Tuesday, November 18

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Tuesday, November 18

PostPosted by hippie_mama » Sat Feb 20, 2010 7:54 pm

[Loretta] *arrives at the dojo, at the crack of dawn, hoping to get in a good workout of her own before the early classes start; she enters quietly, hoping Peter won't notice she's there yet*
[Kate] *wakes up; looks around to see Peter; he is seen at the kitchen, making breakfast for him and her* "ow, you shouldn't..."
[Peter] "good morning. " *smiles* "so... some night huh?"
[Kate] "yeah. i gotta get going to work unfortunately though... listen, can i take a look at that dojo of yours while you finish breakfast?"
[Peter] "sure. I'll be right down when ready..."
[Kate] *goes downstairs...*
[Loretta] *stops suddenly when she hears someone, looking guilty*
[Kate] *opens door; looks around and sees a teenaged girl* "um... hi?" *said shyly, maybe in a guilty tone*
[Loretta] *just blinks a moment* "Er...hi..." *seems to be processing what sort of intruder--err, guest? this could be*
[Kate] "...sorry, i must have forgotten my manners?" *gets calm now, though still quite shy* "I am Peter's-erm, a friend of Peter."
[Loretta] "Oh, hi; i work here."
[Kate] "you work here?... are you sure? this is a martial arts ..school, or... however they are called..."
[Loretta] "Pretty sure, yes. Of course, i haven't seen a paycheck yet, so 'work' might be using the term loosely!" *trying to be friendly*
[Kate] "ah. well, Peter didnt have time to mention you, but i'm sure he would. hope he doesnt mind that i borrowed this blouse of his?..."
[Loretta] "Don't ask me..."
[Kate] "i mean, i sort of thought next to nobody would see me come here, like it'd be empty still..."
[Loretta] *shrugs*
[Kate] *yells to upstairs, more comfortable now* "hey, 'tiger';" *giggles* "what about that breakfast?"
[Loretta] *makes a rather disgusted face at the word 'tiger' when Kate isn't looking*
[Peter] *comes down, loosely dressed * "here it i-oh." *looks at Loretta, then at Kate, then at Loretta again* "so, uh, i see you met..."
[Loretta] "We were in the middle of that." *reaches out to shake the woman's hand* "I'm Loretta."
[Kate] "you didnt tell me you have employees... care to make another breakfast?" *shakes Loretta's hand* "Hello Loretta. I am Kate."
[Peter] "su-sure..." *gets back up again*
[Loretta] "Nice to meet you; i was just off to get some coffee though, so no worries--i'll be back in time for the first class."
[Kate] "oh, dont be silly; i'm sure you can have coffee here; i'd like to meet you some, and i'll be leaving sortly."
[Loretta] "Really, that's fine; i just work here." *heads for the door*
[Kate] *looks weirded out a bit*
[Peter] *gets back* "where did she go?"
*Kate shrugs*
[Peter] *sends an SMS* 'can you please come back so i can talk to you some? If you want i can send you a call when Kate leaves' *starts having breakfast with Kate, then they say goodbye*
[Loretta] *sends a text back* "In line now; be back before class"
[Peter] *sends back* 'OK; be back early before class though' *a bit worried, but continues on breakfast*
[Loretta] *gets her coffee as stated, though it's just for something to do--she has long since developed a distaste for the stuff; arrives at the dojo again, about 10 minute before class starts, but while the early class is already arriving and talking among themselves; is all about business with the students once class does start*

*after some time, class ends; Peter is concentrating on the students, glad that Loretta seems to be doing the same; they're not really that many students, but hey-its a start...then he waits for them to leave so he gets to talk to Loretta*

[Loretta] *when the last have left and she begins setting up for the afternoon class* "She seems nice."
[Peter] "well... she was, true that.' *smiles, but returns to checking her reactions* "real nice. anyway, why did you leave like that?... not like you werent invited in, and you *did* come here in the first place, so dont tell me you didnt intend to stay more than seconds. dont take me for a fool."
[Loretta] *shrugs* "It was awkward. I didn't realize i had to ask permission to come in early, but i will in the future."
[Peter] "do not be silly. you are always welcome here. why it was awkward anyway; havent you ever been at a breakfast with me and a girl i like?" *is quite trying to check and be sure *nothing* is wrong...*
[Loretta] "No. It's not like you."
[Peter] *shocked* "so... there never was any girl that i liked before?...well, come to think of it, i didnt exactly like her either, just... happened..."
[Loretta] *shrugs* "There may have been a couple, but it never went well."
[Peter] *phew* "so , ... well, i *was* into girls, but it just didnt happen; right? i wasnt, like..." *pauses, then chuckles, proud and happy* "well, guess now the new and improved version *can* make such things go well!"
[Loretta] "Looks that way..."
[Peter] *worries why she is being so laconic; trying to discern her mood* "well, this has been a great class; you still owe me a breakfast with you though..."
[Loretta] *shrugs neutrally and goes on with her work*
[Peter] *lies* "maybe i should go to the wedding with Kate, dont you think?"
[Loretta] "I think if you plan on seeing her again, you should at least invite her."
[Peter] "i was just joking... like i said before, it wasnt exactly like that. i dont know how it'll evolve, but " *gets closer to her and taps her shoulder* " you are my best friend that found out i met some chick. i expected you to be all sorts of happy for me...unless you object of course, but i see you dont."
[Loretta] "It's hard for me to be happy when i just met her. Maybe i'll be happy if it turns into something. Fair enough?"
[Peter] *smiles* "okay. fair it is. let me help you with that* "takes stuff and helps set up too* "i do think i should tell her about the demon stuff at some point though... not until i'm sure she'll handle it of course; but maybe then she can be helping me with the research and planning stuff instead. " *pauses* "anyway, if i see her again, i'd like you to come eat breakfast with us at some point?..."
[Loretta] "I think you're getting ahead of yourself over someone you just met, but sure. One of these days, i will."
[Peter] "like i said, i probably wont see her again. but if i do, i want my girl to know this stuff, like i've told you before. " *keeps setting up stuff until he gives Loretta a break until afternoon class*
[Loretta] "Of course. No one wants to hide stuff."
[Peter] *mutters* 'except you.' "anyways, thanks for the help; you did good job today."
[Loretta] *smirks* "What do you mean, 'except me?' If i had a boyfriend, i'd tell him stuff. I would have to. No one hangs out with a Slayer and doesn't have their life threatened on occasion."
[Peter] "sure. just not to your friends. to them, you like playing tough chick that deals with her problems on her own-and thats not exactly good for you... i mean, what sort of friends are we if we only help in fights?..."
[Loretta] "I'm not playing. I AM a tough chick, and i do deal with my own problems."
[Peter] "No. you are a super-tough chick, that can deal with her own problems but *does not have to*, cause guess what? she has people that care for her and will be her friends no matter what. and when something's on your mind and you think you hide it from us and keep us worried, its like you're blaming us for fools. we dont complain, but thats not very trusting, now is it?..."
[Loretta] *thinks on that a minute* "Well if i don't need any help, then what's the harm in it?"
[Peter] "cause if you *do* use help, you can do more than take the pain; you can *be happy*.you can actually, really, be happy."
[Loretta] "I don't seem happy?"
[Peter] "the important thing is, do you *feel* happy?" *pauses* "no person can be happy and base his life in anger like you once did-you admitted that fact yesterday."
[Loretta] "Considering the fate i've been handed, i think i'm pretty well-adjusted, maybe even damned blissful. I think i'm as happy as anyone can expect me to be, considering."
[Peter] "Allow me, able to see more things as i am, to see more potential, sometimes for little or no risk. And allow me to have one wish: that for once, you attempt to talk to me about how you feel for 'the fate you've been handed', what you like and dont like. Cause i am your friend and will never cease to be. And i wish you relay believed that..."
[Loretta] "You want to know what it's like to be 14, and wake up one day, knowing that 'the fate of the world' and countless other dramatic cliches are actually quite likely to eventually fall on your shoulders? You want to know how it feels to realize everyone you ever get attached to is probably going to die some horrible, painful death, and that it would have been you that painted the target on their backs? Or do you want to hear about how hard it is to realize you'll never be able to have a normal relationship with normal people of any kind, because even holding a regular job is completely impossible when you're constantly under attack, or saving the city from disaster, or if none of that, at least hiding the big dark secret of what a freak you really are? Is that the sort of stuff you're interested in? Because there really aren't any words for most of it."
[Peter] *gets closer to her* "... its OK; Loretta, it really is OK. Cause you know what-i too have assumed that world-saving responsibility. I too am a freak, and if people found out they could really be bothered. I too have difficulties with jobs, and like you told me, relationships. I *feel* how hard all that stuff is. But still-i try. *we* try. cause life is full of second and third chances, so long as we've got the guts to take these chances. just because you've been hurt, doesnt mean all is lost. you have friends, friends that want and can pull you through, and help you with all this stuff, and maybe, just maybe,... make it *work*." *smiles, offering her a hug*
[Loretta] *hugs back* "Yeah, well, just keep in mind i'm not trying to be secretive. It's just not my favorite subject to chat about."
[Peter] *rests her head on his shoulder, though he'd be really surprised if that girl ever allowed herself to cry in life; just instinct* "i understand, just know that you do have people you can talk to. You can ask me anything, really; I promise i'll be here. Don't just give up on your life, supergirl; you deserve the best. Remember yesterday? i showed you how there's still unused potential inside you. we'll see how we can make things work out."
[Loretta] *sighs* "Yeah, it's cool. Thanks."
[Peter] *lets her go* "... am i even getting through?" *seems real sad* "or you just see a lame guy that is your ally but is foolish enough to be your friend?"
[Loretta] "All in how you look at it, right?"
[Peter] "... how do *you* look at it?"
[Loretta] *changes the mood of the conversation by punching him on the shoulder* "Well you're lame, but it's hard to say if being friends with me has anything to do with it or not!"
[Peter] "lame? well, Kate definitely would disagree with that, i can assure you." *smiles*
[Loretta] "Ha! Well Kate's known you, what, a day? I've known you longer than you've known yourself!"
[Peter] *chuckles* "yes, but not close to the way she did; I'm kidding, I'm kidding. I admit i might be lame, but i'm the lame dude you keep choosing to spend time with.Gotta give me props for that. " *proudly*
[Loretta] *frowns very briefly at 'not the way she did' but assumes it goes unnoticed* "Yeah, well, no accounting for taste, obviously! There's one thing Kate and i must have in common!"
[Peter] "so, i'll cook lunch; wanna lunch with me? no Kate, i promise, just you and me."
[Loretta] *shrugs* "Beats that sandwich place across the street. Their bread is terrible."
[Peter] "okay. i go cook; you change clothes back and finish setting up stuff, okay?"

[Peter] *eventualy gets lunch table ready*
[Loretta] *does what he asked, then joins him*
[Peter] "well, since we..." *bell rings* "sorry; i go see who it is..."
[Loretta] "I can get it."
[Peter] *smiles* "you sure? OK..."
[Loretta] *goes to answer the door*
*its Kate!*
[Loretta] "Oh, hey!" *tries to fake a look of surprise* "Great timing; Peter's in the kitchen again."
[Kate] "um... hi. you are still here i see... Laura?"
[Loretta] *lets her in* "Loretta. And yeah, i work here..."
[Kate] "Hi Pete!"
[Loretta] *shoots a look to Peter when she's not looking that says 'wow, she's a quick one.'*
[Peter] *sees her* "... hi. by all means, come in. " *gets some stuff ready so that Kate can eat too*
[Kate] *sits besides Peter*
[Loretta] *clears her throat quietly* "I could, uh, go get more sodas at the convenience store or something."
[Peter] *serious* "don't be ridiculous. come sit."
[Loretta] *sits, reluctantly*
[Peter] "so, how was your day?"
[Kate] "oh, it was the most exciting day you can imagine! stock market was on fire i mean..."
[Peter] "...yeah. i get it..."
[Loretta] *tries hard not to look bored, but feels very out of place*
[Peter] *also out of place, obviously* "Loretta here really impressed some of the students."
[Kate] "oh really?..." *makes a small gesture, easily perceived as caressing Peter's thighs under the table; he is pleasantly startled for a bit, but gently stops her. feeling awkward*
[Loretta] *winces slightly, trying to look away without obviously looking away* "A few more weeks and i think we can break that afternoon class into two. And do Ladies' Self Defense on Thursday."
[Peter]" yeah... they -wha!- they say they didn't think she'd be that good a fighter."
[Kate] "Really? Ladies' self defense?... maybe i should join... do some grappling practice" *looks at Peter*
[Peter] "well, Loretta is meant to teach that class..."
[Loretta] *forces a smile*
[Peter] "so, uh.... Kate, see," *lies* "we have another class in a bit; maybe you should go too so as not to be late from lunch break?"
[Kate] "hmph... true i guess..."
[Loretta] "If we have the more advanced classes on Monday and Wednesday, and the little kids on Tuesday, we can have Friday as an open gym day, and do private lessons on the weekend..."
[Peter] "you mean for me to have private lesson with Kate, or for you to have private lesson with her?"
[Loretta] "I meant in general, for anyone that didn't want to be part of a class."
[kate] "figure it out; bye guys!" *to Loretta* "keep him warm for me girl."
[Loretta] "Ha. Sure. Later..."
[Peter] "so... that was unexpected..."
[Loretta] "Yeah." *finally picks at her food, now that she's gone*
[Peter] "she seems... kinda clingy..."
[Loretta] *snickers* "Ya think? Must have left an impression..."
[Peter] *chuckles* "well, i have my ways...she surely must know something."
[Loretta] "Hm..." *eats her food*
[Peter] "i dont know though. i hope she doesn't get too clingy for her own good., cause she just doesn't fit the profile..."
[Loretta] "She just dropped in on your lunch break. I think it's too late."
[Peter] "well, the porblem is, it didn't start like this; this was never supposed to be a permanent thing. and like i said, she doens't fit the profile of a person that can be my..." *looks for a word to describe it* "... companion in the 'things i'm going through', you know? still, the sex is definitely good, gotta hand it to her."
[Loretta] "Over-sharing."
[Peter] "sorry, sorry. like i said though... i just don't know if what i need in my life is some random civilian chick... maybe civilian people are your thing, not mine though."
[Loretta] "Hm..." *finishes eating and puts her plate in the sink*
[Peter] *looks at her expectantly* " 'hm' what? you are using riddles, wizard!"
[Loretta] *shrugs, being evasive*
[Peter] *shrugs too; finishes his food and goes to wash dishes*
[Loretta] *muses aloud* "Some of the things you do are exactly they way you did them before, and others are completely different."
[Peter] "of course they are; i have improved!" *laughs* "seriously, what do you think about it?"
[Loretta] "I don't know. The way you cook, and joke with me but sometimes take what i say too seriously, and wash dishes, and walk, and punch, and the aftershave you use, and the way you comb your hair and fold your towels is all the same. But the way you act around other people, when we go to clubs, or make a battle strategy, or just decide where to research stuff is all different. It's just an observation. Might be something, or maybe not. But if it wasn't for your new social skills and lack of paranoia, i almost wouldn't know you couldn't remember anything."
[Peter] "i hope that doesn't upset you?...maybe what happened really *was* for the best... like, i was too weird with others before and i am more okay now?"
[Loretta] *smiles* "Yeah, you were pretty damn weird before."
[Peter] "well, that oughta be good, right? unless you prefer my weird self?"
[Loretta] "I reserve the right to make up my mind about that at a later time."
[Peter] "of course."
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Re: Tuesday, November 18

PostPosted by hippie_mama » Tue Feb 23, 2010 11:15 am

[Peter] *finishes dish-washing* "so... can i ask you something?... how long has it been since you've watched a comedy?"
[Loretta] "I don't know...why?"
[Peter] "i was thinking... see, watching action movies is cool, but kind of lame to do so repeatedly. what other things have you done with friends-watched a comedy?played monopoly? took photos of the city's monuments? anything you'd like to do but havent done so yet, or at least not with company."
[Loretta] *laughs a little* "You're kidding, right? My only friends are busy chasing down monsters and demons right along with me."
[Peter] "true; but research we already did, plan we formed, and now we have time to have fun and gather our strength." *looks at her suspiciously* "spelled f-u-n. know what that is, right?"
[Loretta] "Ha, ha. Very funny. Two nights ago wasn't fun? That was going out with friends on a non-demon-hunting basis."
[Peter] *frowns, but in a way he wants to show he's kidding* "well... you did look like you didnt have the fun you deserved... i know i did, but..."
[Loretta] "It wasn't not-fun. It's just hard to be all laughter and sunshine when you're worried part of your family is about to be kidnapped."
[Peter] "so, let me repeat what you just said; you went out with friends, on a non-demon hunting basis, and it was fun.-and before you think i'm going to lecture you again, no, i wont; i'll just use this so it can help me succeed in,maybe, repeating such a fun event." *gives her a 'see? your life neednt be all doom and gloom and responsibility look*
[Loretta] *shrugs* "I guess."
[Peter] "basically, despite the fact that you are visiting me way too much time, i dunno-i kinda like spending time like that, and i dont want you to feel like time spent this way aint quality one..." *pauses* "so, any fun ideas yet? we all have stuff we'd like to do at a given moment..."
[Loretta] "Visiting? Hey, i work here! If i'm bothering you, you could just say so. I just figured lunch and stuff was ok since we're friends too."
[Peter] "...didnt i just say i like spending time with you?... in case you didnt see it, i sort of sent Kate away when i could send you away signaling for her to come here after work. its just that its not what I'd prefer. I just think its weird spending so much time with a person-we nearly live together-, but in a good way. so why not make it count?"
[Loretta] "So...you want to hang out, but go do stuff instead of sit around the house between classes. Is that what you mean?"
[Peter] "yeah... isnt that logical? dont tell me theres nothing you havent thought of doing... i mean, life can be short. plus, we get to dodge clingy woman ." *winks*
[Loretta] "Uh huh. I think you just don't want to keep getting caught here with me!"
[Peter] "still in doubt? kinda insecure at times, for a supergirl... OK, look it from my perspective a bit. you ready?" *smiles, indicating its not gonna be dramaic*
[Loretta] *rolls her eyes, but decides to humor him* "Go on..."
[Peter] "you wake up and find you are an amnesiac superhuman guy and dont know what to do. Luckily, you find friends; but when you split, you think you are going to be out-of-the-loop at first, since you most have their own thing. However, instead of that, some cute girl keeps spending time with you like you've done anything to deserve it. Former friends or not, it still feels very nice and comforting for me. I just want to see how you can fel that way too, and not , like, spend time just to save me from loneliness."
[Loretta] *smiles* "It's not a pity thing, trust me. But that girl of yours is going to want to go out again tonight, i'll bet you 20 bucks on it right now. You're going to really have to say something to her, for better or worse, if you don't want her in your business so soon after meeting her. She's going to see too much real soon if you let her come around the way she wants to. And it that's what you want, that's fine, but be prepared for it. Not trying to get preachy on you, but you've only been at this a few days; it's hard to bring people in on the big secrets without putting them in danger or asking way too much of them."
[Peter] "I dont know if i can tell her-like i said, she doesnt have the profile of a person that can survive this. Hence, to tell her means to kill her, and that is why i am hesitant to see her again-why do you insist that i should date her?"
[Loretta] "I'm not!" *maybe a bit too loudly* "I mean," *lowering her voice a bit* "if you don't want to, and so far it seems like you don't, at least not seriously, you really have to let her know before she gets all psycho on you."
[Peter] *chuckles* "okay, okay. you're right, i should tell her the thing wont work out... maybe at some point today or tommorow i'll meet her again and tell her in person? honest thing to do right? seems you're not the only freak with relationship problems here..."
[Loretta] *shrugs* "It's what i would do at least. And i'm not so sure one evening plus an awkward breakfast and lunch count as a 'relationship,' nor do i think one failure in less than a week of memory means you fail at life. But that's all just for the record."
[Peter] *nods* "of course it doenst mean i fail for life. nor does it mean that you, or anyone else , will keep failing." *winks* "so, you into something? i guess photos of monuments sounded dull even for an art chick?..."
[Loretta] "Sounds oddly fun, really, but we don't have that much time today, and tomorrow is obviously out. And after that, well, things might be pretty drastically different anyway."
[Peter] "... i understand... its just a part of me wants to be ready 'just in case' something bad happens to me... i guess its time when we must be getttibg ready now though?"
[Loretta] "Ugh, it sounds like i'm being the serious, responsible one, doesn't it? And without your memory, you can't even appreciate the true depths of the irony in it!"
[Peter]"i dont need my memory for that; trust me, i have figured out much more things about you than you'd probably like me to know..." *grins* "but you are correct. we should be all business for a bit; I guess its time for me to say that 'it was real nice while it lasted'."
[Loretta] "You just *think* you know me!" *jokingly, but only half joking* "But yeah...at the very least, we better not show up tomorrow hungover!"
[Peter] *sighs, looking at her*
[Loretta] "...What...?"
[Peter] " nothing... just a feeling of needing more... time i guess.ever felt like that?"
[Loretta] *laughs* "Does every day count?"
[Peter] *forces a smile, then laughs* "Of course, if the two of us get stuck in some fish dimension, it could be eternal, the way time might be passing differently...luckily our friends will hopefuly send us back, otherwise you'd se how bored of me you'd be." *pauses* "or, if it does last little time, it might be a vacation; not too bad..."
[Loretta] "Hopefully we'll never know..."
[Peter] "haha, yeah; i wanna know life before i lose it." *picks up phone* "hey Kate; listen, i want to meet you in a bit... no, dont dress for special occasion.... no. not because of that. see, this thing, it doesnt work out. I'll tell you in person...hello?...hello?" *spends day's drama point* "damn... she hang up. and she swears a lot..."
[Loretta] *giggles*
[Peter] *yelling, but expression is clearly laughing* "its you! its your fault!" *pauses*"wha-? stop laughing!"
[Loretta] *laughs harder* "Oh, come--" *laughs more* "Come on; don't tell me you don't feel a little safer now?" *laughs*
[Peter] "yeah, i guess thats right... now that i faced her, the pirates will be piece of cake."
[Loretta] "Yeah, no kidding. But i think you learned a valuable lesson here, about the dangers of bringing strange women home."
[Peter] "True. unlike you though, i dont give up on this love thing...i mean, just because Kate didnt work out..."
[Loretta] "Pfft, i never said i gave up."
[Peter] "thats nice for you to know then. so, what do you want to do now?... we still have a couple of hours till afternoon class, then after that we should go meet the others."
[Loretta] "We could go downstairs and clean all the equipment. That sounds exciting..."
[Peter] *confused* "... okay, if you say so."
[Loretta] "Well i was being sarcastic about the 'exciting' part, but still, it's something to do without feeling guilty about having too much fun before a monster attack."
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Re: Tuesday, November 18

PostPosted by Solar_Dawn » Thu Feb 25, 2010 1:24 pm

[Allison] *Mumbles softly half asleep and wraps her arms around Trent, opening her eyes just enough to spot the clock, and then jolting up straight, poking Trent in his side* "Wake up! It's way late already! And we already didn't do 'anything' useful yesterday.... for the wedding of fish people!"

[Trent] *grumbles* "And here i thought you got plenty of 'use' out of me..." *grins*

[Allison] *Smirks and straightens her hair, kissing his cheek briefly* "Yes well.... You're far happier when I let you think that!"

[Trent] *pouts*

[Allison] *Smirks and strokes his hair, then nudges him out of bed* "Come on, we should make ourselves useful, and I have like 3 apointments today..."

[Trent] *sighs and gets out of bed, pulling on his pants and anticipating a day full of tedious chores(

[Allison] *Get's out of bed too to head to the shower too, already going over everything that needs to be done today in her head*

[Trent] *goes outside for an especially long smoke*

[Allison] *Comes downstairs 45 minutes later wearing a simple but pretty dress and smelling of several diffirent kinds of flowers*
[Allison] *Looks around the house a bit* "Where do you think everyone is? Well... apart from eric who's at school.... or had better be anyway.."

[Trent] *comes back inside, walks past Allison, and sneezes* "Work, maybe?"
[Trent] *takes a quick shower himself, since Allison is probably going to insist on a lot of grooming between now and the big day*

[Allison] *Goes into the kitchen to make Trent some bacon sandwiches for when he comes back down and humming softly while doing so* "Heart and soul..."

[Trent] *returns shortly, to the smell of bacon!*

[Allison] *Places his well stacked plate in front of Trent and sits down with two apples herself*

[Trent] *shakes his head slightly at such irrational behavior, but eats happily anyway*

[Doorbell] *buzzes*

[Trent] "Well that can't be anyone WE know--they'd walk right in." *gets up to answer it*

[Allison] "Maybe it's fish people a day early, but then.... They wouldn't really ring the doorbell" *Pushes Trent back into his chair* "yer hands are all bacon greasy! I'll get it"

[Trent] "What? No they're--" *looks, wipes them with a napkin* "...not..."

[Allison] *Shakes her head and goes to open the door, trying hard to hide her discontent when she sees her uncle* "eh..... oh...... Hello uncle Jacob..."
[Jacob] *Smiles broadly and grabs Allison in a reluctant hug* "Ally! you look prettier each time I see you.. You look kind of surprised, you knew we were comming for the wedding didn't you? We got here a day early so we could spend the day together without all the wedding fuss, don't worry though we're staying at a hotel"
[Allison] *Frowns and squirms out of the hug, caught too off guard to respond imediatly, her mind a bit sluggish as it tries to catch up* "Wait.... We?.."
[Kate] *Walks up to the door, still looking back at the Truck in the driveway* "Why is there a huge smelly gas guzzling truck in your driveway?"
[Allison] *Can't stop her face from visibly falling this time* "oh...... hello kate...."

[Trent] "That would be mine. I'm Trent." *smiles at the girl, but extends his hand to the uncle first*

[Kate] *Looks him over for a long moment with a non too flattering look and speaking in a rather demeaning matter* "oh... well... that fits..."
[Jacob] *Accepts Trent's hand and shakes it, though subjecting him to an incredibly scrutinizing stare*

[Trent] "Well, come in. Have you had breakfast?"

[Allison] *Looks at her Uncle and Cousin for a long moment and then leans against Trent* "Honey... I'm really gonna be late for my apoitments if I don't hurry, can you take watch after them for a while? Till i get back..."

[Trent] "No problem." *kisses her cheek*

[Jacob] *Seems slightly disapointed but comes on in anyway* "oh eh yes, we've already eaten thank you"

[Trent] "You know Allison; she's probably got the day scheduled down to the minute."

[Kate] *Watches Allison very carefully as Allison collects her keys, bag and some other small items to take along, and seems to study her Cousin's stomach in particular*
[Allison] *Finishes stuffing everything into a bag and walks over to kiss Trent's cheek* "Love you" *Heads on out quickly to her car and disappears at an unusually fast driving speed for her*

[Trent] *sits casually on the couch* "So do you prefer 'Jacob,' or something more formal?"

[Jacob] *Sits down on a comfy chair* "Most of the family calls me Jacob... only my mother ever called me jake..." *Studies Trent very carefully* "So... Where are you from?"

[Trent] "Detroit."

[Jacob] *Gives Trent an conspiratorial grin* "I mean where are you 'really' from"

[Trent] "Well...i've moved around a lot in the last couple of years, but i was born in Detroit, as was my mother, so that's what i consider home." *not quite seeing what the man is getting at*

[Jacob] *Gives Trent a slightly suspicious look as if not entirely sure he's being honest* "Right.... So... What do you do?..."

[Trent] "I'm a tow truck operator and mechanic."

[Kate] *Has already disappeared upstairs without even so much as a word*
[Jacob] "I see..... and does that.... earn a good living?..."

[Trent] *sees now that he's in for a lengthy interrogation, but isn't completely surprised by it* "Considering the messes these college kids in town get themselves into, yeah, it's decent money."

[Jacob] "Isn't the money a bit.... Uncertain paycheck to paycheck though?.... For a starting family.. "

[Trent] "Well, seeing as Eric's nearly grown himself, and Allison works as well, i think it'll be just fine."

[Jacob] "Well yes but I assume Allison will stop working when the baby is born" *Said very casually*

[Trent] *chokes slightly* "Uh...children are very far in our future. Not even a thought until Eric is out on his own. We've got no intentions to upset the family dynamic further any time soon."

[Jacob] *Frowns and looks quite confused for a moment* "What about the baby that's on the way 'now', you aren't just going to give it away are you? Adoption is fine in some situations, but sometimes you just have to take responsibilities for your actions too!"

[Trent] *frowns* "Uh...what now?"

[Jacob] *Frowns* "I mean.... Well... I thought since I knew.... I just assumed... you did too..."

[Trent] "There's obviously been some miscommunication; Allison isn't pregnant, if that's what you're implying."

[Jacob] "oh.... Are you eh sure, because Kate heard it from my sister, who heard it from Allison herself. Maybe she's just waiting untill after the wedding, maybe she thinks you'll get scared and take off if she tells you before...." *Gives Trent a 'i wouldn't put it passed you' look*

[Trent] *can't help but chuckle* "Well, no disrespect to the Murphy family rumor mill, but i think she knows me a bit better than that. You don't really think she's dumb enough to marry a guy that she thought would do something like that, do you?"

[Jacob] "I don't know... I just know what I heard. But if you're absolutely certain... Then there must have been a miscommunication like you said." *Doesn't sound entirely convinced*

[Trent] "I'm absolutely certain. Can i get you some coffee?"

[Jacob] "Yes, that'd be nice, with a bit of milk if you have it"

[Trent] "Sure." *goes to retrieve coffee, stopping to listen carefully to the upstairs goings-on once he gets to the kitchen*

[Kate] *Is trying out Allison's wedding dress, which simply just doesn't look as good on her* "pfft... white... as if..."

[Trent] *shakes his head silently, then returns to the living room with Jacob's coffee*

[Jacob] *Takes the coffee and nods* "So... What's Allison up to today? She seemed in quite a hurry..."

[Trent] "I'm not completely sure, probably last-minute instructions for the caterers or something." *then calls up in a voice that's friendly yet firm* "Kate, i suggest you put everything back where you found it when you are finished...she'll have a fit if she thinks you were into anything..."

[Kate] *Jumps slightly and drops some shoes she was holding, looking around suspiciously* "eh.... yeah..."

[Trent] *then conspiratorially to Jacob* "I had sisters..."

[Jacob] *Smirks* "I can see that... So.... Has she been having meetings like that a lot in the last few months?..."

[Trent] "Um...no. Not really; just this week, since we're getting close to the wedding."

[Jacob] *Nods, lost in thought* "So, how did you two meet?"

[Trent] "Friends introduced us."

[Jacob] *Nods slowly again* "So how's Eric doing?"

[Trent] "He seems to be doing well; his grades are back up, and he's taking some martial arts classes after school with a friend."

[Jacob] "really?... Last time I saw him all he did was play games behind a computer screen, i suppose it's good he's out of that phase..."

[Trent] "He still plays them, but he gets out some too. Allison's pretty happy with the way he's maturing lately."
[Trent] "He even rebuilt a camero; i'm sure he'll want to show it off after school."

[Kate] *Comes back downstairs looking slightly flushed* "what are you talking about?.."

[Trent] "Just telling Jacob how proud we are of the way Eric's growing up."

[Kate] *Shrugs* "Is he still picking his nose all the time?"

[Trent] *chuckles* "Not that i know of."

[Jacob] "It seems you misunderstood your aunt Mariette Kate.... Allison's not having a baby"
[Kate] *Shrugs, flopping into a couch and seizing the remote to turn on some horrific show like the bold and the beautiful* "I know what I heard, and she totally fled out of here when I was trying to check out her stomach, and she's got that like... glow about her!"

[Trent] "Maybe she's just happy?"

[Kate] *Smirks and shrugs, with that teenage look of superiority on her face* "Well you're dating her, I'm sure you know.... Always careful and keeping tracking of her cycles!"
[Jacob] "Kate!"
[Kate] "What??"
[Jacob] "Don't talk like that!"
[Kate] "Fiiiinnneee"

[Trent] *frowns slightly at the awkward turn of things, and drinks some coffee of his own*

[Jacob] "So.. Will a lot of your family be comming?"

[Trent] "I don't have any family, but i've got some friends from Portland that will be here."

[Jacob] "ah... I thought you said you had sisters?..."

[Trent] "Had, yes. They were murdered two years ago, along with our mother."

[Jacob] *Pales slightly* "oh...... eh... I'm very sorry..."

[Trent] "It's alright; not something anyone should be expected to guess about a person."

[Kate] *Undoes a button on her blouse when nobodies looking, then sits on the sofa next to Trent* "So, do you need any grocery shopping done, I wanna get some things and I could do the shopping for you at the same time..."
[Jacob] *Coughs* "You spend the whole day at the mall before we left"

[Trent] "Uh..." *scoots away, as much as he can* "You can call Allison and ask her; were you two planning to stay for lunch?"

[Jacob] "Yes"
[Kate] "No"
[Kate] "You said we only had to spend one day with family, tomorrow is one day! i wanna do something fun"
[Jacob] *Wrubs his temples and let's out a deep sigh* "Fine fine, we'll leave at lunch..."

[Trent] "I'm not sure if she'll be back by then; would you like to call and see if she can meet you somewhere?"

[Jacob] "eh, yes, I think that'd be nice..."

[Trent] *pulls up her number on his phone and hands it to Jacob*

[Jacob] *stays silent for a while, before speaking* "No it's me, Jacob, your eh.... fiancee thought we could meet up somewhere to spend a little time together... What do you think?..... Alright..... Alright.... Yes, ok, we'll see you there then...." *Holds the phone out back to Trent* "For you.."

[Trent] "Thanks." *takes it* "Yeah?"

[Allison] "oh, You are so dead!"

[Trent] "What? Why?"

[Allison] "What'd you let them call me with your number! I thought it was you or i'd have let it ring"

[Trent] "I...because...uh..." *doesn't have a good answer* "Sorry?"

[Allison] "Yes well... Guess it wasn't fair to leave you to deal with them anyway...."

[Trent] "Yeah, well we'll talk plenty about THAT later..."

[Allison] "eh..." *Makes a very inocent and sweet voice* "I love you?"

[Trent] "I love you too." *hangs up and looks at the relatives* "She's...uh...upset i forgot to take out the trash this morning."

[Jacob] "Ah yes... The married life.... Well eh... I suppose... we'll see you at the wedding... We should get out of your hair..."

[Trent] "Have a good visit with your niece (thinking: Ha! Her turn...); it was nice meeting you both."

[Jacob] "Yes very nice...." *Get's up to head out again*
[Kate] *Doesn't say anything but just follows her father looking anoyed*

[Trent] *sees them to the door, if nothing else but to lock it behind them, then breathe a HUGE sigh of relief when they pull out of the driveway*

[Eric] *Comes in from the backdoor* "Are they gone?"

[Trent] "What the--why aren't you at school?"

[Eric] "Science experiment went badly.... teacher got the measurements wrong or something... The entire school's covered in blue smoke..."

[Trent] "You could have at least helped a guy out there!"

[Eric] *Smirks* "I could have...."

[Trent] "You're as sick as the rest of em, you know? Anyway, should i start lunch? Or do you have plans with your temporary freedom?"

[Eric] "Not really, we doing anything about like... pirate research or something?..."

[Trent] "Well...not really, no. We were just going to more or less wait for them to come, i guess. Hopefully Peter would get another flash of insight if we're not on the right track."

[Eric] "The old 'wing it' style eh.... Alright.... so lunch then..."

[Trent] *nods and goes to the kitchen*

[Eric] *Sits down and watches Trent carefully* "So... Told you half the family thinks there's a baby involved..."

[Trent] "Yeah, they were pretty aggressive about it too."

[Eric] *Grins* "Must be your shady looks!"

[Trent] *tries to look innocent* "Me, shady? Yeah, you're right..."

[Eric] "So... What ever happened to your bachelor party?.."

[Trent] "Eh, i don't know. I figured it was off, with everything going on."

[Eric] "That just figures...."

[Trent] "I'm sure we could at least go out for drinks or something."

[Eric] *Smirks* "You make it sound like you're still a free man...."

[Trent] "Well i am until tomorrow...right?"

[Eric] *Smirks* "Sure... if you wanna risk being hung over tomorrow.... I sure don't.... I like my head attached thank you very much..."

[Trent] *laughs* "Well, i don't really drink much anyway. It's more an excuse to get out and hang."
[Trent] "Allison won't want to be alone tonight though; we'll either have to talk Loretta into staying with her, or take the girls with us."

[Eric] "Or we could just rent movies and bunker up in the house... I mean... we dunno when these pirates are gonna show up right?..>"
[Eric] "What if they show up at 1 AM and you're still out, try explaining that!"

[Trent] "True..."
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Re: Tuesday, November 18

PostPosted by hippie_mama » Fri Feb 26, 2010 6:31 pm

[Peter] *as they have gone downstairs to do various boring stuff* "hmph. I think Trent probably forgot it..." *pulls out cellphone!* *calls Trent*
[Trent] *answers, having just finished the lunch dishes* "Yeah?"
[Peter] "hey dude! how are you? havent seen ya in a while..."
[Trent] "Pretty good, though i have to admit it was pretty touch-and-go while Allison's uncle and cousin were here..."
[Peter] *laughs* " I can see what you mean. so... you didnt forget about today right?..."
[Trent] "Today..." *runs through the list of things Allison told him not to forget about, most of which he can't do until morning* "Uh..." *coming up blank* "Today?"
[Peter] "dude... i am *shocked* that you say that! " cautiously in hopes that Loretta wont hear * "the bachelor party! "
[Trent] "Oh. Right. Eric and i kind of talked about that earlier; maybe we should all just stay in at Allison's place overnight. You know, for security and such."
[Loretta] *bored, flipping channels until time for the next class to start*
[Peter] "come on! the bachelor party to end all bachelor parties!... what, you're gonna leave me all by myself?"
[Trent] "Well...maybe if we could be home early?"
[Peter] *sighs* "well, is leaving here at...say, midnight early enough?..."
[Trent] "Yeah, should be. I mean, if their arrival is somehow mystically linked to the wedding day, they shouldn't come before the midnight before...right?" *obviously (cautiously) trying to justify leaving his bride for a night out!*
[Peter] "no excuses! this night aint just for you, its for me and eric too!"*jokingly trying to make him feel sympathy for them hence not cancel* "be here in a couple of hours, ok?..."
[Trent] "Eh...well...yeah, i think i can do that. Eric's off school early, so i'll bring him too."
[Peter] *smiles* "you better!...cya dude!"*hangs up*
[Trent] *lets out a big sigh, knowing he's in for some serious trouble over this*
[Peter] *lets out a big sighs, guilty and wondering how to explain this to Loretta that she should leave*
[Trent] *calls Loretta*
[Loretta] *grumbles and picks up the phone* "What?"
[Trent] "Need a favor..."
[Loretta] "Hmph! Doesn't everyone? Go on, what now?"
[Trent] "Can you stay with Allison tonight?"
[Peter] "who is it?..."
[Loretta] "Why wouldn't i?" *looks up at Peter* "Trent"
[Peter] "tell him I'll fill you in...on the details of what we discussed."
[Loretta] *shrugs at Peter like 'whatever'*
[Trent] "I mean all night; the guys and i were going to go out, and i don't want her to be alone."
[Loretta] "Well duh; considering what we're expecting, that would be really, really stupid, don't you think?"
[Trent] "Well yeah...but we're going to try to be back by midnight. Just in case."
[Loretta] *sigh* "Whatever."
[Trent] "I want you to be careful though, I--"
[Loretta] *interrupts* "What, you don't think i can take some slimy seamen?" *makes a face* "Ew...that didn't come out right..."
[Trent] "..."
[Peter] *is all eww at that too*
[Loretta] "What i mean is, i'll take care of her. No worries. Go have whatever pervy fun you guys have planned."
[Trent] "Thank you Loretta. It means a lot."
[Loretta] "Eh, whatever. I'm sure you'll hear plenty from Allison about it." *hangs up and gives Peter a dirty look*
[Peter] *is all guilty, cause he suspects how she'll feel about it; tries to justify though* "well... i am the best man; its my... duty and all..."
[Loretta] "I suppose it's a boys-only thing, huh?"
[Peter] "... wha?... you want in?" *unsure what he should think about that one; seems confused*
[Loretta] "Hmph! Well it would have been nice to be invited. But someone has to guard Allison. It's a good thing i care about her, or you would SO be in trouble over this."
[Peter] " I know... listen, this party, its not... it *means* nothing, you understand? its just... i thought given that you said you're-what, 14? despite how older in a hot way you look, maybe i'd feel weird if you were in such an environment..."
[Loretta] "FIFTEEN! And Eric's only sixteen anyway. And TRENT is barely older than him!"
[Peter] "oh... sorry... I guess i misheard, or you were referring at an older time some time ago about you being 14... you turning 16 soon? i understand... you also proved to me you're quite mature last couple of days. but i was realy misinformed! ... sorry? I promise i'll make it up to you no matter what..."
[Loretta] "Whatever; like i said, i Trent wants me to babysit Allison anyway, and it's fine since i don't want her kidnapped by monster pirates anyway. Just, you know, i'm NOT a little girl. I can look at boobies or whatever you pervs were planning."
[Peter] *smiles* "sorry; misinformed is all i can say...! come on, I'm an idiot, but a cute idiot!" *pauses for some time* "my promise still stands by the way. But yourself you gotta understand; sometimes, there are reservations regarding people's age; society has standards, some correct, some false; most are in-between, and its hard to make a distinction... i guess i kinda forgot every case is different."
[Loretta] *just shrugs* "I'm gonna go set up for the next class."
[Peter] "OK i guess..." *hopeful* "so... what if I promise i'll try to see you as an individual regarding this stuff, and not an age number?... Are we OK then?..."
[Loretta] *over her shoulder, already heading to the workout area* "Yeah, sure."
[Peter] "if we are OK, then answer my question; when are you turning 16, just so i can go buy a present?... hopefuly your ideal present wont be as expensive as a car..." *hopes that'll lighten the mood|*
[Loretta] "Not anytime soon."
[Peter] *sighs in relief; his wallet wouldnt be able to handle it if she blackmailed him to buy a car!* *goes to get stuff rdy for bachelor party upstairs, then goes down for the class too*
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Re: Tuesday, November 18

PostPosted by hippie_mama » Sat Feb 27, 2010 11:18 am

[Trent] *goes upstairs and knocks on Eric's door*
[Eric] *Looks up from his PC and frowns at the door* "eh..... fish people?"
[Trent] "No...eh...but Pete called. Party's on if you want to go."
[Eric] "Since when do people knock in this house? oohh... I see how it is now..."
[Trent] *still talking through the door* "Loretta's going to stay here and be sure everything's ok while we're out; and we'll try to be home by midnight, just in case...so...?"
[Eric] "Cool.... me and peter can toast to your memory"
[Trent] "Well...i'll talk to her about it. But i was hoping we could go soonish...you know...before she gets back? And then i can just call her..."
[Eric] "oh yeah, I like this idea..." *get's up to open the door*
[Trent] "So you're in?"
[Eric] "Sure! I'm just gonna take my own car...."
[Trent] "Um...ok. Right, of course. Ok. So...meet you there i guess?
[Eric] "Yeah..." *Let's out a bad cough that sounds a lot like APB*
[Trent] "Umm...what?"
[Eric] "nuffin..."
[Trent] "Ok...well then, i guess i'll see ya."
[Eric] *Heads over to his own car, unable to not smirk*
[Trent] *locks up the house carefully before getting into his truck and driving to Peter's; halfway there he calls Allison*
[Peter] *as last class ends* "so, uh... this is it right?
[Allison] *Picks up her phone* "Perfect timing, I just got rid of them, why didn't you tell them the wedding was moved?"
[Loretta] "This is what? The end of class?" *looks at the empty room* "Looks like it."
[Trent] "What? I thought Eric and Loretta took care of that."
[Peter] "no, i mean... soon, the guys are going to arrive. "
[Loretta] *eye roll* "So you want me to leave, as in 10 minutes ago. Got it."
[Allison] "Well if they had done that, they wouldn't have been at our doorstep on the wrong day..."
[Trent] "Wait...yes they would. They *said* they came a day early to spend time with you. So they did know."
[Peter] "hey; this way at least you can keep allison some company.look at it this way; you're doing me a favour and can asm me to pay you back. " *winks*
[Allison] "Yes.... One day early.... Which would put the wedding they're here to visit at tomorrow.... a wedding with guns... and fish people..."
[Loretta] "Damn straight i can." *leaves her work clothes on, just picks up her regular stuff, and heads out*
[Trent] "Shit. You're right...well, at least you set them straight on that."
[Peter] "oh, and Loretta;" *when she turns* "make me regret this by looking lovely tommorow. I now know you can."
[Allison] "Yeah.. I told them it was moved back..... Anyway, i'll be home soon"
[Loretta] "Hmph." *leaves*
[Trent] "Great; Loretta should be on her way by now too. Eric and i are going to be out for awhile, but we should be back before midnight."
[Allison] "oh alright, more research?"
[Trent] "Not exactly; we were going to hang out at Peter's place. Kind of a pre-wedding guy thing."
[Allison] *Sounds slightly suspicious* *What kind of.... pre-wedding guy thing?...."
[Trent] "Like a...bachelor party?" *holds the phone out a bit from his ear, wincing in anticipation of what's to come*
[Allison] "The kind where there's drinking and strippers??"
[Trent] "Eh...not sure. Possibly?"
[Allison] "Oh yes, well i can see how that's fair.... Afterall, I might only be charted off to sea world by mad cursed pirates for marrying you, and while i'm worrying about that, you're checking out 'other' girls getting undressed!"
[Allison] *takes a deep breath and sighs* "Well alright.... that was mean...... "
[Trent] "Uh...Loretta will be there?" *cheerfully* "Maybe you could do some girl thing?"
[Allison] "I trust you, and you to have a guys night too... Just... be home on time alright? cause if I'm carted off by fish pirates while yer napping in a nudy bar, i'll be back to haunt you till well into the afterlife!"
[Trent] "Fair enough. I love you!"
[Allison] "I know, I love you" *Hangs up the phone and starts muttering* "And i hope that stripper is real pretty, because she's gonna be the only girl you're seeing naked for the next 5 years!" *slams the phone into the carseat and heads home*
[Trent] *sighs heavily, as that could have gone much worse, and pulls up to Peter's place*
[Peter] *gets the music playing waiting for the guys; sends an SMS to Loretta just cause she was mad, then returns to party stuff, calculating the strippers will arrive half an hour after Trent*
[Trent] *walks up to Pete's apartment and knocks*
[Peter] *welcomes them*
[Eric] *parks his car away from Trent's, just in case Trent's is somehow the accidental victim of 40 parking tickets*
[Loretta] *takes she shortest path (through parks and private property) back to Allison's*
[Eric] *Walks up after Trent and looks him over* "Haven't called yet eh?"
[Trent] "I called. She's mostly ok with it."
[Peter] "hey guys! whassup?..." *they see a peter party-dressed, listening to music, unlike how they've ever seen him before*
[Eric] "mmmm..." *Looks skeptical* "Or you're being lured into a false sense of security, and then suddenly, bam, we're all dead! But at least we can go out smiling..."
[Trent] *gives Eric a brief unsure look, but goes inside*
[Peter] "so... what shall you guys drink?... no Eric, for this one night, no soda."
[Eric] "eh, beer?..."
[Peter] "beers coming up!" *cheerful, brings for all three*
[Trent] *takes one just a little hesitantly, and forces a smile*
[Eric] *Sips it carefully and sits down somewhere* "So eh... what exactly are we gonna be doing?.."
[Peter] *grins* "wouldnt you like to know..."
[Eric] "No..... I just asked so I could time my pee breaks accordingly! of course i want to know..."
[Trent] *drinks his beer in a manner just slightly more manly than Eric's method*
[Peter] "well..."*superwell-timed bell rings* " for one thing, you're gonna find what happens to naughty boys!" *opens door as three strippers get in*
[Eric] "That sounded...... Really wrong...."
[Peter] "come in, ladies! the groom awaits!" *shows Trent*
[Trent] "Wow, three of them, that's--oh, hello there..."
[Eric] *Takes a far larger drink of beer*
*the strippers get close to Trent, one dressed like a cop, the other like a nurse, the other a teacher*
[Peter] *taps Eric's shoulder* "fun times huh? "
[Trent] "Oh, ok, that's very lovely but...uhmm...hey wait, that tickles, ACK!" *falls off the chair*
[Eric] *Smirks, watching Trent fall* "it's getting there"
*Teacher chick comes close to Eric a bit* "hey, handsome!"
*Peter backs off and watches*
[Trent] *manages to get some distance between him and the other two* "Ok, um, don't you dance or something? How about some dancing, like...over that way a little bit, where there's more space?"
[Eric] *Smirks, and seems quite entertained though not by the strippers themselves per se* "Heya! And don't listen to him, he's just hoping for a lapdance"
*nurse chick and cop chick start stripping seductively, but...they strip *each other!*
*teacher chick sits right next to Eric's arm, nearly touching it* "and what about you?"
[Trent] "Yes, excellent..." *salvages what's left of his beer and moves farther away, then addresses Peter quietly* "Gee, think you could have found more aggressive ones!?"
[Peter] *winks* "you gotta admit, less aggressive ones would make you bored mate."
[Eric] *Finishes his beer and smirks* "I like girls that get me another beer!"
*is offended; professional pride, she gets a beer, sits on his lap and offers it to him*
[Trent] "I don't know, i think i'm slightly traumatized as it is..." *adjusts his shirt which became slightly twisted in the fall, and puts a hand through his hair*
[Peter] "well, you're a tough fella, i wouldnt worry...now sit back and enjoy the show!"
[Trent] *finishes his beer while watching the two stripping, with morbid curiosity*
[Eric] *Smirks and takes a sip from his new beer* "Thanks!" *Looks her up and down and grins* "So... how about that weather..."
*laughs with weather comment* "looks hot to me..."
[Trent] *does the responsible thing, and puts both his and Eric's empty bottles in the recycle bin*
*the other two finally strip, and play some until Trent comes back*
[Eric] "Must be all those pressure points..." *Chuckles at his own joke* "So eh... yeah...."
*guides eric's arm to her leg while she starts chatting*
[Trent] *watches politely, and tips the girls appropriately, but looks properly disinterested all the while*
*girls split one for each dude; Peter seems to be into it, but careful observers can see he might be acting it up*
[Eric] *Doesn't move his hand to be polite, but seems far better at talking then at leering stupidly*
[Loretta] *arrives at Allison's* "So how much trouble are they in?"
[Allison] "What makes you say that?" *has arranged all her weapons and ammunition on the table, cleaned and ready for use*
[Loretta] *smirks* "Oh, nothing!"
[Peter] *partner change* " Eric, i'd really advise you to relax a little mate." *winks, then tells the girl previously on him* "you show him girl!"
*she goes to eric and starts lapdancing*
[Loretta] "So...do you want to do anything?"
[Eric] "Somehow i'm finding myself distracted and hard to relax.... i can't imagine why..."
[Allison] "Alright.... wanna help me pick out a cliff?...."
[Girl on Eric] "thats the idea."
[Loretta] "A...what?"
[Allison] "You know.... A nice high cliff, that leads out to the ocean so it'll make a satisfying splash when I push his car over the edge!"
[Loretta] "I see...or we could eat ice cream?"
[Allison] *Smirks and shrugs* "or that..."
[Loretta] *phone makes noise; checks messages*
[Peter] *SMS to Loretta: "sorry; change it to us dining out next free time? promised ; ) we OK then?" * *gets bored and lets the girls with Trent, going to talk to Eric*
[Loretta] *looks at the phone and frowns slightly before texting back: "Sure"*
[Eric] *Watches the girl leave and smirking at Trent*
[Trent] "Wait, where are you--guys?"
[Peter] *conspiring with Eric* "so, i have a little problem here fella..."
[Loretta] *puts the phone back in her pocket and looks through the freezer* "Hmm...chocolate, lots of chocolate, or ridiculous amounts of chocolate?"
[Peter] "see, i was going to give the groom a present, but he seems so uninterested... want it?"
[Eric] *Smirks, and shrugs* "I dunno... I'm not brave enough to just say yes!"
[Peter] "yes you do know, buddy... come on, i'm not in the mood to do something myself, but i planned on buying for *someone*, so... tell me..."
[Loretta] *since she's not answering* "Alright, chocolate with chocolate syrup and chocolate chunks it is!" *grabs two spoons* "Allison...i can eat this whole tub of ice cream by myself, but please don't make me do it?"
[Eric] *Smirks and looks over at the girls* "Well.. They're real pretty but eh, I don't think so... I'm just not that brave.... besides, it'd just be weird!"
[Allison] *Stops sulking and leans over to grab a spoon* "Well.... Alright.... Just a bite..."
[Loretta] "That's the spirit! Chocolate makes everything better."
[Peter] "come on; you can pick the one you like best. if you wnated that is;" *turns serious a bit* " but if you dont feel ready, then you really shouldnt." *goes back to sit, realizing eric probably doesnt want*
[Loretta] "You don't think it's really that bad, do you? They're just at pete's place."
[Eric] "Yeah.... I just don't think it's me....." *Looks around* "So hows the new place and job working out?"
[Allison] "not really... I'm just grumpy out of principal!"
[Loretta] "We could go crash the party! That's like, some kind of tradition somewhere too, right?"
[Allison] "If you're a cop maybe..."
[Loretta] "Well, one of us is..."
[Peter] "OK i guess...me and Loretta end up always doing stuff... like she never leaves, but its certainly not a bad thing, you know?...like that girl is all martial arts biz."
[Eric] *Smirks* "Well, there's workaholics in every field i guess..."
[Trent] *finds himself tied to a chair* "Guys....Guys! A little help in here?"
[Peter] *goes there just to watch; helps him out by drawing out the girls if it seems he's honest in asking help*
[Allison] "Yeah.... But I can't just barge in and ruin his bachelor party... It'd be mean...."
[Loretta] "They didn't even invite us! They were mean first."
[Eric] *digs deep in his pockets to dig out his phone and takes a quick picture* "Sweet.... now i'm the man in charge back home!"
[Trent] "Dudes, seriously! Guy with the *certain special stress response mechanism* starting to feel REALLY stressed out here!"
[Peter] "just a minute Trent!" *goes to Eric*
[Trent] *growls quietly for emphasis*
[Peter] "you do know i have excellent eyesight right?..." *girls, can you come over here?..."
[Eric] "X-ray vision?..."
[Peter] *points at rest of the girls so that he shuts up* "nah. just really good at observing stuff. like cellphones. i wont tell it if you dont abuse it" *winks, then goes to untie Trent, leaving Eric to the girls' care!*
[Eric] "Me?... Never!"
[Trent] "Thanks." *a little more growly than usual, then brushes past Peter to get to an exit*
[Eric] "Sorry about that, he's a bit whipped!"
[Peter] *follows Trent* "hey dude. do a smoke; i wont of course, but it'll calm you down. sorry-had a little thing to take care of."
[Loretta] *looks at the ice cream guiltily, seeing she's already eaten half of it by herself while Allison just pokes at it*
[Trent] *already lighting one* "That's the plan..."
[Allison] *Seems to be nowhere in the house in her thoughts, and is trying to chew her metal spoon absently*
[Loretta] *sighs and puts the lid back on it* "So...should we talk or something? What do girls do about this stuff?"
[Allison] *Looks up and puts the spoon away* "hhmm?"
[Loretta] "The stuff? On your mind? Want to talk about it? Because you're very...well, absent."
[Trent] *finally slows down with the end of his third cigarette*
[Allison] "I'm just thinking..... About whether or not I should have told him no alcohol for eric... and... what he's up to. For all we know it might be our last night to spend time together you know!"
[Loretta] "Well sure, if you want to be all negative! But they said they'd be back early, right? They know we have a big day tomorrow. They won't screw it up."
[Allison] "Yeah... that's true... We should find something to do as well..."
[Loretta] "Yeah! But like what?"
[Allison] "Well... I dunno.... There has to be something fun we can do..."
[Loretta] "We could go get drunk and watch strippers too! Er...i mean, assuming that's what they're doing. Maybe it's not..."
[Allison] *Smirks* "Yes.... That's just what my wedding was missing, a bride and bridesmaid with a hangover!"
[Peter] " so... since we did the stripper thing... wanna leave Eric with them and have a poker game?..."
[Loretta] "Well i don't get hungover!"
[Peter] "dont think he'll mind... and after that you could go home."
[Allison] "Yes well I do! And if i don't like Eric drinking... well... let's find something else.... I guess we could watch TV, but that's not really special..."
[Trent] "Eh...actually, i should probably just go ahead and go. That sort of put me in the kind of mood that's not too social." *smirks* "For future reference, let's go ahead and warn future entertainers not to tie up the werewolf."
[Eric] *Looks around a bit concerned* "Eh.... think they're comming back?..."
[Trent] *lights up a fourth smoke* "Haven't been that close to biting someone's face off in a long time."
[Peter] *shocked* "damn... i kinda understand how that must feel..."
[Peter] "still, a poker game oughta be mental enough for you to calm down; what if i send strippers away?"
[Trent] "Yeah, i guess it's worth a shot."
[Peter] *goes back, and lightens up the half-lit room; girls have been payed in advance, so its just the signal they could leave* "come on Eric, time for a classic poker game!"
[Eric] "Poker?.... I'm not really good at that..."
[Trent] "It's just for fun."
[Peter] "come on; if you dont wanna lose money, we could just play with markers. bought for the occasion."
[Eric] "Well alright..... What are we playing, texas hold'em?
[Loretta] "Oh, i know! We can get out all your embarrassing old pictures--you know, relive the glory days of single Allison."
[Peter] "yup; small blind is one marker, large is two, for ease of reference. alright?..."
[Allison] *Smirks* "I thought it was supposed to be fun for me too!"
[Loretta] "Well i'd show you mine too, but i don't have any."
[Allison] "Well... There is this really good one of Eric at a kid's farm.... Where he fell asleep amongst the other pigs..."
[Eric] "Limit hold em eh?.... Alright, who's dealing?"
[Peter] " i will." *starts*
[Loretta] "I've already seen his embarrassing ones!"
[Allison] *smirks* "Well then why would you need to see mine?"
[Loretta] *shrugs* "Why not? Might be fun to see what high school was like and stuff. That's all."
[Allison] "Fine.... But that's cheating you know!"
[Loretta] "Why?"
[Allison] *Smirks and get's up to find the photo albums* "You know I would have liked you to go to high school too..." *Comes back with a few photobooks and puts them down, then frowns and retakes one* "Maybe i'll just... keep this one safe... and we can go through the ones I don't make quite as much a fool of myself..."
[Loretta] "Well that's missing the point!"
[Allison] "Fine! but you'd better tell me something emberassing too!"
[Loretta] *smirks* "Like what? I'm 15, what about me isn't!?"
[Allison] "I don't know, but i'm gonna need something as leverage before you decide to show these to Trent!"
[Loretta] "I wouldn't..."
[Allison] "mmhmm.... Fine..." *Sits down and hands the book to Loretta*
[Loretta] *starts looking through them* "These are supposed to be embarrassing? They don't look bad. Except maybe some of the hair...wow...was that something all your friends did, or was it just an 'allison' thing?"
[Allison] *Grins and blushes slightly at the same time* "It was just a fad!"
[Loretta] "Suuure...hey wait, is this your mom?"
[Allison] *Leans over a bit to have a closer look and nods* "Yeah, and that's my dad here..."
[Loretta] *smiles* "She's making that face you sometimes do. Do you look like her when she was younger?"
[Peter] *after a bit* "damn... if we played for real money, kid, you'd have robbed us!...how did you always pull off that Royal Flush at last min; must have happened at least 4 times..." *wow'd*
[Trent] *has been oddly quiet, but paid attention to the game*
[Allison] *Smirks and shrugs slightly* "I'm not sure, I think so, not that I wanted to when i was younger."
[Eric] *Merely counts his chips silently and smuggly*
[Loretta] "Right...well...obviously it's working for you!"
[peter] "so... looks like its time for you to leave guys; would be better if i came to sleep there too... like, get wedding stuff and just be on the ready in same house as all... just in case?"
[Trent] "Yeah, probably safest as a group."
[peter] *gets ready and follows them unless something else happens*
[Allison] *Grins and runs a hand through her hair briefly and automatically* "Thanks"
[Loretta] *shrugs and sighs a little, closing the book* "Thanks for letting me see them."
[Allison] "It's fine... Thanks for reminding me there were a lot of great moments too, not just emberassing ones with wild hair!"
[Loretta] *laughs* "Well...even in the good ones, the hair was debatable!"
[Allison] *Smirks* "I can see you've had more then enough icecream this year*
[Loretta] *frowns* "It was supposed to make you feel better!"
[Allison] *Smiles and runs a hand through Loretta's hair* "Well i do feel better, thanks...." *Can't help but yawn, and puts her head against the sofa, just for a moment...*
[Peter] *knocks, as the three have arrived, though Eric isnt exactly conscious due to sleepyness*
[Loretta] *answers the door cautiously* "Well it's about time." *nods toward Allison* "She died. From boredom. See?"
[Peter] "damn. well, help me get Eric to his bed while Trent does with Allison."
[Trent] "Awwww, she's so cute when she sleeps..."
[Peter] "they didnt drink too much i *swear*."
[Loretta] *just shakes her head and takes Eric from Peter, tossing him lightly over one shoulder and carrying him upstairs*
[Peter] *accompanies her; phone rings, he picks up* äh; you answeed my message?"
[Loretta] *puts Eric to bed carefully, and covers him with the blankets*
[Trent] *carries Allison to bed as well, then immediately gets in the shower to scrub off the stripper-smell and body glitter*
[Peter] "so... i'm thinking of sleeping in the couch again if you dont mind; safety with the group and all."
[Loretta] *continues to look at Eric for a moment before leaving his room and closing the door* "I don't think anyone will mind."
[Peter] "... you're mysterious you know that?... maybe you can help me figure out stuff on that dinner i promised after we're done-it does apply, you know."
[Loretta] "Mysterious?"
[Peter] "well i mean... peculiar. I'm trying to discern stuff about you, but whenevr i think i've figured it out, like i think i've found your mystery guy, you do some probably random thing, but in a way that change everything in what i can do to figure you out."
[Loretta] "Maybe you should stop worrying about it. Why does it matter?"
[Peter] " why i worry about figuring out a friend, or about the other thing; well, figuring out a friend could mean ability to help her; and about the other thing" *tries his best to bluff like he never did in the poker game! winks, as if in-the-know-" we both know why it should concern me of all people." *calmly walks downstairs*
[Loretta] *narrows her eyes at him, though he's already walking away, and shakes her head before getting ready for bed herself*
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