I found this interesting: Bock's Car and Nagasaki

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I found this interesting: Bock's Car and Nagasaki

PostPosted by verdilak » Sat Jan 02, 2010 6:28 am

When "Bock's Car" -- the second B-29 to carry an atomic bomb -- took off on August 9, 1945 its primary target was not Nagasaki. Rather, it was the town of Kokura. However, upon arriving at Kokura, the city was found to be so obscured by smoke and haze that a visual bomb run could not be made. After three attempts to get a clear view of the target, the "Bock's Car" gave up on Kokura and diverted to to the mission's secondary target, the town of Nagasaki.

The conditions at Nagasaki weren't any better than those at Kokura and the commander and the weapon officer of the "Bock's Car" chose to bomb Nagasaki by radar, rather than by visual targeting. This was in violation of their orders, but otherwise they would have been forced to either jettison the bomb or carry it back to Okinawa.

So the bomb carried by the "Bock's Car" was dropped by radar targeting -- and missed its aiming point by about a mile.

Source: Frank, Richard B. Downfall. New York, 1999.
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