dawn » Wed Jun 30, 2010 2:28 pm

[Allison] *Has made sure to take along and wash loretta's clothes, and bring along some new ones for later when they pick her up, before returning to the bedroom* "You know, I was thinking..."

[Trent] *gives her a worried look* "Yeah..?"

[Allison] "We still don't know who's after us exactly, or what Peter saw... We didn't learn much at all really.."

[Trent] "True. But i figure if he's going to tell anyone, he would have told Loretta today."

[Allison] "Maybe, but if he's still there when we get there, maybe you can talk to him too? Not sure if she'll have asked the right questions."

[Trent] "I'll give it a try."

[Allison] *Glances over at the mirror and ponders for a moment* "Maybe I'll let my hair grow long again.."
[Allison] "It was mostly a bother when you're a cop, long hair tends to get in the way, but... With things as they are...."

[Trent] *refuses to comment on her appearance, knowing a trap when he sees one!*

[Allison] "But I kind of liked it better long, what do you think?"

[Trent] "I...think you should do whatever you want with it."

[Allison] *Smirks and pokes one of his feet* "It's alright to give an opinion you know, anyway, I'm going to take a shower, then we'll get ready to pick up loretta?"

[Trent] "Yup."

[Allison] *Heads into the shower, and staying inside for about 10 minutes, before opening the door on a crack* "ehm, honey... I think this magic thing is starting to do things on it's own... sorta.."

[Trent] "Uh...things?"

[Allison] *Steps out of the shower already dressed in a light blue dress, and her wet blonde hair reaching down to below her shoulders, frowning slightly but not looking all that displeased either*

[Trent] "That's...interesting..."

[Allison] "I don't know what happened, I was just showering and thinking about growing my hair long again, and then when I looked in the mirror... it had"

[Trent] "I'm sure it's nothing to worry about." *doesn't seem convinced himself*

[Allison] "Well, it doesn't seem harmful, I mean, it just helped me do something i wanted to, without having to wait months, right?"

[Trent] "Right, careful what you wish evil on, i suppose."
]Trent] *fidgets slightly*

[Allison] *Sits down next to Trent and puts an arm around him* "Well, it's probably just something you learn to control after a bit, like you did?"

[Trent] *frowns* "Hope it's not that much trouble."

[Allison] *Kisses his cheek softly* "Don't worry about me, I'm sure it'll work out. And you promised not to worry so much, I held up my end of the bargain! Now let's go and pick up Loretta?"

[Trent] *pulls on his pants, ready instantly, just like a man!*

[Allison] *Glances at the mirror once slightly vainly, and spins around on the spot for Trent* "So, whatya think?"

[Trent] "It's nice."

[Allison] *Picks up her car keys and hands them to Trent* "I'll meet you downstairs, just gonna grab a dress for Loretta to bring"

[Trent] "Alright." *heads down to the car, silently wondering why it takes women so long to leave the house*
[Trent] *leans against the side of the car and smokes a cigarette while he waits*

[Allison] *Comes back down after 5 minutes with an improvised grocery list and a dress for Loretta, kissing his cheek and hopping into the passengers seat*
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Re: Sunday, November 23rd

PostPosted by Pyriel » Thu Jul 08, 2010 5:15 pm

[Peter] *starts driving to his place*
*speaks after a bit, having calmed down from the vision an noticing something* "um... Loretta, you kinda forgot your clothes...
"well, not that I'm complaining..."
[Loretta] *looks down at herself as though she hadn't noticed* "Oh; well i'm sure someone will pick them up."
[Loretta] *the silence having been broken, finally blurts out what she'd been thinking about* "What did you mean by 'family'?"
[Loretta] "You didn't like...remember you have a wife and kids, did you?"
[Peter] "...wha? don't you think i'd have told you? " *seems so surprised he cant help but smile*
"we've shared a lot afterall."
[Loretta] " did just remember everything, right?"
[Peter] "yes, but before my amnesia, we were still very close. i dont think i would ever play you or lie to you like that..."
[Loretta] *shrugs* "Maybe you had pre-amnesia amnesia! I dunno..."
[Peter] *grins* "are you jealous?cause its kinda cute-not to mention distracting with the suimsuit you wear... and no, i was never married, nor do i have kids ."
[Loretta] "Too bad. I'd make a good home-wrecker." *sticks her tongue out to show she's kidding*
[Peter] *laughs* "well, probably. given the fact that i would never want to leave this place if i had a choice. It's not like i wanna lose you you know..."
[Loretta] *gets serious* "How long will you be gone?"
[Peter] "I... don't know. I am thinking of something, but I'll probably be able to tell you more about it once we get home."
[Loretta] "Ok."
[Peter] "um..." *changes the subject* "I was thinking what to do about the dojo..."
[Loretta] *listens*
[Peter] "I mean... maybe i should sell it?"
[Loretta] "You're leaving for real..."
[Peter] "Not my choice. I must leave to go defend my family." *pauses, mouthing a 'shh' that wont be heard over any surveillance* "It will be alright. I dont know if its gonna be permanent, its just gonna be really long time, probably."
*parks near his place*
[Loretta] *nods silently, but is a mess of conflicting emotions*
[Peter] *as the car has stopped, attempts to give her a passionate kiss to make it better, before getting out of the car*
[Loretta] *kisses back, but is still bothered* "You realize this is all really weird. But then, i guess that's unavoidable, considering." *follows him inside*
[Peter] "Well, i do. " *stops* "To be honest , I think it is kind of redundant, helping me pack... I always keep a suitcase ready just in case. Habit from Boot Camp i guess, as normal military must be ready to depart."
"It's just, well... I ... kinda wanted to see you since you offered. I guess sorry about that."
[Loretta] "I just thought you'd talk more if we were alone."
[Peter] *remembers what he learnt that soundwaves from running water mess with bugs' signal * "I actualy can, but i'd like to relax some. shower maybe? will get salt out of our bodies..."
[Loretta] *grins slyly* "Of course; we should also be environmentally responsible, and conserve water."
[Peter] *grins* "you thinkin' what I'm thiking? thats my girl..." *gets undressed and goes to the bathroom*
[Loretta] *follows his lead*
[Peter] *as water is running quite close to their faces* "I'll try to be explain what i can and is harmless, alright?"
[Loretta] "Ok..."
[Peter] "Remember what we talked about when i had hit the mirror an cut myself?My family and how they love me?" (it was the initiative they talked about)
"yes or no?"
[Loretta] *raises an eyebrow suspiciously* "Of course."
[Peter] "well , they are kind of worried about me. I know i can be alright, but only if i leave." *as they are close, he whispers right in her ear and still close to running water, * "In some months, I will fake my own death and go to California.You get to visit from time to time, but i wont be part of the group anymore."
[Peter] *speaks normal again* "so dont worry; all will be alright."
[Loretta] *seems to understand that all too well, and squeezes her eyes shut, hoping to stop any tears from coming*
[Peter] *hugs her for comfort and caresses her hair* "we get this moment though. nothing will take it from us."
[Loretta] *hugs back, making up her mind that she's going to be really tough about this*
[Peter] *lets the bathtub flood* "OK, lets just sit here and relax a little, alright?"
[Loretta] *nods, pushing all the fear and sadness to the back of her mind, and makes the most of what's left of the day*
[Loretta] *wakes next to him, later* "I don't suppose there's any way i could go with you?"
[Peter] "While i would like that, my personal opinion is that the best for you would be to stay with your family-and I dont think we would be able to stay covert if they followed.It would be dangerous."
[Loretta] "Right...and the whole 'kidnapping' thing would certainly not be helpful to your cause...still, can you blame me for asking?"
[Peter] "well you wont be in age of consent in any states anyway for months."
[Loretta] "Yeah, yeah; always that! My life could be so much easier if i was just three years older..."
[Loretta] "Things would have been so different..."
[Peter] "so true." *kisses her* "well, there are some states when age of consent is 16, but still... plus we are not in them."
[Loretta] "It's not even just that--they should really update this Slayer nonsense! How are any of us supposed to get anything done while we're being treated like kids? It's ridiculous, is what it is." *obviously distracting herself from current happenings*
[Peter] "well, you wont always be a kid."
[Loretta] "Assuming i live that long."
[Peter] "don't even say that again. You will live long, and will be happy. dont forget how much things can change in just three months."
[Loretta] "Right. I just...i don't want to think about what's about to happen. I don't want to think about how i'm going to have to say goodbye to you so soon, or about patrolling tonight without you, and knowing you might never be here to watch my back again. I should have something poetic to say about that right now, and it's frustrating me that i don't!"
[Loretta] "Right. I just...i don't want to think about what's about to happen. I don't want to think about how i'm going to have to say goodbye to you so soon, or about patrolling tonight without you, and knowing you might never be here to watch my back again. I should have something poetic to say about that right now, and it's frustrating me that i don't!"
[Peter] *chuckles* "Well I'm in love with you in spite of that.I do have something poetic to say, but not in bed, and not when it's still just 16:00."
[Peter] "can i share with you a worry that i have regarding me leaving?"
[Loretta] *gives him a sincere look, like she'll listen and be serious for once*
[Peter] "A part of me is deeply worried about how the fact that we got so close and still got seperated might further discourage you. I guess what I'm trying to say is..."
"you're clever, youre beautiful, and there will be lots of boys in your life, and chances to end up happy, either with me or someone else. I dont want you to just give up on such a future just because we're unlucky."
[Loretta] *frowns*
[Peter] *hugs her, wanting so desperately to mend her heart and take away some of her sadness if possible*
"you can tell me."
[Loretta] "No matter how i choose to think about things, my 'future' is a very complicated subject. It's better not to consider all the possibilities."
[Peter] "Alright, thats not bad... you 'did' accept that its a possibility afterall." *winks*
[Loretta] *smiles a little* "I guess that's something...since when are you Mr. Optimism?"
[Peter] "since i met the girl that i love. We kinda hurt each other, you know, but i like, how we are right now."
[Loretta] *smile turns to a smirk* "Of course you do!"
[Peter] *raises an eyebrow* "like you don't!"
[Loretta] *puts her arms around him* "Of course i do. But it would be a lot easier if i didn't."
[Peter] "Easy is not always the best option." *kisses her* "I guess we of all people should know that; like, if we were bolder we would have had more moments like this."
[Loretta] "Yeah...i shouldn't have been so scared. It's easy now, because you'll be gone soon." *shrugs, apologetically*
[Peter] "I know... I shouldnt have left the first time either, probably. "
[Loretta] "Damn right you shouldn't have! But again with all the possibilities. Dangerous stuff, thinking on those."
[Peter] "live on today, true. Why be like that? I prefer to just pretend to watch TV but actualy make out with you."
[Loretta] "It's starting to get late..."
[Peter] "...probably. Why don't we... make the most of the last couple of hours and afterwards call the others so you are there in time for dinner?"
[Loretta] "Sounds like one of your better ideas."
[Peter] *kisses her while covering them witht he sheets*
[Peter] *starts getting dressed after some time* "hmm. I wonder... did a part of you wear that sexy bikini for my benefit?"
[Loretta] *also getting dressed, if you could call it that* "Well..."
[Peter] "... Looks good on you, and it was very nice as a thought. Thanks."
[Peter] *goes near her after she's finished* "so..."
[Loretta] "I think this is the awkward part."
[Peter] " 'I love you' is a hard thing to say... so... can I hold you close to me?"
[Loretta] *nods and makes an odd face, obviously trying not to cry*
[Peter] *hugs her * "There were girls I liked in my life... But none as important to me or as you. I never thought my feelings for a person could be so impulsive and so powerful." *gives her a very passionate kiss* "Everything i am. Everything i ever was. is yours."
[Loretta] *kisses back, and hugs back, but can't seem to think of anything to say for awhile* "I just...i don't know. Feel like i should keep trying. Like i shouldn't give up on stuff. That's all i've got..."
[Peter] "that's enough for me." *pauses* "don't forget what we said alright?" *winks* "never give up.never back down."
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Re: Sunday, November 23rd

PostPosted by hippie_mama » Thu Jul 08, 2010 5:18 pm

Trent: *drives to Peter's!*
Allison: *Spends the time occasionally running a hand through her new long hair, and seems quite happy with it*
Peter: "so... i think this was pretty much one of the best days in my life, if not the best."
Peter: "sad that i have to leave. I guess the others are going to get here soon though."
Loretta: "Yeah..."
Trent: *pulls up to the building* "You want to stay here or go in?"
Allison: "I'll come along, Loretta will need a place to change anyway"
Allison: *Grabs the dress she brought along for loretta and get's out of the car to follow Trent*
Trent: *goes up to the door of the apartment and knocks*
Peter: *sighs* "well, here they are." *attempts to give her one last quick kiss before going to open the door*
Trent: "Hey."
Peter: *smiles* "hey. how are you guys?"
Trent: "We're good. You all set?"
Peter: "... i guess. or, as ready as i can ever be."
Allison: *Nods* "Not bad.. I brought Loretta something to wear other then swimming clothes"
Trent: "You need a ride anywhere?"
Peter: "Um... i dont think that would be a good idea."
Peter: "maybe you could get me to the park though?..."
Trent: "Sure. You want to go right now, or should i take the girls home first?"
Allison: "The girls will be going shopping because you and eric keep emptying the fridge at an alarming rate"
Peter: "I dont know, maybe get them home?" *looks at Allison and Loretta*
Peter: "...oh." *waits to see how Loretta is handling all this*
Loretta: *is just hanging back inside and being quiet*
Peter: "cool. hey Loretta, wanna go shopping with Allison?"
Peter: "Trent is gonna drop me off somewhere in the you understand..."
Loretta: "Right. Bye i guess." *frowns before slipping past him to get through the door*
Peter: "goodbye, probably..."
Allison: *Glances back at Peter for a moment* "Goodbye Peter, good luck finding your family" *And heads after Loretta*
Peter: "bye Allison." *grits his teeth, as if having been hit with a sledgehammer to the ribcage*
Loretta: *once past Trent too* "I want to walk."
Trent: "So...ok. Are you bringing anything?"
Peter: "my bag i think. but you'll only drop me off at the park, not far away. leave the rest to me, alright?..."
Allison: *Nods* "Alright, that's fine. We can walk."
Trent: "Sure."
Peter: *grabs his suitcase and walks to the truck slowly, stayiong still for justa few seconds right before he enters, thinking*
Trent: *once inside and having it started* "I'm not going to ask any questions. But if you want to say anything, i'll listen."
Peter: "let's just head there, alright?..." *seems sad and even more...scared of something*
Loretta: *walks pretty quickly, taking shortcuts through alleys and across streets and parking lots*
Trent: *nods and drives*
Peter: "... i think loretta better understood why i leave this time, compared to the previous one..."
Allison: *Follows along, and keeping a close eye on her, wanting to say a whole lot of things, but staying quiet for now*
Peter: "thanks for being understanding. i think you know more than you let show."
Trent: "The less you say, the safer usually."
Loretta: *stops abruptly once they get near the parking lot of the store* "I'm...not dressed for the store."
Peter: "You are right. I think i was mistaken not to patch things up with my family first..."
Allison: *Nods and smiles, holding up the dress* "I know, but you can put your dress on over what you're wearing?"
Trent: "Those things do tend to catch up to us."
Peter: "true. so... anythign to say before we say goodbye?"
Loretta: "Thanks." *takes it and pulls it on over her head* "Sometimes i just don't think about stuff like that."
Trent: "Nah. I think everything we've needed to say has been pretty clear."
Peter: "yes. i do wnat to revea one last thing though..."
Trent: "Alright."
Peter: "i think you deserve to know. just so you keep an eye on something and to realise what sort of problems could arise."
Peter: "I dont just have the hots for Loretta-thats why it was so hard to ignore her age. I... I love her. I just hope your knowledge of that cna help you surpass any difficulties that might arise when i leave due to awareness i guess..."
Trent: *nods* "Kinda figured. But thanks for telling me."
Allison: *Smirks and runs a hand through Loretta's hair affectionately* "That's what I'm here for right? So, do you wanna grab an icecream first or go straight to the supermarket?"
Peter: "...I don't know what i should do now. I thik you know I'm gonna miss you far more than i let you know; you are one of the most dependable persons i have ever met."
Trent: "I take that as a compliment. But i'm sure you'll figure it out."
Peter: "so... i guess this s goodbye for us?" *looks as they are there*
Trent: *stops at the park and holds his hand out to shake Peter's* "Been good knowing you, friend. Here's hoping we get to work together again sometime."
Peter: "you have no idea how much i hope for that... and perhaps we will work again someday. perhaps we will."
Peter: *shakes his hand*
Peter: "you were the most important friend of my life, in a way."
Loretta: "Don't really feel like it. Let's just get what we need."
Peter: *gets off the truck*
Trent: "Kick some ass, man."
Peter: "and take names, i will."
Trent: *drives to the store to meet the girls*
Allison: *Nods and takes Loretta into the store to get everything they need for a week or two*
Peter: *nods manly and leaves, taking advantage of public place to buy time as he attempts to escape and leave Serendipity*
Loretta: *follows Allison around absently*
Allison: *Brings back two shopping carts full of groceries towards the car, loretta pushing the heavier one*
Trent: *helps load the bags* "We having guests?"
Allison: "Nope, just a hungry husband and two teenagers"
Trent: "True..."
Allison: *Directs the other two in packing the cars before setting off to take Loretta home*
Loretta: *remains quiet and unreadable*
Allison: *get's out of the car when reaching home* "We can put all this away if you wanna go to your room to change "
Loretta: "I guess."
Allison: *waits untill Loretta is definitly out of earshot* "We'll clean all this up and give her a moment, then i'll go talk to her"
Trent: "Yup."
Peter: *a man is still walking away from town, having just dodged some few of his persuers, and steals a car and puts on the radio as a song plays:
Trent: *does as he's told!*
Loretta: *showers, changes into comfortable pajamas, and goes to bed*
Allison: *Waits untill everything is packed away. Before going upstairs and opening Loretta's door slightly to peer inside*
Loretta: *has the covers over her head*
Trent: *finds some minor repair work to keep busy with--kitchen cabinet knobs all need to be tightened! yeah!*
Allison: *Let's out a soft sigh and sneaks inside briefly to tidy up her clothes and staring at Loretta's form sadly* "Sweet Dreams sweetheart. If you want to talk at any time. Please just come to me."
Loretta: *muffled answer* "K."
Allison: *Smiles at her sadly but affectionately and sneaks out of Loretta's room to find Trent* "She's trying to sleep for now, which is probably best if she can."
Trent: *nods while he continues his work*
Allison: "What did Peter say?"
Trent: "Not much. I think i know what's going on, but it's better not to discuss. Eyes and ears everywhere, and all that."
Allison: "I just hope she'll be alright..."
Trent: "Of course she will. She's Loretta."
Allison: "She's also still a girl... Well, hopefully first day of school will take her mind of it.."
Trent: *chuckles* "You mean give her plenty of other problems to think about?"
Allison: *Smirks* "Something like that.."
Trent: "Should be interesting at least. You sure she's ready?"
Allison: "No, but they made it pretty sure it's in everyone's best interest if we want to keep her."
Trent: *nods* "Well, i know there's no way around it, but i wonder if there's anything more we can do for her."
Allison: "I know, me too. Never stopped wondering that. But can you think of something?"
Trent: "Not really."
Trent: "I could try and scare off all the boys, teachers, and mean girls, but that wouldn't leave much."
Allison: *Grins and stares at Trent affectionately, her mind briefly being drawn to something else before shaking it off and smirking* "Just the boys then?"
Trent: "Is it too late to enroll her in an all-girls school?"
Allison: "I'll check the internet tomorrow to see if there's one nearby... I think we should head to bed too, I wantto be up early tomorrow to make breakfast and make sure she's doing alright."
Trent: "Wait, bed without dinner?" *seems appalled!*
Allison: "Oh right... I'll make you a steak.. Got some pretty good ones at the market"
Trent: *grins*
Allison: *Makes Trent a nice juicy steak, before heading upstairs to bed, but stopping first to listen at Loretta's door
Allison: *
Loretta: *sniffles intermittently, but is otherwise quiet*
Allison: *Frowns, feeling her heart ache and heads downstairs to collect a box of soft tissues and heading back into Loretta's room to put it down next to her bed* "Here honey.."
Loretta: *pokes arm out from the covers to reach blindly*
Allison: *Takes out a few tissues and placing them carefully in Loretta's hand*
Loretta: *blows nose*
Allison: *Frowns at the lump that is loretta and sits down next to it carefully* "I'm sorry honey, I wish I could take away all your hurt.."
Loretta: "You'd have to kill me."
Allison: *Pulls the blankets down gently and puts an arm around Loretta affectionately* "Don't say that sweetie, it will get better eventually, I promise."
Loretta: "'Course it will. Everything always gets better." *said with extreme sarcasm*
Allison: *Runs a hand gently through Loretta's hair and tries to pull her gently into a hug* "I know honey, it's not fair.."
Loretta: *sits up* "So do i get to patrol alone, now that Peter's gone?'
Allison: *Shakes her head* "Trent's going to come along with you and help out"
Loretta: "Fine..."
Loretta: "I still protest though."
Allison: "I know you can take care of yourself. But i'd worry sick if anyone in my family was out alone."
Loretta: "Pfft, so it's better if two of us are out there, in harm's way? What if something happened to Trent? You'd never forgive yourself..."
Allison: "What if something happened to you while you were alone? I'd never forgive myself then. It's better to have someone to help you out. Two heads are better then one. And Trent can take care of himself."
Loretta: "Not as good as i can!"
Allison: "But better then the rest of us. And even you can use help now and again. But most of all I'd be worried sick all night long if anyone was out there alone. Please just let him help you, for my sake, not yours?"
Loretta: *shrugs* "Whatever."
Allison: *Nods* "Did you get something to eat yet, i can make you something if you're hungry."
Loretta: "Ugh. No thanks. Don't feel like it."
Allison: *Nods* "I'll get you a glass of water and you can try to get some sleep again."
Loretta: "I guess..."
Allison: *Sets off to get Loretta a fresh glass of water and putting it down besides her before tucking her in*
Loretta: *gives her a bit of an odd look, but doesn't protest*
Allison: "Sweet dreams honey, We'll see you in the morning." *Heads off to her own room*
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Re: Sunday, November 23rd

PostPosted by hippie_mama » Tue Jul 13, 2010 7:08 pm


Loretta lies still in bed until the house goes quiet. She then creeps across the floor to the closet to put on her 'going out (kicking ass)' clothes, and climbs out the window to the grass below.


Having left the house as soon as he heard Loretta stir in her bedroom, Trent waits below her window with a nearly-finished cigarette in one hand, and a mug of coffee in the other.


[Loretta] *straightens her clothes casually, trying not to look guilty* "Uh...yeah. Ready. That for me?" she nods to the coffee questioningly.
[Trent] *nods and hands her the cup* "Figured you might need some waking-up."
[Loretta] "Thanks. So where to?"
[Trent] "I think we should try the shipyard; haven't checked that part of town in awhile."
[Loretta] *nods and gets into the truck* "Good choice."

The two drive across town in relative silence until reaching their chosen area.

After a couple of hours ducking into shadows, jumping fences, and generally lurking about, they find nothing of note and decide to call it a night.

[Trent] *once back in the truck* "So, tomorrow is a big day."
[Loretta] "Guess so..."
[Trent] "It won't be so bad."
[Loretta] "No? Did you graduate?"
[Trent] "...well...not technically. I left when i turned 16, and got my GED so i could work full-time."
[Loretta] "Uh huh."
[Trent] "A high school diploma looks a lot better on a job application though."
[Loretta] "You didn't have too much trouble finding work..."
[Trent] *chuckles* "Do you have an aptitude for mechanics that we're not aware of?"
[Loretta] "...don't think so..."
[Trent] "And do you enjoy scrubbing toilets and sweeping floors?"
[Loretta] "Ick, no."
[Trent] "Well then..."
[Loretta] "I told Allison i'd try."
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