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PostPosted by verdilak » Sat Jan 02, 2010 5:11 am

So, we saw this last night and we loved it. Hippie stated that it was a great movie, not THE greatest movie ever mind you, but it's up there with the greats. She commented on how yes, the story was a bit cliche'ed, you could see where it was heading, but the acting and cinematography was excellent.

I agree with her. It was great.

Now, some people online are talking about how it was like Dances with Wolves and other movies, or how the Na'vi (the blue, feline aliens) are meant to represent one indiginous people or another and how white men or america are the bad guys... I have to say that if you have seen Avatar, yes, you can see similarities with it and Dances with Wolves and draw similarities between the Na'vi and countless number of indigenous peoples because, thats what they are. And Industial Man, who cares for profits and not nature are the evil ones. Treehugger, hippie, call me what you will, but it saddens me to see how much we rape our land.. and for what? A bit more of precious metal?

I digress.

I cannot think of any movie that Avatar is a clone of. Similar in some respects as in like with Dances with Wolves there is a native culture that are being driven out by a different one (you can't say more advanced because the Na'vi are pretty advanced themselves, just now in the way of guns and machines), as well as the main guy falls in love with a native girl. But in Dances with Wolves, the girl was not a native, but an adopted native and she was the chief's daughter. As well as the Indian tribe in Dances with Wolves did not defeat the white army.

Similar, but not at all the same.

And the scenery and the real life CGI... KS trying to say he envisioned this in 2005 for his Fantasy game where he has said that the rest of Palladium will never be known is such fiull of bullshit.

I have to say that this is a movie that deserves to be watched at the movie theatre, no matter if you see it in one of the 4 3d formats or in plain 2d.
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