Day 14, Sunday, September 15th

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Day 14, Sunday, September 15th

PostPosted by Solar_Dawn » Fri Nov 27, 2009 3:30 pm

Allison wakes up with a jolt, grabbing her alarm clock to check the time and letting out a soft groan, jumping out of bed and grabbing a towel. "Oh god, i'm gonna be so late if i don't hurry, I completely forgot to set the alarm."
She walks over and kisses Trent cheek "Can you make something to eat for Eric and Loretta? I just don't have time to make any breakfast, I have to rush into the shower and then leave. Will I see you after work?"
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Re: Day 14, Sunday, September 15th

PostPosted by hippie_mama » Fri Nov 27, 2009 3:43 pm


Trent gets up and follows Allison to the bathroom, talking over the running water.

"No problem, i'll make sure they eat. And sorry, i didn't realize you had to work today. I'm just on-call in case someone needs a tow, so...i could meet you for lunch?"
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Re: Day 14, Sunday, September 15th

PostPosted by Solar_Dawn » Fri Nov 27, 2009 3:48 pm

"It's alright, I should have remembered to set my alarm, it's my own fault, but you distracted me! and yes, that'd be great, i'll probably be hungry."
She has a quick thorough shower and heads back to the bedroom to put on her clothes, then leans over to kiss him and stroke his hair. "Thanks love, i'll see you then."
She grabs her phone, bag, and keys, and heads over to her car to go to work as fast as possible while not breaking the speed limit.
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Re: Day 14, Sunday, September 15th

PostPosted by Solar_Dawn » Fri Nov 27, 2009 6:09 pm

*Is sound asleep with his face on his keyboard, drooling slightly*

[Trent] *sees Allison off, walks by Loretta's room and notices it's empty, then knocks on Eric's door to inquire about his breakfast preferences; when it swings open, having been slightly ajar to prove whatever point it was surely in that position to prove, he sees that Loretta is asleep draped over a chair in front of Allison's laptop*
[Trent] *clears his throat quietly to announce his presence in case either of them is somewhat awake*

*Jumps up slightly and notices the drool on his keyboard, frowning and wiping it off* "ew...

[Loretta] *leaps out of the chair, automatically taking a combative stance* "Oh, hi Trent."

[Trent] "I guess it's no mystery what you two were up doing all night. Allison had to leave for work, but asked me to make breakfast. Anyone interested?"

[Loretta] *looks at Trent suspiciously* "You cook?"

*Gives Trent an equally uncertain look* "eh... Alright... Why couldn't Allison cook?"

[Trent] "I sure do." *doing his best not to sound suspicious* "She woke up late."

"Ew.... And you're telling us to behave..." *Get's up anyway to follow, being quite hungry*

[Trent] *smirks slightly* "For all you know, we could have been up late knitting." *heads to the kitchen and gets stuff out to make pancakes*

[Loretta] *looks at Eric and shrugs*

[Trent] "Blueberries, or chocolate chips?"

[Loretta] "Chocolate chips, duh." *sits at the table and stretches, cracking her neck*

*Follows into the kitchen and shrugs* "Can you make it with banana slices, in that way that the banana slices are already in the pancake and baked along and the entire pancake tastes like banana, yet it's not burned and......." *Falls deadly silent* "eh.... chocolate..."

[Trent] *chuckles* "That's awfully specific, but yeah, i think i can manage that." *starts the chocolate ones, then goes to a lot of trouble to get the banana ones right*

"That's how my sister makes em...." *Tries one made by Trent* "Well... That's not bad really, not bad at all"

[Trent] *smiles almost wistfully once they're finished and he sits down* "I used to make them for my sisters every morning. I think we tried every combination imaginable."

[Eric] "You have sisters too?"

[Trent] *answers a bit too slowly* "I did, yeah."

[Loretta] *cleverly changes the subject* "So what, no one needs a tow truck on Sunday?"

[Trent] "Usually not until noon; then it's anyone's guess."
[Trent] *eats quietly, now back to his usual broody mood*

[Eric] *Is oblivious to the changing of moods* "Are they younger or older sisters?"

[Loretta] *sighs heavily*

[Trent] "Younger; the older one would be Loretta's age now. The littlest was almost two years younger."

[Eric] "I would've liked a younger sibling... So i have someone to boss around too..."

[Trent] *smiles slightly* "Most of the time it's more about taking care of them."

[Loretta] "Well...with that awkward silence, i'm going to go take a shower. Thanks for the pancakes!"
[Loretta] *rushes off*

[Trent] *finishes his and starts cleaning up*
[Trent] "I'm going to meet Allison for lunch. Do you want to come?"

[Eric] *Gives him a vague genuinely confused look* "Why?"

[Trent] *shrugs* "Because it's nice?"

[Eric] "It's not like i don't see her plenty already.... Besides... Not sure i wanna hang around while you and my sister make out... And eh... i got homework to do... she'd want me to focus on that..."

[Trent] "Your choice, but i should probably point out that grown-ups don't usually make out in public. If it's any consolation."

[Eric] "Yeah well... I still got homework.... Besides... I don't really like the police station...."

[Trent] "Can't blame you there."

[Eric] "It's not like i'm scared or anything! just... a bad experience... i don't want to talk about it!"

[Trent] "I see..."

[Eric] "Fine... I'll tell you, but if you tell anyone else... i'll have to kill you..."

[Trent] *smiles slightly* "Ok..."

[Eric] "I was a lot younger, remember that.... and Allison had only just started working at the police station... she was showing me around untill something came up, and she told me to sit down on this row of chairs..."
[Eric] "So... after like 5 minutes... this really really big black man comes in and sits down next to me, handcuffed and everything.... Then he looked at me and said how pretty i was... and called me peaches...... then.... he put his hand on my leg... and i ran off screaming... I mean... Very manly... couragous screams..."

[Trent] *smirks* "Yeah, ok."

[Eric] *Scowls* "Hey, if it happened to you, you wouldn't be fond of the police station either!"

[Trent] "You're right, but i've never been all that pretty."

[Eric] "Yeah well.... eh..." *Get's up and straightens up* "I'm gonna go watch some.... sports..."

[Trent] "Have fun..."

[Eric] *Quickly heads to his room, muttering darkly*

[Trent] "...Peaches..."

[Loretta] *comes out of the bathroom in a towel*

[Eric] *Passes Loretta and can't help but glance sideways for as long as he can, which is too long, and walks into his own doorway* "owwww.... damnit!"

[Loretta] *can't help but giggle* "You have that much trouble getting a good look?"

[Eric] *Wrubs his sore head and sighs* "It's your fault! First you tell me nothing could ever happen anyway... Then you walk around in nothing but a towel.... That's just... cruel, that's what that is..."

[Loretta] *rolls her eyes and opens her towel so he can get a full-frontal view* "Is that better?" *still holding it open as she talks* "I *was* just walking to my room from the bathroom; it's not my fault you had bad timing, but if you're convinced i'm trying to tease you, then HERE! Get a good look, so you'll have something to complain about."

[Eric] *Looses all sense of his surroundings, his hand still groping vaguely for the doorknob in completely the wrong area* "eh.................. W-what?..... oh... yeah..... unfair... Yeah!"

[Loretta] *stomps off to her room and slams the door behind her!*

[Eric] *Stands there stupidly for a minute as his brain takes a long time to restart before finally realizing he was going somewhere and going into his room and closing the door, and sitting on his bed stupidly instead*

[Loretta] *knocks on his door a few minutes later, dressed now* "Are you finished feeling sorry for yourself? Because it's really annoying."

[Eric] *Jumps up, and glad she can't see his face blush with the door closed* "I wasn't feeling sorry for myself! I was just thinking about what to do!"

[Loretta] "What to do about...?"

[Eric] *Opens the door and shrugs, doing his best not to stare at her* "You know... Today.."

[Loretta] "Ok, well i'm going to work. Sign me out of your sister's computer?"

[Eric] "Work?.. Where do you work?"

[Loretta] "The coffee place in the mall."

[Eric] "oh... that's not bad... I could come by after I've done some homework.... Though, you probably don't want people bothering you at work..."

[Loretta] *was actually totally bluffing; she wasn't on the schedule for weekends and was just going to take a walk and look for suspicious activity around town--now she had to think* "Oh...well you could come by, but i have to warn you that the after-church crowd can be brutal."

[Eric] "Well.. What time do you get off?... I could borrow my sister's car if it's after she get's home.... it'd save you a trip"

[Loretta] "10-ish, but i usually stay out later. The mall's not very far; i don't mind walking. But if you want an excuse to get out of the house, it's cool with me."

[Eric] "Yeah... I'll probably come by a little before 10 then... Unless something comes up, but most likely i will.."

[Loretta] "Ok, well maybe possibly see you later then."

[Eric] "Alright... eh.. Take care..."

[Loretta] "Bye." *leaves, but doesn't go straight to work of course*

[Eric] *Grabs his math books and tries to do some homework, but finds it strangely difficult to concentrate*
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Re: Day 14, Sunday, September 15th

PostPosted by hippie_mama » Sat Nov 28, 2009 1:21 pm


Loretta begins walking vaguely toward the mall, but is much more concerned with anything around town that may be out of place. She draws upon the mental images stored away in her mind of what should be where, and takes special care to memorize details that might require more attention later. She fully expects this to take hours, but is in no particular hurry. When she does get to work, she's only going to see if they're short-handed anyway, and if not, walk around some more in case Eric shows up.
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Re: Day 14, Sunday, September 15th

PostPosted by hippie_mama » Sat Nov 28, 2009 1:59 pm


Trent busies himself in the kitchen, first cleaning up after breakfast, and then putting together a picnic lunch to take to Allison. More than once he has to shake his head at himself, and how silly this would have seemed any more than nine days ago, but this girl made him do silly things, and he was far past the point of trying to hide that anyway.

He packs up a cooler, and before taking it to the truck, he knocks on Eric's door once more, "I'm off for the day; i'll lock up on my way out." He almost adds, 'Don't let anyone in,' but decides that Eric should be old enough to know that by now.

He goes to his own apartment, for a change of clothes and to give his face a good shave, but upon entering, he notices for the first time just how empty the place is. It's not just devoid of furnishings, but of light and warmth as well. He opens the blinds, which hardly helps, and as he walks around, he notices that the sound of his boots on the floor create an echo even in such a small space. The neighbors must all be out or asleep, because the entire building seems quieter than it ever has.

Finishing up in the bathroom, Trent remembers what Allison said about having certain items around to make things easier when he was over. He decides to take these things with him, along with a change of clothes or two--just in case. Before he realizes what he's doing, he's got one military-style rucksack filled with all of his clothes. He chuckles to himself, looking into the closet and realizing that it would be a simple matter of filling the second sack with his weapons, and he would be all packed up and ready to move, and with everything he came to town with.

Whoa there buddy.

He sets both bags down on the bed and considers. It would be simple enough to keep his things in his truck. It wasn't the same as moving in or out. It was just being prepared. Yeah.

With this thought, he locks up, takes both bags out to the truck, and drives over to the police station.
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Re: Day 14, Sunday, September 15th

PostPosted by hippie_mama » Sat Nov 28, 2009 4:35 pm

[Allison] *Is working hard at her desk, feeling slightly guilty over the 10 minutes she was late, even though nobody else seemed to care*

[Trent] *walks straight to her desk, despite any odd looks he may be getting, and says quietly* "Yup, still the prettiest cop in town." *glances over to a particularly chubby balding one* "Though it does look like Ed's working out."

[Allison] *Looks up, noticing the time on the clock and smiling at Trent* "oh heya, i had no idea it was so late already, been working pretty hard" *get's up to wrap her arms around him and kiss his cheek* "But i think i've earned my break"

[Trent] *smiles* "Good, i brought lunch."

[Allison] *Grins and tries to peer into the cooler he brought* "What are we having? wanna go to the same playground as last time?"

[Trent] "Sure; that'll work."

[Allison] *Makes sure to inform someone where she is before putting her arm around Trent again and heading to said playground* "Any trouble with the teenagers?"

[Trent] "No, they seemed pleased with their pancakes."

[Allison] "I'm sure they were good, so what are we having?"

[Trent] *gets everything out* " kind of occurred to me that i don't know much of what you like. So i made sandwiches and three different kinds of salad." *shrugs*

[Allison] *Smiles and kisses his cheek again* "That's very sweet..* *Tries a salad first and nods* "Well this one at the very least is quite good"

[Trent] *smiles back* "Why does everyone seem so surprised i can cook? Well ok, most of this wasn't technically cooking, but still--Loretta and Eric both looked afraid this morning when they heard you wouldn't be making their breakfast."

[Allison] *Chuckles and shrugs, running a hand through his hair* "It's your rugged manly looks!"

[Trent] *laughs too* "Must be... So how's work? You looked busy."

[Allison] "Well there's never a lack of criminal activity, especially in this city, but i was mostly trying to make up time for being a little late, speaking of work, do you know if you have to go work?"

[Trent] "It was just a few minutes... And it doesn't look that way yet; it's nice having a cell phone; the guys can just call me now and i don't always have to come in unless there's already something scheduled to work on."

[Allison] *Nods* "That does sound good, speaking of phones... We forgot to give Loretta the one we got for her i think... We can do it later on though..."

[Trent] *nods* "I think she's still pretty hesitant to the idea; but it's around if she chooses to use it."

[Allison] "maybe instead of the cheap one we got.. we just need to find one that she really likes... They have a lot of types these days.. Like one that can surf the web... or one with FM radio... or with a high quality camera... lord knows what they'd build into them these days.."

[Trent] *smirks* "I think she was anticipating loosing her temper and smashing the next one too; i mean she gets points for thinking ahead at least and trying to keep our costs down."

[Allison] "That's true... But on the other side... if she really liked the one she had... I think she'd be more likely to throw something else..."

[Trent] *shakes head* "I really don't know; you girls are a mystery to me."

[Allison] "Well.. We'd have to figure out what she really likes first anyway.." *Tries one of the sandwiches next* "So what are you going to do when i go back to work? Assuming you're not called in"

[Trent] "I don't know yet; this was my big plan for the day." *smiles*

[Allison] *Eats the last of the sandwich and leans against him* "I'm glad... Even if you did make me late for work" *grins*

[Trent] "As i recall, most of that was your idea..."

[Allison] *Giggles and shakes her head* "Nahhh, your mind must be foggy still!"

[Trent] "Say what you will, but i am under no illusions that anything happens by my will alone." *brushes breadcrumbs off her chin and kisses her*

[Allison] *Returns his kiss and holds him* "Well true... But still..." *Looks towards the direction of the police station and sighs* "I do have to get back soon... Will i see you tonight for dinner and... such?.."

[Trent] *starts gathering everything up* "Wouldn't miss it."

[Allison] *Helps him get everything together and then takes his hand to walk back to the police station, and kissing him goodbye there* "Behave yourself now!"

[Trent] "And i thought you knew me." *winks before leaving*
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Re: Day 14, Sunday, September 15th

PostPosted by verdilak » Sun Nov 29, 2009 12:23 pm

** Eric fumbles through his homework, unable to keep his mind on the subject, then has some dinner and asks for his sister's car to pick up Loretta, and heads to the mall **
Loretta: *had no trouble picking up some hours at the coffee shop, cause her coworkers are slackers*
** Eric parks his sister's car in the parking lot and then wanders around the mall, checking his watch frequently, because he doesn't want to show up too early, that'd look pathetic! **
Loretta: *finishes out the full shift, since Eric had said he "might" come, and she doesn't want him waiting around by himself if they end up missing each other while crossing paths*
GM: Eric, perception
Eric: (+ notice or just perception?)
Loretta: (always +notice)
Eric: [1d10+3+2] => [6,3,2] = (11)
GM: Eric, not too many people are around, it's getting that time of night. There is one guy a few stores down who seems to be walking in the direction you are, but nothing out of the ordinary.
** Eric let's out a bored sigh and starts wandering very slowly towards the general direction of Loretta's work place **
Loretta: *ends up helping close, and walks out just before the manager locks up*
** Eric continues in the direction of the coffee shop, and unless otherwise stopped, arrives there not long after **
Eric: "Had fun at work?
Loretta: *is a little disappointed to see that he came afterall, as this means she'll have to get rid of him to patrol* "Same ol. Get your homework finished?"
Eric: "Yeah, pretty much..."
Eric: "I parked the car in the parking lot.. Unless you want to do something first?"
Loretta: " really?"
Loretta: "We could just go to Roxy's or something. If you don't have to go straight home."
Eric: "I don't have to go anywhere.. So sounds good"
Loretta: "Ok then." *walks to the car*
** Eric leads the way to the car, and get's in upon reaching it **
Loretta: *remembers she has her apron on, so takes it off and throws it in the back*
GM: Perception, both Loretta and Eric!
Loretta: [1d10+4] => [3,4] = (7) (+2 if it's dangerous)
Eric: Perception: [1d10+3+2] => [4,3,2] = (9)
GM: Eric, suddenly the entire car is rocked, hard, as well as metal groans with pressure as something, suddenly seemingly crashes into it. Loretta, suddenly, you are slamed against the car, hard, with ragged breathing in your ear* "Hello little morsel... "
** Eric let's out a slight scream as his sister's car is damaged, at first oblivious to anything else, before turning to Loretta's predicament **
GM: Loretta, the same voice, upon hearing the scream* "Two morsels..."
Loretta: "Yeah, well this one's bitter." *dodges from under the hold* [1d10+13] => [1,13] = (14)
Loretta: (oh noes...)
GM: "Stuggle all you like, don't worry, I'll be quick." (Eric, you hear this)
** Eric jumps out of the car to see what's going on, wishing there was some kind of weapon around to be the hero with **
GM: (initiatives!)
Eric: Initiative: [1d10+3] => [1,3] = (4)
GM: Eric, you get a full on, frontal view of vampy with game face on... Fear Roll!
Eric: ((durrrrrrrr))
Loretta: "Stay out of the way Eric, i've got this covered." Initiative [1d10+12] => [10,12] = (22)
Eric: ((Is it double willpower or once?))
GM: (doubled)
Eric: [1d10+3+3] => [1,3,3] = (7)
Eric: ((LOL))
Eric: ((Openrpg, you have gone too far))
GM: (thats actually a 6 with the -1 for game face: Freak out: The character screams and/or flinches away. Only defense actions can be attempted on that Turn and the character cannot go on Full Defense)
Eric: ((I shall remember to run away on my turn then :P lol))
GM: (Eric gets to react first, due to the fear)
GM: (i.e. fear is faster than punches heh)
** Eric let's out a fear induced simpering whimper and makes a dash for the mall.... to get backup... ofcourse... **
GM: Loretta, you see Eric run as fast as his legs can carry him.
Loretta: Combat moves for this round: [1d10] => [7] = (7)
Loretta: Head Butt [7+7+6-2-1] => 17, Punch [7+7+6-2-1] => 17, Kick [7+7+6-1-4-1] => 14
GM: Give me damage for all of those, and you are free of the grapple as the headbutt throws the vamp off balance and the subsequent punch and kick cause him to end up a few feet away
Eric: ((Do feared chars get any chance of recovering themselves next turn?))
GM: (book doesnt really say, but I'd let you re-roll with a +2)
Loretta: Head butt is 17 bash, Punch is 17 bash, kick is 19 bash
GM: The vamp looks at Loretta in horror as he just took a pounding, and runs like hell, "Holy fuck! A Slayer!"
Loretta: "Oh no you don't!" [1d10] => [9] = (9) Takedown (+7+6) Punch (+7+6-2) Punch (+7+6-4)
Loretta: 22, 20, 18 for moves
GM: Damnit... vamp goes down, and gets punched
Loretta: Takedown 11 bash, Punch 18 bash, Punch 17 bash
GM: Vamp is breathing hard,, bleeding from his mouth, and looks rather down and out
GM: Eric
Eric: I'm gonna use my good luck to get myself under control :P
GM: (k)
Eric: [1d10+3+3+4] => [1,3,3,4] = (11)
Eric: ((............))
GM: (thats a success I do believe)
Eric: ((Phew))
** Eric comes to a halt and turns around **
Eric: "What are you doing you sad moron... You can't just leave her there.... I've got to save her..."
** Eric heads back towards the car, looking around for any kind of weapon **
GM: (not really much except for trash and a metal trash can)
GM: (unless you are spending time to really look for something...)
Eric: ((Then i'll keep going!))
Eric: ((Nah))
GM: (in which case, you could find a pipe or tire-iron)
Eric: ((No time for that! I'll keep running))
Loretta: "Run from THIS!" [1d10] => [9] = (9) *takes an action to pull out her stake, then goes for a Through the Heart maneuver* (+7+6-3-2)
Loretta: 17
Loretta: [16*5] => 80
GM: Vamp, surprisingly doesnt go all dusty on Loretta! (gotta hate those Drama Points)
GM: Vamp attempts to grab at Loretta, mouth open for a bite! (18 for grapple, 16 for bite)
Loretta: Dodge [1d10+7+6] => [5,7,6] = (18)
GM: Eric, you see the guy... monster... reach for Loretta and try to bite her!
Eric: ((my turn?))
GM: And that your sister has a scar that is seemingly placed the right distance apart as those teeth would be
GM: (no, checking on ties, if it goes to attacker or defender)
Eric: ((I 'think' defender but best to check))
Loretta: (most games defender wins, but i vaguely recall that not being the case in a previous session)
Loretta: (oh i'll just take the bite; better for the game cause this thing is going down)
GM: Vamp grabs Loretta to him and bites right into her neck. (23 damage to Loretta, and Loretta, you get a Drama Point)
GM: (there, house rule, if you take one for the team in a tie, you get a DP)
GM: Eric
Loretta: (woohoo!)
** Eric heads straight towards the struggle, adrenaline finally pumping, and completely unable to think of anything else to do, relies on the only technique he remembers from his sister's self defence class **
Eric: ((That's right..))
Loretta: (i'm so afraid right now...)
Eric: Nutcracker Kick (I'll use my daily drama point, because it's the only way eric will ever hit anything :P)) [1d10+3-4+10] => [2,3,-4,10] = (11)
Eric: ((I really don't like openrpg anymore lol, stupid dice))
GM: Loretta, Eric's foot very close to stomping on you as he attemps to stomp on the Vamp
Loretta: *goes for a Through the Heart move again, as there's no way she can miss twice!* [1d10+7+6-3] => [1,7,6,-3] = (11)
Loretta: (crap)
Eric: ((Not sure if it still hits, but if it does i do a whopping 8 damage to the vamp from the kick itself lol))
GM: Vamp throws Loretta into Eric: 16 to do so (and you both now get a +1 to all your combat stuff)
Loretta: Dodge [1d10+7+6] => [1,7,6] = (14)
GM: Loretta, you take 6 bash, and Eric, Loretta flies into you, 6 Bash
GM: (unless, Eric, you can dodge Loretta)
Eric: ((Can i do a 'catch weapon' move? lol))
GM: (sure)
Eric: ((wait... I can't possibly succeed the check lol))
Eric: ((I can't even possibly get a 9, let alone beat the vamps score lol so nm))
GM: (you just need a +6)
GM: (or spend a Drama Point)
GM: (err nm lol)
GM: (you might not even get it with a DP)
Eric: ((I don't think so lol))
Eric: ((maybe if i rolled a 10 but that doesn't seem likely today))
** Eric let's out a loud 'oomph' as he goes sprawling with Loretta **
Loretta: (we've gotta run out of 1s eventually)
GM: (remember babe, this is all in binary... 1's and 0's)
Loretta: (ha ha)
Loretta: *gets her ass up, steps over to the vamp, and attempts to kick him while he's down! [1d10+7+6-4] => [8,7,6,-4] = (17)
GM: (damage)
Loretta: 19
GM: Vamp attempts to grab your leg and bite it (Grapple/Bite 18/16)
Loretta: Dodge [1d10+7+6] => [3,7,6] = (16)
Loretta: "OW!"
GM: 23 more damage, and another pint of blood gone!
GM: Eric, Loretta is now bleeding from her neck and leg
Eric: ((My turn?))
GM: (yeah)
** Eric jumps into the car and starts it, yelling to Loretta at the top of his lungs **
Eric: "Get out of the way!!"
Loretta: "Eric NO! I've got this!"
Loretta: *hopes she can stake it before Eric goes all Death Race on her* [1d10+7+6-3] => [10,7,6,-3] = (20)
Loretta: 80 damage?
GM: Eric, as you are watching, Loretta plunges a wooden stake into the creature's chest and the creature POOF!'s into a billow of dust!!! (Fear Check, -5)
Eric: I'm gonna use a drama point on that actually, [1d10+3+3-5+10] => [3,3,3,-5,10] = (14)

** Eric stumbles out of the car and stares at the pile of dust **
Eric: "What the hell happened...."
Loretta: *sits heavily on the pavement and pulls up the leg of her pants to check out the damage* "Ugh. We got a tough one, that's what happened."
GM: Eric, it's obvious that the marks on Loretta's neck and calf is the same as your sister's scar
** Eric leans down and tries to take her arm **
GM: Loretta, you are gonna be limping until that leg heals
Eric: "Come on, you have to go to the hospital"
Loretta: "Ow, stop it." *bats his hand away* "Just get me my apron so i don't bleed all over your sister's car; it'll heal."
Eric: "That's a neck wound, you can't just wave it off, it could be dangerous, or infected" *grabs the apron and tries to apply it best as possible*
Loretta: *pushes him away again* "You sound like your sister." *tears the apron and situates it to soak up as much blood as possible, less as a first aid method and more so she stops making a mess*
Eric: "Maybe that's because she almost died from one!! Look, you're bleeding on your leg too... besides, that guy was all kinds of fucked up.... what if those bitewounds get infected? bite wounds aer supposed to be horrible about that..."
Loretta: *sighs* "I'm not normal. They won't even scar. So can we go back to your place so i can get this cleaned up? I'll try not to drip on the upholstry."
** Eric scowls and takes off his own shirt to wrap around her leg wound, perhaps a little too tight out of sheer anoyance **
Eric: "Why do you have to be so difficult? It's not me that's like my sister, it's you!"
Eric: "I'll take you home... But if you start feeling light headed at all... Or otherwise Ill, we're going to the hospital straight away..."
Loretta: *smiles* "Alright, fine." *gets in the car*
** Eric starts the car and heads home, but doesn't drive too fast, still feeling rather shaky **
Loretta: "Sorry i didn't warn you about them first. You didn't get hurt, did you?"
Eric: "So... what happened exactly... that guy... "
** Eric wrubs his forehead **
Eric: "Well... your head is pretty damn hard.. but apart from a bump... i'm alright, it's you that's hurt"
Loretta: "He was"
** Eric grins **
Eric: "Yeah.. and i'm darth vader in my time off..."
Loretta: "What else have you seen that turns to dust when you shove wood into it?"
Eric: "He was pretty weird though..... and.... scary... and where'd he go??..."
Eric: "I dunno...."
Eric: "Maybe... maybe it was a trick..."
Loretta: *sits quietly for awhile* "You should probably talk to Allison about it. I don't think i was supposed to say anything."
Eric: "I should call her really..."
** Eric fumbles around for his phone, his hand shaking slightly **
Loretta: "Wait til we get there; she'll flip out if she doesn't see you're ok first."
Loretta: *reaches out to touch his hand, her own not shaky at all* "Trust me, she'll be scared until you're home."
Eric: "I guess...Are you sure you're alright?... That was a lot of blood.."
Loretta: "Kind of tired. And thirsty."
Eric: "eh... You're not gonna start biting people too are you?"
Loretta: "No, i didn't bite him back."
Loretta: *starts to nod off a little*
** Eric let's out a relieved when they reach home and parks the car, leaning against the steering wheel still trembling slightly **
Loretta: *waits a minute too, then gets out* "Come on, you're in for a dramatic family moment, i'm sure."
** Eric nods slowly and get's out of the car, locking it and then walking over to Loretta in case she needs help **
Loretta: *figures he needs help more than she does, metaphorically speaking, so waits so he can walk with her*
Loretta: *limps a little, but doesn't seem too concerned by it*
** Eric leads the way and opens the door so Loretta can go in first **
Loretta: *once inside, calls out* "Allison...Eric's been initiated; i think it's time for a long talk."
Allison: *Is watching TV while leaning against Trent and looks up to scowl at her brother* "Why is your shirt off?..." *Then notices the blood on Loretta and jumps up* "What happened??"
Loretta: "It's not a big deal; he's not hurt, and i just need a shower. But he's confused."
Trent: *gets up* "I'll check on Loretta; you'll want to talk alone?"
Allison: *Heads over to them both, Inspecting Loretta's wounds first and frowning* "Those do look bad, you'll need to be bandaged after your shower... Trent can help you get to the shower.. and I'll help you in a bit with bandages and stuff..." *Can't manage to restrain herself for another second and grabs eric forcibly to inspect every part of him to make sure he's not hurt* "Are you alright?? what happened to your forehead? Nothing bit you??"
Trent: *follows Loretta up to the bathroom after much protesting from her, but convinces her to let him look the wounds over before giving the ok for a quick shower while he gets bandages and such out*
Eric: "I just bumped my head, i'm fine, stop it already!! Ack!!" *Tries to squirm out of his sister's inspection* "Look, i'm fine!! I'm just gonna put on a shirt and i'll be back" *Heads upstairs to find a new shirt and put it on*
Eric: *Hesitates slightly afterwards, noticing how comfortable and inviting his bed looks, and decides to sit down, just for a moment, and ends up falling asleep like a log ontop of it*
Trent: *over the water to Loretta* "So next time you leave, you need to take that phone..."
Loretta: "Yeah, yeah..."
Loretta: "Really i had it under control; it was just one, he just happened to be tough."
Trent: "And if there had been more, or Eric got hurt..?"
Loretta: "I said i'd take the phone! Sheesh!" *shuts off water* "Now look out, i'm on my way out."
Allison: *Can't manage to stay behind for more then a minute, following Eric upstairs, and after another two minutes peering into his bedroom, and letting out a sigh, walking into his room and wrapping the blanket tightly around him, then sitting down next to him and stroking his hair affectionatly
Trent: *politely leaves the bathroom and closes the door until she lets him know she's dressed*
Loretta: *has some difficulty getting her clothes on without smearing them with fresh blood, but does her best and tries wrapping her wounds*
Loretta: *limps out* "I really don't know what i'm doing with this stuff, but it'll be fine by morning anyway."
Trent: *helps, but isn't particularly skilled either*
Loretta: "So how do you think their talk is going?"
Trent: "I don't know; i haven't heard anything."
Loretta: "I guess i shouldn't have chased it...but i couldn't let it get away!"
Trent: *just sighs*
** Allison holds her brother gently with one arm, while stroking his hair with the other, still worried he might be hurt in some way, and eventually dozing off herself **
Trent: *walks by Eric's room casually to see how it's going, then returns to Loretta* "'s the phone." *hands it to her* "If you still have the card for the old one, it should work. It's getting a bit awkward around here, so i'm going to go spend the night at my place. You sure you're ok?"
Loretta: *smiles* "Super-fantastic. I feel kind of bad he saw that way, but what can i do, right? See ya."
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Re: Day 14, Sunday, September 15th

PostPosted by Solar_Dawn » Sun Nov 29, 2009 3:59 pm

Allison wakes up again with a yawn about 45 minutes later and gently sneaks out of Eric's room, then searching around the house for the others, finding Loretta but no Trent, so taking out her own phone to send a text message to him.

Give me a call if you're still awake?
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Re: Day 14, Sunday, September 15th

PostPosted by hippie_mama » Sun Nov 29, 2009 10:18 pm

[Trent] *calls Allison immediately*

[Allison] *Picks up the phone after checking caller ID* "Hey handsome...."

[Trent] "Hey; have a good nap?"

[Allison] "Yeah... Not too long.. Guess i was tired... Where'd you go?"

[Trent] "Just back to my place; i figured you needed some family time tonight."

[Allison] "You didn't have to go... I mean... I hope you didn't feel like you had to go... You're kind of part of our family now..."

[Trent] *smiles to himself* "It wasn't like that; i just wanted to let you handle it yourself."

[Allison] "Alright, i just wanted to make sure you didn't feel... Unwelcome.. Because you are very much.."

[Trent] "Well thanks; i appreciate it. But i don't want you to feel like you always have to open your home to me either."

[Allison] "I know... Because you're sweet, and you think about me... Which exactly why my home 'is' always open...... well... that and it's so lonely sleeping alone!... As for Eric.... I.. have to tell him tomorrow morning... I was thinking i'd call him in sick at school... deserves a day off i think... And i'll just.. tell him, somehow..."

[Trent] "You'll manage. He'll probably be upset you waited so long, but he'll adjust to the idea."

[Allison] "Yeah.. Do you think i should tell him right away that's what killed our parents too?... I'm worried he'll be too scared... but i don't want to lie to him directly.... I think i really have to tell him... Keeping it from him seems completely unfair..."

[Trent] "Well, i'm assuming he saw Loretta get bit. I don't think there's anything you can say that will scare him more than seeing that for himself."

[Allison] "I guess that's true... Thanks.. Will i see you tomorrow?"

[Trent] "Yeah, i'll come by after work if you want."

[Allison] "Yep, I'd like that, I'll see you then, sweet dreams love" *Blows a kiss to the phone* "I miss you!" *And hangs up to go to sleep*

[Trent] *knows he's going to have trouble sleeping*

[Loretta] *hearing Allison end her phone conversation, knocks quietly on the door*

[Allison] *Sits up with a jolt, hoping it's not Eric and that he heard everything like that* "Eh.. come in?"

[Loretta] *Comes in, a little reluctantly* "Hey...i'm really sorry he saw all of that. I know you didn't want to tell him yet."

[Allison] "I didn't.... But... Maybe i should have... Either way you have 'nothing' to feel bad about.... I mean... I don't know what happened exactly... But it frightens me a lot more to think what would have happened.. if you 'hadn't' been there"

[Loretta] "Well...he was only there because he was going to pick me up from work. And at first he ran away, so i could have let it go and he'd just think it was some guy trying to rob us or something. But i couldn't let the vamp go..."

[Allison] "Well... Are you absolutely sure he wouldn't have been at the mall if he hadn't met you?... People do go into the mall... Even though i'd rather lock him up after nightfall.. I can't..

[Loretta] "He didn't seem too motivated to leave the house for any other reason."

[Allison] *Get's up and takes Loretta's hand to make her sit on the bed next to her* "The point is... There was always going to be the chance that he'd meet a vampire or some.. other nasty.... No matter what... Which is why i probably should have told him.... And which is why i'm really glad you were there when it did happen..."

[Loretta] "Yeah, except the part about the chances for vamp encounters rising like 500% when you hang around with a Slayer? Even i had trouble with this one, and it was alone. What if it had attacked Eric first?"

[Allison] "My parents didn't hang out with slayers... and they were in their own home, where you're supposed to be safe.... You can't predict how things are going to go.... And i know how you feel... Because i want to do the same... Keep him indoors at all times, where it's safe... But even that isn't always true... Even that isn't always safe.. And sometimes the fear of loosing him makes me feel trapped and terrified and i can't breathe... But i have to put that aside.. Because i learned recently.. It's no way to live... And i think he's about as safe around you as he can be, because you're a good person, and a good slayer...."

[Loretta] *sighs* "I was just scared this time. Because i knew i had to make sure he didn't get hurt. Usually that's not part of my job."

[Allison] *Nods and hugs her* "I know that's tough..... and so does Trent.... Because that's how we feel about you. Except with you it's slightly different... it's easier in a way, and harder in another..."

[Loretta] *hugs back then looks at her like she's crazy* "Except that i don't get hurt, ever?"

[Allison] *Taps the bandage on her neck* "Yeah you do.... But you're right... you're strong and tough, and you can take care of yourself..... That makes it easier..... What makes it harder.... Is that i can now hope Eric never has to meet that kind of danger again.... he's safe now... and hopefully he'll remain safe for the rest of his life now that he knows to avoid vampires...but for you... there's always another something around the corner, more vampires to be killed, more demons in alleyways.... And that's the part that makes it harder..."

[Loretta] *shrugs* "It's what i was made for. Besides..." *takes off the bandage to show Allison a wound that already looks at least several days old* "I don't stay hurt very long."

[Allison] "Doesn't mean we don't worry about you...." *Gives her another hug* "So... he ran away? Not sure if i should be glad he's a coward or sad..."

[Loretta] *smiles* "Just at first. Maybe he was looking for help, i don't know. He came back and tried to kick it though--he should have stayed away. When that didn't work, he thought it would be a good idea to run over it with the car, but fortunately i dusted it before he could try that..." *laughs a little* "I mean, i guess he gets points for trying, but you should really tell him i could take care of those myself. Unless there are lots more at once, there's no reason for anyone else to get hurt if it can be helped."

[Allison] "Well... Since it was his first time... It was at least 'A' plan.... When I saw that first vampire... I could barely walk i was trembling so bad, felt like my legs were made of jello... But when I talk to him tomorrow i'll impart your message too.." *Gives Loretta a very scrutinous look while talking*

[Loretta] *looks at Allison back, wondering what the look is for*

[Allison] *Shakes her head clear and smiles* "You should really get some sleep... I'm exhausted and i'm not even the one that's wounded, do you think you'll be able to sleep?"

[Loretta] "It's kind of early for me, but i'll try."

[Allison] *Nods* "Alright, well you know where everything is if you need anything, and you've got my laptop if you want to play that game a little more.."

[Loretta] "Ok; goodnight." *leaves Allison's room*
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