Saturday, November 15 (2 months +1 day)

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Saturday, November 15 (2 months +1 day)

PostPosted by hippie_mama » Mon Jan 11, 2010 4:24 pm

Peter: *wakes up at Trent's place; he instinctively does a workout and then showers. then he calls Trent to see what he could do.*
Trent: *from under the car* "Eric. Eric. Eric! Get down here. I want you to see where that part in your hand goes." *answers the phone, still under the car* "Yeah?"
Peter: 'hey man! bad timing?'
Eric: *Was actually sitting on the hood wrubbing sleep from his eyes* "Alright, alright i'm comming..." *Crawls under the cramped space under the car* "We have to stop meeting like this....."
Trent: "Nope, just working on Eric's car today. You want to come over?" *aside to Eric* "Very funny. Here." *hands him a wrench and slides back out from under there*
Peter: 'sure. ' *is glad to maybe meet Erik *
Eric: "hhmm.... Alright..... you turn the bolts.... left...... right?..."
Trent: "I think the kid can take over for a few minutes; you want me to pick you up, or you in the mood for a walk--No Eric, righty-tighty."
Eric: "Are you sure?... I'm pretty sure it was left on these bolts.... ah!" *let's out a yelp when sprayed in the face by a bit of oil and mutters* "Alright.... it mighta been to the right..." *starts working on installing the part*
Peter: 'nah. I'll be there soon enough.'
Trent: "Cool. Later then."
Trent: "Eric. What the hell dude." *gets back under the car to supervise*
Eric: "I got it now.... just two more bolts and it's all set..."
Peter: *anything else to do till Pete comes?*
Peter: *reaches there; * "whoah... this house is damn cool..." *waits for them to tell him to come in*
Trent: *goes over to greet him, all greasy* "Hey man; yeah, looks bigger in daylight, huh? This is Eric--Eric, get your ass over here and say hi to Pete."
Eric: *Mutters something and crawls out from under the car with difficulty, wiping his face with his right hand, before holding it out to peter* "hey"
Peter: 'hey Erik. nice to meet you.' *smiles, then thinks* 'we... havent met, right? we dont know each other?'
Eric: "Don't think so..."
Trent: "Nope, Eric's newer to the game; fought his first vamp after you left town."
Peter: 'ah. so how was it kid?'
Eric: "eh.... well let's just say i've had prouder days.... but lorrie was there so it went alright..."
Trent: "He handled himself damn well for not knowing jack about it. He wasn't exactly adequately informed."
Peter: "In see. well, i guess i can teach you how to fight if you want...maybe Erik has some potential; you never know. "
Trent: "Well, for now, he drives a mean getaway."
Eric: "Or I would.... if my car would start...."
Trent: "Hey, we're getting there."
Peter: *smiles* " that part is true; will be a nice ride man." *thinks* "hey; do i have a car too?"
Eric: "Why couldn't I get a brand new BMW like Allison..... My inheritance too...."
Trent: "Don't think so. You were always more of a walker."
Trent: "Hey. This is a learning experience. And you get your cash when you turn 21; you can have whatever you want then."
Peter: "so let me guess: me and Trent were fighting stuff then we met Allison, Loretta and Eric? hence why you three live here and Trent has started living here what with wedding coming soon?"
Eric: "Yeah but by then I might be old enough to spend it on school instead of a hot ride...."
Trent: "When we're finished, this thing will purr prettier than Allison's."
Peter: "who knows? where is Allison, anyway?"
Eric: "Yeah, guess that's true...... and then we can pimp it out for speed like yours...." *Hopeful sounding*
Trent: *runs a hand down the fender lovingly, lost in his own thoughts* "When we're finished, you'll purr prettier than that German bitch, won't you baby?"
Peter: *to Eric* "wow. he must really love cars."
Eric: "Well... He 'is' a mechanic.... And a bit crazy...
Trent: "I heard that..." *not looking away from the car though*
Peter: "so i wasnt the only crazy one?" *smiles* "i'm kidding, i'm kidding."
Eric: "Well you are! But hey.... We're all a bit crazy aren't we..... Normal people don't fight vampires or hunt demons or stuff...."
Trent: *shakes his thoughts back to the proper place* "but yeah, that's more or less how it went. You came to town, recruited me for some demon hunting, then we ran into Loretta doing her thing. From there we met Allison, and of course Eric. Loretta moved in about two months ago; she isn't around much at night anyway, but Allison likes her to have a warm bed to sleep in."
Peter: "uh-huh. that wasnt quite my assumption, but thanks a lot."
Eric: "So you really don't remember anything about..... anything?.... that's pretty weird..."
Peter: "honestly? it freaked me out too when i realised. but then i met you guys. well, re-met most at least."
Eric: "You're just in time to get drafted into wedding chores...."
Peter: " haha, oh noes! and i dont even know if i have some girlfriend from the museum or something to bring!"
Peter: "anyway. when's the wedding?"
Trent: "No girlfriends we were aware of."
Peter: *to Trent* "i was kidding, you'd have told me. so, when's 'your day'?"
Trent: "I...uh..." *looks around to be sure there are no girls watching* "I'm not actually sure when it is. Allison's changed it a couple of times, and i can't keep them straight. I figure i'll know what day it is when she demands i shave my face."
Peter: "and... will there be a ..." *expectantly, but half-joking* " bachelor party?"
Eric: "hey yeah..."
Eric: "What about a bachelor party, why haven't I been invited?"
Peter: *shrugs* "hell, i haven't been invited to the wedding even."
Trent: *laughs* "Well uh...those usually happen in bars, and considering neither the groom nor the bride's brother are old enough to go to one, i thought we'd skip that tradition."
Peter: "... no fun... "
Trent: "Of course, that's usually up to the best man." *looks at Peter expectantly* "You've been away awhile, but you're still my best guy friend next to this little chump."
Peter: "...seriously?" *smiles, pleased*
Eric: "As long as i'm invited..... And someone better bring a stripper..."
Trent: "Yeah, well, Allison said i couldn't put Loretta in a suit and tie." *grins*
Eric: "Think she'd have liked that better then being a bridesmaid...."
Peter: "cool man. i am honoured."
Trent: *shrugs* "Probably, but we all know Allison is calling the shots on this one."
Eric: "Yeah..... Did you see that glint in her eyes when that baker said there might be a delay with the cake?...."
Eric: "If i had been him i'd have peed my pants..."
Peter: "OK. then, since something tells me i am not going to get her permission to be best man if i organise a bachelor party with two minors... i'm sorry eric."
Trent: "I'll bet he's used to it. Still, she's determined to have this all done so soon, i can't help but feel sorry for everyone she's hired for the task."
Trent: "Nah, Allison's actually pretty cool about stuff like that. He's man enough to fight vamps, he's man enough to oggle girls."
Eric: "Yeah.... I'm safer then you...."
Peter: "i didnt mean 'no bachelor party'. i meant 'no bar' " *smiles* "safer than me?"
Eric: "No Trent..."
Trent: "Me? What did i do?"
Peter: "haha, i bet."
Eric: "For me to oggle naked girls is one thing.... Him... I dunno... Someone might be walking funny for a while..."
Trent: *laughs* "It's all in how you present it."
Peter: *rubs hands* "so it's set then."
Eric: "Guess you'd better hurry too.... Only got 4 days left..."
Trent: "Crap. That's when it is?"
Peter: "so. i organise this when we learn the date-thats Eric's part, he is less likely to be yelled at- and we hope Allison doesnt hunt us down with a chainsaw or something?"
Peter: "ah. 4 days? cool."
Eric: "Yeah, better plan your weekly shower accordingly" *smirks*
Trent: *shakes head* "See? I don't know anything. This is totally a girl thing."
Trent: "Not funny, dude."
Trent: *holds his head like it hurts*
Peter: "hey; for all we know, the two girls could have their own bachelorette party planned... "
Trent: "That i don't doubt."
Peter: "OK, just kidding."
Eric: "Maybe... Though i haven't been told to get lost on any of the upcomming nights...."
Trent: *shrugs*
Peter: "OK. that means i gotta get a suit, right?..."
Peter: "i mean, bachelor party aside."
Trent: "Yeah, but i'm sure she'll want to supervise while we all to go together, so we...match."
Peter: "haha, that might be funny."
Eric: "Don't worry.... if anyone is in trouble it's trent...."
Trent: "Yeah, thanks for the confidence man..."
Eric: "Inviting someone without asking her first" *Shakes head and tut tut's*
Trent: "I haven't told her i asked those hunters from Portland to come either. I figure some guns would be nice."
Peter: "hey, i taked about 'getting her permission', didnt i? its not like we planned to leave her out."
Peter: "wait... hunters?"
Trent: "Yeah, some guys from the city."
Eric: *Smirks* "Yeah.... I bet she wants some gun's on her wedding..."
Trent: "You think she'd rather watch Loretta tear party-crashers apart in her dress?"
Peter: "... whoah, she realy that much of a supergirl?"
Eric: "I dunno.... Though i can't wait to see the dress she picks for Loretta...."
Peter: "she isnt mad about being called that, right?"
Eric: "Bet it will be adorable.... and she'll hate it..."
Trent: "I'm having a hard time imagining her in a dress at all. Should be interesting. And nah, i don't think she cares what anyone calls her."
Peter: "wait, she'll pick for all? cant she just pick for some of us?... i mean, whom do i have to match anyway?" *shrugs* "come to think of it, its easier given the small ammount of time to let her."
Trent: "Oh're stepping into dangerous territory there: female logic."
Eric: "Well you have to admit.... I mean... If you let everyone pick themselves.... Trent would show up in..... Well about what he's wearing now...."
Peter: "haha, maybe. so... the girls have already gone shopping or we all will?"
Trent: *looks down at his grease-smeared wifebeater and ripped black jeans* "Well..."
Trent: "They're going today. At least their first attempt. It might take a few tries. And then we'll probably go tomorrow or something."
Trent: "It's...mind-boggling. Just stand back and wait for Allison to tell us what to do. Trust me, she will..."
Peter: "thats nice."
Eric: "Hey look on the bright side...."
Eric: "We'll be brother's...."
Peter: *smiles at them* "true."
Trent: "It's a nice thought."
Trent: "So. Anyway. Car." *goes under it again to fix Eric's work*
Eric: "Yeah.... This is kinda mushy...." *Clambers under a diffirent part of car to do something else*
Peter: "err... what can i do to help?"
Eric: "Ask Trent.... He's in charge.... But i think the engine needs some work too..."
Trent: "You remember if you ever worked on cars before?"
Peter: "nah. dont think so..." *slightly dissapointed* "look, maybe i should go look on that dojo thing again?..."
Eric: "Eh..... Is something supposed to be dripping on this section?..."
Peter: "also, i am kinda frustrated; i seem to have erased *all* messages from my phone that could tell me anything about my past. i have only kept some pic, though i dont think that will tell anything, i probably just forgot to erase it?..."
Peter: "anyways, maybe i should go now; checking things out in banks and stuff, will see you guys later?"
Trent: *going to Eric's rescue without a word* "That's hard to say; maybe you just deleted them to keep your inbox clean."
Trent: *reaches in to fix whatever Eric broke* "That's probably a good idea; also, your landlord may have put your stuff in storage for awhile; your building was the place at (insert address here)."
Eric: "if you find any hundred dollar bills.... I left those there for safe keeping...."
Peter: "cool. thanks man. " *smiles* "nice meeting you Eric." *leaves*

Loretta: *stays in bed as long as possible, not looking forward to whatever Allison has in mind for her*
Allison: *Actually wakes up rather early to make some tasty pancake breakfast and a strong coffee, and waiting for Loretta impatiently, not wanting to be too pushy yet growing steadily more impatient and trying to push it away by going over more wedding plans to make sure all is set*
Loretta: *finally gathers the courage to go downstairs*
Allison: "Morning! Hope you're hungry for pancakes*
Allison: *Drops a plate of pancakes and a cup of coffee in front of Loretta the second she sits down*
Loretta: *sighs heavily* "I guess so."
Allison: *Sits down herself, pretending to read a magazine but keeping a close eye on Loretta's progress*
Loretta: *pokes at her food*
Allison: "I put your favorite towels in the shower too, should be nice and warm still from the dryer"
Loretta: "Thanks. Sorry, i just didn't sleep much."
Loretta: *eats about half as much as usual, and goes to get dressed*
Allison: "I hope you weren't worrying about peter.."
Loretta: "Nah; mostly nightmares about ruffles and taffeta."
Allison: *Grins* "Sounds horrible!*
Loretta: "You have no idea..." *disappears upstairs for a few minutes, then comes back with something more repsectable on* "We going or what?"
Allison: "Yup, I'm ready"
** Allison grabs her bag and makes sure everything is there, then leads Loretta to her car and get's on in to head to the fancier mall a little further away **
Loretta: *goes out to the car, sticking her tongue out at Eric as they pass the guys*
Allison: *Parks the car in a solitary spot so no fool hits her car trying to park next to her and leads the way to an expensive wedding shop to look around carefully*
Loretta: *follows along reluctantly, with fear in her eyes at all the horrible things hanging on the racks*
Allison: *Browses around for a while, chasing off any saleswomen trying to assist with dark glares, and eventually motions over Loretta* "What about this?... Silver doesn't really go with pink so great.... But it'd go very nice with your real hair colour...."
Loretta: "Eh..." *gauges her expression and sees that she's serious* "Yeah, i guess that would be fine." *only frowning when Allison's not looking*
Allison: *carefully takes it off the rack and hands it to Loretta* "try it on?"
Loretta: "Sure." *drags feet over to a fitting room*
Allison: *Browses some more just in case while waiting*
Loretta: *puts it on and comes out to show Allison* "Are my boobs supposed to show out the top like this?"
Allison: "Well, just a little yes" *Walks over to help Loretta adjust the dress untill she feels it's perfect and gently turns her to the mirror* "I think you look gorgeous.... What about you?.."
Loretta: *looks down at the skirt* "I think i'll have to lift it up to kick anything."
Allison: "Well hopefully you won't be kicking any of my wedding guests...."
Loretta: "You never know..." *lifts one leg in an un-lady-like fashion, but not enough to rip the seam* "See? Hardly any mobility."
Allison: "Well... It's meant to look pretty, not to engage in combat... We'll just take along your normal clothes in a bag, and if there's demon troubles you can do a quick change..."
Loretta: "I guess."
Loretta: "So are those your 'colors' or whatever? Silver and white?"
Allison: "Well.. They're nice at a wedding... You can change out of it now if you want.... And we can buy it and do one more thing... and then we can do something you like... I know you didn't really want to come..."
Loretta: "It's ok. I'm really surprised you only made me try on one. Are you sure it's ok?"
Allison: "Yup, I think it looks pretty on you... Ofcourse it's easy since you're pretty already..." *Grins and winks at Loretta* "I needed a lot more time for Eric.."
Loretta: *snickers*
Loretta: "Ok, well you're the bride. What's next then?"
Allison: "Well, we have a dress... But you still need some shoes to go with them..." Allison: *Pays for the dress and takes it along in a big bag to go to a shoe store and have Loretta try on pretty shoes that are absolutely horrible for running or even speedwalking*
Loretta: *makes faces, but does her best to be a good sport*
Allison: *Has her go through a fair amount of shoes untill seeming to like a pair that go well with the dress* "I really like these, what do you think?"
Loretta: "I think i am in serious danger of falling and breaking my face."
Loretta: "I mean sure, they're just 6-inch heels. But that's six extra inches to fall, in addition to my normal height."
Allison: "Well... You won't have to do much walking... Besides, if those slayer reflexes can let you do a double backflip, I'm sure you can figure these out..."
Loretta: "hmph. I guess."
Loretta: *puts them back in the box and hands them to Allison before putting her boots back on*
Allison: "Excellent, then we're all set...... We can get these... and then whatever you'd like to do...."
Loretta: *shrugs* "I'm good."
Allison: *Pays for the shoes and then makes sure they stop for a tasty milkshake, and also quickly and subvertly sneaks into the supermarket to get....... eh.... hair dye removal stuff...*
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Re: 2 months +1 day

PostPosted by hippie_mama » Wed Jan 13, 2010 3:12 pm

[Trent] *calls Peter*
[Peter] "hey man. how are you?"
[Trent] "Pretty good. The girls are still out, and i think i got as much work out of Eric as possible for one day. I got the address; does that mean you got everything done?"
[Peter] "well, i havent got a suit yet, and still thinking of bachelor plans. but other than that fine for now."
[Trent] "Cool. Well, if you need to move some stuff, remember than you know a guy with a truck."
[Peter] "nah. didnt own that much. i basicaly rent a truck since it needed only 1 go to bring all stuff in. took two or three hours, but now i'm set. hell, i can even invite people over! when was the last time we all ate together?...though i guess not all people will accept the invite, but thats OK."
[Trent] "Well, since you hadn't met Eric yet, we technically never have. I'm sure everyone would be down for it. When were you thinking?"
[Peter] *smiles* "tomorrow, or dinner; i dont know. i'd be ready now, but i dont think anyone else besides you will be. hey, come to think of it, what are you doing right now that prevents you from going to buy a suit with me?..."
[Trent] "Eh...nothing at all. I think Allison had planned for shopping with Loretta to take all day, and she didn't give me a list before she left or anything."
[Peter] "cool man. lets go. call allison to check if she wants to see what we pick first?... just to be on the safe side. pick me up after?"
[Trent] "Yup, will do."
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Re: 2 months +1 day

PostPosted by hippie_mama » Wed Jan 13, 2010 5:38 pm

[Trent] *calls Allison*
[Allison] *Puts down her pen from writing on her notepad and picks up her phone* "Hey handsome...."
[Loretta] "Tell him we're with a lawyer, working on the pre-nup!" *giggles*
[Trent] "Hey sweetie. Tell her i heard that."
[Allison] *Smirks* "He heard that, and he knows where you sleep"
[Trent] "Anyway, i wanted to let you know...that...i asked Peter to be my best man. Is that ok? Because if you had something else in mind, i don't think he would be heartbroken. It just seemed appropriate."
[Loretta] *sticks out her tongue, presumably at both of them!*
[Allison] "oh...... well.... I guess it's good.... You found someone at least.... He's not gonna like... Do anything weird right?..."
[Trent] *laughs, uncomfortably* "Anything weird? Well, it is Peter, but i don't think so. He seems better these days."
[Allison] *Makes a note on her noteblock 'have backup best man', and nods gently at the phone* "Well... Alright, it's your choice, i'm sure we can squeeze him in somewhere at one of the tables and such.."
[Trent] *smiles to himself* "Also, how about four or five guys for security? It would be nice not to have to worry about dealing with demonic crashers ourselves."
[Allison] "Security?.... Demons? I don't want any demons at my wedding.... My aunt elora would have a heart attack...."
[Loretta] *watches a vein in Allison's forehead twitch*
[Trent] "Yeah, that's why i think we should have some preventative measures in place."
[Allison] "What kind of preventive measures?....."
[Trent] "Just a few guys that are used to dealing with what we usually deal with. Guys i trust." (Guys with guns!)
[Allison] "How many?.... I guess i could add a table around here...." *Pulls a seating map closer and marks a new table as far away from all the others as possible*
[Loretta] *snickers quietly to herself*
[Trent] "Well i don't know; depends on a few things. I don't want to make this more difficult though. know, trying to help."
[Allison] "Well... You should have some friends too.... I'll just.... add this table..... and move this here..... we should have plenty of cake..... and i'll get some extra of the rest of the food..... but no weapons! or..... anti demon stuff, unless it fits into a pocket..."
[Trent] "That sounds fair."
[Allison] "oh and I have to call my cousin judy.... she wanted to bring her cat... as if...." *goes into a soft mumbling mode while adding and crossing out things on her sheets*
[Trent] "Allison...this can wait. You know that, right?"
[Allison] "Hardly.... My uncle from vermont already got himself a plane ticket.... Unless.... You don't.... You feel...." *Just swallows*
[Trent] "No, no. Not that. Just, you kind of sound like you're losing your mind over it is all. Most women take a lot longer to plan these things. Er...not that i don't think you can handle it. But, you know, i don't want you to make yourself crazy for something that isn't going anywhere."
[Allison] "Well... it's only four more days... besides.... after that I can take all the time i need to plan the perfect honeymoon..."
[Trent] *hurriedly* "I mean *I'M* not going anywhere. And neither are you." *swallows hard* "Yes, well, i won't be getting in the way of any of that. Are you sure it's ok? Can i do something today? Eric and i got pretty far on the car this morning; i haven't told him, but i think it might start tomorrow. So i was thinking i'd go help Peter find a suit. Is there anything else? How are you girls doing with your shopping?"
[Allison] "Actually went really well... We were done pretty early... You mean his tux?.... eh... well... You will make sure he get's something nice and classy?..."
[Trent] "Um...yes?" *thinks they all look the same, so is somewhat terrified of getting it wrong*
[Allison] "Alright... Good.... Then I think everything is settled... I just have to call a few people and make sure everything is set.... Actually, can you pick up our rings? they should be done today..."
[Trent] "Yeah, i can do that."
[Allison] *Alright thanks" *Blows a kiss into the horn* "I'll see you around dinner time?"
[Trent] "Yeah; love you babe."
[Allison] "Love you more!" *Draws an imaginary emergency curtain between Trent's friends table and the rest of the wedding*
[Loretta] *after they're finished talking* "You really should let me wear the boots..."
[Allison] "Noo, you looked gorgeous in those shoes... You'll see.... You know... my cousin Jason is single...."
[Loretta] "But Trent gets to bring rednecks!"
[Allison] *Smirks* "But they're not in the ceremony!*
[Loretta] *grumbles* "And i don't want to get fixed up with any relatives! Especially if they look like Eric. Ick!" *obviously faking the disgusted look*
[Allison] *Smirks* "Well if that's not your cup of tea.... My cousin laura is single too...."
[Loretta] "Ugh. You're so mean!"
[Allison] *Grins and pats Loretta's shoulder* "It's alright dear, we don't judge!"
[Loretta] "Hmph. You're lucky: some guy just happened to love you at first sight. The rest of us have to try and find the time to date, and then worry about finding someone into that ever happens. Well i guess you and Eric don't have to worry about that part anyway. But you know what i mean."
[Allison] *Smiles at her* "Don't be silly, I did plenty of dating when I was your age... You'll find someone too, you're too wonderful a girl not to..."
[Loretta] "Right... So. How spectacularly do you think Trent's gonna fail at finding something respectable to wear?"
[Allison] "Well... I have faith in him..... I have to... I'll be his wife in 4 days..... but eh... Just in case... I got this place that rent's out tuxedo's at the last moment..."
[Loretta] *laughs* "Ahh. Faith."
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Re: 2 months +1 day

PostPosted by Pyriel » Fri Jan 15, 2010 2:14 pm

[Trent] *drives over to pick up Peter as promised*
[Peter] *is waiting; greets Trent* "hey dude. "
[Trent] "Don't let me forget to pick up rings today."
[Peter] "sure. ring pickup, got it. so... how sure am i to be best man? talked to Allison? i'm saying this so bachelor party preperations can start." *winks*
"so..." *hops in* "any things we should note on the tuxedos?"
"We talked, she's cool with it. Uh...she said to get something "classy" so your guess is as good as mine.
[Peter] "hmph. i dont think i like classy clothes, but i think i know how to choose them. well, she's the bride i guess."
"i think here is a good shop"
[Trent] *shrugs* "I'm sure whoever works there will have an opinion."
[Trent] *goes in and looks around, bewildered*
[Peter]"and hey, if there's some cute saleswoman or something, can i invite her to the wedding?..." *obviously kidding, but follows*
[Trent] *shrugs, not seeming to get it's a joke*
[Peter] "hey. its too early for me to find dates when i dont even have my life on the track.i feel happy as it is; i wont rush things." *searches through classy stuff*
"shouldnt Eric get a tux too?..."
[Trent] "Yeah, but i think Allison does all his shopping anyway, so it's probably covered. She probably has a backup for us anyway..." *seems to be musing aloud until he sees a shop clerk, who he motions over*
[Trent] *to the clerk* "We need some serious help. I'm supposed to be a groom, and that guy's supposed to be my best man. In four days." *then winces at the face the woman makes before pulling some things from the racks*
[Peter] *giggles* "dude, relax, we'll be fine. Thanks for the help, miss." *follows instructions and starts checking stuff the clerk brings*
"were you always so anxious and stuff?..."
[Trent] "Just about anything that has to do with Allison, apparently."
[Trent] *tries on a couple of jackets while he talks*
[Peter] *turns really serious* "she's great, man. seriously." *tries on stuff, walks out with a realy good one, though he seems slightly uncomfortable in it* "so,how do i look?..."
[Trent] "Like you're about to spend time with a bunch of Allison's uppity relatives."
[Trent] *snickers* "I think you've got the walk down."
[Peter] "OK, thats the one then. so... lets find you something that will make you look even better than me." *winks,determined*
[Trent] "Well that's gonna be the problem..." *laughs*
[Peter] "come on! lighten up,dude; you gotta learn to have stature.its realymore than half the appearance. you're tough, so stand straight-you know,you can looktaller than you are." *gives him directions to have stature ,which strangely works not only in military clothes but also tuxedoes*
[Trent] "You sound like my Babička."
*follows directions though anyway* "But you might be right."
[Peter] "there. we did it-*you* did it." *smiles*
[Trent] *laughs* "Alright, i might pass in this one then." *pays for them*
[Peter] "..." *wanted topay*
[Peter] "OK. now lets call the girls and tell themof my invitation." *grabs the phone, calls Allison* "Allison first, as i think i didnt quite get along with Loretta...maybe they're together and she can help convince her?"
[Trent] "Oh yeah, we were talking about wedding stuff, so i guess i forgot to tell her about it. Loretta should still be with her though; i'm sure they'll both be cool with it."
[Peter] *smiles* "OK, phoning Allison then will make it as if phoning both."
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Re: Saturday, November 15 (2 months +1 day)

PostPosted by hippie_mama » Sat Jan 16, 2010 3:10 pm

[Peter] "there. you were right-seems everyone will come to dinner."
[Trent] "Don't know what you were worried about." *pulls into the place where he's supposed to pick up the rings*
[Peter] "its just like a certain person obviously dislikes me, and hides it by being too indifferent. i'm not worried though- i think i can earn a person's trust if i deserve it. looks like i have been too lucky these first couple of days in my new life. i am also wondering how i can organise the bachelor party in ways that shall corrupt you..."
[Trent] *laughs* "Now why would you want to go and do that? And if you mean Loretta, i think she's still just surprised to see you back, and probably nervous she'll say the wrong thing, seeing as you're not completely yourself as she knows you."
[Peter] *honestly* "you didnt need to answer that-like i said i'm *really* not worried." *giggles* "oh you might not like that idea, but eric and i obviously will!"
[Trent] "I think the fact that i fear for my life means my heart is in the right place." *grins*
[Peter] "told ya man, this woman is perfect for you, it is easilly shown. now, can we look at ads for a place to set up the dojo?"
[Trent] "I just worry i'm not perfect for *her.* But yeah, we can look at some real estate after i take care of this." *goes inside to pick up the rings*
[Peter] "you *are* the perfect man for her. for some reason, i can perceive it; i get why she chose you man. was i always this perceiving?..."
[Trent] "Yeah, i think so. Have you had any visions yet?"
[Peter] "eh?.... visions? like... prophecies?"
[Trent] "Yeah, you used to get flashes of things that sometimes helped us find badness; sometimes it was things that had just happened, sometimes it was warnings of things to come."
[Peter] "whoah. well... i guess not. and... wow. and i cant seem to find any evidence about my past in my phone; looks like all SMS besides a picture have been erased. probably whoever did it 'missed the spot'. "
[Trent] "Hard to say if you'll still get them i guess, since they obviously did something to your brain. know, don't ignore any weird dreams, just in case."
[Peter] "... they? who did this? this 'initiative'?"
[Trent] "I guess so."
[Peter] *as they leave, he goes to grab a paper with some ads* "so... we have our hands full for the enxt days...
[Trent] "That's an understatement."
[Peter] "see, we have to do the meetup in my house, then i have to organise the bachelor, then do a rehearsal, then open the dojo..."
[Trent] "Yeah, it's a lot to do." *opens the ring box and shows Peter* "What do you think? She's got good taste. I just hope they aren't silver."
[Peter] "haha, dont worry. they're great."
[Peter] *starts reading up on dojo places* "OK, i'll go check up on dojo stuff and also arrange ... other plans." *winces, hinting at bachelor party plans* "i guess we'll see each other at dinner?"
[Trent] "Yeah, that's cool."
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Re: Saturday, November 15 (2 months +1 day)

PostPosted by Solar_Dawn » Sat Jan 16, 2010 3:58 pm

[Peter] *waits, having his place ready; he knows his guests will starts arriving one by one or all at once; is ready for anything and happy to hear opinions on his place*

[Allison] *Decided to put on a pretty but simple and normal summer dress, and also stuffing her laptop as well as a few notebooks and some pens into her new greatly overstuffed bag*

[Eric] *Grumbles slightly, having put a liberal amount of haircell into his hair and dressing smart but not overly formal*

[Peter] *goes to open the door* "hi. by all means, come in."

[Allison] "Thanks, and thanks for inviting us" *Nudges trent* "Did you remeber to bring a gift like i said?..."

[Trent] *looks at her, bewildered* "What?"

[Allison] "I told ya... We shoulda brought a housewarming gift..."

[Trent] "Uh...why didn't you say something on the way here?"

[Peter] "heh. dont worry, its not required. " *opens room for them* "so, what do you think?..." *the house is humbla but kinda more comfortable than expected, having a simple spartan tone in the furniture so not much space is taken*

[Allison] "It's not bad.... Could do with a plant or two... But a good place to start I suppose..."

[Eric] *Looks around for TV's or other electronics*

[Trent] "I know; we can pass on all the unwanted wedding gifts we get." *only half joking*

*there is a TV and a PC, but not much else in the way of electronics*

[Loretta] *finds a place to sit, not dressed up, but with her hair dyed a more natural strawberry blond than usual*

[Allison] "We won't get any unwanted gifts silly, that's why we're registered..."

[Trent] "Yeah, i'm sure all your relatives will follow it.."

[Peter] "so... err, i'd allow you to choose a drink, but i've only got some beers and some refreshments..."

[Allison] "Well... We'll just say we owe peter a housewarming gift..."

[Trent] "Fair enough. Maybe he'll register somewhere." *smiles*

[Eric] "I'll have a beer, OW, that's my foot you just crushed"

[Allison] "He'll have a glass of water instead"

[Loretta] *helping herself to a beer*

[Peter] "soo... did anybody notice something weird, or are you just too weirded out to mention it?..." *is wearing his newly bought tuzedo so the bride can comment while there is time*

[Allison] *Has trouble focussing on Pete's voice, being rather busy with looking disapproving at Loretta* "No... everything seems fine... Just need some time to give it a more personal touch..."

[Loretta] *smiles impishly as she pries off the bottlecap with her fingers and starts drinking*

[Peter] "... i was talking about the tux... and if the bride doesnt like it for her wedding theres still time to change, no?..." *walks some, looking good but wanting to be sure not to make the bride mad*

[Trent] "I hope she likes it; mines practically the same."

[Allison] *Tears herself away from Loretta to look at him* "Oh yeah... That's pretty good actually... Turn around....... Yup... Well done"

[Loretta] *finishes the beer in a couple of swigs and burps quietly*

[Peter] *bows, intended as a joke but comes off well* "thanks. anyway... i found the place for the dojo."

[Loretta] *perks up* "You're still doing that?"

[Peter] "err... yeah. why would i stop?..."

[Loretta] *shrugs* "I dunno, since you forgot everything?"

[Eric] *Drops into a sofa, and looks at the tv as if hoping it will start up on it's own*

[Peter] *opens the TV with remote, hands over to eric* "well, i remember absolutely nothing about my life, but i have knowledge of what i've been trained for. military ettiquette, black ops. martial arts, lots of encyclopedic knowledge, and... "*frowns*... "for some reason i also know how normal people our age dress and act; dont know where i got that from with all this unconventional stuff."
"normaly i should be relay like... ya know, fish out of the water?..."

[Loretta] "Well can i work for you? You'll need someone to teach ladies' self defense, and i'm sooo tired of coffee."
Panagiotis says:
[Peter] *smiles, but looking surprised* "well... i havent seen you fight, but i have heard good , if not excellent, words... so sure."

[Allison] *Looks up somewhat worried about that plan, but stays quiet and takes out a notepad to doodle on*

[Loretta] "Trust me, i know my shit. Before the slayer stuff, i was about to go pro."

[Peter] "so, eric, what are we watching?..."
"go to 'Human Weapon."

[Trent] *slips an arm around Allison*

[Eric] "Star Trek.... Best of both worlds... a classic but good..."

[Loretta] *seems happier than when she arrived; goes to the kitchen for another beer*

[Peter] "uh-huh; well, if it suits you." *watches some of the more strategic action rather than fight scenes* "woah! now that Pickard dude is one hell of a Captain!"

[Allison] *Leans her head gently against Trent, while her eyes follow Loretta's every movement*

[Peter] "you know, i have rented 'starship troopers' too..."

[Loretta] *brings an extra back with her, and tries to hand it to Trent, but when he refuses, gives it to Peter instead*

[Peter] *nods to Loretta thanks, grabbing the beer* "so... i have something to ask you Allison."

[Allison] "mmmm?"

[Peter] "is there a rehearsal?... i dont want anything in your guys' special day to go bad..."

[Loretta] *shakes her head at what's on tv and sits back down*

[Allison] "Nah, at first there was going to be one..... but so many people are comming from out of town.... it became pointless, and expensive.... It'd just be less then 10 of us...."

[Peter] *nods* "OK then, i get it. well, i'll do what a best man does-my best, that is- and we'll be fine. i already think Trent can look realy nicer than one would think in his tux."

[Trent] *laughs* "Gee, thanks?"

[Allison] *Grins and smiles* "I know he can..."

[Peter] "i'm just telling you what you need to ehar to try and look your best, dude." *winks*
[Peter] "so, everyone ready for dinner?... table is ready..."

[Eric] *Get's out of the sofa but leaves the tv on* "Yeah, i'm starving, what we having?"

[Peter] "well, i have both steak and french fries and some veggies for the less carnivorous people that might be around here. i couldnt remember what you guys like to eat."

[Trent] "Sounds like you covered it."

[Peter] *waits for them to sit down before he sits too*

[Loretta] *sits next to Eric*

[Allison] *Puts her notepad and such away and looks up at Peter* "Need a hand with anything?"

[Peter] "nah. i'm good. so... about the wedding, everything is set?"

[Allison] "Pretty much.."

[Trent] *wisely keeps quiet and takes a seat at the table*

[Peter] "its the first social event i have with you guys. since i dont have much else to do besides dojo stuff, i want it to be good."
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Re: Saturday, November 15 (2 months +1 day)

PostPosted by verdilak » Sat Jan 16, 2010 7:41 pm

Peter, while you are talking and thinking about your dojo, you get an instant pounding headache as images filter through your brain...

You see fog washing up along the coastline of the city, and through that fog you can see figures running about... their shapes through the fog make you think of humans melded with various sea creatures. A large ship looms out of the fog and mists, glowing with a strange green light. The only figure that you can see accurately though the fog looks like the following:


As screams of women and men will your head from the vision, you can see the moon... in a shape that suggests that these things will arrive soon, week at the most.

Yes, using the baddies from Pirates of the Caribbean movies, so you guys might recognize that they look similar to them.
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Re: Saturday, November 15 (2 months +1 day)

PostPosted by Pyriel » Sun Jan 17, 2010 7:21 am

Peter sits next to Trent and Allison after he finishes with bringing food etc., and as they keep talking about various stuff, "so...for the dojo, i'll need Thai pads for example... and..." *vision starts* "ow... owww..." *attempts to hold his balance at first and shake the headache off; thinks its just an instant thing "OW!" *gives up and falls backwards, using his right arm to hold on to something, thankfuly not holding some glass of water or anything; after some moments the vision ends* "what the- it HURTS!"

*slowly gets a grip and talks* "fog. fog, all around the city, and then from the coastline, monsters appear; they look like sea creatures and humans combined! monsters, many!" *takes a quick sip of water* "there was also some ship, glowing with green light *describes the ship , whatever vision showed him* "i only saw one of the monsters' figures clearly." *waits to give description when someone gets brings pen & paper* " sounded like they were killing lots of people! and the moon is too similar to the current one- its gonna happen soon, very soon!" *yells* "someone that knows how to draw bring a paper for me to describe the guy i saw!" *slowly gets his calm back; feels a rush to get ready for the threat*
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Re: Saturday, November 15 (2 months +1 day)

PostPosted by Solar_Dawn » Sun Jan 17, 2010 1:58 pm

[Trent] *jumps up and takes one of Allison's notebooks from her bag to give to Peter, since he's no artist himself* "This is great! I mean, terrible, but you had a vision! We know what's coming, and that's a good thing."

[Peter] "i cant paint that easily, but i guess i'll do my best if nobody can..."

[Allison] *Frowns* "How soon?.... If it's the same moon... maybe it's next month!"

[Peter] "it is soon. most likely within this week..."

[Trent] "His visions have never given us more than a couple of days."

[Allison] "oh right..."

[Peter] *gets up, determined* "we're gonna need reinforcements. and equipment. and we gotta research what those things are." *draws the guy*

[Trent] "You saw...Cthulu?"

[Allison] "I think i saw that guy on star wars...>"

[Peter] "no, silly, if it was Cthulu i'd be realy panicked..."

[Trent] "I guess he does have a cool hat."

[Peter] "maybe he's just Nyarlathotep?..."
*sees the pic from more angles*

[Loretta] "A what?"

[Allison] "Dunno what that is.... But from what you said... it sounds like they'll come from the coast..."

[Peter] "we're gonna need some Exocet missiles..." *frowns, realising the army, even if they knew the baddies were coming, wouldnt be that effetcive against an enemy that doesnt use conventional stuff* "or... better design a defense of our own..."

[Allison] "Kinda low on missille's anyway..... and it's kinda hard to explain why we're shooting missille's aorund..."

[Loretta] *can't help but giggle*

[Peter] "Supergirl?... do you have an idea?..."

[Loretta] "Not really. Just...did anyone explain that we're sorta inconspicuous about stuff?"

[Trent] "We need to figure out what they want. Sounds like there might be a lot of them, so it wouldn't hurt to try and make negotiations if possible."

[Peter] "research mode. where can we go?... anyone has a library?"

[Allison] "There's a shop we've been using.... Though the owner is kinda creepy...."

[Peter] "OK. we must do two things; one-research, two; call any allies and plan a defense."

[Trent] "Fortunately, if they do come when we think, they will already be in town for the wedding."

[Allison] "How is that fortunate?.... I wasn't planning to invite mister squidface here to the wedding...."

[Peter] "he means the allies, Allison."

[Allison] "oh right...."

[Trent] "Sorry hun."

[Loretta] "So do you guys think we need to kill them?" *seems oddly happy about the idea*

[Allison] "Well... I guess that's all good, we can handle this little fish problem before the wedding...>"

[Peter] "OK. divide in groups; who wants research and who wants defense plans?...midn you, the latter might include a little research too..."

[Allison] "What does defence plans mean?... You can't really go and sandbag a public beach against a bunch of evil snorks...."

[Peter] "no, but we can find the best places to look and be ready for them, as well as any refuges for the people and where/how to guard them if it comes to that."
"like, stuff less vulnerable from attacks from the beach."
[Peter] "we must also get some weapons... just in case."

[Loretta] "Well if Pete saw it, he should walk the beach and see if he can recognize exactly where they're going to come from."
[Loretta] "It would suck to show up late cause we went to the wrong place."

[Allison] "Makes sense...."

[Peter] *nods to that* "so it seems. i also think i have the best knowledge regarding large-scale battles due to military stuff. so-i am set. anyone else for either of the two jobs?..."

[Trent] "I suggest Eric and Allison start on research; Loretta and i can take turns helping you and hitting the books."

[Peter] *nods* "that seens OK."

[Allison] "I guess that makes sense..."

[Peter] *checks out how Eric took the news*

[Eric] "I just knew i was gonna end up teamed with my sister..... But then research sounds better then going out on the beach where sea pirates are hunting you..."

[Peter] *seems happily surprised at eric's courage*
"OK, people. i want to see morale. today, we eat dinner. come tommorow morning,w e all have jobs to do."

[Trent] *nods*

[Allison] "That store's open at the strangest hours anyway.... I'll go there tonight... sooner we can figure out something about all this the better..."

[Loretta] "I was gonna patrol tonight anyway; i'll just take the beach with Pete instead."

[Peter] *keeps eating dinner* "alright; glad to see zeal. as long as we have that fire, we'll be fine."

[Allison] "Trent can go with you.... Best to have 3... Just in case the beach is dangerous..."

[Trent] *nods in agreement*

[Loretta] *shrugs and eats* "Didn't sound like they'd come that soon, but whatvs."

[Peter] "OK, we set then."

[Allison] *Picks at her food and eats a small amount but not really hungry, just thinking*

[Peter] *wonders why a small sudden tention, but thinkis its because of a small ammount of pre-battle stress*
*tries to keep the dinner in good mood till all leave*

[Trent] *seems completely focused on his food, but that's normal for him*

[Loretta] *is cheerful*

[Eric] *Enjoys his dinner and seems slightly bored in a polite way*
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Re: Saturday, November 15 (2 months +1 day)

PostPosted by Pyriel » Wed Jan 20, 2010 1:57 pm

*after a while they all finish dinner and allison and eric greet them and leave as arranged*
[Trent] *kisses Allison on the cheek and goes wordlessly to his truck*
[Loretta] *follows Trent*
[Peter] *locks up, takes stuff he finds necessary and follows Trent and Loretta*
[Peter] "so, that was nice... head for the beach now?"
[Loretta] *slides over to the middle of the seat, and reaches under to grab a bag stowed below* "You still have your knife, Peter?"
[Trent] "Yup."
[Peter] " *my* knife?..."
[Loretta] "Yeah, the nasty silver one. "If not, i'm sure we can find you something." *rifles through the bag like it's hers*
[Peter] "oh. that one. yeah, i do; was it some kind of a... signature weapon?..."
[Trent] "Careful Lor, some of those might be loaded."
[Loretta] *shrugs* "Not sure about that, but it's good against werewolves, and apparently some other demons."
[Loretta] "Well-balanced too." *smiles as though recalling fondly*
[Peter] "hmm... cool. however, i think we're gonna need more... variety than that. i think everyone should have a long distance weapon *and* a close combat one. just to be on the safe side, *when* things get nasty, huh?...""we'll see what these can be once reseqarch is done."
[Trent] "I've got a rifle and a .45. Loretta don't wait for none of that nonsense though."
[Trent] *smiles like he might actually be a little proud of that fact*
[Loretta] *just shrugs and chooses a knife of her own* "I like this one."
[Peter] "sure she doesnt. she's a supergirl. " *pauses, thinking* "there's the beach. stop. "
*checks the knife if she lets him*
[Trent] *pulls up* "It's as good a spot as any."
[Peter] "can i have some sort of a rifle?... not right now, just... 'when' it happens."
[Loretta] *lets him, but gives him an odd look for it*
[Peter] *gives it back to her, gets off the truck* "good choice. covert enough but will sure help you."
*notes any spots that it will be easy to notice the enemy from, as well as spots hard to climb when coming from the beach*
[Trent] *shuts off the engine and gets out, looking over the beach*
[Peter] "i think the hardest thing will be both saving people that might be here *and* covering up the fact that the things soon to be on the beach are supernaturals."
[Loretta] *hops out too, looking briefly* "Well i'm gonna bet we're way early for any fun."
[Trent] *nods, possibly to both of them*
[Peter] "dont be so sure; i'd think monster pirates of doom arent the only threat to face..."
[Loretta] *mutters* "Have been lately."
[Peter] "usualy these recon patrols have 4 members: cryptographer for communications with main force, scout to ... errr, scout ahead, explosives exp... well, to be honest, i relay feel much safer with you guys for some reason than with an organized military team."
[Peter] "have been?... how much time has it been since last combat?"
[Trent] "Well, i like to think we handle ourselves as well as the pros."
[Loretta] "Two months and counting, and that was just a single vamp."
[Peter] *keeps taking notes on a notebook about the place*"for some reason i think i've spent a LOT of time here... "are there any spots closeby people usualy croud in; cafeterias?..."
[Trent] "On the beach? Well, it's not far from where the three of us met. Maybe it'll spark your memory some."
[Peter] *memory is not sparked; just asks out of 'operational interest' *
[Loretta] "This is the rougher side, where people surf and build bonfires; the restaurants and swimming areas are north."
[Peter] *notes some more stuff, keeps changing positions and walking* "i think i need to do some sentry duty here at nights or something..." *frowns; walks to north a bit, if others follow*
hippie_mama says:
[Loretta] "I can do that; no place to be in the morning."
[Peter] "maybe we could do shifts then. that would seriously ease me up. one third guy for that would be totaly ideal, i can work out a perfect sentry program with three members, as well as a great emergency plan."
[Trent] "That would be agreeable to me as well."
[Loretta] *shrugs* "or i could stay all night and sleep in the morning, like i always used to."
[Trent] *frowns, disapprovingly* "You know how Allison worries." *as though he doesn't too*
[Peter] *to Loretta* "you'll see now why 3 guys are ideal. " *toi both* "OK, listen: the schedule for the shifts i will create tommorow morning and hand out to you. the three of us shall be on sentry duty, hence should be available to come ASAP if we are called by the active member. we will each have one post when we are called..." (typing)
"the active sentry will sound the alarm through phone, then we will all come and get to following posts: Trent, here. Loretta, crowded area as close combat is more accurate and has less colateral damage to bystanders than rifles. i will be in the middle to connect you two. Eric and Allison will come if needed, wherever needed, as reserves."
[Trent] *looks as though he's mentally interpreting a foreign language, but nods in agreement*
[Loretta] *just shrugs* "Guess that works."
[Peter] *smiles* "OK. we do a little break by going in the northern area to check it out?...maybe hang by some cofee shop too while there? both business and fun?"
[Trent] "Yeah, might be good to acquaint ourselves with all the possible areas of approach. See if one might look more like what you saw."
[Peter] *smiles, walking there* "so... what are you guys into? bar, maybe some beach club?..." *does not remember exactly whereabaouts *
[Loretta] "Just don't expect me to drink any coffee."
[Peter] *realises something* "err... how old are you two again?..."
[Trent] *clears his throat, having not expected that one* "Uh...underage, technically."
[Loretta] *brightly* "But he doesn't look it!"
[Trent] "Gee thanks..."
[Peter] *laughs* "come on, i'm not *that* much into law. just... dont overdo it, OK?..." *pauses a bit* "supergirl, you still havent answered. or dont you know how to translate dates from crypton?..."
hippie_mama says:
[Trent] "It's never a problem though; most places don't even look twice at Loretta so long as she doesn't try to drink."
Panagiotis says:
[Peter] "haha, okay i guess."
hippie_mama says:
[Loretta] "Just wait til i can drive..."
[Peter] "finds some cofee shop that *should* be familiar t him, as it is the first place the three had cofee* "how about this one?"
[Loretta] "It'll do, i guess."
[Peter] "OK. " *finds a place to sit; orders a scotch since its too late for cofee*
[Loretta] *sighs heavily and asks for a soda*
[Trent] *orders water*
[Peter] "so, what do you guys think of the situation? think we'll be able to handle it?"
[Loretta] "We always do."
[Peter] "nice to see such positive thinking. personaly i'm more afraid of the fact that we dont know if these things *can* even be hurt... or we'll need to find something tricky."
[Loretta] *shrugs* "I guess if we fail terribly enough, we'll never know!" *sips soda when it comes*
[Trent] "She's like a ray of sunshine..."
[Peter] *smiles* "true that. in any case, i want you to know i feel realy happy to realise i have such friends as you. when i realised i couldnt remember anything i was realy scared. i couldnt hope for anything better than this."
[Trent] "You would have done the same for any of us."
[Peter] *drink comes* "i drink to us-to the fact that next year, at the same day, we'll all still be here and hang out."
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Re: Saturday, November 15 (2 months +1 day)

PostPosted by hippie_mama » Thu Jan 21, 2010 2:24 pm


Loretta hesitates slightly before raising her glass, wondering if she really would be here a year from now. It seemed like a very long time, and if these monster pirates didn't usher in a new era of demonic badness into town, she couldn't make that promise. Then there was the whole 'live fast, die young' thing that made talking about the future seem awkward and inappropriate. But she taps her glass against Peter's and Trent's anyway, forcing her "waitress smile," and finishes her drink.

"Well, if you guys don't mind, i'll go do my regular patrol on the interior part of town--would hate to let the upcoming beach party distract us from our usual badness. Then i'll swing back by here and take the middle shift. You guys both need to be well-rested for your daytime grownup stuff anyway, so you can decide who'll take fist and last. So...see you guys around?"
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Re: Saturday, November 15 (2 months +1 day)

PostPosted by hippie_mama » Thu Jan 21, 2010 2:32 pm


Trent frowns again, but can't argue Loretta's logic, so he just nods and pulls off the hoodie he was wearing, handing it over to her before she can walk away from the table, "Don't roll your eyes at me girlie, just take it so Allison doesn't lecture me about you being out all night and catching a cold. Please?"
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Re: Saturday, November 15 (2 months +1 day)

PostPosted by hippie_mama » Fri Jan 22, 2010 12:04 pm


"Whatever you say, boss," she responds sarcastically before putting the hoodie on (which hangs nearly to her knees, but is pleasantly pre-heated) and leaving.

Once out of sight of the coffee shop, Loretta begins making a circuit through town that does not follow her usual pattern, but makes sense in her head and will end at the rendezvous point with Peter--she figures he'll take the first shift and let Trent get home to Allison for a bit. Besides, Peter was more of a 'stay-up-late' type, and Trent was more 'get-up-early' in her mind.

Perception ([1d10+4]=7) (+2 if anything dangerous is about)

Loretta tries to stay alert to every little detailed sign of trouble, but finds herself easily distracted by daydreaming.
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Re: Saturday, November 15 (2 months +1 day)

PostPosted by hippie_mama » Sat Jan 23, 2010 1:00 pm

[Peter] *just realises something* "so Trent... i want to ask you about... well... see, i can do some stuff most people can't. Like, seeing visions. what other things can i do?"
[Trent] "Hmm...well, i think your sense of smell rivals even mine, and you can see magic. I think you described it as shiny once. Then there's the healing thing, which you discovered the hard way. That one's relatively new."
[Peter] "true... i can also see impossibly well in general. and... some people seem shiny too, in different ways. " *wonders a bit; then listens about healing * "oh... that one. yeah, i regenerate quite fast... it surprised me too."
[Trent] "It surprised all of us; you should have died awhile back. It kicked in at a really good time."
[Peter] "wait... new? so i didnt have this before? how do we know i didnt?..." *thinks some more; listens to trent* "yeah, i almost died while escaping too. lets just say nobody would expect me to escape *that* way.. matter, really. what matters is present. and truth is, we gotta split in a bit, man..."
[Trent] *nods* "Yeah. I'll check in with Allison and Eric; give you a call if they've found anything, but i think they would have contacted us if they did.:
[Peter] "i think we should review all findings tommorow after i check some dojo stuff..."
[Trent] "Sounds good." *gets up and pays for Loretta's drink*
[Peter] "well... i'd pay for all, but then again, i did invite you over today, so next time." *pays for his drink* "see ya man. "
[Trent] "Later."
[Peter] *goes to change shift, thinking about tommorow's research and dojo work*

A few hours later...

[Loretta] *walks up to Peter when she finds him* "Anything?"
[Peter] *frowns when he sees her* "no news from Eric or Allison if thats what you mean..." "ah; now i realised why you seemed familiar tonight." *small pause* "like the hair.reminded me of something i saw. well... we still have stuff to do."
[Loretta] *frowns slightly* "Thanks. Allison thought it went better with her colors. I guess she doesn't want us to look any freaker than we have to in her wedding pics. I guess it's bad enough she's marrying a tattooed wolf-man. I didn't find anything either. It's like the dead are staying dead lately, which, don't get me wrong, is a good thing, but it does nothing for my job security."
[Peter] "ah; i thought it was your natural colour what with seeing an old picture of you as a blonde. seems to be the only old thing not erased from my phone..." *listens to her* "yeah, i understand. i kinda feel guilty for coming here and instantly sending message of impending doom..."
[Loretta] *can't help but smile a little now* "Well, it is pretty close to what i was born with. Usually just go back to it when i'm in disguise though." *shrugs* "It's silly, and i'll probably end up bald because of it, but it doesn't feel like 'me' to look normal. And are you kidding? You're like our eyes. We were all blind and pathetic without you."
[Peter] *suprrised a bit, but not unpleasantly* "so... i kinda change your shift. i feel weird, cause normaly theres this supercomplicated proceedure when shifts change, with passwords and whatnot. even when we call each other . but i naturaly think this type of foes wont do any electronic surveillance or spying" *winks* "so i guess our eyes are as good for safety measures as any. simpler, yeah?. oh, there is one small thing... about tommorow."
[Loretta] "What about it?"
[Peter] "we are gonna meet to do some work in setting up the dojo, right?..."
[Loretta] "I guess so."
[Peter] "so... want to come tommorow at, say 10 in the morning?... did i tell you where the dojo will be? we will set up stuff, work on some training routines maybe, and then order in?... you can bring eric if you think you'll be bored."
[Loretta] "No, you didn't tell me where. And i can ask, but Sundays are usually raid days, so he's not likely to want to leave the house."
[Peter] "... oh my god! his house is getting raided every sunday?!?"
[Loretta] "" *giggles* "He's a WoW addict."
[Peter] *frowns* "i'll have to ask him what that is. who knows, maybe some aspects of it can be useful if it has ...'raids' in it." "so... in my house,which is on the second floor of a building, did you see an old-ish small elevator?"
[Loretta] "It's just a computer game. And no, but i wasn't really looking."
[Peter] "...that bad, huh?" *sighs* "well, on the first floor, there is the dojo. i kept searching in vain, but ended up seeing practicality to ask the owner for the second floor too.cheaper than renting in two buildings... the elevator leads from dojo to house and vice versa."
[Loretta] "That's pretty convenient."
[Peter] "so, is there any problem? i realise since it is not about instructing its not in your job description, so maybe you can come at a later point to talk about routines and stuff. if you dont want to help me move stuff that is."
[Loretta] "I think i can handle some heavy lifting."
[Peter] "so... i guess i'm off then; i think you'll be fine, supergirl that you are?..."
[Loretta] "Of course; i always am. Sleep well. I'm totally kicking your ass tomorrow." *grins*
[Peter] "is that so?..." *challenging* "we'll see about that" *smiles* "bye."
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Re: Saturday, November 15 (2 months +1 day)

PostPosted by Solar_Dawn » Mon Jan 25, 2010 2:05 pm

[Allison] *Gathers all her things after dinner and nudges Eric* "Come on, we're heading out to that shop"
[Eric] *Groans but follows along downstairs, and closes his eyes when Allison gives an affectionate goodbye to Trent*
[Allison] *Opens her car and get's into the drivers seat*
[Eric] *Sits down on the other side and smirks* "You know... Been a while since it was just you and me"
[Allison] *Frowns slightly* "Yeah, but you always said you liked Trent and Loretta?"
[Eric] "Oh I do, it's totally not about that, I guess it just suddenly hit me now, it's like... the end of an Era.... Soon i'll be the last Murphy!"
[Allison] *Smirks* "The last Murphy?.... That's a pretty grim viewpoint of your chances with the ladies, accurate but grim."
[Eric] "oh real nice! Maybe I should tell Trent about that vicious mean streak you have..."
[Allison] *Grins* "Oh please, he knows better then anyone! But yeah.... I guess it is the end of an Era... well... maybe..."
[Eric] *Frowns and looks at her sternly* "I know what you're thinking, and just stop it, nothings gonna go wrong, things will be fine, I promise"
[Allison] *Sighs softly* "Yeah... and who's going to guarantee it? You?"
[Eric] "Yeah that's right! I might not be a slayer, or all badass like Trent or what's his name, but I'm your brother and I promise you, I won't let any sea monsters ruin it for you"
[Allison] *Grins a little and nods* "Alright, I'll hold you to that then..." *Parks the car somewhere near the store* "Come on, let's go inside and figure out what's going on"
[Eric] *Get's out too and follows, heading into the store and watching the store owner with apprehension* "That guy's kinda odd.."
[Allison] "He's harmless, just focus on the task of finding sea monsters that fit the description and drawing" *grabs a random book off a shelve that's connected to the sea and starts looking*
[Eric] "hhmmm...." *Picks up several books at once to work on a far more organized system of search, pretty well versed in methods of study, even if they haven't been this kind.*

Eric: (Using daily drama point) 1d10+5+0+10=22
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Re: Saturday, November 15 (2 months +1 day)

PostPosted by verdilak » Mon Jan 25, 2010 11:37 pm

Inside the shop, not much has changed. Elephants sized small enough to hold in your hand, jars of eyeballs that watch you where go which are all categorized by color and species that they came from, a red feather being held in a box full of water which is steaming profusely, and so on.

Allison, the stack of books that you are looking through hold nothing pertaining to what Peter saw in his vision, though one book holds spells meant for law enforcement from ancient cities.

Eric, the third book you flip through holds what you are looking for. According to the book, which is actually pages ripped from various Watcher journals sewn together with some sort of still-wet bloody sinew:

Captain Juan Corso was alive and pirating, by all accounts, in the 1680's and quickly made a name for himself. Here is an excerpt from the P.R.O. Calendar of State Papers, Colonial Series: America and West Indies, 1681-1685: no. 1163

In a letter from Sir Thomas Lynch to Secretary Sir Leoline Jenkins, Jamaica, July 26, 1683:

...They (the holders of Spanish commissions) have committed barbarous cruelties and injustices, and better cannot be expected, for they are Corsicans, Slavonians, Greeks, mulattoes, a mongrel parcel of thieves and rogues that rob and murder all that come into their power without the least respect to humanity or common justice. It was one of these, one Juan Corso, who by landing on the coast of Hispaniola and carrying away many prisoners, slaves, etc., caused the French Government to grant commissions of war, and it is to be feared that on the privateers' return they will destroy St. Jago de Cuba, where Corso shelters himself...

...The President of Panama received advice by Don Juan de Ollo. Three months since I wrote the Governor of Havanna complaining of the piracies of Juan Corso, and desiring to know if he owned them; but neither he nor the Governor of St. Jago would ever answer. This Juan a month since took a boat of ours bound to New Providence; he has killed divers of our people in cold blood. In one case he cut off a man's head because he was sick and could not row so strongly as he expected. Barbarities like these and worse he commits daily, so I would beg you to direct to me what to do. No redress is to be expected of any Spanish Governor. He of St. Jago has now a New England ketch that some French seized at Salt Tortugas and forced to come into Hispaniola. Off the coast this Juan Corso takes them and brings them into St. Jago. The Frenchmen are then condemned to death as pirates, but the vessel and the Englishmen detained. As the French pirates were marched to execution, the town mutinied and reprieved them from fear of the Frenchmen's revenge, and paid the Governor two hundred pieces of eight in composition. This is the manner in which they do everything...

Shortly after being freed from the hangman's noose, Secretary Sir Leoline Jenkins hired a magician of considerable skill to curse Juan and those who sailed with him. The magician, whose name has been lost to us, was reportedly "full of anger and spite" at Juan for a variety of unspecific reasons though the most repeated was the way Juan had treated her daughter. Juan and his men were cursed to become fused with various sea life, with one caveat: If Juan should find a woman who can marry him in his grotesque, monstrous form, then he shall revert back to his human form for as long as he and his men are chivalrous to the woman and held her in the highest esteem.

In an effort to remove the curse, Captain Juan sailed for 20 years throughout the world in which there are many reports of monsters with heads as men but bellies that are a shark's mouth and other disfigurements. When he was fortunate enough to come across a coven with enough power to reverse his curse, they feared him and his bloody tactics to win them over. After loosing more than half their number to his men for their refusal to help him, they opened up a portal to another dimension and forced them through.

Reports vary as to how often Captain Juan Corso and his men find entry back into our world, some say once every 100 years, while other sightings occur after only 5 years have passed. With that said, they all speak as to the reason why he returns: To find another bride for Juan to bring back with them to the dimension they were sent to. It appears the coven, with their missing members, were unable to keep Juan and his men in the dimension for all time and it is my belief that the curse forces them back into this world only until he finds a wife. The women that Juan has stolen has always been blond, extremely beautiful, and always on the day of their wedding. Since the 1800's Juan has only stolen women who were engaged to a man who held supernatural qualities or a demon. Unfortunately, all of our attempts to "parley" with him and his men has failed, and it seems that not even death can end their cruel curse. I have seen them but once in my lifetime, and the horrors that they caused were more than enough for me.
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Re: Saturday, November 15 (2 months +1 day)

PostPosted by Solar_Dawn » Tue Jan 26, 2010 1:53 am

[Allison] *Puts the law enforcement book aside for later use and keeps searching on*
[Eric] *Flips through the book and let's out a brief 'ew', before noticing one of the entries reading with greater interest* "Oh....oh"
[Allison] *Looks up and walks over to him* "What oh?.. Find something?"
[Eric] "Well... Kinda..."
[Allison] *Leans down over his shoulder to read the book too and frowns more and more while reading* "oh......"
[Eric] "Well, we know what it is now, don't worry, we can find a way to beat fishmen, how smart can they be?.."
[Allison] "Yeah.... I guess... We should go home and tell everyone tomorrow"
[Eric] "Don't you.... Want to tell them now?..."
[Allison] "No... There's time, we'll tell them tomorrow" *Grabs both books and walks over to the man to buy them both and take them home*
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