Day 16, Tuesday, September 17th

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Day 16, Tuesday, September 17th

PostPosted by Solar_Dawn » Thu Dec 17, 2009 6:06 pm

Allison snaps awake when her alarm goes off, having made very sure to set it this time and kisses Trent as she rolls out of bed and wraps the blankets around herself to go shower.
"I should have enough time to make you some breakfast if you're hungry, and I'll make you something nice tonight for when you come back from your trip. Will you be able to let me know if you'll be late? I'll keep your plate fresh then with some tupperware"
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Re: Day 16, Tuesday, September 17th

PostPosted by Solar_Dawn » Thu Dec 17, 2009 6:08 pm

Eric let's out a deep complaining groan as the alarm clock goes off and hits at it with his hand several times before hitting it, and placing his head comfortably back on his pillow, already dozing off again "mmmm, just a little longer...."
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Re: Day 16, Tuesday, September 17th

PostPosted by hippie_mama » Fri Dec 18, 2009 9:42 am


Trent follows Allison into the bathroom and gently pulls her hair back as she starts the water. "Breakfast sounds good." He slips into the shower with her, more to conserve time and continue talking than to be a distraction (though he does, of course, take long, appraising looks when he thinks she won't notice). "I'll call and let you know where i am around dinner time, and i'll call again when i'm on my way back. Might be pretty late, so why don't you just make something for the kids, and i'll take you out? I think i still owe you a nice dinner, don't i?"
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Re: Day 16, Tuesday, September 17th

PostPosted by hippie_mama » Fri Dec 18, 2009 9:51 am


Loretta rolls over and puts an arm around the lump next to her before snuggling into the warm manli--EEEK! She shrieks and jumps back, tumbling off the bed backwards.

"Ow! How'd you get in--" she looks around a second while she remembers where she is, "Oh...your room. Sorry." She then stands up, straightens her t-shirt a bit, smooths back her pink hair, and tries to appear dignified and rational. "I must have fallen asleep here. Well then, thank you for not waking me. I'll on my way now."
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Re: Day 16, Tuesday, September 17th

PostPosted by Solar_Dawn » Fri Dec 18, 2009 1:36 pm

*Gives Trent a suspicious look but takes slightly longer redressing then she might normally have* "That actually sounds.. Really great... I'd like that. I'll make dinner for Eric and for Loretta if she's not working and then wait for you and we can have a nice evening"
*Kisses his cheek before going down to the kitchen to make some breakfast*
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Re: Day 16, Tuesday, September 17th

PostPosted by hippie_mama » Fri Dec 18, 2009 3:06 pm

[Trent] *gets dressed himself, conveniently having a clean change of clothes with him, then follows Allison downstairs* "This time i'll even make sure not to leave you with the check."
[Allison] *Smirks and holds out a hand to him* "But if you had been really smart you wouldn't have reminded me about that little fact from last time!"
[Trent] "Never claimed to be smart. Wouldn't you rather have me honest?" *kisses her hand*
[Allison] "You're plenty smart too! Here try a piece of this pancake, you can decide if you want to have mine or if i should delegate pancake duty to you!"
[Trent] *smiles and eats the pancake as instructed, then pauses a moment as if really contemplating whose are better* "It'll do. Please continue." *winks playfully*
[Allison] *Smirks and pokes him, but carries on making pancakes* "So... I've been thinking about something else... It's not really easy... But... do you think I should try to get a diffirent car?..."
[Trent] "Is something wrong with the one you have?"
[Allison] "I really like mine.... But... I got it when it was just Eric and me... There's no room for more.... and it's not exactly build for like... hunting demons... "
[Trent] "Ah. Well, Betty is, so no worries."
[Allison] "That's true, and I didn't really want to get rid of mine.. Took me forever to get the colour i wanted... the sales jerk kept trying to push this blue one on me"
[Trent] *smiles* "Don't worry about it. We'll use the truck when we plan for badness, and if the car gets beat up a bit, well, i know this great guy that does body work... Of course, it would be good for Eric to get his own car."
[Allison] "Well... I've been thinking about it... But i don't want to just 'give' him a car... He's already kinda spoiled.... oohhh... You know... I had an idea... Though... It's entirely voluntary..."
[Trent] "I meant he should get a job and buy his own with his hard-earned money. Unless you do things differently in your family. But go ahead with your idea..."
[Allison] "Well... I've been trying to get him to get a job for an age.... even if it's just a paper route but he's so lazy.. and i always end up giving in when he wants to buy something.... I guess i should be stricter...But i was thinking..... what if I like.... bought a car for him... that needs some work.. It should be safe... But it doesn't have to be in prime condition... That way he could fix it up himself with your help... But that's putting a lot on you, and I don't want you to feel pressured into anything, it was just a thought i had."
[Trent] "That's not a bad idea for a kid that isn't already motivated to work. He could probably help us out in the shop a little to get the cash he needs for parts. And if he doesn't like that, he can go apply for a real job somewhere." *kisses Allison on the cheek* "You're a brilliant lady."
[Allison] *grins and puts her arm around him* "I'm merely inspired in the presence of greatness!"
[Trent] *smirks a little* "So do you want some help finding a project car?"
[Allison] "Yeah I could definitly use your help there, any ideas?"
[Trent] "Well, obviously he should have a muscle car for his first. Like an old Camero or a GTO. Chicks dig those. But i'll keep an eye out and pick up some papers while i'm in the city."
[Allison] *Nods* "Alright that sounds fair, but speaking of the city, I should get going, I'll put the stack of pancakes here for the young ones... Are you leaving too?"
[Trent] "Yeah, the sooner i get out of here, the sooner i can get back."
[Allison] *Nods* "Alright" *grabs her things and her bag and puts an arm around his to leave together, and head to their seperate destinations*
[Trent] *kisses her once more before getting to the truck* "Wear something pretty!"

[Eric] *Jumps slightly when there's shreeking done* "Wha?.... oh.... sorry.... I was gonna sleep on the floor but eh... guess i got up for something and slumped on my bed automaticly..."
[Loretta] "It's cool; your room and all. You going to school today?"
[Eric] "I guess I probably should.... What are you going to do?"
[Loretta] *shrugs* "Same stuff i always do."
[Eric] "Guess I should go shower" *Sniffs the air* "And i think there's pancakes..."
[Loretta] "Yeah, i'll go eat first. See you downstairs."
[Eric] *Takes a quick shower and then puts on some dark clothes and heads downstairs* "I hope you left some for me!"
[Loretta] *already on her second plate* "Yeah, looks like they made a ton of food and took off."
[Eric] *Sits down to have some himself* "That's not so bad is it?... Saves us from having to watch them make kissy faces!"
[Loretta] "True...they're kind of cute though, in a gross way."
[Loretta] *seems lost in thought*
[Eric] "Yeah I guess..." *Watches her a bit* "What's up?"
[Loretta] "Hm? Nothing, just waking up."
[Eric] "Aight, just looked like you were somewhere far away"
[Loretta] *shrugs* "Just missed someone for a second. I'm over it though." *finishes the food on her plate as if to prove a point*
[Eric] "oh i'm sorry, who?" *Has a bite of some more pancake*
[Loretta] "Don't you pay attention? Sheesh, we already talked about it the other day." *goes to put her plate in the sink* "Aren't you going to be late?"
[Eric] "Alright, don't bite my head off, didn't realize you only knew one person you ever missed! But yeah, I should get going" *Starts collecting books and junk from all around the house*
[Loretta] *mutters to herself* "See ya."
[Eric] *Finishes shoving everything into his backpack and throws it over his shoulder* "You going to work again later?"
[Loretta] "Well yeah, that's what people with jobs do."
[Eric] "Alright grumpy, good luck at work then!" *Heads outside to wave as well as cuss at the school bus and chase after it*
[Loretta] *snickers before throwing herself onto the couch and catching a little nap*
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Re: Day 16, Tuesday, September 17th

PostPosted by hippie_mama » Tue Dec 29, 2009 2:33 pm

[Loretta] *lurks about the school until the lunch bell rings, then sneaks into the lunchroom, looking for Eric; once she spots him, she slips into the last empty chair at his table and grins*

[Eric] *Does the boring school thing and tries to pay at least some attention to the teachers but mostly failing, glad when the bell rings, and sits down with his friends to discuss nerd talk* "That's ridiculous, optimus is a prime he's definitely stronger then starscream, and if you think... eh...." *Falls into a silence when Loretta sits down* "Eh.... i mean..... How about that economy...."

[Loretta] "Hey guys!" *snags a roll off Eric's tray*

[Eric] "Hey! I had just finished buttering that one!"

[Friends] *Gawk at the girl sitting at the table, a first time occurrence to be sure!* "eh..... Hello..."

[Loretta] *waves in greeting while chewing, then elbows Eric expectantly*

[Eric] "Oh right, this is Loretta, she's eh...... A girl............. *Tries to find a proper way to explain the situation, and ends up finishing lamely* "That i know..... These are Darek, John and Horus"

[Loretta] *grins impishly* "We live together."

[Friends] "You....... Do? You never told us that! Gee, could've mentioned a development like that!"

[Eric] "Well eh... it's just a... recent development!"

[Loretta] *innocently* "We're more like roommates. We don't always sleep together." *winks at Horus*

[Friends] "oh..... that's.... cool.... So... eh... are you starting here too?.."

[Loretta] "No, just visiting."

[Eric] "She eh... Goes to another school...." *Decides to change the topic quickly* "i got her to start on world of warcraft though!"

[Friends] *perk up with something to say* "ooh, what class are you?" "What level are you?" "do you want to join my guild??"

[Loretta] *takes a drink of Eric's orange juice and smiles* "Oh, i'm not very good. Only a 12th level fighter. I don't have a lot of time to play; work and school and stuff, ya know..."

[Eric] "oh please, your guild is deader then the tyranosaurus rex, you don't even have enough people to do 25 man raids anymore, have to settle for 10 man's, she's far better off joining the one i'm in, I might not be guild leader but at least it aint up in the air with it's feet!"

[Loretta] *pretends to be intrigued by their banter, occasionally snagging something from one of Eric's friends' lunches*

[John] *Stares at Loretta intently for a long time* "Hey..... Didn't you once shove me away from this really hot girl in leather on a saturday night.... I think that was you.... I was about to get some and you totally ruined my evening!"

[Loretta] *looks him over for a minute, considering heavily* "Not that i recall, but possibly. But only if she was getting ready to bite you."

[Eric] *Pokes Loretta's side hard under the table*

[John] "I was looking forward to that part!"

[Loretta] *with an authoritative tone* "You know, as much attention as they give to promoting 'safe sex,' people forget that far worse things can be transmitted through human bites. You would be shocked, really; it's terrible--ouch!"

[John] *Frowns* "Well, she did look kinda pale.... You think she had some disease?..."

[Loretta] *nods gravely* "Absolutely. Those things run rampant in college towns; it's a shame they aren't given more press."

[Eric] "Yeah... Lorrie's a bit of a health fanatic... in a sense.. "

[Loretta] "Hmph! Well if being careful i don't turn into a diseased monstrosity makes me a 'fanatic,' then yeah, i suppose i am." *crosses arms*

[Eric] "She's also grumpy a lot!" *Smirks and moves his chair a little away out of her reach* "So, do you need a pickup again after your work?"

[Loretta] *glares for a moment, then shrugs* "Never do, but i don't mind the company anyway."

[Eric] "Although.... We were talking about this new sci fi movie that's out, if you could get a day off we could all go together..."

[Loretta] "Really? I can get off whenever i want to. But don't feel like you have to take me along."

[Eric] *Grins and shrugs* "Well i don't know about you, but where I come from it's considered polite to ask a girl along on movie theater nights after they've shared your bed!"

[Loretta] *scoots closer so she can poke him again! Then sees an administrative type moving through the crowd of high school kids* "Well...that looks like my cue to take off!" *kisses Eric on the cheek quickly before getting up* "See you guys around!"

[Eric] *Waves after loretta and gives the others a big grin*

[John] *Gives Eric a very suspicious look* "So, are you two really dating? or what?"

[Eric] "eh..." *Thinks as hard as he can as quickly as he can* "Well, a gentleman never tells. But in response to your next weekend. No, you definitly can't ask her out!"
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Re: Day 16, Tuesday, September 17th

PostPosted by hippie_mama » Sun Jan 03, 2010 3:25 pm

[Trent] After clocking in at Three Mikes' and getting a supplies list and the company checkbook from Mike, Trent drives out to Portland and runs errands for his boss. He's finished by lunch, at which time he gets a couple of drive-through burgers and arrives at Jim's.

Jim's is a rather seedy looking place that encourages most people to stay away.

[Trent] *thinks this must be the place! walks into Jim's and notes how many people are there by sight, smell, and sound, and looks for anyone familiar*

Bobby and another guy who looks to be Sam's brother are behind the counter, arguing over The Price Is Right prices. They are the only ones in the shop.

[Trent] "Sup guys?"

They look up, startled that there is a customer, but then Bobby recognizes you. Trent, you see a small, blinking yelloe light above the door you walked through as well.

[Bobby] "Hey... "

[Trent] "Hope i haven't interrupted anything too important." *grin* "Just coming by to pick up that custom order for my lady."

[Bobby] "Oh yeah.. Dean, go get number 14, the love bullets."

The other gets up and goes into the back.

[Trent] "Ya know, when you say it like that, it sounds kind of silly..."

[Bobby] "No sillier than a werewolf who can talk and change at whim. By the way, been meanin' to ask you about that. Are there any others who can do what you can do...?"

[Trent] "Not that i know of, but i'm uh...not exactly on what one would call 'speaking terms' with the rest of my kind."

[Bobby] "Well, if you ever do, let us know. I'm not exactly all that mentally strong to start having to second guess killing monsters."

[Trent] "Hey, you and me both. And you'd think, considering, i would have put more care into it before." *shrugs*

[Bobby] "So, anything else you here for, or is it just the..." *mutters to himself then turns back towards the back room before shouting* "Dean! They are on the third shelf, sixth one back!"

[Dean] *muffled voice* "Got them!"

[Trent] "Actually, yeah. Is there anything you can give me on that girly-wolf over on my side of the woods? You mentioned having run-ins with her before, but I was a little woozy last time we talked and didn't think to ask many questions."

[Bobby] "We know that she likes to run the coast from San Fran to up into Canada. Lots of woods and places to hide up there, and plenty of people to eat down into California. Other than that, she's like a greased pig. You can see her but you just can't grab onto her.... or you can all too easily." *The last said as Dean walks up with the bullets*

[Dean] "It was only the one time Bobby, how many times can I say I am sorry! I didn't know what she was, you can't keep blaming me.."

[Bobby] *cuts in* "We found you in bed with the monster! What if she had bitten you? DO you really think it would have been easy for me to kill you, because I would have, right then and there!"

[Dean] "But she didn't bite me! Nothing happened! How many times do I have to tell you that before you stop locking me up on the full moon!"

[Bobby] *grunts* "I already know you aren't a wolf.."

[Dean] "Then what the hell man! Why are you still locking me up!"

[Bobby] "To remind you of your fuck up, and to keep your pants on so we dont go through this again."

[Dean] *slams the bullets down and walks out of the building.

[Trent] *smirks* "I see. So she's most likely long-gone by now is what you're saying."

[Bobby] "Dont mind him, the boy just dont have his head on right."

[Bobby] "Long gone and will return, sooner or later. Are you looking for her, actively, or just wanting to keep tabs on her?"

[Trent] "Well, i'd like to assess what kind of threat she really is. First time i saw her, she gave the impression that she might not fully understand her situation, but if she's killing unrestrained over a wide area, i'd like to say she's more than responsible for her actions and needs to be eliminated. I want to be sure though."

[Bobby] "She was a human succubus before she got bit, and now, she's even more dangerous. And no way in hell, boy, will we let you go and teach her how to control what she has. She's killed too many people for that sort of thing. Tell you what, next time we get a visual on her, we will give you a call. And we will go out hunting her, full moon or not."

[Trent] "Agreed. What about those magic-flashy grenades? Can Sam's old lady make a bunch of those to have ready? I've got a feeling our feisty little bitch isn't going to make it easy for us, and i'd really rather not have to leave the corpse of a college girl somewhere."

[Bobby] "Oh, we'll have enough of them when the times comes, no worries on that point."

[Trent] "Good." *picks up the box of bullets and looks them over, holding one up to the light to examine the engraving with a smile before continuing* "I'll be sure my...people are armed and ready as well."

[Bobby] *raises an eyebrow* "Your people? You sure those rag-taggers are up for a bit of werewolf showdown?"

[Trent] "They're more than they appear, and while they are few, they have seen worse."

[Bobby] "Good to hear." *waits to see if you have anything else to say before going back to watching tv*

[Trent] *places the bullet back in the box and closes it before asking conversationally* "So what goes with silver bullets anyway? Diamonds? Or a nice handbag?"

[Bobby] "I'd say some metal etching on the gun itself, Maybe some paisly's or something."

[Trent] *nods* "Thanks man, i'll be in touch."

[Bobby] "Hope so. And don't go starting some school to help werewolves learn to control their beast."

[Trent] "Not unless i can figure out a way to make it a one-way thing."

[Bobby] *grunts in agreement*

[Trent] *leaves to do other things, namely figure out what to buy a girlfriend to go along with a box of bullets*
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Re: Day 16, Tuesday, September 17th

PostPosted by Solar_Dawn » Sun Jan 03, 2010 3:57 pm

After leaving home Allison heads to work and get's herself into an administrative frenzy, deciding to skip her break this day so she can leave a few minutes early.
Heading home she decides to make a stop at the local McDonalds and get the teenagers some rare junk food, getting some french fries, burgers, chicken nuggets, and some salad's that seem unlikely to ever be eaten.
Reaching home she places all the food on the table along with some plate's and cutlery and yells upstairs "Junk Food Downstairs!"
Then after making sure the house is in a reasonable state heads upstairs to take a new shower and remembering Trent's parting words, puts on a long gown made from shiny pink silk with an open back and fixes her hair and make up with more time and care then normal, until heading downstairs to watch some tv and wait.
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Re: Day 16, Tuesday, September 17th

PostPosted by hippie_mama » Sun Jan 03, 2010 6:38 pm

[Trent] *calls Allison* "Hey, i'm about an hour out of town. Can i pick you up, or do you just want to meet at that restaurant you like?" *is actually at his own apartment, getting pretty himself, hoping she doesn't mind the choice since he already made a reservation there*

[Allison] "hhmm, you can pick me up if you don't mind, otherwise we'd have to drive back in separate car's, i'd rather go together"

[Trent] "Alright; see you soon then." *figured, but knows better than to assume things!*

[Allison] *Makes sure to tell Eric they're going out to a restaurant and he can call if there's an emergency, but only then!*

[Trent] *arrives as promised, but oddly rings the doorbell and waits outside for the door to be answered*

[Allison] *Grabs her bag and makes sure she has everything before going over to the door and smiling at Trent* "Hey there handsome!"

[Trent] *hands her a decent bouquet, looking very unlike himself in a suit, with his hair tied back and face shaved* "Hello, gorgeous."

[Allison] *Smiles, smelling the flowers and then giving him a quick kiss* "Thanks! They're beautiful, let me just put them in water before we go?"

[Trent] *nods and waits patiently*

[Allison] *Makes sure to put them in a vase carefully, then comes back and wraps her arm around Trent's* "All set!"

[Trent] *smiles and leads the way over to her car, thinking there's no way she's going to hop into his dirty pickup with that dress on, and opens her door for her* "I left the keys in Betty in case the kids need to drive somewhere." *closes her door after she gets in and then gets in himself and starts driving*

[Allison] *Nods and takes her seat carefully* "Eric was upstairs in his room playing with his computer last i saw, and I think Loretta is at work, but you never know. So how was your trip? Are you very tired?"

[Trent] "It was fine; I got everything done ahead of schedule and even had time to shop a bit." *glances down at his suit, maybe self-consciously* "You look nice."

[Allison] *Smiles and runs a hand through his hair* "So do you! So did you meet with those people? They didn't give you any trouble?"

[Trent] "Yeah, we talked some, and of course they didn't. They're good guys."

[Allison] "I guess, Just need some time for forgive someone for wanting to shoot you!"

[Trent] *smiles* "Just part of the job, darlin."

[Trent] *pulls into the parking lot and helps Allison out of the car*

[Allison] *Puts her arm around his again and smirks* "Wonder if anyone would recognize us from the last time"

[Trent] "I hope not; the host might not give us our table!"

[Allison] "It wasn't that long ago... but it seems like a long time.. A pleasant long time though.... well except the part with.. you know... killer cows and stuff.."

[Trent] *chuckles and gives the host their reservation info before being lead to the same table they had last time*

[Allison] *Sits down and smiles looking around* "So did you think anymore about finding that old car for Eric?"

[Trent] "I did some looking." *passes her a piece of notebook paper with several makes, models, prices, and other info listed, much of it in a shorthand that probably doesn't make sense to Allison* "We'll have to call around and ask questions, then spend a day or two driving around to see them. You don't want to buy an old car like that from any dealership."

[Allison] *Inspects the notebook and nods, putting it into her handbag too, pretending to know what it says!* "Yep, well there's no rush on it really, he can wait a while longer, but thanks a lot for looking"

[Trent] "I would be lying if i said it wasn't fun." *orders a bottle of wine when the waiter comes by* "Then of course there was the real reason i volunteered to go into the city today." *pulls a smallish box from his jacket, and slides it across the table to Allison*

[Allison] *Smiles and takes it her hands eagerly to inspect* "Awww you're so sweet, and I'm quite impressed with your ability to keep a secret so well!" *Grins and nudges him gently before opening it*

*two smaller boxes are inside, the first, unsurprisingly, holds a set of silver bullets, shiny and engraved with the words "With Love." The other is obviously a ring box*

[Allison] *Can't help but grin slightly and nudges his foot with hers while inspecting one of the bullets, making sure to hide it from the restaurant people* "Of course there is a certain 'you' ishness to your presents! But thanks... I knew why you gave them to me.... And it means a lot...." *Carefully puts it back and goes over to open the next present eagerly*

[Trent] *fidgets uncomfortably, terrified of her reaction; it is, of course, a diamond ring. He badly wants to say something, but thinks it better to see this part through first*

[Allison] *Picks it up very carefully like a fragile treasure and looks at it silently for a long while* "It's beautiful.... But... It's an engagement ring...."

[Trent] "Yeah, i noticed..." *slightly relieved she didn't yell or throw it at him* "I know, don't expect an answer any time soon. In fact, you really shouldn't right now. There's a lot to consider first. But life is short; i just wanted it out there. No pressure. Nothing has to be different."

[Allison] *Nods slowly, staring at the ring and biting her lower lip, then after a long silence puts it on her right ring finger and holds it out to look at it for a moment and show Trent, then taking his hand and squeezing it tightly*

[Trent] *smiles* "You don't even have to like it."

[Allison] *Grins and smiles warmly at him* "I do, it's very beautiful"

[Trent] "It was even prettier in the store, where all it had to compete with was other gems." *winks*

[Allison] *Smirks* "And you said you weren't good with words, but you are! very much so...."

[Trent] "Sooo...i hear rumor there's food here too." *picks up a menu, but already knows he wants steak*

[Allison] "hhmm Yes, you'd think so...." *Picks up a menu as well but keeps loosing track of what she's reading to stare at her new ring, spending very little time actually looking over the menu*

[Trent] *orders two steaks, very rare, no sides, to the dismay of the waiter when he returns*

[Allison] *Looks slightly startled when the waiter arrives and glances over her own menu very quickly* "Oh right... eh... I'll have eh... Salmon, yeah, that's good.."

[Trent] "And to think: i used to be a vegetarian..."

[Allison] "Really?.... So was I..... For a while.. But it didn't take..."

[Trent] *laughs* "Same here. Obviously... Wasn't so much a moral thing though; plants have to die for your salad too. It was just easier to keep everyone fed that way." *pours Allison and himself each a glass of wine while they wait for their food*

[Allison] "I mainly did it because all my friends were doing it.... Silly I guess..." *Takes a few sips of wine but returns to staring at her ring very frequently*

[Trent] "Nah, not silly. We're all born to different worlds."

[Allison] *Nods, looking away from her ring to smile happily at him* "It's really gorgeous isn't it?"

[Trent] *smiles back* "I didn't do bad?"

[Allison] "No... You did great.... it's so pretty... All my friends will be so jealous when we go to that party!... And they'll like the ring too!"

[Trent] "They'll probably assume you're engaged if you show them..." *takes a long drink and gives her an unreadable look*

[Allison] "Everyone in this restaurant already thinks I am.... It's... not a bad feeling....."

[Trent] *can't help but smile as he sets his glass down* "No, it isn't. We should discuss things with Eric though, before we do too much talking. I don't want him to feel rushed into anything either."

[Allison] *Smiles and nervously reaches over to take one of his hands in both of hers* "We don't need to tell him right away..... But it's our decision.. I'm not sure if it's smart.... But it feels right..... So Yes... I...." *Frowns and stops as her phone rings, and realizing she told Eric to only call for an emergency she moves her hands to grab her phone* "Speak of the devil.." *Picks up the phone somewhat annoyed* "What?!......... I dunno, did you check the clean clothes spot?.......... Well Maybe if you did the laundry once in a blue moon you'd know where it is..... Just find your own sweater already!" *Hangs up her phone and gives Trent a weak smile* "Are you still sure you want to mix our families?...."

[Trent] *smiles* "Crazy as it sounds, I can't see living out the rest of my life any other way."

[Allison] *Grins and takes his hand again* "Alright..... Then I do....."

[Trent] *kisses her hand*
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Re: Day 16, Tuesday, September 17th

PostPosted by verdilak » Sun Jan 03, 2010 7:31 pm

Trent, you lucky dog, you now have a new dependent: Eric!
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Re: Day 16, Tuesday, September 17th

PostPosted by hippie_mama » Mon Jan 04, 2010 5:30 pm

As Eric reluctantly gets into Trent's old, rusty, truck, he is first immediately aware of the odd smell: an unappealing mix of cold metal, fast food grease, and exhaust. Turning the key is rewarded with an even more disturbing tactile experience: sort of a grinding cough, if machines could produce such a response. He pumps the gas a couple of times to get all of the cylinders working, and is almost startled by the deep roaring of the engine. This might not be so bad...

He puts it in reverse to leave the driveway, and Betty, as he's heard it called, lurches backwards with a sharp squeal from the tires. He slams on the brake hard in response, which is another jarring experience, and takes a deep breath before starting again. He lets off the brake slowly, finding the steering to be much looser than he's used to, and inches out of the driveway without further incident.
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Re: Day 16, Tuesday, September 17th

PostPosted by hippie_mama » Mon Jan 04, 2010 6:46 pm

[Eric] *Still has some difficulty keeping the truck under the control* "Shit..... was that a red light... hope not....." *But eventually manages to park the car without any apparant damage in the parking lot* "gee...." *Grins* "maybe he's compensating..." *Sneaks out of the car quickly towards the mal, as if Trent somehow heard him through his truck*

[Loretta] *meets Eric outside* "There you are!" *immediately puts one hand up the back of her shirt and starts wiggling a bit as she walks toward the parking lot* "Bra is killing me!"

[Eric] *Grins* "Maybe you're wearing it wrong, lemme see!"

[Loretta] "Funny. No, i think it shrunk." *stops and puts her other hand up the front of her shirt, then in well-practiced motion, pulls it out one sleeve* "Whew! Much better."

[Eric] *Smirks* "Maybe you're starting to develop at last!" *Jumps into the truck quickly hoping she won't rip the door off*

[Loretta] "That would put me ahead of you!"

[Eric] "pffft, like you've seen my developing parts! You wish!"

[Loretta] *smirks, getting in and closing the door hard behind her* "So where are the lovebirds off to? Or did you *want* to drive Betty?"

[Eric] "Some restaurant.... I think they might be breaking up actually.... I called Allison and she sounded seriously pissy...."

[Loretta] *frowns*

[Eric] "But then maybe she was just annoyed because they were in the middle of..... stuff..."

[Loretta] "In a restaurant? Eww..."

[Eric] "Well i just know she was really short with me and sounded a bit angry.... and a lil hoarse too i guess... anyway.... where we going, home i hope?..."

[Loretta] "Yeah, i guess. If they're all distracted, hunting probably isn't a good idea. I'd rather have backup at least optional."

[Eric] "Yeah.... And this truck is kinda.... funky..."

[Loretta] "I dunno." *runs a hand across the dash, then makes a face and wipes the grit on her jeans* "It gets around."

[Eric] *Starts on the way home, though it's a rather jerky ride*

[Loretta] *is silent and seems worried most of the way* "I hope they're ok..."

[Eric] "Yeah..... Me too i guess..... She's been pretty happy since she met him.... It'd suck if that went away..."

[Loretta] "We need them both! know, for killing stuff. People keep leaving us." *voice sounds suspiciously like she might start crying*

[Eric] *Frowns and tries to put a hand on her shoulder but puts it back on the steering wheel when the entire car jerks left* "Look... they'll be alright..... I mean... even if they had a fight... that happens..... right?..."

[Loretta] "Sure. They might be fine--this time! But what about next time? What if someday they aren't? Or what if they got killed?"

[Eric] "I dunno..... But I don't think that will happen..... I think they're far too stubborn to die.... "

[Loretta] *sniffs* "Everyone gets hurt, or dies, or just leaves because they don't want to try anymore."

[Eric] "That's not true.... I mean... Nobodies immortal.... But they can take care of themselves.... And they definitly aren't going to give up on you! I mean she even...... well... maybe I shouldn't tell...."

[Loretta] *looks at him oddly*

[Eric] "Well... i found this form about like... an online high school thing... Kinda like homeschooling but for high school.... And well... it wasn't for me..."

[Loretta] *slumps down in the seat some, folding her arms* "She doesn't even know me."

[Eric] "Maybe not.... But she wants to, Besides that's not what family is about.... It's about being loved and always having people who will stand by you even if you make mistakes, because they're always on your side no matter what..." *Frowns slightly confused* "Did i say that?... that actually sounded pretty wise..."

[Loretta] *laughs* "You been watching Lifetime or something?"

[Eric] "So bite me! it's still true.... I don't think Trent and Allison will ever leave you if you need help....or that you'd ever be unwelcome in any way...besides, when i go to college you can totally be my roommate!"

[Loretta] *reaches over to poke him*

[Eric] *Smirks* "You can open my pickle jars!"

[Loretta] "Good to know i'm wanted."

[Eric] *Finally parks the car back at home, with only nudging the garbage bins and let's out a sigh*

[Loretta] *gets out of the truck and slams the door* "That wasn't so bad." *pats the truck on the front fender, similar to what Trent always does*

[Eric] "Looks like they're back too..."

[Loretta] "Well, Trent wasn't outside waiting for his ride..."

[Eric] *Opens the door to let em in and walks into the living room only to stop and scowl* "Ew, could you like.... Detach your faces in public?...."

[Trent] "Hey guys. Nice skidmarks."

[Allison] *Quickly moves her right hand behind her back and scoffs* "It wasn't public till you come home, and I can kiss in my own living room i hope!"

[Eric] *Looks at his sister suspiciously* "What was that?..."

[Loretta] *just stands back and listens, appreciating the entertainment value*

[Allison] *Shrugs* "What?..."

[Eric] "You hid something...." *Looks to Loretta* "Right?..."

[Loretta] "I didn't see anything..."

[Trent] *just smiles and nudges Allison*

[Eric] *Frowns, a lot less certain but looks at her suspiciously anyway* "Then why isn't she showing her right hand?"

[Loretta] "Maybe she took the last twinkie."

[Eric] *Frowns, fighting between his curiosity and fear of his sister* "Maybe she got bit by something spooky... like a vampire........ As the slayer, you should really go check you know..."

[Allison] *Scoffs slightly with a laugh* "Oh that's classy, have a girl do your dirty work for you!"

[Loretta] *eye roll* "If she got vamped, Trent would have staked her already."

[Trent] *nods sadly*

[Allison] "Well... I guess you should see anyway..." *Pulls her hand back to let them see the ring clearly*

[Eric] *Stares at it blankly having no clue about any significant meaning* "So.... What?.... it's like the one ring to rule them all or what?...."

[Loretta] *gasps, then covers her mouth and makes a high-pitched, girly shriek of delight*

[Eric] *Scowls at Loretta, anoyed he's clearly missing something* "What??"

[Loretta] "It's a RING!" *as if that explains everything*

[Eric] "Duh, I noticed that much, she's got other rings, why's everyone acting like it's all weird?"

[Loretta] *scurries over and somehow manages to squeeze between Allison and Trent on the couch to get a better look* "It's so SHINY!"

[Trent] *just smiles enigmatically*

[Loretta] "What did you say? How did he ask!? Where WERE you!!?"

[Allison] *Smiles broadly and giggles* "At the restaurant.... He'd gotten me two presents... I... I didn't expect it at all...... He told me not to answer right away.... And I was gonna wait and think it over for but... that only lasted for about 5 minutes..... And eh... I said yes..."

[Loretta] "Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" *hugs Allison tightly*

[Trent] *winces visibly at the shrill sound*

[Eric] *Ponders for a long moment* "ooh......... oh!    oh no.......... oh nooo..... Now they're really gonna be unbearably mushy"

[Allison] *Hugs Loretta tightly while looking at Eric* "I think what Eric meant to say was he's estatic with joy for us..... Assuming he wants to leave the house 'ever again' "

[Eric] "Eh yeah...... I was getting to that!" *mutters softly to himself* "I can just see it now...... You hang up first... no you hang up first... no you...."

[Trent] *still smiling* "Nothing's going to change; despite all appearances, we're not going to rush things. Well...not any farther, at least!"

[Allison] *Frowns slightly, biting her lower lip* "oh..... I wish you'd said that before I called the church....."

[Trent] "Bwuh?"

[Allison] *grins and kisses his cheek* "Oh come on, that was just too easy!"

[Trent] "Only because your cruelty knows no bounds! Gee, i'm the luckiest man alive..."

[Allison] *Smirks and strokes his hair* "Awww my poor dear...."

[Eric] "Oh god..... it's starting already...."

[Loretta] "How is this any different from usual?" *gets up and hooks her arm around Eric's* "Come on, let's give them some space."

[Eric] *Nods and follows along*

[Loretta] *quietly* "Don't tell me you're not relieved..."

[Eric] "Maybe a little..... Still.... Ask me again when i gotta fish all kinds of trent hairs from the drain...."

[Loretta] *laughs* "You're so oblivious; he practically lives here already."
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