Day 13, Saturday, September 14th

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Day 13, Saturday, September 14th

PostPosted by hippie_mama » Mon Nov 16, 2009 3:00 pm


After returning to Allison's house and showering (apparently she had offended the others with her previous state), Loretta finds herself disappointed with the way the evening ended--she was glad the cow was gone, of course, but the way it left wasn't exactly satisfying. She was still in the mood for a fight, and not at all ready to sleep.

She paces the house a couple of times, trying to be quiet, but can't talk herself into napping or watching TV. She finds herself outside Eric's door, hesitating, then seemingly unable to stop herself, she walks in.
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Re: Day 13, Saturday, September 14th

PostPosted by hippie_mama » Wed Nov 18, 2009 6:22 pm

[Eric] *Is sitting in his chair at his desk behind his PC wearing comfortable sweat pants and a loose T-shirt, clicking away furiously at his world of warcraft game, quite oblivious he's being watched, humming to himself* "And another one down and another one down, another one bites the dust..."

[Loretta] *smirks* "Up early, or late?"

[Eric] *jumps up several feet while letting out quite a girlish yelp* "Gee! haven't you heard of knocking?.... gave me a heart attack..."

[Loretta] *laughs* "Something tells me you wouldn't have heard me anyway." *walks over and looks over his shoulder*

[Eric] "I was just.. You know... Doing some PvP in WoW.... Slaughtering the horde by dozens..."

[Loretta] "Uh...huh..."

[Eric] "You don't play world of wacraft?..."

[Loretta] ""

[Eric] "Oh...... I can teach you... It's really cool, everyone plays it, it has like 10 million players across the world... If you like killing orcs and demons and such"

[Loretta] *snickers*

[Eric] "So.. Want me to show you?... You can grab ally's laptop and i can show you around... or.. we can hang out.."

[Loretta] *hesitates* "Eh...sure, why not. I can't sleep right now anyway." *goes to get it*

[Eric] *Waits for her to return and sits down next to her, more comfortable with this then with most other things* "Right... First you just make an account.... Here... Just put in your name and all that rubbish.. it's not really important...... Good.. Now you can login in... There.... Now you can make your character... What do you want to be?'"

[Loretta] "The blue thing with the horns."

[Eric] "Alright... they're draenei.... Now.. You have to pick a class, draenei can be paladins, or warriors, or priests, or mages, or shamans"

[Loretta] "I just wanna bash stuff."

[Eric] "Right... warrior then... Alright, now here you can pick how you want your character to look, just... make whatever you like.."

[Loretta] *picks something quickly* "Now what?"

[Eric] "Now the game starts.... Look, here's your quickbar, with the abilities can use... you start with only a few but you'll earn more quickly... Now you can attack that wolf over there"

[Loretta] *frowns* "Why's she walking around in circles?"

[Eric] "eh... well.. you're holding down the S..." *puts his hand over hers to show her* "See.. this is forward... left.. right.. and backwards... now try going to that wolf and right click to attack..."

[Loretta] *is jamming the keys rather hard* "Argh! Go blue girl, go!"

[Eric] "Right... See... now you're attacking it.... There! you won! now you can take whatever items it had... Just eh.. you don't need to press the buttons so hard... your character will do the forcefullness... You only have to guide it... and look over that... that other blue guy will give you a special quest to get wolf pelts, for more experience and gold"

[Loretta] "Ugh, he's gonna tell me what to do?"

[Eric] "mmmm... not really.... more like... offer a trade... if you give him wolf pelts he'll give you stuff and xp.... but you don't have to..."

[Loretta] "Well what else can i do?"

[Eric] "Well... in general it's easiest to follow the quests.. You'll see most of the world that way"

[Loretta] *mutters* "Figures..."

[Eric] "Well... We could always do something else if you don't like it...."

[Loretta] *keeps playing for 10 minutes or so, then gets up* "It's ok, just frustrating."

[Eric] "Well.. I downloaded some movies.. and my TV is hooked to my computer... we can watch those or... whatever you want to do..."

[Loretta] *shrugs* "Sorry, you're just the only person i know that's awake right now. You don't have to entertain me or anything."

[Eric] *Shrugs* "It's alright... I didn't realy have anything important to do...." *Taps the floor with his foot subconciously*

[Loretta] *smiles* "Yeah you did; you were killing stuff and i interrupted. Go ahead, i'll just hang out."

[Eric] "I can't keep playing with you here... That'd be quite rude, since you're my houseguest!"

[Loretta] "What? I'm not a guest; i just hang out here. What did your sister tell you, anyway?"

[Eric] *Shrugs* "What does she ever tell me, she just said you were a nice girl and needed some help, so you might be staying over occasionally... Sounds like a guest to me, and i'm the man of the house, so it 'is' my job to keep the guests entertained!"

[Loretta] *can't help but snort a little at 'man of the house' but covers it by responding to another part of the statement* "Well i don't know about 'help;' just there's an extra bed here, so if i happen to be by when i'm tired..." *shrugs*

[Eric] "Well still... I see you as a guest, and that's enough for me!"

[Loretta] "Fine then. What can we do that doesn't involve sitting around here?"

[Eric] "Well... Watch a movie... Get something to eat..." *Tries to work up the courage to add another option, but chickens out in the end* "eh..... anything else you might think of?"

[Loretta] *sighs* "Not really..."

[Eric] "Well... Untill we decide... Can i take a picture of you?..... Just a normal picture! but eh.. my friends online didn't believe me when i said a girl wandered into my room..."

[Loretta] *laughs* "Sure, you have a camera?"

[Eric] "yeah... I have my digital camera here somewhere..." *opens several drawers and closes them again when the camera isn't in them, and closing one drawer particulary fast, untill taking out the camera* "There it is, looks like the battery is still charged too!"

[Loretta] "Alright, but only if you let me borrow it sometime." *gets on his bed and does a slightly sexy pose* "May as well give em something to wonder about, right?"

[Eric] "Yeah..." *Gapes slightly before remembering the camera, and using it to take a few pictures* "Thanks!" *Sits down on the bed to show her* "See? you look great!"

[Loretta] *shrugs* "Could be worse i guess... Hey, weren't you going to send that to someone?"

[Eric] "Yup!" *hops over to his desk to connect it to his PC, and start up his programs*

[Loretta] *waits patiently, not seeming even curious about what he's doing with it*

[Eric] *Types out several messages to other people and grins after getting replies before frowning, looking back suspiciously for a moment and turning off the screen* "so.... Any idea on what you want to do yet?.."

[Loretta] "Yeah, i want to play with your camera." *smiles* "Don't worry, i won't break it; i know how they work."

[Eric] "Alright... I don't use it much anyway... Not really good with it.. I like making digital art more.... or editing pictures already taken..."

[Loretta] "Hmm..." *not at all alarmed or suspicious of that statement as she should be* "Well maybe you can teach me your ways, and i'll teach you mine." *looks him up and down* "You gonna put some clothes on first?"

[Eric] "Yeah alright...." *Get's up and then looks at her* "Eh.... aren't you gona wait outside?.."

[Loretta] *looks at him like he's crazy* "You want me to?"

[Eric] "Well.... I guess.. it's alright..." *Heads over to a closet to take out some better clothes and change in them quickly and somewhat uncomfortably*

[Loretta] *watches, just to prolong his discomfort*

[Eric] *Seems quite glad when he's done and then quickly puts on some shoes* "Where to?"

[Loretta] *shrugs when he's dressed, as though to indicate she's seen worse* "The cemetery...the beach...i dunno, you're driving."

[Eric] *Swallows rather hard at the thought of stealing his sisters car but nods* "Alright..."

[Loretta] "Don't worry; they just got home. We'll be back before they notice we left."

[Eric] *grabs allison's keys and leads the way to her car and get's in* "So.. Which way do i go?"

[Loretta] "I get the impression you don't make a lot of decisions, so you pick. I just want to stop at a drug store on the way back."

[Eric] *Heads down a random direction* "Alright, why? You're not ill are you?"

[Loretta] *eye roll* "No, i just don't want to be blond anymore."

[Eric] "aahh.. Well.. it doesn't look that bad on you.. but neither did purple.."

[Loretta] "I'm thinking pink or blue this time. You can help me pick. Ooh, stop here! That building has a cool wall."

[Eric] *Steps on the brake and finds a place to park the car* "A cool wall?.."

[Loretta] "Yeah, trust me. This is art."

[Eric] *Shrugs and follows her along*

[Loretta] "See the brickwork? Don't tell me that's not, stand in front of it." *pulls him by the arm over to where she wants him*

[Eric] "alright alright..." *Wrubs his arm slightly and then tries to strike up a casual pose*

[Loretta] *laughs* "You look, look away from the camera, and...i dunno, think pensive thoughts or something."

[Eric] *tries to do as she says, but thinking about the picture taken of loretta earlier instead of 'pensive thoughts'*

[Loretta] "Hey, that's good." *takes a few, then changes position for a different angle and takes some more* "Ok, i'm going to try to get some of us together." *leans against the wall with him, holding the camera at arms length, and then checking her work; happy with the results, she holds it out again, then suddenly kisses him on the cheek while taking more*

[Eric] *Tries to play it cool, but can't help but grin quite stupidly in all the pictures after that* "This picture taking is pretty cool afterall!"

[Loretta] "Yeah, and it's no big deal to practice with digital; just keep taking them until you get a few that look right. Film is way harder."

[Eric] "You know.. I could get you a website for your pictures.. it's only like 15 bucks a year... then you could post them online, and other people could see them and tell you they're good!"

[Loretta] "Pfft, i already know they're good!"

[Eric] "Well.. I suppose.. But i thought all artists wanted some recognition?"

[Loretta] *elbows him lightly* "What do you think i drug you along for?"

[Eric] "Oh right! Yes.... brilliant work, all of it! Not a pixel out of place!"

[Loretta] *laughs* "I think your card's almost full anyway. How about that hair dye?"

[Eric] "Ah yeah... How about pink?.."

[Loretta] "Works for me; you gonna help me with it so i don't have to bother Allison?"

[Eric] *Almost drives into a phonebooth but manages to pull the car straight again at the last moment, trying to look cooley disinterested* "Sure i guess..."

[Loretta] "Cool." *directs him to the right drugstore to buy a bottle of dye, then picks a very bright pink one, paying in singles like a stripper*

[Eric] *waits outside, leaning agaisnt the car and trying to look casual and bored, waiting for her to return* "Got everything?"

[Loretta] "Yup. We could do yours too." *smiles*

[Eric] "eh.. no thanks, i don't think pink is my colour really..."

[Loretta] "If you say so." *gets into the car*

[Eric] *Get's in too and drives them home, quite relieved they're back before Allison will be up*

[Loretta] *grabs some items from the kitchen and heads for the main bathroom upstairs, laying everything out on the counter and stripping down to her under-things* "You better change or take most of that off." *bends over the sink to get her hair wet* "It tends to get messy..."

[Eric] *Stares at her and takes a good 30 seconds before realizing he's supposed to say something* "huh?...... oh right... clothes...." *Hesitates for another few seconds before taking off his own clothes except boxers and tossing them over too* "Eh... so how do you need help?.."

[Loretta] *sighs and shuts off the water, then squeezes out her hair and stands back up straight, beads of moisture dripping down her neck, shoulders, and chest* "Well, i thought maybe you'd helped your sis with it before or something, but it hadn't occurred to me that she probably just goes somewhere and pays someone to do hers. No problem though. Just read the directions; basically we're going to soak my head in various chemicals until it turns the right color, all while trying not to ruin the bathroom."

[Eric] *Nods rather lamely* "Right.... Directions" *Picks up the bottle and tries to read all the instructions but constantly missing bits because he keeps glancing over at Loretta*

[Loretta] *takes the bottle* "Nevermind; just watch and make sure i don't miss a spot." *starts doing it, obviously with plenty of experience at it, but not especially efficient with the lack of not being able to see the back of her own head and all*

[Eric] *Watches her carefully and eventually stepping forward* "Hang on.. You're missing a whole spot here* "hesitates briefly before reaching over to help apply it* "ungh... gross... the stuff i mean! not your hair...."

[Loretta] "Well yeah it's gross; the price for beauty and all. Thanks." *finishes and sighs at the pink-stained towel* "Well, we'll always know which one is mine."

[Eric] *grins and shrugs, putting his own hand under the sink to wash off the chemicals* "So... Is the result good?.."

[Loretta] "We won't know for sure until i rinse it out. It's gotta stay all sticky for a little while." *wraps her head in plastic wrap*

[Eric] "oh.. alright..." *Looks around and fidget's*

[Loretta] *crosses her arms and smiles* "You're finished; you can put your clothes back on now."

[Eric] "Oh right!" *grabs his clothes to slide them back on, then suddenly smiling at something*

[Loretta] "What?"

[Eric] "Just... I think you like it here more then you've admitted...."

[Loretta] *looks at him like he just lit a crack pipe* "Oh?"

[Eric] "Just the way you were talking about 'your towel' i guess..."

[Loretta] *stutters* "Wuh--but...i didn't mean like 'mine' mine, just the one i'm using. Today. Mostly because Allison's going to flip out when she sees it. I'll buy her a new one, really."

[Eric] "Don't worry, i didn't mean it to be a bad thing, it's good! You're... cool to have around... "

[Loretta] "Oh. Thanks."

[Eric] *Squirms around awkwardly for a moment, before returning to staring at Loretta when he thinks she can't see* "So... now what?"

[Loretta] *pokes at her plastic-covered head* "Well i'm not going anywhere for awhile. How about you show me what a higher-level character-thingy can do on that game?"

[Eric] "Alright!" *Takes her back to his room to show his Paladin's digital awesomeness!*

[Loretta] *pretends to be interested for awhile, before falling asleep, using the pink-stained towel as a pillow*

[Eric] *Glances over a few times, then takes out his digital camera again to take another quick few pictures, then putting his bed's blanket around her, then slaying on his bare bed in his clothes*

[Loretta] *stays there most of the day unless disturbed*
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Re: Day 13, Saturday, September 14th

PostPosted by hippie_mama » Fri Nov 20, 2009 1:32 pm

*ring ring*

[Trent] *reaches over to grab the phone on the first ring, hoping it didn't wake Allison yet; answers quietly* "Yeah?"

[Peter] "hey man. hope i didnt wake you up?..."

[Trent] *sound of fabric rustling as he pulls on his pants and gets out of bed* "Nah, it was about time anyway." *walks outside so he can talk normally* "Working the one job is making me lazy. What's up man?"

[Peter] "seems they're letting me phone people. its not really that big a surprise-in case you didnt know, "dangerous" phone calls can be detected, so that cant hurt them really. i just wanted to talk to you and see how things are going... you know?..."

[Trent] "Yeah, of course. Uh...found your demon-guy. Well, Loretta did. Beat him up pretty good, then the rest of us got there and Kit finished him off. Found the cow pretty easy too--again, Loretta about walked into it. She's a regular demon magnet these days. Anyway, she hit it with the horned-guy's stick, and it went poof--time will tell if it's really gone i guess."

[Peter] *frowns* "wow. you workaholic people..."

[Trent] *laughs* "Yeah, all that in one night. You missed all the fun."

[Peter] "well, the ride was OK too... but i like that all is going well."

[Trent] "So far, so good. How about on your end?"

[Peter] "well, its only been some hours since i got here. Seems some political commitee is handling their fiasko with other experiments, so they're forced to look good if you know what i mean."

[Trent] "Of course."

[Peter] "listen, we have a weird timetable here- i'll probably be able to call ya, but i'm not sure i'll be able to answer back your calls unless you send me messages. got it?..."

[Trent] "Yeah, makes sense."

[Peter] "my imagination or are you even more laconic than usual?... if you have a problem, tell me, cause otherwise i'll probably be going..."

[Trent] "Nah, sorry; still waking up i guess. But definitely call when you can and keep us updated."

[Peter] "That is correct. You know i will. so... i guess we'll talk at a later point?..."

[Trent] "Yeah. Also, gotta warn you: if you're going to talk to Loretta, be careful. She was pretty upset when you left, but you know her; she won't talk to anyone about it. So i'm not sure if she's mad at you or what. Just a heads-up."

[Peter] "uh-oh. got gave her the note right?..."

[Trent] "Yeah, i think that was the problem."

[Peter] *gets worried* "errr... OK. i guess... see ya man. thanks."

[Trent] "Yeah, later."
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Re: Day 13, Saturday, September 14th

PostPosted by hippie_mama » Fri Nov 20, 2009 3:51 pm

*ring ring*

[Loretta] *groans and rolls over, wondering where the hell the ringing is coming from for a few more rings, then finally remembers her phone is in her pants, on the floor...somewhere. She rummages around the terrors of a teenage boy's room until she finally finds them, looks at the phone, and answers sounding surprised* "Pete?"

[Pete] *is slightly hesitant* "Lorrie?... glad to hear are you?"

[Loretta] "Ok. Actually, hold on a sec? I need to rinse my hair. It'll just take a minute. Stay on?"

[Pete] *scared of what that means and if its true or an excuse, but has no choice* "Of course."

[Loretta] "K, thanks." *she does leave the phone on, and he soon hears a door open, then water run for a moment* "Sorry about that; fell asleep with dye in my hair. It was starting to burn, so i'm probably brain damaged. What's up? They're letting you make calls?"

[Peter] "Seems so. Its not really as dangerous for them as it sounds anyway. That been said... i remember we met at the beach. just so you know it's *actually* me."

[Loretta] *is quiet a minute, as though thinking something over* "I didn't think about it maybe not being you..."

[Peter] "You're not trained for this sort of thing, true. But hey, the fact that it *is* me means things might end up well after all, right?..."

[Loretta] "Yeah, i guess..."

[Peter] "i mean, its important for me that you you know... plus i am so grateful for the pic you sent... i never really liked photos, but now i know what they mean..."

[Loretta] "I figured it mattered enough for you to send one, that i'd send one back."

[Peter] *thinks of wether thats good or bad* "... I guess. So... I heard you took care of that cow and the demon apparently, right? Thats the Lorrie i know."

[Loretta] *smiles; it probably comes through in her voice* "Yeah, they really didn't end up being a big deal at all."

[Peter] "so... listen, i'm working on sending you something... like, a full picture maybe, just in case it takes more than a week for me to come back... would it be too weird?... I mean, you told me to avoid certain stuff..." *holds back a deep breath, knowing that what he said could have a bad result*

[Loretta] "What do you mean avoid certain stuff? You mean being weird? Pete...what kind of picture do you mean?" *says it seriously, but then laughs*

[Peter] *smiles* "Come on, just a picture. Its just... maybe you thought it is too emotional or something. See... I know i'll probably be thinking of you while i'm here, and you told me not to see you that way. So i guess I'm feeling kinda guilty in that regard... " *closes his eyes, hopes she'll understand*

[Loretta] "I you're admitting that you can't help but be weird about us. Right?"

[Peter] *thinks 'damn. well done, Pete. now she'll even avoid the 'friend-zone' guy or something...' decides* "No. I just admit that you specificaly told me not to go there again, and that I havent moved on yet-its just too soon for me, and i apologise for that. " *pauses* "sorry. still it doesnt mean that i wont respect your choice, right?..."

[Loretta] "Yeah...i don't know--you're confusing me."

[Peter] *laughs* "If it helps, you're confusing me too." *pauses* "despite us confusing each other, which you should admit is part of the fun, the matter is simple; I like you, but you told me you dont want anything to happen between us anymore, right?..."

[Loretta] "I...well...not now, at least. I'm not going to say i haven't entertained the thought, but you're so complicated. Not that it's your fault, just...i don't know. I don't want things to be uncomfortable, but i also realize it's probably too late for that."

[Peter] *smiles really deeply* "OK, tell you what; I dont know about you, but i *really* think our time together is worth the trouble of figuring stuff out. So, i will be thinking of you, and if, of course, you havent moved on when i come back, we'll figure this out together, right? dont have to make promises, as long as when we phone or write each other, our thoughts are true." *waits oh-so-anxiously how that will sound*

[Loretta] *sighs* "Yeah, i guess; we'll talk about it when you get back. Just...don't have any expectations or anything. Ok?"

[Peter] "I told you, you dont have to promise me anything. Its OK if you dont like me back when i come home, its OK if you dont want us to be together when i come back. The only expectation I have is what i told you. That when we talk, we try to express openly and honestly; You told me you have thought of us being together- at least a part of you entertained the thought-, right? thats enough for me if its true now. it might end later; we dont know and i'll accept it."

[Loretta] "Yeah. I just don't see how it could ever be, you know, normal. Not that it has to be normal to be good, but...did i mention this was complicated? Like really, really complicated. I just don't want things to be worse. But i don't know how they can be better now without taking a chance at it being worse. Am i making any sense at all? Or does it sound like the dye really make it to my brain this time? I would just rather leave things 'ok' instead of trying really hard to make them 'good' and risk 'weird' all over again."

[Peter] "OK, can i just ask you three questions?... one, was it nice when we were just spending time together and kissing? two, would it be nice if when i came back we hugged and kissed? three, if something makes things complicated because we're not ready to go there, and you know what that thing is, why not wait till we are ready?... i repeat, talking about how you feel *now*, not future promises. if you're not ready to answer that, you have time to think-i'll contact you again. about the picture, thats OK, right?..."

[Loretta] "Alright. You make a good point, and i'm not going to answer any of those questions, because you already know what i would say."

[Peter] *smiles* "OK. if you want, you can message me in the cellphone or on this adress * gives an adress used merely for mail*. I wont easily answer calls though, cause i can call at specific times, just messages and letters and stuff. Is that OK?..."

[Loretta] "Yeah. Hey, sorry about all the drama. I guess i'm just an all-or-nothing kind of girl. Not used to these 'take it slow' sorts of things. So i was probably looking at things pretty weird from your point of view..."

[Peter] "No need to be sorry. Everything has its time and place. I like you the way you are, you know that by now.So... i send kisses with my greetings. Bye girl..."

[Loretta] "Bye..."

[Peter] *hangs up, hopeful and smiling, knowing that there's still a small but maybe enough chance*
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Re: Day 13, Saturday, September 14th

PostPosted by verdilak » Fri Nov 20, 2009 7:24 pm

oooookay... creep-ed out yet again... c:_winkgrin
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Re: Day 13, Saturday, September 14th

PostPosted by hippie_mama » Sat Nov 21, 2009 1:37 am


Loretta finds herself staring at her phone for a long time after the conversation ends, as though doing so might take her back in time to do it over again. She takes a deep breath and quickly enters a text message to Peter, before she changes her mind:

I really am an all-or-nothing type of girl. So i can't do this. Sorry.

She presses the send button, then throws the phone hard, hitting a wall and causing tiny electronic pieces to rain down in the hallway.
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Re: Day 13, Saturday, September 14th

PostPosted by hippie_mama » Sat Nov 21, 2009 7:21 pm

[Eric] *Groans and rolls around trying to wrap himself in a blanket that isn't around, and slowly wakes up, sitting up to look around* "eh.. hhmm.."

*soft thud from the bathroom as Loretta sits heavily on the floor*

[Eric] *Frowns at the clothes laying around and decides to pick em up and put em on the bed before looking around again and deciding to go and look around for Loretta*

*easy to find, with the door open and the light on--also easy to find with his bare feet are tiny broken pieces of phone*

[Eric] *Whimpers like a little girl and reaches down to pull one from his feet hopping around, and carefully avoiding any more* "What happened? Did you... Drop it?"

[Loretta] *looks up* "Yeah, sorry. It uh...had an accident."

[Eric] "So.... why are you sitting on the floor? Latest artist thing?..."

[Loretta] *looks at him like he's stupid* "No. It's what one does when they are not tired enough to sleep, and not motivated enough to get up and do anything."

[Eric] "Ah.... Well eh... " *Seems lost for anything to say so just sits down on the floor as well*

[Loretta] "You too, huh?" *smiles in spite of herself* "If anyone happens to ask, i am going to pay for that, by the way..."

[Eric] "Well... it was yours so you had the right to break it anyway right?... We can probably save the sim card if you want, so you can keep the same number and everything, just get a new phone.."

[Loretta] *sighs* "I guess. I don't want one right now though."

[Eric] "How about breakfast?... I'm kinda hungry... Don't worry about the phone, rose will clean it up later"

[Loretta] *raises an eyebrow* "You're kidding, right?"

[Eric] "What? What'd i do now.."

[Loretta] "You guys have a cleaning lady?"

[Eric] "oh, no, that's just a nickname for Allison i use some time.... Mostly when she's not around because she hates it"

[Loretta] *giggles and punches him in the arm, probably too hard but not meaning to hurt him* "That's not very nice."

[Eric] *Frowns and rubs his arm looking slightly sour, but smirking a moment later* "Fine, i 'was'gonna tell you the whole story but forget it now!"

[Loretta] "I didn't know there was a story. Tell me."

[Eric] "Well you see, Ally wasn't always like she is now... She used to.. You know.. go out a lot, go to a lot of parties, not do too good in school, so then one day i found out she'd gotten this tattoo of a rose on her lower back, so i started calling her Rose everywhere, which really pissed her off because our parents kept asking where the nickname came from, and they would have freaked out"

[Loretta] *smirks* "You're just messing with me; I can't imagine her ever being fun."

[Eric] "Well I dunno exactly what she was up to, but she was like... the opposite of the way she is now... She never listened, she always snuck out, she was so the trouble child. You should see the clothes she has hidden in the attic, they'd make a stripper blush. She just.... changed totally after our parents died.... Now she reminds me of mom..."

[Loretta] "Makes sense i guess... Is Trent anything like your dad? Cause if so, we gotta get her some help."

[Eric] *Thinks for a moment* "Not really... I don't think so anyway... My dad was pretty uptight... A businessman... He was always busy and doing paperwork... I don't think Trent is like that at all..."

[Loretta] "Definitely not." *sees his arm is bruising where she punched him and frowns, but doesn't say anything*

[Eric] "So... You're not gonna tell her i told you all this right?.... I kinda like being alive..."

[Loretta] "Of course not." *gets up and starts picking up phone pieces*

[Eric] *Looks around the bathroom without looking at Loretta, and seems to grow more serious* "Sometimes.... I feel really bad... She changed because she suddenly had all these responsibilities.... Mainly... me.. If she didn't have to take care of me.. Who knows.. She might be happier..."

[Loretta] "Nah, not happier; just different. I mean, i'm just guessing. But i'm sure it would help if you didn't expect her to do everything for pick up your messes..."

[Eric] *Frowns* "Now you start to sound like her too... and this your mess!" *But get's up to help*

[Loretta] *finds a tiny plastic card among the pieces, and holds it up* "Is this what i'm looking for?"

[Eric] "Yeah that's it, keep it around, can install it in a new phone when you get one, if ever"

[Loretta] *sets it on the bathroom counter and drops the rest into the wastebasket*

[Eric] "So... Do you want to know more about old Allison?.."

[Loretta] "Heh. Sure." *goes back to the bedroom to put her clothes on*

[Eric] "Well... Do you happen to know how to pick a lock?"

[Loretta] "Maybe..."

[Eric] "There's more stuff then clothes in the attic... it's like a treasure trove of our old stuff..... Including... Old diaries..."

[Loretta] *smirks* "That's a bit invasive, don't you think? We should at least wait until she's at work or something."

[Eric] *Shrugs* "Well... She expects us to behave and do all she says, be a good student and all that?... Well.... I'm not sure about you... but me anyway.... Seems only fair I get to know what 'she' was doing herself on my age..."

[Loretta] "Good point; i'm just saying it should be done when she's not likely to hear or see anything."

[Eric] "Yeah.. good point!"
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Re: Day 13, Saturday, September 14th

PostPosted by Solar_Dawn » Tue Nov 24, 2009 3:23 pm


*Let's out a very deep yawn as she wakes up and rolls around in the bed for a few minutes, before taking a nightgown to put on and going downstairs to find Trent, kiss him good morning and get started on some breakfast*
"Have you been up long? You could've woken me if you were hungry"
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Re: Day 13, Saturday, September 14th

PostPosted by hippie_mama » Tue Nov 24, 2009 10:25 pm

[Trent] *smiles at Allison* "No, haven't been up long at all. Peter just called, actually. Sounds like things are going ok so far."
[Allison] "Oh really?... What did he say?"
[Trent] "A lot of nothing, really. I think he just wanted me to know they weren't treating him like a prisoner. He can call occasionally, and get messages and stuff."
[Allison] "Sounds a bit like a rehab facility... Which wouldn't be so bad... Anyway... What do you want to eat? any preferences?... Bacon maybe?..."
[Trent] "Yeah, i hope they really end up helping him. And you know me, i'll eat anything. But bacon sounds good."
[Allison] *Grins and get's started on said breakfast* "Any idea what you want to do after breakfast?... Anymore rampaging demons walking around?.."
[Trent] "I really hope not. A quiet day off would be a nice change of pace."
[Allison] *Grins and nods* "That sounds about right... I actually need to do some shopping too, before we run out of food. Do you mind if we use your truck?... There's four people now... Which means a lot more food... And mine has limited space for groceries..."
[Trent] "Yeah, no problem. That sounds like a very wonderfully mundane way to spend the day." *smiles*
[Allison] *Nods and looks back at him* "Can you go see what the two troublemakers are up to and whether or not they want breakfast?"
[Trent] "Sure." *goes upstairs*

[Trent] *walks upstairs and pauses at Eric's open door, finding it impossible not to notice that Loretta is pulling a shirt on, and Eric is standing there dumbly, watching her; he blinks, but says nothing on the matter just yet* "Allison wants to know if you guys are hungry. She's making breakfast."
[Loretta] *jumps a little at Trent's sudden appearance, but doesn't answer*
[Eric] *Jumps quite a bit, but manages to recover himself a moment later, sniffing the air* "mmmm bacon" *Heads downstairs following the scent of bacon*
[Loretta] *shrugs at Trent* "It was nothing weird. He was just helping with my hair."
[Trent] "Uh's very...bright."
[Loretta] *smiles* "Thanks!" *brushes past him and follows Eric downstairs*
[Trent] *shakes his head and follows Loretta*

[Eric] *Is already sitting at the table, quite ready to be served*
[Allison] *Looks back to Loretta* "What do you like for breakfast Lorrie?"
[Loretta] *shrugs* "Whatever you're making!"
[Trent] *goes to the kitchen and whispers over Allison's shoulder* "I don't want to alarm you, but there may be some...uh...boundary issues to discuss."
[Allison] *Nods, and divides the first batch of bacon sandwiches between the 3 of them and then starting a new one* "hhmm?.."
[Trent] "Just...there are two unrelated teenagers in the house with raging hormones. It just seems prudent to perhaps make some more specific house rules that take that into consideration."
[Allison] *Frowns, eyes widening a little* "Yes..... That does sound very prudent"
[Trent] "I don't think it's anything to worry about yet, and it might not ever be, but it doesn't hurt to take some preventative action."
[Allison] *Nods gravely* "Yes definitely, i couldn't agree more." *Smirks and kisses his cheek* "And how nice of you to volunteer for that duty!"
[Trent] "Well, i don't live here." *grins, thinking he's won this easily*
[Allison] "Which makes it all the sweeter that you volunteered for this heavy responsibility" *Smirks and pushes his second plate of bacon sandwich into his hands*
[Trent] *frowns* "This is serious, Allison. You're the woman of the house; you need to make things clear for them. I could do it, but i have no authority here."
[Allison] *Sighs and nods* "Alright... I know... Just not one of the most fun parts of raising teenagers. But it can wait untill after we've done grocery shopping can't it? I need a bit to think of how to bring it exactly...."
[Trent] "Maybe. Except that i did just see Loretta in your brother's room with her shirt over her head. You might want to do it before leaving for a good part of the day."
[Allison] "Yeah... I guess you're right.... Assuming we're not too late already! Should've seen it coming really... Especially with Peter leaving and her being sad over it..."
[Trent] *takes on a bit of a defensive posture* "Now wait a minute, i don't think blaming this on Loretta is completely fair."
[Allison] "That's not what i said, I just think she's a little more vulnerable, I think in a way she feels 'dumped'. and let's face it, Eric would be too busy drooling all over the carpet to think about anything other then what's in his pants."
[Trent] *kisses Allison on the cheek* "Let's just go out there and discuss it together. That way we can just lay out all of our concerns, and let them speak for themselves. Hopefully no one will feel like they're being singled out or lectured."
[Allison] *Smirks and wraps her arm around him* "With two teenagers? Not likely... But you're right, it has to be done."
[Trent] "Hey, at least this way we'll both be in front of the firing squad."
[Allison] *Smirks* "That sounds fair.." *Hands him an extra piece of bacon from her own sandwich before sitting down*
[Trent] *helps her carry the food out to the table when it's finished and waits quietly*

[Allison] "So... Trent told me you two were in the same room this morning... With at least one of you somewhat lacking in eh... clothing.."
[Loretta] *glares at Trent from across the table* "Like i told Trent, Eric was just helping me with my hair. I didn't want to ruin my clothes."
[Allison] "Good.... Because i think it's important to well.. You know... Keep some boundaries..."
[Eric] *Doesn't actually look at his sister, just mutters under his breath, but rather loudly* "Like you and Trent"
[Trent] "I understand our concerns sound far from fair, but both Allison and i are adults."
[Loretta] *mutters* "Barely..."
[Trent] "And we try to keep our private matters private."
[Allison] "Look... We're just trying to look out for you both here.... You've only just met... and you're both young... We just don't want you to do anything rash"
[Loretta] "Please. No offense, but there's no way." *looks at Eric* "Seriously, no offense."
[Eric] "oh GOOD... " *Picks his plate up to stalk upstairs to his room, muttering darkly all the way*
[Loretta] *eye roll* "Well that went well." *snags a piece of bacon that fell off Eric's plate when he left* "I'm not trying to seduce your brother, and now he probably won't even talk to me anymore, so relax. Plus, i don't have to stay here. It's no big."
[Trent] "That's not what we meant. Just that there are certain things we all need to be mindful of."
[Allison] "No that's not it, I like you staying here, we were just trying to look out for you.... trying be responsible adults...It had to be said. But i really hope you'll stick around, Eric will be fine once he's had a little time to cool off"
[Loretta] *just eats her food for awhile, then digs through her pocket and pulls out some small bills, sliding them across the table to Trent* "It's all i have for now, but it's for the phone."
[Trent] *hands the money back* "I told you, it was more for my convenience."
[Loretta] "Yeah...was. But now it's not, so i should pay you back." *slides the money back to him*
[Trent] "...what happened to it?"
[Loretta] "It upset me." *goes back to eating her food, making it clear that she has nothing more to say on the matter*
[Allison] "Oh... Well, Trent and me are going shopping soon, do you want a new one?... A diffirent model?"
[Loretta] "Not really."
[Allison] "Alright, anything else we can bring back for you from the shops?"
[Loretta] *shakes her head*
[Trent] "I don't want to push you Loretta, but it's very important that we be able to reach you if you're away and something happens. Remember, we are down a team member. And i'm sure there's a way to block numbers if someone is bothering you."
[Allison] *Nods, and walks over briefly to a desk to pick up pen and paper and starts making a shopping list*
[Loretta] *sighs heavily* "Fine, but make sure it's a cheap one, in case it has an 'accident' too."
[Trent] *smiles* "Fair enough."
[Allison] *Has already put 'new phone' on her list, before the conversation ended*
[Loretta] "So Allison, what are the rules anyway? No naked romps through the house? No bending your brother over the kitchen table and having my way with him? Am i missing anything?"
[Trent] *adds cleverly* "We should specify that *no one* is to be bent over *any* pieces of furniture."
[Allison] "No... I can't think of anything else that comes to mind right now.... Well.. No playing with my guns..."
[Loretta] "Hmm...i hadn't even considered that one..."
[Trent] "Not funny."
[Allison] *Oh... And no calling 0800 numbers all night long... but that was really just a rule for eric..."
[Loretta] *smirks* "Trent too, i hope."
[Allison] *Chuckles* "He'd be in worse trouble if he did!"
[Trent] "We mostly trust you guys. We just wanted it to be clear that we're paying attention, and that we don't just want you guys being know, free and easy about everything."
[Loretta] "You do realize that all you did was point out the obvious..."
[Allison] "So are you sure there's nothing else you can use from the mall Lorrie? Probably won't be going again in a few days.."
[Loretta] "I'm sure."
[Allison] "Maybe i should bring along a new videogame for Eric too.. That tends to cheer him up..."
[Trent] *takes the dishes to the kitchen*
[Loretta] *goes upstairs to bother Eric some more*

[Allison] *Finishes her list and starts helping Trent* "Well.. that could have been worse"
[Trent] "Yeah, only one of them stormed off upset, but i don't think it was anything either of us said."
[Allison] "So is there anything you want me to put on the list?"
[Trent] "Just food." *tries to gauge by her expression though if there was anything he was supposed to say instead*
[Allison] "hhmm" *Thinks for a moment herself* "What about getting a razor and some men's shaving cream? Might be easier, you can borrow mine ofcourse but i'm not sure you want that"
[Trent] "I like spending time with you, but i don't think i'm ready to keep bathroom stuff here yet."
[Allison] *Smirks* "Alright, fair enough, I was just trying to think of stuff that might help you. So, I think we have everything then?"
[Trent] *nods and brushes Allison's hair back behind her ear* "Hey, i need as many reasons to leave as possible, or i'll be here all the time."
[Allison] *Grins and leans back against him* "Don't worry, i'm not upset! I was just thinking out loud about what might be handy. "
[Trent] "I know, you just put ideas into my head. Now let's get out of here, so we can get back before the other two burn down the house or something."
[Allison] *Nods* "Yep, let's get going, the jewelry shop closes pretty early, 2 Pm i think"
[Trent] *gulp*
[Allison] *Chuckles and leans against him while walking to his car* "You're so easy to tease, but very cute during it"
[Trent] "I live to amuse you..."

[Loretta] *knocks on Eric's door talks through it* "Hey, i'm sorry; i didn't mean it like that." *knock. knock. knock* "I said i was sorry..."
[Eric] *Continues to grumble darkly to himself*
[Loretta] "Come on, you can't really be that upset. You're just trying to make me feel bad."
[Eric] *Grumbles* "Must be another reason i'm completely unatractive to girls!"
[Loretta] *sighs, as it seems he just needs ego-stroking* "I didn't mean it like that...And you're definitely not unattractive."
[Eric] "mmhmm, i'm sure you meant you couldn't possibly be atracted to me in the best possible way!"
[Loretta] "That's not even what i said! I just said i wasn't going to do anything rash with you. Big difference!"
[Eric] "Yeah yeah, just come in already... " *grumbles a little more just because*
[Loretta] *walks in, closing the door behind her* "Maybe i panicked a little bit too. I wasn't expecting a lecture today."
[Eric] "Smooth save... Let's just drop the whole thing already, rather forget about it..."
[Loretta] "Well what do you want me to say? That i think you're hot? Well i do, but i just learned the hard way that i'm no good at complicated friendships, and even worse with romantic ones. So i'd really just rather not try to go either place, ok?"
[Eric] "You're just saying that to try and make me feel better, but thanks for trying i guess...." *Looks around the room dully* "So now what are we gonna do?"
[Loretta] *puts her hands on her hips* "Trying to make you feel better!? Please, not everything is about you!" *starts ranting now, loudly* "I have pain here! And angst! And NO ONE to talk to about it! No one gets me!"
[Eric] *Smirks, smiling a little* "Alright, i get it"
[Loretta] "No, you don't! You don't even know me! I'm just some girl your sister lets crash here. You don't even know why."
[Eric] "Well... You could tell me..."
[Loretta] "I don't think i'm supposed to."
[Eric] *Shrugs* "Aren't you kinda tired of hearing about what we aren't supposed to be doing?"
[Loretta] "Yeah, but it's better than no one caring."
[Eric] "Well.. Then you do have someone to talk about it... Even if you don't wanna tell me... I'm sure you could talk about it with them..."
[Loretta] "Definitely not. See my problem?"
[Eric] "I guess... Maybe you should start a diary too then..."
[Loretta] "Because we all know those stay confidential forever..."
[Eric] "Well... One with a better lock, or a digital one.."
[Loretta] *sigh* "Anyway, you get my point, right? I just kind of want a friend. But not one i have to tell everything to. You up for that?"
[Eric] *Thinks a moment* "Alright, but you have to help me improve my odds with girls!"
[Loretta] *smirks* "Now that won't be hard! Anything would be an improvement." *winks*
[Eric] *Pouts* "Maybe you're just secretely a little gay!"
[Loretta] "I'm teasing! Ok, first of all, you need to be less sensitive. Even if i *was* serious, you should have played it off like i must have been joking. For some reason chicks like jerks more than guys who feel sorry for themselves, so if it's between those two possible outcomes, go for the one that makes you sound a little bit like a jerk."
[Eric] *Considers for a moment* "Sounds kind of stupid but alright go on"
[Loretta] "No kidding it's stupid, but what can i say. Most people are pretty stupid."
[Eric] "Yeah alright, i've noticed that... So go on..."
[Loretta] "Ok...the WoW thing. Don't brag about your paladin unless you happen to be talking to a chick that you know is already into that. Gaming is a subject you should let girls bring up. No exceptions."
[Eric] "Yeah... Alright... But i didn't really bring it up with you! You walked into my room while i was playing...."
[Loretta] "Do you want my help or not!?"
[Eric] "Alright, just saying!"
[Loretta] "That's all i've got for now. I think i need to see you try to hit on one before i can help any more."
[Eric] "Alright.... Bit early for that.... So what are we gonna do now?"
[Loretta] "Well...Allison and Trent talked about leaving for awhile. We could play a trick on them."
[Eric] "What kind of trick?..."
[Loretta] "Well...I was just thinking maybe we could do something to help Allison remember her glory days. Besides, it's a shame she has clothes put away that aren't being used."
[Eric] *Grins* "You're gonna dress up in one of her old clothes?...."
[Loretta] "No! I was just going to switch them with her new ones. All of them. And maybe change the lock on the door. You know, as a courtesy, since obviously the one on there is faulty."
[Eric] "oh!" *Looks slightly disapointed, but shrugs* "I guess that would be fair payback..."
[Loretta] "We won't be hurting anything. Besides, i'm sure we'd be doing Trent a favor! They can't be mad at us over it."
[Eric] "Alright, I guess i'm in. But you're doing any underwear or such!"
[Loretta] *laughs* "Actually, i can move it all while you're off getting a new lock. Sound fair?"
[Eric] *Thinks for a moment* "Yeah alright.."
[Loretta] "Cool, well go! I'm sure they'll be awhile, but still, don't want to be caught in the middle."
[Eric] "I'll go to a diffirent mall Allison ussually goes to... just in case..." *Get's up and heads out*
[Loretta] "Alright, see you soon..." *heads up to the attic, wasting no time*

[Loretta] *once Eric is gone, makes quick work of picking up and moving boxes of clothes, carrying many at a time, being ridiculously strong as she is. The only thing that takes some time is getting everything in Allison's closet off the hangers and folded, and the things from the attic onto the hangers--wanting it to all look very natural like it was supposed to be that way; is sure to even switch out shoes and accessories--yay stripper shoes!*

[Eric] *Returns after about an hour and a half, rather late for such a simple assignment, with a heavy hanglock*
[Loretta] *having just finished up her part of the project* "That should work. You know how to install one of those?"
[Eric] "Not specifically, but it comes with instructions, how hard can it be?"
[Loretta] "I guess..."
[Eric] "Shop guy said this is one of the best locks, can take a few bullet shots even... How did it go on your end?"
[Loretta] "I don't think she'll notice until she decides to change clothes...or use anything in a drawer near the bed..."
[Eric] "Eh... i don't think i wanna know more about that.... So.. let's get started with this lock shall we?"
[Loretta] "yup."
[Eric] *Uses master craftsman abilities to fix the lock onto the door!!* "So... what do we do with the key?..."
[Loretta] "Keep it somewhere, obviously. I guess we can give it to Allison after we get a few laughs at her expense."
[Eric] "Why don't you keep it... She'll turn my room upside down without any hesitation... might not do so with yours quite as readily..."
[Loretta] *takes the key and just slips it into her pocket* "No one can get it from me, until i want them to."
[Eric] "So... Now what?.."
[Loretta] "We play innocent until she sees it?"
[Eric] "Alright... Wanna play a little more WoW? Just to pass the time.. "
[Loretta] "I suppose that's innocent enough for them, as long as the door is open and we're both fully dressed."
[Eric] *Heads upstairs to do so, leaving the door open, and not taking off any clothes!*
[Loretta] *joins him, wiling away the hours and having more fun than she planned as she gets the hang of moving the character around, going to go full-on gamer geek over WoW. She gets to kill stuff, so she's happy where she is for the next few hours.

When arriving home, Alliso puts everything away and tidies the house a little, then gets started on dinner, bringing the two teenagers food on a plate in Eric's room since they seem to be having fun and proper fun. Trent is happy to carry bags in for his woman, secretly relieved she's finally satisfied with the shopping excursion.

[Allison] *Eventually collects the empty plates from the two upstairs and washes those too quickly, then putting everything away* "There... All clean and done...."
[Trent] *kisses her on the neck* "Yup. And the kids seem to be entertained, so...i guess that leaves us with nothing at all to do..."
[Allison] *Smirks and wraps her arms around him* "Are you trying to... Suggest something?..."
[Trent] "Well, i don't want to be too presumptuous, but it has been awhile since we've had a whole evening to ourselves..."
[Allison] *Grins and nods* "Yes... That's very true... And it couldn't hurt to do some physical excersizes to stay in shape for demon hunting..."
[Trent] "I always did like the way you think."
[Allison] *Takes his hand and heads upstairs to her bedroom, kissing him affectionately and heading over to one of her closet's; Opens the closet and looks around inside of it briefly, before realizing something is off, and then slamming it shut again, slightly flushed*
[Trent] *looks at her curiously* "You don't have to change first."
[Allison] "I just wanted to make my clothes ready for work tomorrow... In case i forgot later on..."
[Trent] "Oh, ok. I do tend to make girls forget what they were doing." *winks playfully*
[Allison] *Grins back and turns to the closet's again, moving to another one* "I just.. had the wrong closet...." *Opens the next one, and then closes that again too quickly*
[Trent] "If you need to do laundry first, that's ok. I can just watch tv or something until you're ready for bed--no pressure."
[Allison] *Thinks for a moment, twisted her closet's door knob with her right hand rather strongly* "Eh yes.... Why don't you watch a little TV, and i'll come collect you in just a moment honey..."
[Trent] "Sure..." *a little confused at her aggressive frustration, but doesn't push the issue*
[Allison] *Turns back to the closet's and drawers, to open them all just a little bit to check inside, then getting up again, taping her fingers against the wood of a closet, thinking hard*
[Trent] " something wrong? Beyond laundry issues?"
[Allison] *Looks around slightly jumpy, and frowns* "Yes... I mean no.... Not really no... Just... a bit odd... Don't worry, i'll figure it out. I just have to check the attic" *Walks over to kiss his cheek, then heads over to the attic to scowl at the new lock*
[Trent] *after she leaves, reaches over to retrieve a certain prophylactic device from a nearby drawer, still optimistic about how the evening will turn out---and is surprised but not unamused by the variety of unfamiliar items he finds there...thinking they can only mean good things*

[Allison] *yanks on the door in frustration, then heading down again into Eric's room, closing the door and grabbing his ear*
[Eric] *Whimpers like a little girl* "Ow ow ow, you're twisting my ear off!"
[Loretta] *absorbed by the game* "Die sonofabitch, Diiiiiiie!! Oh, hi Allison." *suddenly remembers what they did when Eric whimpers* "Oh..."
[Allison] *Glowers down at her brother while holding her hand firmly in place* "Where's the key Eric? Tell me!"
[Eric] *Whimpers louder still, squirming to get away* "I dunnnooooooo, alrighttttt, Loretta has ittt!"
[Loretta] "Gee studly, way to hold out!"
[Eric] *Whimpers, rubbing his ear a lot when Allison let's go* "Yeah well... That hurt!!"
[Loretta] *eye roll* "Remind me someday to show you pain..."
[Allison] *Holds her hand out to Loretta* "Gimme that key"
[Loretta] *gets up and takes a step back* "I will..."
[Allison] *Looks towards the door almost as if making sure Trent is still back in her room, and shakes her hand to Loretta* "Welllll?"
[Loretta] "Well? I want to know what the big deal is first."
[Allison] *Crosses her arms and scowls* "Those are my things and i need them!"
[Loretta] "What's wrong with the other ones?"
[Allison] "I.... They don't fit anymore!"
[Loretta] "They're the same size. I looked. So what's so different?"
[Allison] "They're... It doesn't matter! They're my things!"
[Loretta] *crosses her arms too* "I think there are deeper issues here."

[Allison] *Glowers and heads for the door, slamming it shut behind her, and heading to her own bedroom, slamming that shut hard as well*
[Trent] " i'm going to have to ask what's going on."
[Allison] *Clenches her hand into a first, struggling to find the right words* "I.... They....... They went through all my stuff and changed it!"
[Trent] "Changed it?"
[Allison] "Swapped it!... My clothes and everything! And someone put a lock on the attic so i can't reach my own attic to get my things back!"
[Trent] "Aww..." *puts his arm around her and smiles a little* "They just played a joke on you."
[Allison] "It's not funny! I gotta go to work tomorrow, I can't wear those...." *Takes a deep breath, calming slightly and leaning against him* "I just had to leave that room... or i'd have said something i'd regret immediately afterwards..."
[Trent] *strokes her hair* "I'll get the door open. But i can't say i'm not curious what they switched your stuff with."
[Allison] *Sighs softly and leans against him, hoping he'll forget that last bit* "Thanks... are you sure you can?.. it's a pretty big lock.... My tactic of tugging and pulling on it was completely wasted against it!"
[Trent] "Yeah, i have a lockpick set in the truck; no big deal. I'll go get it." *goes out and does so quickly, as she's obviously freaking out about this*

[Eric] *Is still rubbing his ear like mad* "I'm gonna need a whole new ear...."
[Loretta] *sighs* "Guess the fun part is way over." *goes to give Allison the key*

[Loretta] *knocks on Allison's door* "Here...i didn't think it would be that big of a deal."
[Allison] *Nods slowly, looking a lot less upset, and staring at the closet* "Alright.... Thanks for the key.."
[Loretta] "I'll help you move it back..." *starts pulling stuff off hangers, folding it, and setting it on the bed*
[Allison] *Stops her before she get's started* "No... Just... leave it for now... i'll move it tomorrow...."
[Loretta] *frowns* "You really don't want him to see? Huh?"
[Allison] "Not really... But then.... That's not really fair is it?...."
[Loretta] "Nope. Besides, we were kind of hoping you would laugh about it and see that we were just trying to remind you that you don't have to be so serious all the time."
[Trent] *comes back in with his lockpick set*
[Allison] *Makes shooing motions towards Loretta, though not in an unkind way*
[Loretta] *makes a face and leaves*
[Trent] "Guess you worked things out?"
[Allison] "Yeah i got the key already.... No need to pick the lock... But.. She's right... You deserve to see more then anyone... Just remember... I'm not so proud of my some things in my past..."
[Trent] "Ahh...i see. But it can't be as bad as my shady past." *smiles*
[Allison] *Shrugs slightly* "I dunno... I guess maybe it isn't so bad... just... things I don't really like about myself... i wish i'd done diffirently..."
[Trent] "If there weren't things you'd wished you'd done differently, i wouldn't be convinced you were human." *walks over and opens one of the closet doors wide, grinning* "Is this it?"
[Allison] *Walks over besides him, blushing slightly* "Well yeah.... What were you expecting?.."
[Trent] *pulls something out and looks it over* " looks like you've been visited by The Ghost of Strippers Past...but if you were concerned that i would think any less of you for it, then i'm afraid you've mistaken me for someone else."
[Allison] *grins a little, taking the outfit from him and putting it back* "I'll have you know i looked very nice in those.. and not like a stripper...... I guess it's just..... I think less of me for..... well... doesn't matter..."
[Trent] "Hmm, i think i need proof, or it didn't happen." *winks* "But really? I'll only be upset if i find out you really were a stripper and have been holding out on me on the subject of hidden talents."
[Allison] *Smirks and pokes him in the ribs* "I did go to a lot of dance clubs, but there wasn't 'that' kind of dancing buddy! I guess i just feel guilty... and i thought you'd see that in me too if you knew i wasn't exactly a well behaved teenager myself, or a good daughter.."
[Trent] "Doesn't matter who or what you used to be. I love you now." *smiles*
[Allison] *Stares at him blankly for a long moment, unable to stop from smiling, seeming to forget the rest. wrapping her arms around him tightly* "I love you too... And... I might be persuadable to show you how I look in one of them!"
[Trent] "You won't hear any complaints from me."
[Allison] *Runs her hands through his hair and smiles* "Just... Give me 5 more minutes to talk to Loretta...I feel bad for snapping at her like that..."
[Trent] "ok."
[Allison] *Kisses his cheek and quickly heads out to find Loretta*

[Loretta] *Is playing WoW like it's crack*
[Allison] "Hey Lorrie.... Can i talk to you alone for a moment?..."
[Loretta] "Yeah, hold on. Hey Eric, you at a spot you can stand in on my raid?"
[Eric] "Yeah alright" *Makes sure to keep his ears out of his sisters reach in the meantime*

[Loretta] "What's up?"
[Allison] "Just.... I'm sorry.... For snapping at you... and getting so mad..."
[Loretta] "It's ok. Eric should have told me you can't take a joke."
[Allison] *Scowls just a little* "I can too! It's just.... Even now.... i feel guilty...."
[Loretta] "Guilty?"
[Allison] *Twists her hands in her lap* "I.... I should've been a better daughter..... I should've listened to my parents..... Most of all... I should've been home when i said i would be.... Then they wouldn't have been sitting downstairs waiting for me..... they wouldn't have opened the door... wouldn't have invited a stranger into their home...... and they'd still be here...."
[Loretta] "Oh..."
[Allison] *Scowls at herself and swipes at her own eyes* "I shouldn't even have told you that... It's not something you need to hear. I'm sorry."
[Loretta] *moves to hug her unexpectedly* "Allison, no one could have known that would happen. Especially people who don't do what we do. I can't even tell you how many times i've screwed up and someone got hurt because of it. It just kind of goes with the job."
[Allison] *Smiles gently and hugs her back* "You're a really great girl, and i'm sorry i had to unburden myself to you... It should be the other way around.... But thanks... I just hope i can help you too*
[Loretta] "You do all the time, you just don't know it." *looks uncomfortable after saying that* "I should go. You know, the raid and all."
[Allison] *Nods and grins* "Alright, have fun"
[Loretta] "Oh, and you should talk to Trent about stuff like that. He's a really good listener, plus i think he's been through a lot of the same stuff. He doesn't really say it, but you know, from what he has said." *hurries off to see if Eric's screwed up her raid!*
[Allison] *Nods* "I will..." *Grinning when Loretta has left and muttering to herself* "Tomorrow...."
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