Friday, November 14 (cut: 2 months later...)

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Friday, November 14 (cut: 2 months later...)

PostPosted by Pyriel » Sun Jan 10, 2010 10:25 am

The man opened his eyes and let his ears adjust to the voice of the police officer speaking to him, slowly coming to his senses.
Officer: "How do you feel? Peter, can you hear me?"
Peter: "Who?..."
Officer: "Do you know why you are here?"
Peter: *starts being able to move as some sort of sedatives wear off* "who's Peter?..." *thinks..."Is that my name?"
Officer: *sighs* "I'm sorry but we did all we could. Your name is Peter Speirs. Some genetic deviations of yours put you in peril. We had to use strong medication to stabilise your condition... The doctors say you might suffer some loss of memory..."
Peter: "... some?how about total?!?" *thinks* "when can i go? and where are my family and belongings?..."
Officer: "I am afraid its just too soon for you to leave." *avoids answering about familiar faces* "your belongings are over there" *shows him where some clothes and his cellphone is*
Peter: *starts falling asleep* "i am too tired anyways..."
Officer: *leaves*

2 hours later...
It is night. Peter goes and grabs his clothes. He jumps off the window hastily, only to find out he is on the third floor! He falls down and breaks some ribs and legs; he is ready to start screaming in pain but after one very short moment of yelling he sees his body miraculously recovering and is short of breath, surprised. The brief noise makes some guards come closer to him, searching for the source of the sound with their flashlights. Peter's senses start going crazy, his eyesight accidentaly noticing exact details of the guards' uniforms, even their names on their tags, and even his smell noticing some odors from hospital drugs. He stayed there surprised again, exploring his senses as if for the first time.

Then he realised-these people were probably dangerous, they were there to stop him from leaving, and he had to hide. But how?... Instantly, he thought "Lights, Shape, Colour, Movement. Cover these and they wont find you." he dropped near a bush that was heavily shoadowed by some nearby wall. benting his head downwards to cover his eyes that were less easily hidden in shadows, and stayed motionless, becoming one with the plant. After about ten minutes, the guards failed to find anything and left, leaving him to complete his escape.

He got away from the strangely guarded "hospital" and when he had some distance, he explored his cell's memory; the #1 on his speed dial list was a guy called "Trent".
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Re: cut: 2 months later...

PostPosted by hippie_mama » Sun Jan 10, 2010 1:09 pm

Peter: *ring ring*
Trent: *gently rolls Allison off his chest so he can sit up and answer the phone* "Peter. Hey. What's up?"
Peter: '...Hey. Do i speak to Trent?'
Trent: *blinks, more awake now* "Yeah man, it's me." *listening more carefully to be sure it's Peter*
Peter: *thinks, realising they're probably not brothers but friends* 'err... listen, where are you now?...and... do we work together or something?'
Trent: "I'm at Allison's, where are yo--uh...kind of? Where are you man? This is a little weird."
Peter: 'where?... I-I am not sure. The police said the doctors cured me- and why was the police in the hospita again?' *stops for a moment* 'listen, i cant remember where this place outside the hospital is; do you remember the hospital my family took me to?'
Peter: 'sorry, its just... i cant remember; anything, dude!'
Trent: *long pause* "Ok. Here's what we're going to do." *already pulling his pants and shoes on* "Are you outside or inside?"
Peter: 'outside. at some town near the hospital. i called you cause you were #1 on my call list...'
** Allison let's out a soft whimper and rolls over still half asleep **
Allison: "Who are you talking to?..."
Trent: "Ok, good. You did the right thing. Do you remember any of your military training?" *grabbing the keys now, hesitiating, looking at Allison* "It's Pete. I'm gonna go pick him up."
Allison: *Yawns and snuggles back into her pillow* "Tell him.... I already finished.... seating arrangements..."
Peter: 'Military? no way, man! i was in the military?!?... come to think of it, i do know how to do stuff... among other wierd things.'
Trent: *moves down the stairs as quickly as he can without waking the whole house and whispers* "Ok, first of all, can you hear me ok when i talk like this?"
Peter: 'of course. why are you whispering?...'
Trent: *whispers the rest of the time they talk* "Because i don't know where you are, who might be watching or listening, or what kind of situation you're in right now, and you don't seem to either--i highly suggest you be as quiet as possible until we at least figure out where you are."
Peter: 'dude, who is hunting us?... are we secret agents or something?...' *in whisper*
Trent: "Yes and no. It's complicated. Do you think you can move around the building enough to find a street sign?"
Peter: '... actually i am quite far from the hospital, in some town outside as i said.' *walks some, sees the street sign, whispers it to Trent*
Trent: *starts the truck, which is loud coming through the phone to blow anyone's cover, so talks normal again* "Oh. Well you never said 'far.' Alright, i am going to go on a hunch and assume you are in Portland, Oregon. Really, with a street name like that, it could be anywhere, but i'm going to be optimistic and say you'll see an old Chevy pickup roll by in about 60-70 minutes. ok?"
Peter: '...OK. and Trent?... as secret agents, do we have gadgets?... why old chevy?..."
Trent: *chuckles* "I told you it was complicated. I'll call back when i turn onto the street." *reaches down and pulls a rifle from under the seat, just in case, and sets it across his lap*
Peter: *waits for him*
Trent: *calls in about 40 minutes, having *ahem* made good time*
Peter: *answers*
Trent: "Ok, i'm on the street. Gonna flash my lights in about 3 seconds so you know it's me; step up to the curb when i get close, and i'll pick you up."
Peter: 'OK. i'll be ready.'
Trent: *does the above*
Peter: *gets in* 'thanks man. so... you are Trent, right?...'
Trent: *when Peter gets in* "Yup. Dude, i don't know why you can't remember anything, but i think it's safe to say no one's after you, or that would not have been easy." *drives off*
Trent: "I'll smell weird to you. Just a warning."
Peter: '... really? was anyone after me, like... ever?'
Trent: "That depends on if you were unreasonably paranoid or if you were right. I think you might have just been paranoid though." *reaches over with his right hand* "Nice to meet you again; it's been awhile."
Peter: *shakes his hand* 'been a while?... like... days?'
Trent: "Two months, almost exactly. You left to have your head looked at; maybe they fixed whatever was wrong. Sounds like they took an extra chunk out though. You feel ok? Smell pretty medicated, but otherwise alright."
Peter: 'dude i feel awesome! i broke some ribs and my leg and got cured in less than a minute! oh and...' *looks him weird, almost scared after a moment* 'you... you are not human are you?!?'
Trent: "I knew you'd catch it! Nope, i'm not: Werewolf. And you're somewhat genetically altered yourself. Hence the healing. Not the first time you've done that."
Peter: 'they said that i guess... ' *seems excited* 'oh so thats why we dont have gadgets!'
Trent: "Yeah, we do our own thing, man."
Peter: 'we're not secret agents! we're a superhero team! and i'm the best there is at what i do obviously!'
Trent: "Er..." *laughs* "Well, i think 'hunters' is a more apt term, but if you want to look at it that way, that's alright too...not all of us have 'powers' though. And others are even more impressive."
Peter: 'so how many team members w ehave?... what powers does this 'Allison' have?'
Trent: "Allison is just a cop, but she's definitely on our side--we got engaged while you were away, in fact." *a silly smile creeps across his face when he mentions her* "She has a younger brother named Eric who doesn't have any special abilities either, but he's good with a computer. Then there's Loretta: she's a Slayer."
Peter: 'like in the band?'
Trent: " No, as in she kills vampires really, really good. There are some other 'differently abled' people in town, but that's our core team."
Peter: '... oh.'
Peter: 'sounds nice. where is our base? do i have some day job or something?...'
Trent: "The others, we have to more or less call in favors to get involved. But the five of us or like family. Well, you did work at the museum, but i think you quit that with the thoughts of opening a dojo. I don't know what happened with that; the paperwork went through right as you left. I also doubt your apartment is still in your name, so you can stay at my place. I only use it a few days out of the month anyway."
Trent: *are like family
Peter: 'thanks man. do the others know that i have returned?...'
Trent: "You seem to be taking all of this pretty calmly. Anything i've said ring any bells in that head of yours? I told Allison i was going to go pick you up, but i'm pretty sure she was still asleep."
Peter: '...well, i dont know; I'm just glad i found a friend for starters, thats why i'm so calm. about the supernatural stuff, yeah, i figured such things exist after my healing thingy.'
Trent: "At least it was surprising in a positive way--can't complain about that.
Peter: 'well, true. thanks for the pickup and the hospitality, man. honestly...'
Trent: "You want me to drop you off at my place so you can get some sleep and process everything, or do you want to go back to Allison's with me, talk some more, and meet everyone first thing?"
Peter: '...well, i dont know, i'm kinda anxious to meet the team. you think it would be OK?...'
Trent: "Yeah, they're used to the unexpected."
Peter: *smiles, pleased* 'hey man. got any music or something to listen on the trip?...'
Trent: *calls Allison when they get a few minutes out*
Allison: *Picks up the phone half asleep, and yawns loudly mid-sentence* "The house better be on fiiiiiiiirre..."
Trent: "No, but Peter's back. He doesn't remember us, but is anxious to see some possibly familiar faces."
Trent: "...Can i bring him by?" *in a voice that says 'i'll owe you'*
Allison: *Groans and sits up, trying to wrub some sleep from her eyes* "That's nice..... Wait what?" *Suddenly sounds awake again* "I thought he'd left?..."
Trent: "Temporarily. And now he's back."
Allison: "Alright.... But if Loretta doesn't want to see him.... That's that... Not entirely sure she's home from patrolling for that matter...."
Trent: "He won't even recognize her; you might want to warn her though.
Allison: "Yeah... I will... How long till you're here?.."
Trent: "Eh...well...about 30 seconds from pulling into the driveway. Sorry?"
Allison: "oh good.." *Shakes her head and hangs up the phone to jump out of bed and put on a large robe over her nightgown then sneak over to Loretta's room to knock softly and open the door*
Trent: *when the call is over* "Really we've got about 5 minutes; it's just cute when she's frustrated with me."
Peter: *follows Trent when they arrive, not wanting to make anything stupid in front of his 'new' friends*
Peter: 'haha, yeah. why should she warn Eric?...'
Loretta: *groans, having not been asleep long* "Anything on fire?"
Allison: "Not quite.... But eh... Trent went and picked something up...."
Trent: "Not Eric; Loretta. She didn't take you leaving too well. It was complicated."
Allison: "That being your old friend..... Peter..."
Loretta: *sits up, fully awake* "He's back?"
Peter: *shrugs*
Allison: "Yeah.... But appearently... he doesn't remember a thing.... That's what trent said anyway..."
Trent: "She's a teenager. Not much we can do really.:
Allison: "If you want to leave out the back door and pretend you weren't here... I won't say anything..."
Peter: '... didnt you say she was a kickass?'
Loretta: *frowns slightly* "Whatever. It's Peter. Always some kind of drama. It's cool." *pulls on some clothes*
Trent: "Yes. 110 pounds of pure fury."
Peter: '...' *looks at Trent as if he was an alien*
Allison: *Nods and then looks at Eric's door* "Think we should wake him?... He get's kinda grumpy... and he didn't even know peter..."
Trent: *chuckles, finally pulling into the driveway for real* "You'll understand when you see her..."
Loretta: *shrugs* "Probably not. But your call."
Peter: 'like, can she kick your ass?...'
Allison: *Shakes her head and wrubs her sleep toustled hair to head downstairs sleepily* "I'm just gonna make some coffee...."
Peter: *keeps following Trent when they get off the truck*
Trent: "Easily. Possibly both of our asses at once if she was in a bad mood."
Peter: *finaly gets the picture that she's not normal; stays silent*
Loretta: *runs her fingers through her hair, making it stick up worse, and follows Allison*
Allison: *Puts on the coffee pot with the strongest coffee she has, and then opens a diffirent cabinet to take out a box of cookies, and hands it to loretta*
Trent: "Here we are." *opens the door and walks in*
Loretta: *starts eating cookies*
Peter: *walks in too, curious but smiling*
Peter: 'Hey guys... anybody home?...'
Loretta: *peeks around the corner*
Peter: *easily spots her; goes to where the girls are if Trent goes there too*
Trent: "Well, this is...tense." *walks over to the kitchen* "Come sit, Pete, looks like Allison brewed the good stuff." *kisses her on the cheek*
Peter: *sits* 'so, uh... nice to be back?...' *looks expectantly*
Allison: *Puts the coffee pot and some cups on a tray and pokes Loretta* "they weren't 'all' for you...." *Then returns Trent's kiss and looks at Peter* "Hello Peter.."
Peter: 'hey. Allison, right?...'
Loretta: *still has cookies in her hand, now giving Peter a rather suspicious look before setting them down reluctantly* "Oh. yeah. Welcome back."
Allison: *Tries to put down the tray on the table, but it's covered with wedding planning stuff* "hhmm.."
Allison: *Turns to the coffee table, only to find that covered too, and decides to just push some of it aside*
Trent: *quickly moves everything out of the way*
Trent: "here's a spot."
Peter: 'so... supergirl is here too, it seems' *smiles at Loretta naturaly, but looks at Trent and Allison* 'Where's Eric?... dont we get along well?...'
Allison: *Puts down the tray and has a strong cup of coffee before sitting down*
Allison: *He never met you.... And he's got school in the morning... So i didn't see the point in waking him..."
Peter: 'ah, true...'
Peter: *keeps seeing some awkwardness* 'is there something wrong?... are you guys worried about something? some monster maybe?'
Trent: "I think it's just the elephant in the room. Girls, he doesn't remember anything at all. We're going to have to tell him everything he needs to know."
Peter: 'why did i leave in the first place?...'
Loretta: *seems relieved, but only a little* "Did they fix whatever was wrong?"
Allison: *Pulls Trent down besides her on the sofa so she can lean against him sleepily*
Peter: '... what was wrong? they said i had some health problems...'
Allison: "Think you left for something with your army buddies.... Don't remember the details... or if we knew them... it was pretty sudden..."
Trent: "I think it was just stress. Some paranoia, depression, severe mood swings. They may have been tied to the visions, or whatever experiments were done on you in the past. So you went back to the Initiative. Whatever happened beyond that, i can't tell you. You called once a couple of days in to tell us everything was ok, but that was the last we heard."
Peter: '...' *seems worried* 'mental problems? did i attack any of you?...' *realises they didnt tell him everything*
Loretta: "Seemed like you weren't coming back..."
Peter: 'the initiative told me lies about why i got there then!'
Peter: *to Loretta* 'sorry if i was not very loyal to the group before... i'll try my best now...'
Allison: "Truth is... We're not sure what happened..."
Trent: "You went willingly after a lot of thought. It seemed to you the best thing to do for the team, and we didn't feel it was our place to stop you. You were very sure about it."
Allison: "And if you don't remember.... Maybe we will never know.."
Peter: ' I was... abandoning you?...'
Peter: 'didnt i, like, call or something? only once to say I'm OK?...'
Trent: "Not exactly; you were convinced you'd be coming back. It was the rest of us that weren't so sure. And yeah, it was just the one time."
Loretta: *crosses her arms, looking vaguely guilty*
Peter: *spots that* '...anyways, i promise i'll try my best this time...honestly.'
Peter: *said to all*
Trent: "We're glad to have you back, even at your worst. Whatever you did, i'm sure it was with the best of intentions, and the important thing is that you made it back like you said you would."
Peter: *smiles* 'so... shall i go to your place to sleep? i'm feeling kinda tired... i hope i'll see you all, and Eric, tommorow?'
Trent: "Sounds good to me. I'll give you a ride over there; it's a long walk."
Allison: "Sounds like a good idea..... Who knows... Some rest and all that might help you remember, and tomorrow you can tell us all about what you do remember..."
Peter: *gets up, etting ready* 'OK. thanks to you all guys, I'm glad to see that i have friends' *smiles deeply* 'Allison, Supergirl... see ya tommorow.' *waits for Trent to leave*
Trent: *takes Pete to his place, hands him a key, and warns him not to let anyone that smells like patchouli into the apartment--and also not to invite in vampires, just in case he didn't remember*
Peter: *takes Trent's advice, lies down to sleep*
Allison: *Starts re-arranging the wedding things back the way they were while keeping her eyes fixed on Loretta* "Are you doing alright?"
Loretta: *lets out a big sigh and leans back against the couch when the guys leave* "Yeah."
Loretta: "I'm sure the pain in my stomach will go away someday." *finishes the cookies no one else touched*
Allison: "You don't have to see him if you don't want to you know..."
Loretta: "There's no reason not to. Besides, we haven't been getting jack done with him away."
Allison: "Well it's been a bit light on the supernatural front.... But maybe the creeps are just on a break too.... Either way... You're probably tired... and weren't we going to look for a bridesmaid dress for you tomorrow?..."
Loretta: *groans*
Loretta: "Why do i get the feeling that a bleach-and-dye job is in my future too?"
Allison: *grins innocently and gently nudges Loretta upstairs* "We'll discuss that tomorrow!"
Loretta: *smirks* "Probably not as bad as whatever's in store for Trent at least!"
Allison: *Pokes her in the side* "I heard that!"
Loretta: "What? Aren't you going to wax his back or something?" *shudders*
Allison: *Smirks, faking thoughtfullness* "I hadn't thought of it... But......"
Loretta: "Ewww. Furry Lover!" *runs to her room, giggling*
Allison: *Chuckles, and cleans up the house before returning to bed*
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