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Uncharted 2

PostPosted by NinjaBunny » Fri Nov 27, 2009 10:40 am

Given that Naughty Dog is a never let you down kinda game studio, I had high hopes for Uncharted 2. It's predecessor had all but clutched my desire to play the second one. It's quick and dirty gunfights, melee actions and puzzle solving made it a true classic, With promises that the second had improved upon both game play and story I was hooked. With the first one in hand I desided to wait to get the second, only to come home for work with Shini holding it waiting to watch me play (like the commercial).
The fun begins in train on a snowy mountain with Nate drake our returning hero, he is setting down in what looks like an old train. After a few seconds and a great one liner Drake figures out his been shot and the train car is hanging upside down! Needless to say the chair gives way a Drake falls fast and hard, only to bounce off a guard rail, that he clings to for dear life. You begin the game play it's self as you try to climb to Terra Firma, this is when a very well placed and in my opinion well down set of storyline flash backs begin. They are placed between short runs of game play that , tease you as both a player and a spectator. All of this leading up to full on game play that explains how Nate got to this snowy train wreck.
The story of the game much like the first is delved in a historical event and figure, this time it is Marco Polo and the lost fleet of 13. The flash backs in the first chapter lay the a great arching plot as Harry Flynn an old friend of drakes shows up to talk him into "Re-busting" in to the Istanbul (I think that's the place it was in Turkey) Palace museum to steal something from the Marco Polo exhibit. Through a few plot twist Drake figures out the fate of the lost ships and the big treasure everyone is going after The Chintamani stone and shamba-la (Shangra-la for those of you who are not in the know).
The story only get's deeper and deeper but it never leaves you with an unanswered question, or the feeling it was a waste of time to play. With a great game engine that flawlessly mixs game with story, one can enjoy the small things like facial movement in the middle of a gunfight as well as a cut scene. For me this game earned it's 9.5 rating and on my scale it and MGS4 are the only games to get a perfect 10.
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Re: Uncharted 2

PostPosted by Shinitenshi » Sun Nov 29, 2009 9:42 pm

Seriously I could sit and watch him play this game for hours. The main character is hilarious as hell and I actually like most of the supporting characters.
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