Sunday, November 16

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Sunday, November 16

PostPosted by hippie_mama » Sun Jan 24, 2010 11:50 am

Trent arrives at the beach at the appointed time to take over guard duty from Loretta.

[Trent] "You ok to get home?"
[Loretta] "Of course i am! Why does everyone ask me stuff like that? I'm the SLAYER. It's the bad guys that should worry."
[Trent] "I mean you're not too tired, right?"
[Loretta] "I stay out all night all the time; no big."
[Trent] "I know, i just have to ask."
[Loretta] "No, you really don't. If i can't handle something, i'm smart enough to let someone know. Right?"
[Trent] "Fair enough...Sorry."
[Loretta] "It's ok; your blunders are part of your charm." *sticks her tongue out and starts walking back through town to Allison's to catch a few hours of sleep, pondering the fact that Trent called it "home"*
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Re: Sunday, November 16

PostPosted by Pyriel » Sun Jan 24, 2010 12:03 pm

[Peter] *gets up and goes downstairs, waiting for the truck to bring the dojo stuff he ordered; when that happens, he brings it in the building and starts waiting for loretta.
He makes some breakfast for himself -although his fridge is nearly empty , still from the move- and checks if everything he ordered actualy came, just to be sure.
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Re: Sunday, November 16

PostPosted by Pyriel » Sun Jan 24, 2010 2:27 pm

[Loretta] *wakes late, more than thirty minutes after she had agreed to meet with Peter. She throws on a change of clothes and creeps down the hallway to peek in at Eric--he looks busy, so she decides not to bother him, and instead gives Peter a call once she hits the sidewalk.* "Hey, sorry i'm late. I guess i was more tired than i thought..."
[Peter] *smiles* "nonsense. you're just afraid of sparring with me." *pause* "dont worry. just dont be late when classes start, OK?"
[Loretta] "I'll try..."
[Peter] "see ya when you get here." *hangs up*
[Loretta] *arrives about 20 minutes later*
[Peter] *wears simple gym clothes so as not to get other clothes dirty; is setting up the "tatami" floor *
"come in; its open..."
[Loretta] "Need help with that, or want me to do something else?"
[Peter] "well, i dont need help, but the tatami must be placed first anyway, so nothing else you can do at the moment. so, help or sit somewhere, your choice..."
[Loretta] *gets down to help* "It's bigger than i thought.""The room, i mean." *guilty girlish grin*
[Peter] *cant help but giggle at that* "well, thats definitely a plus..."
*floor finishes in little while*
[Loretta] *stands to give it a more critical eye* "It's really pretty. But won't it get ruined? My watcher's dojo just had those foam mats over concrete."
[Peter] "well, it depends. many dojos have tatami floors; its just very few had supergirls throwing people down i guess." *smiles* "i think it'll work."
"okay, i'll set up the bag here, you set up the wooden dummies there, ok?...""anything weird happen since yesterday?"
[Loretta] "I'll try not to knock down any walls." *seems serious* "Sure thing, boss." *as though testing out the term*
[Loretta] "Nothing at all."
[Peter] *obviously feels weird at being called 'boss' * "OK, thai pads should go there..." *keeps working on stuff* "listen , theres a little something..."
[Loretta] "Hm?"
[Peter] "see, before i actualy accept you as instructor here, since i've never seen you fight, i gotta test you. its not like i doubt about you or something; just, not testing you would be *very* irresponsible of me...""you understand that right?..."
[Loretta] "Sure, makes sense. Though you *have* seen me, you just don't remember."
[Peter] *rubs his head* "yeah, well, i figured as such. sit there and do some stretching for a bit, and when you feel ready for a spar, tell me, okay?..."
[Loretta] *hands on her hips* "I'm always ready."
[Peter] "are you now?..." *smiles; taking guard position, nodding playfully for her to start*
*loretta does a sweep kick that oddly connects with his knee, making it twist, nearly to breaking point; he falls down as she grapples him, but she sees he can odly still operate his leg as if nothing has happened; he giggles a bit*
[Peter] "okay, okay, supergirl! i must be kinda rusty, you win. you're really strong too."
[Loretta] *grins and gets up* "Nah, i always could take you down that easy."
"However. I didn't even have you pinned. So explain yourself."
[Peter] "well... i kinda held back. but i otta hand it to you- this kick would make another guy hurt for two weeks or something."
[Loretta] "Uh huh. So don't make that mistake again."
[Peter] *smiles* "again?..."
[Loretta] *takes on a bit of a darker tone* "Even if you wanted to kill me, you would fail. Remember that always."
[Peter] "what are you talking about?... i'd never kill someone that didnt threaten me! even if i was misdirected, i'd sure stop at last minute if it was you..."
"this all seems crazy to me..."
[Loretta] "Yeah, well, welcome back to our world. Just remember that i'm lots tougher than i look."
[Peter] *is confused* "please... why be like that suddenly? i told you, i realised you are strong, and a great fighter." *turns sad* "werent we okay?... we were mostly playing, you know that..."
[Loretta] "Yeah. It's just a sore subject: people underestimating me. But you know better now, so we're cool."
[Peter] "thats unfair. i literaly see you differently, remember? sorry if i didnt know the *exact* abilities a slayer has, hence unprepared." *smiles* "so... does that mean if you kick me in the face' you'd break my jaw or something?... that doesnt really mean a lot to me, but i'd like that to be clear, so you control yourself with students, right?"
[Loretta] *smirks* "Of course i would control myself around the kiddies. But are you offering?"
[Peter] *frowns* "well... theres no motive to just sit and get kicked in the face."
[Loretta] *giggles* "Just teasing."
[Peter] "so, wanna order in? fridge is kinda half-empty..."
[Loretta] "Yeah, sure. I'll finish unpacking the little stuff.,"
[Peter] "thanks a lot." *gently pushes her shoulder as he passes by to reach for the phone* "what would you prefer to eat?"
[Loretta] "I'm not picky. And sorry about earlier, no hard feelings. I'm just *still* trying to convince Trent and Allison that i'm not something precious that needs taking care of. It took awhile with you the first time around too, so i'm hoping for better results."
[Peter] *laughs* "dont worry; my leg still feels through the pain what my eyes can see alright." *pauses, nearly surprised* "actualy, it doesnt, I'm... OK.. but you know what i mean, like, previously." *calls for pizzas*
[Loretta] "Yeah, i guess we'll get along just fine."
[Peter] "what hobbies do you have anyway? anything you like?" *pauses* "i hope that was not ironic?... " *returns back* "so... have we done this before? what did we do in these situations?... maybe watch TV?"
[Loretta] "Mostly."
[Loretta] "I'm actually into photography. Which is kind of funny; it's probably the only slow, quiet thing i ever do. And when i hang out with Eric, i play WoW, but that's really it. Mostly i pick fights and kill stuff, if there's anything around that needs killing."
[Peter] *sits beside her* "cool. " taking photographs is like stealing-like capturing moments and making them last forever."
[Loretta] "I like to think of it more as sharing." *smiles*
[Peter] "well, i didnt mean it in a bad way." *frowns* "maybe i should have made pop corn... maybe later on when my fridge will actualy have stuff inside." *hands her the remote*
[Loretta] "Maybe..." *finds an action movie* "So are you going to have a website and stuff? Eric could probably help with that." "Maybe trade for classes or something."
[Peter] "true. a website would help. and i was really thinking of teaching eric if he wanted...would be nice timing to protect wedding. which brings the oither point;"so what do you think of the wedding?... i think its great. have you seen a couple that are so made for eachother? so sad that things are getting weird for them."
"but i think they're gonna be fine. we'll make sure" *winks*
[Loretta] "Yeah, it's crazy. You know he practically moved in like the night they met?" *laughs* "It's sweet though. He proposed like two weeks later."
[Peter] "bah. i totaly get it; must be great to have a person that loves you so, i'm kinda jealous of him for this love. but i realy like that it happened to such a good friend." *sees film* "no, not like that! damn, wire fu stuff is OK, but sometimes they totaly overdo it..."
[Loretta] "Yeah, i know, right? And no one ever looks beat up enough afterwards."
[Peter] *shrugs* "what would i know about looking beat up after a fight? kidding, kidding." *pizzas arrive*
*brings them, as well as two glasses and a bottle of water* "make yourself at home, you know the drill right?"
[Loretta] *wistfully* "It's never been complicated between them either. Even when he told her his big hairy secret. She was just like, 'ok, we'll deal with it.' Sorry, i'm rambling. I just more or less live with the people, so it's like all romance, all the time. One of these days, i'm sure my head is going to explode."
[Loretta] "It's like living in the Hallmark channel..."
[Peter] "haha, i see. you dont like romance; theres nothing wrong with not liking it. maybe some day you'll meet a guy that you'll realy like and then change your mind. but everything has its time i guess-like i said, nothing wrong with that. so i promise to stop talking about them."
[Loretta] *mutters* "I don't not like's just weird."
[Peter] *nods* "i understand perfectly."
[Loretta] "But hey, once the wedding is over, things will settle into some kind of normal, and hopefully we'll have plenty of demon-hunting clues from that head of yours."
[Peter] "that much is guaranteed. where else could you get that kind of info from? anyways, to change the subject, how close are you in convincing eric to come train? and do you think it should be you who trains him, or me?"
[Loretta] "He seemed involved with something this morning, so i haven't said anything. But it should probably be you, at least at first. I think he's a little scared of me."
[Peter] "...why? ah. he's afraid you're gonna hit him hard in training, right?"
[Loretta] "Yeah, i...sort of hurt him once without meaning to. He finally forgave me, more or less, but he hasn't looked at me the same since."
[Peter] *serious* "you do realise what you have is a blessing, right?never let anyone convince you otherwise."
[Loretta] "That's easy for other freaks to say. Not so much for regular people. And he's very, very regular."
[Peter] *frowns* "i see. though being called a freak is not nice, i hope you meant well?... in any case, i'll teach him if he wants to."
"and you are not a freak either. why do you have to see yourself this way?"
[Loretta] "Why not? I think being called 'normal' is the bigger insult. I mean, i'd like for people that don't know me to see me as normal; it's easier that way, but the people that are close? Why lie about it?"
[Peter] "ok i guess." *giggles* " thanks for calling me a freak then."
[Loretta] "Any time!"
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Re: Sunday, November 16

PostPosted by Solar_Dawn » Tue Jan 26, 2010 1:58 am

[Eric] *Wakes up the next morning with his head on his keyboard, having spend most of the night googling seamonsters and their banes, and heads down stairs to get a drink and look around*
[Allison] *Is sitting in the living room with that watcher book, apparently re-reading it for the hundredth time* "Morning...."
[Eric] *Frowns slightly, looking at his sister* "Morning..." *Heads over into the kitchen muttering softly to himself* "That's not good..." *Grabs his cellphone to call Trent's* "Hey dude, eh, You need to come home like now, I don't care about the beach, these seabeings won't show up till your wedding day anyway, we found out all about them, you just have to come home."
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Re: Sunday, November 16

PostPosted by hippie_mama » Tue Jan 26, 2010 12:48 pm

Trent] *is still on the beach and answers on the first ring when Eric calls* "Yeah? I was about to call and ask. Ok, i'll be right there."
[Eric] "Alright good" *Hangs up the phone and has some toast and a banana as breakfast while keeping an eye on his sister*
[Trent] *shows up a few minutes later* "What did you find?"
[Allison] *Jolts slightly at the sound of Trent's voice, and quickly puts a stack of magazines ontop of the book*
[Eric] "eh... Well, a pretty thorough history about this thing... at least, it all seems to fit perfectly....It's nothing good though..."
[Trent] "It usually isn't. But you were able to put a date on their reappearance? That's convenient."
[Eric] "Well... eh... Yeah..." *Takes Trent into the living room and looks around with a slight frown* "Where'd you put that book?"
[Trent] *waits patiently, but has a concerned look about him*
[Allison] *Ignores Eric's question and smiles at Trent, going over to wrap her arms tightly around him and kiss him* "Heyas.. I missed you.."
[Trent] *puts an arm around her as well, but keeps his attention on Eric*
[Eric] *Goes over to the table to look around, eventually pulling the old book from under the magazines* "Here... Best you just read that..."
[Trent] *takes a moment to read over it thoroughly, then pauses, gives Eric a look, and reads part of it again before closing the book and handing it back* "Was this all you found?"
[Allison] *Bites down on one of her nails and then disappears into the kitchen to make coffee and something to eat for Trent*
[Eric] "Yeah.... But we could go back tonight..... see if there's more..."
[Trent] "There's a way to kill everything."
[Eric] "Makes sense..... I'll go back later on... See what i can find...Maybe we should all go... I mean... Now that we know they won't come till the wedding day..."
[Trent] "You think they want Allison."
[Eric] "Well... It fits... Doesn't it?... Blonde hair... Pretty... wedding day to someone all into supernatural...I know it's just a guess, but I have a hard time believing there's two weddings like that in the same stretch of time, and that friend of yours did say it'd be soon..."
[Trent] *long pause* "Yeah. You have a point." *choosing not to comment on the supernatural/demonic part* "So the question becomes this: do they somehow know this ahead of time and arrive conveniently, or do they travel about until they find someone that fits their criteria. Because if it's the second, then we can avert this crisis pretty easily, and then it's just a matter of finding their next most appealing victim and crashing that wedding."
[Eric] "I... Don't know... You read everything I have.... You're more knowledgable about these things then me..."
[Trent] "Right, just thinking out loud. Still, it wouldn't hurt to reschedule things, at least so we've got minimal potential casualties." *looks in the direction Allison went off to* "Honey..."
[Allison] *Is still keeping herself very busy making a big plate of food* "Oh heyas, I made you something to eat, you must be hungry."
[Trent] *goes into the kitchen* "You read what we did. What do you think about a more private ceremony, and moving the reception back a day or two? Most of your guests shouldn't have to change their travel plans too much that way, and it would be safer."
[Allison] *Stays silent for a while, focussing on kitchen things, but eventually nods* "Yeah... It makes sense.... Might not be able to move everything.. But.. We'll make do..."
[Trent] *brushes her hair back from her shoulder and kisses her neck* "I'd be willing to bet those other girls didn't have a Slayer, a Commando-Seer, a Werewolf-Hunter, and a super-determined brother around to watch out for them."
[Allison] *Leans back closely against him* "Yeah.... That's true... Ofcourse... That might not mean much to fishmen who are unkillable" *Tries to smile jokingly at the last part, but doesn't quite manage it*
[Trent] "Just because no one before us found a way, doesn't mean there isn't one."
[Allison] "Yeah...." *Turns around to put her arms around him and cliinging tightly to him, as if worried one of them would be pulled away*
[Trent] *hugs back tightly for a long moment before kissing her on the forehead and smiling* "You know, this is what you get for being so darned cute."
[Allison] *Grins a little for real* "Oh really, I don't see any other cute girls being worried about fish people dragging them off to a fish dimension!"
[Trent] *shrugs playfully* "Well, no, but that's what you get for falling for the bad boys!"
[Allison] *Smirks and nudges him* "It's cute that you think that's you"
[Trent] *pouts* "Oh come on, i'm not convincing anymore?"
[Allison] *Grins and shrugs* "Not really... but if you wanted to I could pretend in the bedroom...."
[Eric] *Walks in and stops dead* "well..... Guess i won't be eating the next..... month..."
[Trent] *chuckles*
[Eric] "I just... I had an idea..."
[Trent] "Great, what is it?"
[Eric] "Well... It's just a thought..... but... You already have a wedding license?.... You could... Just... get married today.... at the mayors office or wherever.... Then the ceremony can just be... the ceremony... but you'll already be married, and the fish folk might just carry on?..."
[Trent] "It's a thought, but then again, they might just show up today instead too. I hate to say it, but if we can find a way to get rid of them forever, it might be a good idea to go ahead and lure them to us by keeping our plans more or less as scheduled."
[Allison] *Pokes Trent in the side* "Charming!" *Gives him a cold but slightly playfull look* "You can forget about anything happening in the bedroom at all!"
[Trent] *looks at Allison* "I know it sounds harsh,'s what we do."
[Allison] "Anyway... I'm not sure fishpeople are real sticklers to the rule of law..... To magic the ceremony might be more important then a piece of paper..."
[Trent] "That's true too. And we don't know if the ceremony even has anything to do with it, or if they're just assholes that like to make a big entrance. We need to think on it more. Do more research. Get together with Peter and Loretta and put all our heads together and come up with a plan."
[Allison] "Yeah... Well, it's good to know you already feel married enough to me to use me as bait for fishing..." *Leans against Trent affectionately while muttering* "If the worst happens I can always marry the fishking and hope he transforms into a cute human..."
[Trent] "Aw, that's harsh. I only even suggest it because i *know* they can't take you away from us. I'm just thinking about anyone else they could go after that wouldn't be so lucky."
[Allison] *Leans up to kiss his cheek* "I wouldn't marry anyone that isn't you..."
[Trent] *whew*
[Allison] *Hugs Trent tightly* "I just hope you're right... last thing i want is to be washing the socks of seapeople the rest of my life!"
[Trent] "Well, as much as i hate to suggest it, we could just cancel the wedding altogether. Maybe to their outdated way of thinking, that would make you less desirable, and we wouldn't have to worry about it at all, then turn our attention on where they might strike next. Or we could dye your hair and hide you away. I don't know, there are still a lot of ways to look at this."
[Allison] *Looks down at her feet and shrugs* "I'd rather face half man half fish demons.... Then give up my wedding... even if it has to be small and simple..."
[Trent] "That's kind of what i thought. about calling the relatives and telling them we decided on something more intimate, but are going to really play up the afterparty?"
[Allison] "Yeah... Alright.... I'll get started... You can call Loretta and then come help me?..." *Grabs Eric's arm to tug him along* "And you can help now!"
[Trent] "Yeah, i'll do that."
[Eric] "Why do i have to help, i was going to research fish people."
[Allison] "because they know you, you're family"
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Re: Sunday, November 16

PostPosted by Solar_Dawn » Tue Jan 26, 2010 4:08 pm


[Peter] *gets phone* "hey dude!" *to loretta* "its Trent."

[Loretta] *yells* "Hi Trent!"

[Peter] "how are you man? any news from allison or eric?"

[Trent] "Oh, so that's where she is. Anyway, yeah, Eric and Allison seem to have found our crew. Looks like they were cursed to another dimension, but come back every so often to find a bride, and they just so happen to like blonds that are engaged to supernatural types."

[Peter] "oh... how can they be defeated or at least stopped?..."

[Eric] *On his own phone* "Well i know it's a bit difficult, but it's only been moved back a few days, surely you can work something out................ What? No she isn't pregnant! Fine.... Fine.... Yes, alright, see you then..." *Hangs up and mutters something about stupid relatives*

[Trent] "We're still working on that. One source says they're un-killable, but it also sounds like once they get their girl, they're relatively harmless."

[Peter] "you're kidding me; and *thats* a good thing?" *to loretta, but can be heard through phone too* "we need to get there."

[Trent] "Good news is Allison sounds just like their type, so they shouldn't even show up until the wedding day. That gives us some time to figure out what to do with them."

[Peter] "can you stay there so we reach you guys? this needs a meetup so all ideas can be ehard..."

[Trent] "Yeah, you guys can come over here and read the passages yourselves. Sounds like Eric's going to be on the phone with relatives for awhile anyway."

[Allison] *Also on a phone* "It's just... There've been a few scheduling problems... that's why we had to move it back just a few days..... What?.... Deported?.... Well who the hell told you he's from brazil? Well tell her to suck a lemon! I'll see you then...." *Sighs*

[Peter] "lets go Lorrie. bad news..."

[Loretta] *frowns but nods and is already on her way to the door*

[Trent] *waits outside since he has super-hearing these days and doesn't feel the need to be any closer to the long-distance drama unfolding in the house*

[Peter] *as they get there* "hey man. whats up with the other two?"
" where are they?"

[Trent] "Hey guys. They're calling around to tell everyone the ceremony has been changed to a private affair. That should give us another day or two before we have to deal with out-of-towners."

[Allison] *Pouts* "Lost out on my dream wedding i always wanted... And now everyone thinks i'm knocked up or could only get someone to marry me in exchange for a green card...... that's just lovely..... "

[Peter] *nods* "so... tell us what they found out again... just so we're all in the same page..."

[Trent] *just hands him the book so he can read over the relevant passages*

[Peter] *reads*
[Peter] "so... they were cursed and sent to another dimension. and look for a woman , usually a gorgeous blonde on her wedding day, to go witht hem, cause that reverts them to humans for as long as they treat her with utmost respect or something. and... 'not even death can end their curse'."

[Trent] "That's what i read too."

[Peter] "... it does not say they cannot be detained?... a creature immune to death, even one immune to *damage in general* if they're that tough, can still be chained. and if its not superstrong, it will not break free..."

[Loretta] "At least they have to be nice to her...i guess..."

[Trent] "I think we need to do more reading; surely there are other sources on this."

[Peter] "see i've read several mythologies and history for some reason; and there is this story about an unkillable giant wolf that remains chained for who-knows-how-long in northern europe."
"but true, we coudl find more stuff..."

[Trent] "I won't lie. I'm completely terrified that they want Allison. But we shouldn't let this be any more difficult than any other hunt."

[Peter] "theres no difference as to who they want." *gets serious* "cause they're not getting anyone.lets go find Allison and Eric..."

[Trent] *nods and leads the way inside*

[Loretta] *follows quietly*

[Peter] "hi guys. "

[Allison] *Is looking more then a little sulky and has given up the phone for now* "Hey.."

[Peter] "so. we have covered bookish stuff on the subject. now we need to find some way of either entrapping them, or hurting them. plus, it'd be nice to see if they can be physicaly hurt, even if that does not mean total death."

[Loretta] "We'll see alright!" *cracks her knuckles*

[Peter] *smiles at allison* "spirit up. you're marrying Trent soon, and not all people find such a love."

[Allison] "Assuming i'm not dragged off by horny fish people...."

[Trent] *puts his arms around her* "Not while i'm alive."

[Eric] "So anyway... I think we've called enough relatives for now.... Let's do something constructive...."

[Peter] *nods to Eric*

[Loretta] "Ok, what?"

[Allison] *Lays her head against Trent and pouts at him* "Half my family thinks i'm pregnant, or that you only speak spanish!"

[Eric] "Wasn't half.... Just.. one or two..."

[Trent] "Spanish? My grandmother was Czech..."

[Peter] "what other sources of info about the supernatural do we have?..."

[Trent] "That book store's been all we've needed in the past."

[Allison] *Smirks* "Yeah well according to my aunt Emma you're from brazil and speak no english, oh and you're in desperate need of a green card..."

[Loretta] "I'd go beat someone up, but i think we already chased out all the demons in town."

[Trent] *shakes head*
[Trent] "Didn't my name get printed on the invitations?"

[Peter] "well if thats the answer to info, if there is one i can find him. but sadly i think we need something different. first, we should invite any allies we might have here and inform them..."

[Allison] "Well what does she know... She's 68 and half blind..."

[Eric] "Can always check the internet again, haven't had much luck in the past, but you never know... there might be something on there about demons and this problem.."

[Trent] "I'll make some calls now that we have a lead."

[Peter] "i'd like to see reports on fights against these monsters. People fight them, we could use a lead on how to at least slow them down if needed? like, cna we chop one's arm off to avoid being decapitated ourselves, or no death means total immunity to damage?"

[Eric] "These are ancients books written by ancient people, not high def movies...."
[Eric] "Info's kinda limited..."

[Peter] "well, not ancient, but old, i get it."

[Loretta] "Allison, i can call some of your relatives if you want a break."

[Peter] *seems impossibly surprised after thinking of something*

[Allison] "I can't ask you to do that...."

[Eric] *Mutters softly* "Can ask me though"

[Allison[ "Well they're your relatives too!"

[Loretta] "Why not? Bridesmaids are supposed to help the bride."

[Peter] "guys?!? *they* come to *your* wedding! we get to choose battleground, it neednt be the place previously arranged. thats not much, but its something to think about...

[Allison] "It didn't say they come to my wedding.... It said they come on the girl in question's wedding 'day' didn't it?..."

[Peter] "... damn... true."

[Allison] "Which might mean they'll be at the backdoor at 6 am... Fishermen always get up early"

[Trent] "There's a lot of vague stuff in there."

[Peter] "how many days we have again?..."

[Allison] "Guess I shouldn't wear my wedding dress till the reception.... It's so expensive Trent will be paying it off till our kids are off to college...."

[Trent] "Three."
[Trent] *chokes slightly at the 'kids' comment*

[Peter] "hmm... not much. " *looks at trent* "hey! that means positive thinking there, dude. your girl got courage."

[Trent] *mutters* "Yeah, just enough to make me nuts."

[Allison] *Smirks and kisses his cheek* "oh don't be silly, you were nuts before i met you!"

[Trent] "Hmm..."

[Eric] "Maybe we should look at this from a biological view..... I mean.... They're fish people..... or sea creatures anyway...... What do sea creatures hate?.... Anyone know something?..."

[Peter] "hmm... i dont know?... maybe they're weak to electricity, all watery and such? electricity has never been used against them in the far past; not available."
*part of him keeps thinking bio-warfare tho-

[Trent] "It's a thought."

[Eric] "Could be.... What about fire?..."

[Peter] "not sure. it could be already tried though. might at least slow them down if it makes them feel pain?"

[Loretta] "Baked seamonster."

[Eric] "I guess if the end is nigh... Loretta can always marry the sea captain!"

[Peter] "so... flamethrowers and ... maybe tasers?... and Eric, behave." *giggles though*

[Loretta] "Hey, what now? I'm in no way old enough for that!"

[Eric] *Smirks* "bet yer like 60 in fish years..."

[Loretta] *glares*

[Peter] "you're blonde too." *gets rdy to be hit*

[Loretta] "No fair, if i don't get to drive, i shouldn't get nominated for pirate-bait either!"

[Eric] *Backs away and falls silent, wrubbing the left side of his ribcage briefly*

[Peter] "dont worry, it was just a joke.bad one at that."

[Loretta] "Hmph."

[Peter] "you really think we'd let that happen? i *did* say 'they're not geting anyone' didnt i?"

[Loretta] "yeah, yeah, whatever. But it's really not a bad idea. At least if someone does get drug off to another dimension, i can kick their asses soundly when they go human again. Hey, maybe they're only vulnerable there?"

[Peter] ".... can we infiltrate there?"

[Loretta] "It's an idea."

[Peter] "even if plan goes bad, we'd get you out..."

[Loretta] "It says they aren't totally trapped there, maybe it's an open portal?

[Peter] "and it says people *can* follow them anyway."

[Loretta] "We may be onto something."

[Peter] "we could invade... all hunters and slayers full force." *half-jokingly*

[Trent] "You guys can't be serious."

[Loretta] "Well...if we did end up trapped there, at least we'd all be together?"

[Peter] "in war, success usualy comes through a bold and unexpected action. and what loretta said is *absolutely* true."

[Trent] "Hmm...i don't know. Don't like it. But it's something else to look into."

[Peter] "we officialy have a backup plan then."

[Trent] "I hate to call it that, but i suppose it's better than nothing."

[Loretta] "Well, what else have we got? Put out a Craigslist ad to see if we can find a willing girl to go with them?"

[Peter] "well, at least we know if they succeed, they're gonna wish they had failed afterwards. " *keeps thinking*

[Loretta] *puts her hands on her hips like she should be offended!*

[Peter] "wha?... what did i do again? is it bad to say we'd come with you and kick arse? and that i agreed if we'd all be together there it would be much better than nothing?"

[Loretta] "Yeah, yeah..."

[Peter] *shrugs* "seriously though, imagine if we got trapped for some time in that dimension. how would it be?..."

[Allison] "What if there's only seawater and nothing else in that dimension?..."

[Loretta] "It would be suck. But better than if they took Allison away..."

[Allison] "Besides, I'm not going to sacrifice Loretta to save myself!"

[Peter] "we're not sacrificing anyone; one pretends tot ag along while others infiltrate. thats what we're saying."

[Loretta] "Besides, if i *did* end up getting separated, at least i kick more ass--no offense."

[Allison] "Dunno... That sounds like a plan that could go really really badly wrong... We don't know how this portal work...."

[Peter] *now he seems offended*

[Allison] "But that piece did say those mages or whatever, didn't have enough power to seal the portal permanently didn't they?..... Which means it might be feasible... they just didn't do it right..."

[Peter] "we need a mage for that."

[Allison] "Well.. maybe.. we can find one.." *Sighs and leans back against trent and takes his hand* "Know what we should have done...... Throw that sand demon into their dimension the moment the portal opens..... Let them duke it out for the rest of eternity...."

[Peter] "sand demon?..."

[Trent] "Oh hell no, not if the portal isn't properly sealed." *not seeing the humor, obviously(

[Allison] *Pokes Trent* "I wasn't being serious, that things caused more then enough trouble already..."

[Loretta] "She means the Afrit."

[Peter] "..." *doesnt remember* "whatever, obviously a joke."

[Loretta] *sighs* "Anyway, if someone *does* have to go in there alone, at least i won't have a husband and a brother to be all sad about it. And i can kick ass until it's time for the thing to open again."

[Peter] "i repeat, if one goes, we follow. at least *i* will."

[Loretta] "Just saying. We don't know how it will work."

[Trent] "We'll come up with something better than that."

[Allison] "Yes, we'd be just as heartbroken if you were stolen by fish people..."
[Allison] "Can't we undo the original spell?... Make them people?..."

[Loretta] *eye roll* "Right, well, anyway, how about we get back on the research and stuff? I'll take phone duty like i said."

[Peter] "still, we'd need a mage. yup, we should go research mode. i head in for the books too this time..."

[Eric] "I'll stay here and see if there isn't some kind of lead on the internet, and help out Loretta with family history and what not, the three of you should be able to look through that store pretty thoroughly..."

[Trent] "I'll call our Portland contacts from there and see if they have any ideas or resources we don't."

[Peter] *nods* "OK. i head for the books like i said... anyone to show me?... and you two behave" *smiles at eric and loretta*

[Loretta] *looks at Allison's guest list, bewildered*

[Allison] *Adds rather lamely* "I gotta order a second cake.... They said the one order i already placed couldn't be cancelled or changed...." *Frowns and looks around at everyone* "So... Nobody eat for like.... now till the wedding"
[Allison] "But i can do that from the store too..."
[Allison] "So... Trent can take peter along and i'll take my car and follow?..."

[Peter] "sure..."

[Trent] "Yeah. Eric...i think you should try to start the car today."

[Eric] "I guess I could...... but why?..."

[Trent] *shrugs* "I just have a good feeling about it."

[Eric] "Alright..."

[Trent] *goes out to the truck*

[Peter] *heads outside, thinking about stuff; goes to the truck too*

[Allison] *Grabs some things and looks sadly at her old seating chart before going off to her own car to follow Trent's truck*

[Trent] *when they get inside* "He's ready now." *mischievous grin* "There were a couple of hoses disconnected before, but he won't know that."

[Loretta] " checkmarks mean she's already called them? Or the Blue X's?"

[Eric] "Eh..... I think green means they RSVP'd..... and the blue one's are the ones she just called........ or those red circles...."

[Loretta] "Holy crap, what a mess..."

[Eric] *Smirks* "That'll teach you to volunteer..."

[Loretta] "Ugh. How does she even know this many people?"

[Eric] "I dunno... I don't know more then 10 people.... Anyway.... take the phone upstairs and you can do it in my room while I check the internet? In case you got questions"

[Loretta] "Yeah, i'm sure i will."

Peter: 1d10+8=18 (thats Knowledge to add successes to the occult check, occult coming, tho i dont think it'll show much)
Peter: 1d10+10+3+5=26 (occult with drama pt and +5 from knowledge successes)
Allison: 1d10+2+2=8 (For finding ways to stop these sea monsters)
Eric: 1d10+5+6=12 (For finding anything relevant to these particular creatures online)
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Re: Sunday, November 16

PostPosted by verdilak » Fri Jan 29, 2010 3:24 am

Store Owner: "Back again I see. Well, no matter, hope you find whatever it is you guys are looking for. As well as hope that whoever it is doing whatever it is doing, it's not someone I know."

Allison, though you find nothing about how to stop these creatures, you do find out an interesting tidbit in a passage on the horrors of the oregon coast. 4 women had been taken by "horrors from beyond the sea" over the past 200 years... all from the area around Serendipity.

Peter, need to know what you are looking for before I can dole out information.

Eric, while you do not find much on these creatures online besides that there are myths and stories about Captain Juan Corso who inspired the director of the Pirates of the Carribean movies, you do find information about pirate democracy. The Captain of a ship was the de-facto leader during battle, often chosen by the crew as the Captain for his skill in combat. But, outside of combat, the Quartermaster effectively ruled the ship. Also, when a Captain left his ship, due to mutiny, death, or other reason, the crimes and transactions of the Captain went with him as well.
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"Seeing, contrary to popular wisdom, isn't believing. It is where belief stops, because it isn't needed any more." - Terry Pratchett, Pyramids
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Re: Sunday, November 16

PostPosted by Pyriel » Fri Jan 29, 2010 12:28 pm

[Peter] Peter tries to find ways to hurt these monsters. Maybe some vulnerability (if theres nothing like that recorded, he could at least see what *has* been tried and doesnt work).

Finaly, *if* all else fails and there seems to be *no* such vulnerability he tries to find kind of a longshot: how possible will it be to follow them in the dimension if they fail and monsters take what they want? can the portal be opened for others for instance?...

(sorry for not saying what he's searching for; i was kind of in a hurry...)
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Re: Sunday, November 16

PostPosted by verdilak » Sat Jan 30, 2010 4:09 am

Peter, in a book about pirates of all types; ghost pirates, cursed pirates, demon pirates, vampire pirates, and so on, you notice, easily, that the main thread of comonality is one thing: Wealth. Regardless of their reasons for attacking a settlement or another ship, or why they traded their souls for dark powers, why they agreed to allow themselves to be worm as meatsuit puppets by one type of demon or another, they all lose their focus and thought-train around wealth. Not just any wealth, but relative wealth that is as excessive as possible. A pile of a million dollars would mean nothing to older pirates, but gold, gems, rum, spices, slaves, silks, women.. those objects of wealth would.

Also, you do find a spell that would transport a group of people to a familiar location or person, but the power needed to invest in such a power would require a coven who were at least journeyman-level, if not masters. As you read the details of the spell and the requirements, a vision is forced upon you.

In the vision, you basically see Kitriana's backstory from the eyes of an observer, with a stronger emphasis on the dark coven.
"I'm imagining Kiera Knightly, Katherine Zeta-Jones, Angelina and Meg Fox sitting around your map wearing bandanas vigorously shaking fists full of d20s." - Aval Penworth, in regards to a map I made
"We're talking about the GM that made us fight giant Fruit, Verd is totally unpredictable." - Nikurasu (one of my players)
Everyone is an atheist about some gods, we just went one god further. - Richard Dawkins
Ism's in my opinion are not good. A person should not believe in an -ism, he should believe in himself. I quote John Lennon, "I don't believe in Beatles, I just believe in me."--Ferris Bueller, 1986
To the human body, a spoonful of flour and a spoonful of sugar are identical.
"Seeing, contrary to popular wisdom, isn't believing. It is where belief stops, because it isn't needed any more." - Terry Pratchett, Pyramids
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Re: Sunday, November 16

PostPosted by Solar_Dawn » Wed Feb 03, 2010 3:01 pm

** Allison pushes one book away with a frown **
Allison: "Seems our little town is one of their regular hunting places..... And it doesn't seem like anyone managed to stop them..."
Trent: *eventually comes back in from his phone call* "Portland Hunters still plan to come, but they don't know anything we haven't already read."
Peter: *starts having some sort of headache* "ow! damn!... not again..." *faints*
Trent: "At least we have backup though."
Trent: *watches Peter expectantly*
** Allison turns to Peter and frowns **
Allison: "Yeah....... Backup..."
Peter: 'OK, got some sort of vision: about some witch coven, and a witch created through some ritual. these guys sound like realy powerful dudes.'
Trent: *steps over to a water cooler in the corner, fills a paper cup, and hands it to Peter while he talks* "Well that's something; think it's local?"
Peter: 'plus, got the vision when i had found this spell... sounds like it needs quite the powerful magician in order to function. other than that i'm not sure how to use the info i gfound...'
Allison: "Sounds..... vague..."
Peter: 'i'm not sure if its loca; it was fuzzy on the details...'
Trent: "It's something to explore at least."
Peter: 'well, i can describe the superwitch if you want... but other than that i only found out that pirates seem to lose all reason when it comes to material wealth and the likes.'
Trent: *nods*
** Allison frowns, and puts her hand protectively over her engagement ring in a rather selfish way **
Peter: *laughs* ' dont worry allison; its not the only kind of wealth that they want. actualy... what if we made them fight each other?'
Peter: 'they probably speak spanish or something; i also speak spanish. maybe we could bribe some?'
Allison: "With what?.."
Trent: "Money and hos?"
Trent: " offense, darling."
** Allison scowls, and narrows her eyes at Trent **
Trent: *tries to smile charmingly, to disguise fear*
Peter: 'what if we offered to give them info about Fort Knox-like a treasure map to them?
Allison: "You wanna sick undead pirates on the national treasury?..."
Peter: 'well, thats not such a good idea, true. but we need something to distract them.'
Allison: "What about..... I mean... It might be really stupid.... but back when my parents were alive, and Eric was like 10.... my parents bought this big chest, and filled it with toy gold coins and what not..."
Allison: "Probably won't fool a real pirate for long.... But maybe from a distance..."
Trent: "Trying to trick them would probably be quite dangerous. We could think some more about trying to negotiate with them. Loretta's idea about putting out a personal ad wasn't really such a terrible idea--there are some odd ducks out there, some gal might actually *want* to hang out with 'real pirates.' And even if not, we could still offer to try and help them that way. It might be a nice change of pace not to have to drag a girl off kicking and screaming...though they're probably into that, now that i think about it..." *frowns like he shouldn't have said that*
Peter: 'i dont know... the books say all attempts to parley with them were unsuccessful...'
Trent: "Might just mean no one went about it right."
** Allison sighs and leans on her hands sullenly **
Allison: "For all we know this conversation has been had a dozen times..."
Trent: "Could see about having a witch just cast a simple sanctuary spell; just enough to put em in a peaceful mood to hear us out."
Peter: with all due respect, Trent, you do realise pirates are not going to negotiate with someone if they can just take what they want?... we need to have an edge to make them listen...' *thinks* 'yes, that is quite a good idea. but where can we find a witch?'
Allison: "Well... We met one.... But don't know where she's been hanging out..."
Peter: '... met a witch?... care to describe her? maybe i can find her. if one guy can, i'm that guy.'
Trent: "There's one in Portland; i don't know how powerful she is, but she made those flash-grenades just fine, and it doesn't seem all that complicated."
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Re: Sunday, November 16

PostPosted by hippie_mama » Wed Feb 03, 2010 6:36 pm

[Eric] "How are you coming with those calls? People still giving you trouble?"
[Loretta] "Nah, mostly they're just surprised you aren't gay--or am i misinforming them?"
[Eric] *Scowls* "Hey! Just because.... that..... thing happened once... or... didn't happen I guess.... Doesn't mean you can go around spreading vicious rumors!"
[Loretta] "So you *don't* want me to tell them you're straight. Ok." *picks up the phone again*
[Eric] "Hey! You know what i meant!"
[Loretta] *tries to look innocent*
[Eric] *Turns back to the computer grumpily, mumbling to himself softly* "Maybe i was just distracted by your huge manly hands...."
[Loretta] "Hmph! And by the way, it *totally* happened. Just because you started crying like a little girl instead of finishing doesn't mean it doesn't count!" *starts dialing the next number on the list*
[Eric] "Hey! At least I didn't break you!"
[Loretta] *mutters something offensive before interrupting herself cheerfully* "Hi! Is this Allison's second-cousin Rebecca?" *then walks out of the room continuing to talk on the cordless phone*
[Eric] *Shakes his head and quickly returns to the task at hand, reading through large amounts of data*
[Loretta] *comes back after awhile, shaking her head* "Are there any women in your family, besides your sister, that aren't total bitches?"
[Eric] *Shrugs* "I dunno.... Just... Come over here a sec...."
[Loretta] "What did you find?" *looks concerned*
[Eric] "Well there's a whole lot of stuff about that guy that was mentioned, appearently he was really a nasty pirate... but that didn't give anything useful..... this though..... well maybe nothing... but it might help... The Captain of a ship was the de-facto leader during battle, often chosen by the crew as the Captain for his skill in combat. But, outside of combat, the Quartermaster effectively ruled the ship. Also, when a Captain left his ship, due to mutiny, death, or other reason, the crimes and transactions of the Captain went with him as well."
[Loretta] "Sooo...we need to try and talk to the Quartermaster? See if we can stage a mutiny to break their curse?"
[Eric] "Well it's an option..... Doesn't really say wether or not it works on ghost pirates.... or fish people pirates.... but it's all i've found"
[Loretta] *shrugs* "No reason it shouldn't work as good as anything else."
[Eric] "Doesn't hurt to have the information in any case..."
[Loretta] *thinks* "I could be a diplomat, right? No reason not to. And they're all old-fashioned probably, so maybe they'd let me on the ship since i look all girly."
[Eric] "eh... Sure... But I thought old pirates didn't listen to girls..... They just grabbed em by the hair to their ship to do dirty things to them?"
[Loretta] *laughs* "Can you imagine someone trying to do that to me? They'd regret it pretty fast, don't you think?" *frowns* "Nevermind, don't answer that."
[Eric] *Wrubs his chest slightly* "Probably... But eh..... If they're unkillable.... Better not risk it.... What if you can't hurt them with like... fists and weapons?"
[Loretta] *thinks* "I could probably still throw em around and knock them down and stuff. Still, there are probably a lot of them, so better to try and talk first."
[Eric] "Yeah... let's try all the other options first..... There's a few too many 'probably's in there..."
[Loretta] "Well so far, there's nothing but 'probablies' to all of them! I think it's a sound strategy..."
[Eric] *Smirks* "You solve everything by hitting it.... trust me... I know!"
[Loretta] "Gotta do what works!"
[Eric] "Hmpf.... Some things react better to a gentle touch..."
[Loretta] *glares* "And some things whine too much!"
[Eric] "Well we agree on that at least!" *Smirks* "You whine like all the time...."
[Loretta] "Name once!"
[Eric] "Like.... eh... We dont have time to play twenty questions, we have to rescue my sister!"
[Loretta] *snickers* "Spoken like a guy who's got nothin! Mr. "Boo-hoo, i think my ribs are broken!" If i had a nickle for every time my ribs were broken..."
[Eric] "Yeah well... At least my naked pictures around on the internet...."
[Loretta] "Those were tasteful and artistic!"
[Eric] "I mean the ones I will be putting up there if you don't stop telling people i'm gay!"
[Loretta] "Pfft, you don't have any that are--hey wait a minute, what naked pictures?" *starts to look worried, but tries not to*
[Eric] *Grins* "Suddenly playing with a blindfold doesn't seem like such a good idea does it!"
[Loretta] *unable to decide between wrath and terror, just stares back blankly*
[Eric] "So.... No more telling people i'm gay!"
[Loretta] "I told them you WEREN'T gay! They're the ones that thought you were!"
[Eric] "Did not!"
[Loretta] "Oh they SO did! They wanted to know how i knew Allison, so i told them i was friends with you first, because how would i explain a juvenile delinquent paling up with a lady cop? And you know what they say to that? Usually something like 'Oh thank god, we thought he was one of those gays!'"
[Eric] "What?? Who?.... I mean... no! You're just making that up!"
[Loretta] *crosses arms in front of her and looks smug* "Am i?"
[Eric] *Thinks for a long time, putting Loretta under supreme scrutiny* "Do you wanna go to the wedding with me?... I mean... not to like... get back together.... definitly not..... Just... you know..... make out a little... when my families looking..."
[Loretta] "You want me to pretend to be your girlfriend so they won't think you're gay."
[Eric] "Well... I guess that's.... Essentially maybe slightly the case.... but there's a lot of complex factors you don't understand!"
[Loretta] "Uh huh. And why would i want to go and do that, when you have potentially attractive cousins i could hook up with for real?"
[Eric] "Because..... You owe me!"
[Loretta] "*I* owe *you!?* How so!?"
[Eric] "What about my bleeding ribs! Mine don't heal like yours, and they aren't meant to break!"
[Loretta] "How many times do i have to apologize for that!?"
[Eric] "Well..... You do this for me... and I won't bring it up again!"
[Loretta] "Yeah right..."
[Eric] "Well.... What do you want in return?"
[Loretta] "Ha! Well obviously you're *ahem* incapable of giving me what i want." *sticks out her tongue*
[Eric] *Scowls* "That's it, it's on!"
[Loretta] "Yeah? I'm terrified..."
[Eric] *Wrubs his hands together and returns to his PC* "Cute but kinda dumb blonde girl, seeks men for 'encounters'....... Huge pervert and looking for same.... Pictures and phone number included..."
[Loretta] "Hmph! Well you better find me a super-boyfriend with that, or i tell everyone, Allison and Trent included, that you tried to do dirty things to me and couldn't, because you don't really like girls!"
[Eric] *Stops pretending to type* "You're just cruel.... they wouldn't believe you anyway! They know I love the girls!
[Loretta] "They know you pretend to..."
[Eric] "Yeah well...." *Runs out of ideas and just scowls* "Bite me!!!"
[Loretta] "I could, but you'd just cry some more. But i think i made my point: no blackmailing me when i have more than enough to counter with!"
[Eric] *Mutters darkly, something sounding a lot like* "I'll get you yet.... and your little dog too..."
[Loretta] *eye roll* "So anyway, i was actually being really nice when i didn't have to be. How about some thanks?"
[Eric] *Grumbles* "Fine... thanks..... 'now' will you go with me?"
[Loretta] *thinks a moment* "No. And no making out either! But i could probably overlook some unnecessary touching and accidental boob-grazing."
[Eric] *Considers for a while, deciding that he might be able to find another date before then, and Loretta's a good fall back in any case* "Yeah alright
[Loretta] "So, any of your friends invited? That chubby one looked tougher than you at least..."
[Eric] "Hey! I'll have you know he's got asthma...... and no... Apparently the guest list was full..."
[Loretta] *sighs* "Bummer, on both counts..."
[Eric] "Yeah well.... You'll have plenty of dates to pick from when the fish people come!"
[Loretta] "That's not funny! Is it too much to ask, for someone that won't break, but also doesn't drink blood, or have scales, fur, or a mucous-y covering?" *sighs wistfully*
[Eric] *Grins and shrugs* "Maybe your standards are too high!"
[Loretta] "Apparently..."
[Eric] "Well i can totally understand how it's hard to find someone after me..."
[Loretta] "After you? It's not like we dated...did we?"
[Eric] *Scowls* "Maybe a few years with fish people wouldn't be so bad for you!.... Apreciate me more!"
[Loretta] "You're one to talk!"
[Eric] "Yeah...... well.... Anyway.... Maybe we should meet up with the others..... Tell em what we know..... "
[Loretta] "Which is pretty much nothing."
[Eric] "Well... Maybe they had more luck" *prints out the few relevant pages*
[Loretta] "Hope so."
[Eric] *Grabs the papers and grins* "So.... wanna try out my car?... Trent says it's finished"
[Loretta] "Sure." *trying to hide skepticism*
[Eric] *Heads downstairs and jumps into his car excitedly*
[Loretta] *sits in the passenger seat carefully*
[Eric] *Puts his key in the ignition and takes a deep breath, then starts the car, frowning at the brief whining start but smiling when it starts running better* "See? See?"
[Loretta] "Pretty cool."
[Eric] *Grins and nods* "You're jealous....." *Heads off towards the bookstore, keeping an eye out for cute girls from his school who he can show his new car to*
[Loretta] *smiles slightly* "Yeah, i guess so.'
[Eric] *Looks immensely pleased with himself and takes the long way around to the bookstore*
[Loretta] *smirks to herself while he does his male thing*

[Loretta] *belatedly, as they're very near the bookstore* "Oh! By the way, i'm going to quit the coffee shop and work for Peter."
[Eric] "You are?.... Doing what?.. Serving him drinks?..."
[Loretta] "No, dork, teaching pansies like you to fight. You need to learn too, of course. But you can decide which of us teaches you."
[Eric] "I don't remember signing up for that...."
[Loretta] "You want to always be the damsel in distress?"
[Eric] *Shrugs* "One of us has to have some class!   Besides... What's the point?.."
[Loretta] " would be nice to be able to beat up on vamps and whatnot without having to worry about you accidentally falling in front of one of them."
[Eric] "Still.... Not like i'm ever going to be able to keep up with all of you.... So why pretend i'm something i'm not?..... Isn't it better i focus my energy at something where i'm more useful?"
[Loretta] "Look at it this way: what if we have to rescue some cute girl? You don't want to be standing there while i do all the work, do you? When you could at least pound on a weak one a little and make it look good? Suit yourself, i guess, but if something happens to the rest of us, you're going to be pretty screwed."
[Eric] "I guess I could try to get some of the basics at least...."
[Loretta] "It's not like we'll expect you to get in the middle of the big fights; just want you to know enough to stay conscious until help arrives."
[Eric] "Yeah... Guess that's fair...."
[Loretta] "So decide who you want to show you stuff, because Peter and i go about things way differently. He's more tactics and technique, and i'm more...well...beat it until it's mush. Honestly, he'd be a better teacher for you, but i already know your...well..." *pokes him lightly in the sore part of his ribs* "Weaknesses."
[Eric] *Pulls away slightly tenderly, but smirks* "Yeah.... I'll go with you.... At least then if i'm beaten i might be able to cup a feel..... And you already know I suck at these things! i might still be able to fool him...."
[Loretta] *laughs* "Well, maybe we can toughen you up just enough that it's not embarrassing to have him teach you stuff too."
[Eric] "Well... We can always hope...."
[Loretta] "I'll have you know that i kicked plenty of ass before i was super-charged; with some practice, you should at least be as tough as i was pre-Slayer-powers, which i'll have you know was pretty damn tough."
[Eric] "Well.... I'm not sure i'll be that eh... buff... But I can at least learn some basic stuff, and not be an emberassment to the team!"
[Loretta] "Eric...i was 13." *laughs*
[Eric] "Yeah well.... When i was 13 I won a chess championship!" *Parks the car quickly*
[Loretta] "I mean it'll take some work--" *laughs* "but i think--" *snicker* "You could take a pre-teen in no time!" *snort-laughs*
[Eric] "Pfft, I can see this is going to be fun.... And here i thought you actually wanted to help me!"
[Loretta] *stops laughing and frowns* "I'm sorry, that wasn't nice. But you're right; you're useful in other ways. This would just be like the icing on the cake. You're not really mad, are you?"
[Eric] *Smirks* "Nah.... I knew you were mean before today!"
[Loretta] *wrinkles her nose at him* "Kiss and make up? I'll let you grope a little."
[Eric] *Grins and shrugs* "Nah.. I'm gonna let you feel guilty for a few days, so I can get some kissing in on the wedding and people won't think i'm into dudes!"
[Loretta] "Hmph!" *gets out of the car and goes inside, but does look vaguely disappointed*
[Eric] *Makes sure his car is properly locked, it's precious, before following inside*
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Re: Sunday, November 16

PostPosted by hippie_mama » Thu Feb 04, 2010 6:23 pm

Peter: (as the other two arrive) 'well, maybe we do have access to a witch then. thats good news i'd think...'
Loretta: *looks around vaguely* "Where?"
Peter: 'in Portland, didnt Trent say?...'
Trent: *nods*
Allison: "We don't know how good she is though... But it can't hurt to find out..."
Loretta: "Oh." *takes a seat*
Peter: 'hey' *nods to Loretta* 'i see you both came; any luck?'
** Eric sits down and pushes all the pages he printed out onto the table **
Eric: "Not a lot.... My car runs fine though"
Trent: *beams with pride*
Trent: *to Allison* "You hear that? He did it."
Peter: 'thats something too. transports are always nice in bad situations. so, here's what we found: first things first, if something goes bad, theres some powerful spell that could teleport us to where Allison, or whoever, is. we need to find a coven for that... we also figured out that all sorts of pirates lose their cool around material wealth, such as coins, gems, slaves, gold...'
Loretta: "What about like a spell to get the pirates to negotiate? Maybe talk with the Quartermaster instead of the captain, and if all else fails, maybe convince him and the others to overthrow the captain? Could break their curse."
Peter: *winks * 'clever thinking. i actualy thought about it; maybe their thingy around wealth would help too; bribvery of sorts.'
Peter: 'what if we convince the quartermaster he can be real rich if he stops the curse by overthrowing captain?...'
Loretta: *shrugs* "I thought maybe an end to roaming the seas as a monster might be enough, but how are we going to bribe him? An illusion of treasure?"
Allison: "So... What's our actual plan? If we have one...."
Trent: "I think we're still working on that..."
Allison: "Seems we've got a lot of 'maybe' ideas... But nothing solid..."
Peter: 'theres a pattern though: they are easy to bribe and their inner organization isnt realy super-loyal. we'll think of it. we have 2 more days, plus tonight. I'll go start up my dojo, for the odd chance of a student coming in the first day. since that is kinda rare, i'll get time to think about it. '
** Allison sighs and leans her head against Trent's shoulder **
Peter: *mutters, but clearly thinking strategy* 'quartermaster, cap, bribe?... maybe... but how? divide and conquer... divide and conquer...'
Trent: *brushes her hair back with his fingers* "We'll come up with something."
Peter: ' i dont know, maybe we have a good shot come to think of it...'
Peter: *pays so they remember research*
Loretta: "I know it's crazy, but i think maybe one of us should just *try* to talk to them when they get here--i mean, we might need magical help to get them to listen, but it might end up being really simple."
Allison: "It said that's been tried before..... I mean... We can still try.... but I wouldn't expect much...."
Peter: 'hey, i did agree to that, right?... i do speak spanish and understand their historical era too.'
Loretta: "That was always with the captain though. Gotta talk to the crew, or at least the Quartermaster. Turn them against the captain i guess. Maybe they don't *want* to follow him around like they have been, and actually need some help to stop him."
Peter: *nods* 'wow. who tought you that kind of mean strategy? i thought you were the reckless one...'
Loretta: "I dunno...i mean that's what the stuff we read kind of hinted at, right?"
Loretta: "Like, the captain's debts and such die with him? Should work for magic curses too."
Allison: "Yeah.... It does all seem to hang around him..."
Peter: 'true i guess. ' *deep inside, thinks he is basicaly saying the same thing, but few are listening* 'so... i'll be going to the dojo. we can meet tommorow, but if there is time i'll see if i can phone Trent or Eric for a drink at a club or something, okay?...'
Trent: *nods*
** Allison nods slowly **
Allison: "Good thing i got the week off for the wedding it seems..."
Trent: *turning to Eric and changing the subject* "So how did she run?"
Peter: 'so... bye i guess.' *hears latest* 'oh, yeah, car guy.' *smiles* 'must be nice.'
Eric: "Pretty great, bit of a rumble when it started, but otherwise it was a smooth ride"
Peter: 'maybe if we go out and find you some hot date you can take her to her place or something now.' *winks* 'anyways, bye people.'
Loretta: *gets up* "Hey Pete, i'll go with you--" *looks at Trent and Allison* "Oh yeah, i'm going to work for him instead of the coffee shop."
** Allison digs her nails slightly into Trent's hand under the table, but let's go again quickly, and nods **
Trent: *winces slightly*
Allison: "Alright.."
Peter: *waits for Loretta; thinks he still hasnt asked her about eric, decides to ask her later*
Loretta: "Everything is unpacked, but still not settled in yet--anyway, later guys!" *follows him out*
Trent: "A rumble, huh? Well it's not fuel-injected, so it's alright to press the gas just a little when you first start it up. Helps wake up all they cylinders."
** Allison looks after them with a hint of suspicion, before returning her attention to Trent **
Trent: *rambles a bit about car things*
Eric: "I'm sure soon it will be purring to my touch!"
Trent: *laughs* "Yeah, well, that's the idea at least! She can still use some work, but so long as she's on the road, you're doing good."
Eric: "Now I just have to fill it with girls..."
Trent: "Just don't let any of them drive."
** Eric can't help but grin and lean back in his chair **
Trent: *pats him on the shoulder* "Today, you are a man!"
** Allison smirks a little **
Allison: "Let's not go nuts"
Trent: "Aw come on! He got a car to start, a car he practically re-built with his own hands! What other standard could we measure by?" *truly seems to comprehend no other way*
Allison: "How about washing his own underpants?..."
Trent: *frowns, crestfallen* "Oh. Well i guess there could be that..."
Trent: *to Eric* "You could if you wanted though! Right?"
** Eric shrugs **
Trent: "Hmm...well maybe we did get ahead of ourselves a little...still, it's a step in the right direction."
Eric: "Dunno, I'd rather not touch them anymore then i have to, i know what's in there!"
** Eric chuckles at his own joke **
Trent: *wrinkles his nose a bit* "It's not as big a mystery as you might think..."
Allison: "So... Loretta is gonna come back home later on right?..."
Trent: "I would assume so. At least after patrols and everything."
** Allison nods, and looks around the store **
Allison: "Think we should go home too?"
Trent: "I think we've pretty much exhausted this place, at least unless Peter gets some further inspiration."
** Allison nods **
** Allison starts packing all things together **
Allison: "And no racing to get home first between you two!"
Trent: *helps and offers to carry her books* "Nah, no need to race. His car isn't near ready to take on Betty!"
Eric: "Hmpf..."
** Eric heads over to his own car at a slight run **
** Allison sighs **
Allison: "shouldn't have brought it up.... Boys..."
Trent: "Yeah. Totally ridiculous." *but subtly hurries Allison along*
Trent: *once Allison and her things are safely in the car, sprints over to his truck and peels out of the parking lot loudly*
** Allison heads home on her own pace, shaking her head **
Trent: [1d10+5] => [8,5] = (13)
Eric: [1d10+3+2] => [6,3,2] = (11)
Allison: [1d10+5+3] => [3,5,3] = (11)
Trent: *already out of the truck and looking smug* "And that, kids, is why you don't mess with experience!" *pats Betty's fender lovingly*
Eric: *Looks sullenly annoyed* "Well... Age before beauty i guess.."
Trent: *snickers and winks at Allison* "Well, not quite!"
Trent: *turns serious and uses his lecturing voice* "But racing is bad. Very, very bad. Don't do it. It's dangerous and illegal."

Loretta: "I think we've got a good shot at negotiations. You can talk, and i'll go with for backup in case it turns ugly."
Peter: "... i'm not so sure you should come..."
Loretta: "Pftt, yeah right."
Peter: "listen. i know you are not just *any* girl, and maybe there are more to you than meets the eye-even *my* eye- but the fact remains; you have all that life ahead of you. what if something goes bad? if we were absolutely certain physical violence would do it, i'd sure feel great to have your help, but..."
Loretta: "Yeah, well who else is gonna have your back? Trent? Somehow i think he'd rather stick close to his bride on this one."
Peter: "and it'd be fair thing to do- i think they need moments alone before this ordeal..."
Peter: "but thing is, you already lost me once and you were okay; why risk... erm, for the team losing both of us if we are not sure on how both can help?..."
Loretta: *shrugs* "Because it's what we do? I guess you can't be expected to remember that, or know it, but we have a history of going all-out for this stuff. Besides, it's what Slayers do. I would be an embarrassment to the powers if i did anything but."
Peter: *smiles* "well, i know it'd feel nice to have you on wacthing my back. i'm just not sure if you wanted to do it or felt like we'd demand it of you." *they reach the dojo; he opens the door*
Loretta: "Hmph! Well if you still knew me any better, you wouldn't even have to ask!"
Loretta: *mutters* "Besides, it was totally my idea!"
Peter: "relax. it doesnt mean i cant get to know you. besides, i do pick up on things regarding your behaviours anyway. generic things, but i'll learn in time." *winks*
Peter: "plus, it was my idea too, but anyways."
Loretta: *gives him a quick glare, then busies herself putting the equipment into more convenient configurations*
Peter: "OK, it will be a greta day when you decide to tell me when i'm doing something wrong." *chuckles*
Loretta: "You'll pick up on it..."
Peter: *starts working on the dojo's logo* "sure. before or after you hunt me with some chainsaw?kidding, kidding. "
Peter: "also... do you train? i mean, for combat."
Loretta: "Chainsaws aren't my style...and not really. I mean i should but--" *shrugs* "Usually i get enough 'practice' on the actual baddies. Not so much lately though, sadly, so i should probably do something about that."
Peter: "true. maybe we could train together, but not today, okay?... which brings me to another point-did you talk to Eric?"
Loretta: "I did; he wasn't into it at first, but i think i've talked him into learning a few things. I told him you would be a better teacher, but he wants to learn from me for now--i think he's embarrassed to show someone else how wimpy he is right away."
Peter: " well, that could be true. but hey-well done on that, he doesnt know it, but it might save his life someday."
Loretta: "We can hope."
Peter: "so... i realy should be going out instead of being all dojo-y; find someone to escort me to wedding so i'm not the only solo member of the group. i cant abide by that. dont know if allison will let me drag Trent to some club tho, and truthfuly, i think they should be together at this time.""
Peter: *decides on dojo logo; he has a notebook with notes regarding his thoughts on pirates nearby*
Peter: "what if we call Orlando Bloom to fight them? i hear he's good at this sort of things..."
Loretta: "Yeah, i'm sure they've got all sorts of drama right now. Eric mentioned trying to find a date, but i don't think it's required or anything. I won't have one unless Eric decides he's desperate enough to take me, but if he does, no one will really notice since we live together anyway."
Loretta: *sadly* "I don't think he does his own stunts."
Peter: *mutters, smiling* 'so he must be the lucky guy' *continues* "yeah, i was just joking."
Loretta: "He just doesn't want his relatives to think he's gay..."
Peter: *starts putting dojostuff at ideal positions too*
Loretta: *inadvertantly moves a few things that Peter already moved, but is oblivious to it*
Peter: *abstract* "who?..." *notices she moves stuff* 'want a break? i need to order some Neon sign a bit..."
Loretta: "I guess."
Peter: "i had payed for it, but didnt know what it should write."
Loretta: *laughs* "Well it *was* only a day before you left. It's kind of weird you had this much figured out already."
Peter: "theres a TV right there. " *picks up phone*
Loretta: *rolls her eyes and sits down, flipping it on, feeling like it's meant to babysit her*
Peter: *notices* "you dont have to watch if you dont wnat to. i think you said you didnt wnat me to treat you as an adult treats a little girl, wasnt that what you said before?"
Loretta: *shrugs* "Don't remember." *sees there's nothing on but news anyway, so turns it off*
Peter: "matter of fact, we could go patrol tonight if no student comes. more interesting, dont you think? i just think we should rest, and i'm not sure you'd like to just hang out ."
Loretta: *nods* "No one would expect a dojo to be open after 8 or 10. We should definitely patrol."
Peter: "... realy? no rest? well, i'll be packing up in half an hour and coming with you if you're so enthusiastic. " *mutters* 'so much for my potentialy last time surfing...'
Loretta: "Well i'm not rushing you, and i don't need a buddy just to patrol around town. Besides, we've seen nothing for months anyway."
Peter: "its OK; its just, i dont really feel like staying at home these nights, you know..."
Peter: "and seeing as a 15 year old or-how old is eric?- wouldnt prefer to go out to a club like i had initialy thoguht, i guess either thing is fine."
Loretta: "You could ask Eric to go with you; he would probably be more than happy to show off his car."
Peter: "OK, so you're set on patrolling despite not expecting to meet any monster, while i'd rather go out and do something different? OK i guess, though its sad to think of you choosing to be bored." *goes to change clothes*
Loretta: "Well...i mean, i guess it could be a short patrol..."
Loretta: "...Just, like, taking the long way and calling it good? That could count, right?"
Peter: "... yeah, that could count." *confused* "this will be our first patrol for, like, ages, right?"
Peter: "you can tell me all about how funny your bridesmaid dress makes you feel like. gotta know whom i'll be escorting, no?"
Peter: *is now ready for patrol*
Loretta: *follows Peter out and waits while he locks up* "Yeah, it's been awhile. The dress is alright. Allison has pretty good taste. I just think i should wear more sensible shoes with it, but i guess when things go down, i can just take them off."
Loretta: "But don't worry--even all cleaned up, i think you'll recognize me ok."
Peter: "yeah. theres *that* pirates factor... also, you should have more faith in yoiur appearance."
Loretta: *laughs* "Never said i looked bad! Just not always clean."
Peter: *shrugs* "well, comes with the job. doenst mean anything though-we know and understand..."
Peter: "even eric does. " *winks* "or you think i hadnt figured it out? have you told him?"
Loretta: "Huh?"
Peter: "well, i kinda got some vibes that theres a boy you like, but dont know if that boy likes you back? its obvious its eric. i realised it when you hoped for him to be desperate enough to ask you out." *chuckles* "so, have you told him yet?that you like him?"
Loretta: *snort-laughs* "Eric!? Umm, no. No, it's not like that. At all. We kind of already went down that road and figured out fast it wasn't a good idea. We're just friends, so he thinks it's ok to make out with me to prove a point i guess!"
Peter: *surprised* "Oh. sorry, i jumped to totaly wrong conclusions. just, you understand, right? you still give off same 'vibe' with your general behaviour, and i thought if i encouraged you to tell him, as first step, it'd help you."
Peter: *thinks eric must be the one breaking the 'ship and loretta still likes him; yeah, thats gotta be it*
Loretta: "Makes sense. But trust me, i know from personal experience that it's a bad idea."
Peter: *laughs playfuly* "Oh! the experience! ok then, i agree. just because eric broke up with you at first, ergo it will happen again. enough of my mumbling, what you do is your choice; i'm just having a talk with a friend."
Loretta: "I wasn't talking about Eric!"
Peter: "...Oh. theres another guy in the group? " *now thinks its one of their allies from Portland* "anyway, my phrase can be applied to more than just one scenario. but again, you have stated in a previous discussion that you dont want to talk about such things, so its OK."
Loretta: "You must really think i'm a workaholic--maybe the guy in question didn't know anything about this stuff?" *somewhat playfully, thinking she's very clever*
Peter: "...well, i hadnt thought of that. still, telling him you like him could be a good idea." *turns serious* "must be harsh to like a guy that doesnt appreciate how gifted tyou are cause he'll never know... if i could meet a nice girl, i'd wnat her to know about this demon stuff anyway."
Loretta: *shrugs* "Doesn't matter. He knew i liked him, and it didn't end well. I didn't really date Eric, but we figured out that wouldn't have ended well either. We're just not in a line of work that's very compatible with dating, or anything else. Trent and Allison aside. I've decided their case is seriously abnormal, so we can't count them!"
Peter: "...well, thats your choice. which brings us to another point, that unlike you, i believe nothing is compatible with dating, and all people, even normal people, just have to try to make it work." *thinks* "besides, how will you meet your guy?... by patrolling with me? thats just ridiculous. maybe you should get out more. "
Loretta: "You have no idea..."
Peter: *smiles, firmly believing she understood * "you're young. you have time to fix stuff, no matter how hurt you might be."
Loretta: "So, speaking of, i think this is enough patrolling for one night. Want to call Eric? He might want an excuse to get out of the house if he's there anyway."
Peter: "that is correct." *calls Eric* "can cooperate to meet chicks too. just kidding, you can come if you like." *winks, waiting for Eric's answer*
Loretta: "Of course i'll come. Better to leave the house to the soon-to-be-weds."

** Eric wakes up with a slight jolt, and gropes around for his cellphone, picking it up sleepily **
Eric: "Mwah?"
Peter: "hey dude. wanna go out clubbing with me and loretta?"
** Eric wipes the sleep from his eyes, considering for a while **
Eric: "Yeah alright... Just lemme freshen up.... and stuff..."
Peter: "cool. coming there."
Peter: "lets go Lorrie. maybe you want to change too?"
Loretta: *looks down at herself, a little defensively* "Ya think?"
Peter: *chuckles* "well, dunno about eric, or your mystery guy, or whoever you meet, but i'm not dancing with you if you wear this. you can do better and you know it. lets go." *walks to Allison's house*
** Eric stretches lazily and then picks something out of his closet that he at least thinks looks pretty good, then goes over to the bathroom to straighten his hair and all that bussiness, before going down to his car and waiting with it at the driveway **
Loretta: *crosses her arms and glares the rest of the way, but once there, runs upstairs, gets cleaned up, and borrows something from Allison's Dark Shady Past collection just to make a point!*
Peter: *to Eric as they wait for Loretta* "whatsup dude? ready for our big night? how long has it been since you gone clubbing?"
** Eric shrugs **
Eric: "I dunno... A while I guess... Been pretty busy..."
Loretta: *makes them wait a few minutes before returning (showing off her shiny new Attractiveness point!)* "Better?"
** Eric looks over Loretta and smirks **
Eric: "Nice... You left any tissues in the box though?"
Loretta: "Oh, you're soooo funny."
Eric: "Thanks, Glad to know i'm apreciated"
Peter: *turns around as he sees eric look at something; sees Loretta. "better? well... you know... so-so..." *is obviously surprised and impressed, though he stays calm and tries to hide it*
Loretta: "Hmph. As soon as we get there, i am totally pretending i don't know either of you."
Peter: *glares at eric; shrugs*
** Eric shrugs too and get's into the drivers seat **
Peter: *gets in the back seat*
Loretta: "And by the way, i didn't stuff anything, and had you been nice, *maybe* i would have proven it!"
Peter: " did i say such a thing?"
Peter: "anyways, lets go. anybody know of a good place aorund here?"
** Eric smirks and starts the car, driving to the club he met Loretta the very first time, which is decent at least **
Loretta: "No, but Eric did."
Peter: "dont worry eric; we made her decide to look like that , she gonna make some hearts break, and how does she repays us? huh? women are mean."
Eric: "Don't need to tell me.... "
** Eric parks his car rather sloppily because he's already looking around for any cute girls **
Loretta: *pouted the whole way, and as promised, walks away from the guys as soon as she gets out of the car*
Peter: "hey! i thought you were just kidding..."
Peter: "just wait to get in the club with me both> okay?... i am typicaly the adulkt here..."
** Eric smirks and shrugs **
Eric: "Yeah alright"
Loretta: *pretends she doesn't hear/know them*
Peter: *to Loretta* "okay; you gonna make hearts break today. dont listen to Eric. i know you're mad at me too for some reason, and i hate that, but if you need anything i'll be right here."
Peter: "come on Eric, lets find some place to sit."
Eric: "Alright... For now...."
Peter: *orders drinks for all three, something severely lighter/closer to legal for the other two; gives it to Eric and motions for Loretta to take if she wants*
** Eric stares at the drink for a moment, trying to decide between doing the cool thing, and facing his sister if she knew, and decides to merely take a sip to be polite **
Loretta: *finds someone to dance with for awhile, then returns to the guys when she feels they've been punished enough--and she's thirsty anyway*
Loretta: *drinks her soda without comment*
** Eric simply drinks soda then **
Peter: *avoids looking at her; he does so once, and he seems sad*
Eric: "So... Whatya think?.... Bit of a slow night?..."
Peter: "predictable, what with allison killing me if i lose sight of you two."
Peter: "but i like hanging out with you anyway, so..."
Peter: "unlike others that are too snobbish towards us when they get all pretty and stuff."
Loretta: "Yeah, well, it wouldn't kill some people to maybe say something nice."
Eric: "Alright alright, you look very hot, I just didn't want to admit it, because you already have such a big ego!"
Loretta: *grins* "Alright, that'll do." *looks at Peter expectantly*
Peter: "say something? like what? you did a frickin slow-motion entrance and you know it." *playfully* " you're just fishing for us to get embarassed in front of you, arent you?"
Loretta: *shrugs* "So you wouldn't really classify it as 'so-so' then?"
Peter: *smiles* "well... okay, i admit i expected something good, but not that good. didnt want to show it."
Peter: "guy can always get pleasantly surprised, right?"
Loretta: *smiles smugly and puts down her empty glass* "Alright, that'll do." *then runs off to go dance some more*
Eric: "Maybe i'll try to find someone to dance too..."
Peter: "me too." *runs off and dances some bit, but gets kinda bored and goes back to sit; watches the group's stuff like jackets etc., drinks some, thinking of the current situation; gives a look at what Eric and Loretta are doing at times*
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Re: Sunday, November 16

PostPosted by Pyriel » Sat Feb 13, 2010 12:45 pm


[Loretta] *eventually grabs Peter by the arm and drags him over to dance* "Dude, you are no good with the ladies at all."
[Peter] *dances with her* "would be if i was in the mood. i can look good too, ya know..."
[Loretta] "We'll figure out this pirate stuff; there's still some time, and if not, we'll at least make them think twice about taking our bride." *smirks* "I guess you do alright with that much of it..."
[Peter] "we needed that time off. to blow off some steam before battle, ya know?" *keeps dancing with her, takes a short look a Eric just in case* "... now we'll be ready, cause we will all *feel* ready. Plus, now you know how hot you can look."
[Loretta] *smirks* "Oh, i knew!"
[Peter] *shrugs, knowing they are in the calm before the storm*


[Peter] " know, i have to admit something."
[Loretta] *just raises an eyebrow, suspiciously*
[Peter] "when i left research shop, i thought it'd be a lame day at the dojo then some lonely dinner or whatever. but you came and kept me company and i guess you saved me from that." *winks* "well, i didnt have dinner at all, but thats just proof that i didnt get bored. i guess it felt nice, so i owe you one."
[Loretta] *smirks* "You saying you owe me dinner?"
[Peter] *surprised* "i said i owe you for saving a lonely afternoon and evening. i just guess you'll be eating at allison's. but if *you* want dinner, then sure, and you could invite eric or whoever you wanted too..."
[Loretta] "I was just teasing. We're friends; i'm sure i'll need a favor one of these days."
[Peter] "well, i'm not against teasing; i just missed it this time" *winks, as they keep dancing* "i was checking to see if Eric was ok"
[Loretta] *shrugs* "I'm sure if he's not, we'll hear the girly shrieks from here."
[Peter] *chuckles* "probably. so, you seem quite... cheerful or something. how often do you do this clubbing thing?" *thinks* "how often did *i* do it?"
[Loretta] "Not too often really; maybe a couple of times a week since it's been so quiet demon-wise. I'd drag Eric here whenever he wasn't busy with a raid or homework or out with his real friends."
[Peter] "ah. well, it looks good on you, so i dont see why not. dunno about me though-i wasnt in quite the mood before, though the fact that some guys in the club are looking at me a bit jealous now is kinda fun."
[Loretta] *laughs* "Wait til they find out you're my boss..."
[Peter] *cant help but laugh at that* "true i guess... want another soda?" *looks at the bar as pace changes* " what do you say we go sit and drink some ten minutes then we find Eric and go home?this song seems kinda too slow for you to dance anyway."
[Loretta] "You're probably right; he looks kind of bored anyway. Guess his super-charm didn't work on any of the ladies tonight!"
[Peter] *goes to the bar* "want me to order a beer for you this time? i can, just this once, since i know you have the physique to, like, not get drunk, despite your age."
[Loretta] "I'll never say no to that, if you're buying!"
[Peter] *buys them both a beer* "here. cheers" *takes a sip, sits at some couch*
[Loretta] *drinks some too*
[Peter] *motions for her to sit down* "so, i hope Trent and Allison took advantage of this night together. i think it'd be nice of us to grant them some time alone next couple of days."
[Loretta] *sits and nods* "Hopefully this will all end up being nothing but a funny story to tell their grandkids. That doesn't make it any less stressful in the mean time, though."
[Peter] "yeah, i know. plus, when we finish this deal, we get to bring the whole group here for a night thats gonna be hellova fun! I'll even help eric find some chick-and maybe she'll have an older sister or something." *winks* "seriously, we should establish this paryting-over-victory scene."
[Loretta] *smiles* "That would be nice."
[Peter] "so, are there any other slayers? except for you, i mean."
[Loretta] "Here you mean? There was the one, Rebecca, but she ended up going back to England with her watcher. Don't know why they wanted *her,* but whatever... And there's some guy around that thought he was a Slayer, but that's just silly. Slayers are never boys, so unless it was some weird hormonal thing, he was misinformed."
[Peter] *nods* "i get it. and dont worry- i'd bet you're as good as Rebecca, probably *better*, anyday. And you know it too. perhaps the watchers thought you'd stand better chances at surviving on your own than her?"
[Loretta] "*As* good!? She only slayed one vamp--EVER!"
[Loretta] "Eric is almost as good a fighter as she is..."
[Peter] *chuckles but tries to defend from possible incoming blows* "i did say 'or better', also that you can survive easier on your own than her, no?..."
[Loretta] "Obviously. Still, he presented it like they 'needed' her over there or whatever. Kinda hurt the ego, ya know?"
[Peter] *shrugs* "well, at least *we* are glad you're with us..."
[Loretta] "Damn straight you are! Who'd do the ass-kicking if i wasn't here still?" *smirks*
[Peter] *is very slightly offended, but pretends to be much more offended than he realy is* "sure..."
[Loretta] *punches him lightly in the shoulder, solidly, but obviously used to being careful not to hurt a person*
[Peter] "sure. act as if I'm fragile too, that will make it okay. anyway, even despite your fighting, who would keep me company tonight?... it'd be the lame lone dinner i was expecting..."
[Loretta] *shrugs* "Not my fault if you couldn't get a girl to go home with you!"
[Peter] "oh, i was talking about before. like, with the dojo and stuff, not now. and do you want me to find a girl so bad?I told you i *can* if in the mood;kinda late now, but I promise to do it tommorow if you insist... " *giggles* "forgive me for wanting to first get a handle of job and friends, haha!"
[Loretta] *laughs too* "Well don't complain about being lonely then!"
[Peter] "to be honest, i dont feel lonely, not emotionaly at least. maybe i didnt have the time since i remember only the last couple of days. i just felt real nice that you, and eric afterwards, decided to join me. i thought it'd be nice to express that..." *frowns, confused*
[Peter] "ok, if you think its so important that i find a girl, you can go home with Eric and i can stay here." *pauses* "or maybe going home with Eric was pre-planned of you?" *smiles deeply*
[Loretta] "Right, you don't really get my humor yet. That's ok."
[Peter] *winks* "or *you* dont get mine. dont worry, we'll get used to both."
[Loretta] *laughs* "I don't know, it was a problem in the past too."
[Peter] "shall i take it we didnt get along well in the past?"
[Loretta] "You really want to know?"
[Peter] *frowns* "that bad, huh?... well, you can tell me whenever you feel like it. not now if you dont want to."
"but hey, we get along realy well now, and thats all that matters."
[Loretta] *grins, conspiratorially* "There was that one time you tried to kill me, but aside from that, you could say we were the best of friends."
[Peter] *seems surprised at first, but her last words calm him, thinks she's saying a joke* " of friends, right? like now i guess... thats real cool. but you still havent apologised to me for your innuendo that i cant kick ass, and next your believing i cnat take a punch" *winks* "kidding, kidding, dont worry. so what say we get Eric and get you both to Allison's?" *long-ish pause before kidding part*
[Loretta] "Well...if that last spar was any indication, i'm not yet convinced you still *can* fight! And of couse i can hit ya hard if i want; you'll just heal up anyway. I guess we could leave here, but might be better if we stay out a bit later."
[Peter] "is that a challenge?" *laughs* "stay out a bit later? what do you propose?"
[Loretta] "I don't know; maybe we could just stay at Trent's place or something; i just don't want to bother them if they're having a moment or something."
[Peter] "ah, true that. i agree."


Loretta: *works her way through the crowd back to Eric* "Hey, did you want to go home, stay out, or just crash at Trent's or something?"
** Eric shrugs **
Eric: "Home i guess, why would I want to go to trent's?"
Loretta: *sighs, as he misses the obvious yet again* "I don't know, just to give Allison and Trent some privacy? They probably have a lot to talk about and stuff."
Eric: "Like I go poking my nose into their bussiness, but Trent's is hardly comfortable, and there's a lot of work still to be done tomorrow..."
Loretta: "Well i wasn't suggesting that! But you know, if they're sitting in the living room, and we come barging in, Allison will want to know about your homework, and if you had enough to eat today, and blah blah blah."
Eric: "Maybe.... But she's probably too busy for that..... Besides, what if she wakes up in the morning, and neither of us is anywhere to be seen?..."
Loretta: "She could assume you stayed with a friend and i was on patrol? Or call if she was really worried."
Eric: "Alright I guess, for you then, because it seems 'so' important to you.."
** Eric smirks **
Loretta: *hands on her hips* "Well i didn't say 'important;' it was just a suggestion!"
Peter: *waits for them, knowing Loretta seems to have a way to convince Eric*
Eric: "mmhmm ofcourse"
Loretta: "'Of course' what?"
Eric: "oh nothing, nothing at all.." *Grins at nothing in particular, clearly keeping thoughts to himself* "So.. We leaving now?"
Loretta: *hands still on her hips, frowning* "Well yeah; doesn't look like either of you losers are getting lucky, so we may as well."
Eric: "Oh, I dunno, i got a girl working really hard to get me to go sleep with me somewhere.... I could have done worse!"
Loretta: *wrinkles her nose in distaste!* "That is SO not what i said."
Eric: *Smirks* "It's what i choose to hear*
Loretta: *eye roll* "Fine; you go hang with Pete; you could at least sleep on the dojo floor or something. I'll go to Trent's by myself."
Peter: *looks at them still, wondering why the small tension, but decides its just teasing and smiles*
Peter: *walks towards them* 'so what did i miss? '
Loretta: "I think Eric's been drinking."
Loretta: "He's obviously delusional!"
Peter: *laughs* 'now why would you think that?'
** Eric smirks **
Peter: 'OK, its late and i'm hungry; wanna go grab a bite? maybe we could all eat at Trent's ?'
Eric: "Hungry?... Guess we could drive by the mcdonalds or something..."
Loretta: "I think he should hang with you instead; he has the wrong idea about things!"
Peter: 'you dont want to come with us Lorrie?'
Eric: "She's just a bit grumpy"
Loretta: "Am not! I'll come with, just, you know, hands to yourself!"
Eric: "You know me, i'm a perfect gentleman at all times"
Loretta: *eye roll*
Loretta: "Only because you know i'll break your fingers."
Peter: *chuckles* 'maybe *i* should walk by the mcdonalds and let you guys go to Trent's and make up.' *short pause* 'kidding, kidding.'
Eric: "Could be worse... I could have been spotted picking my nose in an expensive french restaurant..."
Loretta: "If you're trying to hint that it's happened to me, you could at least pick an example of a place *someone* has ever been willing to take me to!"
Peter: "thats not fair, Loretta. I'm sure Eric has had his successes too. now why dont we go outsideand talk this over dinner?"
Eric: "You wanna get a real dinner?"
Loretta: *walks out, grouchy now!*
** Eric pointedly ignores Loretta's comment because it's more convenient! **
Peter: "well, its just a word i used; i'm just kind of hungry thats all..." *grabs Loretta by the arm, tho gently* "wait..."
Peter: *leaves her if she insists*
Loretta: "Well let's go if we're gonna go!"
Peter: *follows her then*
Eric: "Yeah... let's head on..."
** Eric heads towards to his car to get in and start it **
Peter: "so... where to? McDonalds first, Trent's later?"
Loretta: "Whatever."
Peter: "what did i do wrong again..." *shrugs, dissapointed* "ok Eric, drive the way."
Eric: "just the drive through though... I do want to sleep at some point.... even if you have the munchies..."
** Eric heads over to the nearest mcdonalds drive through **
Peter: *orders something* "OK, now to Trent's."
Loretta: "Nah, we'll just go back to Eric's; it was a dumb idea."
** Eric get's each a milkshake too, since they're there anyway... **
Peter: "ok, then i guess i'll head home and eat these on my own. thanks for the night though-i think it was fun."
Loretta: "Yeah, a thrill a minute."
Peter: *frowns* "OK. whatever. you seem to be the only one with the right to get grouchy..." *heads off, trying to hide he's somewhat offended again*
Peter: *starts walking home*
Eric: "Yeah... We should really go clubbing more often... Such party people as we are..."
Loretta: *reaches over the seat and punches Eric in the arm* "You could at least offer the guy a ride home."
Eric: "Oww! That's abuse! and I was going to... But you scared him off before i could!"
Eric: "I'll fix it..."
** Eric drives after Peter and rolls down his window **
Loretta: "How did *I* scare him off? You were the one being mean!"
Eric: "You know... We'll give you a ride... it's kinda cold out.."
Peter: "well, its cold in there too. miss everything-peter-does-is wrong is obviously bored to death with me. " *clams down* "OK, i guess its cool to at least relax while going home." *gets back in*
Loretta: *sulks in the back seat, not bothering to defend herself*
Peter: "so, Eric, i heard you're gonna be my first student... well... Loretta's student anyways."
Eric: "Yeah... Dunno how far i'll keep going, but at least the basics should be good to learn..."
Peter: "that is correct. everyoine should know how to defend himself..."
Eric: "Maybe I should grow a moustache as well..."
Peter: "huh?"
Eric: "haven't you heard? With great responsibility comes great moustache"
Loretta: "You have to hit puberty first..."
Peter: *laughs at that* "so it seems... can i wait some more in the car?... i'm waiting for someone to say at least a 'sorry' even if she doesnt honestly feel like it... maybe just to try and be nice."
Loretta: "What?"
Eric: "Yes well, we all wish we could try to grow a prime moustache like you, but..." *can't manage to finish his sentence, just chuckling and almost crashing the car*
Peter: "so its true, you were bored with me. OK then i'll keep that in mind." *turns to Eric again*"hey! watch it!"
Peter: "andf i dont have a mustache!"
Loretta: "So you still take everything personally. Well, good to know that amnesia doesn't change everything, i guess."
Peter: *shrugs* "i dont know how i acted; i just want to think i was nice to you, and i thought i had fun. ask Eric how mean what you said was to a guy."
Loretta: *looks at Eric, expectantly*
Eric: "pffft, she's been attacking my masculinity since the day I met her.... It's just her way, She's like a rolled up hedgehog, prickly and stingy on the outside, but all fuzzy and warm on the inside, she's not really mean. now you kids behave, or I swear to god i will pull this car over"
Loretta: "Hmph."
Peter: *to Loretta* "see? i was rightfuly hurt. would it be that bad if you at least said a 'sorry', even if you were bored with me, just to be nice?"
Loretta: "That's not what he said!"
Peter: "can i ask you something? honestly. i *thought* all three of us had fun tonight. why should you be so grouchy? just tell me what i did wrong and we'll be fine."
Loretta: "Why do you think it's about you? Maybe it was something HE said."
Peter: "i actualy know that. i just know you get grouchy and i pay the price. and you obviously do not seem to care how hurt i'll feel at all, so you dont try to avoid taking it out on me at times. he's a teen-he'll say some stupid stuff no matter how clever he realy is. why should i pay?"
Eric: "Hey! how about I kill us all, how ya like them apples!"
Peter: "I'll just heal back."
Eric: "Yeah well.... After getting me and loretta killed my sister will find some way to haunt you... So there"
Peter: "i was just kidding big guy."
Loretta: "Whatever. Loretta's obviously the mean one. Let's just move on."
Eric: "I thought I was the mean one..."
Peter: "no, you're not mean Loretta. you just choose to be mean *to me* for some weird reason..." *is real sad* "Eric, what did you say to her?"
Loretta: "I think i'd rather walk now."
Peter: *to Loretta, for a moment* "no, you won't walk. i will. i'd realy just like to make up, maybe handhsake or whatever?... but... you dont seem to accept that." "i forgive you though. and Eric , whatever you said, you owe me to tell her 'sorry'. "
Loretta: "Why are we making up over a fight that didn't happen?"
Peter: "because you didnt seem to care wether you hurt me or not. like i said, i forgive you. maybe i'm just too boring so you were right. " *winks*
Peter: "so, see ya both tommorow?"
*offers his handshake to Eric* "goodnight mate."
Loretta: "Ugh." *falls back in the seat dramatically, defeated*
Peter: *after handshake, to Loretta* "handshake too? hug? anything?no reason for this to end like that..."
Loretta: *gives him a reluctant handshake, but is clearly bewildered*
Eric: "Hey i'm driving, and you just said a few seconds ago, I was a teenager and I'm fully allowed to say crazy things... Besides... Loretta knows nothing I say is Just like i know, that she knows, that i'm really a gorgeous hunk of a man, who she attacks my masculinity!"
Eric: "But you know... if you it makes you feel better.... I'm sorry...."
Peter: *laughs* "see? not so hard." *to Loretta* ".hmmm. i have an idea, though its kind alate for that..."
Eric: "We're not going back to the mcdonalds, if you wanted those french fries.... you shouldn't have been arguing so much... They're gone now..."
Peter: "nah, i was talking about the thing with Trent's place. like i said, too late though. Loretta, can i say one last thing?"
Loretta: *shrugs*
Peter: "i admit i took it too personaly, but i was just trying to lead the conversation so Eric would say he's sorry." *winks* "and... " *smiles* "was it honestly that bad?"
Loretta: "Poorly executed."
Peter: *defeated; asks hopefuly* "points for effort at least? i'll even let you two kids alone now, so..."
Loretta: "If it's what you want, but we're only like a block away now."
Peter: "I meant i'll go home and let you two alone to go to Trent's... but are you proposing a ... 'sleepover' of all three?"
Loretta: "I thought we were just going home.
Peter: *thinks* "well, what do you guys want?"
Loretta: "Eric wants to go home; if he's going, i may as well too, since the whole point of not going would be null."
Loretta: "Besides. I've been to Trent's place; the hot water is not reliable."
Eric: "Well, we still have to save my sister form the fish people... I just wanna get started early in the morning..."
Peter: "dont worry. me and Loretta will have that covered." *smiles*
Loretta: "So there we have it. If you wanted to save a few minutes in the morning, Pete, you could come with us and sleep on the couch or something. I think it folds out."
Peter: "hmm. true i guess. lets hope we dont interrupt something..."
Loretta: "Wouldn't be the first time, probably won't be the last."
Peter: "Eric, you should have seen Lorrie's moves by the way."
Peter: "i think she spotted someone she lieks in the crowd and was trying to make him jealous or something."
Peter: "might have been that lame guy she once liked... heard of him? "
Peter: "some 'civilian' dude that didnt know of demon biz?..."
Loretta: "Of course he hasn't."
Eric: "Lame guy?... No, I've never heard of her dating anyone remotely like that..."
Loretta: *snickers*
Loretta: "I can only think of one..."
Peter: "seriously, was he there?" *giggles as they get near*
Loretta: "...maybe..."
Peter: "... so, did it work? he wasnt with a girl, right? so he *would* be jealous, what with you looking the way you looked."
Loretta: "You'd be surprised; he's really oblivious."
Peter: *slightly stunned* "well... thats sad... dont worry though. hey, Eric, we reaching there?"
Eric: "Yeah well.... So are you gonna kip on the couch or what?..."
Peter: "i'll take the couch, you two take the beds if there are enough?"
Peter: "otherwise floor will be fine for me."
Eric: "We both have our own room and beds, so the couch is free... so is the other couch..."
Peter: *listens, intrigued*
Loretta: "Hell, the carpet's soft enough; it's really not a bad place to sleep either. A couple of the chairs would even work."
Eric: "Think we have an old tent too.... if you wanna be adventurous and sleep in the backyard..."
Peter: "i mean... where is the other couch?... OK, Loretta you are an experienced guest of the house, you name where you think it'd be best for me to sleep."
Loretta: "You'll probably want the longer one. The short one is too soft; you might suffocate in there."
Peter: "OK" *smiles*
Eric: "Just don't use the pink towels..."
Peter: *laughs at that* "i guess you want them, so..."
Peter: *prepares to dodge some punch*
Loretta: *once there, enters the house cautiously, checking to be sure the living room is empty before turning on any lights* "All clear guys."
Eric: "No... But i figured you might be drawn to the pink girlish colour, hence why i warned you!"
Peter: *smiles* "nice one dude."
Peter: *walks in*
** Eric follows along and drops the empty mcdonalds stuff into the garbage **
Peter: *gets ready to sleep* "ok guys. again, goodnight both..."
Loretta: "Pillows and blankets are in that closet over there."
Eric: "oh and if you feel someone fondling you in your sleep, that's just Trent, he sleepwalks...."
Loretta: *eye roll* "He does not."
Peter: "we should do this again, last big night before fight." *hears what Eric said* "huh?... OK, so, fondling is Trent, i'll remember that..." *pauses* " dont worry Loretta, i know its a joke... i hope."
Eric: "sshhh"
Eric: "See? he was doubting... He mighta believed it if you had backed me up a little..."
Peter: "that 'i hope' was me kidding tho...'
Peter: "it would be funny though if we were proved wrong in my belief that its a joke though." *laughs* "maybe in some lame movie."
Loretta: "Neither of you have any idea how difficult you are. Good night boys."
Eric: "Yeah, i'm gonna sleep too.... See you tomorrow..."
Peter: "boys do tend to have mean jokes Lorrie." *winks* "part of our charm."
Peter: *falls to couch*
Loretta: "Hmm..." *goes up to her room*
Eric: *walks the same way as Loretta untill they split up* "Just so you know, you did look real pretty tonight, not that you'd care about such a thing, but i didn't wanna have you go to bed grouchy!* *Heads off to his own room*
Loretta: "Gee, thanks."
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