Monday, November 17

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Monday, November 17

PostPosted by hippie_mama » Tue Feb 16, 2010 3:28 pm

Peter: *wakes up at the couch, less hungry than usual; yawns , wondering if anybody else is up yet*
Trent: *comes downstairs rather early, to start breakfast--stops halfway down the stairs, noticing Peter is there* "Hey man; late night?"
** Allison rolls around in the bed restlessly in the final moments of sleep, dreaming of fish monsters **
Peter: *yawns again* 'yeah. ' *remembers something* 'by the way, you didnt... fondle me, did you?...'
Trent: *looks concerned, briefly* " Pretty sure i had my hands full, fondling the gorgeous woman upstairs."
** Allison jolts awake and looks around the room with a yawn, making sure there's nothing fishy going on. **
Peter: 'yeah, just a joke. damn, Erik might do a century to wake up... dont know if he is used to staying up that late. so... whats the deal? you look like something's up?'
Trent: *shrugs* "Nothing new. I'm heading out for my morning smoke though; back in a few, unless you like chilly morning air." *heads for a side door*
Peter: *nods, getting to the kitchen to make breakfast*
** Allison starts the day by taking a long hot shower and dressing in a pink summer dress **
Trent: *over his shoulder* "Oh, Allison will be down to make breakfast, unless she sleeps late, and then i will. The kids kind of expect it when they get up."
** Eric sleeps soundly in his own room, snoring just a tad, and drooling onto his pillow a little. **
Trent: *continues outside and lights up a hand-rolled cigarette*
** Eric sleeps soundly in his own room, snoring just a tad, and drooling onto his pillow a little. **
Trent: *continues outside and lights up a hand-rolled cigarette*
Peter: *wonders what to do then; falls and does some pushups to wake up completely and stop all the yawning* Peter: ' given eric might be late, i wonder when allison or loretta will wake up and come...'
** Allison comes downstairs and walks into the living room, wrubbing the sleep out of her eyes, and almost tripping over Peter **
Peter: 'hey. good morning. how are you?'
Allison: "Ack... eh sorry, didn't see you there..."
Peter: 'dont worry.' *gets up* ' lets go make breakfast for the other three? Trent is out for his smoke...'
Allison: "Yeah alright..."
** Allison heads into the kitchen to make breakfast automaticly **
Loretta: *shuffles down the stairs*
Peter: *goes to aid her* 'i hope you and Trent spent some quality time together... '
** Allison smirks slightly and decides not to elaborate on that **
Peter: *greets Loretta* 'rise and shine. i trust you slept well?'
Loretta: *looks from Allison to Peter, somewhat suspiciously* "Apparently..." *then smirks* "But i'm confused; who's my daddy?" *kidding, of course*
Allison: "I'm wondering though, Didn't you just recently get a that new place?... I mean you're welcome to crash on the couch... That's not it at all, just wondering."
Allison: *Smirks* "Yes very funny, but Lorrie, think you can wake up Eric? if we wait for him to wake up on his own.... it'll be time for lunch.."
Loretta: *sighs at the prospect of walking back up all those stairs* "I guess so." *shuffles off again*
Peter: '...' *laughs at what loretta said, then realises he was not invited by allison but by a guest* 'well, sorry... i didnt know. i guess i thought...'
Peter: 'well, we kinda got back late. ' *pause* 'me, loretta and eric thought i'd save time for research if i stayed here for today...' *looks guilty*
Allison: "It's alright, I was just wondering if something was wrong with your new place"
Loretta: *once upstairs, creeps down the hall, slowly and cautiously open's Eric's door, then dives and does a belly flop on the foot of his bed!*
Loretta: "Allison says get up.
Allison: "If you want to crash on the couch that's fine, I just hope you don't regret getting your new place or anything"
** Eric groans and tries to roll over **
Eric: "Tell her the teachers sick... I don't have any early classes..."
Peter: 'nah. whats better than a place just above my dojo? if Loretta doesnt tear everything apart that is. ' *winks*
Loretta: "You don't think she's ever heard of subs?"
Trent: *Returns, looking much more sociable*
Peter: *greets him*
Eric: "unngghhh..... Fiiiinnnneeee..."
Loretta: *pokes him in whatever body part is nearest* "I'm getting first pancakes!" *jumps up and runs downstairs*
** Allison nods politely to Peter and holds out a hand to Trent **
Eric: "hey, those are my pancakes...."
** Eric get's up and puts on some more clothes, awoken a little more by competiveness, and follows downstairs to make sure he get's pancakes too **
Trent: *takes his cue to walk over and give her a good-morning hug*
Peter: *pancakes for all exist, since allison and trent ahd help in breakfast this time*
** Allison leans against Trent and kisses his cheek while keeping an eye on the breakfast **
Loretta: *takes a plate first!*
Peter: *kids* 'get a room, you two... oh right, i forgot, you already have a room.'
Trent: *kisses her neck and smiles* "So what brought you here?"
Peter: 'well, it was loretta's idea, to be honest...' *long pause* 'to save time for research.'
** Eric sits down on the table with knife and fork and a plate of pancakes, almost identical to Loretta, yet when she looks away briefly, tries to switch the two plates quickly **
Peter: *easily notices it and stops him playfuly*
Loretta: *looks a little guilty, with her mouth fun* "Mmhm." *swallows* "The three of us stayed out late." *smacks Eric's hand*
Loretta: *mouth full! Nice freudian slip there :P
** Eric grumbles **
Trent: *nods, as it was a good plan*
Peter: 'well, come to think of it, there arent any occult books here though?... i guess its about exchanging ideas at least...'
Trent: "That's all we seem to have at this point."
Trent: "But plenty to be said for it."
Peter: 'yes. i say we find a way so i go talk to the quartermaster of the ship and bribe and convince him to betray the captain. if that happens, the curse ends. '
Trent: *nods again*
Allison: "Sounds like a plan... Though hopefully not the only one we have...."
Peter: 'why? i realy think if i reach there and talk to him , the curse can end and their new 'incarnation' willprobably be vulnerable. whats the worst thing that can happen? will be just me, you guys can still be trying to escape or delay them...'
Loretta: *glares* "Not 'just' you, remember?"
Peter: '... you still want to go with me?'
Loretta: "Duh."
Trent: *frowns*
Peter: 'but maybe you could help the others here?...' *lies* ' i think i'll be fine whatever happens.'
Allison: "Well... I just meant... I hope we have a back up plan in case this quartermaster isn't receptive... And I don't know about that Loretta..."
Loretta: "That's stupid. How much of a chance does one good fighter have against a mob? Don't two good fighters have exponentially better chances if things go bad?"
Trent: "She's right about that, but..."
Loretta: "And Trent CAN'T go, he has to stay with Allison."
Trent: *stops talking and just looks concerned*
Loretta: "How is this any different from anything else i do?"
Peter: 'yes, but... well, i dont know how to say this without angering you. i think that if you stay here, you'll both be safer and you can still help, just not me but allison trent and eric. its gonna be just me taking the risk. that said, i do think it has good chance...'
Allison: *Puts a soft hand on Loretta's shoulder* "Hopefully that mission won't require any fighting though... But we 'know' there pretty much will be a fight at the wedding... We will probably need you more..."
Peter: 'dont be mistaken, personaly i would realy like it if somebody was with me... totaly different psychology... but its not like you cant help them escape either. and allison, i'll be at the wedding too, remember? the one does not exclude the other.'
Loretta: "Unless Peter goes after the Captain and his fighters attack? Probably the Quartermaster and the others wait back on the ship. That might actually be the best way..."
Allison: "I guess I just assumed that too... That this eh... quartermaster fellow would be found on the ship..."
Peter: 'so, when they attack at the wedding, me and loretta escape and go to the ship, while you three flee or delay them?'
Loretta: *nods* "That's what i was thinking...
Loretta: "It's the safest way. Really."
Peter: *stays quiet, but despite initialy disagreeing he is very glad that he wont be alone at this; sighs heavily, then smiles just a tiny bit*
Trent: *is disappointed that this makes sense* "I guess there's no way to go about this that any of us will really like. It's not a good situation."
** Allison looks disgruntled and seems to be silently thinking of counter arguments in her head, trying to build a convincing case, but staying quiet for now. **
Trent: "And as much as i hate to divide our small ranks, we are going to have to focus our efforts two places at once. There's really no other way around that."
Peter: 'true. theres also another benefit at this plan.'
Peter: 'with allison, trent and the hunter allies in the main front, we wil find it much easier to slip past them and get to the ship. the fact that you guys all use much more 'overt' metods of combat-guns, to be accurate- means much fewer will pay attetion to us...'
** Allison doesn't seem to find the fact that her wedding will turn into a shooting match very amusing at all **
Trent: *nods* "We may know we can't kill them with guns, but they don't know we don't know that. They may count on the fact that will be our only plan."
Trent: *they don't know we KNOW that
Trent: "We'll basically be staging the distraction."
Peter: *nods* 'what i said.'
Trent: "Then you two go in while they're feeling confident. It's a good plan. Simple."
** Allison steals Eric's fork with a piece of pancake on it to eat, while looking mutinous **
Trent: *puts a hand on Allison's knee*
Peter: "of course if Loretta doesnt *want* to come, she isnt obliged?..."
Loretta: "It was Loretta's *idea* to go."
** Allison puts her own hand over Trent's and squeezes it softly, but still looks disgruntled **
Trent: *totally missing the point* "It's ok baby, you'll still get your wedding after."
Peter: "..." "can i go outside a bit? to get some fresh air, i'll be right outside. soon back ok?"
Trent: *just nods*
Allison: "I know... it's not that..." *Let's out a sigh and leans against Trent*
Peter: *goes outside a bit just to let the plan sink in to him *and* give the others some privacy*
Trent: *puts his arms around Allison* "What then? We'll take care of this.":
Loretta: *just pushes the last bits of pancake around on the plate, making trails in the syrup*
Allison: "Just...." *Sighs and get's up, pulling Trent along into the other room, out of earshot from Eric and Loretta* "I don't like Loretta going to that ship... I just know she's going to do something foolish... Like trying to trade herself for them to leave..."
Trent: "She may be careless and over-confident at times, but i don't think she would do anything stupid."
Loretta: *glances over at Eric* "Tense crowd."
Allison: "Are you sure about that? If she thought it would save the rest of us..."
** Eric shrugs **
Eric: "Often are... You gonna finish that piece of pancake or just play with it?"
Trent: *ponders this a moment* "Well..."
Loretta: *pushes it away with a sigh and gets up from the table*
** Eric swallows it whole **
Eric: "Thanks"
Allison: "I'm just worried.... I don't want to loose anyone to save myself..."
Peter: *waits outside, both skeptical and grateful for different things; hopes the 'family' inside are ok and dealing with it healthily*
Trent: *hugs her* "None of us do. But surely it won't come to anything like that."
Allison: "Can you promise that?..."
Trent: *sighs and touches her face lightly* "No, i can't. But i can promise that none of us will let it come to that without the biggest fight they've come up against yet."
** Allison sighs heavily and leans against Trent affectionatly **
Trent: "If it's a battle, it'll be a battle like the Pacific has never seen--and it's seen some battles through the ages, right?" *smiles cheerfully, hoping it will help*
Peter: *checks how things are going through the door; he seems happy to see the 'council' finished and Allirent having tender moments and quickly stays out the door again waiting and contemplating*
Loretta: *goes upstairs to get dressed, not knowing what the day might hold, but being prepared for anything*
Peter: *gets back inside, nods her to see all are OK, and goes to Eric*
** Eric is licking the Syrup off his plate and quickly puts it back down trying to look inocent, with syrup still on his nose **
Peter: *smiles* 'okay, i guess it went well then? it is a good plan after all...'
Peter: *giggles* 'what, dont feel i'll criticize you for the suryp, it just looks funny.'
Eric: "I'll take your word for it, can't really call myself an expert on fish people or pirates." *frowns and wipes his face clean*
Peter: '... i understand. so, what sort of chick did you meet yesterday? more importantly, does she have some older sister?'
Trent: *makes out with Allison! (since she hasn't said anything, haha)*
Peter: *obviously kids*
** Eric shrugs **
Eric: "Nobody who'd give me her phonenumber anyway..."
** Allison is alright with that, it passes the time and drives away worries! **
Peter: *frowns* 'well, dont worry, you have all the time in the world..."
Peter: "so, i heard you do... 'raids' in this house. how so? any ideas, as an experienced general, that can help?"
Eric: "I'm not too worried.... Soon i'll be going to college, where nerds are saught after by girls, right?!"
Eric: "eh.... not unless these monsters come straight of world of warcraft..."
Peter: "what is this world of warcraft place?"
Peter: "is it some dimension full of warriors?"
Eric: "It's a video game... where have you been? it's played by like 6 million people online"
Peter: "well, i dont quite remember anything you know... just skills learned. no memories at all."
Eric: "Well, it's a great game, most popular game ever, and you play it online... doesn't really help in the real world though... even in the mystical world..."
Peter: "well, dont worry; you'll learn all sorts of useful stuff in the dojo. impresses girls too." *winks*
Eric: "We'll see..."
Peter: *walks some, gets near the stairs, and speaks just loud enough so he is heard upstairs* 'i see Loretta is going to do a slow-motion entrance again."
Loretta: *returns as if on cue* "Very funny. So do we have a plan for the day or something? Shouldn't Eric be gone by now?"
Peter: "you should get dressed to, Eric."
Peter: "... we could, as the dojo wont open for quite some time... wait, you'll come? dont you go to school with Eric?..."
** Eric grumbles anoyed and heads upstairs to dress and get some school suplpies into a bag **
Loretta: "Go to school? Of course not." *like it's crazy talk*
Peter: "... then what will you do today?" *pauses* "each day even. anyways, i guess i want you to know; despite the fact that i had to disagree at first, i feel realy happy someone wants to come help me in the mission..."
Loretta: *shrugs* "It's what i do. Some days i just sleep until time for work, like if i was out late on patrol the night before. But since i wasn't really last night, i figured we'd try more research, or i'd just work early or something. Whichever."
Loretta: "...Trent and Allison went off alone somewhere, didn't they?"
Peter: *smiles* "they know how to spend moments together it seems; unlike some dumb girl that instead of trying to find her guy goes to spend time with the same uy she saw yesterday. not that i dont like it of course..."
Peter: "so, i say we go to the dojo since i want to do some morning training, ad then we'll see?"
Loretta: *smirks* "Well i have my ways... Anyway, i guess that leaves us to work then for now. If there's another lead to chase, i'm sure they'll let us know."
Loretta: "You know. If they ever manage to come up for air.
Peter: *giggles* "OK, lets go. Plus, i want you to check the clothes i propose to wear as instructor and tell me which one is best."
Loretta: "Sure." *leaves with him and locks up behind her, just in case*
Peter: *walks towards the dojo, occasionaly asking about some stuff in the city he doesnt remember, just to pass the time till they reach there*
Loretta: "You know, you really haven't missed much. You were only here a few weeks anyway, and nothing's really changed since."
Peter: *at some points he tries to see that she's not bored by looking at her reactions*
Loretta: *isn't bored; actually is pretty happy not to be pouring over books for information that isn't there*
Peter: "yeah, just... many stuff i dont remember, or mainly want to confirm."
Loretta: *nods* "Well, 'Old Peter' was pretty secretive, so i guess we may never know."
Peter: *boasts* "not as cute though, right?" *pauses* "in any case, i think we should discuss some 'what-ifs' regarding our mission..."
Loretta: *laughs* "Shockingly similar. But yeah, i guess so."
Peter: "so, the way i see it, it will fortunately be easy to sort-of stick together on the wedding, ready to leave when attack happens; what with best man and bridesmaid i mean." *thinks* "but, when we do get in the ship..."
Peter: "if things seem to go wrong in the negotiations, i want to set some priorities: first of all, once we realise it, we place some obstacle and run for it. both. and because i remember the 'place-taking' early suggestions you made, they are not getting you. if they take you, i follow them, end of story. either both of us will be stuck in the fish dimension, or nobody."
Loretta: *shrugs* "If you say so."
Peter: "just saying so you wont do anything stupid, knowing i'll follow. in any case, even if that happens, the group will then search for a witch to cast the spell i found that will bring us together again so we can escape them. this is why it is important to sick together, so we can *always* cooperate and find a way so all goes well." *winks*
Loretta: "It'll be fine; i won't do anything stupid, and if bad things happen, our friends will do their best to fix it. Gotcha."
Peter: *as they reach dojo* "okay, time for some exercise, then bathroom upstairs. if you want to spend your time you can always check the instructor clothes and see whats best for you-and me later on-, or maybe work out with me. "
Peter: "dojo will only open in a couple of hours anyway..."
Loretta: *looks down at what she's wearing* "Well...this is kind of what i always wear for fighting. But i can change into something that looks more 'professional' if you want. I have no problem with that."
Peter: "hmmm... see thats what i mean. we gotta look a bit organized, you understand...' *shows her the closet with said clothes* "actualy, i could start wearing stuff first so we can decide on something that'll be similar to both. workout can wait some . what do you say?"
Loretta: *nods* "Ok."
Peter: "like, i go up and get dressed, you stay here and get dressed, and the other can see how we look. we compare each of the 'sets' and which similar one looks best. " *smiles, handing her the first one and going upstairs to change*
Loretta: *giggles* "Well, i don't know about you, boss, but i'm not all that picky. We could just go karate-style."
Loretta: "Less confusing for the noobs."
Peter: "Gi?... true that."
Peter: "i actualy have it as main set for the students, so it makes sense..."
Loretta: "We should wear black though. Cause obviously, we're the good guys."
Peter: Peter: *nod* "but make sure you wear something underneath the Gi, like a T-shirt, or male students will fill this dojo quicker than we can teach them. sometimes you'll make sudden moves you see..." Peter: *runs away in case joke makes her mad, chuckling**
Loretta: *eye roll* "Do i look like i've never fought in public before?"
Loretta: *takes a gi and walks behind a room divider to change* "I wear more under my clothes than most girls wear on the beach anyway..."
Loretta: *comes back rather quickly, having conveninelty worn a tanktop under what she had on*
Loretta: *flings her arms about a couple of times, getting used to the fit* "A lot more resistance than i'm used to, but i'll get the hang of it."
Peter: *giggles, as he takes one too and goes upstairs, changing swiftly; comes down* "well, i was just kidding to see if you'd get mad at me the way you get mad at me whenever Eric does something.and looks like you did get mad-oh noes! you wore a Gi to practice and kick my arse again, didnt you? anyways, yeah, this oen sure fits. and dont forget-resistance is soemtimes good for training anyway."
Peter: *starts doing some warm-up*
Peter: "can i ask you something? why dont you take the initiative and talk when we are together?... i feel like i must keep talking cause you're bored, though i recently saw thats not exactly what happens..."
Loretta: "I don't know." *does some stretching, still getting used to the uniform* "I guess i'm not sure what to say without being"
Peter: "what do you mean by 'too you'? if you think you can't express yourself, you are mistaken... people generaly like people that express themselves. and trust me, i wouldnt hurt the person that wanted so much to watch my back in the coming mission, no matter how psychologicaly exposed that person was. little thing about people that share fighting together you know..."
Loretta: "I guess. I just say things without thinking sometimes, and i guess that's why no one takes me seriously--why they think i'm going to get on that monster ship and do something 'stupid.' Cause that's Loretta, right? The one that jumps in and doesn't think first? Nevermind it usually works best that way..."
Peter: "actualy, yes. " *pauses to emphasize* "when a solid plan does not exist, the first thought is always the best action to take, rather than lose time. its just that we want to protect you, each for their own reasons... and not 'protect poor Loretta'; the fact that i'm willing to spend near-infinity in a fish dimension should mean something that i dont pity you."
Loretta: "I guess..."
Peter: *does some pushups* "i do thank you for keeping me company though. its just, i wish you trusted me more. its like you're doing me a favour by spending time with me, or so it seemed at first."
Loretta: "I told ya, i'm tired of being a coffee wench. Besides--who better to lure in the young men!?" *laughs*
Peter: *pauses* "i see. so the need for a pleasant job is what drives you to spend time with me. well, i dont think so, but the other possible conclusion is too unlikely to be true, so might as well believe you on that." *does crunches*
Loretta: *shrugs* "I told you we were friends before."
Peter: "and you're my best friend now." *smiles, gets up* "ok, lets see what that punching bag's got..." *closes in*
Peter: " werent serious about kicking my ass again, right?"
Loretta: "Nah, i'm not properly motivated right now anyway."
Peter: *curious* "well, what would motivate you?" *thinks, still punching the bag*
Loretta: "Spending more time with Eric, probably!"
Peter: "... so you do like him dont you?" *punches the bag* " you should spent time with guys you like. of course, its realy my loss since i repeat i like your company, but you have... *ehm* " *looks for a word tham means 'needs' that will not make her mad*
Peter: "well, stuff you need to do; a friend surely must understand" *nods, then continues*
Loretta: "I did briefly; now not so much." *finally stops watching him, and walks over to another part of the floor to do some katas*
Peter: *looks at her* "" *after some minutes* "anyway, now that you have something to get your attentions and neither leave nor peek, i'll go take a bath" *winks* "i'll be here realy shortly, we still ahve some half an hour before lessons start..."
Peter: *goes up to take a bath and get ready for lessons start, possibly his first students arriving*
Loretta: "Sure..." *becomes really focused in what she's doing, remebering easily some ritualized moves she had thought all but forgotten*
Peter: *comes back after some ten minutes, after bath, and is amazed at how much this seemingly little girl seems to know; stays there and looks at her for some time, waiting for her katas to end, impressed*
Loretta: *goes on for some time, but finishes when she notices he's back*
Peter: "... Ok, so you're not just a supergirl..." *is confused*
Peter: "i can do this stuff too, but the powerful sounds from the more solid kata parts... so concentrated too... looks like i could never do that. not that i;m jealous, just..."
Loretta: *looks a little sad once she stops moving* "Well...i trained since i was 6. I haven't practiced any since i went super, and my instructor died. I mean, besides on monsters. But nothing pretty."
Loretta: "It feels different. With the extra strength and everything. I never tried to move it this know, from a place of peace and everything. Only in anger."
Peter: "oh... well, you feel OK right? like , you can talk with me about martial arts all you want and practice just like with your instructor;.." "and you have us now. we can comfort you if you feel bad..."
Loretta: "I just think i've been going about things wrong."
Peter: *smiles, close to her* "or that you're growing up. and you will find your way, and you will be happy..."
Loretta: *nods* "There's probably some ancient Japanese proverb for this, huh? Something like 'with anger can only come force; from peace comes true strength' or something like that!" *laughs*
Loretta: "Anyway, i'm being all weird. It's just been a long time since i've been in a proper dojo. I guess it triggers something inside a long-time student that's strayed far from all she's been taught."
Peter: "thats not weird . see? you were emotional and what did i do? did i hurt you? no, i understood you and tried to comfort you. But now you get to return back to these roots, if you want of course, or do whatever makes you feel happy in life. I promise." *smiles tapping her shoulder*
Loretta: "I guess...thanks. But it's not emo if it's about fighting! Don't forget that..."
Peter: *smiles* "of course." *leaves her shoulder, now sure she isnt going to cry or anything* "but even if you were emo i'd still be your friend, as i hope the same would apply to you. hey-wanna perform some katas together?"
Loretta: "I guess so; not like i can hurt you--permanently."
Peter: "well, thats sure useful, dont you think so?" *starts Heian Niddan Kata *
Peter: "of course, if you think you like to see how much i can take, we could awlays practice Zanshin."
Loretta: "Well, i think we're each on opposite sides of being beyond the point for that one. But it might be impressive to show students sometime."
Loretta: "Speaking do realize you're going to have to let me break equipment occasionally."
Peter: *giggles between changing last stance* "true that. clever girl." *listens to last one* "well... i do understand that. as long as you're not breaking students..."
Loretta: "That's exactly the point. It would keep them in line while keeping insurance low." *grins*
Peter: *starts Heian Yodan Kata* "so... i dont know, i find these coordinated Katas with you... relaxing... if you didnt wear that dress at the club, it'd be even more relaxing that dancing."
Loretta: *shakes her head, but still smiling* "Are you trying to hit on me?"
Peter: *stops as if realising something, then giggles, surprised about it * "seems Eric isnt the only one that sees the thing he chooses." *goes on* "just trying to confirm that my 'so-so' judgement was a lie and you shouldnt be angry anymore?"
Loretta: "Just checking. And i wasn't angry. I told you: bad mood."
Peter: *mutters* 'sure, just checking...' *still smiling though, not sarcastic*
Loretta: *stretches a little more when they finish, and adjusts her gi slightly*
Peter: *strethes some, then sits* "k Lorrie; now we wait for anyone that wants to sign up. guessing there'll be some, though they'll only be checking stuff at first day and not actualy practicing..."
Loretta: *nods, in an oddly peaceful mood*
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Re: Monday, November 17

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*Struggles through his long day at school, barely paying any attention, and getting told off by his teachers twice, before finally being done, and head over to his newly fixed car, getting inside and pondering where to go*

"I could go home... But... I guess allison and trent have that place covered... So.... That... weird bookstore.... or finding Loretta.... Well... I guess Loretta might come along to the bookstore if i find her first..."

*Sets off for the Dojo since it's the most likely place she'll be*
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Re: Monday, November 17

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Throughout the day, Loretta helps Peter greet potential students, shows them some of the equipment and describes classes, scheduling, etc. By the time Eric arrives reluctantly for his first lesson, he finds her strangely calm. She shows him some basic stretches, stances, and techniques, but keeps the pace slow and is open to any and all questions he may have. She's certainly far more patient than Eric has ever seen her. Suspiciously so.
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Re: Monday, November 17

PostPosted by Pyriel » Sat Feb 20, 2010 12:42 pm


Peter is confused about Loretta-her behaviour today hinted at something she probably wasnt ready to deal with. He decided to let her have the time to deal with it, and avoid doing stuff that could hurt her feelings in the process. Hopefuly time would set everything straight.

When eric comes, he greets him and takes the chance to leave the dojo-both to give the two of them some space, and to do something loretta probably didnt want to know...

He goes out for a drink at the bar they had gone to the previous day; he figures maybe he can meet some girl and take her home. This sounds *way* too shallow for him, and he feels guilty; however, seeing as he doesnt remember any girlfriend he ever had, and that he could be suck in some fish dimension -or die?- any day now, it somehow feels as if he has no other choice...

Time passes by, and no luck; he doesnt realise it, but his feeling guilty for being shallow-definitely not his thing, a one night stand- makes him feel less competent. At some point he realises it has no point, and orders another drink to just listen to the music and relax before going back home. As he gets his drink, a drink is spilled in his jeans:

[girl] "ow... sorry. realy sorry, i wasnt paying attention..."
[Peter] "doesnt matter realy. " *almost dodged drink, his jeans not too dirty; cleans himself up* "see? its not even that bad."
[girl] "yeah... you moved realy fast."
[Peter] "i do. i'm also fast to notice you need a drink."
[girl] "haha, true. I'm Kate."
[Peter] "Peter. nice to meet you." *smiles; notices the way she looks at him, as if maybe she was already interested and coming to talk to him; universe has a funny way of helping you out*

They talk some, but seem to be too far off as their personalities are concerned; she drives him home, though, what with light rain outside; Reservations melted by the drinks they had, one thing leads to another...
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Re: Monday, November 17

PostPosted by hippie_mama » Sat Feb 20, 2010 7:25 pm


After reaching Eric's limit for self-inflicted pain, Loretta returns home with him to resume their apparently futile search for clues as to what to do about monster pirates.
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