Saturday, November 22

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Saturday, November 22

PostPosted by hippie_mama » Tue Apr 27, 2010 6:26 pm

Early morning at Allison's residence, there is loud knocking to be heard.
Allison: *wrubs her eyes and nudges Trent with a foot* "Did you expect anyone this early?"
Trent: "No." *goes down to answer the door*
Allison: *Get's up too, and puts on some clothes first before going downstairs to hear what's happening there*
GM: You both can see through the blinds/shades that there is an officer at the front door, waiting patiently.
Trent: "I really hope this is about work..." *opens the door*
Trent: "Good morning, officer..."
GM: Officer: *looks uncomfortable* "Detective Murphy, I am sorry about this..." *eyes dart around as he is trying to find the right words* (can you give me a description what someone would see from the front door of the fortifications that Trent made)
Allison: *Makes sure she's got her own badge with her out of habit before walking up to Trent still a bit sleepy* "Sorry about what exactly?"
Trent: (just furniture in non-standard positions)
GM: (okay, didnt know if there moltov cocktails on the end tables or whatnot)
Trent: (nah, those are innocently arranged on the kitchen counter!)
GM: Officer: *sighs and just figures it is better to get it over with* "Do you have, at your residence, a young woman that matches the following description: " *gives Loretta's description*
Trent: *answers for her* "We do; is there a problem?"
Allison: *Frowns, not wanting to lie, it goes against everything she believes, but not wanting to get Loretta in trouble, and seems relieved Trent made the decision for her*
GM: Officer: "We have a report that she has been seen spending the majority of her time with an older man. While her being with an older man, since the report does not indicate that they have entered into a sexual relationship, does not give us cause to come here and speak with you this morning, the fact that this older man is keeping her from school does. Were you aware that this young woman, named Loretta, has not been inside of a classroom since she was first spotted in town? Were you also aware that her description matches the description of a young woman who engaged in a bar brawl a few months back? And I am also obliged to ask if you have any legally binding power over her, or if she is staying with you without her family's consent."
Trent: "We the process of locating her family. She isn't cooperating though. Allison did search missing persons for someone of her discription though; i'm sure you can confirm that there isn't one."
GM: Officer: *shrugs as if to say that that is not quite how it works* "If she is staying at this residence, you need to have permission from her family. Do you have anything to say about the other allegations?"
Allison: *Let's out a soft sigh, wondering how things got so bad, and briefly considering giving peter up* "Well... I've been working on getting some homeschooling.. or a tutor... She's not really a girl for school with all she's been through, you know how kids abandoned by their parents turn... It's a miracle she's such a sweet girl as she is.. As for the older man, she's into martial arts and tends to hang around a Dojo, helping out with the students and such in exchange for being allowed to use the facilities for free and some extra training... Who made these Allegations?
GM: Officer: *looks at his pad and paperwork* "I...I can't say Detective, you know how that works. The older man, he owns this dojo? Could give his name and place of business? And were you aware that the two of them were seen out on what appears to have been a date?" *Looks at Allison* "Is that the type of behavior you allow under your roof?"
Trent: "We're willing to cooperate; we just want her to be safe. Tell us what we can do."
GM: Officer: *flips a few pages* "Sir... I am sorry, the two of you are married, correct? What is your last name and Detective, did you take his name?"
GM: Officer: *tilts his head a little, and speaks as though it is an aside* "Congratulation by the way."
Allison: "Not yet... I've been really busy, And no, i'd never agree to that!"
Trent: "It's Skovajsa." *spells it out slowly* "First name is Trent."
Trent: "And we are aware that she gets into a lot of fights; we had hoped providing her a safe place to stay would help with that."
Allison: "But it's like you said... I can't control what she does, i'm not her legal guardian... I just.... There's so many kids out on the streets.... you know what happens to them... how most of them end up..... Even the ones taken by child protection services..... I just... Felt a connection to this girl, i'm trying to help her."
GM: Officer: *writes it down* "Mr. ... Skov...ha..J..saw... " *looks relieved to have said it somewhat correctly* "First, we will need you two and the young woman to come down to the station later today to make a statement and then DFS will step in. Oh, and the name of the older man and the address to his place of business?" *leans in and whispers* "Now, I'm not saying this, but if the girl were to find herself in school today and from now on, it will make things go much easier."
Allison: *Nods* "I'll do everything i can to get her into school first thing monday...."
GM: Officer: *looks at the papers again, then shakes his head* "Weekends come all too soon... Oh, we will have to question her about the fight since her description does match, and, well, you know what happens then."
Trent: *just nods*
Allison: "Alright... and thanks..."
GM: Officer: *waits for the name and address*
Allison: *nudges Trent*
Trent: *gives it to him* "You know, i think the dojo has been a good influence on her, really. She's been working with younger kids, and i think it's teaching her some patience and self-control." *trying really hard to put some positivity on this*
GM: Officer: *writes it down* "Sorry about all of this Detective... and if i may make another suggestion? Have her stop seeing this guy, because DFS will attack that like a dog with a pig's ear." *looks at Trent as he says this*
Allison: "I don't think she was ever 'seeing' him... Just.. we thought the Dojo would be a positive influence.... hopefully school will do the same..."
GM: Officer: *just nods, having gave his warning, turns around, and heads back to his cruiser*
Pyriel2: *wakes up, calls Trent, as he thinks the initiative might follow*
Trent: *puts an arm around Allison immediately after the cop leaves* "Worst case scenario: she's in the system and we have to work a little harder to get her back."
Pyriel2: *ring ring*
Allison: "Or she get's scared and runs off again..."
Trent: *answers* "Yeah?"
Trent: *aside from the phone* "You should talk to her right away then."
Pyriel2: "hey. everything fine here. how about there?..."
Trent: "Not so great, and there's cops on the way to your place: seems they're onto our little delinquent and want to ask all of us some questions."
Allison: *nods and heads upstairs slowly, trying to decide what to think*
Allison: what to say*
Pyriel2: "really?... well, they might hold our possible hostiles at bay due to publicity...guess i'm lucky i wasnt there. why, though?... what kind of questions?"
Trent: "Sounds like you've been seen together, so on your end, most of them will probably relate to that. Just be honest; we were."
Allison: *walks over to Loretta's door, and if the door isn't locked, opens it gently*
Loretta: *groans at the noise and pulls the blankets over her head*
Pyriel2: "... OK i guess. but how would they know that she lived there? how would they even know her?"
Trent: "There were a lot of cops at that wedding. All it would take would be a few questions."
Pyriel2: 'whoever saw her i mean.."
Trent: "They'd just have to match up a couple of descriptions; anyway, just a heads-up. We've got quite a bit to deal with over here, so good luck."
Pyriel2: "OK i guess. i am not as afraid of them as the other guys anyway."
Allison: *Sits down on Loretta's bed carefully and gently puts a hand on her form* "Loretta honey, you need to wake up for a moment.."
Trent: *sighs and sits down on the couch, thinking things over*
Loretta: "Ugh. Why?"
Allison: "Well... Don't freak out... But there was another police officer here asking a few questions about you..."
Pyriel2: Trent: "Sounds like you've been seen together,
Pyriel2: *goes and waits to answer questions, curious*
Loretta: *sits up* "I didn't do anything!"
GM: Peter, an officer shows up shortly and gets out.
Allison: "I know... They just wanted to ask a few simple questions..."
Loretta: *frowns* "But i didn't do anything--not lately!"
Pyriel2: *waits for the officer to come closer, seemingly unaware of possible questioning*
Allison: "Like if you'd been staying here... And they said someone had reported you hanging around an older man on what seemed like a date... We answered him, and I think it went alright... So I don't want you to worry too much... They just asked if we could come answer some questions today..."
GM: Officer: "Mr. Speirs?"
Loretta: "If it went alright, why do they want us to answer more questions?"
Pyriel2: "hi officer; that would be me. can i help you any?"
GM: Officer: "Are you the owner of this business?" *indicating the Dojo*
Allison: "Because they want to ask you a few questions too.... And you're not officially supposed to stay with us.... but that doesn't mean you have to worry too much"
Pyriel2: *frowns* "papers say i am, you should know. so?..." *behind a very calm face, he tries to hide his worry that maybe his documents were not as flawless?*
GM: Officer: "I see..." *writes something down*
Pyriel2: "is this building in any danger?"
GM: Officer: "Is there a problem of the building that i should be made aware of?" *wondering what this guy is getting at*
GM: Officer: *writes something else down*
Pyriel2: "i mean, why would you be asking me about this if not to worry about me and my students' safety? i know no problem, just... i am worried."
Pyriel2: "is this about possible earthquakes? i thought it was safe enough."
GM: Officer: "Students... Yes, are you the only one working here or do you have employees?" *whites something else down*
GM: Officer: "*gives a blank look at the question of earthquakes and writes some more*
Pyriel2: "well, i am the only one working here; of course, it is customary in martial arts that the best student helps with the dojo, so a student helps."
Loretta: "Are you guys going to be in trouble because i'm here?"
GM: Officer: "And who would these best students be?"
Allison: "No... I don't think so... Not if we talk about it calmly and then go to the station calmly and stick to our story..."
Pyriel2: "oh; that would be Loretta. a girl; she is really good. its like she lives for this stuff."
GM: Officer: "And what classes does she teach?"
Loretta: *frowns* "I shouldn't have stayed here." *eyes shift slightly as though planning something*
Pyriel2: "she assists,a nd sometime teaches alone, the beginners' class , and of course any classes with mostly girls. she practices in the advanced class for free as a reward."
GM: Officer: "I see... and when are these classes scheduled?"
Pyriel2: *gives him the proper schedule*
Allison: "Don't leave Loretta... Please... Give this a chance.. if it doesn't work, we'll help you get away ourselves..."
GM: Officer: "Ah, thank you." *writes some stuff down* "Mr. Speirs, where were you on the evening of the 19th?"
Loretta: *shakes her head* "I don't want you guys to be in trouble." *is really upset over that*
Allison: "We won't be... But honey.. If you leave now and don't show up, it won't do anyone any favors either... It's better we go there together.."
Pyriel2: "I was... i think i was with her; we were having dinner i suppose...I think the reason had to do with a friends' wedding being finaly ready."
Pyriel2: "she didnt cause any trouble, did she?"
GM: Officer: *writes this down* "Does she often cause trouble for you?"
Loretta: *nods tearfully*
Pyriel2: "no. but i have a policy that my students do *not* get involved in fights outside this dojo once they're in, or they leave."
GM: Officer: "I see... And the other names sir?"
Pyriel2: "of the students?..."
GM: Officer: "Of the other members at the dinner rehersal."
Allison: *puts her arms gently around Loretta, and unless she resists, pulls her in for an affectionate loving hug*
Loretta: *puts her head on Allison's shoulder and sniffles some*
Pyriel2: "it was not a rehearsal dinner.i never said that. but our friends wanted to stay alone and we had nothing to do; we chose not to stay in."
GM: Officer: "Do you often spend evenings alone with your students?"
Pyriel2: "well, we wouldnt be alone this time either if our friends didnt need... er... time alone i guess. "
Pyriel2: "it would be rude to bother them with that."
Allison: *holds on to Loretta gently, stroking her hair softly and trying to let all of her affection flow into the girl*
Pyriel2: *sits comfortably*
GM: Officer: "Were you employed by the.." *flips through his papers* "Skov...ha..J..saws... to watch Loretta for the evening?"
Pyriel2: "employed?... no. We just didnt want to stay in, like i told you."
GM: Officer: *writes that down* "Which restaurant did you dine at?"
Pyriel2: *gives him proper name* "there; i had made reservations the night before. "
Pyriel2: 'see, bachelor party happened kinda earlier; i giess the groom wnated next night, but i cannot be sure."
Pyriel2: "so... next night was blank, apparently."
GM: Officer: *looks at bit surprised that he admitted that* "Thank you sir. Please, do not leave town, we may have follow up questions for you."
Pyriel2: "of course."
GM: Officer: *gets back into his cruiser and drives off*
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Re: Saturday, November 22

PostPosted by hippie_mama » Tue Apr 27, 2010 7:29 pm


With Allison dealing with Loretta, Trent gets down to the business of making the house presentable to DFS caseworkers--he practically raised his little sisters in sometimes deplorable conditions, so he's no stranger to the agency, or the things they look for.

First is the most obvious: putting the furniture back in order. Fortunately, the Molotovs were made in a hurry and alcohol-based, so he simply pours those down the sink, rinsing well, and disposes of the bottles, taking them out with the household trash. Next, he locks up his pistol with Allison's and locks up the ammo separately. He gathers up the rifle and other weapons along with all other illegal substances, containers, and paraphernalia (just in case a worker drops by early), and tells Allison as he walks by Loretta's door, "Going shopping."

After that, he heads to a quiet section of the beach to smash, burn, and bury all illegal substances that were previously in the house, and everything that has come in contact with them, very near the water line. He also burns off any residual organic matter that may have been present on his array of melee weapons. Then he loads everything back into the truck, and does his shopping.

Trent purchases a locking gun cabinet, as well as an extra locking ammo box. He fills and locks both before returning home.
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Re: Saturday, November 22

PostPosted by hippie_mama » Thu Apr 29, 2010 2:43 am

[Loretta] *once Allison leaves, finds something respectable from the clothes she's borrowed from her, glad for once that she hadn't bothered with changing her hair again yet*

At the police station, there is an officer ready to take her into an office where two men sit, waiting for her. One of the men speaks, "I am Detective Eisenhower and this is Mr. Tweed, a Child Psychologist. Please sit, we have a few questions for you."

[Loretta] *works very hard at repressing a smirk, and sits, trying to be as polite about it as possible* "Hi..."
[Det. Eisenhower] "Can you please state your full name, just so that I am sure that I have it written down correctly?"
[Loretta] *folds her arms in front of herself reflexively, and hesitates, not wanting to, but does give her real name* "Loretta Nicole Miller."
[Det. Eisenhower] "Thank you. Now, you are here because we have concerns for your well-being. For example, where are your parents, or legal guardians?"
[Loretta] "I don't know my parents. My uncle was in Arizona the last time i saw him, but it's been almost 14 months. He moves a lot." *wants to say 'good luck with that' but doesn't*
[Det. Eisenhower] *frowns at that* "And what brought you to Serendipity from Arizona?"
[Mr. Tweed] "Was your uncle 'friendly' towards you?"
[Loretta] *hesitates far too long, trying to think of anything to say but 'i had a dream that i had to kill stuff here'--* "Gross! No. He just ignored me. Sometimes he moved without telling me."
[Mr. Tweed] "And he left you behind?"
[Det. Eisenhower] "Do you know your uncle's full name?"
[Loretta] "Randall Smith. I think his middle name starts with a K, but i'm not sure."
[Det. Eisenhower] "How did you meet Detective Murphy?"
[Loretta] "I was friends with her brother."
[Det. Eisenhower] "How did you meet Eric? I see no records of you having attended any classes here.."
[Loretta] *shrugs* "At a club. We'd just hang out."
[Det. Eisenhower] "Which club, exactly?"
[Loretta] "I can't remember: the one that makes minors wear pink armbands."
[Det. Eisenhower] "That would be Roxies then.. a bit of the rougher area of town.."
[Mr. Tweed] "What made you go there instead of someplace else?"
[Loretta] "'s fun? And people go there?"
[Det. Eisenhower] "How long had you been in town before you met with Detective Murphy's brother, Eric?"
[Loretta] "Six months, i think."
[Mr. Tweed] "Where were you staying? What were you doing for food and clothing?"
[Loretta] "Wherever. Sometimes the shelter, if it was cold."
[Mr. Tweed] *turns to the Detective, eyes blazing* "See Ron?! How long have I been telling you that the you men out there have their heads up their asses. Not even enough sense to see a young girl handing around the shelter to ask a few simple questions..."
[Det. Eisenhower] *gives a significant glance at Loretta and continues as though Mr. Tweed had not spoken* "How long was it after you met Eric did you meet Detective Murphy? And how long after that did you tell her of your homelessness?”
[Loretta] "I met her the same day i met Eric; she was mad because he didn't do his homework or something. And i'm not sure; i think she just figured it out herself after a few days, and said i could sleep there if i wanted--i didn't usually, until she started nagging me about it a lot; then i was friends with her anyway, so it didn't seem like she just wanted to do her good deed for the day or whatever."
[Mr. Tweed] *having cought ahold of his tongue, he listens intently* "Now how do you feel about Detective..." *looks at his paperwork, his mouth silently attempting the syllables of her new name, then gives up* "Murphy."
[Loretta] "She's nice? I dunno. Kinda sisterly, i guess."
[Mr. Tweed] "Do you see her as a parental figure?"
[Loretta] *thinks about it for awhile* "Well...she's like parents are supposed to be, i guess."
[Mr. Tweedd] "But you feel like she is more of a sister?"
[Loretta] "Well she's hardly old enough to be *anyone's* mom, so sure?"
[Det. Eisenhower] "Would you like us to try and find your uncle for you?"
[Loretta] "No, not really."
[Mr. Tweed] "Do you like the parenting style that Detective Murphy uses?"
[Loretta] *laughs* "Of course not! What teenager likes a house with rules?"
[Det. Eisenhower] "Is that why you break them?"
[Mr Tweed] "How are you punished when a rule is broken?"
[Loretta] "I don't break rules."
[Det. Eisenhower] *pulls out a sheet of paper and reads it* "You were seen beating up a few college aged kids... Detective Murphy said that she was not aware that you were seeing an older man and yet you are... you are not appearing at school... Those are things that Detective Murphy allows in her home?"
[Loretta] *turns serious* "Wait. Beating up college kids? Is that what this is about? All i did was make them stop beating up another guy."
[Det. Eisenhower] "And how, again, did you get them to stop?"
[Loretta] "I might have knocked them down or hit them a couple of times, but when they stopped, i stopped."
[Det. Eisenhower] *gives you an apprasing eye* "I saw those boys, personally. Where did youlearn to do that?"
[Loretta] "Where did i learn to do what? I told you, all i did was make them stop hurting that other guy. I didn't pick that fight, i just helped someone that needed it!"
[Det. Eisenhower] "I will have to let their parents know what happened, you may hear from them or you may not. Also, there is a report of someone looking like you, running away from a police officer when he offered to take her home after a one Peter Speirs was injured by a freak occurrance of nature.. a tornado I believe. Was that you?"
[Loretta] "Yeah..."
[Det. Eisenhower] "Were you already taking up Detective Murphy on her offer to stay at her home when that incident took place?"
[Loretta] "No."
[Det. Eisenhower] "I see. So how long have you been in a relationship with Mr. Speirs?"
[Loretta] "I'm not, and haven't been."
[Det. Eisenhower] "Then the report was correct, that you only knew Mr. Speirs from spending time at the museum?"
[Mr. Tweed] "It is understandable that you might be afraid to tell about him, but a relationship with an older man is not always a cause for concern..."
[Loretta] "He's a friend; that's all."
[Det. Eisenhower] "You were seen, dressed up, out at a nice restaurant with him. Was that person mistaken?"
[Loretta] "No, we were out together, but friends do that sometimes."
[Det. Eisenhower] "Did you often go out with him? Without Detective Murhpy's knowledge?"
[Loretta] "Not 'often;' just that time, or sometimes for coffee after work or something. You know, to hang out?"
[Det. Eisenhower] "In clothing that would suggest a date?"
[Loretta] "It was a nice place; i didn't want to look like a homeless teenager."
[Mr. Tweed] "Even though you are living at Detective Murphy's residence, you still feel as though you are without a home?"
[Loretta] *shrugs* "You tell me; do i get to say i live there, or not?"
[Mr. Tweed] "I am only going by what you said, Miss Miller. Do you feel as though Detective Murphy's home is your home?"
[Loretta] "That's a really loaded question, Mr. Tweed."
[Mr. Tweed] "But it is one that you brought up and now I must address it."
[Loretta] "I said i didn't want to *look* homeless; that has nothing to do with being that way or not."
[Mr. Tweed] "Then you are saying that you feel that Detective Murphy is not providing you with sufficient clothing to make you no longer feel homeless?"
[Loretta] "No, you asked me why i wore something nice to a nice place. I answered." *looks to the detective* "I don't feel his method of questioning is very professional."
[Det. Eisenhower] "He is just doing his job Miss." [Mr. Tweed] "I am sorry that you feel that way Miss Miller, but DFS will question you and the family that you are living with just as hard."
[Loretta] "The questions aren't *hard* they're just off-topic! I'm not stupid."
[Det. Eisenhower] *sighs and moves on, writing something down* "Then lets move on, shall we. Mr. Speirs said that you taught classes for him. Do you teach these classes during school hours?"
[Loretta] "Some of them, yeah."
[Det. Eisenhower] "And you are not being paid for this work, correct?"
[Loretta] "Of course not; that would be illegal without the consent of my legal guardian...right?"
[Det. Eisenhower] *smiles slightly* "Honesty, not what is legal or not, is what will help you out the most here."
[Loretta] "He has never written me a paycheck; i don't know if he plans to or not because i haven't asked. He lets me use the dojo and equipment whenever i want, and that's good enough compensation, in my opinion."
[Det. Eisenhower] *nods at her words* "Are you being homeschooled by Detective Murphy?"
[Loretta] "No, but she keeps trying to talk me into it. Eric too."
[Det. Eisenhower] "Do you something against school?"
[Loretta] "Umm...yeah, it's school?"
[Det. Eisenhower] "Do you realize that if you are not in school or being homeschooled, it could cause problems for Detective Murphy,a s well as yourself?"
[Loretta] *frowns* "I guess so... But she's just trying to help; why should she be in trouble?"
[Det. Eisenhower] "I'm sorry, I can't get into that right now..." *looks as though he wants to say something else, but stops* "I believe that will be all for now. You may go."
[Mr. Tweed] "Wait, I have one more question. Do you enjoy living with Detective Murphy and her family?"
[Loretta] "But that's not fair! All she did was feed me and give me a place to sleep and try to tell me to be good and stuff--it's not her fault things were fucked up to start with!"
[Mr. Tweed] "What was ... fucked up?"
[Loretta] *calms down* "You know. Just stuff. Before i got here."
[Det. Eisenhower] "Are you in trouble Miss Miller?"
[Loretta] *considers whether just telling them the full honest truth might make them think she was simply crazy, and thereby possibly actually help matters some* *then just gives them an equally honest, but shorter answer* "I don't know."
[Det. Eisenhower] "You have been away from your uncle for 14 months... are you sure that there is nothing that you would like to tell me now?"
[Loretta] "I told you: he didn't want me there, so i left. He hasn't missed me; he isn't looking for me. What else is there to know?"
The two men look at each other, sure that she was about to spill something important.
[Det. Eisenhower] "Then you may leave."
[Loretta] *gets up to go* "Fine."
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Re: Saturday, November 22

PostPosted by verdilak » Thu Apr 29, 2010 6:45 pm

GM: Allison, you are shown to a room where you recognize a Detective Eisenhower and a Mr. Tweed, who is a rather ruthless Child Psychologist, waiting for you.
** Allison turns off her cellphone automaticly and sits down in the chair oposite them. **
Det. Eisenhower: "You know why you are here. If there is anything you would like to say before we start..."
Allison: *Considers for a moment* "I suppose I should... I know what I did broke legal protocol... And I don't want you to think that doesn't bother me, because it does. But i tried to do what I felt was in the best interest of Loretta..."
Det. Eisenhower: "Did you report her situation at any time that she was living with you?"
Allison: "No, I always planned to at some point, but....." *Sighs* "What are the odds of a 14 year old girl being adopted? 5%? Less? People who adopt children want a cuddly baby, or an adorable toddler... They rarely want a teenager, let alone a difficult one. So it felt like condemning her to an orphanage."
Det. Eisenhower: "We are not talking about adoption Detective, we are talking about the law. Perhaps she had other family out there. That is why you are to report the situation within 12 hours or be handed with a "Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor.""
Mr. Tweed: "You are aware that she has been having some difficulties then? What have you observed?"
Allison: "Then why is there no missing person's report for her? If she has family out there, why aren't they looking for her? Combined with what Loretta told me... That suggests very strongly to me, she wouldn't be better off if returned there, anymore then in an orphanage."
Allison: "Well... She's headstrong... thinks she has the world figured out, as does any teenager. She's worried about being trapped, and she has a lot of difficulties trusting parental figures, which from what i've learned, stems from the fact that they al abandoned her in the past."
Det. Eisenhower: "You are not DFS Detective, and you are to uphold the law, which is quite clear in this case. Now, why have you not placed her into school?"
Allison: "Because of the same reasons I just mentioned.... I can't force her into school, I'm not her legal guardian, and I don't think force is the way to handle Loretta... But I haven't forgotten, I've asked her, at first she wouldn't even consider it... But slowly I think she started to see that it might be good for her, in part because of her proxmity to Eric, I think having been near a normal kid her own age has done her good. Showed her how good a child's life can be."
Mr. Tweed: "Loretta stated that she did not feel as though your home was a home to her and that she still felt that she looked as though she were homeless when she went out with Mr. Speirs on the 19th."
Allison: *Frowns* "I... I'm sorry she feels that way... I felt she was starting to accept living with us as her home.. I know when I met her, she was wild, living on the streets without a home, hanging out in clubs, i'm not sure how she got her money, and I don't know how often she ate. Now... one and a half months later, She lives at home, she has 3 meals per day, she always has a roof over her head, has her own room to sleep in, she always has money to buy what she needs, a cellphone so we can reach her and know where she is."
Allison: "I've tried to give her a home... Tried to give her stability, to steer her towards a normal life, to let her know what a sweet wonderful girl she is. That we love her and she can always come to us with problems or ask for our help. If that failed... Then i'm sorry... not to any of us... but to her..."
Mr. Tweed: "I understand Detective, it takes time for a child to accept their living conditions... but even though you were not her legal guardian, you were acting as such, and therefor you had a duty to your ward to keep her in school."
Allison: "I thought I was making progress... That I was helping her... I even thought it was going pretty well.. I was hoping soon, she'd re-consider school, or at least allow for homeschooling... I was even hoping she'd considering working with me and Trent to let us adopt her..."
Det. Eisenhower: "Now, were you aware of her tendecy to get into fights?"
Allison: "I suspected she might have been in her past... Because of her lifestyle.... and how hard it is..... But I haven't seen any signs of her bullying or hurting anyone since she's been with me..."
Allison: "If I had evidence she was actually hurting people... I might have reconsidered.... But I haven't seen anything like that from her.... Only a sweet girl who was abandoned by people who should have protected her.... and had a hard life.."
Allison: "She might be rough around the edges.... But I just can't see her hurting people.."
Det. Eisenhower: "Then you were not aware that there was an incident 2 months back where a girl with Miss Miller's exact appearance, minus a different shade of vivid hair color, sent a few college aged boys to the hospital? I do believe that description went through your department."
Allison: *Thinks for a moment* "She wasn't living with me back then yet... Perhaps bells should have gone off, but they didn't. I think you've also noticed she doesn't appear like a very large girl, or all that tough, It wasn't untill later I learned about her martial arts training, perhaps I should have put two and two together then. But i just don't see it in her... She likes to train and she likes physical activities and pushing herself. But I've seen her be kind to strangers and try to help them, never pick on them or harm them."
Mr. Tweed: "Have you instituted any rules in your home to curb that sort of behavior?"
Det. Eisenhower: "Miss Miller insinuated that some happened between her leaving of her uncle 14 months ago and moving in with you, that it was "fucked up". Has she confided in you what that may have been? If it was linked with her leaving her uncle?"
Allison: "I suppose not, though I think she knows how I'd feel about that, to be truthful, I've never had the idea that there needed to be a spelled out rule for that. Just like I've never had to set rules for Eric that he's not to beat on people, it's common sense, and I haven't had any reason to believe she needed such a rule, have there been any incidents since she moved in with me that i'm unaware of?"
Allison: *Sighs softly and shakes her head* "No.... She doesn't like talking about her past, i've tried but... All she told me is that she wasn't wanted..... and it was fine by her.... Though I think it's a great source of insecurity and pain for her..."
Det. Eisenhower: "There was an incident with a Mr. Speirs, the same one that she is spending a good amount of un supervised time with, where he was damaged rather badly by what she said was a tornado, but the doctors said looked more like a sand-blaster."
Mr. Tweed: "Now, you said to the Officer that you were unaware of her going out on what looks to have been a date with Mr. Speirs and that you had no knowledge of that incident. How are you planning on dealing with that situation?"
Allison: "I'm not sure what you're implying, that Loretta attacked him with a sand blaster? While living on the streets? I find that supremely hard to believe, and not merely because I know and care about her. But... Because it just sounds so strange, was a sand blaster found? or a charge made?"
Det. Eisenhower: *shakes his head* "Of course not. I am, however, saying that odd happenings have a tendency to follow her. Perhaps iot has something to do with the 12 months of time that she does not wish to talk about."
Allison: *Sighs softly* "I'd need to talk to her...I can't tell you exactly what I'd say because it's never easy talking to teenagers... I suppose I'd tell her that some people mistake her friendlyness for more then that, mistake her strength of character from living on the streets for maturity. And she needs to be aware of those things. Though.. I can't help but notice your questioned seemed to imply she might be staying with me.."
Det. Eisenhower: "DFS will be the final decision on that since, as you stated, none of her family seem interested in finding her.
Det. Eisenhower: "Also, depending on what DFS finds, it may add or lessen the charges being brought against you. I have been currently instructed to ask for your badge and gun fir the duration of this situation."
Allison: *Nods, feeling a slight pain, but convinced it'd be worth it for Loretta and hands both of them over* "What about Loretta? Can she come home with us?"
Mr. Tweed: "For now, that is what I am calling for. At least until DFS has had a chance to see the situation for themselves. I would like to see Miss Miller for an hour a day right now, i feel that having someone impartial to talk to might do her a world of good."
Allison: *Nods* "Alright, I don't think she'll like it, but I'll bring her whenever you want. Looks like I got spare time."
Mr. Tweed: "Detective... I am unsure of when DFS will arive, sometime within the week."
Det. Eisenhower: *gets up and opens the door, indicating that the conversation is over*
Allison: "I'll try to get her into Eric's school on monday... Even if it's just for a few days.. I hope this situation has made her a little more receptive to the idea."
Mr. Tweed: "That would be good."
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Re: Saturday, November 22

PostPosted by hippie_mama » Sun May 02, 2010 12:12 am


Loretta sits heavily on one of the chairs in the police station and waits silently while Allison is being questioned. She glances at Trent once or twice, but his expression is unreadable, so she decides not to say anything at all.
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Re: Saturday, November 22

PostPosted by hippie_mama » Wed May 05, 2010 3:48 pm

[Allison] *Comes back out of the room, looking thoughtful, but making sure she doesn't look sad at least*
[Trent] *just gives her a cautious look*
[Loretta] *doesn't look up from the floor*
[Allison] *Sits down next to Loretta, and puts an arm around her, then tries to gently pull Loretta into a hug* "Let's go home?"
[Loretta] *doesn't move, but doesn't resist either, letting her* "Can i walk?"
[Allison] "Do you mind if one of you goes with you, at least for a bit? Considering all this, best you don't leave her walking out alone."
[Loretta] "Halfway then? I've gotta do some stuff anyway."
[Allison] "Half way sounds fair. Can we know where you're going?"
[Loretta] "Just need to warn our new friends about some stuff."
[Trent] *gives a bit of a disapproving look, but stays out of it*
[Allison] "Can you call them or send them a message some other way? I'm just thinking out loud, but it might not do them or us any favors if you're seen hanging out together right now."
[Loretta] "Don't think they even know how to use that stuff; but it won't take long, like five minutes plus walking time."
[Allison] *Nods* "Alright, one of us should bring the car though, do you want me or Trent to come along? Or don't care we're both old?"
[Loretta] *shrugs* "Just drop me off on the way home?"
[Allison] *Nods, and get's up, holding Loretta's hand very gently so she can slip out easily and expecting her to do so quickly, but trying anyway, it'd look good to the people around*
[Loretta] *doesn't pull it away, but frowns a bit*
[Trent] *leads the way out, holding the door open for his girls*
[Allison] *Let's Trent drive so she can sit with Loretta* "So... I talked to them a bit, you can stay with us, and hopefully forever, but they do want two things in return... I was hoping that'd be alright, and you'd at least consider it."
[Loretta] *shrugs*
[Allison] "They want you to go to school... and they want you to talk to that shrink for a while, which i totally admit really sucks because it's dull and pointless, but it's only for a short while."
[Loretta] "Whatever, i guess."
[Trent] *starts driving when they get in*
[Allison] *Isn't quite sure what that means, but decides to just take it at face value for now*
[Trent] *drives the the pirates' apartment building*
[Allison] *Can't help but memorize it intently, and uses all her willpower to look calm and at ease* "We'll go home and see you in a bit then"
[Loretta] *jumps out* "Later."
[Trent] *once she's off* "Well, this is awkward."
[Allison] *Moves up to the front seat, and now doesn't disguise the ire and bad things she wishes upon the entire house of pirates*
[Trent] *drives on to the Murphy house* " bad do you think it went?"
[Allison] "I... Don't know...." *Tries to look brave and unconcerned* "They took my badge.... but they let me keep Loretta for now..."
[Trent] *reaches over to rest his hand on her knee, comfortingly*
[Allison] *Takes his hand and squeezes it firmly, while swallowing away a lump*
[Trent] "It's just a job."
[Allison] *Shakes her head gently* "No.... It's not, But it's also not as important as Loretta... Just wish i knew for sure we could keep her..."
[Trent] "Ain't nothing in this world that can keep that girl, but we'll do our best."
[Allison] "Yeah... Let's go on home..."
[Trent] *drives on silently*
[Eric] *Is sitting at home nervously, trying to get rid of his nerves by keeping the TV on loud and eating chips*
[Trent] *gets home, throws his keys on the table, and sits heavily on the couch*
[Eric] *Frowns, his voice breaking a little* "Where... where's loretta?"
[Allison] *Sits down next to Trent gently so she can lean on him*
[Trent] *conveniently doesn't answer*
[Allison] "She... Wanted to walk home for a bit, get some fresh air..."
[Eric] "Gee, you coulda said so right away!"
[Trent] "Sorry; been a rough morning."
[Eric] "Try sitting here all day with nothing to do but watching TV and eating cake"
[Allison] "Let's not bicker about who's got it harder.."
[Trent] "Yes, that sounds terrible..."
[Allison] *Turns to look at Trent* "Did you finish all the alterations to the house?"
[Trent] "Not all; there are some other things i could work on."
[Allison] "Alright, what needs to be done still? I'll help..."
[Trent] *seems oddly uncomfortable with that*
[Allison] "What is it?"
[Trent] "Nothing...uh..." *can't seem to think of what should be done first*
[Allison] *Puts her arm around him and kisses his cheek gently* "It will be alright you know.."
[Eric] "ungh..."
[Trent] "Well, what do you want to fix first?" *clearly struggling with the idea of having 'help' with anything*
[Allison] *Smirks* "Would you rather do it by yourself?"
[Trent] ""
[Allison] *Grins again and pokes him very softly in the side* "Liar"
[Trent] "Well it'll take awhile to get used to the whole 'partnership in all things' aspect of life, but i'm willing to work on it.'ve got a whole lot of free time now." *winks*
[Trent] "I've gotta say, i never expected you to turn into a housewife, but i'm not hating the implications!"
[Allison] *Smiles broadly at him* "You mean... A baby?"
[Trent] *seems to stop breathing for a moment* "I...uh...what i meant was, vacuuming in a cocktail dress and heels. You know, like in the cheesy old magazines."
[Allison] *Grins* "Yeah.. I know what you meant... You sure turn pale quickly"
[Trent] "It's a common side effect of heart failure."
[Allison] *Smirks* "Oh you're not allowed to have heart failure..."
[Trent] "Stop trying to scare me to death then."
[Allison] "Oh, a little fear keeps you healthy, prevents you from making bad housewife jokes! But I love you anyway, and maybe... if you're good..."
[Eric] "Stop!"
[Eric] "Stop talking right now! or i swear..."
[Trent] *just smirks and goes to get his tools*
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Re: Saturday, November 22

PostPosted by hippie_mama » Wed May 05, 2010 4:11 pm

[Loretta] *stops in front of the building and checks her messages before going inside*

[Peter's message] "Hi. Cops questioned me; about us too.things seem OK, but hope you guys OK too. P.S. i missed you : ) "

[Loretta] *sends a message back: 'Same here; already went to the station. See you later i guess?'*

[Peter] *sends back after a min* "would be nice."

[Loretta] *hesitates a minute, then sends another: 'Will have to change class schedules; can't do school hours'*

[Peter] *ready to answer this time, having just sent, sends right back* "can talk about details on that; doesnt have to be a bad thing : ) "

[Loretta] *'Guess so.'*

[Peter] *smiles at that, cooks some food*

[Loretta] *sighs, puts the phone in her pocket, and goes inside*
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Re: Saturday, November 22

PostPosted by hippie_mama » Wed May 05, 2010 8:36 pm

[Loretta] *walks up to the captain's floor*
[GM] There are sounds from within, a woman laughing, though it only takes a moment to realize that it is coming from a tv as the commercial comes on.
[Loretta] *hesitates for that moment, then knocks*
[Samuel] *slightly muffled due to being behind a door* "Come in."
[Loretta] *lets herself in*
[Samuel] *turns around to look, clearly expecting one of his men, then grins as he sees that it is you* "Ahh, I was told by your father-friend that you were back. I was correct that our paths would cross once more, though I was not expecting it to be this soon. I am glad, of course."
[Loretta] "You talked to Trent?"
[Samuel] *waves it aside as though it was just a trifle* "He came by to warn me of this and that. Do all the men in your time knaw at such things like a dog with a bone?"
[Loretta] *smirks* "In my limited experience? Absolutely."
[Samuel] "They have forgotten what it means to be a man. Too much influence from their women I dare say." *remembers that she is one of those women he is disparaging and switches topics* "So, why have you came to me, in the daytime no less?" *grins at her coyly*
[Loretta] "Nothing like that! I just came to warn you about some weird stuff going on; one of our guys thought he was being followed the other day, and then last night i dusted an oddly hungry vamp with some kind of explosive device implanted on it."
[Samuel] "I saw a thing on the magic box about that... Crazy Arabs, always thinking that they know the right way."
[Loretta] "Eh, not an Arab vamp, i don't think. What i'm getting at is i think he was released in the middle of town. Maybe to see what we'd do?"
[Samuel] *perks up* "So, someone else knows that you are they Slayer, no? Sounds to me that they are testing you, testing your strength and abilities. That is why you came to me now, when there are no vampires, since you will be busy tonight." *gets up and walks over to her, clearly intending to sweep her off her feet*
[Loretta] *puts a hand out to stop him* "No, I came to you so you could tell your men that there might be more of them, and that if they do happen to fight one, beware small explosions." *a little embarrassed* "I was curious and almost blew my hand off last night."
[Samuel] *takes up her hands in his* "You did not close your hand around it, you still have it attached, and there is little damage now. But my men did state that you were injured... tell me, you did not let them urinate on your wound, did you?"
[Loretta] " Eric fixed it up. They sure were eager to offer though..."
[Samuel] *he shrugs, then signs, clearly deciding to tell you something that he would have rather not* "... the men... they live vicariously through me, their Captain. And in seeing their Captain with a woman, it strengthens their hearts that a woman will find them as well. I daresay, they would go to any lengths to keep you safe for that reason alone."
[Loretta] "Oh, i figured they meant well. Cultural difference is all."
[Samuel] "But do not worry about them, it sounds to me that the vampires are targeting you. Explosives are used with intent."
[Loretta] "That's one thing that hasn't changed with the times. But it was a very small device that i think was implanted in or near it's head--sort of a self-destruct mechanism. Only it didn't go off until after i dusted it. I guess maybe they would detonate it if it got loose in the city? At least that's what i want to think the intentions were."
[Samuel] *pulls at his goatee* "Yes, they are sent for you, to test you. Your Watchers, perhaps?"
[Loretta] "Could be? I haven't seen a Watcher in months."
[Samuel] "Ahh, they were much more present back in my time, at least, from what we saw."
[Loretta] "They're supposed to be in this one too, i think." *shrugs* "Mine was killed a year ago, and the two that have been in town were more interested in the other Slayer that was here; one that had never even *seen* a vampire before." *says it with quite a lot of contempt* "The first one i never met; he disappeared or something, and then the second one took that Slayer off to England or something, to meet the Queen or some important Slayer or some bullshit like that."
[Samuel] "There is more than one Slayer?" *looks clearly confused and appalled*
[Loretta] *shrugs* "Yeah, that super-important Slayer had a witch friend that did something and changed stuff; i'm not real clear on the details, just that there's definitely more than one."
[Samuel] *looks a bit frightened at that* "These are the end times then... good thing that I have decided to make this town my home port."
[Loretta] "End times?" *ponders that for a moment* "Yeah, maybe. I dunno."
[Samuel] *doesnt dwell on it for long though, as he looks at Loretta with one thing clearly written on his face* "So, if it is the end times, time to make the most of what we have left, no?"
[Loretta] "Eh...i told Allison i'd only stay here like 5 minutes."
[Samuel] *looks shocked* "I am not a machine. I shall make love to you and you shall return at your leisure." *brushes a strand of hair behind her ear and kisses her neck*
[Loretta] *pushes him away again* "Actually, that was me saying 'no,' nicely. You do NOT want to make the mistake of telling me how things are going to be."
[Samuel] *sighs* "Yes yes, I know. You can not blame me for hoping. If you need any help with your tests, let me or my men know. They have been itching for some action."
[Loretta] "I don't think that would be a great idea; they know who and what i am, obviously, or close enough. They don't need to know that you guys can fight too, and definitely don't need to know i have a whole crew of men to back me up. It'll just be more unnecessary trouble for more of us."
[Samuel] *grins devilishly* "You just spoke the words that would get my men into fighting spirits. Trouble is what they want and I have been making them behave. But if you do not wish... " *shrugs and sits back down on the floor* "Is our deal still on?"
[Loretta] *sighs* "There was one other thing i wanted to bring up: something that's going to effect my free time even further. I said i didn't want any of that cash, and i still don't, but can you put it in a bank for me? I've found myself in a bit of potential trouble, and might need to get a loan soon--sounds silly, but it'll need to be on paper and everything."
[Samuel] "I suppose that I could do such for you, but why do you not wish to do it yourself? Are you leaving again?"
[Loretta] "No. At least i hope not. It's really complicated. Basically it all comes back down to me being a 'kid' and not being able to do some of this stuff myself. It really gets to be a problem when you're trying to save the world on a weekly basis."
[Samuel] "Here, you are a woman. Do not forget that." *looks up at her, clearly meaning what he just said* "And I have not given away your rooms yet, they are still yours if and when you shall wish of them."
[Loretta] "I wish it was that easy, trust me. If i don't behave and start going to school, Allison's going to be in trouble with the law, and i'll probably get sent off to live on the other side of the state; and if i don't agree to that, i'll probably get locked up next. Not exactly conducive to the Slayer thing. So i gotta lay low for awhile, at least until i'm 16 and can convince a judge that i'm 'responsible.'"
[Samuel] "Do you wish my men and I to talk to this Judge for you? You are still alive, that proves that you are responsible."
[Loretta] "No, that's not how it works. I'll have to finish school, or at least pass an equivalency test, and get a legitimate job that would pay my rent and stuff: that's how they measure it. Just being smart and avoiding death despite all manner of supernatural evil stacked against me isn't good enough. They want normal."
[Samuel] "Bah, normal is overrated. Always has been."
[Loretta] "I would agree, but my problems are becoming serious problems for my friends. I never wanted that, and i wish i hadn't ever bothered them with it. So now i have to do what i can to try and fix it."
[Samuel] "Well, we are here if you need our help, and I am here if you need something more."
[Loretta] "The loan will help a lot if i end up needing it; i think we can call it even after that. I don't want to pull anyone else into my life's drama."
[Samuel] "It is not a loan, it is what is yours... though since there are many of you Slayers around, I suppose you all have claim to it. But since you are the one who is asking, I shall look past that detail." *grins*
[Loretta] "Heh. Yeah, thanks. So...about the books and can probably figure that out on your own, honestly. Maybe when things are less crazy i can help you out some, but for now, there just aren't enough hours in the day. Know what i mean? We already did that big 'goodbye' thing the other night, so uh...i'm gonna just say we're cool here. Right?" *already backing toward the door some*
[Samuel] *looks at her and how she is leaving* "Is it that much of a problem to be seen with me?"
[Loretta] "Yeah, it really is. I like you enough; i definitely have had fun with you, and i really didn't care what people thought about it before, but i really fucked up and got Allison into some serious trouble, with stuff i didn't even really *do,* so blatant disregard for the rules is the worst thing i can do right now. And i REALLY don't want to have to go live somewhere else. Hell, maybe it is the best thing, just like i thought the other day when i was going to leave willingly, but i think i *love* these people, you know?" *getting a little teary* "And it really hurts to see them have to suffer and worry about stuff that was all my fault."
[Samuel] "This is a much different and more definite goodbye than the last one." *gets up and goes to her* "Just do not cry, I am here for 'If' you want me or anything. There is no need to cry... There are no choices that have to be made. We are fun, but they are who you love. Just... just stop crying.."
[Loretta] "I'm not crying!" *sniff* " know..." *sniff* "I guess this is what i get for not having any regular friends--sorry. I've got friends that are like parents, and a friend that's like a brother, and even a friend that's like a...well...something between a boyfriend and an ex that really isn't either--but i don't have anyone i can just talk to! Everyone has something invested in me, or thinks they do, and all i ever feel is guilty for letting them down. But i guess you're not like that, so i shouldn't be getting so dramatic. You don't think i fail at life, right? Ugh, of course you do! This is what, like my third major breakdown in front of you?" *sighs very heavily and rolls her eyes* "I give up. What the hell. What do you think? Should i take the crazy train somewhere else, or are we still cool to hang out?"
[Samuel] *lifts up your chin to you to look at him and speaks softly in all seriousness* "No Loretta, you most certainly do not fail. I do not have anything invested in you. I am here for you, for whatever you want whether it is to talk, to have fun, or to have someone to leave. We are most definitely 'cool' to 'hang out'"
[Loretta] *bursts out into honest, spontaneous laughter* "You ARE really good for leaving."
[Samuel] *shrugs, with a smirk* "I am rather good at it."
[Loretta] "Must be the years of experience!"
[Samuel] "It did help." *laughs*
[Loretta] "Maybe you can help me get better--so far it's not taking!"
[Samuel] "Now why would I want you to get better at it?" *cocks an eyebrow at her, while grinning*
[Loretta] *laughs some more and puts her arms around him* "Well, i've already been here long enough to make everyone suspicious; may as well make the punishment worthwhile, right?"
[Samuel] *grins wolfishly and scoops her up into his arms* "Yes, I do believe that the crime should fit the punishment."
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Re: Saturday, November 22

PostPosted by hippie_mama » Thu May 06, 2010 12:38 am

[Loretta] *leaves the building and heads back to Allison's, utilizing a lot of shortcuts across parking lots, yards, and fences to cut time and look less suspicious; calls Peter along the way*

[Peter] "hello?"

[Loretta] "Hey, it's Loretta; do you want to go ahead and talk about schedules, or figure it out later?"

[Peter] *hesitates a bit* "um...before i answer that, how much later are we talking about? you want tomorrow as day off too?"

[Loretta] "Nah, weekends can be normal, i just need to come in, like, after 3 on weekdays."

[Peter] "So, you will be going to school?" *voice heard clearly, as there isnt any positive or negative emotion about it*

[Loretta] "Yeah...i'm supposed to talk to some bullshit psychologist too, but i don't know when that will be."

[Peter] "Do not worry.Everything will be fine. First of all, congratulations for taking up the decision to go to school. I never pressed you for that as it is a *personal* decision, but it might help you with lots of things. It might be forced, but doesnt mean you cant see if you can gain from it, right?"

[Loretta] "Yeah, i guess." *soft thud as she jumps over a particularly tall fence* "But i'm like two years behind, so it's gonna suck balls."

[Peter] "Maybe, but i know you'll be strong, and we'll be here for you in everything you need. so about these hours... I'm thinking I would need you here from 6 to 10; Of course i'd like to see you more, but you don't have to come here until then i guess."

[Loretta] "That might work; that other thing would probably be right after school anyway; what about the kids' classes though? I want to do those still, and the parents like the schoolbus to just drop them off after school."

[Peter] *small laughter can be heard* "well if you want to do them, i won't like, forbid or anything.why would i?"

[Loretta] "I don't know...just asking i guess?"

[Peter] "Of course you can. so i think we're set, and I'll generally try to be understanding about your school and be flexible; not only so you can go there but so you can also go out some too. You think i wouldn't do that?"

[Loretta] "Nah, i thought you'd be cool about it; it's just going to be hard for me to get used to, so i'm just kind of unsure of things."

[Peter] "But you know you have people that will support your every decision." *pauses to hear her speak about that if she wants to* "so, I kind of have something to do in a bit anyway; I will be back to my place before classes start though."

[Loretta] "Ok; i think i'll make it, unless there's yet another family disaster or something."

[Peter] "can i ask you about something, a little irrelevant but important?... don't worry, its ggot nothing to do with drama."

[Loretta] "I guess."

[Peter] "that machine in the vampire... how did it look? like a chip? maybe micro-tech like... say... rich government-sanctioned stuff?"

[Loretta] "Kind of; it was sort of pill-shaped and tiny."

[Peter] "the fact that it sounds familiar is bad... see i might have clues that this paramilitary organization wants me back orsomething... do you know what they would want to do to me?"

[Loretta] "Nothing good would be my guess."

[Peter] "don't worry, all will be fine; not going *anywhere*." *says with certainty* "i even have a start of a plan, and thats where I'm headed next."

[Loretta] "Ok...well tell me if i can help any when i get there later."

[Peter] "thanks. so... i guess i'll see you later; bye Lorrie."

[Loretta] "Later Pete."
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Re: Saturday, November 22

PostPosted by Solar_Dawn » Sun May 09, 2010 8:29 am

[Trent] *was just trying to explain the copious amounts of steel and the portable welder he brought home*

[Allison] *Nods gently and occasionally says something to Trent while she stands in front of the window quietly, staring out of it like a silent guardian, a watchdog, or a mother*

[Trent] "So i think if you change the curtains in the living room to something a bit...ya know, fluffier, the neighbors won't even notice."

[Allison] *Seems to become more agitated as time goes by* "Uh huh...... She said it wouldn't take long..." *Glowers at a piece of lawn like it's entirely it's fault*

[Trent] "I'm sure she's fine..." *fires up the torch*

[Allison] "Seems no matter how much we give up.... It's never actually enough that we're treated with respect or that..." *Stops mid sentence and frowns when a few blades of grass burst into flame*

[Allison] *Frowns, looking around suspiciously, then looking at Trent* "Hey!"

[Allison] "You set the lawn on fire!"

[Trent] "How could i--wait..." *looks at the device suspiciously*

[Allison] "Well do something!"

[Trent] *shuts it off and goes out to investigate*

[Allison] *Watches from the living room, confident this is somehow Trent's doing*

[Trent] *puts the flames out with his boot, then sniffs around a bit*

[Trent] *glances up at the heavens for a moment, then returns, looking confused*

[Allison] "Did you find out what caused it? it's not a gasleak is it?"

[Trent] "No. No excelerents anywhere. Doesn't appear to have been lightning either. I'm not sure."

[Allison] *Gives him a slightly suspicious look* "No cigarette butts?"

[Trent] "Of course not! I always put them out, and don't you think i would have smelled it?"

[Loretta] *returns, looking innocent* "What are you guys doing, roasting marshmallows?"

[Allison] "Trying to solve a minor mystery..."

[Loretta] "Ok..."

[Allison] "Something set the lawn on fire... Well, a small part of it..."

[Loretta] "That's weird. Why the lawn?"

[Allison] "I don't know... I watched it happen... One moment it was fine... then.. just... it caught fire"

[Trent] "You watched it happen, but you didn't see anything."

[Allison] "Yeah! I was talking to you and staring right at the place it happened and then it caught on fire. I don't know what happened, must be one of those weird things, like tiny tornado's..."

[Loretta] "Or you have laser-eyes."

[Allison] "Or that..."

[Trent] "Explains a few things..."

[Allison] *Smirks* "Oh yeah?"

[Trent] *seems to lose his confidence and goes back to what he was working on*

[Allison] "Hmpf... Well.. I should go and get dinner ready.."

[Loretta] *shrugs* "I'm gonna go work out some before class; is Eric home?"

[Allison] "Yeah... He's upstairs..."

[Loretta] "K, i'll see if he wants to go too."

[Allison] *Waits untill Loretta is definitly out of earshot before looking at Trent* "Do you think maybe we should tell her not to go near Peter till this is over?"

[Trent] "I don't know, wouldn't that look more suspicious?"

[Allison] "Co-operation rarely looks more suspicious in my experience..."

[Trent] "Sounds like one of those tough calls to me."

[Allison] "I'm worried that if we agree to let her keep going, they'll think we're irresponsible... Letting her near a potential predator..."

[Trent] "You're probably right."

[Eric] *Glances out of his room when he hears someone* "Psst, come here"

[Loretta] "What?"

[Eric] "I got something for you.."

[Loretta] "Ok..." *looks at him suspiciously*

[Eric] *Heads into his room to pick up a pile of books and notepads, and puts them in her hands* "It's my note's and assignments from the years you missed, I figured we could go through them together sometime, get you back up to speed in no time at all."

[Loretta] "You kept all your notes since junior high?" *looks at him like he's an alien*

[Eric] "What?... Never know when you need to look something back up. Besides.... There's a lot of A's in there, it's a shame to toss those away!"

[Loretta] "You are so weird, but thanks. I'm gonna go to the dojo; you want to come?"

[Eric] "I dunno, kinda got a back ache from hanging on the couch all day..."

[Loretta] "Sounds rough..."

[Eric] *smirks* "I know right, not to mention the grumbling my stomach did after that cake... Shouldn't have eaten it all..."

[Loretta] *eye roll* "Well i'm gonna change first anyway; let me know if you change your mind."

[Loretta] "We could do our patrol right after...unless you're scared there will be more vamps out tonight..."

[Eric] *Sighs softly* "Alright... But you have to do some studying with me tomorrow too"

[Loretta] "How about the first half of the day?"

[Eric] "Yeah alright..."

[Loretta] "What, too early?"

[Eric] "No it's good, just mentally preparing myself for physical exhaustion later on."

[Loretta] "Yeah, well i'm physically preparing for mental exhaustion!"

[Eric] *Smirks and shrugs* "Good point, alright i'll change too, gotta look pretty for the girls there."

[Eric] "I mean... handsome... gotta look handsome..."

[Loretta] *laughs* "See you in five."

[Allison] *walks upstairs and knocks on Loretta's door*

[Loretta] "Just a sec." *pulls on some workout pants and opens the door* "Yeah?"

[Allison] *Thinks for a moment, but decides to just get it over with* "Hey Loretta, we were just wondering, if with everything going on it might not be smarter you take a short break from work, just so things can settle down?"

[Loretta] *frowns* "I'm not stupid; i'll only be there during business hours."

[Allison] "I know, and I don't have a problem with it really. I'm just worried how it appears to the other cops. They told us something bad might be going on, and even though it isn't, it might appear better to them if you weren't at work while this is sorted out. Or they might think we didn't take them serious at all."

[Loretta] "I won't do anything else to make you guys look bad, so stop worrying about it. Eric's coming with me anyway. Trust me, if i do something wrong, he'll tell on me."

[Allison] *Sighs and nods* "Alright, just be careful and let me know if anything changes" *Heads on back downstairs to continue with some dinner preparations*

[Loretta] *walks back into Eric's room* "Is she always on your case like that?"

[Eric] "What kinda weird question is that? What do you think?"

[Loretta] *crosses her arms and frowns* "At least you get to be the good kid."

[Eric] *Shrugs* "And you're the special and gifted one... Besides, you could totally be the good kid if you applied yourself."

[Loretta] *eye roll* "Right..."

[Eric] *Shrugs again* "It's true wether you want to deny it or not, so are we leaving?"

[Loretta] "Yup."

[Eric] *Nods and leads the way down to his car*

[Loretta] *gets in and sighs heavily* "Looks like it's not enough to just learn the stuff; cops want me to actually go to school and talk to a shrink. Guess they want to keep track of me during the day."

[Eric] "Oh... Yeah that sucks.... Especially the shrink part, school won't be so bad."

[Loretta] "Says you. The shrink i can bullshit at least."

[Allison] *Sits down onto the couch in the living room instead of going to the kitchen, and staring out the window sourly*

[Trent] "So it didn't go so well..."

[Allison] "She said she was gonna stay only for work hours and not any longer, to make sure no one get's the wrong idea"

[Trent] "Sounds like a reasonable compromise."

[Allison] *Nods in an unconvinced way and holds out her hand to him*

[Trent] *puts down what he was working on and comes over, obediently*

[Allison] *Leans against Trent affectionately, squeezing his hand* "Do you think I've been doing the right things with Loretta? With everything?"

[Trent] "I think she's hard to read, and you've done the best you can with what you have to work with."

[Allison] "It's just all so gray.... Things used to be so clear. I used to think I was a good person who did the right thing always. Now i'm not even sure what the right thing is, but I know I've looked away at times when I wanted to act... Maybe I shouldn't be a cop anymore..."

[Trent] "That's something no one can help you with. But there's a lot to be said about good intentions."

[Allison] "That they're important?... or they pave the road to hell.... It's alright, i don't expect an easy answer, I just couldn't but worry about some things. But i don't want 'you' to worry."

[Trent] "Well...both. But maybe this break from work will give you some time to sort it out."

[Allison] *Nods, looking a little better and staring at the kitchen like it's miles away* "I should go on with dinner.... But i'm quite comfortable.

[Trent] "Kids will be out for awhile; no reason it can't wait."

[Allison] *Nods and leans against Trent while turning on the TV* "Yeah... may as well start watching soaps like a good housewife... while you make money and do everything else too..."

[Trent] *runs his fingers through her hair and smiles* "That really doesn't bother me."

[Allison] *Chuckles* "Well that won't happen, but I guess a while off work might not be so bad"

[Trent] *nods*

[Allison] "So... why exactly did you need a blowtorch?"

[Trent] "For soldering."

[Trent] "I was thinking of ways to reinforce the windows."

[Allison] "Oh, alright" *Nods*

[Trent] *starts showing her how the different parts will go together and explains how they work, thinking for some reason that she would find that interesting*

[Allison] *Listens half heartedly, not interested in the actual building, but looking at Trent with a sickeningly loving expression while listening to him talk*

[Trent] "You...really don't care, do you?"

[Allison] *Smirks* "No... But I like listening to you explain it to me all the same.."

[Trent] "At least you're kind enough to humor me." *gets back to work*

[Allison] *Get's up to return to fixing food in the kitchen too*
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Re: Saturday, November 22

PostPosted by hippie_mama » Tue May 11, 2010 4:08 pm

[Trent] *eventually comes into the kitchen while Allison cooks* "I think you should start going with Loretta on her daily errands; i'll patrol with her at night. Not that i don't trust Eric implicitly in all other things, but...did you even have that conversation with them?"

[Allison] "Not yet... Things were kind of hectic... But i still intent to... And I'd love to go along with her everywhere, But i'm not sure she'll let me..."

[Trent] "Normally i would agree, but gentle guidance is not working with her. We need to lay down the rules and be firm about it. That was not even the first time she and Eric have...been close."

[Allison] *Frowns, and shivers slightly* "laying down the lay doesn't work all that well with her either though... I'm worried she'll run again..."

[Trent] "She might, but she's had opportunities and hasn't. I think she really wants to stay with us, and i really think she wants to stay out of trouble. She's just unclear about how."

[Allison] "Alright.. I'll gladly go with her wherever she wants to go... I'll pick her up from school...And bring her to school in the morning..."

[Trent] "And I'll pick her up from the dojo, since she'll probably leave from there to do her patrol. I know she's there with Eric now, and that will probably be the case most days, but we need to be more involved with her activities in general."

[Allison] *Nods* "I was thinking the same thing... I just wasn't sure if I was being too harsh.. You were ussually the one saying Loretta is a special case..."

[Trent] "I still believe that, but i'm also realizing that she may actually benefit from some structure and predictability. Also, did you ever actually tell her that you don't approve her her seeing Samuel? I mean specifically?"

[Allison] "I don't think so, I was hoping we could handle it through the other side... But then we should really focus on Loretta... Make her understand 'somehow', isntead of fighting off a world full of perverts..."

[Trent] *nods* "We need to approach it from the angle of self-respect, because it's *not* just the 'perverts.' Eric is a part of this too."

[Allison] "Yes well.. He's a pervert too... Just a diffirent kind..."

[Trent] "I don't think you're understanding what i'm trying to say without actually saying it..."

[Allison] "I thought i did.... But maybe you need to say it, to be safe...."

[Trent] "It's only happened once, that i knew of, and didn't seem to be an ongoing thing, which is why i didn't intrude by saying anything, but..." *gulps* "They've been in bed together, and i don't mean in a platonic way."

[Allison] "Yeah... But aren't we on the same wavelength then, this needs to stop, she needs to stop doing this. Including my brother..."

[Trent] "Yes, definitely; i just wasn't sure you knew to what extent."

[Allison] "Can't say I wasn't happier not knowing... or not knowing for certain... but it had to end either way..."

[Trent] *nods* "Trust me, there are plenty of things i wish i could ignore."

[Allison] *Smirks* "Oh yeah?... What about me?"

[Trent] *grins* "Never you."

[Allison] "Good! But I was thinking about something else..."

[Trent] "What?"

[Allison] "Well.. not to point too fine a point on it... But with us watching Loretta so much... Now might be one of our last few kids free moments..."

[Trent] "That is an excellent point..."

[Allison] *Grins and turns the fire down on the stove* "You're not getting anymore hints other then that"

[Trent] "I think i can manage on that much."
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Re: Saturday, November 22

PostPosted by Pyriel » Tue May 11, 2010 4:26 pm

Peter: *is in the dojo already, realising he couldnt cancel classes again so soon to go to bookstore*
(6) Eric: *Drives on towards the Dojo, though taking his sweet time, in no rush to get there.
(5) Loretta: *doesn't seem to notice or mind the slow pace*
(12) Peter: *starts performing some forms while he waits to pass the time, but not full intensity*
Eric: *Eventually parks his car in front of the entrance, having arrived too soon for his liking, but unable to stretch the trip any longer.* "Well.. here we are... the halls of pain..."
Loretta: "Oh come on, it's not so bad; you can just watch if you want anyway."
Eric: "And have you shoot laser beams from your eyes at me all evening long..."
Loretta: "Hmph, like i'll even notice you're here with all those big sweaty guys in the later classes." *winks* Peter (enter): 14:56
(6) Eric: "You're so mean... Heartbreaker.."
(6) Eric: *Heads on inside shaking his head*
(5) Loretta: *grins and walks in too, going straight to the mats for some warm-up exercises before her actual katas* "Hey Pete."
(17) Peter: *finishes form first* "hey. " *smiles* "guess you did convince Erik afterall huh?..."
(17) Peter: "hi Erik."
(6) Eric: *Stands around foolishly for a moment* "So... what do I do again?"
(17) Peter: "you want to wait for a moment to start with the rest of the class,or want us to intriduce you to some basic warmup? i'd advise the second."
(6) Eric: "I guess I can get started... While i'm here.."
(17) Peter: "alright then. start by doing some laps, jogging. then we can do calisthenics."
(17) Peter: "we'll tell you when to stop jogging."
(17) Peter: "but dont push yourself too hard, k?"
(5) Loretta: *smiles slightly, seeing that Peter has this covered, and decides to take this time for herself, starting her katas*
(17) Peter: *to Loretta* "won't you wait for me? I can do two or three before Eric stops."
(6) Eric: *Frowns, feeling like a fool running around in circles, but does so anyway*
(5) Loretta: "I guess so."
(17) Peter: "Pinna Niddan; its kinda easy, but its the first one Eric will learn, better give him a picture?"
(17) Peter: *starts if she accepts*
(5) Loretta: *nods and does*
(17) Peter: *feels really calm during this, the exercise's concentration helps him forget everything but the moment, but when they finish he decides to give Eric a break*
(17) Peter: "Eric, you can stop now. take half a minute to relax." *hinestly watches clock,as he watches Eric's condition*
(6) Eric: *Comes to a dead halt and pants*
(5) Loretta: *seems oddly happy herself*
(17) Peter: "OK, we will start by performing some strecthing exercises, this will help your muslces to get ready. do what i do, ok?" *starts*
(17) Peter: *to loretta* "how did you convince him anyway?"
(6) Eric: *Tries his best to mimic Peter's movements, but adds a lot of groaning and moaning just because he can* "Ungh..."
(17) Peter: "OK, man, this is the moment; lets try a very small set of pushups , jumping jacks and crunches to see what athletic level your body is at."
(5) Loretta: "He wants to help more, so i told him that learning this stuff wouldn't hurt."
(6) Eric: "Can't we just assume its at 0 and go from there?? Like... 1 push up...
(17) Peter: *thinks* "perhaps we should do this the other way." *falls for pushups himself, waiting for Eric* "trust me. i have seen a lot of people not being able to do more pushups, i know how to detect it, you wont be harmed."
(17) Peter: "do this simultaneously with me."
(5) Loretta: *does it too, since this is sort of a group-togetherness sort of activity now*
(6) Eric: "Ungh.." *Drops to the ground and tries to mimic peter*
(17) Peter: "down." *lowers, doing half a pushup* " up." *stops a bit* "down. up.down." Pauses* "mid!" * pushes halfway up, not fully, and stays there a bit*
(17) Peter: "down.up.down.up.mid.see, Eric? its more fun when you do it with others, you forget your fears. and i see you have more potential than you realised too."
(6) Eric: "Ungh... Aren't we done yet?.."
(17) Peter: *lets them get up* "sure; lets do some other things." *keeps guiding Eric through a series of exercises, but trying not to tax him too much until class starts*
(17) Peter: *to Loretta* "I think he underestimates himself."
(5) Loretta: *nods*
(17) Peter: *when class starts, he tries to see what gaps Erik has in his striking technique*
(6) Eric: *Seems to have 0 experience in hitting anything, and the most knowledge he's obtained is 'thumb goes on the outside'*
(17) Peter: "um... ok... Loretta can you handle the class for a bit?"
(5) Loretta: *nods and takes over from there*
(17) Peter: *goes to Erik* "dude, you need to learn to have a better stance. start from there." *shows him*
(17) Peter: *tries to determine how much or not he's trying*
(6) Eric: *Tries his best to actually learn the stuff being taught, but it doesn't stop him from complaining loudly*
(17) Peter: *smiles at that* "Okay, wait a second. " *goes and wears some Thai Pads and comes back*
(17) Peter: "these are all okay movements, but they are no hits; try to breathe with each strike. now hit the pads wiht the strikes i say. ready?"
(17) Peter: *after a long while* "OK, sparring time. three two-minute rounds. *semi* contact, people!" *watches students spar in the centre of the dojo, two at a time,, until most finish*
(17) Peter: *class ends after a while, Peter starts gathering stuff up after saying bye to the students, still kinda recovering from Loretta's beating*
(17) Peter: "and me who thought you'd be calmer after the katas..."
(5) Loretta: *smirks* "I am."
(17) Peter: "see, Erik? when she's calm, she beats the living crap outta me." *pauses*"though i guess i did some moves myself..."
(6) Eric: "I'm supposed to be surprised by this?... I expected nothing less..."
(5) Loretta: "I can be gentle, he just never asks me to be." *winks*
(5) Trent: *shows up at the end of the class*
(6) Eric: "hhhmm, I think that may be a myth... Like the loch ness monster..."
(17) Peter: "Hey Trent. oh, and , Loretta..." *throws her two keys* "remember ?"
(5) Loretta: *sticks her tongue out at Eric, and smiles at Peter* "Thanks."
(5) Trent: "Hey. I'm gonna tag along on the patrol tonight; can't hurt if there's more of what you dealt with last night out there."
(5) Loretta: *kind of shrugs at Trent, not thrilled at the idea, but not against it either*
(17) Peter: "I dont know... just this once, could i come too? just to see what kind of surprises did you find? inc ase anything's familiar."
(6) Eric: "Did you bring some coffee?.. or like... tylanol..."
(5) Loretta: "No reason it can't be a group adventure i guess."
(17) Peter: *nods to Trent*
(5) Trent: "Sorry Eric, i didn't realize it would be necessary." *then gives Loretta a look* "But i probably should have."
(5) Loretta: "Very funny..."
(6) Eric: "I'll have to manage somehow... We gonna walk or drive?"
(17) Peter: "i say we transport to areas with the car, but then walk at actual patrol."
(5) Loretta: "Start where we saw the last one and work outward?"
(17) Peter: "probably i guess."
(6) Eric: "Are we going to split up, or all go together?"
(17) Peter: "i say together, otherwise whats the point?"
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Re: Saturday, November 22

PostPosted by verdilak » Tue May 18, 2010 6:53 pm

Loretta: "Let's go then." *heads for the door*
Peter: *shrugs to the others and follows*
Trent: *nods and heads for his truck*
Eric: *Follows too, wondering if they don't look like an odd group*
Loretta: *jumps into the bed of the truck*
Peter: *gets in* "so, where are we off to?"
Eric: "We're gonna come back here to drop off Peter anyway?"
Eric: "Then i can leave my car here... or it'll get damaged by another seaslug..."
Trent: "Where Loretta fought the first one; from there we'll search on foot. Easier to smell stuff that way anyway."
Trent: "Yup, better to just take the truck."
Peter: "true i guess."
Eric: *Climbs into the bed of the truck with a little more difficulty*
Loretta: *knocks on the back window to indicate she's getting impatient*
Trent: *shakes his head and starts the truck, driving in the direction agreed upon*
Peter: *searches for vamps along the way; they might be looking for something more specific, but shouldnt ignore any innocent victims of more common vampire attacks*
Trent: *once there, parks, gets out, and moves the seat forward to access a duffle bag stashed behind it; pulls out a bat and asks the others* "Anyone need a weapon?"
Peter: "i think my knife and maybe a stake from here , just in case, will do."
Eric: "Oh yeah..."
Eric: "What have you got in the rocket launcher department?"
Peter: "I';ve got a multiple launch rocket system , hidden in my socks."
Peter: *clearly sarcastic*
Trent: "Not much, but i do have a couple of knives, my big axe, and a big wrench--don't think pistols or rifles are appropriate this far into town."
Eric: "Hidden in your socks? I thought chemical weapons were illegal and immoral.."
Eric: "I guess I'll try an axe.... somehow.."
Trent: *hands Eric a battleaxe*
Eric: *Swings it around and only barely avoids one of Betty's headlights*
GM: (the axe is quite heavy)
Peter: *ducks, wanting to avoid getting hit by mistake*
Peter: "hey, Eric, maybe wanna use my knife instead, and i'll use the axe?"
Trent: (does 5x strength! You know, if you can lift it)
Eric: "Well... Alright i guess.."
GM: (would need a Str of 3 at least to use it effectively)
Eric: ((I has that))
GM: (then rp it however you want heh)
Peter: ((y, if you wnat to keep it, np, otherwise peter will make the switch as your character just said))
Eric: ((We'll just go with what's said))
Eric: *Swings the knife around too* "Well.... this certainly lacks a certain coolness factor.."
Peter: "watch it and it will serve you well. i am told it has been in some fights. i dont remember, but..."
Eric: "I didn't ask for my weapons life story!" *Sets off bravely (Foolishly)*
Loretta: *twirls her stake around a couple of times before sliding it back into her pants*
Peter: *follows to keep close to him so that he is not harmed*
Loretta: *sets off ahead of them*
GM: After a few minutes of walking, ruslting is heard along the underbrush of the woods on both sides of the street. Loretta and Eric, you both remember this sound from the night before.
Eric: *Points and whispers* "Over there, swarm swarm swarm"
Peter: *gets ready and tries to see what it is*
Loretta: "I'll take this way." *turns toward the sounds to the right*
Peter: *turns towards sounds to the left*
GM: 4 vamps, 2 coming at you from each side of the road, and they are all looking very hungry. (if anyone has a ranged weapon, they can attack now, if not, roll inits and lets get into combat)
Peter: (Initiative) [1d10+10] => [6,10] = (16)
Eric: [1d10+3] => [5,3] = (8)
Loretta: [1d20+12] => [10,12] = (22)
Trent: (i swear i hit the 1!)
Trent: [1d10+12] => [1,12] = (13)
Trent: (doh, that was Loretta's)
Trent: [1d10+5] => [8,5] = (13)
GM: V1 [1d10+4] => [3,4] = (7) V2 [1d10+5] => [3,5] = (8) V3 [1d10+6] => [9,6] = (15) V4 [1d10+7] => [6,7] = (13)
Trent: (lol)
GM: (and how are you guys positioned? in a hoizontal or vertical line? in a square?)
Eric: ((probably square))
Peter: (Peter faces opposite to loretta as we posted such, but dunno others, square possible)
Trent: (i was thinking a cross; Loretta in front, Peter and Eric in the middle, Trent at the rear)
GM: (loretta is taking those on the right, peter the left, Eric and Trent, where are you two?)
Eric: ((I'll follow Loretta at a distance, and wish I had a ranged weapon))
Trent: (with Peter then)
GM: Peter, V3, Loretta/Trent, V4, Eric, V2, V1 (V3 and V1 are on the left w/ Peter and Trent, V4 and V2 are on the right with Loretta and Eric)
Peter: *wields the axe two handed and attacks V3 twice, not risking a maneuver because he wants to first gauge the weapon*
Peter: (i roll right? not declaration etc.? sorry for forgetting a bit)
Trent: (you declare and roll once for all actions, then add modifiers)
GM: (roll the d10, then add the bonuses seperatly)
Peter: [1d10] => [6] = (6) and +10 first, +8 second due to -2
Peter: (so 16 and 14)
GM: Vamp #3 dodges your attack easily and swings with a powerful fist at your midsection. (attack is 19)
Peter: *attempts to spin his body and block with his elbow!* [1d10] => [4] = (4) +11
Peter: hit
GM: 16 bashing
Loretta: *punch-punch-kick at V4* [1d10] => [4] = (4)
Peter: (ok, 12 then; natural toughness applies i guess)
GM: (yup, it would)
Loretta: [4+14] => 18 [4+12] => 16 [4+9] => 13
GM: (anyone remember ties?)
Peter: (i dont remember)
Eric: ((sadly no))
Eric: ((trying to look it up))
GM: (house ruleing it for this combat, defender wins ties)
Peter: (ok)
GM: The vamp barely gets out of the way of your fist, but does.
Eric: ((It doesn't actually say...))
Trent: *bashes at V1 with his bat* [1d10] => [8] = (8)
Trent: [8+8] => 16 [8+6] => 14
GM: Trent, you connect with your first swing, the vamp has learned to duck by the time the second swing comes around.
Trent: 16 bash
GM: Vamp #4 snarles and attempts to grapple Loretta (21)!
Loretta: Dodge [1d10+14] => [1,14] = (15)
GM: Loretta, you are grappled, hard.
GM: (eric)
Eric: ((Too bad there's no stab em in the eye move..)
GM: (same diff as going for the heart)
Eric: *Decides it's probably a really bad idea, but runs up to help Loretta anyway and tries to stab the vampire in the eye with his knife*
Eric: (Free drama point usage) [1d10+3-3+10] => [9,3,-3,10] = (19)
GM: Eric, you hit him
GM: even though he tries to use Loretta as a shield
Eric: ((is it a big knife or a standard knife? and does in the eye have the same damage multiplier as through the heart too?))
GM: (no, not the same multiplier)
GM: (Pyr, what type of knife is it?)
GM: (and the damage is whatever it is for the knife)
Eric: ((Assuming it's a normal knife I do 6 slashing damage, +5 from success))
Peter: (Big Ass Knife)
Eric: ((9 +5 then))
Peter: (x3)
GM: (no, you bonus from success)
Peter: (y)
GM: (he tried to dodge with a 18, 19-18=1, which is not a success level)
GM: (err, my bad, it is 1 success level)
GM: (err 2, he was at 16 for the dodge)
Eric: ((9 +1 then? or only bonus successes count?))
GM: (11 damage, slashing)
Eric: ((Take that! Too bad it's a vampire..:P))
Peter: (as/if round ends, heals 5 points of damage)
Loretta: "Eric, behind you!"
GM: Vamp #4 yells in anger and pain, but does not let go the tasty morel he has held tight, as vamp #2 comes up at Eric from behind! (Grapple, Bite =16, 14)
Eric: ((Comming up from behind doesn't allow any dodge i think?))
GM: Vamp #1 attempts to grapple the Bat away from Trent (14)
GM: (you get a dodge, loretta warned you)
Eric: ((Phew))
Loretta: (lucky bastard!)
Eric: Drama point to avoid becomming a vampire bite sized snack! [1d10+3+10] => [1,3,10] = (14)
Eric: ((Clearly i'm meant to be a bite sized snack!))
GM: (oh, wait, the numbers are 18, 16 against eric)
GM: Eric, you take 23 damage
Eric: *Let's out a yell as he's bitten, not too worried about appearing manly now*
Trent: parry [1d10+8] => [1,8] = (9)
GM: Vamp #1 has your bat now!
Trent: (dammit)
GM: (back up to the front, Peter!)
Peter: "Trent go wolfy and cover my 6!"
Peter: "eriiic!" (typing action)
Trent: (aw fuck Peter, hope they're not listening!)
GM: (ever Initiative soldier is doing the "!" from Metal Gear Solid with the sound)
Peter: (well true, but if we dont do that we might have death)
GM: (nod, just saying lol)
Peter: *runs towards eric's vamp, faking a kick as he charges (Feint), but actualy spending a drama point to decapitate!* (say if it cant be done in a turn)
GM: (you can, there is the -2 to the decap maneuver for it being the second action)
Peter: (ok)
Eric: ((Try not to cut my head off at the same time!))
GM: (yeah, dont want to get a failure)
Peter: [1d10] => [9] = (9) +10 Feint; +20-2-5(13) decapitate, + feint successes
Peter: (lol 19 feint, 22 + successes decapitate)
Peter: (feint is vs Brains)
GM: (vs 13, so the vamp fails, so you have 4 successes)
Peter: (26 decapitate)
Peter: (checking number of successes... )
Peter: (7)
GM: (where are you getting +20?)
Peter: (+10 skill, +10 drama which i said i spend)
GM: (err, feint is +3, 3 success levels from the feint)
GM: (ahh, my bad)
Peter: (ok, still 7 successes; so.. damage is: 5x(4+1 due to 2-hands)+7, and thats x4 for decapitate
GM: [9+20-5-2+3] => 25 vs 16
GM: (3 successes on the decap)
Peter: (128 damage i think, UNLESS i do some mistake?)
Peter: (ah sorry)
Peter: (so, its 112 damage)
GM: The Vamp's head rolls off his shoulders and drops to the ground ad Vamp #3 grapples and bits Peter! (21, 19)
GM: (bites)
Peter: *dodges with day's drama pt, having specified *spending* the previous one; say if it cant be done* [1d10] => [3] = (3) +11+10
Peter: (24 if it can)
GM: (only once per turn)
Peter: (ok so bit)
Peter: (bitten*)
GM: 24 damage
Loretta: *elbows the vamp that has her twice, then tries to break the grapple* [1d10] => [9] = (9)
Loretta: [9+14] => 23 [9+12] => 21 [9+16] => 25
Loretta: (21 on that last one)
GM: Loretta, your elbows are SHARP! damage for the two attacks and are free from the grapple (vs 19, 17, 18 so 2 successes each)
Loretta: 18 bash and 18 bash
Trent: punch and sweep kick [1d10] => [5] = (5)
Trent: [5+7] => 12 for the punch, so probably not
GM: (thats a miss) The vamp grins at you like you are a turkey dinner as he easily weaves around your punch.
GM: Vamp #4 attempts to grapple Loretta yet again, this time attempting to bite her as well. *spending drama point* (31, 14)
Loretta: *lets it grab her, but dodges the bite [1d10+13] => [3,13] = (16)
GM: Eric
GM: (you are bleeding profusely after loosing 23 damage)
Eric: *Puts a hand on the nasty bleeding wound while whimpering and trying to clear his head first* (I'll use the full defense action for now since the chances of me doing something significant are low, i'll focus on surviving :P))
Loretta: "Run away you fucking moron!"
GM: Vamp #1 leers at Trent and swings at him multiple times! (16, 14, 12)
Eric: ((beating him with his own bat... that's style..))
Trent: (according to results of rules argument, i can't dodge any of those)
Peter: (can spend drama pt for i think i'm Ok thoughm right?)
GM: (Trent has 1 defense, 1 attak, and 1 other action per turn due to his dex, he already attacked twice, therefore he can only attempt to dodge once)
Peter: (y, i'd suggest he dodges last one tbh...but anyways)
GM: (if he dodges the first and get it, the other two dont count)
Trent: *dodges first one* [1d10+8+10] => [5,8,10] = (23)
GM: Bat misses by a mile
GM: (Peter)
Peter: (heals 5 more in second round's end)
Peter: (hmmm... he has grappled body, soa s to bite, right? i.e. -1 all actions?)
Peter: (i assume, since he is Eric's vamp, that Loretta's vamp is right next to us?)
GM: ((he's actually grappled your arm, he saw what you did with a two-handed swing)
Peter: (ah ok)
GM: (no, Vamp 3 has you, he was your vamp)
Peter: (but i am close enough to loretta's vamp? since i attacked an adjustent vamp b4? no problem if i;m not, just asking)
GM: (if you want to attack the vamp that is grappling Loretta, be my guest)
Peter: (i intend to free from grapple and attack lorettavamp, will see what maneuve,rbut wanna know if i can)
GM: (breaking the grapple is a doubled strength roll vs the vamp's muscle score)
Peter: (hmm OK. so, -2 to swing i guess, gotta work with that)
GM: (-2 to the doubled strength roll)
Peter: *Feints a headbutt, then spins and decapitates *his own Vamp* , spending day's drama pt*
Peter: (ok with that declaration?)
Peter: (-2 decap)
Peter: (-4* due to 2nd action)
GM: (wait what the fuck?)
GM: (oh, okay, i get it)
Peter: (grappling an arm means i *can* use th arm, but with -2)
Peter: (thats the rules, NO PROBLEM if you wnat changed)
GM: (no need to shout, I said I get it. roll it)
Peter: (sorry, i use caps to emphasize, not to shout*)
Peter: (gotta remember that, my fault)
Peter: [1d10] => [7] = (7)
Peter: 17 feint
Peter: and 10+10-4-5=18 decap
GM: (fail)
GM: (oh, lol, braisn, not combat)
Peter: feint is vs brains right
GM: (1 success)
Peter: so, the successes are added to that 18*
Peter: so 19
Peter: on decap*
GM: The decap, however, is just barely a fail)
Peter: (ok)
GM: (vs a 20, lol)
Peter: (note that i used the -2)
Peter: (so dont add to defense)
Peter: (assuming, sry)
GM: Vamp 3 bites Peter twice (21, 19)
Peter: tries to dodge second bite; [1d10+11] => [6,11] = (17)
Peter: fail
GM: 48 damage)
Peter: sec, i think i roll consciousness
Peter: y, 64 damage vs 61 hp :P
Peter: err 74 vs 61*
Peter: can i use "i think i'm OK"?
GM: (yes, just can only use Heroic Feat once per turn)
Peter: (ok i do; 74 becomes 37* and drama pts turn to 5)
Loretta: *punches with the other arm 3 times* [1d10] => [4] = (4)
Loretta: (fails)
GM: Vamp moves out of the way of your first attack with a 19
GM: (seriously, 2 hours for 2 rounds of combat, I am sooo going to look into converting this sytem to tri-stat)
Peter: (3 rounds* but you right for many other reasons too)
Trent: *going for a standard punch and kick* [1d10] => [10] = (10)
GM: (we are 20 min into the 3rd round, and have been fighting for roughly 2 hours and 20 m in)
Trent: [10+7] => 17 [10+4] => 14
Peter: (well its a hard fight so we think stuff twice)
GM: (both land)
Peter: (but the problems wth Uni are many, sadly... wont discuss now)
Trent: 10 bash + 11 bash
GM: Vamp 4 bites Loretta, twice! (21, 19)
Loretta: *dodges the first* [1d10+14] => [7,14] = (21)
GM: he makes chomping noises as he misses
GM: Eric
Eric: *Pretends to still only be concerned with the gaping neck wound, but sneakily moves around the combat to end behind the vampire holding Loretta, deciding this battle might go real bad real fast otherwise*
GM: Vamp #1 "Lets trying this again..." and attacks Trent multiple times (16, 14)
Loretta: Dodge + Drama Point [1d10+7+10] => [10,7,10] = (27)
Loretta: (figures...)
Loretta: (oh, that was trent)
Peter: (37 becomes 32* at third round's end)
GM: (round 4, Peter is still grappled by the arm and is bleeding, Trent is facing a vamp that is using his own bat against him, eric is sneaking around to do somnething while holding his neck wound, and Loretta is arm grappled)
GM: (btw, Eric, you are bleeding, meaning you cannot hide/sneak from a vamp, OOC knowledge there)
GM: (just like sharks)
GM: (we are now at 3 hours for 3 rounds)
Eric: ((Maybe i'll get a flanking bonus at least.. :P
Peter: (they are threatening Pete's 'squad' as per his code; can i use vengeful wrath-like use of drama pts to get +5 all actions in combat via 2 drama? in that state we're in, better just sue these drama and try to replain with xp...)
Eric: ((But i need to sleep soon...))
Peter: replenish*
Loretta: (is everyone even keeping track of drama points? I usually just use the one free one per day and call it good so i don't have to; i think this is the first time Trent's ever used more than 1, lol, but Pete uses them a LOT)
Peter: (i do)
Peter: (he has lost 5 EVEN with fre ones)
GM: (you only get 1 free one, per day. if you dont use it, its gone)
Loretta: (we only get 1 free one, plus the 5 we started with, right? And the free one doesn't carry over to the next day)
Peter: (we start with 10)
GM: (and that is a bit iffy, but I'll let you use the drama points if you have en ough)
Peter: (and peter uses each day's drama usualy, but because he uses a lot, he is now at 5)
Peter: (ok, ver,d if you think it's iffy, i am perfectly fine not using it)
Eric: ((Eric has 18 left, and Allison 8 or 9))
GM: (I said its good to use)
Loretta: (ok, i didn't realize how many we started with; guess i need to go through posts and count to be sure)
Loretta: (but i'm sure i haven't used 20 ever, not to mention - the daily ones)
Peter: *spends 2 drama pts(3 left now!) , seeing as his squad seemingly dies if he doenst do something, fast! he tires to attack loretta's vampire twice* [1d10] => [9] = (9) +15-2 first, +15-4 second
Peter: 22 first, 20 second
GM: (both hit with 1 success each)
Peter: 52 slash
Peter: he also has 47 damage from 3 previous attacks, loretta's vamp
GM: Vamp #4 is hit badly, and spends a drama point to reduce the damage.
GM: Vamp #3 bites Peter 3 times since he doesnt have to use an action for a dodge (21, 19, 17)
Peter: [1d10+16] => [8,16] = (24) dodges first one
GM: (16?)
GM: (okay, i see it)
GM: (the +5 only works for attacks, not defense)
Peter: (ah; then i probably wouldnt be sure to try dodge the firs one but anyway)
GM: (your dodges were 11+1d10's earlier, so that would make it 19)
Peter: (whatever you choose)
Peter: (ok)
GM: (say which one you are going to dodge and re-roll)
GM: (best way to do it)
Peter: (the second one, and i agree 100% on way) [1d10] => [4] = (4)
Peter: fail
GM: [24+24+24] => 72
Peter: 104; i can be alive at 52 hp if i use "i think i'm OK". i'll do it, not much choice :(
Peter: (so 2 drama left)
whispering to Verd, [(52+47)/2] => 49
Peter: (btw, *nothing* to do with you verd, but i hatee this exchange of drama pts between heroes "i think i'm ok" and villains"i think i'm ok". again, nothing to do with u, i understand its the system)
Loretta: *tries to run a stake through the vamp's heart* [1d10] => [5] = (5)
GM: (yeah, this system even mooks get drama points)
Loretta: [5+11] => 16
GM: (honestly, I should have used it for the beheaded vamp, but it was such a good roll i had to let it go by unchalleneged)
GM: Vamp 4 dodges with a 19
Trent: *finally notices that his brother-in-law is hurt pretty damn bad, so punches twice, with RIGHTEOUS FURY!* [1d10] => [5] = (5)
Trent: [5+5+7] => 17 [5+5+5] => 15
Trent: (-2 drama points, btw)
GM: (both hit, 2 success each)
Trent: 10 bash +10 bash
GM: Vamp 1 is more leaning on the bat than swing it around easily...
GM: Vamp 4 glares at Peter with his one eye, but sees that the other vamp is taking care of him and attempts to bite loretta twice yet again! (21, 19)
Loretta: *dodges the first [1d10+14] => [5,14] = (19)
GM: (60 damage)
GM: Eric
Eric: *Musters up all his remaining strength, courage and luck, taking hold of the silver knife in both hands, and desperately trying to stab it into the vampire's heart from behind*
Eric: (Drama point, + Luck) [1d10+3+10+4-3] => [9,3,10,4,-3] = (23)
GM: (you get him w/ 1 success)
Eric: ((Book says even critters with situational awareness get -2 for being attacked from behind, might work on this vamp too?))
GM: (eh, why not, he finally got some blood from loretta)
GM: (2 successes)
Eric: [((3*3)+2)*5] => 55 I think then
Peter: (so 11 x4?)
Peter: (ah x5)
GM: (it's not x5 because it isnt wooded, so it isnt a stake through the heart maneuver technically)
GM: (just *4)
Eric: ((ah yep, 44 then))
GM: Vamp 4 is looking bad and is more leaning onto Loretta than grappling.
GM: Vamp #1 summons up his strenght and tried to turn Trent into a pinata! *uses Drama Point for +10* (24)
Eric: *Stumbles backwards feeling lightheaded* "Oh come on! Just die already...piece of.." *mutters an incoherent exhausted insult*
Trent: (very unlikely i can dodge that even with a drama point, so let him)
GM: 20 damage
GM: Round 5, Peter
Peter: *sees Loretta bitten and attacks at her vamp twice; maybe he can save her before his demise* [1d10] => [5] = (5)
Peter: 20-2=18
Peter: he ha used doige though
Peter: so 18 and 16, and if he dodgesm remind that vs loretta
GM: The vamp dodges with a 19
Peter: (ok, o no dodge vs loretta?)
GM: (he can)
GM: (he only dodged once, he has another action that can be used as an attack or dodge)
Peter: (no, he needs multiple didge actions vs multiple opponents)
Peter: (ah that true y)
Peter: (btw, flanked by 3 guys, dont he get any penalties?)
Peter: (just asking, dont misunderstand)
GM: Vamp 3 bites Peter again, thrice (21, 19, 17)
Trent: (don't think it counts as flanked if we're all busy?)
GM: (eric isnt really doing any flanking heh)
Peter: *tries to dodge first one; only chance really* [1d10+11] => [6,11] = (17)
Peter: (dies)
Peter: (err survival, but anyway)
GM: (you have drama points)
GM: (halves all damage)
Peter: (ok then 1 hp left)
Peter: (and 1 drama pt left)
GM: (next turn, drama point first, then attack)
Loretta: *tries Through the Heart again* [1d10] => [6] = (6)
Loretta: [6+11] => 17
Peter: (he could just spend drama pt for defense if i attacked)
GM: (due to the partial flanking penalty, he's -3, so thats vs 16 and you hit)
Loretta: [16*5] => 80
GM: He dusts and the silver knive clatters to the ground, the sound onscuring any lighter sound a brain-bomb would create
GM: (obscuring)
Loretta: (and the wooden stake)
GM: (if you let go of it)
GM: Trent!
Loretta: (oh yeah, probably not)
Trent: Disarm + bash with bat (if he gets it back) [1d10] => [7] = (7)
Trent: [7+7+5] => 19 [7+7+5-2] => 17
GM: Trent swips his bat and beats the vamp with it!
Trent: 16 bash
GM: the vamp goes down!
GM: (but not out)
GM: Peter
Peter: *strikes at his own vamp twice; keeps drama pt for dodge if needed* [1d10] => [10] = (10)
Peter: (25-2=23... 23+21
Peter: (23 first, 21 second*
GM: You hit both times, 2 successes each
Peter: 54 slash
Peter: "fall back you sorry bastard! fall back!"
GM: The first damage this vamp has taken, "You little fucker!" and instead of biting, he punches you in the head (19)
Peter: *dodges* [1d10+11] => [4,11] = (15)
Peter: (hits)
GM: 17 damage
Peter: (so 13 damage; at -13, -8 due to round's heal
Peter: -8 hp is possible to succeed at consicousness roll
Peter: (will & con, but hard to kill does not apply, only res(pain), which i dont have; so +8-8...=+0
Loretta: *attempts to sake this one too* [1d10] => [7] = (7)
Peter: [1d10] => [5] = (5)
Peter: (unconscious)
Loretta: [7+14-3] => 18
Peter: *falls down tot he floor*
GM: The vamp dodges
Peter: (wont roll survival cause i cant fail even with 1, k? or 1 is autofail?)
GM: (you are good Peter)
Peter: (note that he dodges tw hits b4 verd*)
Peter: (and attacked twice)
Peter: (so thats 3rd dodge)
GM: (nod)
Trent: *pulls his trusty stake and runs it through vampie's heart* [1d10] => [1] = (1)
Trent: *can't seem to locate the heart!*
Peter: (lol)
GM: (his heart, NOT HIS BALLS!)
Trent: (can i use my second attack?)
GM: (nope, you already said it)
Trent: (nm, one roll)
Trent: *looks at the vamp curiously!*
GM: The sound of wood hitting pavement seems to remind the vamp that he has drama points to spend! *which he does to half his damage*
GM: Vamp 3 glares at loretta, grabs the axe from peter's unconscious fingers as he lets him fall to the ground, "Lets get it on girly." and attacks! (17)
Peter: (btw now at -3)
Peter: (end of prev. round)
Loretta: "Gross!" *dodge* [1d10+14] => [8,14] = (22)
Loretta: *tries running her stake through his heart again* [1d10] => [5] = (5)
Loretta: 16
GM: (nope)
Trent: *tries again with the staking* [1d10] => [5] = (5)
Peter: *as vamp lets him fall, he lies on the ground, seemingly bleeding to death*
Trent: [5+2+5] => 12
Peter: (end of this round: +2)
GM: Vamp #1 rolls out of the way with a 14
Trent: [5+7+5-3] => 14
Trent: (i has bad maths)
GM: (still works out the same) Vamp #1 kicks at Trent, then gets to his feet (14)
Trent: [1d10+7] => [9,7] = (16)
Peter: "get ready for round two! " *still a bit dizzy*
GM: Vamp #1 is still on the ground
Trent: (dude, keep laying there and heal more!)
Peter: (i can help Trent)
GM: (what is peter doing?)
Peter: *he gets up, running towards Trent;s vampire with a ... Flying Kick!*
Peter: (one action)
Peter: (err two, but only 1 attack)
Peter: (sorry cnat be flying kick; just spin kick then)
GM: (3)
GM: (and can you spin kick an opponent who is laying down?)
Peter: (3 actions? that far huh?... ok sec)
Peter: *tries to jump up with acrobatics to not lose action, then does 1 action to move, one action to spinkick Trent's vamp* [1d10] => [1] = (1)
Peter: (crap still on the floor)
Peter: (ok next)
Peter: (test)
GM: sorry, kids brought in fleas
Peter: (np , rl always comes first ;) )
GM: (and yeah, my bad, he's not that far, so it would have just been your second action as the attack)
Peter: (still it would be a 13)
Peter: (1+16-4 due to penalty )
Peter: (so no problem)
Peter: (dont think it would hit anyway :P right?)
GM: (nope, need 14+)
GM: Vamp 3 sees Peter run past him, but he doesnt dare turn his back on Loretta since she also took out a vamp and attacks twice! (21, )
GM: (hippie is afk still so we will wait)
GM: (21, 19)
Loretta: *dodge* [1d10+14] => [8,14] = (22)
GM: (lucky lucky)
Peter: (hehehe)
Loretta: *tries again with the staking, determined!* [1d10] => [3] = (3)
Loretta: (fail)
GM: (yup, he dodges)
Trent: *tries to stake again* [1d10] => [5] = (5)
Trent: (fail)
GM: The vamp dodges
GM: Then gets to his feet for his turn
GM: Peter
Peter: *puts on the hurt! Punch, Spin Kick!* [1d10] => [5] = (5)
Peter: (21, 19)
Peter: (err -2 noth)
Peter: (19/17)
Peter: (now at +7 hp*)
Peter: (spin kick is 15 sry8)
GM: He dodges and fails, give me the damage
Peter: punch is 8 withous successes, spin kick is 12
GM: You have 3 successes
Peter: without successes both*
Peter: 11 + 15; 26 Bash
GM: Vamp goes down again, but not out
GM: [1d10] => [1] = (1)
Peter: "I'm the best there is at what i do!" (sorry i had to say it :P )
GM: Vamp 3 looks to Peter, then at Loretta, and decides that while Peter is the greater threat, he will attack them both! (21 vs Peter, 19 vs Loretta)
Loretta: dodge [1d10+14] => [3,14] = (17)
Peter: (hmmm. spend drama point. we got this, lets not lose due to being greedy) [1d10+11-2+10] => [6,11,-2,10] = (25)
GM: 45 damage to Loretta
Peter: (0 drama)
Loretta: *looks like hell but still fighting just fine*
Peter: (she has taken 60 more damage though?)
Peter: (so 105*)
Loretta: (60 more?)
Peter: (y, two bites of 30)
Loretta: (didn't think it was that much)
Peter: (y i read it just now, 60 damage)
Loretta: *spends drama point to half total damage
GM: (so only 53 damage)
Loretta: (still good then)
Loretta: "That's IT you son of a bitch!" *spends drama point for another Through the Heart attempt* [1d10] => [5] = (5)
Loretta: [15+14-3] => 26
GM: (thats a hit with 2 successes)
Loretta: [16*5] => 80
Loretta: [18*5] => 90
GM: Vamp goes dusty with a confused look on his face and the axe clatters to the ground
Trent: *growls and spends a drama point too, to do the same* [1d10] => [10] = (10)
Peter: (lol)
Trent: [10+10+7-3] => 24
GM: he is dusted
Peter: *pants as he rabs the axe* "Loretta, Eric, oh my god are you OK?"
Peter: grabs*
GM: (what does Peter grab?)
Loretta: "Fine."
Peter: (the axe?)
GM: (ahh k)
Peter: rab i wrote, grab i wanted to write)
Trent: *grabs Eric, who's looking dazed, and pulls him toward the truck*
Peter: *checks for any other hostiles, and checks the vamp's dusts in disbelief at how close they came todying*
Peter: *slowly gets much, much better*
Trent: *puts down the tailgate and shoves Eric down on it before grabbing a first aid kit from the cab and wrapping some bandages around the wound to stop the bleeding, then hands the kit to Peter* "Anyone else need a ride to the hospital?"
GM: The 4 dust piles poof again and though something small exploded in their midst.
Loretta: "No, i'm good."
Peter: "Loretta, are you sure?..." *notices the small explosions and attemts to look for fragments, no matter how small*
GM: you dont find any
Loretta: "I said i'm sure." *takes some bandages though* "It'll be gone by morning." *looks at Eric* "Damn, this won't be fun explaining to Allison..."
Peter: *goes near the truck* "get Eric to hospital, fast. I'll get Loretta to Allison's."
Trent: "Everyone get in; Peter, i'll give you the keys once we get to the hospital, and you can take Loretta from there." *lays Eric down in the back and closes the tailgate* "Let's roll."
Peter: "OK." *hops in*
Peter: *checks Eric and how he is; as Trent is now driving, Peter intends to offer any help he can*
Loretta: "I' to Allison in person so when she flips out i can stop her from killing something."
Loretta: *gets in too*
Trent: *just nods and gets going*
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Re: Saturday, November 22

PostPosted by hippie_mama » Wed May 19, 2010 10:39 pm


Trent drives to the hospital at the highest speed possible without throwing his passengers around the truck.

He pulls up to the emergency entrance and gets out, saying only, "Get her home," before leading Eric inside.
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Re: Saturday, November 22

PostPosted by hippie_mama » Thu May 20, 2010 4:37 pm

[Peter] *to Trent* "OK, i will get her there. I should also tell Allison-she has a right to know her brother got hurt."

[Trent] *just nods again and is on his way*

[Loretta] *trying to joke* "Think he meant the truck or me?"

[Peter] "You, but by wording he used I guess you get to choose then." *thinks of winking but he's in the process of calming down still, though his body is much better now, as if he was never hurt*

[Loretta] *can't help but look where his ripped and blood-stained clothes show that life-threatening wounds should be, her own not yet closing and looking pretty grisly* "Allison's going to flip her shit."

[Peter] *starts driving as the others have headed inside* "what are you looking at?..." "i look terrible huh? i know."

[Loretta] "Actually, no. I don't think i can ever get used to seeing that."

[Peter] "...What do you mean?... You dont like looking at me? it doesnt make sense, why do you do it then?" *obviously confused*

[Loretta] "Of course i like looking at you." *reaches over and pokes her finger into a hole in his shirt, lightly touching a wound where it's already closed* "I mean that."

[Peter] "uh, the bite marks that should be on my arm and shoulders. I forgot you told me i didn't always have that. Well, look at it this way; Something to help me stand by your side against the vampires, the demons, and the forces of darkness. " *pauses* "you think that's bad?... i think its nice, actualy."

[Loretta] "Of course it's nice; you have no idea how nice, to have one less person i have to bust ass to try and protect. It's just weird to sit here and watch it happen. But in a cool way." *pokes at her own bite marks a bit, as well as the big axe-cleave, and discovering that they have barely begun healing* "I still look bad enough it's really going to scare Allison. You're going to have to drive her to the hospital."

[Peter] "I assume i will; already told Trent i'll tell her, and she'll want to go see Eric. Though she has a car herself i think. still, i should go home at some point and change clothes anyway i think."

[Loretta] "I better tell her. Breaking bad news is not one of your strong points. And yeah, she has a car, but she's going to be too upset to drive. I'll try to talk her into waiting long enough to let us change first; last thing we need to try and do is explain why we lived through a fight like that."

[Peter] "... but i dont have any clothes in your house, i cant go out half naked, can i?... I'll need to stop by my house first." *pauses, thinking for some time* "I guess we'll see when we talk to her-and ok, better you tell her."

[Loretta] *eye roll* "Wouldn't be the first time you've borrowed Trent's; he won't care."

[Peter] "true i guess. that helps a lot."
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Re: Saturday, November 22

PostPosted by Pyriel » Sat May 22, 2010 9:39 am

[Peter] "so... are you sure you don't want to come with us to the hospital right after?... not only will they have more bandages in case you wanna change these," "but i think Eric will feel really nice if he sees all of us near him, supportive and the like."
[Loretta] "Maybe...but i figure giving them some space is good too. And i could clean up some, get the weapons put away in case we have visitors first thing tomorrow. Maybe i could take care of things here, then come later? By then maybe he'll be good enough to come home anyway."
[Peter] "I guess thats OK too, though i think Trent has already made preparations in the house like you said." *smiles* "in a way, i am *at fault* here; i was thinking it will be hard in the future to be alone with you like now, and thought how i missed you; sorry for that, i have no right-but its natural, right? it doesnt make you mad?" *said quite calmly in fact, still smiling*
"so you can totaly stay back if you want, i apologise."
*keeps driving towards murphy estate , relatively fast but not recklessly; will get there soon*
[Loretta] *smirks some* "Oh, i's less that you think i should be there, and more that you want me to go with you."
[Peter] "you can refuse; i wont hold it against you."
*nods at what she said before he answered*
[Loretta] *can't help but smile* "Well, i don't expect you to stop liking me all at once. We'll see how Allison handles it, and go from there. She might really want me to go with her too i guess."
[Peter] "...i assume you want me to stop liking you then?" *pauses some* " OK i guess. thanks for at least being reasonable, that counts a lot."
[Loretta] "I think it would be easier."
[Peter] "Maybe if it would make you happy... Perhaps thats a discussion for another time;we definitely spent time ok today. and yeah, how Allison handles it ... i'm kinda worried, hence the speed despite not being that good a driver."
[Loretta] *gets very serious* "It wouldn't make me happy. But i don't want to live like i'm always missing something."
[Peter] *sighs* "then find a guy-maybe even another guy, even if it hurts me- that you wont be afraid to love. cause i dont think 'mere fun' is what you're missing. you totaly take risks for hunting, so you succeed; havent seen you take risks for your personal happiness.think about that a little; not just for me."
[Loretta] "Love isn't what i'm looking for. You already know that."
"ok, we seem to arrive i guess." *slows down to give her the chance to say any last words if she wants, then parks*
[Peter] "alright then. no reason not to feel perfectly happy if what you want is that."
*opens door, gets out*
[Loretta] *goes to the house too*
[Peter] *whispers* "sorry; now the issue at hand" *knocks*
[Loretta] *nods, then opens the door herself*
[Peter] "oh..."
*gets in after her*
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Re: Saturday, November 22

PostPosted by hippie_mama » Sat May 22, 2010 3:22 pm

Peter: *lets Loretta find Allison and break the news to her as he said, but mostly follows loretta to her so he doenst seem too inconsiderate to face allison*
Allison: *is napping on the couch with a pillow brought from the bedroom*
Loretta: *steps over to the couch and nudges her shoulder* "Allison..."
Peter: *steps right next to her, both of them really bloodied*
Allison: *Let's out a tremendous yawn and opens her eyes* "Oh you're home, oh damn what happened?"
Loretta: "Nothing good." *can't come up with any better way to say it, but to be direct* "Eric got hurt pretty bad, so we left him and Trent at the hospital."
Allison: *Turns a lot paler and seems to instantly snap awake* "How hurt? Where?"
Loretta: "I don't really know; he got bit though; probably needs stitches or something."
Allison: *Runs over to the cabinet to grab her wallet, keys and opens a drawer to take out cards with insurance policy, in case Eric didn't bring his own, still rather pale as if bit herself* "Alright, I think I have everything.."
Peter: "he didn't fall unconscious or anything, so he'll be alright; but i think we should go there to be by his side. I'd want that if I was injured."
Loretta: "Ok; i know you want to go right away, but if you wait a sec for me and Peter to clean up and change so no one tries to admit us or ask too many questions, we'll go with."
Allison: "Alright, but hurry up" *heads to her car to start it up and keep it running in the driveway, ready to drive away*
Peter: "true that; i should change too... i got hurt pretty bad, much worse initialy than Eric so my t-shirt is all bloody."
Peter: "allison, stop; it is trent's car we should go there with. pracical reasons."
Peter: *goes to get ready*
Loretta: *runs upstairs to hurry into the shower for a very quick rinse-off*
Peter: *momentarily meets her while they both enter the room for shower but leaves*
Allison: "We need to take both"
Peter: *goes to different shower and washes off*
Loretta: *finds some more bandages so her clean clothes won't stick to the healing wounds, then dresses and throws a scarf over her neck to hide the bites*
Peter: *gets outside with some clothes of Trent's; sees her and jokes* "Hey, Lorrie, that Mina Harker look suits you.anyways, Allison, lets go; i take Trent's car."
Loretta: *goes with Allison, thinking that if she insists on driving, she at least shouldn't be alone* "I am so, so sorry. I'll never take him again, i promise. I didn't think there would be four."
Peter: *drives off towards hospital*
Allison: *Leans over to put her arm around Loretta for a short moment and hug her* "I know" *Wipes the tears out of her eyes, and then steps on the gas to chase to the hospital at 2 miles above the speed limit*
Loretta: "It's my fault. I couldn't predict what he'd do; i thought he would stay out of the way once it got bad, but he tried to help me when he should have been watching his own back."
Allison: *Gives a watery smile* "Brave fool, let's not talk about blame... I just want to get there.. make sure he's alright.."
Peter: *follows their car, hopes allison drives there ok*\
Loretta: "Ok..."
Allison: *Parks her car at the visitors entrance and get's out after collecting all her things*
Peter: *parks too and gets to them* "hang on allison. he was only bitten once, i decapitated the vamp that did it; he should be fine, i saw him.I promise he will be okay."
Peter: *goes inside with them and checks for Trent, to hopefully get an idea of where they keep Eric*
Allison: "And I'll still feel a lot better seeing it myself" *keeps walking pretty fast*
Trent: *meets them in the lobby*
Peter: "hey man. where's Eric?"
Allison: *Walks up to Trent when spotting him and putting her arms tightly around him for a moment, then digging into her purse fuzzily* "I brought his insurance card... I wasn't sure if he brought his, or if you knew it.. it's in here somewhere.."
Trent: "Good; and he's doing fine. Waiting for someone to come stitch him up right now."
Allison: *Frowns up at him* "Waiting?"
Peter: "where is he? are we allowed to see him?"
Trent: "Yeah, he's not bleeding right now, and it's an ER, so it could be awhile."
Allison: *Scowls* "What could be more important"
Trent: "Don't think anyone will stop us." *leads the way to the curtain he's behind*
Peter: "hey dude. how are they treating you here?" *but lets allison and eric have their family moment with him if they want to*
Trent: *stays back with Peter and lets Allison past*
Eric: *Is twisting and turning trying to adjust his pillow properly* "Dunno, ok I guess"
Peter: "you shouldnt be moving your neck too much."
Allison: *Grabs the pillow out of his hands and adjust it for him, then pushing him back into it, sitting down next to the bed and hugging him tightly*
Loretta: "Anyone want a soda? It's kind of crowded back here."
Eric: *Sticks out a hand to Trent* "help! can't breathe! save me!"
Peter: "probably i do... anyone else?"
Trent: "I could use a coke, thanks."
Trent: "Need some cash?"
Loretta: "Nah, i've got it."
Peter: "i go get some." *thinking that the others are a family and will stick together*
Loretta: *goes with Peter* "I don't think we can help much by being in the way anyway."
Peter: "probably..."
Peter: *sits in a chair near a machine* "soda too for me." *hands her some change*
Trent: *gives Allison a bit of a guilty look where he thinks Eric won't see it*
Loretta: *starts putting money into the machine and picking sodas she thinks everyone would want, even for Allison and Eric, even though they didn't say so*
Allison: *Finally let's go of Eric and wrubs his eyes clear*
Peter: *sighs* "damn, things got real... 'interesting'... but i do admire this family's love and thirst for survival; i think they'll be fine."
Eric: *Wrubs his neck* "Well... Good thing that one nurse didn't see that... I've got a good thing going there..."
Allison: "uh huh..."
Loretta: *nods and forces a smile as she hands Peter his soda and sets hers on the table beside him, indicating she plans to be right back*
Eric: "It's true, Trent you saw how she smiled at me?"
Peter: *frowns, but waits for her*
Trent: *nods sagely*
Loretta: *comes back with an armful of sodas*
Trent: "Thanks Loretta. Are you sure you're ok?"
Loretta: "Yeah; there won't be a scratch by morning. But i'm going to go wait in the other room so the docs can get through when the get here."
Loretta: *they get here
Loretta: *sets the drinks down on a table and leaves again*
Allison: *Looks at Trent meaningfully and nudges him towards Loretta*
Trent: *takes the hint, though he's not sure what it's for, but takes his drink and follows Loretta out anyway*
Loretta: *glances over her shoulder at Trent as she walks down the hall* "What?"
Allison: *Starts inspecting the room next, trying to make sure it's all clean and up to scratch*
Trent: "Uh...I guess Allison wanted to be alone with Eric. Fine with me; i was getting a bit claustrophobic in there anyway."
Loretta: "Ok..." *goes back out to the waiting room and sits heavily in the chair next to Peter's*
Trent: *sits across from them and drinks his soda*
Peter: "true i guess. i dont like hospitals very much either... i'll go at the balcony, you can see me if you need anything Trent."
Peter: *sits up and walks towards the balcony to get some fresh air, knowing Trent could contact him if he needed anything*
Loretta: "Your truck is a mess."
Trent: *nods* "We'll deal with it later."
Loretta: *sits quietly*
Trent: "Go on."
Loretta: "Hm?"
Trent: "I know you don't want to be here; you can leave."
Loretta: *gives him a bit of a hurt look* "I didn't say that."
Trent: "No, but you're more worried about the truck than you should be. No one's making you stay here."
Peter: *shivers a bit at the smell of medicine on his nose, unsure why hospitals bug him that much*
Eric: *Fidgets and wrubs at his wound*
Allison: *Slaps his hand away lightly* "Stop picking at it!"
Loretta: "I guess it was a good excuse to go back outside."
Trent: *nods* "Go on."
Loretta: "I'll stay close at least." *goes out to where Peter is*
Eric: *Grumbles* "Hey, I'm old enough to pick at my wounds if i want to!"
Peter: *turns, still feeling a bit awkward at the hospital-y smells, but hides it* "hey."
Allison: "no you're not, you'll scar"
Loretta: "Hey. It's a good thing he's not hurt worse. Then we really wouldn't know what to do with ourselves."
Eric: "Where'd everyone else go anyway?... So much for my bedside vigil.."
Peter: "do you think i'd ever let him be hurt that bad ? i care about my friends."
Loretta: "We didn't let him get hurt at all."
Allison: "I'm sure they'll be back, hospitals make people uncomfortable."
Peter: "true... so, you as weird around hospitals as i am?... not sure why ..."
Loretta: "Nah, they don't bother me much. Just kind of depressing. You used to be terrified of them though."
Peter: "well, we all change and get better as time passes, right?"
Loretta: "That's one theory."
Peter: *frowns, letting her speak*
Loretta: *just shrugs*
Peter: "you are not being Loretta. you are being serious.... anything you have to say?"
Loretta: "I guess it's just been a long day."
Loretta: "And i keep thinking about what we're going to do next--because this really sucked. Will there be more next time? We really need to figure out what the hell is going on around here."
Peter: "yes. i have a plan, but i need to skip work tommorow and allison help me do a spell. then we can find who is hunting me. cause these explosions-they were explosives that did them."
Nurse: *Comes on in with stitching equipment and looks at Allison* "You'll need to leave just for a moment while we I perform the stitching then he should be good to go"
Allison: *nods and heads on outside*
Eric: *Grins stupidly at the nurse, but let's out a whine as soon as the door is closed* "Ow!! That hurt!"
Loretta: "A spell? Why Allison?"
Peter: "'ll see. anyways.."
Peter: "i do have one minor thing to ask, but i just think you'd get mad. can i ask it as trust exercise?..."
Allison: *Looks around and focusses on Trent* "Where's Loretta.. and Peter?"
Peter: "question i mean."
Loretta: "Sure."
Trent: *nods in the direction they went*
Peter: "you had told me you liked Samuel's attitude. what happened to that?"
Loretta: *maybe just a tiny bit defensively* "What do you mean 'what happened?'"
Allison: *Gives the proceedings a brief look, before sitting down next to Trent* "Not sure it's the best idea... Considering what happened the last time they were out in public together"
Peter: "well, if you ever met him, and... i dont know. Its been bugging me a bit i guess. I'll start first- i went home with a cousin of Allison after the wedding; sorry, but i really needed comfort. was nothing more than that; i liked her and needed comfort.. ddnt feel anything though.."
Loretta: *smirks* "That was hardly a secret; i'm surprised there was anything left to do once you left though!"
Loretta: "But yeah, i meet with him sometimes. It's not a big deal; we're friends."
Trent: "I'm keeping an eye on them, don't worry." *is actually looking through an outdated car magazine*
Peter: *sighs* "i guess... i just feel weird, what with me potentially going to jail despite never ever even kissing you. But since you say you're just friends,... i'll trust you."
Loretta: "Well not *just* friends, but just friends. If that makes sense. Why feel weird? It's not like you don't bring women home; no reason not to either. And i don't think anyone's going to jail. I sure didn't say anything that would make them think something was up. It would be lies if i did."
Peter: *sighs* "so... not 'just ' friends. and 'sometimes'."
Loretta: "Yeah. You don't think there's anything wrong with that, do you? How's it different from what you do?"
Peter: "for starters, i never did anything with a woman more than once; I respected them as persons and they sure had a good time but they never' meant' anything enough for me to repeat; I reserve that for the people that i really feel about -usualy at least."
Loretta: "'s bad because it's been more than once? You think i should hook up with random men every night and never saw them again instead?"
Loretta: *never see
Peter: "not exactly; just ... hooking up with the same person more than once in very few days can only mean one thing, usualy; that he is the man meaning the most to you. and while we never actualy did anything, cause i thought you-we- werent ready for any of that, it seems you were ready, but just wnated to do such a thing with a *specific* other guy."
Peter: "i am trying to believe you that you're just friends; just... in a way it doesnt make much sense."
Peter: "of course i do understand it in a wya; you dont want happiness in your life but mere *fun*. explains how you've been reating your new opportunity for a family and all. so he is ideal for mere fun i'd think."
Loretta: "I don't like him better or anything; that's crazy. It just works for me right now. I don't plan on doing it forever, and i certainly don't expect him to. It's just that he's ok with it, and...well, it's convenient i guess."
Peter: "i guess. listen, as you see i'm really hurt, but not mad at you; do you want us to talk this over the phone later on?... should be okay, harmless even. I promise i'll remain calm."
Loretta: "If you think there's more to talk about..."
Peter: "...if anything, its a way to talk to you without breaking the law or doing anything harmful at all."
Loretta: "Ok."
Peter: *smiles* "see? in a strange way, you still can talk to me about anything." *pauses* 'shall we head inside?"
Loretta: "Yeah, probably should." *goes inside*
Peter: *follows* "how's Eric?"
Peter: *said to Trent and Allison*
Allison: "Complaining a lot from what I heard a moment ago.."
Loretta: "Must be fine then."
Peter: "how are his nurses treating him here?"
Loretta: "If he ever stopped bitching, we'd know it was the end."
Allison: "I think his crush on his nurse ended when she started 'hurting' him anyway.."
Loretta: "That's too bad; i think they had something really special..."
Trent: "So is he almost finished?"
Peter: *laughs* "poor eric... vampires almost met him with a girl, and vampire wounds take her away..."
Allison: "She said we'd be able to take him home afterwards i think.."
Peter: "ah; that is nice ."
Nurse: *Comes back out with some supplies while shaking her head with a smirk* "He should be alright, you can take him home now"
Allison: *Nods* "Thank you.."
Peter: *to the nurse* "he's a nice kid you know; you'd never imagine how bright."
Allison: *Heads on into the the room while smirking*
Eric: *wrubs his new bandage with a indignent look*
Peter: *looks at her strangely; Loretta knows its the same way Peter looked at her and Becka and Kit etc... before recruit*
Peter: *but continues what he was doing*
Nurse: "well, whatever... i hope he will recover well. tell him i send my wishes."
Nurse: *leaves*
Allison: "No picking!"
Loretta: *gives Peter an odd look, then kind of shrugs*
Peter: *to Loretta, whispers* "she's not entirely human."
Loretta: "Ah." *unsurprised, considering the rest of the town*
Eric: "So, can I go home or what?"
Peter: "yeah Eric, you can. and don't scare us that way ever again!"
Allison: *Nods* "Yes, we'll take you home, you can come with me, and Trent can take Loretta and drop Peter off wherever he wants"
Eric: "What about my car??"
Trent: "It's safe for now; we'll worry about it later."
Peter: *follows Trent*
Trent: *goes to his truck, happy to be leaving the hospital*
Loretta: *follows*
Peter: *is more happy than 'anyone' to leave there*
Trent: "Your place?"
Peter: "sure... "
Trent: *drives Peter home*
Peter: *gets off* "Guess i'll be seeing you both? and Trent, dude, you all right?"
Trent: "Yup. Gonna wake up sore in the morning though."
Peter: "ah, you'll be fine. see ya."
Trent: "Later."
Peter: *waves and goes to his place*
Loretta: "Bye Pete."
Trent: *drives home*
Trent: "Allison and i have decided that we're going to have to set down some very specific rules. Not that we don't trust you, but so things are clear when DFS asks questions. We don't think it will hurt you any to follow them anyway though."
Loretta: "I kind of figured..."
Trent: "First, obviously, you're not going to patrol without me. And Allison's going to go with you everwhere during the day."
Loretta: "Everywhere?"
Trent: "Yup."
Loretta: *is very quiet for the rest of the ride home*
Loretta: *goes straight to her room when they arrive*
Trent: *throws his keys onto the table with a big sigh*
Eric: *Comes home 5 minutes later sipping on a huge mcdonalds milkshake*
Trent: *takes a shower and changes, still being grungy from the fight*
Eric: *Looks around to find Loretta* "What's up lorrie?"
Loretta: *shrugs ambiguously* "The usual i guess."
Eric: "How are you doing? You got hurt too"
Loretta: "Fine; it's not such a big deal for me, remember? You should have never tried to help."
Eric: "He had his teeth inside of you, and I sure got him in the eye nicely didn't I?"
Loretta: "Yeah, but i didn't need your help. It definitely wasn't worth it."
Trent: *finds Allison and snuggles up to her*
Allison: *Snuggles against Trent and rolls her eyes* "He just 'had' to have a milkshake... but i figured... considering..."
Eric: "So... are you grumpy I helped you?"
Trent: *winces slightly when she puts her elbow in the wrong place, but smiles* "You can't blame a guy for milking everything he can out of a situation."
Trent: "In fact, i didn't come away completely unscathed myself; i think i might need a bit of attention."
Loretta: "Damn straight i'm grumpy! What do you think Allison would do to me if you got yourself killed!?"
Eric: "What about if you had been killed? I couldn't do nothing... I'm sorry. I didn't mean to get hurt, but I couldn't just do nothing either while you were being hurt." *Holds out his shake* "It's good, strawberry"
Allison: *Smirks slightly* "Oh you do? well... maybe.. if you're a good boy."
Loretta: *rolls her eyes* "You don't seem to understand the gravity of the situation. I don't think you should go with me anymore. I didn't think there'd be so many tonight, and there could be even more tomorrow."
Eric: "I suppose... But who are you going to talk to without my charming personality along?"
Loretta: "I'm serious."
Eric: "So am I, in a way. You shouldn't be out there alone."
Loretta: "Trent said he's coming from now on. And Peter will usually be there too, i'm sure."
Eric: "Alright... But you're not weedling out of our study lessons.."
Loretta: "They're making me go to school anyway."
Eric: *Smirks* "Might be fun... I'll be there. Come on, have a sip grumposaurus rex. I insist, and i'm wounded, you can't say no." *Holds out his milkshake*
Loretta: "Yeah, i can." *nudges him toward the door*
Eric: "Hmpf, outragious, the audicity. After saving you heroicly from a savage fiend, i am to be thrown out like some mere commoner." *Continues to mock rant while going to his own room*
Loretta: *closes the door behind him with a sigh*
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Re: Saturday, November 22

PostPosted by Pyriel » Sun May 23, 2010 11:32 pm

[Peter] *calls Loretta; hopes he doesnt wake her up, but he already told her he'd call anyway*
[Loretta] *sets her journal aside and picks up the phone* "Hey Pete."
[Peter] "hi Lorrie. Told ya i'd call.i hope i didnt wake you up?..."
[Loretta] "Of course not; hard to sleep after a big fight."
[Peter] "Really? How do you feel after a big fight?"
[Loretta] *snickers* "I don't think i should answer that."
[Peter] *raises an eyebrow* "O...K, so, does that make me lucky or unlucky to call at this time?...Anyway, no matter what you do cause of how you feel, you'll be forgiven; bonus points for cuteness and all that."
[Loretta] "Unlucky. Tonight i thought i'd just stay frustrated and grouchy. Work on the teen angst a bit so i can blend in better on Monday."
[Peter] "Really? Does it worry you, going to school?Unless anything other than school happened of course."
[Loretta] "Of course it does. It's about the last thing i ever wanted to do again. But i have to do it for Allison."
[Peter] "Is there a specific reason why you don't want to go to school, except that its boring?"
[Loretta] "Duh, it's school; didn't you--oh, sorry, guess you wouldn't remember..."
[Peter] "ouch, that. To be honest, though, i dont remember much, but i strangely have knowledge of how it is. And i think, while it might be boring, you're definitely clever enough to succeed. Have you realised how close you are to getting a loving family?"
"would you have ever guessed to be this close, like three months ago?"
[Loretta] "No..."
[Peter] "Isnt it strange, how things can change? You can have a family soon. And while , sure, things might get weird from time to time, because most teenagers have fights with their parents, most teenagers are loved by their parents like you are too;and it is very nice to have that as an anchor in your life."
[Loretta] "Sure, if i haven't already fucked it up."
[Peter] "I dont understand why you would; You havent dissapointed *any* of us yet-never.Maybe because we're more compatible with your life than you realise. Unless you *ask* as to go away of course, but i dont think you want that."
"I have a secret to tell you."
[Loretta] "Ok."
[Peter] "Remember how i see supernatural essense in people?... Now i can also see feelings. Strange right?"
[Loretta] "Yeah..."
[Peter] "You cant imagine how much these people love you.I dont think you could actualy ruin that if you tried."
[Loretta] "It's more than just what they feel or what any of us want though."
[Peter] "Tell me then; I think we pretty much proved today you can talk to me about anything. So how do you feel about that?What troubles you?"
[Loretta] "The whole thing with the cops and stuff. I'm making their lives more difficult."
[Peter] "...Loretta, i want you to take a wild guess: Do you know how many teenagers make lives difficult for their parents? Sure, the parents could maybe punish the teens for a little time, but they still love them with all their heart, and they still provide everything they can. And as long as thats true, they always pull through in the end. Thats not hope-thats what *actualy* happens."
"Of course i assume a loving family, such as the oen you happened to find."
[Loretta] "Thanks for trying to make me feel better, but I think Allison lost her job, at least temporarily."
[Loretta] "Eric didn't do that, and no kid they chose to have did that--i did."
[Loretta] "So if you don't mind, i think i'm going to continue sulking about it for a little while."
[Peter] "I dont mind. And sulking about it just means you are a nice person that is considerate of others. But i want to remind you, Allison never regretted having you around even after that happened. I also feel you misunderstand the 'no kid they chose to have' scenario. Do you know how many kids a cop sees? Allison *chose* you. Ever thought about that?
[Loretta] "I don't know, i guess not."
[Peter] "She met all these homeless kids at times... and she said, inside of her 'i choose loretta, specificaly, as my daughter'."
"so if you're think you're a charity case... you're wrong. she chose to have you."
"this makes her happy. no matter how difficult things can get."
[Loretta] "Maybe. Anyway, i guess i'll see you tomorrow?"
[Peter] "Maybe, but... i do think we still have things to discuss. And you gotta admit, since i make you feel better, and make you realise nice stuff that happen to you, its kind of a good idea to go on, right?"
[Loretta] "About what?"
[Peter] "For starters, why Trent followed you instead of staying with his son at the hospital. Have they decided if they're going to ground you or anything? If you want to talk about that..."
[Loretta] "'His son--' that sounds weird. But Eric came home with Allison; he was done there. And they're not calling it 'grounding,' but yeah, they're going to watch me every minute of the day it seems."
[Peter] "Ah. I understand. Dont worry though-i think its going to go away after some time. Plus, the DFS might like such rules, so consider it another weapon to successuly grant you the loving family you deserve. So, see things *can* change in three months. It cnat rain all the time; physicaly impossible. Nice things will happen to you if you just let them."
"afterall-school with eric, then martial arts with me, then maybe homework with eric, then patroling with me and trent. i dont think that sounds that bad."
[Loretta] "I guess we'll find out."
[Peter] "was it nice to talk to me like that? want to repeat it sometime soon?"
[Loretta] "I guess so; sure?"
[Peter] "OK. Sunday tommorow, huh? Guess i'll see you. Sleep well; bye!"
[Loretta] "You too; later."
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