Allison's Big Day (Wednesday, November 19)

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Allison's Big Day (Wednesday, November 19)

PostPosted by hippie_mama » Sun Mar 07, 2010 12:54 am

[Trent] *wakes early for his own safety, showers, shaves, has his morning smoke, and heads to the kitchen to start breakfast*
[Peter] *wakes up; yawns a bit and does a quick routine to get himself ready and goes to make breakfast* "... uh; great minds think alike..." *seems half-asleep, but also a bit worried maybe*
[Trent] "Yeah...big day and all."
[Peter] "hey, at least we were lucky till morning..."
[Trent] "Yeah; everyone's still here."
[Peter] *nods* "yeah, i dont smell anyone weird." *keeps making breakfast* "how did you sleep? "
[Trent] "As well as can be expected, i guess." *helps with some other breakfast-making task that doesn't require crowding each other in the kitchen*
[Peter] "so... we have contacted our fellow hunters to be here today?"
[Trent] "Yeah, they should be arriving soon and patrolling the beach well before the ceremony."
[Peter] *thinks* "wow. our very own Recon Patrol; hopefuly we'll end up being a whole Platoon in time."
[Trent] *smiles a bit at that, while getting a tray ready to take upstairs to Allison*
[Peter] *seems surprised, cause himself he also has a tray ready to take upstairs... seems both feel equaly scared of the uninvited people's wrath; takes his to Loretta*
[Trent] *thinks that's a little odd, but says nothing, being sure to leave out a plate for Eric, whenever he decides to get up*
[Peter] *Peter's plate is initialy in kitchen too, strangely; goes to Loretta's guestroom with her breakfast; knocks*
[Loretta] *grumbles slightly before glancing at the clock and deciding that whoever it is, she better get up in case it's urgent; opens the door in her pajamas*
[Peter] "um... hi?" *smiles*
[Loretta] *gives him a suspicious look*
[Peter] "we were lucky; nice morning." *winks* "brought ya breakfast to eat ...i didnt bring mine cause i wasnt sure about, erm, girly stuff..."
[Loretta] *raises an eyebrow, taking the food* "Girly stuff?"
[Peter] "well, its in effect a girl's it wrong that i dont wanna get in uninvited?" *pauses* "and no, i'm no vampire..."
[Loretta] *rolls her eyes and sits on the bed* "Go get your food; it seems like a quiet kind of morning."
[Peter] *goes to bring his food; returns, thinking he forgot to do his morning workout routine but maybe he's switching it for a new form of "extreme sport" right now* "so... good morning; hope you slept well..."
[Loretta] *shrugs, chewing* "Not as good as i'll sleep when this day is over."
[Peter] *laughs* "you know this could have so many different , though correct, meanings right? i guess it is true its gonna be a long day though..." *keeps eating* "myself i feel strangely calm today; like i feel many things falling into place."
[Loretta] *nods* "Comes a point when you've done all you can in it's just time to stay alert and wait for it."
[Peter] "i saw Trent too; he made breakfast with me. must feel weird to eat breakfast by my hands. sorry, i hadnt thought of that... anyways he seemed OK too."
[Loretta] "Weird how?"
[Peter] "well, first time and all; maybe allison's was too good so i would suck in comparison and you wouldnt like it."
[Loretta] *smirks* "It's hardly the first time you've made me breakfast." *realizing a moment too late how that might sound*
[Peter] "...realy?" *surprised a bit; forces himself not to chuckle * "guess so... i shouldnt be surprised and all. so, uh, i dont smell alcohol today right?"
[Loretta] "I guess not?"
[Peter] "hey, i want to look good for the wedding; what would everyone say if the best man looked like a scum?"
[Loretta] "Probably that he must be from the groom's side!" *laughs*
[Peter] *laughs, but scowls!* "mean... i guess it was humorous though. so, at least Trent will have family with him this way." *winks*
[Loretta] *seriously* "I do get the impression he feels that way."
[Peter] "you kidding? he's my brother-technicaly i mean. or, metaphorically or whatever."
[Loretta] *shrugs* "Don't ask me about guy stuff."
[Trent] *enters Allison's room quietly with a tray full of food*
[Allison] *Has taken up the entirety of blankets by now*
[Trent] *sits on the bed lightly* "Allison..."
[Allison] *Makes an annoyed swatting motion towards him, then suddenly sits up with a jolt* "My wedding! What time is it??"
[Trent] *smiles* "It's still early."
[Allison] *grabs the alarm clock to look at it suspiciously* "I thought i set it at 5:30..."
[Trent] "Eh...why so early?"
[Allison] "Well.... I dunno... I have to do things... I just... I can't remember them right now.... oh, breakfast!"
[Trent] "Relax; it's just us for now anyway. The hunters should be here and on patrol before lunch."
[Allison] *Takes some toast off a plate and takes a bite, then kisses his cheek*
[Trent] "You and Loretta have fun last night?"
[Allison] "Yeah... it was alright... What about you?..."
[Peter] "so... i guess you played Truth or Dare yesterday?"
[Trent] *shrugs* "Just remind me to never bet money against your brother."
[Loretta] *smirks* "Sure, right after the naked pillow fight."
[Peter] "huh?..."
[Loretta] *eye roll* "Men..."
[Allison] "oh?... That doesn't sound too bad...." *takes another small bite from the toast but doesn't seem too hungry*
[Peter] "come.on!" *laughs* "you knew i would react like i guess we should be getting ready in a couple of hours. so you get in bridesmaid dress or whatever."
[Trent] "We were home by midnight, as promised." *hopes Eric isn't hungover*
[Allison] "I should go shower soon... Am I very late, has everyone else already showered?"
[Loretta] "Eh...not really sure. I think Allison was saving her dress for the reception, but i don't know if she wanted me to wear mine or not. I don't have anything else really fancy, so maybe...guess i need to ask."
[Trent] "I'm not sure; i didn't ask. But if not, i think the water heater can take it."
[Allison] *Smirks and nods* "It was one of the reasons I wanted this house, plenty of hot water"
[Trent] *gathers the dishes and leans down to kiss Allison on the forehead* "I'll be sure the troops are in order."
[Allison] *Nods and get's up to collect a large fluffy towel and head towards the shower*
[Peter] " you shoukld get some more fancy stuff though. not too many, as the way you dress is *practical*... just, dressing fancy suits you."
[Loretta] "How would you know?"
[Trent] *knocks on Loretta's door*
[Peter] *winks* "the club?"
[Peter] "come in."
[Loretta] "I wouldn't call that 'fancy'..."
[Peter] *getting plates*
[Eric] *snores loudly and drools on his pillow*
[Trent] *cracks the door, as if unsure* "I think Allison wants us ready to go soonish--i don't know what she could possibly need to leave early for, but i'm not going to argue with her."
[Peter] *laughs* "we said come in, Trent; " *pauses* "well, true i guess. we should get ready."
[Loretta] "Yeah, ok--hey, are we supposed to be all dressed up? Or is that just for tomorrow?"
[Trent] "Uh..." *hadn't occurred to him* "I guess i'm not sure... I'll go ask her." *returns to Allison's room with plates still in his hands, and goes to her bathroom* "Darling...uh...what is everyone supposed to wear?"
[Peter] *is now in the kitchen*
[Allison] *Let's out a squeek* "oh... it's you... i thought a fish person had snuck into my bathroom... or peter.... anyway.. I thnk it's best people take along their wedding clothes and put them on there.... so they don't get all wrinkled in the cars.."
[Loretta] *takes her turn in the main bathroom*
[Trent] "Alright, i'll go tell everyone; there was some minor confusion."
[Allison] *Nods* "Alright, I'll be out in a bit" *Returns to showering*
[Trent] *knocks on the other bathroom door, having noticed that's where Loretta is now* "Allison says go ahead and wear the dress."
[Loretta] *mouth full, presumably with toothpaste* "wuhkay."
[Trent] *moving on to Eric's room, arms still full of plates, knocks* "Eric, rise and shine."
[Eric] *groans loudly and puts the pillows over his head*
[Trent] "You're not hungover, are you?"
[Eric] "No... there's just a frenchman living in my head... go away..."
[Trent] "Alright, but i suspect Allison will be ranting at you in about 30 minutes if you don't look like you're trying."
[Eric] "I'm not scared of her...." *Frowns* "......" *Get's up quickly*
[Trent] *finally gets the plates to the kitchen*
[Peter] "mission accomplished?"
[Trent] "It's getting there."
[Peter] "guess its us showering after the ladies. at least we'll be ready sooner, clothes-wise..."
[Trent] "I think it's down to just you and Eric." *pulls out his phone and calls hunters, confirming their current location (just a few minutes outside of town), head and weapons counts, and reviewing strategic locations*
[Allison] *Comes back down a while later in a beautiful simple green dress and carrying something on a hanger covered by black plastic making it impossible to determine the exact type of clothing on it and puts it down reverently*
[Peter] "shouldnt *i* be doing that? i was the one that marked these locations remember? this is *your* day, relax and enjoy it, nothing will go wrong."
[Trent] *gives her a glance and shrugs at Peter, obviously listening to someone on the other side*
[Peter] *watches allison and unknown cloth thingy!*
[Allison] *strokes the plastic smooth briefly and then looks around* "Don't touch that..." *walks over to get a glass of orange juice*
[Peter] *to Trent* "your woman is glowing today, isnt she?..."
[Trent] *grins briefly before wrapping up the conversation and putting the phone back in a pocket* "Doesn't she always?"
[Eric] *comes down trying to wrub his eyes raw and walks over to the counter to get a strong cup of black coffee and jolts slightly noticing he's next to his sister and backs away quickly* "I'm eh... gonna shower next alright?... Bad dream...."
[Peter] "we were going to shower first, but i'll manage anyway... so he can take my place."
[Allison] *Gives Eric a long and suspicious look, but eventually walks over to the other table, the one containing all the weapons* "Gonna need to pack all of these up too...."
[Trent] *nods and finally takes the time to give Allison a long, appraising look* "I think you get more beautiful the longer i know you..."
[Peter] "i told ya; its you mate." *winks*
[Loretta] *does her best to be courteous and hurry in the bathroom, coming out in a towel and almost running over Eric* "You look like crap."
[Allison] *Smirks and runs a hand through her hair* "Well i'm only getting older.... But you're sweet for saying so"
[Eric] *stumbles upstairs and positions himself next to the shower, drinking the strong coffee*
[Trent] *puts his arms around her, unable to resist her charms!*
[Peter] "see Loretta? Trent and Allison are so in love that she actualy got that glow in her0 she's even more impressive than usual. i dunno, seems so happy i guess. good on you guys."
[Eric] *Finishes with the coffee and scowls after Loretta in a belated reaction* "Yeah well... bite me.." *Heads into the shower himself*
[Loretta] *shrugs and goes back to her room to get dressed*
[Allison] *Leans against trent and kisses his cheek* "That doesn't answer my quesiton of who's gonna pack all the weapons though..."
[Trent] *distractedly* "Details, details..."
[Peter] "so, go bathe, groom!" *laughs*
[Trent] "Hm? I already did. Can't you tell?" *sniffs self, suspiciously* "Yeah. Just gotta change now."
[Peter] "OK." *goes to bathroom then*
[Allison] *Looks Trent over carefully and picks at his hair*
[Trent] "What, i shaved?" *looks proud of himself*
[Allison] "I know... Just.... it keeps sticking up here... Come along..." *takes his hand and tugs him along to her own bathroom*
[Eric] *comes out of the shower looking like a drowned dog and yawning widely, heading to his own room*
[Trent] *whimpers a bit, like an abused puppy*
[Peter] *goes in after Eric leaves*
[Allison] *Fusses over Trent's hair and ends up using a bit of hairgel, trying to hide the fact it comes out of a pink bottle meant for girls*
[Peter] *finishes, then heads out in a towel and gets to his tux that he thoughtfuly brought along; so where could he put it on?* *goes to an empty bathroom and puts it on there*
[Trent] *resists initially, but realizes soon that resistance is futile; sneezes helplessly at the scent of the stuff*
[Allison] *Smirks and gives him a quick kiss* "See? You look perfectly handsome!"
[Trent] *wrinkles his nose to hold back another sneeze*
[Peter] *does his hair and stuff, then gets out after a long while* "so, where's everybod..."
[Allison] *Tugs trent along into the living room again* "Where's your tux honey?"
[Eric] *Comes downstairs also having used hairgel on his hair and put on his tuxedo, probably having marginal more experience in it then the others*
[Trent] "Um...oh, bedroom."
[Loretta] *comes downstairs with her hair done and her dress on, but holding her shoes in one hand, only to trip on the hem of her skirt halfway down, righting herself at the bottom by virtue of her Slayer reflexes!* "Sonofa--"
[Peter] "wow. you get ready fast dud-" *sees Loretta* "ouch-are you okay?" *helps her up*
[Loretta] "Ugh, yeah, fine." *adjusts dress, narrowly avoiding embarrassing wardrobe malfunction*
[Peter] "if its any consolation, you *do* look great. "
[Loretta] "Uh...thanks."
[Allison] *Smiles and walks over to help her* "You do indeed"
[Peter] "unfortunately i cnat sya the same for me- i changed my hairstyle to suit formal thing, but i kinda look a little different; i dont like it."
[Eric] *Simply yawns, drinking more strong coffee*
[Trent] "Let's hope your coordination improves throughout the day, huh?" *smiling at Loretta*
[Peter] "she's fine anyway."
[Loretta] "Yeah, yeah." *fusses with hair for a moment* "So when are we going?" *notes Trent is the only one still not dressed*
[Peter] *glares at Trent*
[Trent] *noting the same* "Oh, uh...soon." *finally gets upstairs to remedy the situation*
[Allison] "Go get your tux and put it in the car honey.... Peter and Loretta can get the weapons into the cars.... oh and Loretta, you'll need to drive with me..."
[Loretta] "Ok..."
[Peter] "note per-the-plan, we should be ready to split if anything happens when we are at the wedding." *starts getting the weapons ready*
[Loretta] *nods and helps, finally putting her shoes on before taking things out to the cars*
[Trent] *retrieves tux as per Allison's instructions*
[Peter] "and guys?..." *pause* "all will be fine... you'll see."
[Eric] *Starts dumping some weapons into the back of his own car and then looks around* "So... Allison and Loretta in her car... Peter gonna come with me or trent?"
[Peter] "better with you dude. safety first."
[Trent] *nods in agreement*
[Peter] "plus, when we get out of the car, all chicks will be just dazed!" *giggles*
[Trent] *kisses Allison before getting into his truck and pulling out of the driveway*
[Allison] *Nods* "Alright... Do we have everything then?.."
[Peter] "yup... tho i havent met these Sam, Bob and Dean...guess i will later on."
[Loretta] "You'll know them when you see them..."
[Eric] "Come on.... hurry up" *Looks after Trent with interest*
[Allison] "No racing!"
[Peter] "or i'll make you gimme pushups in training till Robocop gets rusty!"
[Trent] *leads with a respectable pace, keeping safety in mind and wanting the cars to arrive as closely together as possible*
[Eric] "yeah... that'll happen..." *Heads after Trent*
[Allison] *Smirks at Loretta* "Sorry.... I just didn't want you to be in either of those cars wearing your dress.... You know how they are.... grease everywhere..."
[Peter] "come on Erik, i was joking."
[Loretta] "Oh yeah, i hadn't thought of that..."
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Re: Allison's Big Day (Wednesday, November 19)

PostPosted by verdilak » Fri Apr 02, 2010 10:23 pm

Peter: iirc, we were heading towards the church in 3 cars; Eric and Peter in one, Trent in his, and Allison and Loretta.
GM: what time?
hippie: (we also have our hunter friends in the immediate area patrolling the beaches and whatnot, if it that comes into play)
Peter: it was morning iirc, but cant remember time
Allison Murphy: ((early, think around 8AM, would be my guestimate))
GM: A heavy fog rolls into town as you guys are driving, so foggy, in fact, that unless you guys slow down to almost be touching each other's bumpers, you will lose and visual reference of them.
Peter: (( agrees))
GM: (and visual=any visual)
Peter: "Eric, try not to lose them dude; good chance that this deal will be starting soon..."
Trent: *does slow down to a ridiculous pace*
Loretta: *messes with the radio, griping about how there's never anything good on in the morning*
Allison Murphy: "I can't see more then a few feet in front of me..... Hope I don't hit anything"
Eric Murphy: "I am trying, But I can barely see anything!"
Loretta: "Well at least you won't hit anything very hard."
Allison Murphy: "Is that your way of telling me i'm driving too slowly?"
Peter: " i will try to help you." *tries to guide him with his superior eyesight*
Peter: *looks around, just in case he sees anything relay wrong*
Loretta: "No, Trent's probably driving like an old man anyway."
GM: Peter, you can see a few extra feet byond the others, 10ft while the rest have only 5ft of visual.
** Eric Murphy mumbles about backseat drivers **
Peter: "come on, Eric; things will be alright." *keeps doing the best he can*
** Eric Murphy keeps going on despite the fog, turning all the lights on that he can **
** Allison Murphy does the same **
Allison Murphy: "Get the funny feeling this fog isn't exactly natural?"
Loretta: "Well it would be appropriate."
Allison Murphy: "Don't remember fog being this thick... It's like soup..."
Peter: *sighs* "where are the other hunters?... damn, i had hoped they'd notify us... who knows what happened."
GM: (roll perceptions everyone (1d10+perception))
Loretta: (it's been so long, i have to look everything up, lol)
Eric Murphy: "I don't know, take your phone and call Loretta, she wasn't driving"
Loretta: [1d10+4] => [5,4] = (9)
Peter: [1d10+4] => [6,4] = (10)
Eric Murphy: ((Alertness too or just perception?))
GM: (yeah, sure)
GM: (err no, it's 1d10+perception+notice)
Eric Murphy: ((I mean... Notice*, alertness is another game lol))
Eric Murphy: [1d10+3+2] => [8,3,2] = (13)
Allison: [1d10+4+4] => [10,4,4] = (18)
Peter: ((ah OK... i assume no smell; if its smell/sight-based, add +3) [1d10+7] => [1,7] = (8)
Peter: (lol haha)
Loretta: 11 for loretta then
Allison: ((Trents still missing :P))
Trent: [1d10+7] => [9,7] = (16)
Peter: (ah i rolled 2 times; i thought we were rerolling the right result; use whatever you like verd))
Peter: (either 6+7=13, or 1+7=8, i'm open)
GM: Everyone, you all see shapes throughout the fog, Allison and Trent however notice that these shapes are the pirates in question as they are covered in coral or have heads in the shape of fish and so on.
Peter: "watch out; dont step on them Eric! dont stop though, unless necessary!"
GM: (as you guys are driving on the stretch of road nearest the beach)
Allison: *Stares transfixed at the fish people for a moment, part of her not having actually believed this would happen before shaking it off and speeding up slightly to zoom passed them*
GM: [1d100] => [85] = (85)
Peter: "dont lose her Eric! keep up man, we must stick together."
Eric: "Step on them??" *Tries to dodge any fishfolk with his car* "Just get your phone out already!"
Peter: *calls Loretta* "this is it."
GM: Allison, your vehicle clips one of them as they are loping past, causing the creature to glare at the car and dent the hood severely with it's ...hand?...giant crab claw?
Trent: *pulls over in an appropriate spot and gets out, thinking it best to just deal with this now; he grabs the ax from the seat next to him before closing the door* "We know why you're here. But it ain't happening."
Loretta: *doesn't say anything, just assesses the monsters as best she can through the fog*
Peter: "Loretta, remember the plan; we get the weapons from the car, and split in the two teams we said"
GM: The one with the claw stops and swivels to look at Trent. "Oh, do ye now, boy?"
Allison: "Ah crap! Good thing i'm marrying a mechanic, look at that gauge!"
GM: (peter is not in Loretta's car)
Peter: ((he called))
Peter: ((i said so))
GM: (ahh, I see it now)
Loretta: "Yeah...i remember. Allison, stop; i have to get out."
Peter: "eric stop." *gets out too, going to Trent's car fast to pick up weapon and meet them*
** Allison brings her car to a screeching halt next to Trent's **
Trent: *steps a bit closer* "I don't really care how you want to do this. Let's just get it done."
GM: The crab-ish guy shoulders Allison's car out of the way to stand firmly ahead of Trent. "Lets see what ye can do."
GM: (init Trent)
GM: [1d10+4] => [5,4] = (9)
Trent: [1d10+3] => [10,3] = (13)
** Eric stops his car a little bit away from the other two, to let Peter out **
Peter: *tries to get close to the two cars and grab some weapon fromt he oens they put in the trunk*
Peter: [1d12] => [7] = (7)
Peter: (lol wrong, misclick totaly)
Loretta: *gets out of the car and runs toward the beach, using the cars and fog for cover, hoping if she does get noticed, they'll think she's running away*
Allison: ((how badly was the car nudged, just pushed aside or did we go rolling upside down?))
Peter: *gets a sword quickly and then runs towards the beach where the ship hopefuly will be; hopes Loretta does the same*
GM: (Peter, you can jump into the combat during the second turn if you wish, as can anyone else, at the bottom fo the combat and with an Init we will see where you end up for the third round and following)
GM: (pushes aside, it needs some serious body work)
Peter: (errr, no they said some stuff on what they'd do; he'd head for the ship after he picks a weapon, loretta was intended to o the same as the other 3 would escape and buy them time to negotiate)
** Allison jumps out of her car, and heads to the trunk to open the trunk and grab her own bag of weapons, wasting a precious second checking on the package holding her wedding dress before shaking that impulse off too. **
Eric: *Tries to peer through the fog, to see if there's any fish people other then claw man, considering just running it over*
Trent: *is going for two quick swings with his big ax* [1d10] => [9] = (9)
GM: Eric, there are others, but none taking much intrest in what is going on right now... though if you run for it...
Trent: [9+3+5] => 17 and [9+3+3] => 15
GM: (roll damage)
Peter: (damage is fixed STRxweapon, + successes in atk i think)
Eric: ((Don't think it's rolled in this game lol))
GM: (yeah, you know what I mean)
Trent: 24 and 25
GM: The axe doesn't bite into this creature as you would have thought (only doing 9 and 10 damage, respectively) as it attempts to crush you with it's claw (attacking with an 18)
Loretta: *gets to the water and realizes she still has the phone in her hand* "See it yet?" *looks out over the water, through the fog* perception [1d10+4] => [9,4] = (13)
Eric: *keeps his car running and decides to just edge a little closer, in case Trent and Allison need an escape*
Loretta: [1d10+5+3] => [5,5,3] = (13)
Trent: err, me
Peter: *grabs the sword with one hand, phone with other, starts moving towards there and tries to see too* "i dont know..." (notice & perception, +3 to that might be applicable) [1d10+7] => [2,7] = (9)
GM: Trent, you take [(7*5)+2] => 37 damage from the giant crab claw.
Trent: -4 for armor value
Allison: "Noo!"
Trent: [50-33] => 17 life points left
GM: Peter, you don't see the ship, but you do hear what sounds like small wooden boats being lapped at by the water, while Loretta, you see the ship's crow's nest further out to sea (maybe 100ft away).
GM: [1d100] => [33] = (33)
Peter: *tries to smell the passengers* (rolling just in case thats remotely possible) [1d10+10] => [4,10] = (14)
Peter: (boats' passengers i meant)
GM: They smell like the ocean and rotting fish for the most part, which makes it a bit difficult, but from what you can tell, there is only one of them at the dingys.
Loretta: "Peter, it's out there," *points and moves closer to where he is*
Peter: *starts searching for Loretta before he proceeds* "got kinda disoriented by the smell. come here."
Trent: "That's it. Now i'm upset." *changes to wolfy Trent form!*
GM: The creature watches, curious. "Ah! So ye be one of da weddin' pareh, eh?"
Allison: ((I can act as very last in this round 2 I think if i understood correctly?))
GM: (yes you can, before Trent goes again)
Allison: ((Cool))
Trent: *a bit more growly* "That i am. So we gonna enter some kind of negotiations, or continue on this path?"
GM: "Oh, Aye tink tis path be needs some trimmin'." as he grins darkly at you, snapping his claw to make a point.
Loretta: *closes the phone and runs over to Peter*
Trent: "Hmph. That's what she said."
Peter: *smells for Loretta coming closer to him to meet with her* "so there you are. damn that fog..."
Peter: "and where are the rest of the hunters? our allies?"
GM: (allison, are you going to go)
Loretta: "Close i hope."
Allison: ((aahh, I thought he was gonna do more then threats lol))
Peter: "ok, i think theres a boat nearby; follow me." *goes towards the boat if she follows*
Loretta: "They knew where we would be, and that it was going down today; we have to trust they're doing their thing so we can do ours."
Allison: "Leave him alone!" *opens her bag and hesitating briefly between the two, decides to grab her gun*
Allison: ((I can take it with one action, then shoot as my second action with a -2?))
Captcha (enter): 19:14
Loretta: *follows Peter to a boat and gets into it*
GM: Turns to look at Allison, "Hidin' behind skirts doggeh? I should have...wait... you are.."
GM: (yup)
Allison: *Can't help but become slightly worried he seems to recognize her, but aims for the ugly head anyway and fires*
Allison: ((I'll spend my daily drama point to hopefully blow some of his face off))
Allison: [1d10+5+6-4-2+10] => [2,5,6,-4,-2,10] = (17)
Allison: ((Arrr, the dice they blow))
GM: Ducks, but the bullet does hit (damage with 1 success level)
Allison: [18*4] => 72
Allison: ((Assuming the brain shot maneuvre has any effect on him, it must have a brain!))
GM: (what is the x4 from?)
Allison: ((Brain shot, it's on angel page 121))
Allison: ((Kinda like decapitation, but with a ranged weapon))
Peter: ((me back; i see Loretta followed, but say if there were any fishpeople objecting to us taking their boat))
Loretta: (as i understand it, they're scattered around looking for Allison)
Allison: ((I 'think' I did it correctly))
GM: Bullet goes through his head, splattering Allison's car with his brain matter. However, everyone hears the gunshot and from the voices in the distance, there are other creatures coming to investigate.
Allison: "uh oh.."
Trent: "Eric, Allison, get in the car and don't stop driving."
Allison: *Runs up to Trent to inspect his wound* "If we're going, so are you!"
Eric: *Drives his car next to both of them* "Come onnn!"
Trent: "They just want you; they probably won't even bother with me if you're not here. But i can slow them down some."
Eric: "Or you can get yourself killed trying!"
GM: (there is only 1 creature at the boats, an eel looking guy, who sparks at regular intervals)
Loretta: "I sort of hoped the ship would be close enough to walk to. Heh."
Eric: "Besides, they might catch us anyway, and what then?? If you want me to be safe, then come along and make sure I am!"
Eric: ((oh wait lol))
GM: (Peter and Loretta, you will have get past this guy before you can take one)
Eric: ((the last two should have been allison, sorry))
Allison: ((like this))
Peter: "OK Lorrie, this is it; lets go for it." *readies the sword*
Trent: "We don't have time to argue."
Allison: "Exactly, so listen to me! you're already hurt!!"
Peter: *charges when she ready* ( say if/when to roll verd)
Trent: *growls and gets into the car, realizing she's right and it's really starting to hurt*
GM: (need inits)
Allison: *Jumps into the backseat with trent to inspect his injury more closely*
Eric: *Speeds away!*
GM: [1d10+6] => [7,6] = (13)
Peter: (init) [1d10+10] => [4,10] = (14)
Trent: with the fur it doesn't look quite as bad (74 life points -33 in this form)
Loretta: [1d10+12] => [10,12] = (22)
GM: (your go then Loretta)
Eric: ((Not sure if we had to roll initiative too, but just in case. Eric [1d10+3] => [1,3] = (4) Allison [1d10+5+5] => [10,5,5] = (20)))
GM: (nope, not yeet for you guys)
Allison: ((lol, i rolled both extremes!))
GM: (lol we'll save those for later)
Loretta: 2 kicks and a punch [1d10] => [3] = (3)
Allison: *Rips a strip off her shirt and tries to bandage the injury the best she can anyway* "Well... at least their immortality seems to have been slightly inaccurate"
GM: As you drive away, Trent, you notice the creature disolving into the road.
Loretta: [3+12] => 15 [3+10] => 13 and [3+10] => 13
GM: The creature dodges the attacks (17, 15, 13).
GM: (peter)
Trent: *growls a low growl at Allison, like a wounded animal*
Peter: lashes in, doing a feint as first action, then decapitating as second! [1d10] => [9] = (9)
Trent: "Eric, watch that there." *points, then winces at Allison's 'help'*
GM: (his Brains is a 12)
Peter: (feint is 5( +4(int)+9=18; gives total of successes(7?) to decapitation, which, without them, is 9-2+5(
Allison: *Pats his nose as he growls* "Stop that... I need to bandage it or it'll get infected"
Eric: "eh, was that good or bad??"
Trent: *huffs indignantly*
Peter: (so rolled 24 decapitation?)
Peter: (oh no, -5; 19)
Peter: sorry, decapitation is -5, so result is 19)
Peter: (sword modifier? x4?)
Peter: (IF it hits)
Trent: (damage you mean? chart says 4x strength)
Peter: (ok; 4x(4+1 for two-handed) + 7 for successes, 27; decapitation is x4, so if applicable, total damage is 108
GM: (his armor value is 6)
GM: ([21*4] => 84)
GM: The sword cuts deeply, but not cleanly.
Peter: "come on, show me what ya got."
GM: Peter, the eel creature throws two punches, his hands sparking with electricity. (17 and 15)
Peter: *tries to block first one* [1d10+11] => [6,11] = (17)
Eric: *Can't help but glance into his rearview mirror occasionally to stare at Wolf Trent before turning his attention back to the road*
Peter: (so blocks the other one too per rules? )
GM: (are you dodging twice?)
Peter: (well, per rules, what i've read is, if you stop the first one, the attackers' strikes are cancelled; if thats not the case then i dont know if i can block twice; if i can, i do)
Peter: (htats why i said the first one and not the second one thatw as easier; thought it'd cancel both)
GM: (I hav en't been doing that, there is a penalty to multiple attacks and defensive maneuvers)
Peter: (ah OK; well, my intention was to stop both. if i can with the result of 17(and -2=15) i do
Peter: i mean first is 17 and second is 15
GM: (yeah, you can block/parry both attacks)
GM: Loretta
GM: (yeah, you can dodge both attacks if you have a dex that is 7-8)
GM: (nm)
Loretta: *Punch, sweep kick to knock the thing down, then kick him while he's down! [1d10] => [8] = (8)
Loretta: [8+13] => 21 [8+10] => 18 [8+8] => 16
GM: (they all hit as a -6 to damage)
Peter: (errr verd i have 5 dex; not 7. and i used my bonus attack; does that mean i dont have a second block? if so , then second one hits)
GM: (i honestly have no fucking clue lol)
Peter: (cause 5 dex does give +action, but not as much as 7)
Peter: (its 5 +1, 7 +2 actions, and 9 +3)
Eric: ((This multible attacks thing is really confusing me lol))
Peter: (well, since the guy took 5 actons , 3 blocks and 2 atks and probably didnt have dex 9+, then dex 5 can battack twice and block exactky twice?)
GM: (I thought you can do as many attacks and defense as you want, but with just -2 to each, but I guess you can only do the number of attacks/defense as per your dex, with a bonus defense)
Loretta: Damage: 16, 7, 14
Peter: (yeah. its just that, if you block the first one, you auto-block the *same attacker*. you only need lots of dodges vs. many attackers.)
Peter: (hence the results are the same)
Peter: (like, 5 dex=+1 atk, and i did 2 attacks; and my block stopped his first atk, so no matter how many he had its stopped. same with loretta's attacks b4.)
GM: (shush, i get it now. If you have dex of 7-8, you only get 4 actions, one of which is set aside as a defensive action and one as an attack, the other two can be whichever but are -2 each)
Peter: (well, results are the same per rules actualy; so its ok?)
GM: (the baddie had 4 actions and used them all, 1 to dodge Loretta's three attacks (he dodged the first so the other two didnt count), tried to see past the feint, and the attacked twice)
GM: He takes the damage and is swept to the ground.
Loretta: (i really don't remember this being so complicated when we played before)
GM: (nor did I, but it really is damn complicated)
Loretta: "Which one is the Quartermaster?"
Peter: (i do hippie, its just till we get used to it again ; its the same way i remember. so, kk; same with me, i did feint & atak, and blocked his first. so we free to go on)
GM: (peter)
Peter: (loretta's damage? i didnt see...)
Loretta: (16, 7, and 14)
Peter: *strikes twice!* [1d10] => [8] = (8)
Peter: (totals: 18 and 16)
GM: He dodges the second attack.
GM: (with a 17)
Peter: first one does 4x(4+1) +6=26 damage, -6=20.
Peter: (-6 due to his armour)
GM: He's nearly down and out, but he does have enough to shoot electricity at each of you (17 to Peter, 15 to Loretta)
Peter: (thats acrobatics and not melle skill to dodge i guess; lucky its trained) [1d10+8] => [4,8] = (12)
Loretta: [1d10+13] => [7,13] = (20)
Loretta: "Ugh, answer me and live!"
GM: Peter, you take 53 damage. Loretta, you dodge it like it's nothing.
GM: "Live in pain, or die and come back all healed? Kill me, go ahead."
Peter: "aaargh!" *tries not to yell to loud, falls over* "damn. that thing hurts like hell..." (has 61 hp total; 8 left, +5 hp per turn)
Peter: *notices what he just said, but is too slow to comment due to pain*
Peter: ((does he keep on fighting or was it last action that he could do?)
GM: (now it's the next turn, loretta's actions)
Peter: ((ok, guess hp is 13 now then))
Loretta: "Mother. Fucker." Grapple, Break Neck, then get the fuck away so he hopefully can't attack her back [1d10] => [6] = (6)
Loretta: [6+15] => 21 [6+11] => 17 [6+9] => 15
GM: He is grappled, but resists the breaking of his neck [1d10+12] => [1,12] = (13)
GM: With a crack, the creature stops moving and starts to disolve.
Loretta: "I guess they get to regenerate; speaking of, are you gonna be ok?"
Peter: "awww, crap. quickly, lets get to a boat befor ehe comes back!" *jumps to a boat, inviting her on , wanting to worry about the pain afterwards*
Loretta: *pushes boat off the sand and jumps in, grabbing oars and gets to work moving them toward the ship*
Peter: "i think i'll be good as new in...well, half a minute or something."
Peter: (GM didnt say regen didnt work when i mentioned;i assume it does. sorry if i got wrong idea)
Loretta: *laughs* "Well you still know how to worry a girl."
Loretta: "I hope Trent's ok..."
GM: (Eric, wher are you driving to? And make a driving skill check)
Peter: *raises an eyebrow* "did i worry you in the past?" *remembers her mentioning him injured* "ah, you told me already...well, its glad to know people care." *winks, then smiles and guides the boat towards ship*
Eric: ((Anywhere really, going straight as much as possible to deal with the fog))
Eric: [1d10+3+1] => [10,3,1] = (14)
GM: You drive then... and there are still shapes out in the fog (how fast?)
GM: (loretta and Peter, athletics checks for the rowing?)
Peter: (we both have sports; whats the attribute used with?)
Eric: ((About... 25 mph I think, should be quicker then fish people..))
GM: (sports + str)
Loretta: [1d10+11] => [1,11] = (12)
Peter: [1d10+7] => [1,7] = (8)
Peter: (lol)
GM: The boat is moving, but rather wimpy-like. Really wimpy like. Like, a paddleboat might pass you guys by.
Loretta: "This is harder than it looks...are we maybe trying to row in different directions?"
Peter: "probably; lets check each other and coordinate."
GM: Lorettal, peter isnt even getting the paddles in the water.
Peter: (haha, y :P )
GM: (roll again, but with a -2)
Loretta: "Maybe we should swim..."
Loretta: [1d10+9] => [7,9] = (16)
Peter: [1d10+8-2] => [6,8,-2] = (12) "maybe if we try again..."
GM: Thats much better.
Peter: :sorry; got kinda affected by my wounds i guess. i'm nealry fine now though..."
Loretta: "Good timing; we're almost there."
GM: Eric, a giant snail is in the way of the car, it's actually heading straight for you!
GM: As it gets cloer, you can see that it has a human face! (Fear Checks!)
GM: (with a -1)
Trent: (Nerves of Steel; no roll needed?)
Eric: ((Fear check is double willpower i think?))
GM: (yeah)
Eric: Eric - [1d10+3+3-1] => [1,3,3,-1] = (6) Allison - [1d10+4+4+1-1] => [5,4,4,1,-1] = (13)
Eric: ((lol, don't let eric drive... ever))
GM: (thats a freak out)
Captcha: Disconnecting from server...
Captcha (exit): 20:38
Eric: *watches the obscene creature in horror* "Jezus christ!!!!" *Tries to throw the car into a full U-turn to get away from that thing*
GM: (that would be a drive check to keep from hitting it)
Eric: [1d10+3+1] => [10,3,1] = (14)
Peter: (change: 'always' let Eric drive ;) )
Trent: *groans as he's thrown hard against the side of the car*
GM: The snail keeps up with your 25 mph pace, but if you increase the speed, it will get lost back into the fog
Allison: *Yelps and clings to Trent* "Could you try not killing us all before they do??"
Eric: *Speeds up, crazy freaky thing!*
GM: [1d100] => [55] = (55)
GM: And just like your sister, as soon as you can not see it in your rearview anymore, you clip a monster that looks like it is covered in pinkish coral
Eric: "They're bloody everywhere!!!"
GM: Loretta and Peter, you make it to the ship, but the ship is still rather filled with these creatures...
Peter: *sighs* "i guess this is it, Lorrie; ope the Quartermaster's here..."
Trent: *sighs and lays his furry head on Allison's shoulder like a sad puppy* "Well yeah, they want to find your sister. I just hope none of them have learned to drive."
Loretta: *hikes up her skirt a bit to climb onto the ship*
Peter: *looks at her for a moment, wishes inside of him that all goes well, and decides to proceed with her*
Eric: "We need a tank or something!"
GM: [1d100] => [8] = (8)
Allison: *Strokes his furry head softly* "There must be somewhere we can go..."
GM: [1d100] => [70] = (70)
Peter: *is glad that she has no second thoughts about this; checks out if they are spotted *
Trent: "Yes, well i won't deny we were ill prepared for this. I didn't think they would be that tough, honestly..."
GM: Loretta, from above you, "Sounds like some of the boys are back already... wonder what tender morsels they brought us!" with a good amount of cheering and whooping."
GM: (perceptions Eric/Allison/Trent)
Peter: *waits till both get up, unless he sees they are attacked directly*
Allison: Eric: [1d10+3+2] => [5,3,2] = (10) Allison: [1d10+4+4] => [5,4,4] = (13)
Loretta: "Ain't nothing 'tender' about us. We want to talk to your Quartermaster."
Peter: *gets up too after her; some of them might notice his sword on his back is fish-bloodied*\
Trent: [1d10+10] => [9,10] = (19)
Peter: *doenst appear threatening unless directly attacked* "that is correct. where is he? we have to talk to him."
GM: Eric, you hear a female screaming in horror, Allison, it sounds like a member of your side of the family who showed up a day early for your wedding, Trent sees that the woman is wearing jogging clothes and is being carried by a guy with tentacles back towards the beach.
Trent: "Ugh, this is gonna hurt."
Allison: "Eric stop!!! They're just taking people now!"
Eric: *slams on the brake*
GM: "Quartermaster? If you be on the ship, you be here for our entertainment lassie!" and a good 15 creatures step up, leecherous grins on their faces.
Trent: *grunts again as he's thrown against the seat*
Peter: *pulls out sword* "or you will be my entertainment. now get us to your quartermaster."
Loretta: "We'll see about that. Quartermaster. Now. Or the Slayer gets feisty." Influence to Intimidate [1d10+10] => [5,10] = (15)
Allison: *grabs her gun automaticly and jumps out of the car as soon as it's stopped, and heads after the tentacled man*
GM: Some of them look around uneasily, but a few laugh, "Oh, we woundl'y want you to lay there like a fish, we get enough of that already."
GM: (wouldn't)
GM: (allison, you are going after the creature alone?)
Peter: "realy..." *smiles* "and to think that what we had to say would make you score more chicks..."
Trent: (eh, no) *gets out of the car too*
Allison: ((I think Trent might follow, but if need be, can't let someone else be carried off in her place))
GM: A large, bulky guy barrels through the crowd of them with the face of a great white shark, "I'm the Quartermaster, what do you want?" And with the number of teeth this guy has, Loretta, you can be damn sure that a sinmple girl won't intimidate him.
Trent: (he's going, sheesh!)
Eric: *Turns the car around to follow them again, thinking this can't be good*
GM: Allison, you get the first attack free since he doesnt know you are there.
Loretta: "We have a proposition. Can we speak in private?"
Peter: " i am sure you wont be afraid of us, and what we have to say might actualy be a nice proposal."
allison: ((Can I hit it without risking hitting his prisoner though?))
GM: The others start groaning and make catcalls for the Quartermaster to take them right there on deck, but he yells louder than them "Time for some fun! If you boys want some of your own, you are welcome to find it yourself!" and grabs Loretta, picking her up, throwing her over a shoulder, and heads back to his cabin.
GM: (there is a risk, with a -4 penalty)
Loretta: "Uf!" *doesn't fight it though--yet*
Peter: *follows, waving his sword around so nobody comes close*
allison: *Aims at the nasty things head and calls out to it* "Hey ugly, I thought it was me you were looking for!" *Doesn't actually feel as brave as she's pretending, but hoping the creature will drop his current prisoner to come to her*
allison: [1d10+4+6] => [9,4,6] = (19) (For aim, no shooting this round though)
Trent: *isn't quite as steady on his feet as usual, but comes with her*
GM: The creature turns to your voice and grins, "Two girlies for me!"
GM: [1d10] => [6] = (6)
Peter: *gets to the cabin with the quartermaster* "you seem smarter than this... you could get much more chicks if you merely listened, and you dont realy ahve anything to lose."
GM: The creature comes todars you Allison, apparently not afraid of the weapon that you are holding.
allison: ((He doesn't drop the other girl though?))
Loretta: "We know how to break the curse." *bluffs slightly, but it could be true!*
GM: The Quartermaster throws Loretta down on his bunck and turns to you peter, "Who let you in boy? I have no want for you, but there are others on this ship that row that direction."
Trent: *readies the ax to strike if it gets close enough*
GM: (nope, he keeps ahold of the other girl, doesnt want to lose her)
GM: Peers at Loretta, "What you know of the curse?"
Peter: "but you have want for the wealth and girls you can get by listening to me, no?" *uses up day's drama pt*
Loretta: "I know that it's a curse on your captain, not on the crew. And we know how to end it."
Peter: "we know how to break it and make you gain everything you want."
GM: "Wealth and girls? Tell me where it is and I'll see that your bung is safe."
Loretta: *snaps her fingers* "Focus! Curse. Ending. We'll help you do it."
Peter: *waits to see his reaction*
GM: "Screw the curse girlie! I gots you and there are more to come so says the boy. Tell me quick before I lose my patience."
GM: "And dont skimp on the details. What kind of wealth?"
allison: *Waits untill she's got a clear sight on the beast's eyes and then tries to put a bullet straight through said eyes*
Peter: "pirates-real, not cursed- are fashion in our time; famous guys even act pirates. REAl pirates, COURAGEOUS pirates, would get what they want; once you break the curse, and with our help, you can have the world at your feet." (drama pt cant be used now?)
Loretta: "Mutiny. We kill your captain, and you're free to do your thing AND without the icky monstrous side effects. Chicks dig pirates. Just not stinky slimy ones."
allison: ((I'll spend another drama point, which is actually the first non daily drama point i've used lol))
allison: Brain Shot: [1d10+5+6-4-4+10] => [3,5,6,-4,-4,10] = (16)
allison: ((Bah.... hope carrying a prisoner encumbers him lol))
GM: (17-2, so you hit him, roll the damage)
allison: [(18+3)*4] => 84
GM: "Kill the captain? Mutiny? If we got out of this curse, then we could die. Dying puts a damper on things."
GM: The girl, a cousin of yours Allison, gets squid brains and juice all over her as the bullet kills the creature.
Loretta: "Yeah, but if you don't help us, we'll kill the captain and end the curse anyway, but since you didn't help us do it, you die too."
allison: *Grabs her hand and pulls her along back to the car* "What the hell are you doing jogging on a morning like this!!" *Said like it's totally to be expected that fish people are going to be about*
GM: "You two are going to kill the captain?" he laughs
GM: Allison, your cousin looks at you and the werewolf holding an axe behind you and faints.
Peter: "who says its just us two?"
Loretta: "No. Not just us. We have friends that are hunting your men right now. Once they get the right one, you're all just a wet smear."
Peter: " we got here, didnt we? maybe we had reinforcements..."
allison: "Damn!" *Does her best to keep her from falling too hard* "Give me a hand!"
Trent: *throws the girl over his shoulder and gets back to the car*
GM: "So, it be more then? Good, cuz I want to show you something," and opens his door to show the crab creature that Trent and Allison killed being reformed right there on the deck. "We comes back girly."
Loretta: *thinks it's unfortunate that he's calling her bluff*
Eric: *Waits for everyone to be back in the car before speeding off again, deciding to head towards the center of the city, and to the wedding chapel, praying that the minister will be there*
Peter: "so?... stll, i think its just fear. your fear that if you fight your captain and get your crew, you will lose. even with help."
GM: "Why take a chance when I have a sure thing here? All we have to do is grab the Captain's ol' lady and we get to go back to paradise for as long as she lives. And then we get to come out to have fun once again. Forever."
Allison: "Where are you going??"
Peter: "there is only one thing; you might not get your lady this time. " *grins* "who knows what other tricks we got up our sleave besides coming here.thats not a risk?"
Peter: "why not be a man, and do the mutiny to go for the better gain?"
Eric: "We don't seem to be doing that great, there's dozens upon dozens of these things.... But they're here on the day of your wedding.... Just maybe if you're married, they'll be send back to whatever place they belong... Nobodies ever succesfully completed the wedding have they?"
GM: "What better gain?"
Peter: well, if you get the captain, you get your crew; you get to stay here and have fun forever. there are more mages that could repeat the curse-to a version that wont have these drawbacks."
GM: "So, you want us to stop taking your girlie, but it is okay for you if we go out and take other girlies forever? Find me a mage that can deliver that."
Peter: ((OK listen verd; remember my guy's vision with Kit's order?)
GM: (yeah)
Peter: (9what if Pete describes all these details of a whole lifetime he saw; it would be as sure as if he was there to the pirate, and he'll be believed; thats what he describes.sec, typing)
Eric: ((heh, might take a while anyway..))
Peter: *describes the vision of the super-mage order, in all the details, but implies that he also knows how to lead there, and that he'll only say after mutiny is complete* "so? would i know such details if i wasn tspeaking the truth? after your mutiny, i guide you there and it will be done."
Peter: "and if i dont keep my promise, you'll still get to kill me."
Peter: *spends one more drama point*
Peter: "these mages sure are powerful enough..."
GM: (did he only talk about Kit and not the other mages that grew older and older?)
Peter: (lol he talked about how mages, that he did NOT know if they got older, made a random woman not get old at all; he didnt say their lifes, he said their power and Kit's life)
Peter: which is proof they can do it)
GM: *contemplates on that* "If you fail in your promise, we get this one, without any fighting. Having the Slayer would be a nice prize indeed." *points to Loretta*
Loretta: *sneaks a quick glare at Peter*
GM: "And if you lie, you become one of my men.." *reaches up to yank a tooth from his mouth and cuts himself across the palm,* "We bind the deal with our blood."
Loretta: *blinks* "Whu..."
Peter: " Fine.If you complete the mutiny and i do not deliver the promise, my military order that fights monsters will not do anything aginst that.and if i lie, i will be one of your men."
Peter: (haha, unless he a telepath, he cant know my guy is tlaking about the initative :P so he didnt lie)
GM: "Just cuz I've got the face of a shark right now missy, doesn't mean I don't know my way around magic. And you forgot that I get the Slayer, with no fighting about it from her."
Loretta: "Hey, i didn't agree to that!"
GM: "Then I guess there be no mutiny."
Peter: "you can probably bend her anyway; my order wont help... so mutiny can happen. defeating and taking a THATS a prize."
GM: *folds his arms* "Better hurry with your decision, the wound is healing." *wagles his fingers at her to show* "Only a prize if you intend of being a coward." *grins at him* "And just between you and me, I don't think i would mind it much if you tried to screw me."
GM: *glances at Loretta*
Peter: "I am no coaward! i agve you my word and i didnt lie!"
GM: "Then the Slayer is mine if you do?"
GM: "As well as you become one of my men?"
Peter: " i cnat say about her fihting; but if me or my military order fights you when you do it, then i will be one of your men."
GM: "Oh, and I want this witch of yours to do the spell in 3 nights time."
Peter: "from the end of the mutiny; sure. i know how to find such people."
Loretta: "Wait, how is any of this benefitting us, by the way?"
GM: "Seems you really like this girl that the Cap wants. Seems you don't want her to be a princess for the rest of her days.." *shrugs*
GM: "Doesnt sound like a benefit to me, but if thats how you row.."
Loretta: "I'm just...confused."
Peter: "well, why is it a threat; he'll still never die, just like that witch. i'll keep the deal and he wont get you or me."
GM: "If i mutiny, theme and my crew immortal and if he lies or cheats me, I get you as my personal slave and he becomes one of my men. Sounds like a deal to me." girl stays safe, and the curse ends. However, we actually liked it, for the most part, so you boy here promised to get a witch to turn
GM: (then me)
Loretta: "Right...ok then i guess."
GM: "If i mutiny, the girl stays safe, and the curse ends. However, we actually liked it, for the most part, so you boy here promised to get a witch to turn me and my crew immortal and if he lies or cheats me, I get you as my personal slave and he becomes one of my men. Sounds like a deal to me."
Peter: "NO. you said if i breka that promise you get HER. and if i lie i the deal, you get me as part of yur crew."
Peter: "thats different."
GM: "So if you do not get me and my men turned immortal, I get the Slayer without any fight from her, is what you are saying, and if you lie, you become one of my men. Dont see how you can cheat me but not lie.."
Loretta: *mutters* "'Talk Like a Pirate' is more complicated than i thought..."
GM: Eric, as you drive closer to the Chapel, you see the spitting image of the captain standing out front, the building surrounded by creatures.
Loretta: "Well maybe if it's all true but he can't get them to agree to help." *then wants to kick herself*
GM: "Oh, then he would be breaking his promise and that would mean he lied."
Peter: " you get the slayer if you are not turned immortal; thats 'the deal'. now, if i break 'the deal', then you get me. But i wont lie; i shall not use my army unit against you."
Loretta: "It's only lieing if he knows about it!"
GM: "Says you."
GM: "Army? Is there an army out there?"
Loretta: "You can't accidentally lie!"
GM: "Sure you can, if you promise something and you break it, you lied since the promise is no longer active."
Peter: "i have been part of a monster-hunting amry for years. and thats not a lie." 8grins menacingly*
Loretta: "Bullshit! What if you were just misinformed, but thought it was right?"
GM: *thinks for a moment* "All right, but if anyone else attacks me and my men, the mutiny is off."
Loretta: *can't believe she's arguing with a fish-pirate*
Peter: "whatever; we are leaving loretta; we will cleave our way away from this. these people are toos cared to believe we will bring them immortality.i thought better of a pirate as legendary as this one."
GM: "See, I know the girl knows about the monsters in the world, since thats why the Cap can take her."
GM: "Ye can't kill us boy, just make the deal. Or you are expecting that the witches won't go along with your plan and dont mind giving up the girl, but not yourself."
GM: Eric, as you drive closer to the Chapel, you see the spitting image of the captain standing out front, the building surrounded by creatures.
Eric: "Ah crap!!"
Eric: "We need ideas!"
Peter: " you are being too demanding in the deal; i promise you immortality and you want zero risk, when, for all i know you could kill me right after. so no immortality without drawbacks for you. you will live knowing that you lost that chance-for, surely, i must be sure for describing in such detail. bye."
GM: "Oh, if thats your fear, then know that me nor my men will harm you if you dont try harm on us first."
Peter: "its too late to help our friends anyway; most except for my army unit must be dead why make the deal so late?"
Peter: "if you want a deal, you gotta give me something."
Eric: *Takes a sharp corner and heads for the nearest church*
GM: Peter and Loretta, you hear women crying in fear and panic, "Heh, sounds like the men found themselves some fun to take back with us."
GM: *scratches his neck* "I suppose I could make the men give up all the women they took from this town..."
Peter: " chance to escape then; last chance. mutiny for me to give you immortality; and you know thats possible and you could blackmail me to do so afterwards. deal or nod eal?"
Peter: "and the mutiny ahs to take place *now*, to save lives."
GM: *shrugs* "You got yourself a deal little man based on our agreement." *hands Peter his tooth that he cut his palm with* "Make sure the Slayer cuts herself as well, we have to shake on it."
GM: Eric, you are able to drive to another church, but by now, there is panic in the streets.
Peter: previous agreement is off when you delayed the chance for my friends to live. mutiny now, immortality when you blakcmail this poor human*shows himself* later; i am not ABLE to do any other deal. so if you dont accept, all that is lost..."
GM: (seriously, didnt understand you)
Peter: (he said 'we only made that desperate a deal because we thought we could save our firends in the beach. we believe they are dead now. we were too late to agree." (continued)
Peter: "now , when 'other people' isnt such a concern sicne these soon-to-be-freed- women will be raped afterwards, them or others,... (continued)
Peter: "in order for me to risk giving you that gift, you must 'give me something' int eh deal."
** Allison looks back at the chapel with the army of fish folk around and sighs **
Peter: ("so, new deal, last chance; you do mutiny, then you hundreds of pirates can force me to go give you immortality. i promise my military unti wont help me.close to previous deal, but thats all i can promise this time."
Allison: "How do you think the others are doing?"
GM: "The agree ment is that you can turn me and my men immortal, I have to have a reason to get the men to mutiny on their Captain."
Trent: "Pirates are still here, so can't be going great."
Allison: "Yeah... "
Peter: "reason is, you get to be immortal without this appearance, and hence can party more since you will be here forever, never going back to that dimension fo yours."
Peter: "always, not once-per-decades; ALWAYS. what you always wanted."
Peter: "hmmm, multiplied, pillages... seems enough of a reason..."
GM: "You get me and my men immortal, we got a deal, if you renegade on us, the mutiny is off."
Loretta: "Eh...didn't the immortality thing come after the mutiny? How can both come after the other?"
Peter: "but how do we know you get the captain and rescue his lady?it will be too late. or, start the mutiny now and i make you immortal later, otherwise i get attacked by hundreds of pirates with no help from my mil. unit."
GM: "We will mutiny and hold the Captain down below in the bilge. When we get immortal, we'll off the Captain to end the curse. If we get screwed, we'll let the Cap go."
GM: "Cap has to bring his lady to the ship, hasn't happened yet."
GM: "I got the winning hand, and you want me to throw it all away on either immortality or killing you? Who are you to us that getting to kill you would be worth losing it all for us?"
Allison: *Keeps looking back towards the chapel while absentmindedly inspecting Trent's wound* "You don't think Loretta's hurt do you?..."
Peter (enter): 22:11
Peter: (me back)
Peter: (id i lose anything?)
Trent: "No way to know yet..."
GM: Eric, you find another church, a small one, but praying can be heard from within."
Peter: (did i lose anythign? after i said'what stops yo" ?)
Eric: *Slams on the brakes so hard he hits his own head on the steering wheel, then jumps out and starts pulling both Trent and Allison towards the church* "Come on!"
GM: I whispered you)
whispering to Peter, GM: "We will mutiny and hold the Captain down below in the bilge. When we get immortal, we'll off the Captain to end the curse. If we get screwed, we'll let the Cap go." GM: "Cap has to bring his lady to the ship, hasn't happened yet." GM: "I got the winning hand, and you want me to throw it all away on either immortality or killing you? Who are you to us that getting to kill you would be worth losing it all for us?" Allison: *Keeps looking back towards the chapel while absentmindedly inspecting Trent's wound* "You don't think Loretta's hurt do you?..."
Trent: "Shit, ow!" *changes back to human, wincing at the extra PAIN*
Allison: "I'm comming, you're twisting my arm! stop that!"
Peter: " i am just a man that has nothing to lose. you plunder once per-what, century? i can make you plunder once per day and you know it. and since i have nothing to lose and can kill myself and the slayer right now to escap, you got no winnign ahnd against me. I DO NOT AHVE THE ABILITY to make a dela as bad and dishonorable ans the one you propose. so you get to stay second-class, slave to your captain, who will ahve fun forever while you have fun ocne per century."
Eric: *Drags them both along into the church, and runs straight up to the front of the church* "Father! I know this is going to sound really insane, and absolutely odd... But I need you to marry these two right now" *Grabs his wallet and goes through* "I'll give you everything i've got, and more soon! Please, it's more important then you can imagine"
GM: (eh? They all get out of the dimension only when the girl the cap takes dies, no other time)
Peter: (ah i didnt know that)
GM: (does Trent still have his axe and Allison her pistol?)
GM: (it's been awhile, may have forgotten)
Trent: (yes)
Allison: ((I'd have left it into the car seeing where we were going))
Peter: "OK; deal then. you start mutiny now, do not yet kill the cap, and if i do not hand you immortality, you free him."
GM: The minister looks at the bloody axe Trent is carrying around and looks at the three of you, "On the eve of the Apocalypse?"
Peter: "but it must be done fast."
Peter: *offers his hadn*
Allison: "Eh.." *Looks around and wishes she hadn't torn part of her shirt off to bandage Trent now*
GM: *thinks it over, weighs the options quickly, and slices Peter's hand with the tooth and shakes it with the other* "That will work I do believe, that will work."
Peter: *nods*
Trent: "Now or never, eh Father?" *clutches his bloody wound to make a point*
Eric: "It's not the apocalypse, but you're right, there is evil here, it's trying to take my sister away, please.... Just trust me.... they're both really good people... and if you don't help us.. I might loose my sister.."
GM: Minister, "Those creatures out there want your sister?" *looks at her wide-eyed*
Peter: *after deal* "fast!"
GM: Quartermaster, "Have to let the men vote, we are democratic after all."
Eric: "Just Marry them... Please... I know this is all strange, but you have to trust me... or turn us away.... whichever you do... decide.... But i'm begging you to help us.."
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Re: Allison's Big Day (Wednesday, November 19)

PostPosted by verdilak » Mon Apr 05, 2010 7:34 pm

Loretta: "I know that it's a curse on your captain, not on the crew. And we know how to end it."
GM: Quartermaster: *Peers at her* "The curse isn't on all of us?"
Allison: ((Is this before or after I gained 5 succeses on my aim? lol))
Loretta: "A Captain's debts die with him, don't they?"
GM: (allison, Trent, Eric... your part could stay the exact same if you wish)
Allison: ((Sounds fair, I used a drama point to blow his face off and save my cousin i think))
Server Administrator-> Kicking '(260) Brainwave' from server... Removing dead client
GM: Quartermaster: *thinks about that for a moment* "How do you know this?"
Brainwave (exit): 17:18
GM: (yup, that you did)
Loretta: (i think we were good; we'd made it to a church at least?)
Rage (enter): 17:18
Allison: ((Yup, but that was quite a while after you started talking to the quartermaster))
Loretta: *thinks it might not hurt to stroke the ego a bit* "Oh, we've read all about the conquests of the crew! And all of the history books claim your problems were brought on by your captain. It's all true, isn't it?"
Peter: *leans back, pleased with the conversation, tries to be on the ready so nobody interferes ; maybe loretta has a plan afterall*
GM: Quartermaster: *scratches his neck* "I.... I suppose so.... Do they really write books about us?" *doesnt actually seem all that pleased about that aspect*
Loretta: "Well, you guys have been snatching up women for a very long time. There is mention of it in various tomes."
GM: Quartermaster: *shrugs* "We did what we had to, damn witches and their curses... so you say the curse is just on the captain?"
Loretta: "Everything we read suggests that very thing. We also think that, free of your captain, you and the rest of the crew should be free to do your thing AND without the icky monstrous side effects. And chicks these days dig pirates."
GM: Quartermaster: "Hmm... we will be able to die much easier then... but then again, we will be able to die and have a family before that happens..."
Peter: "i never thought of that... surely the prospect of maybe, in the future, raising a son to succeed you could feel nice?"
Peter: "even if it is not immediate concern."
Loretta: "Sounds like a good trade-off to me. Also, since my friends and i don't want your captain to take our friend, we'll gladly help with with your mutiny. Just point the captain out to us."
GM: Quartermaster: "You two stay here, I have to go talk to my men."
GM: Quartermaster exits the room and slams the door shut behind him, to the cheering of the men, before he calls them to order.
Peter: *stays silent and tries to listen*
Loretta: *waits, a bit nervously*
Peter: *looks at her a bit, whispering *real* slowly* 'nice work. if it doesnt work, we'll still be together to try to escape, plus we know we've tried; i relay think we have a good chance though'
Loretta: *nods* "Could have gone much worse."
Loretta: (wink, wink)
GM: "Alright you bastards! We've been doing this for nigh on 200 years or more and it's high time we end it!" *confused murmurings* "I just found out that the curse isn't on US, the curse is on the Cap!" *low rumblings of angry murmurs* "Now, I say that thats not very becoming of a Captain to not tell him men that they have CHOICES in the matter, see?" *angry murmers getting louder* "SO i says to you, Isn't it high time to end this curse and live in the world that was meant for us!" "AYE!" "And it's high time we were alive again, tasted real foods, felt real women!" "AYE!" "And the women of these times think that pirates are sexy!" *thunderous "AYE!"* "So lets give that Cap what he's got coming to him!" *splashings are heard*
GM: Allison, Trenth, and Eric, as you guys are about to drive past the chapel that the wedding is supposed to be at, you see a new group of creates swarm towards the others, some jumping over your car as though it isn't even there, and fighting breaks out amung the creatures that were already at the chapel, and the creatures who just arrived.
Peter: *smiles, but keeps alert*
Trent: "That's...possibly a good sign."
GM: Loretta and Peter, the ship is silent except for the occasional creaking
Peter: *opens the door*
Loretta: "I...think he missed the part about us helping."
Peter: *not too open; peeks a bit just in case, then opens*
Allison: "Are they?... Fighting eachother?..."
Eric: *Stops the car and backs up slowly to study this*
Peter: "yeah... or keeps us prisoners. but most likely i think they're just too excited. i didnt know they wanted to have normal kids... should have guessed."
Peter: *tries to see if any are on the ship, and how many*
GM: None on the ship... the Quartermaster DID talk of these men as being "his".
Loretta: "Well, let's go see if we can help any, though they can swim well i bet, so it might be over before we get back to dry land."
Peter: "damn. we should relay help the quartermaster, if only just to be sure the curse ends."
Peter: "lets, you rule."
Loretta: *smiles* "I know." *pulls up her skirt to climb back down to the boat--if it's still there*
Peter: *climbs back too*
GM: Trent, Allison, and Erick, the two largest greatures, both looking as though they are out of a horrific book, face off. One a mass of tenticles, claws, and beaks, (captain), the other with the chest and head of a great white shark.
GM: (creatures)
GM: (boat is still there)
Trent: "I...feel compelled to do something, and yet...not so much." *still clutching the wound at his side a bit*
Peter: *tries to guide it to the shore*
Peter: "i just hope the others are alright..."
Allison: "Yes, you're staying right here.. "
Trent: "I could call..."
Loretta: "I could call..."
GM: Creatures are going down, dissolving.
Loretta: (Loretta, not Trent)
Loretta: "Won't ease our minds any if they're busy, but if things are ok, it could make us feel better at least."
Peter: "you should, if only to meet up with them."
GM: However, the chapel is looking worse for wear.
Loretta: *calls Allison*
Allison: *Studies the chapel sadly, before turning around to pick up her phone* "Are you alright??"
Peter: *tries to reach the shore asap*
Loretta: "We're fine, how are you?"
Peter: "ask them *where* too.they might need support or have spotted the cap."
Allison: "Trent's a little hurt, but otherwise we're alright..."
GM: The steeple cracks and falls as you watch Allison, and the snail creature disolves.
Loretta: "Where are you? We're going to meet up."
Allison: "At the chapel... what's left of it.."
Allison: "Some kind of.... monster fight..."
Loretta: "Ok, we'll try to be there soon--wait, what's happening there?"
Loretta: "Oh...well that's good! Who do you think is winning?"
Peter: *makes haste as he hears its most likely the big battle; unless the girls talking about some Lakers' game*
GM: ("Monster Brawl! New game from the makers of Buggy and Angel RPG's. Coming soon!"
Peter: ((hehehe))
Peter: (as opposed to Superbawl* ;) )
Allison: "Eh... What do you mean who's winning? They're all monsters! Can't tell one from another" *Tries to discover sides and determining who's winning*
Loretta: "Is there a big shark on one side?"
Loretta: "His are the good guys."
GM: [1d100] => [78] = (78)
Allison: "Eh, yeah there is actually, fighting something I thought i'd already killed.."
Loretta: "They do that..."
Peter: *is glad loretta keeps contact; as long as they reach the shore, he would want to go to the chapel*
Allison: "Sio... Why are they fighting?.... I already killed that one thing, and now it's back... Did they tell you how to beat the others?.."
Loretta: "We incited a mutiny. If it doesn't work, we're kinda back to screwed."
GM: The Quartermaster, Great White Shark guy, yanks the large metal cross from the brokwn steeple and thrusts it into the Captain and pins him to the ground. He kneels down and is lost among the the sea of fighters for a few moments. When he stands, he is holding a length of wood that is burning and throws it onto the pinned figure of the Captain, who then bursts into flames. As soon as this happens, the others stop their fighting and stand around to watch.
Allison: "Somethings definitly happening..."
GM: The flames start to die down, and as they do, the monsterous appearances of the men start to fade, as does the pirate ship and the boat that Loretta and Peter are in.
Peter: "bah! damn, so much for that..." *reacts and tries to start swimming*
Loretta: *splash* "Hope that's a good sign."
Peter: "at east we know lots of magic faded; thats score one for the good guys."
Loretta: *tries to hold her phone up out of the water!*
GM: lots of splashing is heard behind you guys, as the men who were reforming on the ship are now in the water as well
Allison: "They're actually starting to look like men again... Not a great improvement though..."
Loretta: "Holy crap, i think it worked then..."
GM: Some are decent looking, many are ugly, few are hideous, and the guy who was a shark, is pretty damn handsome.
Allison: "Although.."
GM: Confused, they start mingling back towards the beach.
Peter: *swims to the ebach too*
Peter: beach*
Loretta: *finally reaching the shore, gets out and shakes the phone, as though that will help it from being ruined from what water splashed onto it; her dress now very clingy and caked in sand at at the bottom*
GM: The fog starts to lift...
Allison: "I think we can pick up the other cars again Eric.."
Peter: *swims out too* "lets go find the others, quickly."
Eric: *nods, and heads back to the general area of the two cars left behind now that he can see again*
Trent: *leans back on the seat and sighs heavily, as though finally relaxing*
Peter: *runs to the chapel making sure loretta follows*
Trent: "You still there Allison? What's happening now?"
Loretta: "You still there Allison? What's happening now?"
Loretta: (Loretta, not Trent!)
GM: Peter and Loretta, as you are walking off the beach, the pirates, now men, are walking to the ocean, "I don't see the ship, captain." "Captain?" the quartermaster says, confused. "We are voting, right now. Who says Samuel for Captain?" everyone yessl "AYE!"
GM: (yells)
Eric: ((Does the phone still work?))
Peter: *tries to reach the others*
GM: (yeah but it cuts in and out)
Eric: "We're heading back to the cars, they all seem to be going there too"
Loretta: "Well this could still get interesting then..."
GM: Lorettal the Quartermaster, you notice, is tall, scruffy, and handsome, who gives you a grin that makes you feel like he would eat you whole as he notices you "Hey! Girlie!"
Loretta: *blinks, not unimpressed*
GM: "So? Sexy, no?" *strikes a suave pose, knowing the effect he has on women*
Peter: *remembers they were still pirates while humans, but hopes they will get along for now*
Loretta: "Well, it's an improvement at least!"
Eric: *Eventually parks his car next to Allison's and Trent's truck* "Wonder if that's covered by insurance.."
Peter: "he could be better than johny dep."
Loretta: *punches Peter on the shoulder*
Peter: *shuts up, giggling*
Trent: *gets out of Eric's car, carefully, and limps over to his truck*
GM: *walks over to her* "Now, we are needing something to keep ourselves busy.." *in a very Antonio Banderas accent/voice*
Trent: "We could show you to a decent club; find you some lady friends." *smiles*
GM: Allison, you hear this over the phone.
Trent: (doh! did it again!)
Loretta: "We could show you to a decent club; find you some lady friends." *smiles*
Peter: " i think i know a girl that realy likes such an appearance; is kinda clingy, but she's good in bed. "
Loretta: *finally ends the phone call when she sees the others in the car*
Allison: "HEY!!! You get away from that pirate right now!"
Loretta: (LOL)
GM: Some of the pirates grin, "Well, i was thinking more along the lines of you...and me."
Trent: *leans against the truck as if it offers him some great comfort, and watches the scene at the beach*
GM: Another pirate talks to you Peter, "Clingy? I can handle clingy."
Peter: "true. why dont we go to the club i met her?"
Peter: ((is he decent-looking?))
Loretta: *raises an eyebrow, and can't seem to decide what to say to that*
Peter: *glares at her*
GM: "Lead the way. Alright men, time for ale and wenches!" AYE!"
Allison: *Get's out of Eric's with a purpose and heads towards the group of pirates and Loretta if she can see them*
GM: (yeah, he's decent)
Peter: *shows them the way to the club; stops allison on the way, as long as they keep close to loretta*
Peter: "allison; they are human now, no reason why we shouldnt try to get along as long as they respect us like we respect them."
GM: Samuel, the now captain, stays back and keeps Loretta back with him, as they talk.
Allison: *Dodges passed Peter* "They can get along fine, but not with her!"
Peter: "i agree."
Peter: *follows her*
Loretta: *blushes a bit, oblivious to the others*
GM: "You saved us, gave me the information to end this curse. Let me show you my... appreciation."
GM: *lays the charm on thick*
Loretta: *looks him over, with open lechery, wondering if he can handle a slayer*
Allison: *Walks up straight to the Pirate and let's out a loud cough* "Excuse me ''friend'' "
GM: *he recognizes that look*
GM: (Loretta's)
Loretta: (probably Allison's too, lol)
Loretta: (bet he's met a few angry 'mom' types as well, haha)
GM: "Oh, hello to you too ma'am. I believe I was engaged in a private conversation, of which it is rude to break into such as you did."
Allison: "Yes well I just thought you might want to avoid going to jail the very first day of your normal life again."
Loretta: *looks guilty* "Uh...hi Allison. Glad you guys are ok! Pretty cool we got it done, huh?"
GM: "Jail, I have done nothing wrong... today. yesterday and tomorrow are different stories."
Peter: "right." *glares* "anyway; i think it would be wise of all of you to learn our laws so you can lead your new life before risking..."
Allison: "In this century we have laws to protect young girls from horny pirates. And the penalties aren't light.."
GM: "Oh, I have little use for the laws of landlubbers like yourselves, I am a man of the sea..." *looks down to Loretta* "Now, let us continue our conversation, shall we." *lays on the charm again*
Peter: "she just warns you so as to protect your new life. she is true though, maybe too severe."
Loretta: "Allison! I think i can protect myself just fine, thank you." *annoyed*
GM: "Penalties
Peter: Little use of laws?"
GM: "Penalties? For being with such a creature?" *brushes a hand across Loretta's cheeck* "I think they are not severe enough!"
Peter: "wait- you cant openly disrespect laws anymore."
Loretta: *tries very hard not to swoon in front of Allison!*
Allison: *Glances around* "Where'd i leave my gun..."
Peter: "no. no guns; surely they can start leaving lawfuly, right?"
GM: *puts an arm around loretta's waist and starts walking away with her*
Loretta: *shrugs and goes with him* "I'll be back later."
Peter: "ok; guess i'll need to ancel a restaurant appointment."
Rage: Disconnecting from server...
Rage (exit): 18:18
Allison: "Excuse me, I do believe some of us are still planning to get married, and if you really like your new friend, I'm sure you won't want him spending some time at the station, explaining where he's from, and how he got into the country.."
GM: "Madam, there are 50-odd pirates who are new here, walking through this town of yours. Surely I can not get into more trouble with her than they can combined?" *winks at Loretta*
Loretta: *over her shoulder to Peter* "We can go another time, right?" *stops to look at Allison* "But we saved the town already for one night! Pirates aren't dragging you off, so why not wait until your relatives are here?"
Peter: *shrugs to loretta* "your choice, not mine."
Peter: *opens phone, walking away*
GM: "They are tasting things for the first time in since this curse wait laid upon us, and they are sure to have... hungers." *last word said at Loretta*
Allison: *Walks back after the pirate and gives him her most menacing glower* "You can get into more trouble with me, don't think i've forgotten I saw you stab another man to death a moment ago, even if he was a cursed sea crab or something, or that you've been involved with horrific things for ages."
Loretta: *sighs* "You guys will stay awhile probably, right? Maybe we can go on a proper date later instead and everyone can calm the hell down?"
GM: *plays innocent* "I was against that sort of thing, that is why i stay on the ship with the men who were loyal to me. Besides, the creature that you saw kill another creature... do you see him around? For that creature is not me anymore."
GM: *looks to Loretta* "I will stay as long as you wish, for as I said, I owe you my... appreciation."
Loretta: "See? He's not unreasonable."
Peter: "true. gotta hand him that. surely, you'll stop looting though?"
GM: *shrugs* "I am not against being... reasonable."
Loretta: "So. Wedding time? Or we doing that later?" *the dress isn't looking so great*
Trent: *is laying down, across the seat of his truck now*
GM: Allison, you remember that yorus is covered in werewolf blood as well.
GM: (err, your clothes that is)
Allison: *Still gives the Pirate a mean threatening look and whispers softly to him* "Good... Then you should remember that that is not you anymore... And that you are mortal and accountable for your actions... And there's things a lot more dangerous then a pirate with some driftwood in his pants.. Like a female protecting her child.."
Allison: ((her wedding dress is safely in the trunk of her car!... well.. safely...))
Peter: "see allison? maybe they cna stay a while and we'll see afterwards. why turn against them ?"
GM: Looks to loretta, "She... is your mother?"
Peter: *makes sure quartermaster hears*
Loretta: ""
GM: "Then Madam, let me assure you, that I will give this beautiful creature every opportunity to tell me what she wants." *keeps looking at Loretta as he says this*
Allison: "And let me assure you, you'd regret it... Very very much.."
GM: "Oh, I doubt it."
GM: "We both would be very... pleased, regardless of the penalties."
Loretta: *punches the pirate on the shoulder and gives him a bit of a glare*
GM: *holds up his hands in defeat*
Peter: "so.. what say we delay things a bit and go for cofee?"
GM: *mutters* "Santo mujer mierda! ¿No ves que estoy tratando de conseguir puesto en esta lista?" (if you have spanish you can understand him)
Peter: (Peter has)
Allison: *Gives up on the Pirate and instead holds her hand out Loretta* "Come on Lorrie, today should still be for Family.... Tomorrow you can meet up with your pirate friend, For coffee!"
Loretta: "I'm still waiting for Allison to decide what she wants to do. Where's Trent anyway? How bad was he hurt?"
Peter: "Trent! hey dude!"
Loretta: *looks at the pirate, puzzled*
Peter: (what did pirate say? knows spanish)
Trent: *is more or less passed out in the truck*
GM: (Holy shit woman! Can't you see I am trying to get laid here?)
Allison: "He's at the cars, I bandaged his wounds, but he might need more help..."
Peter: *laughs at the spanish stuff quartermaster said*
GM: Loretta, his tone was very exasperated and directed at Allison.
Peter: *tries not to be too rude tho*
No Name (enter): 18:38
Peter: *ppl might know he understood* "okay, allison, i go to trent, alright?"
No Name: Disconnecting from server...
No Name (exit): 18:39
Allison: *nods but still holds out her hand to Loretta pointedly* "We can all go.."
Loretta: *sighs* "Alright, fine."
Peter: "samuel; what say we meet tommorow at the beach? could show you where chicks are..."
Loretta: *looks over her shoulder and mouths the words: "Here. Midnight." to the pirate*
Peter: *shrugs at that; goes to trent* "hey dude; get up."
Peter: "wakey wakey."
GM: *nods at her as he gets her message, then plays it up* "When we meet again," *and bows with a flourish*
GM: "For... coffee!" *mutters* "What IS coffe, I wonder?"
Loretta: *waves good-bye and giggles*
Trent: *grunts and sits up, slowly*
Peter: "hey big guy; we won."
Peter: "time to get back to your house."
Allison: *Takes Loretta along back to the cars, and picks something out of her hair to toss away* "aren't you cold?"
Trent: "That's good. I'm not married yet, am i?"
Loretta: *grouchy* "Why, should i be?"
Allison: "You're awfully wet, but I think I've got a towel in the car."
Loretta: "looks down* "Oh, you think it can be cleaned so i can wear it tomorrow?"
Peter: *grabs trent by the arm and gets him near allison* "hey girls. trent here is... a bit hurt."
Trent: *low groan as he's pulled out of the truck*
Allison: "I think so.." *Walks over from Loretta to Trent to support him and inspect the wound closer "Maybe we should go to the hospital..."
Loretta: "Holy crap, that doesn't look good."
Peter: [1d20] => [4] = (4)
Peter: (lol misclick)
Peter: "well, i had a MORE serios injury than that too, before we got to their ship."
Peter: "but trent will be fine. wont you?"
Loretta: "Yeah, well he doesn't heal like you do!"
Allison: *Rolls her eyes* "It's not a contest Peter.."
Peter: *helps him lie*
Peter: "so, off to your place?'
Trent: *just grunts noncommittally*
Allison: *takes her keys and tosses them to Peter* "You take my car back, and I'll bring trent in his.."
Peter: "ok. eric will go with his?"
Eric: *Nods* "Yeah,,"
Peter: "gets in the car, nodding to loretta in case she wants to get in*
Loretta: *takes one more longing look at the beach, then gets into Allison's car with Peter*
Peter: *drives off; sighs* "we did it."
Allison: *Helps Trent sit carefully into the passengers seat, before picking his keys from his pocket, kissing his cheek and moving over to the driver's seat*
Loretta: "Hell yeah we did. That one was a bit intense. Didn't know if we'd pull it off for sure or not."
Trent: *looks at her quite critically, as though unsure of this arrangement*
Peter: "me too. had a real bad feeling... just didnt want to scare you guys.and might have gained some allies... IF they dont rob or stuff of course..."
Eric: *Tries to get home before anyone else*
Allison: *Smiles at him softly* "You're in no fit state to drive.... And I figured you'd rather have it be me then peter or Eric..."
Peter: "so, i wont tell you what he said, unless you ask me." *giggles*
Trent: *looks unsure about that too*
Loretta: *smiles* "Alright, what did he say?"
Allison: "Oh I see how it is...." *Smirks and shakes her head as she sets off home*
Peter: "you relay wanna know? even if it ruins a romantic thing and makes it more shallow?nothing wrong with that, dont get me wrong... just want to protect your thing."
Loretta: *smirks* "You think that's a romantic thing? Hardly..."
Loretta: "I mean, i wouldn't mind if it was, but i'm holding no illusions that he's just going to sit on the beach and wait for me to come back."
Peter: "well, you spoke of a date some other day. i cant know. still, if you prefer not to know, i wont say. my job isnt to ruin things."
Loretta: "Sheesh, just tell me already."
Peter: *translates it to her; also what each word means so she knows he's not lying* "see? nothing wrong with what he said though; i understand him, especialy with how you look at this moment."
Trent: "Careful! The brakes are touchy--no so hard on the gas either!"
Trent: *as the truck lurches forward*
Allison: "I got it, I got it... I was one of the best scoring drivers in our anual driving test last year you know..."
Loretta: *laughs* "Well it was fitting. I like his style."
Peter: *tries to drive carefuly and practicaly; trained driver, but not real good*
Peter: "...thats cool. i guess. i didnt cancel restaurant reservation; though i'd like to go there, you two could go if you realy wanted..."
Loretta: "It's nice when a guy just says what he wants. None of that 'being a nice guy' bullshit. Most guys aren't nice. They shouldn't pretend to be."
Allison: "So... While we're alone.... Now that those fish people are back to normal the first thing their leader does is try to sneak into Lorrie's pants..."
Loretta: "I didn't know you already made a reservation; when is it for?"
Allison: "And ofcourse she thinks it's fun because he's got that... Handsome rough older man thing going.."
Peter: "are you trying to tell me something?" *smiles* "some girls dont say what they want either." *pauses* "its for tonight evening; 8 hours from now. i figured 'right after wedding'. remember i had promised?'
Loretta: "I didn't think you were being serious, honestly..."
Peter: "well is ent you a message and all... and i said 'promise'. do i lie to you a lot?" *sad look*
Trent: "I hadn't noticed any of them were handsome...i was busy not passing out."
Loretta: "Sorry, i don't remember reading it..."
Peter: "well, you sent me message mack though."
Peter: back*
Allison: *Smiles and reaches over to stroke his cheek* "I know... You were very briave... I'm sorry you got hurt..."
Loretta: *looks at her phone for curiosity* "Speaking of...looks like my screen doesn't work anymore."
Peter: "i'll get you new one or something. you deserve it for today. i just slashed stuff, you did all the work."
Trent: *shifts his weight slightly, with a wince* "Brave maybe, but not feeling my manliest right now."
Loretta: "Nah, i think it'll still make calls."
Peter: "but what about pictures?"
Loretta: "They might go on the card, just won't display. Of course it could maybe be fixed. I'll ask Eric to look at it."
Allison: *Smirks and squeezes his hand affectionatly* "I can help you with that too.... As soon as you feel a little better..."
Peter: "true i guess. so you didnt answer any of my two questions, but thats alright i guess."
Trent: *looks at her with sad puppy eyes* "We were lucky tonight. As much as i wanted to be the tough guy and defend my bride..." *can't seem to finish, just stares out the window*
Loretta: "What questions?"
Trent: (today, not tonight)
GM: (by the by, it is a little past noon)
Peter: "on wether you want the reservation .myself i told my opinion-i'd like to go myself, but i'd be a jerk if i refused to give reservation to you. and on wether you were implying something by the description, when i reminded you some girls dont say what they wnat either."
Trent: (it was foggy, and i'm injured!)
Peter: (ah y? i thought we were going in morning. anyway, so restaurant is for 5 hours, at 8 afternoon i had figured)
Loretta: "Why wouldn't we still go?"
GM: (combat, rowing, talking, swimming, ect. all too time)
GM: (took)
Peter: "i dont know; its your job to express what you want, especialy since you;re the one that knows i'm okay with what you say."
Peter: (GM: its perfectly OK)
Peter: "i never said *i* wouldnt prefer to go. in fact i said i would."
Loretta: "Well then why are we having this conversation?" *seems genuinely confused*
Allison: *Stops the car and pulls over so she can take his hand with hers* "Don't be silly... I don't expect you to be unbetable or strong like a giant... Nobodies immortal... but you were still willing to fight for me knowing that.. And you were going to stay behind to fight them off to protect me... Can't think of anything else that proves we should be married more then that.."
GM: (no prob, I figure it all started around 10am, and ended around noon)
Peter: " i was thinking maybe you changed opinion on a certain matter. you *have* realised i know, right?"
Trent: *grins* "Because i'm a dumbass that didn't know a losing battle when i saw one? You have a way with words, sweetheart."
Loretta: "I...don't know what you mean."
Peter: "some girls play nice and never say what they wnat. unless i am right and you dont want, hence why i am offering the reservation to you; i respect your possible lack of desire."
Peter: "so, i gotta learn to drive better..."
Peter: "i suck at it, haha."
Loretta: "Don't let Allison hear you say that..."
Peter: "hehe. true. " *parks*
Allison: *Smirks and leans over to wrap her arms around him* "Don't feel bad, I love you, you did great"
Allison: ((I do need to head out to shopping in a bit though))
Trent: *sighs* "I'm pretty sure i need stitches. Like...dozens..."
Peter: *goes out, opens door for her* "so... lets see how bad trent is. or leave the two alone?"
Loretta: "I don't know. And everyone is confusing me today; did she ever say if she wanted to still get married today? Or are they waiting for tomorrow now?"
Peter: " i think she wants to tend to trent; only natural."
Loretta: "Right. I'm all sandy; i'm going to go shower and change."
Peter: "ok; i'll need to change too come to think of it... you get to see me in trent's clothes it seems. until you shower, i'll make lunch. wanna wait so we eat together?"
Allison: *Nods softly and hugs him again though careful not to hurt his injuries* "I know... You'll be alright though.. We've got stuff at home to tend to your wounds" *Kises his cheek softly and starts driving home again* "I'll be your nurse.."
Trent: "Great..." *seems unsure!*
Peter: "damn, this tux is expensive..."
titan (enter): 19:24
Peter: *waits for the others to arrive and open the door, unless eric is already there.*
Allison: *Eventually parks the cars next to the others and helps support Trent into the house and up to the master bedroom*
Eric: *Shouldn't arrive much later then peter*
Eric: *Puts the first aid bag ready then heads up to his room to change as well*
Loretta: "No thanks; i'm ruining the floor i think." *walks upstairs, her shoes long gone*
Eric: ((Not the nice shoes!!))
Allison: *Collects the First Aid kit to tend Trent's injuries lovingly and give him his favorite foods and drinks*
Peter: *takes off some, unnecessary parts of the tux, but not too many; just enough not to get cold. goes to make lunch*
Trent: *feels like a king...a battered king*
"I'm imagining Kiera Knightly, Katherine Zeta-Jones, Angelina and Meg Fox sitting around your map wearing bandanas vigorously shaking fists full of d20s." - Aval Penworth, in regards to a map I made
"We're talking about the GM that made us fight giant Fruit, Verd is totally unpredictable." - Nikurasu (one of my players)
Everyone is an atheist about some gods, we just went one god further. - Richard Dawkins
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Re: Allison's Big Day (Wednesday, November 19)

PostPosted by verdilak » Mon Apr 05, 2010 7:38 pm

16 XP for everyone due to the nature of this "episode"
"I'm imagining Kiera Knightly, Katherine Zeta-Jones, Angelina and Meg Fox sitting around your map wearing bandanas vigorously shaking fists full of d20s." - Aval Penworth, in regards to a map I made
"We're talking about the GM that made us fight giant Fruit, Verd is totally unpredictable." - Nikurasu (one of my players)
Everyone is an atheist about some gods, we just went one god further. - Richard Dawkins
Ism's in my opinion are not good. A person should not believe in an -ism, he should believe in himself. I quote John Lennon, "I don't believe in Beatles, I just believe in me."--Ferris Bueller, 1986
To the human body, a spoonful of flour and a spoonful of sugar are identical.
"Seeing, contrary to popular wisdom, isn't believing. It is where belief stops, because it isn't needed any more." - Terry Pratchett, Pyramids
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Re: Allison's Big Day (Wednesday, November 19)

PostPosted by hippie_mama » Mon Apr 05, 2010 10:02 pm

[Peter] *finishes lunch as she finishes shower*heads to get some clothes, not too many but definitely enough to 'cover' him and not be cold; is back in one or two minutes, endless repetition of changing to combat gear in the military kicking in*
[Loretta] *returns downstairs in a few minutes, having showered and changed, but not taking great care in choosing her clothes or anything*
[Peter] *finishes changing one or two mins afterwards* "so, any lunch left for me? kidding, kidding." *sits * "its not too much, but at least its healthy protein."
[Loretta] "Surprisingly, yes, i left you some." *sticks her tongue out at him*
[Peter] "bah. only fair i get to eat my own cooking."
[Loretta] *is mostly quiet*
[Peter] "so, the previous conversation... do you *really* still want to go dinner? we could totally have it there, and it'll be more productive and less drama.unless you have changed your mind about... you know, stuff."
[Loretta] "I think we should go; unless Allison wanted us all together or something. She mentioned it being a 'family' day."
[Peter] *is glad when he hears she would like to go; his face turns an expression between relief and excitement, but turns to normal. "its definitely what i'd like too. and yeah, allison did kinda suggest that..." *wanting to change subject like they said , pauses for a bit, looking for something to say*
[Loretta] *lets the silence linger awhile* "You think Allison took Trent to the hospital? It's been awhile..."
[Peter] "nope. werewolfs are much tougher than you think. you are underestimating our fearless leader..." *smiles*
[Loretta] "I dunno, it looked pretty nasty."
[Peter] *calls Trent*
[Trent] "Yeah?"
[Peter] "hey dude. we were wondering-just how bad are you? you wont need to go to a hospital?"
[Trent] "Eh...well, probably should. But we're not going to. Allison insists she can baby me enough."
[Peter] giggles* "enjoy it, mate.bye."
[Trent] "Sure will..."
[Peter] *hangs up* "see? nothing to worry about... so, i guess maybe i could shower too and rest here; then at some hours we can go to my place so i can change to my own clothes and go?"
[Loretta] "Yeah, that's fine; i'll go see if Eric's in a mood to do tech support for me."
[Peter] "cool." *attempts to tenderly kiss her forehead* "see ya." *goes to shower*
[Loretta] *closes her eyes as she accepts the kiss, but tries not to smile obviously until he turns to leave*
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Re: Allison's Big Day (Wednesday, November 19)

PostPosted by hippie_mama » Tue Apr 06, 2010 5:58 pm

[Loretta] *comes out of Eric's room after awhile and finds Peter* "He's going to look at it, but says it's probably easier to just get a new one."
[Peter] *wakes up, yawning* "wha?... yeah... i see. sorry, fell asleep while resting i think... my, look a the time..."
[Loretta] *smiles* "Well it was a pretty intense couple of days. And tomorrow should be even worse with Allison's relatives!"
[Peter] *gets ready to go* "dont remind me that. at least you get to display me in public when we dance as per best man and bridesmaid, and nobody will be able to say a thing. " *winks* "so... we off to my place?
[Loretta] "Yeah, can i just wear this? Or did you have something nicer in mind?"
[Peter] *studies what she wears for a little while (jeans and a tshirt)* "well, ok i guess; i think the best thing will be to wear whatever makes you feel more comfortable and confident." *seems somewhat dissapointed of something though; goes towards door*
[Loretta] *looks confused* "Well either it's ok or it's not! I don't know where we're going!"
[Peter] *giggles* "its mostly ok for the restaurant; just, usually girls try to put more effort in their appearance before such things, and while you are pretty enough, the lack of such desire in your part is a little stab in my pride. nothing really important though, i can assure you." *smiles*
[Loretta] *frowns* "Well you've seen me every which way; at least i'm clean right now!"
[Peter] "like i said, its nothing important.shall we?"
[Loretta] "No, now it *is* important, because you're making a big deal out of it!" *goes to her room and slams the door*
[Peter] "but..." *as loretta leaves* "wow.ok..."
*sounds of drawers being slammed shut and hangers sliding roughly across the bar of the closet are heard, as well as a flurry of fabric being tossed about*
[Peter] *feels strange that she's so rough on that;waits*
[Loretta] *after several outfit changes, and hair and makeup being done (not too common for her), she finally comes out looking about 7 years older* "Better?"
[Peter] *smiles, offering his hand to guide her outside* "ok,you should stop overdoing it and then making me look at you; i only have * one* heart to lose, and that outfit doesnt let me keep it... i guess 'stunning' is the way. shall we?'
[Loretta] "Sheesh, you gripe if i don't try, you gripe if i try too hard; you're a very hard man to please."
[Peter] "i dont gripe that you try too hard; just said you're stunning and i am scared cause i have only * one * heart to lose." *smiles,leading her outside to wlak to his place*
[Loretta] "Hmm, fine i guess..."
[Peter] *starts walking with her* "so, maybe i should say i'm sorry for what i said earlier; but you just asked me directly and i didnt want to lie.i'm still glad that we are doing this. i mean, commenting on your lack of... motivation for tonight. its probably not how you felt, just what *usual* girl behaviour is. i'll try and look my best too." *winks*
[Loretta] "Oh. Well it's not like i get asked on a lot of dates or anything."
[Peter] "well, it hadnt started as a date when i first asked, but it kinda changed, for the best i think; i see your point."
[Loretta] "It seemed like that's what you were going for..."
[Peter] "does it realy matter? arent we both glad about it now anyway?" *gets to his house, goes to change*
[Loretta] *shrugs a bit and waits for him in the living room*
[Peter] *comes out in a bit, wearing jeans and a tight blouse showing how toned he is, though he also atkes a jacket from a place in the wall and wears it afterwards;(( first time she sees him with +3, instead of +2, attractiveness out of a tuxedo)) "i think i'm ready."
[Loretta] *lets her eyes linger a bit* "Cool; me too."
[Peter] *offers to take her hand and guide her to restaurant*
[Loretta] *grins like it's amusing, and hooks her arm around his*
[Peter] *walking* "so, i was wondering...have we ever done this before?"
[Loretta] "Go on a date? No. Never anything that straight-forward."
[Peter] *giggles* "so my assumption of who your mystery guy was *is* correct.dont worry, i had figured it out for some time now,and as you saw i'm totaly ok with it. even if for some reason it seems to work out so *differently* as you say."
[Loretta] "I figured by now you wouldn't be too surprised anyway."
[Peter] *walks some more and maybe chats, till they get to the restaurant;lucky the town is small*
[Peter] *guides her to the table and sits when she does too* "like the place?not too crowded, but it has that 'comfy' feel, and i hope the food is good."
[Loretta] "Guess we'll see."
[Peter] *calls a waiter and orders his when he arrives, witing for loretta to order hers*
[Loretta] *orders whatever the waiter brags the most about*
[Peter] "so...this actualy feels nicer than i thought. thats good, considering we have to do a productive talk as we said earlier?"
[Loretta] "We do?"
[Peter] *shrugs* "well, i dont know what you'd prefer; your choice. but we had said to postpone a talk about should i say this... 'saying what they want openly'. you wouldnt like that?..."
[Loretta] "Yeah...that tends to get awkward. That's why things never went well with us before."
[Peter] "by 'that' i think you mean *not* expressing themselves. right?"
[Loretta] "That's the thing: neither way seems to work out just right."
[Peter] "realy? then why didnt we ever go out?isnt this a change? plus, theres a first thing i want to ask you."
[Loretta] "It's...way more complicated than that." *looks a bit nervous, since this was already starting to go badly*
[Peter] *sees that* "calm down; " *takes her hand to comfort, making very slow movements so as not to frighten her* "you have said so many times many things happen differently this time around...cant we just talk? like, maybe as questions on each other? i'm just getting to know you again..."
[Loretta] *sighs* "I'll just tell you everything. We're this deep into it now, so i may as well."
[Peter] "i dont want to learn about the past yet; i am first and foremeost interested to hear what you *want*. i'll tell you what i have figured out, however..."
[Loretta] *shakes her head slightly* "It may be like hearing about a different person to you, but you're really not that much different: i see the same thing trying to replay, and i feel like i should be honest and warn you about it."
[Peter] "ok then. warn me right after i ask you one question?"
[Loretta] "I guess that's fair."
[Peter] "what i have figured out is, you liked me, we did some stuff, but it never worked out. i have also realised you still feel *something*. i gave innuendos that i knew , and encouraged you to talk to me about it, but you didnt; the only explanation was that you didnt *want*. so... question is this: if, in theory, it could work, -wether it can work is another discussion-"would you *want* it too?would you be happy if it works?"
[Loretta] "In a perfect world? Sure. But that's a really loaded question."
[Peter] "okay. what sorts of things didnt work out in the past then? tell me if you like." *feels much more relaxed about it; she never seen him this relaxed*
[Loretta] *takes a deep breath before starting* "At first we tried just being friends, but the tension was there from the beginning, so it was too hard to keep it completely innocent. So we tried being friends with benefits; we didn't want an actual relationship--well, no, *I* didn't want that, so we just tried being casual about it, but the emotions and stuff were too complicated for me. You were having some mental issues at the same time, and that's when you had to leave. The last time we talked...well...i told you i couldn't do any of it, it was too hard for me. So i wasn't too surprised that i didn't hear from you at all after that, until you came back and didn't even know me. That's why i tried so hard to just be friends again, because i missed you and i care about you, but i guess i just couldn't keep the other more complicated things from creeping back in. I'm sorry if i ruined our friendship, but i just see it going a complicated place again, and i don't know how to deal with that."
[Peter] "its simple. act on your feelings more; dont be afraid of them; if you cant admit them, i cannot take initiative on things. you *did* admit it right now though, didnt you? have you ever done that before?cause you said that at that time, you *didnt* want to date. myself, right now i just feel relaxed and i can just enjoy our evening; i am 100% sure if i was in doubt, then we'd have to do all sorts of weird talks. cant you just relax and have fun too? thats what is all i'm asking. provided you were honest right before, of course."
[Loretta] "You make it sound so easy, but it's not. I've been here before with you, remember? And it hurts."
[Peter] "i bet if we stop talking about this and enjoy our evening, you will feel as un-hurt as when we were dancing in the club or kata-ing at the dojo. stuff that you have admitted we *also* never did."
[Loretta] "I guess so..."
[Peter] *giggles* "so, you will still work for me, right? i kinda think and ope you like the job..."
[Loretta] "Of course i will; i can't think of anything else that i'm good at that doesn't also make me want to hurt people. I'm still recovering from the pent-up food service rage..." *finally smiles again*
[Peter] "yeah... how did that happen?... you get to hurt the equipment though; hey, thats something."
[Loretta] "It helps."
[Peter] "i liked it too. can i tell you something though? dont take this the wrong way, but i kinda missed Trent while we were leaving him with Allison."
[Loretta] "Missed having him close in a possible fight, you mean?"
[Peter] "no. i mean, i didnt hang out with the others much...i was kinda preoccupied with first dojo days i guess, plus with incoming pirates it was natural we give them some added time alone. i wonder if they'll go honeymoon or something..."
[Loretta] "Oh, right. Man stuff. It's been mentioned vaguely, but i don't know if they ever made plans or not."
[Peter] *giggles* "cute when you say that. " *starts eating as orders arrive*
[Loretta] "Well it is!"
[Peter] "wanna order something to drink? i'd rather it not be alcohol-heavy though..."
[Loretta] "You're all so tough and self-sufficient, but you still get all mopey when you don't get to do your manly things together. I'll just drink water; Allison is sure to be up late freaking out, so if i even smell like i drank anything, she'll get all suspicious."
[Peter] "heh. thats true. water it is then." *thinks of something funny* "does it stop us making a toast?"
[Loretta] "I don't see why it should..."
[Peter] *raises glass; is slow to think of what to say* "to fun.; hey, that actually works. i dont know why more people dont toast to fun."
[Loretta] *raises her glass too* "To fun. May it be un-complicated." *clinks his glass with hers*
[Peter] *keeps making light0hearted chat on his side; not because he cant do more serious talk, but because he *realy* doesnt feel the need to be reassured anymore and just likes the evening*
[Loretta] *starts to pay attention to the time after awhile* "I shouldn't stay out too late..."
[Peter] "true. " *pays* "shall i escort you outside? only to a point though...promise i wont be naughty if you dont want me to."
[Loretta] "I'm just going to go straight home; you should too, what with all we're going to be doing tomorrow. It'll require more diplomacy than we displayed today..."
[Peter] *chuckles* "probably." *gets up and waits for her to stand up as they leave*
[Loretta] "Thank you for dinner, and encouraging me to talk; it wasn't awkward like i thought it would be."
[Peter] "thats nice. " *as they get out, he chuckles a bit* "hey, if it was good, do i at least earn a kiss in the cheek?"
[Loretta] "There you go telling me what to do again!" *but kisses his cheek before leaving*
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Re: Allison's Big Day (Wednesday, November 19)

PostPosted by verdilak » Tue Apr 06, 2010 6:05 pm

Loretta and Peter, you two have both gained the Tragic Love Drawback towards each other! No extra points for it.
"I'm imagining Kiera Knightly, Katherine Zeta-Jones, Angelina and Meg Fox sitting around your map wearing bandanas vigorously shaking fists full of d20s." - Aval Penworth, in regards to a map I made
"We're talking about the GM that made us fight giant Fruit, Verd is totally unpredictable." - Nikurasu (one of my players)
Everyone is an atheist about some gods, we just went one god further. - Richard Dawkins
Ism's in my opinion are not good. A person should not believe in an -ism, he should believe in himself. I quote John Lennon, "I don't believe in Beatles, I just believe in me."--Ferris Bueller, 1986
To the human body, a spoonful of flour and a spoonful of sugar are identical.
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Re: Allison's Big Day (Wednesday, November 19)

PostPosted by verdilak » Tue Apr 06, 2010 6:09 pm

[Loretta] *walks back to Allison's house, announces her return, then goes to her room and changes again (into something comfortable/appropriate for the beach); after that she locks her bedroom door, then leaves again by climbing out the window; she then heads to the beach, arriving an hour before midnight*
[GM] As you walk up the beach, you see a fire blazing away merrily. When you get closer, you can see the pirate Quartermaster-now-Captain laying on a very large blanket without his shirt or boots. The light from the fire bathes the area in warmth. Next to him is an expensive looking, brand new basket and cooler, both sitting low in the sand as though they are full of items.
[Loretta] *sits down beside him with a smirk* "Looks like you're expecting someone, Captain."
[Samuel] *is laying back, arms behind his head as a cushion, and grins as he sees her* "I do not have a timepeice, so I was unsure of when you would show up, especially with the mother hens that surrounded you earlier this day. If more time had passed, I confess I planned on falling back on my wicked ways and... liberate you from your captors." *as earlier, his voice is silky smooth*
[Loretta] *laughs* "Well you may not have found me; i was out."
[Samuel] "Perhaps, but I have many men at my disposal." *laughs with her*
[Loretta] "It's a pretty small town; i guess there'd be no hope for escape. Good thing i went ahead and came willingly." *grins*
[Samuel] "I had no fear that after what i saw in your eyes earlier that you would not... come."
[Loretta] *snort-laughs*
[Samuel] *gives an innocent look*
[Samuel] *well, just for a moment, before it turns back into a wide grin as he looks at you, knowing that you are about to be devoured*
[Loretta] "Seriously though, sorry about the awkward and brief meeting after the battle this morning. I wanted to talk more, but my teammates were eager to get home--our leader was hurt pretty bad. And they're all a bit overprotective of me, which is some major irony, by the way, so they didn't want me staying here alone with a bunch of former kidnappers."
[Loretta] *adds* "I'm just going to go ahead and assume 'former,' if that's alright with you..."
[Samuel] "Of course it is former. And it is alright, I can understand how it must have looked, you and me, so shortly after the curse was lifted.."
[Samuel] "Now then, surely you did not come all this way to apologise.."
[Samuel] "Because I do owe you some... appreciation." *again, gives her a smokey look*
[Loretta] "Well...i would still like to talk. What did you do all day? I assume your men are exploring town'familiarizing' themselves with the locals."
[Samuel] *reaches into a pocket and pulls out a gold coin that he walks across his knuckles* "It is amazing how much one can buy with just one of these, and to think, we had a ship full of them and other goods."
[Loretta] "Oh, yeah, i can imagine... For all our industrialization, metals are about the only thing still worth anything. Makes sense, i suppose. But you didn't just do a little shopping and come back here, did you? It's not the most exciting town on the coast, but it does have a lot you're probably not familiar with."
[Samuel] "Well, is you wish to know my actions," *holds up a finger at Loretta,* "I require the same in payment. Let us see... after your milk marms left with you in tow, I retrieved my men from the place of horrendous noise and devil lights and, after stopping in at a building that promised to buy gold for money, we went back to the ship... well, where the ship disappeared. Luckily my first mate knows his way around a spell or two and within a short while, we had our fill of the treasures that were left behind by the ship. Then, with only a single man's pocket of coin, we left the gold buyer penniless and instead of waiting for him to return from this "bank" with more of the green paper that is in fashion, we went to the "bank" ourselves. After that, I instructed my men to procure a place of residence for us and to see about obtaining a new ship before coming back here for a midday feast and to wait for nightfall... and you."
[Loretta] "Wow, you guys are efficient..."
[Samuel] "I only expect the best in my men. We can have a ship boarded, stripped, and burned within the hour."
[Samuel] "Time for play is after work, this my men know. The faster work is finished, the more time for play there is."
[Loretta] *blinks, impressed* "Sounds fair." *thinks about what she did all day* "I wasn't quite as industrious. I went home, had lunch, talked to our bride's brother about fixing my phone, then had dinner with the guy that come onto the ship with me, went home again, and came here."
[Loretta] "That sounds really lame listed out like that, but i also convinced a bunch of dirty fish pirates not to steal the local womenfolk!"
[Loretta] "And told a handsome guy how to break his curse."
[Loretta] "Not one of my worse days." *grins smugly*
[Samuel] *nods as she speaks, especially since a "phone" seems rather impressive to him as he does not know what it is, but with all the small boxes of metal that are full of magic, fixing one seems impressive indeed* "Handsome you say?" *plasters a devilish look on his face as he wonders if the time for talk is now over*
[Loretta] "You know, it's really not very convincing when you pretend not to know it."
[Samuel] "But charming, no?"
[Loretta] "Pfft! Girls from our era are *way* less gullible than you're obviously used to. Just about every cute jerk out there is 'charming.'"
[Samuel] *looks hurt and gets to his knees, facing her* "Oh? Then perhaps, they desire something more... direct." *and moves forward to kiss Loretta soundly*
[Loretta] *mutters while kissing back* "Mmphum."
[Samuel] *breaks off the kiss* "Sorry, did you say something?" *waits less than a second for Loretta to respond* "No? Good." *and commences to kiss her again*
[Loretta] *continues to kiss back for a good long while before pushing him back, hard* "Do you know what i am?"
[Samuel] *immediately curious, he peers at her* "You do not have horns, nor scales or other disfigurements so not a demon, and no fangs so not a vampire.."
[Loretta] "Close. Slayer. Heard of them?"
[Samuel] "Yes, slayers of vampires, which is a very unimaginative name. That means you are strong like a vampire to be able to fight one, and you heal fast, no? Good, I will not have to be careful to not harm you then." *gives her another hungry look*
[Loretta] "Ha! Quite the opposite. *I* have to be careful not to hurt *you.* And so far i've had no luck at it, so i can't make any promises."
[Samuel] "Though I am human once more, I fear that I am more due to the nature of the curse, perhaps? I do not fear your passion."
[Loretta] "Good; no complaining then, unless you really want me to stop." *throws him down on the blanket roughly*
[Samuel] *does not resist*
"I'm imagining Kiera Knightly, Katherine Zeta-Jones, Angelina and Meg Fox sitting around your map wearing bandanas vigorously shaking fists full of d20s." - Aval Penworth, in regards to a map I made
"We're talking about the GM that made us fight giant Fruit, Verd is totally unpredictable." - Nikurasu (one of my players)
Everyone is an atheist about some gods, we just went one god further. - Richard Dawkins
Ism's in my opinion are not good. A person should not believe in an -ism, he should believe in himself. I quote John Lennon, "I don't believe in Beatles, I just believe in me."--Ferris Bueller, 1986
To the human body, a spoonful of flour and a spoonful of sugar are identical.
"Seeing, contrary to popular wisdom, isn't believing. It is where belief stops, because it isn't needed any more." - Terry Pratchett, Pyramids
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Re: Allison's Big Day (Wednesday, November 19)

PostPosted by hippie_mama » Tue Apr 06, 2010 6:59 pm


Despite his worries that the injuries incurred today were truly more than could be cared for at home, Trent gladly accepts Allison's attention and affections throughout the day, and waits until she has fallen asleep to shower and inspect them himself. Once the blood is washed away, he sees that they are indeed healing much faster than normal (-1 drama point for I Think I'm Okay to heal 12 of the 33 points of LP damage taken).

Dried and bandaged once more, he gets back into bed with his bride, and hopes that tomorrow he can finally be her husband.
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Re: Allison's Big Day (Wednesday, November 19)

PostPosted by Solar_Dawn » Tue Apr 06, 2010 8:40 pm

Allison spends her day taking care of Trent and fawning over him, though trying to keep an eye on everyone else, making sure there is something to eat even if only Eric eats it.
She also males Trent's favorite steak and anything else he wants before falling asleep next him.

Eric spends half the day working on Loretta's phone and the other half playing games and sulking a bit he was left behind with the lovey doveys
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