Wedding, Take 2. Thursday, November 20

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Wedding, Take 2. Thursday, November 20

PostPosted by verdilak » Tue Apr 06, 2010 6:10 pm

[GM] ... time passes seemingly slowly to the two lovers on the beach, so how long has passed, not even they are sure...
[Samuel] *traces the outlines of Loretta's hidden tattoos with a fingertip very lightly as he is sore and tired, but in very good ways* "You are quite the unusual, exotic woman."
[Samuel] "And from what I experienced, you are very seldom able to let yourself go and enjoy things, no?"
[Loretta] *stretches* "Try never. Also, *someone* left me on the ship, so i missed the fight that i've been preparing for, for days. Otherwise, i may have gone easier on you..."
[Samuel] "Oh, do not mistake my words for my wanting less of what you gave, I am halfway convinced to never let you fight anything ever again, if only so that I can benefit from your pent up... emotions."
[Loretta] *blushes more, if that's possible, then turns serious* "The day i stop fighting is the day i die."
[Samuel] *waves his hand as though to wave your words away* "Seriousness is for when work is to be done, right now, there is only play." *and reaches into the cooler for two bottles of beer while is other hand... roams*
[Loretta] *takes the beer gladly and lays back with a big grin* "You're the boss, Captain..."
[Samuel] *takes a deep swig and leans over Loretta* "Yes, that I am, thanks to you. Now, I think it is time for some more... appreciation."


[Loretta] *wakes later, with the sun full in her face* "Oh shit, pants, pants!"
[Samuel] *stirs* "Ah... but the sun is healthy for a body." *which, you can see, his body contains no tan lines at all, though does hold an assortment of tattoos and scars which are more easily seen in the morning light*
[Loretta] *quickly pulls her own clothes on and throws Samuel's pants at him* "Yeah, but here, they throw you in jail for the night if you get caught exposed on the beach. And i am so SO fucked if i miss breakfast!" *remembers she doesn't have her phone, so tried to judge the time by the sun*
[Samuel] "I should break my fast as well, as well as see to my men. I will find you later, perhaps, if I pleased you last night and this morning and you are willing. For I would like to see more of you.."
[Loretta] *is about to leave when she remembers she lives with a werewolf and a woman with a temper; scans the beach to be sure there's no one in eyeshot, then undresses again down to her underwear, and jumps into the water*
[Samuel] *pulls on his pants but stops halfway and calls out to her* "If we are in the water, we do not have to be dressed in the daylight?"
[Loretta] "Of course you do!"
[Samuel] "Ahh," *nods in understanding* "restrictions upon sex have come full circle then."
[Samuel] *shrugs* "I can not complain at least," *watches Loretta as she washes herself with seawater in her underthings*
[Loretta] *is obviously not out for a leisurely swim, and comes back shortly, a little colder for her efforts, and pulls her clothes on again* "What? No. Haven't you done any beach oggling? I mean it's fall now, but most girls wear less out here than they do in their bedrooms. Weird but true."
[Loretta] "You should rinse off a bit too. I live with a werewolf." *as though that explains everything*
[Samuel] "We were stuck in Limbo for almost all of the time. My men, though, will be happy to learn that this is common in this time." *scrunches up his face* "Werewolf? What does... ahh, the smell? The werewolf can control himself? I must meet him, I have only heard of such a feat, never seen in it truth. And yes, I will be diving soon with my men, your scent will not linger about my person for long." *sweeps her up into his arms and kisses her soundly one last time* "Until we meet again... soon. And surely your werewolf will not complain of the scent of my lips upon yours."
[Loretta] *kisses him too, then smirks* "Oh he's not 'my' werewolf, he's the bride's, and that's the problem. She can look the other way on a lot of things, but lecherous older men taking advantage of her pure, sweet Loretta is not one of them."
[Samuel] *thinks quickly on that* "I see, then I will be sure to bring something to better cover our scents tonight. And I wonder about my age, am I 22 years old like I was when the curse settled upon me, 322 years of age, or 20 hours old? I will find out today."
[Loretta] "I don't think i'd go around asking anyone...we have an advanced culture as far as technology goes, but that's about it. Hardly anyone knows about monsters or magic, and it's probably safer that way." *looks him over once more* "If anyone asks, i'd go with 22."
[Samuel] "I shall accede to your wishes. Tonight then?"
[Loretta] "Unless they tie me to a chair--and even still, probably!" *runs off, hoping it's not as late as it feels*
[Samuel] *watches her run and muses how different it is to view a woman from behind, running not away from him, but towards something, but yet still fearing for her life and limb, just not from him. After she gets out of sight, he gathers up the the items they threw about the beach during the night and waits for his men*
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Re: Wedding, Take 2. Thursday, November 20

PostPosted by hippie_mama » Tue Apr 06, 2010 8:39 pm


Loretta sneaks back into Allison's house.

Crime ([1d10+11]=12)
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Re: Wedding, Take 2. Thursday, November 20

PostPosted by verdilak » Tue Apr 06, 2010 8:43 pm

Thats 2 successes.
"I'm imagining Kiera Knightly, Katherine Zeta-Jones, Angelina and Meg Fox sitting around your map wearing bandanas vigorously shaking fists full of d20s." - Aval Penworth, in regards to a map I made
"We're talking about the GM that made us fight giant Fruit, Verd is totally unpredictable." - Nikurasu (one of my players)
Everyone is an atheist about some gods, we just went one god further. - Richard Dawkins
Ism's in my opinion are not good. A person should not believe in an -ism, he should believe in himself. I quote John Lennon, "I don't believe in Beatles, I just believe in me."--Ferris Bueller, 1986
To the human body, a spoonful of flour and a spoonful of sugar are identical.
"Seeing, contrary to popular wisdom, isn't believing. It is where belief stops, because it isn't needed any more." - Terry Pratchett, Pyramids
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Re: Wedding, Take 2. Thursday, November 20

PostPosted by Pyriel » Tue Apr 06, 2010 9:05 pm

*wakes up; intends to go to allison's, and in other circumstances he'd have reached there, but now he is kinda late due to lending another tux to be best man. he gets dressed up and after a while, gets there, intending to do his duty of waking up the groom and bride and all. *knocks the door first*
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Re: Wedding, Take 2. Thursday, November 20

PostPosted by verdilak » Tue Apr 06, 2010 9:08 pm

There is knocking at the front door of Allison's home.
"I'm imagining Kiera Knightly, Katherine Zeta-Jones, Angelina and Meg Fox sitting around your map wearing bandanas vigorously shaking fists full of d20s." - Aval Penworth, in regards to a map I made
"We're talking about the GM that made us fight giant Fruit, Verd is totally unpredictable." - Nikurasu (one of my players)
Everyone is an atheist about some gods, we just went one god further. - Richard Dawkins
Ism's in my opinion are not good. A person should not believe in an -ism, he should believe in himself. I quote John Lennon, "I don't believe in Beatles, I just believe in me."--Ferris Bueller, 1986
To the human body, a spoonful of flour and a spoonful of sugar are identical.
"Seeing, contrary to popular wisdom, isn't believing. It is where belief stops, because it isn't needed any more." - Terry Pratchett, Pyramids
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Re: Wedding, Take 2. Thursday, November 20

PostPosted by Solar_Dawn » Tue Apr 06, 2010 9:16 pm

what time is it when loretta returns? Sun full in the face sounded like mid morning to me. Allison would be up pretty early today and check on everyone and i dont think sneaking can hide non presence :P
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Re: Wedding, Take 2. Thursday, November 20

PostPosted by verdilak » Tue Apr 06, 2010 9:26 pm

She was thinking 7:30am, so you can roll to perceive that she isn't in her room if you think she would have been up before then. However, i think hippie and pyr are doing some chat rping, might want to check with them on what is going on too.
"I'm imagining Kiera Knightly, Katherine Zeta-Jones, Angelina and Meg Fox sitting around your map wearing bandanas vigorously shaking fists full of d20s." - Aval Penworth, in regards to a map I made
"We're talking about the GM that made us fight giant Fruit, Verd is totally unpredictable." - Nikurasu (one of my players)
Everyone is an atheist about some gods, we just went one god further. - Richard Dawkins
Ism's in my opinion are not good. A person should not believe in an -ism, he should believe in himself. I quote John Lennon, "I don't believe in Beatles, I just believe in me."--Ferris Bueller, 1986
To the human body, a spoonful of flour and a spoonful of sugar are identical.
"Seeing, contrary to popular wisdom, isn't believing. It is where belief stops, because it isn't needed any more." - Terry Pratchett, Pyramids
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Re: Wedding, Take 2. Thursday, November 20

PostPosted by hippie_mama » Wed Apr 07, 2010 1:15 am

[Loretta] *answers the door, dressed differently from yesterday, but with messy morning hair*
[Peter] "hey. wow-the others must be really tired what with you being first waking up and all..."
[Loretta] *shrugs* "They might be awake, just not 'up.'"
[Peter] "true, which just gives me the opportunity now, dont it?"
[Loretta] *moves to let him in* "For...?"
[Peter] "see, i was hoping maybe we could continue doing stuff like last night's know?... proved it could work..."
[Loretta] "You want to go out again."
[Peter] "well, yeah. i want us to continue going out...well, don't you?"
[Loretta] "You mean like all the time?"
[Peter] "not constantly. but we can start one date at a time and see if we can get it on anoither basis."
[Loretta] *blinks, and blushes* "Did you just say 'get it on?'"
[Peter] *laughs* "well, i meant it a different way, but i'd definitely like your way too. no reason to rush if you dont want to though."
[Loretta] *smiles, but it fades rather fast* "Would this be 'relationship' territory?"
[Peter] *kinda surprised* "like i said... i dont know about right now.I'd like it but it would be too fast. however, the goal is to get at that territory at some point, no?" *thinks maybe she's changed her mind, but if he falls back now he lost her*
[Loretta] "It would have to be awhile."
[Peter] "so that you can feel more comfortable with it?"
[Loretta] "Plus, Trent and Allison would freak."
[Peter] "ah. so you hiding, but waiting years' time?" *seems confused now*
[Loretta] "Do you really think we could hide it from them if we wanted to? These are people we trust with our lives..."
[Peter] "i think we owe it to ourselves to hide it. going out but not on relationship and waiting till you get more comfortable is one thing; waiting three years because of what third parties think is another. plus, we spend so much time in the dojo between classes that it wont be hard realy."
[Trent] *walks in the back door, with a rather baked look on his face and strong marijuana odor* "Sup?"
[Peter] "well well, wakey wakey." *sighs* "here to get you ready mate. big day're the living exception of the 'nice gys finish last' rule, as of now. Well,as of a few hours from now..."
[Trent] "Huh. Wake and bake."
[Peter] *gets to breakfast* "what are you waiting for; go shower. you should get dressed... i'll help you with weird clothing after shower."
[Loretta] *raises an eyebrow*
[Trent] "Dude...i'm a big boy."
[Peter] "yeah, but do you know how to tie knots; windsor knot is an art, dude. Knots in ties, i mean."
[Trent] "I'm a mechanic, not a dipshit..." *opens the fridge*
[Peter] *looks to loretta now that he aint looking, hoping she'll move her lips some*
[Loretta] "Sheesh Peter, you're kinda being a dick. I'm sure Allison's been making him practice for weeks." *snickers*
[Trent] *stoner giggle* "Yeah...she totally has... I'm so whipped...ooh, cheesecake." *pulls it out of the fridge and eats* "Ew. No." *puts it back with bites taken out* "Too early..."
[Peter] "ah. fine. then i'm not needed here... " *finishes breakfast,merely having poked at his food* "i must go get some fresh air. going for a walk..."
[Loretta] "See you at the church, or are you coming back first?"
[Peter] *stops, but doesnt turn to look at her* "i... i dont know..." *puts head down* "I'll think about it; maybe head for the park some first..."
[Loretta] "It's still early; mind if i come too?"
[Peter] *turns back* "actualy... maybe it would be cool." *to Trent* "we'll stay away from trouble."
[Loretta] "Back in a few, Trent, so don't let Allison panic."
[Trent] "Yeah, sure..." *continues his search for leftovers*
[Peter] *goes out, hoping she'd follow*
[Loretta] *follows* "I get the feeling you want an answer like right now..."
[Peter] "not exactly. its not about answering right now. its about a vibe i got from your talking sounded like you were not happy with the idea . i can deal with you answering later- with one condition."
[Loretta] "If the vibe you're getting is that i'm confused and unsure, i think that's about right. We've started talking about this, what, yesterday? It's a really sudden change, and kind of hard to just start thinking about things a different way like that."
[Peter] "no; i totaly understood feeling uncomfortable. feeling 'unhappy with the idea of this succeeding' is another. again, though, even with that, i can cope, given that condition..." *looks at her expectantly*
[Loretta] "I'm not unhappy with it, i'm just a little scared and not convinced it's a good idea. I don't want to cause problems with everyone just because we *might* want to be together. I've been through all of this before, remember?"
[Peter] 'yes,but i proved you things *can* be different this time. theres no reason to automaticaly say no. i can deal with you answering later, like i said... as long as you're willing to play fair and keep what i'll suggest." "wanna hear?"
[Loretta] "...yeah..."
[Peter] "there will not be any 'games' or dishonest dealings; first things first, if you do not want us to be together, you will say it to my face, not 'play'. also, if you decide to try it out, it cannot be without prospect; it might not start as relationship but the intent will be to make it one, BOTH from me and you. last thing, you have to promise me... to *everything* you hold dear... that what happened in last night's dinner actualy * meant* something for you; if not, you are free to say it now. if you make me doubt about you telling the truth, i pormise i keep an open mind and you promise to put good effort into proving you were honest. i think that, for a guy taking the risk of being ripped out his heart, i'm being reasonable to ask honor and open-ness in our talks. i mean, most likely the rules i said would be kept anyway, if you were honest before."
[Loretta] *looks hurt* "Are you accusing me of not being honest?"
[Peter] "no. I am accusing myself of being too weak to ignore this small possibility. i only have one heart to lose. and because I believe in your honesty, i put rules that require just that. i even predicted the fact that misunderstandings might ensue, and said i will do my best to keep an open mind. but its relay only 2 things; dont be scared to answer positive or negatively, and promise me that last night's dinner was at least nice to you. I opened myself there, and if you rejected it, i'd like to know."
[Loretta] "Peter...i did have fun last night, and i care about you and everything, but i can't make all those promises. I'm sorry, but honestly? I think you're being unreasonable to expect all of that, all at once, right now."
[Peter] "ok. i can actually settles for less, regarding what you just said..."
[Loretta] "Settle for less? Didn't we just talk about having fun? Why all this serious stuff again?"
[Peter] "because its simple; for me to keep interested, and stop worrying, and keeping an open mind, and giving you time to answer, i ask in essense *one* thing. that you confirm that you * do * care for me. romantically. and when i am angsty, waiting for your answer, i'll know i do have a chance."
[Loretta] "I already told you that i care about you...but i'm thinking now that we're just looking for different things here. I'm sorry, i don't think this is going to work..."
[Peter] "Loretta, i like you a lot. there, i said it. and i am looking for a girl that will be interested in eventualky, after some time, becoming my girlfriend. is that so different to what you ask?"
[Loretta] "No, but you have a lot of rules attached to it."
[Peter] "i am sorry. i can take them all back if you just agree to what i said now being not unreasonable. its just, you tell me all these bad things about my past and you scare me." *giggles*
[Loretta] *doesn't laugh at all* "No, you were being honest: telling me what you wanted from me. It sounded really important too, so if i can't give you that, then why are we torturing ourselves here?"
[Peter] " it is important that my girl feels for me. remember what i said; you'll see thats what i wasnted all aloing." "as i feel for her" *shows her*
[Loretta] "You don't see it though, do you? There are certain things you really need, and expect, and it's not that i can't give them to you, but i can't live with it being required of me. Understand what i'm saying?"
[Peter] "what if i try not to ask these things; what if i try to base myself in what you had said at dinner? takje it as a test i'm willing to pass."
[Loretta] "I want to be with someone that doens't have expectations of me. Someone who just lets me be me and isn't offended if i don't put in the effort they think i should."
[Loretta] "It hurts to say it, but i just don't think you're that kind of guy. And maybe that's been the problem all along."
[Peter] "or you never relay told me this. have you thought maybe i feel much more assured now that i know what you want? seriously; that ahs been the most open thing you have ever said. and i relay like it, despite not being in my expectations." "i'll let you think on it; i dont care either. cause i know i *can* be the guy you're describing, so its in your hands now.whatever you decide, we'll still be friends, right? and remember, i;m doing it woithout you making any promise."
[Loretta] "You're not listening. I don't want you to change. I like you the way you are, and you should stay that way. But i can't fit those expectations either. I think we'd always be trying to change each other."
[Peter] "but when we realy say what we want, we surpass any of those limitations. i do not have expectations now; because i have no fear. and you realy felt better when i described what i wanted. but i see you will not see through this. so... "
[Loretta] *sighs, understanding now* "I love you Peter, but i don't want to be with you. I'm sorry it took so long to figure out. Maybe someday that'll be different, but for now, it's just not where i am."
[Peter] "i love you, Loretta, but i had no clue as to what you wnated. now i know. i hope someday we can be together.but for now, thats just not viable." *pulls closer to her out of instinct of not wanting to lose her*
[Loretta] *throws her arms around him and buries her face in his shoulder for a long moment, then starts crying obviously and runs back to the house*
[Peter] *feels her warmth for one last time, kisses hair hair and caresses her back; lets her go afterwards, hoping they have not seen the end of this*
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Re: Wedding, Take 2. Thursday, November 20

PostPosted by Solar_Dawn » Wed Apr 07, 2010 2:13 am

[Eric] *Wakes up when his sister opens his door and yells him awake with something about breakfast, and groans something that apparently sounds enough like a confirmation because she leaves again.*
"You'd think a dude could sleep late after fighting pirates the day before..."
*Frowns deeply, suddenly realizing something and lifts his blankets up to find himself still wearing his tux*
"Oh crap!"
*Get's up rapidly and tries to get all the folds out by patting them to no avail, so he instead sneaks out to the room with the ironing board and strips down to his boxers to study it and the iron*
"Allison figured it out and she's blond.... how hard can it be.."
*Does his jacket first and studies the result after wards, quite pleased with himself, until he notices smoke coming from his pants where he placed the iron and let's out a yelp, pulling the Iron away to reveal a triangular like mark on his ass cheek*
"Oh god! I'm dead! Maybe if I just...."
*Puts his tux on again and tries to smooth his jacket over the burn with minimum success*
"I'll just... stand against a wall all day.. Yeah that's good, walls and chairs... I'll be alright.... Either that or we can use the same caterer for my funeral.."
*Rushes downstairs to sit down at the breakfast table early, glancing around like a guilty cat*
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Re: Wedding, Take 2. Thursday, November 20

PostPosted by Solar_Dawn » Wed Apr 07, 2010 5:48 pm

[Allison] *Wakes up early and starts first thing by inspecting Trent's injuries, very pleased to see they seem to be doing better, before sneaking out of bed, first heading to Eric's room to open the door and wake up* "Eric, Eric! Wake up! Hey! Hey!" *Seems satisfied when he grunts and stirs with his eyes opening and heading over to the next room* "Lorrie, time to wake up"

[Allison] "Come onnn, wakey wakey" *Calls out in a sing song voice* "Lorettaaaa... Alright.. We'll just go with the old.." *Knocks on the door loudly a few times before letting out a sigh and then heading downstairs to make a large pile of bacon for Trent with a few pieces of bread, which are mostly for show*
[Allison] *Puts a glass of orange juice on a tray next to the plate of bacon and heads back upstairs, to wake Trent with soft kisses and place the tray of food next to his side of the bed*

[Trent] *looks even rougher than usual, but smiles when he sees his lady and the bacon!*

[Allison] "How are you feeling, does it hurt still?"

[Trent] "Not sure yet..." *sits up and leans over a bit, stretching and prodding at himself a bit* "Nah, just a bit sore. You won't have to be gentle with me tonight." *wolfish grin*

[Allison] *Chuckles and shrusg, leaning against him gently* "Well you know the old challenge... Don't you?..."

[Trent] "Hmm?"

[Allison] *Smirks* "You're supposed to carry me over the threshold.... and after that... We loose if our bodies stop touching at any point the rest of the evening...."

[Trent] *ponders that a moment* "Sounds impractical, but who am i to argue? Better than the tradition my grandmother taught me about at least."

[Allison] "Oh which one is that?"

[Trent] "I'm pretty sure we can skip it. The bride gets kidnapped from the reception."

[Allison] "Hmpf...I think i've had enough people trying to kidnap me from my wedding really..."

[Trent] "I kind of figured. Besides, i don't want to have to pay the bar tab for all our new friends to get you back!"

[Allison] *Smirks and strokes his hair softly and puts her head on his shoulder* "So... I don't think Loretta's in her room... She won't answer me anyway..."

[Trent] "Don't worry about it; she probably went out on patrol--in fact, she might just be oversleeping."

[Allison] *Let's out a deep sigh and shrugs* "Yeah... You're probably right..."

[Trent] "I don't think she'd let you down by being too late."
[Trent] *shoves bacon in his mouth, then feeds Allison a piece*

[Allison] "It's not that.... Just feels like I'm failing her.... I want to help her so much... But whenever I try it feels like she's pushing back twice as hard... and gives me this look... I dunno.."

[Trent] *after swallowing* "Well, she's a teenager. How would you have reacted?"

[Allison] *Squirms slightly* "I..... snuck out at night to go to parties, did whatever I wanted... and pretended my parents were the biggest jerks ever?..."

[Trent] "That's what i figured. Now, imagine for a moment that you didn't even know your parents, you've done everything for yourself since you were a kid, and one of your *friends* now wants to treat you like a child. How would that have made you feel at her age?"

[Allison] *Sighs* "Probably the same way she feels..... But there's also the fact that my parents were right.... and I think I am too.... Do you know she wants to go out with one of those pirates? You know, the kind that murder, stole women for centuries, is god knows how many years her senior, and even just by appearance 10 years older then her.."

[Trent] *ponders this for a moment* "She said she wanted to date a pirate?"

[Allison] "She was ready to walk off into the sunset with him right there yesterday!"

[Trent] "Hm...well she was all geared up for battle, and missed most of it from what i gather. It was probably just an adrenaline thing, but i can see where it might become a problem."
[Trent] "She didn't actually go, did she? I thought she came back here."

[Allison] "She did.... Then I think she left to hang out with peter.... Then she came back... and went into her room... Now she won't answer the door, so I don't know... "

[Trent] "Well, i think you should talk to her before you decide if it's something to get upset over or not."

[Allison] "Yeah... that went over really well that time with Peter..."

[Trent] "Maybe you should just let her learn from her own mistakes then. She'll figure it out soon enough."

[Allison] "That... or she'll end up pregnant, kidnapped... running off, or dead.. I Just can't help but worry about her so much... Is it me being unreasonable?... I mean she's 15.... Whatever else she might be...."

[Trent] *brushes Allison's hair back and kisses her neck* "It's too bad you're not her mother. Someday she'll realize how much you care. But for now, we can't push too much, because we do know how she reacts to that."

[Allison] *Sighs and snuggles against Trent affectionately* "Maybe I should just have that pirate friend called in to the station.... Can't tell me he doesn't deserve it..."

[Trent] *frowns* "Do you really want them telling the police the truth about why they're in town?"
[Trent] "About why any of us are?"

[Allison] *Shrugs* "I dunno... I suppose not" *Sighs* "Is that it then?... They have a free pass to do whatever they want including returning to their old ways, which I needn't remind you included murder and rape. They weren't cursed because they were the fluffiest little creatures on the sea.... and how is that justice?"

[Trent] "Of course not! I didn't say that. But i don't think arresting them on suspicion of bad intentions is quite right either."

[Allison] "Alright... But if he touches Loretta in any way that he shouldn't.... It's on..... Is that fair?.."

[Trent] *smiles* "Yes."

[Allison] *Nods* "Alright..." *Kisses his cheek softly* "Wanna get married?"

[Trent] "Of course i do. But i need to go smoke up first." *gets up and pulls on some pants*

[Allison] *Nods* "I'll take a shower in the meantime... Oh... and make sure you ate enough... If loretta isn't out in an hour, you have to break down a door" *Smirks at him and heads off into the shower quickly*

[Trent] "Yes ma'am." *goes out*

[Allison] *Comes out of the shower a fair time later, and puts on a normal simple dress, her wedding dress still carefully placed in the trunk of her car*

[Loretta] *comes in the back door and rushes past Trent and Eric, then to the stairs*

[Allison] *Finishes making her hair fit as she wants it and heads into the hallway to see what the others are doing*

[Loretta] *runs up the stairs and squeezes past Allison in the hall to get to her room*

[Allison] "Oh there you...." *Stops mid-sentence when Loretta is gone already and follows her into her room*

[Loretta] *throws herself onto the bed and buries her face in pillows*

[Allison] *Frowns, feeling all her anoyance wash away and sits down onto the bed next to Loretta and pulls Loretta against her to hold her*

[Loretta] *sobs on her shoulder*

[Allison] *Holds Loretta tightly and strokes her hair softly, wishing she could take away the girl's pain in some way*

[Loretta] *just sniffs after a minute*

[Allison] *Gently wipes away Loretta's tears with her sleeve* "Do you want to talk about it now? Or another time?..."

[Loretta] "Definitely not now."

[Allison] *Nods and continues cleaning Loretta's face gently* "Do you feel up to going out today? We can stay home.."

[Loretta] "Isn't your wedding in a couple of hours--oh crap, what about the dress?"

[Allison] "Doesn't matter... We can get married another day if we have to... You're far more important... to both of us.... And I cleaned your dress last night... Just couldn't find your shoes.."

[Loretta] *sits up and looks at her like she's crazy* "But your relatives are here now!"
[Loretta] "And the shoes...well...not so much suited for swimming. I should have thought to take them off before i got in the boat..."

[Allison] "Doesn't matter, it's more important to us that you're there.... Then those relatives I see maybe once a year if that... You're part of our family."

[Loretta] "Of course i'll be there!" *gets up and starts fixing her hair* "Don't be crazy..."

[Allison] *Nods, swallowing briefly at the loss of the shoes she liked so much for loretta* "Here let me do it.... Your dress should be dry, had to handwash it and hang it out to dry but it's had a whole night to dry, and you can wear some other shoes"

[Loretta] *frowns* "I'm really sorry--i mean i should have known."

[Allison] "Don't worry about it really, they're just shoes, besides, I do remember you saving me from those fish pirates while loosing them. "

[Loretta] *smiles* "I guess i did, technically. It wasn't much work though, so i haven't thought of it that way."

[Allison] *Smiles and runs a hand through her hair* "Well you did save me, and all of us. And... I hope you know how much I love you, and even when you think I'm being mean and unreasonable... It's only because I care so much about you.. Trent too"

[Loretta] *nods and changes into her dress*

[Allison] *Let's Loretta dress and heads downstairs to nudge Trent, as if he had been uncouth* "Be nice to Loretta, she's a little distraught"

[Trent] "I'd gathered..."

[Allison] "Yeah... I'm not sure what happened, but we agreed to talk about it later on... She'll be down in a bit though"

[Trent] "She'd just gone out for a walk with Peter. He hasn't been back."

[Allison] "What?" *Let's out a disgruntled sound* "I hope he didn't make her cry again.."

[Trent] *shrugs* "Well, that's what it looks like, but i guess that doesn't mean much."

[Allison] "Maybe you should have a talk with him before the wedding..."
[Allison] *Squints her eyes suddenly like a hawk having spotted a squirming rabit in a trap* "And... why's Eric got that guilty shifty look on his face?.."

[Trent] "I hadn't noticed..." *looks at him too*

[Eric] *Grows nervous with everyone watching him and studies his toast intently*
[Allison] "I'll handle Eric and Loretta... You talk to Peter alright?"

[Trent] *nods*
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Re: Wedding, Take 2. Thursday, November 20

PostPosted by Solar_Dawn » Wed Apr 07, 2010 6:00 pm

[Eric] *Stays seated in the kitchen, curious about what's going on, but not wanting to get up and look, so he just cranes his neck and tries to cattch something*

[Peter] *stays there, feeling guilty for the way he acted; he knew his hurt ego was major factor that things could not work out. he didnt realy wnat to ask for anything-its his hurt ego that did the trick, and now everything had ended. loretta needed to move on from him... with that, he writes a small letter with the pen & paper he carried around, instinctual habbit from his basic training days.*
*he then proceeds to the back of Allison's estate, intending to go through the back door-he thinks loretta and trent maybe are busy with her crying, and wnats to avoid it right now.he folds the letter and hopes to find someone near the back door*

[Eric] *Has managed to retrieve some toast by now, and is chewing on it steadily with some butter and jam, still trying to figure out what's going on the living room*

[Peter] *enters slowly, and goes to eric, trying to be sure the others are not there but in the living room* "hi."

[Eric] *Jumps with a yelp and sprays some toast across the table* "Gee, scared the living crap out of me."

[Peter] "sorry... but can you come outside a bit?"

[Eric] *Frowns, considering that* "Maybe...... You go first"

[Peter] *goes first; he has a defeated look in his face*
*through back door*

[Eric] *Follows along, with a shift look on his face instead, and makes sure his front is turned to peter at all times, before leaning against a wall outside*

[Peter] *as they go outside* "ok, i need a huge favor."
*has turned to him, stopped*

[Eric] "hhmm, what favor?"

[Peter] " Well... something happened that caused ...discomfort to Loretta. I need you to hand her this letter so she is helped to move on."

[Eric] "Ok.. You're still comming to the wedding though?"

[Peter] "of course. i forgot- it is to be delivered only after the wedding, and preferably when i am not here"

[Eric] "Alright.... It's not going to explode right?..."
[Eric] *Pockets the letter for safe keeping*

[Peter] "explode? certainly not... you do know i'm on your side, right?"

[Eric] "I was kidding! If I really thought it was gonna explode I'd have made my gym teacher open it.."

[Peter] "sorry; just... you should also know i shall prepare to leave for a bit if allison and trent take their honeymoon."

[Eric] "Whenever that may be..."

[Peter] "you should be prepared when you give her the letter...there is a small chance she might want to change that, though i am not sure she'll take it that bad this time."

[Eric] "Now you're just starting to confuse me... How about I just hand her the letter and play it by ear then?..."

[Peter] "maybe that would be for the best. do hand her the letter though- i understand you cared for her once, if you know what i mean. and i hope it will help her move on with some things."
*is looking even more defeated and sad right now, though not necessarily broken*

[Eric] *Frowns* "What's that mean?... I still care for her, ofcourse i'd help her with something if she needs it."

[Peter] "that's nice... so, i'll be at the wedding; will probably come from the front door in a bit, tho it would be realy bad if i went there right now."

[Eric] "Alright.. I'll go back to my breakfast... " *Looks shift again and backs away with his front to peter untill he's down into a chair*

[Peter] " eric?... if i may asc of course, why do you keep walking like this when you see me?"

[Eric] "What? oh... It's not about you........ And don't tell Allison!"

[Peter] " don't worry... oh, one last thing; of course, dont tell anyone of me leaving unless you hand the letter to reveal it"
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Re: Wedding, Take 2. Thursday, November 20

PostPosted by hippie_mama » Thu Apr 08, 2010 12:58 pm

[Peter] *is near the alli-house, full of thoughts , and even new realisations as Loretta's confession of loving him sinks in; he now had regretted leaving, and decides to ask Loretta if *she* wanted him to leave. fortunately he had lots of time..."

[Trent] *sighs heavily in regards to Allison's request, and rubs his face a moment before setting out to find Peter--tracking him down by scent if necessary*

[Peter] spots Trent, easily guessing what went down; being a seer wasnt necessary, and Peter even *was* a seer* "hey mate."

[Trent] "A real upset girl just ran through the house. Anything i should know about?"

[Peter] *sighs* "I'm not in the mood of lying to you... in a way, Loretta asked me something and i told her i cant give it under the current circumstances.Kills me to have done this though..."

[Trent] *stands there silently, hands in his pockets, waiting in case there was more Peter wanted to say*

[Peter] "what? is it too vague?"

[Trent] *chuckles* "Only in an evasive sort of way...but seriously. Whatever it is, Loretta doesn't get that way easily, and we both know it. So it's something big i'm probably going to hear plenty about later. So it might be best if you go ahead and tell me your side of it, for better or worse."

[Peter] "ok. maybe we feel something about each other, but we decided current circumstances dont let us; and, trust me, that damn stings. a lot."

[Trent] *nods* "You're being smart though; that's the important thing."

[Peter] "i dont *feel* smart; heh. we did say that maybe in the future... but we were mostly hurt by the 'definitely not now' factor."

[Trent] "Sorry to hear it's rough on both of you. But time is something that won't hurt either of you on this one."

[Peter] "true. i dont think we cant fulfill best man/bridesmaid duties though. in a way it can be nice, and definitely not illegal. unless she doesnt feel like it of course."

[Trent] "That's good to hear; Allison will be relieved."

[Peter] *nods* "so? do you hate me now?" *smiles, hopefuly*

[Trent] "Hate you? No, if anything, i'm impressed by your level-headedness. And i'm glad you realized the folly of this so quickly. It could have gone a lot more painfully. For all of us." *indicating he was definitely included in that*

[Peter] *walks towards allihouse* "true i guess... so, lets go ask if all is well and get you wed, dude!"

[Trent] "Sounds like a plan to me."
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Re: Wedding, Take 2. Thursday, November 20

PostPosted by Solar_Dawn » Thu Apr 08, 2010 2:04 pm

[Allison] *Heads over towards Eric and gives him a very long hard look*

[Eric] "What? What?!"

[Allison] "Alright, spit it out, whatever it is"

[Eric] "Dunno what you're talking about."

[Allison] "Your choice, you can either tell me now while I'm still in a forgiving mood, or wait till later when I'm at my wedding and will be very crossed with anyone or anything disrupting it.."

[Eric] *Swallows hard and stands up slowly to turn around* "I might have had a small ironing accident..."

[Allison] *Scowls* "Damnit Eric! Why the hell would you try ironing, and didn't come to me??"

[Eric] "I... Didn't want to disturb you on this day!"

[Allison] "Oh yes, this is much better, alright, i'll see if i can save em. Take em off"

[Eric] "But..."

[Allison] "OFF!"

[Eric] *Scowls and takes off his tuxedo pants to sit back down in his boxers looking moody and childish*

[Allison] *Shakes her head and heads off upstairs to try and solve the situation somehow*
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Re: Wedding, Take 2. Thursday, November 20

PostPosted by hippie_mama » Thu Apr 08, 2010 8:10 pm


Trent enters the back door, yet again, and stops short, blinking at the pantless wonder before him. Surely there was a reason for it (Allison's brand of punishment?), but that doesn't stop all the smartass comments he could make at this moment from flooding his brain. In the end, he can't seem to choose just one, so he simply smirks and continues on through the house to locate Allison, leaving it to Peter.
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Re: Wedding, Take 2. Thursday, November 20

PostPosted by Pyriel » Fri Apr 09, 2010 8:44 am


He gets in right behind Trent; He is still quite sad, some would say heartbroken . But he tries to be at least functioning for a best man.
"Ah-now i understood why the weirdness before, Eric. Don't worry; much worse things can happen to a person."
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Re: Wedding, Take 2. Thursday, November 20

PostPosted by hippie_mama » Fri Apr 09, 2010 1:49 pm

(440) Eric: *Narrows his eyes at peter suspiciously* "What's that supposed to mean? I didn't pee my pants or anything! Just had a small... Ironing accident"
(441) hippie: (Trent was going to find Allison, since she gave him orders to go talk to Peter, and Lorrie was getting dressed and doing girly stuff)
(438) Peter: "i understand."
(438) Peter: "so, how's Allison?"
(440) Eric: "Alright, upstairs trying to salvage my pants..."
(438) Peter: *nods and passes info to Trent*
(441) Trent: *is already halfway up the stairs*
(440) Allison: *Is using some foul smelling dark liquid upon said pants carefully with a rag*
(441) Loretta: *finished dressing and fixing her hair long ago, but can't seem to stop crying long enough to finish her makeup*
(441) Trent: *stops at the door* "Yick..."
(440) Allison: *Turns around with a crooked grin* "Did you just call me ick?"
(441) Trent: "Eh--oh, no ma'am." *grins innocently* "But what the hell is that?"
(440) Allison: "All purpose Stain remover.... not sure what's in it, but i've had good results with it in the past.."
(438) Peter: *sits down; he doesnt seem as defeated as when he gave Erik the letter, but silently a tear runs across his left cheek, as affection fights with desperation who fights with a new thing inside his head; 'hope'.; he weeps it off, otherwise remaining silent*
(441) Trent: "I think it's lighter fluid and cow embryo..."
(440) Allison: *Smirks and shrugs* "If it works.... Just leave it on for a couple of minutes... Everyone else ready?"
(441) Loretta: *finally just glares into the mirror for a moment and decides that crying is expected at weddings anyway, so she'll go light with the makeup and not worry if the tears start again*
(441) Trent: "Not exactly."
(441) Trent: "Know what's wrong with Lorrie though."
(440) Allison: "Oh? Did you talk to her or Peter?"
(441) Trent: "Peter, like you told me to."
(441) Loretta: *sighs heavily one last time, figuratively swallows back the rest of her sadness for now, and goes downstairs*
(440) Allison: "What did he say?"
(438) Peter: *is downstairs, obviously equaly sad; takes a lingering look at her, though he tries not to talk too much right now so as not to disturb her*
(440) Eric: *Studies Loretta when she comes down, considering making a wise crack, but deciding not to, she looks genuinely sad, not just wedding emotions girls are known for* "You alright?"
(441) Trent: "Should have guessed it. Loretta and her crush again. He turned her down, which is obviously a good thing, but she's understandably upset about it."
(441) Loretta: *shouldn't have been surprised to see Peter back in the house, but is anyway; she blinks once and quickly looks away, then goes over to a window and looks outside, making an excuse not to look directly at him* "Of course i'm alright."
(440) Allison: *Sighs* "That girls even more trouble then I was.... We'll just be understanding and loving for now, that's what she needs right now" *Gives Trent a brief sharp look as if he was suggesting doing otherwise*
(441) Trent: *smirks a little* "So maybe there is some justice in the universe, eh?"
(440) Allison: *Straightens her hair and looks inocently* "Dunno what you mean.."
(438) Peter: *melancholic voice* "Your sister and future bro-in-law are realy lucky, Erik. may this be the happiest day in their lives."
(441) Trent: *grins* "Paybacks are a bitch?"
(440) Allison: "Hush you, can you do me a favor and collect a make up chest I put on the bed and put it in the back of my car?"
(441) Trent: "Yes." *kisses her cheek before complying*
whispering to hippie, I'm imaging a Make up chest that would make a pirate jealous lol
(438) Peter: *sits up and goes upstairs a bit, to Allirent* "so... i guess i need to carry the rings?"
(440) Eric: "Let's hope so I suppose... Unless they have kids.... and..... I'd have to be an uncle... Let's hope not" *Shudders at that thought*
(441) Trent: *stops when he sees the size of the 'make up chest,' wondering how the hell her face could require that much stuff*
(440) Allison: *Nods briefly* "They're downstairs, first drawer of the living room cabinet.... I'll show you"
(438) Peter: "OK" *nods and follows her*
(441) Trent: *picks it up, surprised again at the weight of it, and takes it out to the car, shaking his head at himself in bewilderment*
(440) Allison: *Will get the rings out of the cupboard and hands them to Peter, before pointing at Eric* "Alright come with me, and we'll see what's there to do"
(441) Loretta: *is more or less pacing the living room at this point, ready to leave and not knowing what to do with herself*
(440) Eric: *mutters something and follows his sister upstairs*
(438) Peter: * gasps as Erik and Allison head upstairs, leaving Peter and Loretta alone again*
(438) Peter: *looks at Loretta affectionately and also apologeticaly; gently whispers when theyre gone* 'we can't have everything we want... but we *can* have these moments.'
(438) Peter: these*
(441) Loretta: *turns to Peter from looking out the window again, and looks either confused or conflicted*
(438) Peter: *smiles affectionately* 'hearing that the girl of your dreams loves you changes perspective on *alot* of things, thats for sure. But *besides* that, i do believe if we shut up and enjoy the wedding together it can be fun.' *trying to make sure not many ppl hear*
(440) Eric: *Comes back down with mostly salvaged pants, fleeing like a hunted deer* "Nooo! I don't need moisterizer creme! Leave me alone, Trent help!"
(441) Trent: *coming back in from his trip to the car* "There's no help for any of us, bro..."
(440) Eric: "I'll be in my car waiting to leave!" *Keeps fleeing*
(441) Loretta: *frowns, but seems relieved that there are others in the room again*
(440) Allison: "I just said his face looks so dry and worn...... It does!"
(440) Allison: *Glances around* "Anyway, are we all set?"
(441) Loretta: *nods*
(438) Peter: *tries to see if some part of Loretta liked what he said; otherwise nods* "I'm ready."
(440) Allison: "Alright, Loretta you come with me again and peter with Trent, and try to park far away, best not to let the family see the cars were attacked by monster pirates.."
(438) Peter: "OK i guess." *goes to Trent's car*
(441) Trent: *nods and goes*
(438) Peter: *thinks of cars he could buy *
(438) Peter: 'Trent, if you left for some time,away from everything, what type of car would you buy?"
(438) Peter: "hypotheticaly."
(441) Loretta: *gets into Allison's car, silently*
(440) Allison: *Heads over to her own car, and waits for Loretta to get in before studying her* "Are you sure you're alright?"
(441) Loretta: *nods*
(440) Allison: *Strokes her cheek affectionately for a moment before starting her car and heading off*
(441) Trent: "That depends." *gets into the truck and starts it up* "You plan to do your own work on it?"
(440) Eric: *Follows his sisters car lazily, wrubbing his face to make sure it doesn't really look like a mooncrater*
(438) Peter: 'I dont think so; it might need to be ready soon.'
(441) Trent: "I thought you were asking hypothetically. Why, are you looking for something?"
(438) Peter: "not realy. Theres a chance i'll have to do a little trip, that's all.not sure though."
(441) Trent: "What kind of trip? I wouldn't mind loaning out Betty too much." *Peter should get the impression this is a huge honor!*
(438) Peter: "I... i don't know yet.*If* i do this, i'd like it to help me avoid thinking too much. mountaineering probably."
(441) Trent: "That bad huh? Sorry..." *arrives at the church!*
(440) Eric: *Parks his car next to Trent's and enjoys his last minute of freedom for now*
(441) Trent: *seems instead eager to go in*
(440) Allison: *Parks her car on the other side of Trent's* "I'll get Trent to carry my make up box, do you mind carrying something else for me?"
(441) Loretta: "Holy crap, we made it this time!" (to a different church, since the first one was damaged the morning before) "Sure, what, the dress?"
(440) Allison: *Nods, and goes around back to carefully hand the package holding her dress to Loretta* "Defend it with your life!" *Disturbingly enough, she doesn't seem to be joking*
(441) Loretta: *nods, seeming to take the responsibility seriously as well*
(440) Allison: *Makes certain Trent carries the make up case to a small room seperated from the rest of the proceedings*
(441) Trent: *puts it where directed, upon fear of death*
(438) Peter: *tries to help wherever he can*
(440) Allison: "Thanks!" *Kisses his cheek affectionately* "Now get out"
(441) Loretta: *handles the dress as though it's worth more than her life--it probably is*
(441) Trent: *grins* "You won't be saying that later!"
(441) Loretta: "Ewwww"
(441) Trent: *leaves the room as instructed*
(438) Peter: *never got inside; no reason to*
(440) Eric: *Wanders around the place, trying to dodge family members, eventually stopping near Peter* "Know what the problem is?..."
(438) Peter: 'Problem?...'
(440) Eric: "Since Trent has no family or friends, which means all the girls here are related to me.."
(438) Peter: 'ouch...' *looks around*
(438) Peter: '...they... still are looking over here though, some. why?...'
(440) Eric: "Well they aint related to you.."
(440) Eric: "Either that or they're trying to tell me i'm cute and squeeze my cheek... I swear next aunt that does that.... I'm gonna snap"
(441) Loretta: *helps Allison into her dress, in much better spirits than earlier*
(438) Peter: *chuckles, but kinda unsure what to do about it, not wanting to further hurt loretta *
(440) Allison: *Will stay in the secret room with Loretta all the time, putting on her dress and make up, and other heavily guarded secrets known only by brides and bridesmaids*
(441) Trent: *goes back out to where the guys are, goofy grin on his face*
(441) Loretta: "Even if your relatives decided to be a pain in the ass today, i think it's going to go perfectly."
(441) Loretta: *decide to
(440) Allison: "Oh I think so... How do I look?"
(440) Eric: *waves his hand in front of trent's eyes* "Oh yeah, he's long gone"
(438) Peter: *to Trent* "relax, dude; this is *your* day. You can never know how lucky you are."
(441) Loretta: "Ridiculously pretty. You're supposed to have, like, old stuff and blue stuff or something though, right?"
(440) Allison: "Well.. According to tradition yes..."
(441) Loretta: *looks at her expectantly*
(440) Allison: "I... kinda forgot...'
(440) Allison: "Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.."
(441) Loretta: *looks panicked* "Well--ok, your dress is new, right?"
(440) Allison: "That's true.."
(441) Loretta: "Anything old?"
(440) Allison: "Well... There's a lipstick in there I haven't used since I was 16..."
(441) Loretta: "Wow...that could work though!" *digs through the chest to find it*
(441) Loretta: "What about blue?"
(440) Allison: "I think there's some blue flowers around, there should be anyway... I ordered them.. Maybe i can put one in my hair?"
(441) Loretta: *nods* "I'll go grab one before you walk out. That leaves borrowed." *thinks the most obvious solution would be jewlery, but she doesn't wear any! She thinks about everything on her person, but unfortunately all of them are required for common decency...except...* *hikes up her skirt to reveal a stake against her thigh with a giggle*
(441) Loretta: "Feminine protection at its best." *slides it out of the garter and hands it to Allison*
(438) Peter: *to Trent* "you OK mate? she isnt late... in some cultures brides are realy don't worry."
(440) Allison: "Oh... Thanks!" *Seems to have a lot more difficulty trying to decide just where to hide that*
(441) Trent: "Hmm? Yeah, i'm awesome."
(440) Allison: "I don't actually have to use the Lipstick right?.... Just carry it along?.."
(438) Peter: "now, Erik, are you sure you can't spot a *friend of a relative* in all that? maybe there are girls not related to you..."
(441) Loretta: *helps Allison get her own skirt out of the way* "No one should notice--unless you guys do that weird garter thing. And i think you're *supposed* to wear the stuff, but people cheat all the time, so i guess it's ok."
(438) Peter: * curses himself for not introducing himself to a Murphy woman, as he knows he could use this to rebound from the incoming emotional torment*
(441) Loretta: "We'll hide the lipstick in your bouquet."
(440) Allison: "Well..... Maybe it's only required 'someone' nearby wear it..." *Get's an evil glean in her eyes and studies Loretta*
(441) Loretta: "Oh no, i'm sure it's a brides-only thing!" *goes off to find a blue flower while she's thinking of it*
(440) Allison: "Oh I don't know, i think it's one of those bridesmaid duties reallly!"
(441) Loretta: *comes back with the flower and weaves it into Allison's hair*
(440) Eric: *Studies one of Allison's prettier friends for a while and nudges the others* "Think she's too old for me?"
(441) Loretta: "The church looks full..."
(441) Trent: "Definitely."
(438) Peter: 'Nah. if you're old enough and she's old enough... thats all thats required, 'moraly'. ' wanna go intriduce ourselves?'
(441) Trent: *looks at the time* "You guys could at least wait for the reception..."
(438) Peter: "we're just joking Trent. "
(441) Trent: "Oh. Right."
(440) Allison: "That's good... I think.... Feel kind of... Jittery..." *Grins again and unsheats the lipstick like a weapon* "Now sit still.."
(441) Trent: *starts to get a little fidgety and lights a cigarette*
(441) Loretta: "Nooo that's not right!"
(438) Peter: "Trent? how do you feel? and dont think a simple 'fine' will suffice... I'm the man; the *best* man, i should know this thing."
(440) Allison: "Sure it is! I'm too old to wear this colour, everyone will think i'm crazy, but you're still 15, it's still cute at your age!"
(441) Trent: "Just like i'm about to pass out, but i think that's normal."
(440) Eric: "Hmpf... Best man... I gotta give my sister away to this fellow" *Pretends to study Trent very carefully* "And he seems awfully shady!"
(441) Loretta: "Glitter hasn't been cute for a decade!"
(438) Peter: "If it makes you feel any better, Allison will indeed make you pass out afterwards, but in a good way."
(441) Trent: *shrugs and nods in agreement with Eric's words while taking a long drag*
(440) Eric: "...... Gross, that just aint right..."
(440) Allison: "It has too! Not sit still or you'll end up having this huge odd smile!"
(441) Loretta: "Fine, i'll take one for the team, if that's what you want..." *sits reluctantly*
(441) Trent: "So what ever happened to your cousin, Eric?"
(438) Peter: "what cousin?"
(438) Peter: *looks at Erik*
(440) Allison: *Applies the lipstick to Loretta very carefully before hiding the lipstick in the bouquet* "See? You look so pretty" *Hugs Loretta tightly before looking around* "I... I can't remember... what are we doing now?..."
(441) Trent: "One of them got grabbed by the pirates yesterday."
(441) Trent: "Did anyone talk to her?"
(438) Peter: "oh... that's sad... i hope they didn't...?"
(440) Eric: "Which one? oh that one... Dropped her off at the hospital...Didn't know what to tell her..."
(438) Peter: "that's one of the things one should do in the reception."
(441) Loretta: "I think things start as soon as Trent gets out there, and then i walk out with Peter; then there will be music, and you get to walk out when you're good and ready?"
(440) Allison: *nods slowly, as if hearing this for the first time* "Yeah.... oh and Eric, he neesd to walk with me to give me away..."
(441) Trent: "I think we got there soon enough she wasn't hurt much." *answering Peter's question vaguely*
(438) Peter: "we should see if anybody is hurt; its only fair.
(441) Loretta: *nods* "I'll go get him when you're ready."
(440) Allison: *Fidgets slightly with her dress, looking around the room* "I.... Am I?"
(441) Loretta: *starts to look a little nervous herself* "I think so? Unless you need to pee or something."
(440) Allison: ""No...."
(441) Loretta: *thinks a moment* "Ok, good; me either."
(440) Allison: "I... I guess i'm ready then..."
(438) Peter: *waits outside for the thing to start*
(438) Peter: 'i think they should be done any minute now..."
(441) Loretta: "Ok...this is really happening." *seems surprised, and goes off to find the guys*
(438) Peter: *sees her; waits for her reaction before doing/saying anything stupid*
(440) Eric: *Studies Loretta for a moment* "Is that.... Glitter?..."
(438) Peter: "true I guess." *offers his arm*
(441) Loretta: *frowns* " know i'm as much at her mercy as you are! But she's ready now. So go in there and wait for the music to start. Trent, you're on dude." *takes Peter's arm with her, trying not to look at him too much*
(441) Trent: *nods, puts out his cigarette, straightens his suit, and walks into the church, getting into position and steeling himself against the stares of Allison's relatives*
(440) Eric: "Oh right..." *Heads off to find his sister and wait for the music*
(438) Peter: *whispers to her * "dont worry about the lipstick; it looks real cute to me." *voice clearly reveals he wants to say something more, and specific*
(440) Relative 1: "Where he get such an expensive suit?"
(440) Relative 2: "Someone else was probably buried in it"
(441) Loretta: *smiles, but kind of sadly* "We just have to get through the next half hour..." *starts walking with him*
(441) Trent: *pretends he doesn't hear all*
(438) Peter: *after some while "i left a letter for you to Erik. Explains me leaving tommorow. I realy don't want to leave you though...I do it for you. I dont want to give up on our love unless you do. So wether i go on with what i write or not is your choice; remember, i wnat lots of things, including a ferrari, but all i actualy *need* is your love. You have lots of time to think about it, since it wont happen today."
(438) Peter: "there. said it; no more talking form me. lets go on."
(441) Loretta: *frowns, the last thing she wants being this discussion, so she doesn't say anything; once near Trent, stands to the side where she's supposed to go, leaving Allison's spot open*
(438) Peter: *has shut up, as said before by 'no more talking from him' ; satisfied that he let her know and she can choose for herself*
(438) Peter: *stands in his place, hand ready and near the rings*
(441) Trent: *stands very still, until the music starts, then looks down the isle with the expression of a man about to recieve something precious he is not at all entitled to*
(440) Eric: *Peers around the corner and then wraps his arm around Allison's, pulling her along gently till she starts walking on her own*
(438) Peter: *follows the proceedure as best as he can now*
(440) Allison: *Let's Eric guide her along, and finding she doesn't really care about her relatives opinion at all at this moment, it's hard to even see them, her gaze seems to have narrowed entirely to Trent, everything else is obscured by a strange fog*
(441) Loretta: ***Everyone in the chapel stands and stares at the bride as soon as she's visible, camera flashes going off like crazy***
(438) Peter: *lets a tear run down his left cheek, knowing its forgiven at this point and unsuspicious*
(438) Peter: **some relatives probably think he a softie for weddings**
(441) Loretta: *bites her lip, ignoring the weird glittery taste, as tears fall down her face as well*
(440) Eric: *Let's go of Allison's arm at the very end to stand to the side too and watch, hoping his pants really are looking better*
(440) Allison: *Takes the last few steps to stand next to Trent and peer into his eyes, still seeming oblivious to the rest of the world*
(441) Trent: *gives Allison the biggest smile ever, and reaches out to take her hand*
(440) Allison: *Squeezes Trent's hand softly, and continues to peer into his eyes*
(441) Minister: Ladies and gentlemen, family and friends, we are gathered here today to witness and celebrate the joining of Allison Murphy and Trent Skovajsa (he says it proudly as though he practiced pronouncing it all night) in marriage. With love and commitment, they have decided to live their lives together as husband and wife." *he leans forward some to whisper to the bride and groom* "You still want to say your own vows?"
(440) Allison: *Looks in surprise at the minister as if wondering who the hell he is and why he's interrupting her from staring at Trent, before nodding* "Oh right... I think so"
(441) Minister: "Then begin when ready." *looks at Trent as though he's supposed to go first*
(441) Trent: *swallows hard, having thought he'd know what to say when the time came, but being completely distracted by Allison and the sudden realization that she was really going to be his after this--also, there were no words for what he was feeling right now. But he knows a lot hangs on this moment, so he gives it his best shot* "Allison...there's not a lot a man can promise anymore. The world is full of darkness and can break most anything. But as long as i live, i will never stop fighting to keep it safe for you."
(441) Minister: *looks...puzzled. Then turns his attention to Allison, either for her reaction or to see if she had anything to add to this odd exchange*
(440) Allison: *Smiles softly, and squeezes his hand while mouthing 'I love you'*
(440) Allison: *Frowns slightly, not having been that great a writer or speaker in school, and this was a hundred times harder then speaking in front of a classroom* "Trent.. I still remember being a little girl, and pretending I was getting married to some handsome prince in a fairy princess kingdom far away. Then you grow up and people try tell you that's a child's dream, there's marriage, but no magical connection of the kind I dreamt off." *Her voice becomes stronger and determined* "They're wrong, because that's exactly what It feels, like an inner light shining out from you, warming me, making me feel loved and protected. Even when you're not near me your light lingers around me and makes my world seem a little brighter, I find myself smiling for no reason just thinking about you. It's as if the sky has twice as many stars in the sky since I met you. I love you, and eternity still doesn't properly describe the amount of time I want to spend with you, and I want to spend it being your wife."
(441) Trent: *starts getting rather tearful himself*
(448) Minister: *considers retirement before continuing* "True marriage is more than joining the bonds of marriage of two persons; it is the union of two hearts. It lives on the love you give each other and never grows old, but thrives on the joy of each new day. Marriage is love. May you always be able to talk things over, to confide in each other, to laugh with each other, to enjoy life together, and to share moments of quiet and peace, when the day is done. May you be blessed with a lifetime of happiness and a home of warmth and understanding."
(438) Peter: *tries not to sob as he hears that*
[Minister] *nods toward Peter, as his cue to come forward with the rings* "Wedding rings are made precious by our wearing them. Your rings say that even in your uniqueness you have chosen to be bound together. Let these rings also be a sign that love has substance as well as soul, a present as well as a past, and that, despite its occasional sorrows, love is a circle of happiness, wonder, and delight. May these rings remind you always of the vows you have taken here today.
(438) Peter: *hands the rings as appropriate*
(440) Allison: *Takes Trent's ring and slides it gently around his ring finger*
(448) Trent: *fumbles nervously a little, but puts hers onto her finger as well*
(448) Minister: "Now, i must ask if there's anyone here that openly opposes this union. It is their one and only chance to say so." *seems ready for anything at this part, scanning the crowd*
(440) Allison: *Still has eyes for Trent alone and holds onto his hand tightly*
(438) Peter: *feels so glad this is over; he thinks they deserve it, and is relay glad Trent is so lucky in his love life*
(448) Minister: *possibly waits longer than is customary* "No? Good. Then by the power vested in me by the State of Oregon, i now pronounce you husband and wife." *looks at Trent* "Go on and kiss your bride!"
(448) Trent: *had been waiting for this the whole time; sweeps her off her feet romance-book-style, and gives her a good one*
(440) Allison: *Slides her arms around him and clings to Trent while kissing him and doesn't intent to let go*
(448) Minister: *begins to clear his throat at the scene, but instead just shakes his head and walks off*
(440) Eric: *Let's out a small cough, then proceeds to poke Trent in the back* "Hey, this aint brides gone wild."
(448) Trent: *sets her back down properly, with that giant grin on his face again*
(448) Loretta: *throws her arms around Allison in a big hug*
(440) Allison: *Beams around happily, and hugs Loretta tightly*
(438) Peter: *handshakes Trent , but in a warm way*
(438) Peter: *to Allison, touched * "you take care of him, will you?"
(448) Trent: *as he shakes Peter's hand* "Glad we're through that.."
(440) Allison: *Grins* "Are you kidding? Now that we're married I'm quitting my job and he can take care of me!"
(448) Loretta: *notices the relatives are getting impatient, waiting to give their well-wishes as well*
(448) Trent: "I should really mind that, but right now i don't!"
(448) Loretta: "They're lining up for handshakes and hugs, guys."
(438) Peter: *nods to Erik to hand Loretta the letter now that there will be a break, as he takes off and gives them some space till the next phase*
(440) Allison: "Oh right.. "
(438) Peter: *backs off to let the crowd in too*
(440) Allison: *Turns around to let other people congratulate her, but doesn't let go of Trent's hand*
(438) Peter: *Peter realises some want to handshake him too, some others hug him, and remains there*
(440) Eric: *Frowns, wondering why Peter didn't just give it himself if it was meant to be given at this time, but decides he doesn't really care, and will hand Loretta after the main crowd has cleared* "Hey, peter asked me to give you this... Not sure why but there you have it" *hands her a somewhat crumpled up letter*
(448) Loretta: *frowns at the letter when Eric hands it to her* "Thanks..." *walks off to the bathroom to read it in privacy, then folds the note up and secures it on her person, washes her face and fixes her makeup, refusing to cry about it anymore, and joins the others at the reception*
(438) Peter: *is there, knowing he'll get to dance with loretta. he doesnt realy want anything more, and wont demand anything*
(440) Allison: *Seems supremely happy with her own wedding, and sticking close to Trent and smiling a great deal*
(448) Loretta: *is friendly with any guests that approach her, but is otherwise unreadable*
(448) Trent: *patiently repeats the same answers to the same questions over and over; they met through friends, no, he's not an illegal immigrant--he's from Detroit! he's a mechanic and intends to stay that way, etc.*
(438) Peter: *tries to be socialising with any guests that approach him, despite most of them being female and coping a feel; he expected this as his looks were far better than his company. he doesnt do anything weird though*
(438) Peter: *makes toast at appropriate time, as per best man* "Ladies and Gentlemen... it is an important day, the one we just had. Two of the best people a person could ever hope to meet have decided to join their lives, and to be there for one another. When i met Trent, i was realy surprised by his responsibility and strength of character- one surpassed only by the kindness in his heart. Allison, your beauty can only vaguely copare with your drive to do good on this world. To you both-may you live the kind of life you both want."
(440) Allison: *Actually smiles brightly at Peter, and wrestles with Trent's arm to pull him onto the dance floor, to a beautiful tango, she clearly picked all by herself, and leaning against him*
(448) Trent: "I should have mentioned before that i can't dance..."
(440) Allison: *Shrugs and lays her head against his chest affectionately* "Doesn't matter..."
(448) Trent: *runs his hands down her back slowly, resting them on her hips, and fakes it the best he can*
(448) Trent: "I'd say i'm the luckiest man alive, but i think that would be redundant..."
(448) Trent: "Everyone here figured that out when you walked into the church."
(440) Allison: *Grins* "You're so sweet... IT's funny.... I planned this whole reception.... Yet part of me just wants to go home and eh... Well, be married.."
(448) Trent: "I'm sure they'd understand if we needed to leave early...
(440) Allison: *Smirks and pokes him* "Not yet, we should at least make a decent showing.... maybe in an hour.."
(448) Trent: *sighs dramatically* "Well i'll try to behave."
(438) Peter: *waits for his chance to dance with Loretta; he hopes that, in her unreadable-mode, she wont decide not to*
(448) Loretta: *actually just goes and grabs Peter by the hand when the next song starts, and pulls him out onto the dancefloor without saying anything*
(438) Peter: *he is surprised and thinks she is mad at him for doing this forcefully; what he does though, is *shut the hell up* and stare right into her eyes affectinately*
(448) Loretta: *tries really hard to glare at him for a moment, but then relaxes, as though defeated at that task* "You know, it was Trent last time."
(438) Peter: "what?..."
(448) Loretta: "Who gave me a note from you. I told you we've done all this before."
(438) Peter: "well, did i give you the choice of stopping me then? and did i tell you i love you?"
(438) Peter: "and, most importantly, was i that sure you loved me back?"
(448) Loretta: "No...and not specifically. And probably not."
(438) Peter: "so... points for differences there. i dont mean we can negate what we said earlier... but i do think things dont need to be that bad."
(438) Peter: "unless you decide so of course... which, i repeat, neednt happen now."
(448) Loretta: *is quiet for a moment before continuing* "You're right though. I'm not going to commit to you, not like you want, so it's better if we just let go of that idea."
(438) Peter: "Well, i'd never actualy agree to *sharing* you... and i dont think you'd agree it with me that easily. however, the whole *confessed love* thing changes stuff on this regard.much less fear of other people now.natural, dont you think?"
(438) Peter: "cause if the person loves you, its not exactly sharing her with others."
(438) Peter: "and i dont wnat you to promise me- i leave that to myself, to something called 'trust'."
(448) Loretta: "I don't even mean sharing. I'm just not going to be able to make any promises to you. And i'm not sure i want to anyway."
(438) Peter: "ah; did i ask you, *this* time, after our confession, to make any promises?"
(448) Loretta: "Not specifically..."
(438) Peter: "mind, you, this is just a conversation-you neednt be pressed to answer right now."
(438) Peter: " i just wnat you to think- i want a lot of things, but all i actualy need is something i *feel* like i have. plus..."
(438) Peter: "whats with all this talking? if we know we love each other, and at some point i-for example, since i dont wnat to tell you what to do- feel the need to hold you and kiss you, why should i bring up all sorts of weirdness?"
(448) Loretta: "Because...i don't know. But you can't seem to just let me be me. It's like you have to rationalize every little thing--and maybe that's a good quality. But i can't live like that. I already have enough people questioning everything i do. Hell, i have enough of me questioning everything i do. And i'm tired of explaining every little thing to you."
(438) Peter: "i dont want you to explain anything. i want you to just hear me *do* realise my questions are rhetoric this time, right? anyway, though i'd like you to take your time and think about it, you seem to have made up your mind on wether to give up on our love or not."
(438) Peter: "you can still do anything-keep it secret, say it right now, anything."
(448) Loretta: "Peter. I'm just tired of the mind games." *walks away*
(438) Peter: "i dont play mind games. i just wnated to ask you to come back to my palce. but i guess thats alright."
(448) Loretta: *goes outside and keeps walking*
(438) Peter: *goes to his home*
(440) Allison: *Waits for an hour to hang out with relatives and then nudges Trent gently* "You know... it's been about an hour... And I don't think anyone is paying attention to us currently..."
(438) Peter: *actualy decides to go back in; checks with Erik a bit, maybe its time he got more control of his life*
(438) Peter: *tries to introduce himself to his relatives like he had thought at the wedding*
(448) Trent: *takes his cue and sneaks out with her!*
(440) Eric: *Is dancing with one of his own cousins in a friendly dance they just made up, out of sheer desperation and not wanting to be the only one who hasn't danced*
(440) Eric: *Looks at Peter* "Wanna cut in?"
(438) Peter: *nods to him, showing him allison's friend they talked about previously so erik can go there*
(438) Peter: "Arent you the tease? any name i can remember you by?" *to cousin*
(440) Eric: *Actually does head that way at first, but stops halfway and instead eats some more wedding cake*
(448) Loretta: *takes a few minutes to breathe, then remembers she told Eric she'd dance with him some, maybe let him cop a feel, and besides has to help clean up the reception hall, so swallows her pride and goes back in*
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Re: Wedding, Take 2. Thursday, November 20

PostPosted by verdilak » Fri Apr 09, 2010 6:34 pm

Peter, one of the women still at the party grabs you by the tie and drags you off to a secluded area, which just so happens to be the confessional box.
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Re: Wedding, Take 2. Thursday, November 20

PostPosted by hippie_mama » Sat Apr 10, 2010 8:50 am

Loretta: *sees Eric munching cake, so walks over to him* "That's gonna go straight to your hips..."
Eric: "If you want some, just say so" *Hands her a second fork*
Loretta: "Ugh, no, i don't think my stomach can handle it right now. I do recall owing you a dance though."
Eric: "Oh right, lemme just..." *Stuffs the remainder of the cake into his mouth in one go* "mmbready"
Loretta: "Hawt..."
Eric: *Shrugs and tries to give a return comment* "mmbrr you mmbrrrblat!"
Loretta: *shakes her head and gets him out onto the floor* "Swallow and try again..."
Eric: *Swallows hugely* "I was saying, you were the one that said I should bulk up"
Loretta: *pats his stomach* "I didn't mean like that." *then puts his hands on her hips and starts dancing* "You want me to grab your butt?"
Eric: *Smirks while dancing along with her* "Well if you can't restrain yourself I'd certainly understand"
Loretta: *laughs and gives him a good grope* "I hear you drive a mean getaway."
Eric: *Nods and briefly pretends to be lighting up a cigarette* "That all depends skirt.... who wants ta kno??"
Loretta: *smirks and holds him closer in a hug* "You did good."
Eric: *Frowns, but hugs her back, realzing it's true, weddings really do strange things to girls*
Loretta: *then kisses his cheek, smiles, and continues dancing as normal*
Loretta: [1d10+4] => [10,4] = (14) Perception
GM: Loretta, you can't help but notice that Peter, who had been flirting with women all day long, is now being dragged to the confessional by one of Allison and Eric's cousins, whom you called to invite, and is looking very determined.
Loretta: "Egh. You have some slutty cousins, Eric."
Eric: *Shrugs* "It's just a shame they didn't any of their slutty friends..."
Eric: "Wanna ask if this DJ knows any proper songs?"
Loretta: "Sure...this gathering is pretty...subdued..."
Eric: "You get the guy to play some proper songs, while I try my luck at the bar"
Loretta: "Alright, fine..." *goes to do that*
Eric: *Tries to get two beers from whoever is at the bar*
GM: Eric, you get laughed at and are handed two Cokes for your efforts.
Loretta: *finds the DJ* "Excuse me, hi, i'm the bridesmaid; could you play something a little this century?"
Eric: *Looks for one of his uncles to try and get him two beers instead*
GM: DJ: *looks up* "Well... how about some pirate rock?" *and points at the pirates, well, a good 30 of them, who have chosen this exact moment to enter/crash the after-party!
Loretta: *eyes go wide* "That would be...appropriate..."
GM: After the pirates enter, the three hunters and the one guy's wife shows up behind them, shouting "We tried to stopthem!" but the pirate metal that is being blared by the DJ masks their yelling considerably.
GM: Eric, your uncle agrees to get you one beer, "And only one, just because its a wedding."
Loretta: *goes over to the hunters* "It's ok; i think Allison and Trent left anyway."
GM: With the change in music and the rowdy pirates, the partys becomes quite a bit more interesting, though some of the older relatives are choosing this moment to get away.
Eric: *Shrugs and decides it's better then nothing, putting the cokes away to take the beer back to Loretta, and noticing the commotion* "I know the party is kinda dull... but I didn't realize we were letting the circus in now..."
GM: Dean shrugs, "More cake for me then!"
Loretta: *yells* "Just don't break anything! This is all rented!"
Samuel: *strides in through the doorway, stopping to survey the crowd*
Eric: *Studies the pirates briefly before turning to Loretta* "Only managed to get 1 beer, so we'll have to split it"
Loretta: "Oh, thanks ok, thanks for trying! You can have it."
Samuel: *looks for Loretta* [1d10+14] => [3,14] = (17)
Loretta: *that's ok
Eric: *Shrugs* "What's the fun in that? So are we still dancing or what?"
Loretta: "If you want.
Samuel: *strides towards Loretta and upon reaching her, scoops her up from behind majesticly* "We are done with our work now. Now it is time for play." *silky, smooth voice*
Eric: "Figures..."
Loretta: *lets him, and giggles* "Eric, this is Samuel."
Samuel: "Ahh, your friend, he is lonely? Bored?" *snaps his fingers at one of the female pirates who are near and after catching her eye, points at Eric*
Eric: "Eek, that's quite alright.. "
Samuel: "Good to meet you Eric, I would shake your hand as is your custom, but i am afraid they are... full."
Eric: "Yeah, we'll just give eachother the old ARRR, and call ourselves greeted"
Eric: *Gives Samuel of a salute* "Arrrrr!"
Loretta: "Eric, that's just silly..."
Samuel: *laughs* "I like you Eric, if you do not have any other responsibilities, how would you like to join me and my men as a pirate?"
Loretta: "Oh, i think his sister would be quite displeased by that."
Eric: "That's tempting, But I'm looking for something with a slightly better healthcare plan.... Besides, i'm not sure my education would come to it's fullest sweeping your decks"
Eric: "But hey, if you need someone to set you up a website, i'm your man, and my prices are quite reasonable!"
Eric: *Considers wether is already taken*
Samuel: "I do not know this ... website... but if it is the same sort of magic that i have seen, then we shall talk later." *turns to look at Loretta, and looks at your lips* "Those lips of yours looks increadibly... tasty.." *and kisses her deeply*
Loretta: *doesn't resist his suave manly pirate charms!*
Eric: *Coughs loudly* "Hey Loretta, You wouldn't happen to remember wether or not Allison invited any Colleagues do you?.... You know the kind i'm talking about"
Loretta: "Mmm...oh. Um...possibly?" *pushes Samuel's face away and implies through body language he should put her down now*
Samuel: *sets her down gently* "So, do we play here or elsewhere? And I may have a surprise for you later."
Loretta: "Depends what you mean by 'play.' There's still some cake."
Samuel: "Pastries? I shall have to investigate this.."
Eric: *Can't help but smirk at Loretta*
Loretta: "What?"
Eric: "A pirate, really?"
Samuel: *heads over to the food tables, taking portions of everything and trying a bite of eatch*
Loretta: "Well he's not pirating currently..."
Eric: "Didn't realize you were missing that badly!"
Eric: missing me*
Loretta: "Oh yes...i can definitely see the similarity..."
Eric: "I was more thinking of how desperate you are.... Going for all looks and on substance! But eh... Seriously.... I won't volunteer any information.... But I think we both know if Allison interrogates me, i'll crack like a walnut"
Loretta: "Yeah, you will, which is exactly why you better not say anything that even hints at it."
Eric: "Hey I already said I wouldn't, don't get snippy at me! So... Any info on that pirate booty?"
Loretta: "The what?"
Eric: "You know, the loot, the gold and jewels!"
Loretta: *shrugs, pretending it wasn't mentioned*
Eric: "Guess I'll ask him when he returns.."
Loretta: *watches him* "I think it might be awhile."
Eric: "So... You're not like.... Gonna go with him and be a pirate right?"
Loretta: "And...he just found the bar. Definitely going to be awhile."
Loretta: "What? Of course not. There aren't a lot of vamps out on the ocean."
Eric: "Just checking... It'd be dull without you..."
Loretta: *smiles* "Damn right it would be! You'd be forced to hang out with Peter all the time."
Loretta: "Assuming he doesn't stay away long..."
Eric: "I'm sure he'll be back soon, after he's had enough cake and beer"
Loretta: "I meant Peter."
Eric: "He's not a pirate..."
Eric: "Is he?"
Loretta: "No, he said he was leaving though! Stay with me here.
Eric: "Oh, well you gotta keep me up to date here.... How would I know? Nobody tells me nothing!"
Loretta: "Sorry." *sighs* "And if she DOES get it out of you, i'm not dating the pirate or anything. So you can tell her that if it comes up."
Eric: "Oh yeah you totally convinced me with that scene earlier, it was like your tongue was the last.... something a pirate really likes..... oh rum, the last drop of rum, damm, shoulda said that"
Loretta: "Hmph."
Loretta: "Well it's none of your business anyway, i just didn't want you misinforming her when you squeal."
Eric: "It is so my bussiness!"
Loretta: "Oh yeah? Name one reason why."
Eric: "We dated, that means anyone you ever date ever again is my bussiness, and I'll hate all of them regardless, I'm just hiding it really well this time, because he looks like he might cut me if I say the wrong thing!"
Loretta: "Eric. We dated for like a day."
Eric: "Don't be in denial now!"
Loretta: "He doesn't cry in the middle!" *said a little too loudly during a lull in the music*
Eric: "Hey! That was because you broke my rib! And I'll thank you to keep that quiet, I'm not ruining your chances with captain crunch over there"
Pirate: *shouts out * "AYE!"
Loretta: "Sorry. Just. Seriously. I've had a bad day. Don't give me trouble about it right now, ok? It's not like i expect approval or anything."
Eric: "Oh.. Well I wasn't being serious, if yer happy with captain pirate, i'm happy for you, and I do care, not cause I hate all your boyfriends, I already know none will match up to me, but cause I love you, not like boyfriend - girlfriend love... You know... just... Like you're my best friend."
Loretta: *looks surprised* "Really? Or are you just saying that so that when you tell on me, i might be less likely to crush you?"
Eric: *Shrugs* "A little of both?.. Of course I mean it.. "
Loretta: *smiles and hugs him again, a bit too tightly* "Where are you staying tonight?"
Eric: "I dunno, I actually thinking of staying at a hotel, Just because.... You know... I just don't wanna come home and find my sisters underwear on the couch..." *shudders*
Loretta: *laughs* "I can help you break into Trent's place; save you some cash, and he won't care."
Eric: "Yeah but i've seen that place, it's a dump..."
Loretta: *shrugs* "It's clean at least. I've slept worse places, and it didn't kill me."
Eric: *Smirks* "Yes I remember, sometimes I think I still got sand in my underwear..."
Eric: "Anyway, aren't you gonna be busy with captain jack daniels over there?"
Loretta: *shrugs* "I dunno; it was mentioned vaguely."
Eric: "Well if you want I can get us a room with two beds, and you know i'm always a gentleman"
Samuel: *comes back with a plastic cup filled with a strange-colored liquid and looks to Eric* "You do not wish for Margeret? She is clean, I assure you. I would not do that to a friend of Loretta."
Eric: "Yeah I'm still gonna try for a girl that doesn't have a moustache bigger then mine...."
Loretta: "Just get one bed Eric; you could still get lucky tonight." *winks playfully*
Eric: "So tell me Samuel... I just gotta ask..."
Eric: "What's with the parrots??"
Samuel: "Parrots?"
Loretta: "Pop culture reference."
Loretta: "Eric...honestly..."
Eric: "Yeah! Don't you people walk around with a parrot on your shoulder at all times? That's what hollywood teaches us anyway..."
Samuel: *raises an eyebrow at her, still not getting what 'pop culture' even means*
Loretta: "It's something in movies a lot."
Samuel: "Would you carry around a beast that could repeat your secret dealings at any time and who shits on you? I would only eat one after a week of no wind."
Eric: "See this is why you need a website, to debunk all these stories, let people know the 'real' pirates"
Loretta: "I don't think people need to know too much..."
Eric: "Why? People know pirates exist... we'll just downplay the part where they used to be fish people..."
Loretta: "I guess that's ok..."
Eric: "Hey samuel you ever been to bermuda?"
Eric: "We'll say you were lost in the bermuda triangle.... internet people eat that shit up..."
Loretta: *sighs*
Samuel: "We have pillaged and burned ships in every ocean." *looks to Loretta, a hungry look on his face, seeing how she responds to know if he can abduct her now or not*
Eric: *Looks to Loretta and sighs* "Alright you kids go play then..."
Eric: "Who wants to make internet millions anyway right.... At least youre happy.."
Loretta: *laughs* "Have fun Eric; the day's still young!"
Eric: "Yeah... " *waits for them to leave earshot* "But everyone's related to me or hairier then I am...."
Samuel: *sweeps Loretta off of her feet and kisses her as they leave the party*
Loretta: "You know he's right; we shouldn't do that in public places..."
Samuel: "Then it is time to show you a surprise I think."
Samuel: *though, does not put her down*
Loretta: *laughs* "Well can i walk please? I'd rather not feel kidnapped."
Samuel: *sets her down* "Sorry, it is my natural inclination."
Loretta: *sighs* "We're going to have to get you over that!"
Loretta: *takes his hand* "Try that."
Samuel: "I would much rather that we be off our feet than on."
Loretta: "Hmph! Let me see this surprise first, then i might consider it."
Eric: *Drinks the beer by himself afterall, and then dances around a bit with cousins, before going to his favorite hotel and sending a txt message to Allison so she knows where he is*
Samuel: *takes her hand and leads her through town to a set of apartments near the ocean, grinning as he looks at them* "These are our first purchase. And the surprise is inside."
Loretta: "You guys bought a building?"
Samuel: "A place for all my men to stay when we are in our home port."
Loretta: "Home port? Wouldn't that be somewhere in...i dunno...Spain?"
Samuel: "Did you think we would buy a ship first? Ship buying takes time to get the perfect one."
Loretta: "I did think you'd buy a ship first, actually. And without documentation, this had to be very complicated. And shady..." *looks up at the building, uncertainly*
Samuel: "For now, this city will do well. It is a rather... magical place."
Samuel: *looks shocked* "We used the green paper that we got in return for gold. What is your time's fascination with paper? It tears, it burns, it is ruined when wet.." *shakes his head as he leads Loretta up to the top floor*
Loretta: "Eh...well..." *really doesn't have any explanation for that, so follows*
Samuel: "Now gold, gold you can test with your teeth. People used all manner of things to test our paper."
Loretta: "Yes, they do that..."
Samuel: *stops in the hallway of the top floor and smiles at her* "I noticed that you are rather troubled with milk marms and mother hens. Do you like it?"
Loretta: "Do i like what?"
Samuel: "Do like being treated as though you were but a child instead of a woman?"
Loretta: "Of course not..."
Samuel: "Then good. Any of these rooms on this floor are yours. All of them if you wish. Of course, this floor is mine as well..." *again with the hungry grin*
Loretta: *frowns* "You're not seriously giving me an apartment."
Samuel: "Come or go as you please, take your pick. If you wish two or three, we will take out some walls." *looks at her like it is perfectly reasonable*
Loretta: *crosses her arms and looks at him distrustfully* "What do you want?"
Samuel: *is taken aback* "I want nothing. Except, perhaps, to continue to show you my... appreciation for as long as you wish."
Loretta: *shakes her head* "Sorry, that makes me sound a bit more like a whore than i would like."
Samuel: *throws up his hands* "Oh, no, I did not mean to insinuate that. If you do not want, it is no trouble. I thought you might want a place of your own after what I had seen, but if i am wrong," *shrug* "It matters not."
Loretta: "I do,'s complicated."
Samuel: *shrugs* "Then do not worry. The rooms are available when you should wish, or never. The entire floor is mine and I can not use them all. It was just a grand gesture, I am not well versed in the modern world."
Loretta: "It's ok, i appreciate the thought. And it's a really nice place. feels kind don't even know."
Samuel: *tries to read her, though his lips are covered in glitter that he does not notice*
Loretta: *does notice, and giggles while he's looking so serious*
Samuel: *tries to look at his lips* "My lips... they taste.. odd.."
Loretta: "Yeah, that's what you get for kissing teenage girls."
Samuel: "Girls? I see no girls here, just a woman." *and leans in for another kiss*
Loretta: *puts her hand up to stop him* "Even i look ridiculous with that stuff on my face."
Samuel: *takes off his shirt and wipes roughly at his lips before handing it to her*
Loretta: "Don't these rooms have...bathrooms? With running water?"
Samuel: "Ah, yes, they all do. And there is water that is heated! My men and i have yet to find the source for such a thing."
Loretta: "Well, probably a little closet in each apartment. Want me to show you?"
Samuel: "We have looked for all manner of fires and heated stones..."
Samuel: "In the closet? The man who sold me this building assured me that they were in no danger of fires." *looks a bit bloodthirsty*
Loretta: "No, it', open one up. I'll explain."
Samuel: "They are not locked..." *as he opens one for her*
Loretta: "Oh. Well you might want to lock them. For insurance purposes, at least." *walks in and starts looking for where the hot water heater is stashed, either in closet in the kitchen, under the stairs, etc.*
Loretta: "Ok, here." *opens it* "That's the hot water heater. Water comes in those pipes," *points to ones coming out of the wall, into the unit* "fills the container up, and then there's...well, i don't know how it works exactly, but either a little gas fire or an electric heating coil built into it--a very small, controlled, and focused fire that does just one job. And then those pipes," *points to the others* "go under the floorboards, and into the bathrooms, and the sink, and everything else."
Samuel: *is simply amazed* "So, it is not magic?"
Loretta: "Not even a little."
Loretta: "hardly anyone uses magic. I don't know anyone that does."
Samuel: *Seems more sure of himself with that statement* "It is a world where a man, or woman, can control their own destiny. I am glad that you were able to convince me." *pulls Loretta close to him* "Let's clean this ... stuff?... off of our faces before we become sparkled in other places."
Loretta: "It's glitter. And only strippers wear it other places!"
Samuel: "Then if you do not wish for me to make you stripper.." *leads the way to the bathroom, intending to ask about strippers later*
Samuel: *cleans himself off with warm water and vigorous rubbing with his shirt*
Loretta: *washes her face* "Didn't you buy towels or anything?"
Samuel: "Towels? No, but I will send one of my men out for some tomorrow."
Samuel: "I have some blankets in one of the rooms that I have been using to sleep on, you can use one of those if you wish."
Loretta: *looks around, noting how completely empty the place is* "You know, a few months ago, this would have looked like a palace to me. But i've been spoiled lately. We could go buy you a few things and make it more comfortable?"
Samuel: "If that is what you want, I suppose these rooms looks less full than others I have seen. But imagine, this entire floor has more room than the ship had."
Loretta: "Well, i mean, i don't think it needs to be fancy. Just, toilet paper and soap and towels would be nice. You've got indoor plumbing, may as well use it in its full glory."
Samuel: 'Toilet paper? That thing in the bathroom must be paid for it's use?"
Loretta: *laughs loudly* " It's to clean your ass with."
Loretta: "Different...paper..."
Samuel: "I... see..." *raises an eyebrow as he muses this over*
Samuel: *thinks that paper would be rather rough to use* "Are there toilet... cloths? Ones which can be wet?"
Loretta: "Sure. Just be careful what you flush; it has to be paper-based, or it'll get stuck, and you'll have angry tenants downstairs."
Samuel: "I do not think my men would mutiny on me due to this... Shopping now, or... later?"
Loretta: "Now. I've got some distracting things on my mind, obviously. I think i'll only be useful to you for practical things right now. Like buying toilet paper."
Loretta: *honestly, not obviously
Samuel: "Then... it shall be time for practical things. Perhaps I can cause you even more distractions so that later fun can be had." *winks at her and leads her back to the hallway*
Loretta: *finds it refreshing that he didn't automatically react as though he was being rejected!*
Samuel: *lets Loretta lead him around to the different stores, and soaks up as much information as possible about the modern world*
Loretta: "Mind if i ask Eric to meet us for dinner? He's probably bored."
Samuel: "Invite whom you wish. "And please, pick out any place to eat except for the place that cooks a bastardized facismile of my native country."
Loretta: "Eh...Mexican?"
Samuel: *snaps his finger* "Yes! That was what i was referring to. All bland and no flavor. i would rather hard tac to that."
Loretta: *picks up her phone and calls Eric*
Samuel: "So, where is he usually found so that we may ask him?"
Eric: *Turns the volume on the TV down before picking up his phone* "Y'hello"
Loretta: "Hey! You find something to do yet?"
Samuel: "Yes, we have found something to do already."
Eric: "Just watching some bad horror movie on syfy... i"
Loretta: "You want to meet us for dinner?"
Samuel: "Did you not already ask me to have dinner with you?"
Eric: "I guess I could put on pants again.... Where?"
Loretta: *snaps her fingers and shushes Samuel since she's on the phone!*
Samuel: *is taken aback, b ut stays silent... for now*
Loretta: "Samuel says he doesn't like Mexican. But i think anything else is ok."
Eric: "Italian?"
Samuel: *raises his hands to the sky in a bewildered fashion, wondering to the heavens why she is talking to him in the third person*
Loretta: *looks at Samuel now* "How do you feel about Italian?"
Samuel: *has no freaking idea what the hell is going on, and so does not answer*
Samuel: *after all, she snapped her fingers at him to be quiet*
Loretta: "Hello...Samuel! I'm talking to you now. Do you like Italian food?"
Samuel: "You are full of spit and crazy." *says that like it's a compliment*
Loretta: *turns her attention back to the phone* "Yeah, i guess that's ok; he's acting kind of weird now."{
Samuel: *points at himself in bewilderment* "I am the one speaking in tongues?"
Loretta: "So which one?"
Eric: "Probably cause you're talking to a little black box, where should i pick you up?"
Loretta: *looks at Samuel again* "Ooooooh. Yeah. I guess i better explain that one. Ok. Well we're at that little strip mall close to the beach."
Eric: "Alright.."
Samuel: "I did not lose myself that quickly woman!"
Eric: *Closes his phone and starts putting on pants, get the room key, and head down to his car to drive there*
Loretta: *snaps the phone shut* "I was talking to Eric."
Samuel: "He is not here?!"
Loretta: *waves the phone in front of his face a bit* "No silly, through the 'magic box.' I thought you said you've seen these before."
Samuel: "I thought you said that people did not use magic? I seen them, but I believed them to be some sort of medical device for the crazy that seems to infect the people of this time."
Loretta: *laughs* "No, no. It's a cell phone. Each one is assigned a number, and when you put in the number of someone else's, it sends...well, a little bit of energy to a special tower, which then sends it up into the sky, to a satellite. Then it comes back down and lands in the other person's phone, and you can talk to them. You can send words or pictures too sometimes."
Samuel: "So... magic. I see."
Loretta: "No, not magic. Just science that can't be seen."
Samuel: "How does it make energy that can not be... what is energy?"
Samuel: "And do those boxes then have little people inside them instead of magic pictures that move?"
Loretta: "It' don't know! I didn't go to high school!"
Loretta: "No, no people. Just little bits of metal and plastic and stuff. It's really complicated."
Samuel: "Sounds like magic to me."
Loretta: "Ask Eric when he gets here, he's smarter than me."
Samuel: "Plas-tic? What is that?"
Loretta: "Oil and chemicals."
Samuel: "And just when I thought I was understanding this place..."
Loretta: "Do you read English?"
Samuel: "No, do you?"
Loretta: "Yes. We can go to the library, and find books about whatever you want to know about. I'll read them to you until you learn. I don't think the sounds the letters make are very different though, and you're pretty smart, so it probably won't take long."
Samuel: "I like this plan of yours."
Eric: *Hops out of his car and leans against it, waiting*
Loretta: "There he is. See? Told you i talked to him..."
Eric: *Decides to half climb into his car and put on his self made CD of Final Fantasy game songs*
Samuel: *looks around [1d10+14] => [1,14] = (15) and notices Eric* "There is your... friend? Brother? He does not look like you, but the woman acted as though she were your mother... though I suppose that he could be from a different coupling than that man who was there."
Loretta: " Eric is the brother of Allison, who was the bride your captain wanted."
Loretta: "Allison's just my friend."
Samuel: "And the other man, who was acting protective of you at the beach? A boyfriend?"
Loretta: "That's...complicated. He's a friend too. Mostly."
Samuel: "or a husband?"
Eric: *Climbs out of the car and seems pleased with his music now playing*
Loretta: "No, Trent's her husband. He's the werewolf Allison married."
Samuel: "No, i thought that perhaps he was your husband.. Ah, I will want to meet this trent. I am curious about how he tamed the beast inside of him."
Loretta: "My husband!? Why would i have a husband!?"
Samuel: "You are a woman, most women are married.." *shrugs*
Loretta: "Not so much. I couldn't get married if i wanted to for another three years. I can't even buy cigarettes."
Loretta: *gets to Eric's car*
Eric: *Looks up* "Oh hey, Thought you were gonna take forever, some of us are hungry you know"
Samuel: "That is insanity. Are you sure those boxes that talk do not cause crazy?"
Loretta: "Sheesh, sorry."
Loretta: "Hey, i don't make the rules, i just have to live with them. That's why you don't get to have your way with me in public."
Eric: "Oh good, seems I got to hear this conversation just in time!"
Samuel: "But public is the best place to have you!"
Eric: "Maybe I shoulda taken my chances with the married couple..."
Loretta: "Shush Eric, just drive."
Loretta: *gets into the car*
Eric: "Look, Samuel my friend... It's like this... You know sherrifs right?... or something like that?"
Samuel: *looks at the metal beast warily*
Eric: *Hops in too while talking*
Eric: "Law enforcement?.."
Samuel: *kicks it, waiting for it to roar to life and attack him*
Loretta: *leans over to open Samuel's door*
Loretta: "Sit."
Eric: "Hey! Don't damage my paintjob!"
Samuel: "I have seen these beasts, but I have not allowed one to swallow me yet."
Loretta: "It's not alive, Samuel."
Eric: "It's not an animal, it's just a horseless coach"
Samuel: "Oh, see, that I understand, There was a witch i knew that had one of these." *sits gingerly*
Eric: "Anyway, I was saying, you had your share of encounters with law enforcement I dare say?"
Samuel: "Of course, she plied me with her wiles and sent her hell hound on me when I would not marry her."
Eric: *Heads off to an italian restaurant*
Samuel: "Oh, those bloody pirates. We always had to give up a portion of our well-earned merchandise to those dogs."
Eric: "Yeah well that's the thing... They're still around, and there's a lot more then in your time... and they don't take bribes as easily anymore...."
Samuel: "No bribes? Then how does commerce continue?"
Eric: "Best of all, they know all about our technology, putting you in a considerable disadvantage..."
Eric: "They get paid by the goverment..."
Eric: "Every citizen gives a part of their earnings in the form of tax, which is used for public services, such as law enforcement.."
Samuel: "Then the bribes go to the government? I have been to a few settlements like that."
Eric: "They just call it tax, not bribes"
Samuel: "Sounds the same."
Eric: "Plenty of people call it thievery... But that's not important... this isn't a discussion about the merrits of tax... The point is that all these cops are well versed in this world, and they can use our modern technology to great effect, you could be in prison before you even know you did something wrong..."
Samuel: "And you are warning me about these cops? That is very kind."
Eric: "Well, you seem somewhat important to Loretta.."
Samuel: "Yes, well it is important to have fun in life. Remember that, for you should have taken up my offer."
Loretta: *shrugs slightly, not committing to either side of that one*
Eric: "Maybe.. on the other hand, this is an age where a single press of a button could destroy your ship and it's entire crew..."
Eric: "If you cross the people with the buttons..."
Samuel: *narrows his eyes and thinks about that* "These buttons, they unleash devestating magic, no?"
Eric: "Pretty much..."
Samuel: "Loretta, we can learn about these buttons at the library?"
Loretta: 'Yes."
Eric: "There are even weapons so horrible, they can devastate cities larger then any you'll have seen, and leave no survivors, while making the ground poisonous for many years to come... And they're all controlled by governments... that's why there's few pirates left, and people tend to obey the law.."
Loretta: *nods to this as well*
Samuel: *sits there, quietly, thinking about this*
Eric: "Anyway... One of these laws is called statutory rape, which says that for an adult like yourself, to engage in sexual activities with someone the age of Loretta, is no different then rape"
Samuel: "oh, it has not been forced."
Loretta: "They don't care. And neither do the other people we live with."
Samuel: "But she is, you are a woman. Many your age would already be married by now, with a child or more on your knee."
Eric: "in your age, not ours"
Loretta: "Yeah, and i'm expected to save the world too, but no one really cares about that. Our society is pretty fucked up like that."
Eric: "I'm just giving you fair warning..."
Samuel: "You are warning me about someone in specific..." *cocks his head* "Who?"
Eric: "There is also a law that says ignorance of the law is no excuse, you are responsible for your actions."
Eric: *Shrugs* "My sister cares a great deal about Loretta and she's very protective of everyone she cares about, she's also part of the law enforcement..."
Loretta: "Well, it's almost a mute point really, in our particular case; no one could know what was going on unless i reported it, and no one can report on my behalf except my legal guardian--and he doesn't even know where i am. would take someone actually catching us doing something inappropriate."
Samuel: "I see... the woman, Allison you said? Our dalliance must be under the cover of darkness, so to speak... I understand."
Loretta: "Yeah, see how it's really pretty simple? No different that what you're used to really, what with angry fathers and husbands lurking about. But instead of that, there's an age factor now."
Eric: "Now let's talk about something else..."
Loretta: "And what's really messed up is i could sleep with Eric or Trent all i want to, because they're not much older than me, but you or Peter are totally off-limits. Silly."
Samuel: "But you do not?"
Loretta: "Eww, of course not."
Loretta: "Trent's like my brother, and Eric--well, let's just say that's not a great idea either."
Samuel: "I see."
Eric: *mutters incoherently* "I hope your pirate friend has money.."
Loretta: "I don't sleep with just anyone, by the way. Let's just make that clear right now."
Samuel: "oh, you do not have any?" *pulls out a handful of gold coins and cash* "I have gold and the green money."
Eric: "Oh, I'll take some of the coins"
Samuel: "Yes, and in exchange, you shall teach me about these magic talking boxes."
Eric: "Alright.... That sounds fair..."
Loretta: "No it doesn't! I already told him about them."
Eric: "You know how the sea has waves?"
Samuel: *drops 6 of them in his hand* (value around 2k for straight gold, more if sold to collectors)
Eric: "Clearly not properly or he wouldn't have needed me!"
Samuel: "Not now, now is time for play. Where is this place that has food from Italy?"
Samuel: "I wish for him to teach me how to fix them."
Eric: "We're almost there" *Keeps going a bit further and then parks*
Eric: "Oh... That'll take a while..."
Eric: "Anyway, we're here..." *Stuffs his new gold coins into his pocket*
Loretta: *out of the car, and realizes she's been walking around in a bridesmaid's dress all day*
Eric: *Get's out too, also still in his tux*
Samuel: *climbs out through the window*
Eric: *Shrugs, deciding there's nothing for it and keeps going anyway* "How come I always end up as the third wheel anyway.."
Loretta: "I don't look at it that way..."
Loretta: "I just thought you'd want dinner, since we're not going home tonight."
Loretta: "It's not like i asked you along on a date."
Eric: "mmhmm, and I am hungry"
Loretta: "What, i didn't!"
Eric: "mmhmm, remember when Allison and Trent took us out on that dinner that wasn't a date either?..."
Loretta: "That's different. They're like...grown-ups or something."
Eric: *Smirks, and shrugs* "Don't matter, I was just complaining, and If you haven't gotten used to me complaining yet, you haven't been paying attention" *Holds his arm out to Loretta* "Shall we Milady? I wasn't kidding about being hungry"
Samuel: *listens and watches the interaction between the two, noting tha they do indeed acti like siblings*
Loretta: *laughs and takes Eric's arm* "Yeah, well, maybe i haven't been paying attention...but at least i'm honest about it!"
Eric: "It's understandable, you were too busy staring at my hot bod!"
Eric: *Takes her inside to find someone to give them a table* "Do you have a table for 3 avaible?"
Loretta: "Mmmm yes..." *with complete and unabashed sarcasm*
GM: A waitress leads you three to a table, obviously a bit shocked at how the three of you are dresses
Loretta: *sits next to Samuel when they're given a table, but keeps talking to Eric* "So how's your cousin..."
Eric: "Which one?"
Loretta: "You know which one. Did she see much of what happened, you think?"
Eric: "Oohh right, from what I heard she thought she was just being kidnapped by a freak with a mask, diodn't listen to the entire story but that's what it sounded like..... Kinda funny though isn't it... how people just warp what they saw..."
Samuel: *is about to... but stops, remembering the talk on the legal specification, does not do what he was planning to to Loretta*
Loretta: "Well, it's good in a way. She doesn't remember the furry guy with her cousin? Because he did wolf-out, didn't he?"
Eric: "Think she'd passed out by then..."
Loretta: "That was lucky. I mean, not really, but you know what i mean..."
Loretta: "They would have thought she was crazy at best.:
Eric: "Yeah..."
Eric: "Though it's hard to believe nobody saw your pirate friends work for what it was..."
Eric: "Whole town of people... Guess that's how it goes.."
Loretta: "What do you mean? Samuel and his men didn't do it. It was the others."
Samuel: "Like I told Loretta, this town is rather magical."
Loretta: "We know; we've seen our share of weird here."
Eric: "He was still shacked up with them for 300 years wasn't he?... Sounds to me like that makes you pirate friends...." *Smirks* "If not more.."
Loretta: *narrows her eyes at Eric* "Yeah, well, explain why roughly half of them stayed on the ship then?"
Loretta: "They're not all bad guys."
Samuel: "The men who stayed behind were my men, they would rather have taken slurs from the others and not participate."
Loretta: "See?"
Eric: "Stand guard over the ship? I dunno, that book we read made it sound like his crew was kinda one of the meaner ones out there... Besides, I haven't been mean to him, just saying it as it is. He doesn't seem to mind."
Samuel: "It waas wrong to force women to stay in the place we were sent to until they died."
Samuel: *grins* "The book said that?"
Loretta: "The books say a lot of things. How was it really though?"
Loretta: "Were you human again when you were in the dimensional pocket? Did you treat the women well once they were there?"
Samuel: "The only time we could feel anything was when we were monsters... otherwise it was rather boring, on an island filled with food and women that sated neither hunger. Oh yes, when we got back, we changed back to human, and well... some of the men became rather cruel towards the women and others due to their frustration and lack of feeling or tasting."
Eric: "Sounds pretty maddening... What about before that whole curse thing started?"
Samuel: "I rescued them from the others, kept them safe from harm, but I do not know if it was a mercy, saving the women from a quick death to endure a slow one."
Samuel: "Before the curse? We were normal. We took what we wanted, when we wanted, with no remorse. Then the damn Cap had to screw over a witch.."
GM: Waitress comes by to get your orders
Samuel: *orders a few bottles of wine and half the menu for the table* "This is alright? I am curious to see how it all tastes."
Loretta: *still isn't very hungry, with it having been such an odd day, is about to order pasta, but....*
Loretta: "I'm...sure we can figure out a way to split some of that..."
Eric: "eh... I'll just have this pizza and a coke..."
Loretta: *shrugs to the waitress*
Samuel: "Do not worry, i will pay."
Eric: "So tell me more about what it was like before the curse... Sounds like the stories of pirates from legends.... You just... sailed all the seas, attacked other ships, killed the people onboard and took their cargo?.."
Samuel: "We did not kill if they surrendered, but we did the rest."
Samuel: "Once our infamy was known, we rarely had to fight, which is why the Cap went after Panama.." *shakes his head*
Loretta: "As in the country?"
Samuel: "Yes."
Eric: *nods slowly* "Well the value of a human life has gone up a whole lot since then.. Any kind of murder is considered a horrific crime... We even have people saying it's cruel to kill cows and eat them, because it's mean to the cows.."
Loretta: "Yeah, definitely no murder."
Samuel: "But... monsters are okay?"
Loretta: "Well...yeah. If no one sees it."
Eric: "If it's considered self defence.... Or in the defence of others..."
Loretta: "I mean, it's not preferable, but we have to do it most of the time."
Loretta: "And we get a lot of monsters here.:
Samuel: "But you kill vampires, do you try not to?"
Loretta: "Oh hell no, those aren't people. That's like...desecration of corpses or something. Which is bad too, but not nearly as much."
Eric: *Scowls, having absolutely no love for the creatures that killed his parents* "No, because they're evil..."
Samuel: "Do not worry, murder was not acceptable in my time either."
Eric: "And frankly.... You might want to consider a new career, is there anything else you're good at?..."
Loretta: "Yeah, piracy is something that's generally enforced by the military--and they're less forgiving than our cops."
Samuel: "oh, i am very good at talking to people. I did think about going the more legal route in scams at one time.."
Eric: "Because pirating would end pretty badly I'm afraid.... See, we have this thing called the U.S. navy.... and they kind have cannons that are unlike any you've seen.... and they'll finish you off in a single shot.. Seems like a waste to have spend 300 years in limbo only to get yourself blown up a few weeks after being back..."
Eric: "Guess you could be a lawyer.... Or just an actor..."
Samuel: "Well, I will learn from Loretta what the world has to offer at this library, and we shall see what happens."
Eric: *Grins* "That'll be interesting"
Loretta: *gives Eric a look!*
Eric: "Well, I just didn't see you as a teacher.... You're not 'the' most patient person you know..."
Loretta: "I teach every day!"
Samuel: "She has already been very helpful to me."
Eric: "Alright forget I said anything.."
Loretta: "I teach little nerds like you how to kick bully ass!"
Samuel: "That I could do, or some of my men. What age do you give them knives?"
Loretta: "Usually 12ish."
Eric: *Smirks* "Yeah.. Can't imagine why i miss so many lessons, when i'm given such lovely titles.."
Eric: "Ussually never! We don't fight with knives anymore... It's also illegal.."
Samuel: "Good, some of my men are frightened of children... afraid they might be their's." *as a way of explaination*
Loretta: "Well, ok, in the class it's rubber knives, but the technique is there."
Eric: "And she can still bruise with em if she doesn't like you..."
Loretta: "Hey, there's one thing your men will find easier in our culture: contraception! Put a condom on it, and no worries."
Loretta: "Well, ok, fewer worries."
Samuel: "Really?! Now that will be useful to have."
Loretta: *nods sagely*
GM: the waitress bring out a large tray and starts loading the table down with different dishes of food
Samuel: "Ahh, good." *starts sampling the dishes near him*
Loretta: *chooses a plate at random and starts eating from it too*
Eric: *Pulls his own pizza towards him to eat it eagerly*
Loretta: "So do you think you and your men will try and assimilate into society, or go back out onto the sea and hope to stay under the radar?"
Loretta: "You could even try moving cargo the honest way. Or commercial fishing."
Samuel: "We will see what the men want in a few days, after we learn more. But the men are very good at taking orders."
Loretta: "Seems reasonable."
Eric: *nods, while busy eating*
Loretta: *looks at Samuel* "So what do you think of the food here?"
Samuel: *nods* "It is very good, full of flavor." *moans as he eats*
Loretta: "Well that answers that question..."
Loretta: *reaches over with her fork to try whatever he's eating currently*
Eric: *Seems quite content with his own pizza and ignoring the moaning of another man*
Loretta: "Eric, when do you think it'll be safe to go home?"
Eric: "I dunno... How long do couples eh... do stuff... on a honeymoon?"
Loretta: "Knowing them? Could be weeks..."
Samuel: "Few weeks." *he mumbles around food and drinks some of the wine, handing the cup to Loretta to try*
Loretta: *smiles and drinks*
Loretta: "But Allison will probably expect us back in a day or two."
Eric: "Why?"
Loretta: "Just wondering how long i should keep scarce is all; maybe she said something to you."
Eric: "Not really... Think they were more worried about actually managing to get married..."
Loretta: "Well yeah...maybe they'll decide to go somewhere fun if things stay quiet."
Loretta: "I wish i'd thought to pack some clothes...oh well."
Eric: "Where are you going to stay?"
Eric: "Trent's house?"
Loretta: "Maybe."
Samuel: "While we are purchasing paper for the toilet and towels, we can aquire some clothing. Are there any tailors in town? Seamstressess? Or a cloth merchant? I have a fair hand at sewing myself."
Loretta: "I'll bet you do! But usually we just buy clothes that are already made. It's lots cheaper that way."
Eric: "And quicker.."
Samuel: "This is good to hear. Needles give me blisters."
Samuel: *keeps eating, offering plates to both Loretta and Eric to try*
Eric: *Sticks to his own pizza and coke, but does seem curious about the wine*
Samuel: *notes Eric's interest and offers him some* "Sorry there, I did not mean to leave you out."
Loretta: *goes ahead and drinks quite a lot, since there's no one here to give her disapproving looks*
Samuel: *has no problem with being intoxicated and keeps the wine flowing*
Eric: *Actually only has a glass or two of wine and drinks it very slowly with sips, more enjoying the idea of it then the actual wine*
Loretta: *when everyone seems finished eating, asks the waitress for some boxes*
Samuel: "Boxes? What are boxes for?"
Loretta: "For taking the food home."
Loretta: "Do you have a fridge in your room, Eric?"
Eric: "Yeah, though not a real big one"
Samuel: "Oh, I thought the scraps were fed to the boys in the back."
Samuel: "And the women who brought the food out."
Loretta: *hands Eric one of the boxes* "At least take enough for breakfast."
Loretta: "No, people would think that was weird. There's no food-sharing among strangers."
Eric: *Peers inside and nods* "Alright... Sounds fair"
Samuel: "They would rather let it go to waste?" *is one of the strangest things he has heard so far*
Loretta: *leaves $10 on the table* "We give them money instead."
Loretta: "And it won't be wasted. You have a refrigerator. It will be good for a couple of days."
Samuel: "They do not get get beaten by the cooks for taking money?"
Samuel: "No wonder why she did not try to entice me or Eric."
Eric: "People don't beat eachother anymore... well... not generally.."
Loretta: "No, they don't get paid much, so the tips suppliment their income. It's totally normal, and helps provide incentive to be friendly to the customers."
Eric: "So eh... Now what?..."
Loretta: "Well, we could do more shopping." *stands up, but decides it was rather fast once there, as her head swims a bit*
Eric: "Should I drop you off at Trent's house?.. And eh... Whatever pier your friend is docked at.."
Eric: "I don't think you should be doing much of anything... Except sleep, you had a lot of wine..."
Loretta: *blinks a second, having never actually drank such vast quantities that she got anywhere near drunk before--in fact, she wasn't sure she could*
Samuel: *stands up easily and helps to hold onto Loretta*
Loretta: "Just take us to his place please? They bought that one apartment building."
Eric: *Considers for a long moment* "Yeah.. Alright I guess.."
Samuel: "Yes, it is on the beach."
Loretta: "Thanks Eric. You can call it 'Trent's place' if that makes you feel better." *giggles some*
Eric: "Why don't you carry these boxes so I can help Loretta into the car, you seem to have trouble with cardoors"
Samuel: *shrugs* "If you wish."
Samuel: *brings along the boxes after handing Loretta off to Eric, still unsure of if he is taking the food away from those who rely on it, but brings it*
Eric: *Puts his arm around Loretta to help her to the car and whisper to her* "Are you sure you don't want to go home or to the hotel or something, and take a nap? You can always go back to his place in the morning.."
Loretta: *puts her arms around Eric* "You're my best friend. I love youuuuu. You care so much. But he has lots of rooms. Won't bother me any if i sleep."
Eric: "Good.. Then maybe he won't mind if I stay over too... Just to make sure he doesn't set the house on fire by accident or something trying to work the stove..."
Loretta: *giggles louder than she should* "He could do that..."
Eric: *Helps her carefully into the backseat of the car to lay down, and then closes the door behind her and opens the passengers door for Samuel*
Loretta: *falls asleep almost immediately*
Samuel: *nods at Eric* "Thank you, just like a coachman."
Eric: "I hope you don't mind but she invited me along, said you had plenty of sleeping places, all this stuff is new to you, and you might need someone to explain it... And she's too sleepy.."
Samuel: *shrugs* "I do not mind, there are many different apartments."
Eric: *Nods and heads towards where Samuel's place was indicated*
Eric: "Alright, to open the door, you just pull on that handle there... see it?"
Samuel: "I prefer this way," *climbs out the window*
Eric: *Shrugs* "It's your groin... You'll learn soon enough when it goes abd.."
Eric: bad*
Eric: *Get's out too and helps Loretta out of the car gently, supporting her and locking his car again*
Loretta: *wakes up enough to walk*
Samuel: *easily climbs out after 3 hundred years of sailing* "You take the boxes, I will carry her." *and sweeps Loretta up*
Loretta: "I can--whoa..."
Eric: *Takes the boxes along but keeps a close eye on samuel*
Loretta: "What did i say about carrying me everywhere?"
Samuel: "This is not public, I own this building."
Loretta: "Argh."
Eric: *Heads over to put the boxes into the fridge quickly, and then heading back imediatly to see what samuel is up to*
Samuel: *walks up the flights of stairs to the top floor and takes Loretta into the largest apartment, the only one with a bed, and sets her down, kissing her neck* "I may be from a different centrury, but I wise up quickly."
Eric: "That's good.." *waits near the door patiently*
Samuel: *turns around* "I did not expect company. Is incest still frowned upon?"
Eric: "No, but there won't be any sex to be had anyway.. "
Eric: "If you two wanna date, that's fine with me.... But not when she's half asleep..."
Loretta: *was going to say something, but the bed is really comfy, so she rolls over and decides to stay there for a minute*
Samuel: *grins and walks to the door* "Do not worry about it, I am a gentleman," *pushes Eric out and closes it*
Eric: "I do worry about it... And I will end your whole little adventure right here If i have to.... Is that worth it?... You can do whatever you two want to do tomorrow just as much..."
Loretta: *grumbles and gets up, deciding all she needs is a glass of water and a shower to wake up*
Samuel: *locks the door and lets Eric talk all he wishes from behind it*
Samuel: *grabs a pillow and a blanket, and lays down on the floor as is his usual, the softness of the bed still to soft for him*
Eric: *Dials 911 and presses dial without consideration*
Loretta: *goes over to the door and opens it* "I'm awake, ok? Remember? Slayer powers."
GM: Operator: "9-1-1, what is your emergency."
Loretta: "You did not..."
Eric: "Some guy took my school friend to the beachhouse,(I'm guessing I can give a general direction lol) and won't let me in to see her even though she's drunk, i'm worried" *Throws the phone away as far as he can* "I warned him."
GM: Operator: "Sir... Sir... we need more information. Sir... are you there... Sir?"
Loretta: "You. Are. So. Dead." *gives him a look like she means it*
Eric: "I've had yoou break my ribs for less"
Loretta: *just looks hurt*
Eric: "I was perfectly willing to give him a chance... But not like this, not where I have to trust a pirate I barely know less then a day"
Loretta: "It's not your job to trust him! It's mine!"
Eric: "Because he feels a need to lock you up in a room with himself while you're drunk, that is NOT normal behavior Loretta, I gave him every oportunity"
Samuel: *lays there, on the floor, laughing lightly to himself as he listens*
Loretta: *sighs* "I'm not drunk, Eric. I'm a tiny bit tipsy. And that was my idea, not his. I was curious if it would even work. I guess it was a bad time to try, but i was with people i trusted, so it seemed ok."
Eric: "NO, it's IS my job to look after you, because I care about you, a lot of people do""
Eric: "The problem is, that you don't care that we care I guess"
GM: Operator: *hangs up*
Loretta: "That's not true. I'm glad you care. I just don't *need* you to!"
Eric: "So you want me to care only when it suits you?"
Eric: "Is that how you care about us? When it suits you?"
Eric: "I'm going home, If you're smart you tell your pirate boyfriend to get out of here..."
Loretta: *crosses her arms and thinks about it*
Eric: *Heads off, stopping briefly to pick up his phone*
Eric: "I wish you'd come with me... Because you'll always be welcome there..."
Eric: "And.... if you come with me... I won't call them again..."
Loretta: "How about you be my friend and just don't call them again?"
Eric: "Sometimes it's more important I look out for someone I love.... Even if it makes them dislike me..."
Loretta: "I thought you were different from the rest of them. I thought you actually trusted my judgement."

[Eric] I did try lorrie, real hard, but in the mean time ive grown SO scared for you im willing to risk you hating me, and it means nothing to you that im this scared.
[Loretta] "Why are you scared? Scared of what?"
[Eric] "scared for you! Terrified of leaving you with a guy who slams the door in my face when i try to make sure you're alright and locks it."
[Loretta] "Scared for me. Here? We're talking now aren't we? He's NOT a bad guy. He locked the door because we were going to go to sleep--he was on the floor."
[Loretta] "Think about it. What kind of person could take advantage of me if they wanted to? No human, that's for sure. And he's only human."
[Eric] "how would i know loretta! He didn't tell me, he doesnt care for me, and if you think its alright then neither do you."
[Loretta] "I don't understand what's not right. Why are you so upset?"
[Loretta] "I'm not hurt. I'm not being abused or subjugated. I'm not even drunk anymore! You completely killed my buzz, so be proud of that one."
[Eric] "Thats nice, very nice Loretta, my family has given you so much, we all love you so much, and what does Loretta care about? Her buzz and being a Pirate wench. That really hurt, im trying to help, it hurts that I can't but it hurts far worse you care more about being drunk.
[Loretta] "That's not what i said, and you're missing my point. Why don't you just go, and we'll talk about this later. Or call Allison and stage a full-on intervention in the middle of her honeymoon. Whichever."
[Eric] yeah why don't i go. So long long Lorrie." *gives her a very final horrified look, but stays strong and goes on home*
[Loretta] *slams the door, very hard*
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Re: Wedding, Take 2. Thursday, November 20

PostPosted by hippie_mama » Sat Apr 10, 2010 8:57 am

[Samuel] *is there, behind her, waiting for whatever she needs* "That did not go so well love."
[Loretta] "No, it didn't. And you know the best part? That's maybe only 1/4 of the bullshit drama i've had to deal with today. THAT was the person that actually seemed to understand me."
[Samuel] "Do weddings always mess people up like this? I am glad I have sworn off them."
[Loretta] "I think the fact that there was a wedding today was mere coincidence."
[Samuel] "But, what do you want? Sleep? Me? I could have one of my men scare that Eric into being nice to you again."
[Loretta] "I think i just need to go. And $50?" *asks hopefully, thinking she could get a bus ticket*
[Samuel] *nods at the bed* "One last toss in the sheet?" *a bit hopefully, but knows when a woman has made up her mind*
[Loretta] "I'm so sad right now, i don't think it would be a good way to remember me."
[Samuel] *holds out his arms and takes her up in them, hugging her tightly and kissing the top of her head* "I shall miss you."
[Loretta] *hugs back* "This was really bad timing, you know? We had so much fun. But my life sucks, and i can't stay here. Maybe the wind will blow us in the same direction again sometime."
[Samuel] "The wind has a habit of doing that at times. There will always be room for you on any berth of mine." *picks up a bag of gold coins and a backpack with cash* "Here, take these."
[Loretta] "No thanks, i'd just lose them anyway."
[Samuel] *sighs* "It is part of what is owed you, I would have brought it up sooner or later, but, I dislike mixing business with pleasure."
[Loretta] "Well i don't want it. I don't help people so they'll owe me. And i didn't help you because i was worried about your souls or anything--i did it to protect Allison."
[Samuel] "It's actually part of our charter 23."
[Samuel] "When we were human, we were blown off course into the coast of Africa and half our men were sucked dry. One of your kind saved the rest of us and to keep her from killing us for what we do, apparently her family was shipped to South America as slave by pirates, we agreed to give her and any other Slayer we meet a percentage of our wealth... and rank higher than Captain.' *cocks his head* "If you stayed, you would have me and my men at your command.. at least, for as long as were were in port."
[Samuel] "But please, if you are to leave, take the bags. If you lose them, so be it. It was meant to be."
[Loretta] "Why doesn't anyone ever listen to me!? I said i don't want it!"
[Samuel] *drops the bags, hands help up in front of him* "I am sorry... I will just give you a fifty..." *looks embarrassed* "but I dont know which a fifty is."
[Loretta] *sighs heavily and begins to leave, but stops at the door* "You know, as of today, you're the only guy that's never hurt me. And i've only known you a day and a half. Doubt that means much to you, but it's at least funny in a way."
[Samuel] "The world is a harsh place, maybe one day I would come to hurt you as well. Perhaps by leaving you can prevent it from ever happening... but what if I never did?" *looks at her, unsure of what to say* "I do not know if you want me to let you go, convince you to stay, or make you hate me as well so this is easier on you... I will not do the last."
[Loretta] *laughs, but with tears now* "Maybe by refusing to, you did it anyway! Yeah, wow, that's really fucked up. Sorry we couldn't have had more fun first. But bye..."
[Samuel] *chuckles to himself* "I've never been good at real goodbyes."
[Loretta] *decides one last, long kiss won't hurt*
[Samuel] *puts as much passion as he can into this kiss*
[Loretta] "I can leave just as easily in the morning."
[Samuel] "I had hoped you would say that.." *picks Loretta up lustily and closes the door*
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Re: Wedding, Take 2. Thursday, November 20

PostPosted by Solar_Dawn » Sat Apr 10, 2010 10:27 am

[Eric] Eric heads to his car and then heads home, parking it in the garage and glad to be home, even finding his sisters wedding dress on the living room couch doesn't disturb him like he thought it would, instead it just feels like he aged a thousand years in a single day, so he heads over to his own room and lays silently and motionlessly on top of his blankets to stare at the ceiling, and waits for unconsciousness to sink in at some point.
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