The lost Persian army found?

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The lost Persian army found?

PostPosted by verdilak » Sat Jan 02, 2010 6:32 am

From Herodotos' Histories, Book III, trans. Aubrey de Sélincourt:

The force [of 50,000 men] which was sent against the Ammonians started from Thebes with guides, and can be traced as far as the town of Oasis, which belongs to Samians supposed to be of the Aeschrionian tribe, and is seven days' journey across the sand from Thebes. The place is known in Greek as the Island of the Blessed. General report has it that the army got as far as this, but of its subsequent fate there is no news whatsoever. It never reached the Ammonians and it never returned to Egypt. There is, however, a story told by the Ammonians themselves and by others who heard it from them, that when the men had left Oasis, and in their march across the desert had reached a point about mid-way between the town and the Ammonian border, a southerly wind of extreme violence drove the sand over them in heaps as they were taking their mid-day meal, so that they disappeared for ever.

According to Herodotus, Cambyses II sent an army to threaten the Oracle of Amun at the Siwa Oasis. The army of 50,000 men was halfway across the desert when a massive sandstorm sprang up, burying them all. Although many egyptologists regard the story as a myth, people have searched for the remains of the soldiers for many years. These have included Count László Almásy (on whom the novel The English Patient was based, if you recall the "swimmers cave") and modern geologist Tom Brown. Some believe that in recent petroleum excavations, the remains may have been uncovered.

In November 2009, two Italian archaeologists, Angelo and Alfredo Castiglioni, claim to have discovered the remains of the Persian army near Siwa Oasis. Accordingly this is the first archaeological evidence of the story reported by Herodotus. ... e-science/

more info ... lAfKpJGmDA
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