Day 9, Tuesday September 10th

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Day 9, Tuesday September 10th

PostPosted by Pyriel » Fri Sep 18, 2009 2:13 pm


Peter woke up feeling his head kinda sore. He remembered the last day, and quickly regretted for what he said to loretta-he knew things wouldnt be the same after that, and even if she thought she could handle it, her searching for excuses to leave said otherwise-definitely not a good sign.

There were also some excellent news though-he did find a new possible member of his squad. And he needed to make arrangements for that to happen. He needed to go to Allison's place-Trent would probably be there. But then again, perhaps Loretta was there too; He really wanted to see her and talk to her to settle this but decided she deserved the right to refuse to see him if feeling uncomfortable, so decided to call first to arrange a meetup somewhere with the group.He had stuff to say afterall-about Jenson and Becca's departure, about Kitriana, ...

He firstly called work and took the day off, as his stay in the ICU most definitely granted him some days of absense both from trauma recovery and possible psychological shock. He then called to Allison's place...
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Re: Day 9, Tuesday September 10th

PostPosted by Pyriel » Fri Sep 18, 2009 5:22 pm

[Trent] *picks up the phone on the first ring, hoping it wouldn't wake anyone, and answers rather gruffly* " 'Lo?"
[Peter] "hey, Trent. its me, Pete. is L-Allison there? i have news that you might want to listen..."
[Trent] *clears his throat slightly, but still trying to be quiet* "She's here, but asleep. I can tell her when she gets up?"
[Allison] *Rolls over in bed, stretching and letting out a heavy yawn* "I'm awaaaake.... Who is it?"
[Trent] "Peter." *hands her the phone*
[Peter] "well, everyone in our group need to know; i think i found a new possible member, and we should meet up and discuss about it..." *said to Trent, before phone handed out*
[Trent] *quietly to Allison* "Oops, sorry, think he was talking already..i'm gonna go out for a smoke."
[Allison] *Runs a hand through her hair sleepily and tries to gather her thoughts* "That's... good, meet where?"
[Peter] "i am not sure about location; your house, or if theres a problem with that, the park? "
[Allison] "I think everyone is here.. I heard a girls voice last night, pretty sure it was Loretta, Might be easier for you to come here then, Eric should be off to school already so we could talk freely..."
[Peter] *pauses as if thoughtfull* "can you give me Trent again a bit?... no offense right? some guy stuff..."
[Allison] "Alright... Hang on" *Get's up and puts on a bathrobe tying it shut and going outside to find Trent, kissing his cheek softly* "He wants to talk to you again, appearently it's important guy stuff"
[Peter] "hey man. so, listen...err..."
[Trent] *behind the house, smoking a joint* "Oh...uh, sure." *puts it out carefully on the sidewalk and takes the phone*
[Peter]"about that meeting in the park i talked to allison about... if Loretta doesnt want to come, ... dont be pushy, alright?"
"cause i heard she's there..."
[Trent] "Ok, sure."
[Trent] "I'm not usually i?" *seems concerned, but in a generally better mood*
[Peter] "no you're not, just my mind is... preoccupied... so i wait for you guys at the park right?"
"plus i have some more news you might want to hear even despite the new member."
[Trent] "Ok..."
[Peter] "so... bye i guess. gonna be waiting for you." *shuts the phone once/if Trent was OK too*
[Allison] *Doesn't seem all that concerned with the conversation and just leans against Trent, wrapping her arms around him and being sleepy, looking out over the yard*
[Trent] "Yeah, later." *to Allison* "Uh...did he say what time?"
[Allison] "Not really... When we're dressed and ready i guess..." *She smirks* "Wanna take a shower together or wrestle me for it?"
[Trent] *relighting his smoke, with only a little difficulty* "Go ahead, gotta finish waking up."
[Peter] *takes a shower, washes Loretta's top, gets dressed and goes to the park, waiting*
[Allison] *Nods, and kisses his cheek again, then heading over to the shower to take a lorn warm shower and be all clean and flower scented again*
[Trent] *finishes his wake-n-bake routine, then goes inside and finds Loretta on the couch* "Good morning, sunshine." *nudges her awake*
[Loretta] *startles awake, swinging a fist* "Ugh! Oh, hi."
[Trent] "Heh. Ok, well Allison and i are going to the park to meet up with Peter. Says he wants to talk to us about something. You in?"
[Loretta] "Uh...yeah. Are my clothes here?"
[Trent] *points to which room they were left in*
[Loretta] *goes there*
[Allison] *Comes back after a while, smelling fresh and wearing a simple summer dress* "Do we want to have something to eat before we go?.."
[Trent] *wrinkles his nose slightly when she comes out, but nods* "I'm kind of a breakfast person; Loretta probably is too."
[Allison] *Nods and heads into the kitchen to make enough sandwiches for everyone, with diffirent kind of food on them*
[Peter] *paces around the park thinking on how to present to Allison, how to treat Loretta, and what words to say to them all about the new arrival*
[Allison] *Hands Trent and Loretta a sandwich each, then putting the rest into a bag to take along*
[Loretta] *is ready to go pretty quickly, and smirks at Trent and Allison when she enters the kitchen* " guys were terribly worried about me last night, huh?"
[Allison] "Well, not too worried... You can take care of yourself.. We were just wondering where you were"
[Loretta] "Uh huh."
[Trent] *cleverly stays out of it*
[Loretta] "So...Peter wants to meet up and tell us something. That's seriously all?"
[Allison] "Well, that's all he told us"
[Loretta] "God, he's weird."
[Allison] *Grins and takes the back, getting towards the door* "Do you want to ride with me or Trent?"
[Loretta] "You." *not wanting the person that fed her breakfast to feel like she doesn't at least like her*
[Loretta] *gets in, cleverly ignoring the gash in the car that surely looks worse in daylight*
[Allison] *Nods and heads over to her own car, too busy fussing wether she's got everything to notice any damage... for now*
[Allison] *Stats her car and waits patiently for Trent to lead with his*
[Trent] *leads the way!*
[Loretta] "Your brother needs to get out more, just so you know. Serious lack of social skills."
[Allison] *Grins* "I know... he didn't do anything inapropiate did he?"
[Loretta] "Pfft. I don't think he knows how to be inappropriate if he wanted to."
[Allison] "Well he's mostly harmless, just a big pain in the ass most of the time"
[Loretta] *nods* "Guy thing."
[Trent] *just pulls into a parking spot when they get there, figuring his nose can find Peter if all else fails and he's not somewhere obvious*
[Peter] *is standing there wearing some cool sports clothes, comfy but nice considering how he normaly wears one-coloured clothes*
*seemingly jogging to most people, though actually waiting for them*
[Allison] *Parks her own car next to Trent's and get's out, checking that she has both her bags*
[Trent] *waits for the girls to get parked before going over*
[Trent] "So...what's up?"
[Loretta] *acts normal, but maybe a bit quieter than usual*
[Allison] *Wraps her arm around Trent's waist and follows him along to Peter, looking at him closely for a moment* "You look a lot better then last time i saw you..."
[Peter] *goes over and nods to greet them; he glances at Loretta for a moment, but quickly turns to Trent, not wanting to make her uncomfortable again* "yes i know;" *chuckles* "i look fantastic instead of skinless dont i?" *pauses*" in any case, we have stuff to discuss. firstly the easy news; Jenson and Becca are leaving for good."
"it is not my choice; Jenson announced it to me yesterday..."
[Trent] "Oh...uh...why?"
[Loretta] "Seems the new council or whatever want their slayer." *somewhat bitterly*
[Peter] "apparently they are needed by Jenson's old group. i think they'll be fine, considering how 'elite' this group sounded..."
[Loretta] "He came by the coffee shop last night to tell me. Don't know why he thought i would care."
[Allison] *Listens carefully to the conversation, though thinking calling yourself 'Fabolous' is a bit wrong*
[Trent] "Hmm, well i don't know how they decide these things, but i'm sure they'll do alright there."
[Loretta] *crosses her arms*
[Peter] "I am sure we'll do alright here too. Its not like we dont have a Slayer;Loretta has proven herself time and again. on another note i met a woman last night, a witch..."
[Loretta] *rolls her eyes, but to which part, it is uncertain*
[Trent] *raises an eyebrow*
[Peter] *notices* "we talked on wether she'll become a member of our group, we didnt really say much more..."
*said in haste as if to clear stuff out , which is obvious*
[Allison] "A witch?... Like... Dancing in the forest doing 'spells'?"
[Peter] "well, a woman with extraurdinary abilities with magic, much the same as Jenson i presume."
[Trent] "Handy, since he's leaving."
[Peter] "she also claimed to know Loretta from the park..."
[Loretta] "huh? I didn't meet a witch in the park."
[Peter] "weird-talking woman, dark hair,..." *keeps describing her*
[Loretta] "Whatever; she's not a witch. I can tell."
[Allison] "You seem to have paid very close eye to her appearance..."
[Trent] *smirks*
[Peter] "well she looks nice. that doesnt mean anything." *said in serious tone wanting loretta to hear him* "and loretta, she is a witch. " *taunts playfuly* "i can tell *better* !"
[Loretta] "Hm."
[Allison] *Smirks, and rolls her eyes*
[Peter] *to allison* "oh, believe me, this spell stuff is true, and no it was strictly professional."
[Allison] *Nods* "Alright, if you say so"
[Loretta] "Mmhmm..."
[Peter] "Trent, tell them!" *seems desperate*
[Allison] *Chuckles, leaning against Trent gently* "Yes, tell us honey"
"he knwos me too well, he'd know if i had doen anything..."
[Trent] "Tell them what, witches are real? I don't think that's the part they disbelieve." *chuckles*
[Trent] "hey, now i try not to notice that sort of thing if i can help it."
[Allison] *Grins and kisses his cheek quickly* "I know"
[Trent] *thinks: if only you did...*
[Peter] *gives up, frowning too* "in any case, she wnats to meet us to decide whether she'll join us or not-another thing that proves my point, she wouldnt be unsure 'on that event'. Abd to be honest, its not just her that can approve or disaprove, i want *us* to check if we can cooperate with her too."
[Trent] *nods, turning serious*
[Loretta] "So that's what we needed to meet for? So you could tell us about a future meeting? You couldn't do that on the phone?"
[Allison] "When and where are we to meet her anyway?..."
[Peter] *finaly sits down, trying to determine if Loretta is angry or not* "well we must all talk about it, and maybe express our opinions on what we should check out at the meeting." *to Allison* "she said she will be waiting for us at the beach."
"at nights."
[Loretta] *snickers* "Sure she's not a vamp, Mr. Perceptive?"
[Alllison] *Stiffens slightly against Trent* "Better not be..."
[Peter] *nods, seemingly sad* "yes i am.She is not." *gets up *very* suddenly* "now maybe it was wrong of me to call a meetup. i go."*turns to leave*
[Trent] *strokes her hair comfortingly*
[Allison] "Where are you going? We have sandwiches"
[Peter] *stays put, though with his back on them, unsure what to do* "..."
[Trent] "Yeah, i was planning to go ahead and be late for work; let's keep discussing."
[Loretta] *shrugs like everyone's overreacting to something she doesn't get*
[Peter] *turns back, gladly that at least some think its OK. and says, maybe too short-talking for him, "sure." *sits down*
[Allison] *Opens up the sandwich bag and places it in the middle, sitting down in the grass too and pull Trent down with her, then taking a sandwich herself*
[Peter] *reluctantly takes a sandwich* "so... nice to see you guys together at last..."
"been hearing a lot." *smiles*
[Trent] *noticing far too many stress chemicals coming from Peter* "Just relax and tell us what's bothering you man; we're all friends here."
[Loretta] *sits with them, but looks like a bored teenager at a grown-up party*
[Peter] *shurgs* "i dont think its time for drama, really. how rare is it for all of us to just be here, free to just have fun?"
"had enough drama myself."
[Allison] *Smirks and raises an eyebrow* "So.. hearing a lot from who?.. "
[Trent] "If you say so, man. Just...ya know, if you can't tell us, who can you tell?"
[Trent] *smiles and pulls Allison's hair playfully* "Don't you know? We're Serendipity's newest celebrity couple. They call us Allirent."
[Peter] "hehe. i never said i wont tell you, just not now." *to allison* "i mean, this whole relationship of yours. Trent is one of the best persons i've ever met and i'm happy he found someone like you."
"hmmm... Allirent..."
[Trent] "Yeah. 'Trentson' sounds too contrived..."
[Peter] *laughs*
[Trent] "Besides, she wears the pants, so gotta have her half first."
[Peter] "so Allison... never told me much about yourself."
"all i've heard is from Trent here."
[Allison] *Smiles and strokes Trent's hair gently* "Well... You never told me much about you either... Wasn't a lot of time for talking... With you being sick"
[Loretta] *picking small flowers from the grass where she's sitting, and weaving a chain from them*
[Peter] "wow. now thats a talent for understatement... 'sick'. well, i am Peter, i am a psychic that was a soldier, and i recently found that-hay! i can get better from such 'sicknesses'! really, loretta even tested me."
"tell them what happened Loretta."
[Loretta] *shrugs* "He heals if ya stab him."
[Trent] *looks at Loretta* "You didn't stab him..."
[Loretta] "Not hard."
[Trent] *looks at Peter*
[Allison] *Frowns at that, looking at Loretta for a moment and at Peter* "Well i'm sure she didn't mean to hurt you..."
[Loretta] *snort-laughs, ambiguously*
[Peter] *shrugs* "I am sure for that too. it *was* just for testing-i hope."
[Peter] "after all i think i was really nice to her when we had the meetup." *nods to her*
"so no motive, really."
[Loretta] "But we didn't try wood, or silver, or anything else. Just the one knife. So who knows really, he might have weaknesses."
[Trent] *looks concerned, but doesn't say anything*
[Allison] "Well... best not to tempt fate too much i think..."
[Peter] "whats wrong Trent?" *whispers to him at a chance*
[Trent] *shakes his head* "Just that it sounds weird, besides the obvious."
[Trent] "I mean, back to the 'what caused it' concern. But no matter just yet."
[Peter] "oh, we talked about lots of stuff with Jenson-aparrently i have some sort of stem-cell gland. know what they are?"
[Trent] "No, but apparently it heals a person, so cool."
[Allison] "Not really... but i'll take your word for it"
[Peter] "the doctors would have found it, if they were aware of supernatural stuff to know where to look."
[Peter] "and to tell you guys the truth about what upsets me..."
*long pause due to hesitation*
"before i met the witch after clubbing with jenson-Kitriana is her name- there was this girl i like, and i told it to her. Judging from her reactions, she doesnt like me back, so i am obviously affected; but I'm a big man-I'll deal."
[Loretta] "Really looks like it..."
[Peter] "so no need to worry about me. just wanted to get that out of the picture."
[Trent] *doesn't say anything*
[Allison] "I'm sorry..."
[Peter] "nah. i know what i can and what i cant have."
[Loretta] "Seriously Pete, you could give a girl some time to think on it before you start feeling sorry for yourself anyway."
[Peter] "well i thought this girl was pretty clear. " *smiles* "but maybe feeling sorry for myself isnt the same as *feeling*."
"i kinda learnt that the hard way..." *smiles*
[Allison] *Looks at Loretta and Peter somewhat suspiciously*
[Loretta] "I swear to god Pete, you over-complicate everything. Can you even choose new socks without some deep emotional impact?"
[Trent] "I--" *cuts himself off, waiting to see how this plays out*
[Peter] "hm. maybe i cant, or maybe i can. but fact is, there is always a purpose for everything.I am too emotional and you kinda judge too hard.thats doesnt eman only one of us is wrong."
*seems smiling again, very calm*
"so allison..."
[Allison] "So... This girl you liked, she wouldn't happen to be sitting here with us right now?..."
[Trent] *looks at Peter disapprovingly, but still doesn't say anything*
[Peter] "are you accusing me of something?... first Loretta keeps accusing me, now you?"
*not angry, just seems weird*
[Trent] "It's not 'accusing' if there's no crime suspected--and there's not." *makes that very clear*It's rather just...concern."
[Peter] "of course there's concern. everybody is concerned. if we werent concerned about each other we'd die pretty soon i think." *nods in agreement with trent*
[Allison] "I wasn't accusing you, i was asking a question... And... well, it seems like whatever it is, Loretta has 'something' to do with it... By listening to you two.."
[Trent] "Yes...and also, i think we all know that there are certain...issues, that we all concerned about."
[Loretta] *not looking up from her project* "Loretta is still here, by the way..."
[Peter] "well, truth is, i was majorly traumatised by being forced to be a labrat for years, you know it. and it took me a near-death experience to get posychologicaly doesnt mean i am perfect-nobody is. "
"but i *do* try to get better everyday, you gotta give me that."
[Trent] *nods*
[Loretta] "Oh, well good; i would hate to think that anyone ever cared about me for any reason besides trauma or guilt."
[Allison] "Nobody has expected you to be perfect, we were just asking a question. And that's not true Loretta"
[Peter] "i dont know, i actually tend to care most about people that make me a better was really hard to care about anyone before... maybe as humans, but not as persons easily... i feel kind of liberated."
"i mean, when someone brings the best in you... isnt it nice?'
[Loretta] "Whatever; when you make excuses, it doesn't exactly make a person feel very special."
[Allison] "Ofcourse it's nice when you find someone like that, but you should also consider the well being of the other person..."
[Peter] "i agree. excuses are always bad." *to allison* "and allison, the moment i will stop considering the well being of any innocent person, my life will not have meaning."
"you should think on what kind of a person would open himself like this; surely not a selfish one like you fear."
[Loretta] "just a crazy one..."
[Peter] "i am not crazy, not anymore at least. i totaly understand if you guys cannot believe me though. it hurts me, but i will make it a point to prove myself from scratch."
[Trent] "You don't have to prove yourself to anyone; this is just...a misunderstanding of sorts."
[Peter] *to Trent, very calmly* "i am not upset; merely concerned for stuff, *because* i give a damn about morality despite what most seem to think. despite this, i have the patience to prove myself. not because others want to, but because maybe its the right thing to do."
"is that madness?'
[Allison] "I'm not saying you're crazy or Selfish, i'm just saying.. I'm not sure telling her makes things any easier... For you or her.."
[Trent] "No, i just think maybe your mind is interpreting a close friendship as something else. And under different circumstances, that could even be a good thing. know, there are a lot of factors here to consider, and not everyone is feeling the same way about all of them."
[Loretta] "You know what, i think i'm gonna, to school, or something." *gets up to leave*
[Peter] *sees her, turns to allison* "have lunch for her or something?"
[Loretta] "Oh my god, seriously, can i just have a break from all of you for like, one day?"
[Peter] "whats wrong with her giving you lunch? we didnt ask anything..."
[Loretta] *yells loudly* "UGH!" *before storming off like an angry teenager*
[Peter] *feels imprisoned in his own body with the need to follow her, but thinks better* "Trent, maybe you should check on her?"
[Allison] *Picks through her bag and taking out two things and getting up to run after Loretta* "Hang on Loretta! i won't stop you from going, i just want you to take along two things"
[Trent] "Nope." *grabs Allison before she can take off after her* "She needs a moment. both of you. Sheesh, i can see what she means now."
[Allison] *Sighs, sitting back down* "Fine.."
[Peter] "well i didnt stop her from leaving; i never meant to even meet her unless she wanted, like i told you..."
[Peter] "i just cant see when i have ever supressed anyone's freedom?"
[Trent] "Well she couldn't have expected all of that. Everyone just take a breath."
[Trent] "All any of us wants to do is just help the poor girl out, but let's just look at it from her point of view for a minute--we're smothering her. She's not used to people noticing she's even alive, much less going out of our way to be sure she has a warm place to sleep or three meals a day. We're not making her do anything, but what might she be thinking about all of it?"
[Peter] "we have made it clear that its for free. that she neednt do anything about it. now i get its hard for her... its just too much."
[Trent] *shakes his head* "Nah, it's about the expectations. She thinks we have them. She can't help it, and we can't expect her to see logic all the time."
[Trent] "I don't know; maybe i'm projecting my own experiences, but that's the way i see it. i could be wrong."
[Peter] "i think we are all right to an extent."
[Allison] "It's just hard not to want to take care of her and protect her, she deserves it"
[Peter] "i hate to say this but... i just wish Jenson was here..."
[Trent] *nods in agreement with Allison* "But. She's not a kid. Not really. We've got to learn to help her without seeing her that way."
[Allison] "Maybe she's not entirely, but part of her is, the part of her that was crying the first time i saw her, and the part that's just run of now..."
[Peter] *shrugs* "i dont really know what to do; i have given her permission to come and go in my house whenever she pleases, i never ask questions on where she went unless i suspect its something she wants to talk about... pretty much she has near-ultimate freedom ."
[Trent] "I know what you're saying, and i'm guilty of thinking that way too--but just because it's all in her head doesn't make it not true."
[Peter] *thinks* "true. i have an idea on what to do. "
[Trent] *does not seem relieved* "Ok..."
[Allison] "Alright... We'll hear it"
[Peter] "we cant just talk about her in front of her like she has no say in things; we cant just keep commenting about her. what she *needs* is for us to respect her right to make decisions."
[Trent] "Absolutely."
[Peter] "what we did now was as if we were leaving her out."
"and i wasnt doing that, but i was kinda... defending myself, really."
[Trent] *nods* "We all were."
[Peter] "why didnt *anyone* bother asking her what she thinks?"
"isnt that the truly important thing?"
[Trent] "Well...we were trying to be vague, i think. not put her on the spot. But that is completely true."
[Peter] "yeah, not put her on the spot, as if considering her too weak to make decisions?... a slayer?..."
[Trent] "Exactly. Like i said, we're all guilty of it."
[Allison] *Sighs softly, looking towards the direction Loretta walked off*
[Peter] *looks too; though most probably he wont see anything, if anyone can its him*
[Loretta] *went far enough away it's clear she does not want to be followed*
[Peter] "well... i think we should leave her for now. when she is ready she will return to one of us. i respect her decision to leave, so should you."
[Trent] "She knows where every one of us lives and works; if she needs us, she is smart enough to know when and how to let us know."
[Trent] "Heh. Ok, well that much is agreed then."
[Peter] *nods*
"so... i should get going..." *starts walking to his home*
[Trent] "Same here." *gets up and helps Allison to her feet, if she seems to need it or not*
[Allison] "Yeah.." *Grabs her own bags, and let's Trent help her up, squeezing his hand briefly but not looking quite happy*
[Trent] *kisses her cheek* "Don't worry; she's been taking care of herself for a long time."
[Allison] "Yeah.. Maybe that's part of the problem..."
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Re: Day 9, Tuesday September 10th

PostPosted by Pyriel » Fri Sep 18, 2009 6:07 pm


Once he gets home, he writes a letter before heading to the beach- the letter writes to Loretta:
"You might be tired of listening to me. I am tired of using innuendos. I am tired of wondering what *others* would think. Instead, i want to know what *you* think. not to assume what you think, not to judge what you think. Just to listen to what you honestly have to say as a person, to how you feel about the curent situation.You dont even have to decide anything, just to express youself. Me? i'll just be sitting , and until you finish i wont say or do anything except *listen*, unless you ask me to. You are a unique creature and you deserve to be heard. Do you want that? this is your chance."
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Re: Day 9, Tuesday September 10th

PostPosted by hippie_mama » Sat Sep 19, 2009 11:16 am


Loretta makes her way to the beach near the park; it wasn't exactly the most clever hiding place, but that wasn't really her goal--if anyone followed her now, after all that, they'd really regret it...

And what the hell was all that about anyway? What about her made them think that she needed a whole band of misfits and weirdos to take care of her? Just because she was the youngest among them? She was the strongest, and the toughest--or at least she was; that freaky healing thing Peter did now probably qualified him for that one, but that was so not the point! She could fight anything and win, and she knew how to take care of herself. So, W. T. F. people!

She stares out over the water for awhile and thinks over everything that was said. They were wrong about her, all of them. They didn't know anything about her. Which shouldn't have surprised her; she'd known the guys just over a week, and Allison for much less, so it wasn't completely their fault there, but seriously...she thought that since they'd at least seen her fight, that they would have more faith in her. They hadn't been helping her out because she was a friend--they were taking care of a helpless little child. And she had been a fool to think anything else.

Loretta picks up some loose rocks and pieces of glass from the sand and throws them, hard, out into the water. It doesn't make her feel any better. She's in a mood to kill something, but there was rarely much opportunity for that before lunch.

Peter should know better than any of them what she could do, and what she was about, but he was the worst of them. So he liked her. At worst, that didn't have to be a big deal, and at best, maybe she liked him too. But he had to make it a big deal; he had to tell her he wouldn't do anything about it and he just had to tell everyone else, like it was some horrible thing to confess. Like he should be ashamed of himself for it.

She gets up and starts walking north, arms crossed and glaring at anyone in her path that dared to look at her.
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Re: Day 9, Tuesday September 10th

PostPosted by hippie_mama » Sat Sep 19, 2009 12:36 pm

[Loretta] *walks quite awhile, losing track of time, before reaching a part of the beach where she sees a familiar face--he's still a good distance away, but she can't help herself; she looks up and shouts at the heavens* "Are you kidding me!? Seriously!? Can i have no peace!? NONE!?"

[Peter] *looks at her as he hears it; * "tell me about it; there's this great girl i like, who has given me enough to prove she's the best thing that happened to me for a long time; and it seems everyone is accusing me of some crime instead of something truly great, just because human law, like i predicted, doesnt see her as my eyes do. i shall leave if you state to not want me here with you."

[Loretta] *crosses her arms in front of her and rolls her eyes* "I get the feeling that if i did, we'd just run into each other again later."

[Peter] *chuckles* "maybe its fate; a guy can hope right? i mean, we did have a great day here, maybe things could get better?...and maybe some parts of us *hoped* for that. i mean, great day at the beach after the hopsital of course."

[Loretta] "I knew what you meant." *looks out at the water and sighs* "You know it was a lot more fun when i could tease you without feeling like i was *teasing* you."

[Peter] *sighs* "i know this could be uncomfortable... i know things might get worse. but firstly, it i had reason to think you'd want to know; secondly, i guess a part of me just... wanted to know... " *gets closer to her* "a part of me just believed things dont need to go bad, maybe nice, beautiful things could happen." *looks her calmly in the eyes* "and see i am done 'assuming' what you want."

[Loretta] "Well that's good."

[Peter] "it is time your voice be heard. cause i know you well enough to know you *do* have opeinions and feelings, and i wish to hear them. feel free to express yourself today. want us to go sit somewhere? "

[Loretta] "Not really; i don't have anything to say. Just that i'm pissed off at everyone."

[Peter] "well, anger can be a bad advisor. Honestly, i just... just wanted to know if you felt anything else.I'll understand if you need time like you said..." *pauses* "tell you what? we relax, we go have a swim,we go eat,-or anything if you have a better idea- and we see where this takes us." *smiles*

[Loretta] "Does it really matter anyway? You already said you wouldn't do anything about it. What if i decide i do like you? Why should both of us suffer?"

[Peter] "well, i said i thought you didnt like me. theres also the chance i end up in jail due to the law's incompetence to deal with extraurdinary persons and treating them like kids, but onestly? if you like me... maybe the risk would even be worth it."

[Loretta] *sarcastically* "Gee, i'm flattered..."

[Peter] *sighs* "i do not make the rules. i just know how much i want to hold you right now."

[Loretta] *winces* "Ok...i'm really going to need some time to get used to you saying things like that."

[Peter] *smiles* "but... you like it?"

[Loretta] "I didn't say that. But i didn't hate it either. It's just really, really weird."

[Peter] *nods* "i really dont know what to say-i still want to hear what you feel or dont feel whenever you are ready. But if you are not that weirded out-my offer about what to do still stands."

[Loretta] "Make ya a deal: as soon as i figure out what i think about it, you'll be the first one to know."

[Peter] *nods* "that would work fine." *chuckles* "come to think of it, its funny how hard it is to know what you want sometimes. so... i guess i'll see you."

[Loretta] "Yeah..."

[Peter] *fights the urge to hug her goodbye*"aaargh... i so need to find something to say before i leave..." *laughs* "OK we'll talk later. bye." *tunrs to leave*

[Loretta] "Bye."
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Re: Day 9, Tuesday September 10th

PostPosted by hippie_mama » Sat Sep 19, 2009 4:21 pm

[Allison] *Follows along back towards the parking place, uncharacteristicly quiet and grave looking*

[Trent] "You know i'm right in a way...don't you?"

[Allison] *Sighs deeply, and stops moving for a moment, then taking his hand and squeezing it* "No i don't... But i do trust you... I just.. it bothers me.. I'm sorry"

[Trent] *pulls her into a big hug* "You just see the world a different way. That's good, means you haven't given up on it."

[Allison] *Leans against him affectionately* "Yeah, i think you're right... I just don't see what you see, I mean, i really like Loretta, i think she's a marvelous girl and i want only the best for her. But i don't see this 'adult' people talk about. I know she can take care of herself. But that's true of a lot of kids raised on the streets. No matter how different she is from normal teenage girl physically, But when you take that away, all i see is a teenage girl with too much responsibility, who's been forced to endure too much hardship, and forced herself to deal, but it's not the same as being a real adult. And i guess I'm a little worried you'll think i'm trying to get between you and your friends, which i'm not. Or that i'm just being 'cop me'... Which i try not to be."

[Trent] "No, i don't think that at all; i think you're just a caring woman who is worried about a girl that has more responsibility than a girl her age--hell, anyone of any age, really should. But that's the life she was handed, and she's dealing. I just think we need to trust her to ask for help when she needs it, instead of forcing it and making her feel like we don't trust her judgment.

[Allison] *Nods gently and let's out a softer sigh, kissing his cheek* "I'll try, i really will... But it's hard, because, i learned the hard way with my brother, no matter how much we love him, I can't let him do everything he wants. He's too young and impressionable to know what's the good thing for him at times. And i worry the same about Loretta, but you do know her longer then me." *Squeezes his hand gently again* "Just answer me one question ease my mind?"

[Trent] "Of course."

[Allison] "What were they like, before all this?"

[Trent] "Who? Slayers?"

[Allison] *Grins and runs a hand through his hair* "Peter and Loretta!"

[Trent] *laughs* "Oh. Well...i don't know. I haven't known them that long, really. But before the thing with the demon when you met them? Peter was always kind of intense; focused on this demon hunting thing. Loretta was...i don't know, more Loretta. She was loud and playful and reckless. I guess she's been a lot more serious lately. Is that what you mean?"

[Allison] "Kind of... I just wondered..." *Sighs gently again* "Well.... alright, i was just wondering if you'd say Peter was in a position of authority to Loretta.... as far as anyone can be to her, she's pretty free spirited.. But it doesn't matter."

[Trent] *laughs* "I wouldn't say anyone could ever be in a position of authority to Loretta--in fact, i'm shocked she's currently employed. That one's got to be a stretch."

[Allison] "I know they're your friends, and even if i can't support any adult trying to sleep with a 15 year old... I'll... be quiet.. and trust in you. Maybe i'm just seeing too much of my brother in it.. or myself... or i just can't appreciate how these supernatural things change people. But together we can, just promise me you'll let me know if you see anything that makes you worry too?"

[Trent] *nods* "I'm not exactly crazy about the--" *ahem* "'romantic' direction that particular friendship might possibly be taking, but...well, Loretta hasn't given us any reason to assume it's anything but a one-sided infatuation anyway, so maybe it won't even become an issue. If it does? Well, i guess we can keep our eyes and ears out and do our best to be sure it doesn't become anything harmful. It's the best we can do."

[Allison] *Smiles at him and hugs him affectionately* "Alright... So, what about that meeting at the beach, think that's still on?"

[Trent] "I guess so..."

[Allison] *Grins and pokes him* "You don't sound too enthusiastic about a possible chance to see me in my bathing suit!"

[Trent] *eyes light up* "Oh--well i didn't think it was going to be a beach party, but i'm sure no one would complain if you were inclined to show up in one."

[Allison] "Well, I thought i could wear it underneath a dress, then when everyone leaves, we could try a swim?"

[Trent] "I see..." *impish grin*

[Allison] "So.. You could come by in the evening, we could eat together, then go to the beach together? If Loretta doesn't come by i won't have to drive myself, i don't really like driving wet if i don't have to" *Smirks at him and pokes him in the side hard* "I could just see you trying to make a joke out of that!!"

[Trent] *grins* "Who me? But yeah, i'll come by."

[Allison] *Smirks* "I could see it in your eyes" *Leans up to kiss him once more* "Good luck at work, and i'll see you tonight"

[Trent] "See ya."
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Re: Day 9, Tuesday September 10th

PostPosted by Pyriel » Sat Sep 19, 2009 5:14 pm


Peter walked to his home and destroyed the letter; it wasnt needed anymore, and maybe, just maybe, the meetup with Loretta went much better than he hoped. He smiled at that. While going home, he went and got newspapers. He still couldnt help but wonder-he wanted to be honest with everyone of his friends, but did honesty hurt sometimes? He contemplated on that... He was that close to being arrested today, for all he knew.

He started doing his daily exercises again, and went for a shower.Once again, he made it a point to gather the newspapers and notice any strange phenomena and crimes, like he always did. he made lunch for two and put the second meal in the fridge; Loretta probably wouldnt come yet, but in case she did he wanted her to have a meal ready. After eating, thinking of the possiblity of needing to stay awake, he went to the bedroom and fell asleep in the most peaceful sleep in his life.
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Re: Day 9, Tuesday September 10th

PostPosted by hippie_mama » Sat Sep 19, 2009 5:47 pm


Trent drives to work, now a couple of hours late, but isn't concerned about it. There was nothing in the shop that couldn't wait, and if there was, it wouldn't have killed Harry or Mike to do it themselves. He liked the old guys though, so he did feel a little bad for not calling. Just a little.

Once there, Harry makes some good-natured-yet-crude comments about Trent's presumed reason for being late, and Trent simply shakes his head with a smile and gets to work. "One of these days, Harry, she's gonna walk in while you're saying something like that, and teach you a thing or two." Harry, of course, says he'd be glad to be taught a thing or two by a woman like that!
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Re: Day 9, Tuesday September 10th

PostPosted by Solar_Dawn » Sun Sep 20, 2009 10:15 am


After saying goodbye to Trent Allison heads to the supermarket to do some new general groceries shopping, restocking on food and other consumables, before heading back home, and storing everything back into the proper place.
Then she turns on the TV to listen to, and starts cleaning the house properly having slacked off on that lately, taking occasional breaks to check out what's on TV.
When the cleaning is finally done, she heads upstairs to prepare her bathing suit and a summer dress that can be worn over it, then heads down to get a tentative start on dinner, until Eric comes home.


Upon reaching home, the first thing Eric does is inspect his sisters car, and letting out a frustrated sigh "damnit, it's still there" and stares at it for a while, before thinking of a plan, an unlikely plan, but it's all he's got.
Once inside he heads into the kitchen to find Allison "Hey, can i borrow your car real quick? Me and Dennis were supposed to do this assignment together and we were both gonna do half, but i left my part in his bag, so i gotta go pick it up."
Allison looks at him suspiciously for a moment but nods eventually "Well alright, since it's for school, but nowhere else"
Eric moves out of the kitchen as quickly as possible without drawing attention to him, and uses his computer to look up the dress of that Trent guy's repair shop that was on his truck, and heading there with his sisters car.
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Re: Day 9, Tuesday September 10th

PostPosted by hippie_mama » Sun Sep 20, 2009 6:20 pm


Loretta walks on to work and puts in a couple of hours, making sure to warn the others that she's leaving very early tonight. She's in a good mood (which she quickly learns effects her tips--who knew!?), and feeling optimistic about tonight's meet-up.
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Re: Day 9, Tuesday September 10th

PostPosted by hippie_mama » Sun Sep 20, 2009 6:29 pm

[Eric] *takes more care then usual driving to Trent's workplace, keeping his eye on the road untill parking the car very near the place, then grabbing all the allowance he's saved up from the other chair and walking towards the place instead, looking around for Trent and thinking negative thoughts about the whole place*

[Trent] *is under a car; there's an older guy in the office and an even older guy asleep leaned against a workbench*

[Eric] *Walks over to the man in the workbench and pokes him, though* "Eh, hey, is there someone named Trent around here?"

[Harry] *snorts and startles awake* "Dammit kid! Tryin to give an old man a heart attack? Yeah, he's..." *looks around, perplexed*

[Trent] "Over here, Eric." *slides out from under the car; gets up and wipes his face on his sleeve* "What's up?"

[Eric] "Well... Sorry about that, didn't mean to disturb your nap!" *Walks over to Trent quickly, finding him slightly less odd then the old man* "Eh hey. Well, remember when you asked me to go looking for Loretta?"

[Trent] "Yeah..."

[Eric] "Well, i kinda had this small... very small.... accident...."

[Trent] *holds back a smile* "I see..."

[Eric] "And i can't afford to get it fixed at normal rates... So i was hoping you could fix it, and like.... not tell her..."

[Trent] *has a very hard time keeping a straight face, but is able to sound stern* "Well, let's see what you've done."

[Eric] *Nods and leads Trent back to the car* "it wasn't 'really' my fault, who puts a trashcan so close to the drive in...."

[Trent] *follows silently, and looks over it with great scrutiny, squatting down to look closer, and rubbing it with his finger some* "This here is a scuff. Bring it into the shop and we'll see about getting it buffed out."

[Eric] *Seems a bit hesitant, looking at Trent for signs of trickery* "And you won't tell her?"

[Trent] "Well if it comes out, what's there to tell about?"

[Eric] *rolls his eyes* "Just because she's nice and fair to you doesn't mean she is to me! I'd loose my allowance for like a year for 'reckless driving'"

[Trent] *nods silently* "Just bring it in."

[Eric] *Nods slowly, looking at Trent Appraisingly* "So, do you... like, really like her?"

[Trent] *smiles* "Yes, i really like her."

[Eric] *let's out a sigh* "Well, i guess it could be worse... Like that lawyer..."

[Trent] "Or another cop, or--well, really anything, right? I mean, who else could help you with your little predicament here? Pretty handy, really, don't you think? Wait--'that' lawyer? What lawyer? Nevermind. Bring in the car, will ya? I'll go get the stuff we need."

[Eric] "eh... just this lawyer guy she went out with 3 times.... He kept sending her flowers and shit afterwards.... think it ended with a restraining order..."

[Trent] "Hmm..." *walks off back into the shop and starts pulling things off shelves*

[Eric] *Get's back into the car to bring it into the shop, then get's out to stare at Trent curiously*

[Trent] *brings over a bucket of soapy water and hose, and hands them to Eric*

[Eric] *Stares at them blankly* "eh... what am i supposed to do with these?..."

[Trent] "Ah, that's to get rid of any dust particles that might otherwise pit the paint when you polish the whole car--can't let one shiny spot make your big sister suspicious. Then, after i buff out the scuff mark, you can put on a nice coat of wax--she'll think you did it as a thank-you for letting you drive it around all the time." *devious grin*

[Eric] "Oh.... right" *Leans down onto a knee, though clearly not content about touching this floor, and tries to clean the scratches with ineptly* "Like this?..."

[Trent] "Nah, soap the whole thing down like ya mean it, then rinse it off. You never washed a car before?"

[Eric] "eh no.... That's why they have a carwash?.."

[Trent] *shakes his head* "Those are no good for a deep clean, and they always miss spots." *takes the sponge and demonstrates with wide sweeping motions* "See? Much better this way." *hands it back.* "I'm taking a smoke break."

[Eric] *Frowns, and atempts to take over* "When you said.. the whole thing, you meant the whole area around the scratch right?..."

[Trent] *laughs, already walking out* "No, i meant the whole car."

[Eric] *Stares at the car in disbelief as if asked to build an ark in two days* "You're kidding?...... Right?...... Trent?....." *Let's out a desperate little sigh, but, between this.. and facing his sister, he starts trying to clean it*

[Trent] *waits until he's finished to return, a good 30 minutes later* "Not too bad." *tosses him a couple of clean towels* "Now be sure to get it as dry as possible."

[Eric] *Uses the towel to wipe off himself first* "You do this all day long??..."

[Trent] "No, i'm a bit faster at it."

[Eric] *Scowls and starts wiping off the car* "Well excuse me...* *mumble*

[Trent] *chuckles and starts buffing out the scuffed area*

[Eric] *Continues wiping steadily and badly, tired and anoyed* "So... will it work?"

[Trent] "Yup."

[Eric] *Stops wiping for a rest when he thinks Trent isn't looking* "So... i got like 122 bucks saved up... is that enough?..."

[Trent] "Well, let's see...probably $3 for the polish...another $4 for the wax...the amount of soap we used is negligible, so no worries there, and shop time is free when teaching a kid a lesson, so leave $7 on Mike's desk on your way out, and we'll call it even."

[Eric] "Really? eh..... thanks... If you ever need my help with something... "

[Trent] *smiles and hands him another towel and the bottle of polish* "Now the fun part. Rub on a thin layer, then when it dries, rub it with a clean side of the towel--make sure you get it all off."

[Eric] *Walks over to stare at the scratch a little worried* "What if i screw up?"

[Trent] (scratch is gone by now; Trent did that part, just having the kid do the rest so it doesn't look suspicious) "Then you'll have to pay for a new paint job--kidding. It'll be fine; only way you can mess up is if you slack off and don't wipe everything off right away." *Sets down another bottle* "And when you're finished, do it again with this one."

[Eric] "oh... right...." *Grabs the things and get's to work the best he can*

[Trent] *seems confident in Eric's abilities; walks off to work on another car*

[Eric] *takes a long time on the car, then goes over to put 20 bucks with 'Mike', and going by Trent* "Eh, think i'm done..."

[Trent] *Comes over to give it a look* "Looks that way."

[Eric] "So... i guess you're coming by later tonight? and i'll see you then?..."

[Trent] "Yeah, i think Allison had dinner planned, then we're going to the beach. ...So it's safe for you to hang out at the house tonight."

[Eric] *Shrugs* "Cool.... So.... thanks..."

[Trent] "No problem; learn anything?"

[Eric] "eh... Don't run over trashcans? Don't wear good clothes to a car shop?..."

[Trent] *laughs* "Well, at least you learned something."

[Eric] *Nods and get's into the car to head home, very careful on the drive way this time*
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Re: Day 9, Tuesday September 10th

PostPosted by hippie_mama » Sun Sep 20, 2009 8:05 pm


Trent sweeps out the excess water, puts away the supplies, tools, and equipment, then locks up and drives home to shower and change. Any excuse to see Allison was a good one, and he was curious about the new witch in town. He wastes no time getting ready, and smokes his 6pm cigarette on the way to Allison's.
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Re: Day 9, Tuesday September 10th

PostPosted by Lexi » Sun Sep 20, 2009 8:21 pm


Kitriana watched the sun start to set as she walked through the streets; she hated driving unless it was absolutely necessary. Cars were dangerous, after all. She started on her way towards the beach, stopping long enough to grab one of her favorite books, which strangely enough, was actual fiction. She stepped onto the beach and headed for the fire pit, igniting it once again as she sat nearby, reading by firelight and waiting.
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Re: Day 9, Tuesday September 10th

PostPosted by Pyriel » Mon Sep 21, 2009 5:30 am


Peter wakes up, and starts getting dressed for the meetup. He does some housework, and wonders if Loretta will be at the beach, and anxiously shaves/bathes and otherwise tries to look his best. He wears the kind of clothes he thinks both cool for the occasion and practical if needed- a comfortable t-shirt, shorts, and so on, very casual. With that, he is ready to head for the beach. He thinks of how to direct the conversation with Kitriana in the way, or what to expect from her and the possible reactions of his friends. He also has an idea to make everyone more comfortable-he stops by some shop and gets one beer for everyone as a gift.
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Re: Day 9, Tuesday September 10th

PostPosted by Solar_Dawn » Mon Sep 21, 2009 2:03 pm

[Trent] *arrives at Allison's and knocks on the door*

[Allison] *Opens the door after half a minute, and smiles at Trent, kissing him briefly* "Hi! How are you doing?"

[Trent] "Better now..."

[Allison] *Runs a hand through his hair and looks at him appraisingly while closing the door behind him* "You weren't so good earlier?"

[Trent] "Well no, i wasn't with you before. I was trying to be smooth."

[Allison] *Smiles and hugs him* "So.... I think my brother might be dying..."

[Trent] "Oh?"

[Allison] "He washed my whole car for no apparent reason...." *She smirks* "So the only realistic options are... he's dying, or he's gotten up to something and i just haven't figured out what yet"

[Trent] "Well...maybe he just realized how easy he has it, and wanted to show some appreciation."

[Allison] "Maybe... So are you hungry? I got you a little more steak today and a little less vegetables, so you don't spend half the meal poking at them!"

[Trent] *smiles* "i'm always hungry."

[Allison] *Turns on the TV and nudges Trent into the couch while she sets the table and finishes up dinner*

[Trent] "And i like veggies...they just don't digest well." *as though defending himself a little*
[Trent] *lets her nudge, but protests some* "I could help, you know."

[Allison] "I know, but you had to work today, and i didnt, don't worry, i'm not afraid to put you to work if it's needed!"

[Trent] "Fair enough, i guess." *sits, honestly being a bit tired anyway*

[Allison] "So, should we expect Loretta to want to drive to the beach with us you think?"

[Trent] "I wouldn't bet on her showing up; i haven't seen her since this morning."

[Allison] "Well i guess that works out, we can take one car and you can drive me! Could you ask Eric if he wants to eat in his room or with us?"

[Eric] *Seems very entrenched in his world of warcraft game* "oh come on!!! bloody paladins, somebody nerf that fricking bubble" *Looks up when he realizes Trent's there* "oh... sorry, eh what?"

[Trent] "Dinner. Allison wants to know if you're joining us, or will require room service."

[Eric] "oh right, food, i guess i can come downstairs, this warsong gulch match is a total bust anyway" *Gives his screen a disgusted look and get's up to follow Trent* "So... You play any games?"

[Trent] " Never had the time."

[Eric] *Shrugs* "That's what Allison said... Well that and she couldn't figure out the game when i made her try"
[Eric] *Sits down at the table, seeming entirely comfortable with just waiting and letting his sister do the work*

[Trent] *sits down too, but a little less easily* " was school?"

[Eric] "Eh... I dunno, lame? "

[Trent] "As it should be."

[Allison] *Puts down a plate for everyone and gives Eric a stern look* "If it's so lame it shouldn't be hard to keep your grades at a good level, you're plenty smart"

[Trent] *stays quiet at that*

[Eric] *Decidedly looks the other way* "So.. You're going to the beach tonight?"

[Allison] "Yeah.... we are.... How'd you know?..."

[Eric] "eh... Trent told me.... just now, comming down"

[Trent] *nods*

[Eric] *decides to be safe and shut up for the rest of dinner*

[Trent] *finding a little fun in it* "Allison said you washed her car. That was thoughtful."

[Eric] "eh.... yeah.... For letting me borrow it..."

[Trent] *nods approvingly* "See Allison? Nothing to worry about. Sometimes a man just knows when he needs to do something."

[Allison] *Looks between the two briefly* "Seems so"
[Allison] "So, were we supposed to be at the beach at any specific time?"

[Trent] "Not that i'm aware of; these types don't often give specifics."

[Eric] *Looks up gaining slight interest* "What types?"

[Trent] "The types...that...well, it was more or less sort of a meet-up thing. With people. Boring stuff though."
[Trent] *now decides it's his turn to be quiet*

[Eric] *Looks at them both suspiciously, wondering if he should follow them to find out, and then realizes his plate is empty* "Guess i'm done... I gotta head back up anyway, my guild is waiting for me, dinner was good though, thanks!"

[Allison] *Looks after Eric and sighs* "Wash your hands first!" *then looks at Trent* "Do you think you could put things in the dishwasher?... Just stack them in and i'll turn it on when we leave, so i can go change"

[Trent] "Sure." *does so, having been finished for awhile now*

[Allison] *Heads upstairs to put on her bathing suit and then the soft pink summer dress over it, taking her normal bag along, and filling a second bag with towels and some other beach supplies, before heading back down* "I'm all set"

[Trent] *wiping off the table* "Cool, me too."

[Allison] *heads into the kitchen to close and turn on the Dishwasher, then back into the living room to wrap an arm around Trent* "Which car are we taking?"

[Trent] "Well, yours smells better, if you have a preference."

[Allison] *Shrugs and picks through her main bag to find her carkey* "It's up to you, you're driving, Yours smells like you anyway" *She kisses his cheek briefly* "Which isn't too horrible either"

[Trent] *smiles and takes the keys, not pointing out all the extra things she can't smell*
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Re: Day 9, Tuesday September 10th

PostPosted by Pyriel » Mon Sep 21, 2009 2:10 pm

peter: **walks to the beach, apparently reaching there about half an hour after Kit; he sees her at some point and walks towards her**
peter: "hey there. so how are you since the last time we met?"
** Kitriana is sitting near the same firepit, with a blazing fire going on "It's only been one day, not much has changed." She doesn't look up from her book **
peter: "... that is the harsh truth, not much can change in a day i guess. " *thinks 'but then again, every day is a possible new month* "so... i talked to my friends..."
peter: "they will probably come today." *pauses* "i think..."
** Kitriana just shrugs, and continues reading **
peter: **sits besides the fire, looking at what she does, trying to understand her, probably failing**
Loretta: *eventually shows up, without fanfare* "Hey guys." *plops down on the other side*
peter: *smiles* "hey was work today? no employees giving you hard time?"
Loretta: *shrugs* "Didn't stay long enough for them to try.
peter: "Kitriana, this is Loretta. i think you have met..."
Loretta: "Yup; hey Kitriana. Pete says you're a witch--that true?"
Kitriana: "Something like that."
Loretta: "We're all 'something' like something, i guess..."
peter: "so..." *reaches to his bag* "got beers here. who wants? leave these two intact for 'allirent' though, will you?"
Kitriana: "Yes, I know." Kitriana shrugs again and looks over the book towards the ocean.
peter: *grabs a beer, but doesnt start drinking unless someone else does*
Loretta: "I'll take one." *does so, opening it*
peter: "cheers." *raises beer to loretta's *
Loretta: *raises hers too and starts drinking it*
Trent: *drives Allison's car to the meet-up place*
peter: *looks once at Loretta and once at Kitriana, then turns to Kitriana* "you are a bit too mature for your age right?"
** Allison steps out of the car and runs a hand over the hood briefly **
Allison: "He did a good job really... better then i thought he could..."
Trent: *smiles* "Sometimes people will surprise you."
Kitriana: "And what do you believe is my age?"
peter: "I... i guess i assumed. i keep forgetting that some persons might be a bit older than they appear. so what is it? you seem young, but... "
Trent: *joins the others around the fire, arm around Allison*
** Kitriana tosses the book towards the fire, and watches it disappear before actually hitting the flames. **
Kitriana: "It's not nice to ask a lady's age, you know."
peter: *turns to them *"hey guys!Kitriana, this is Allison and Trent. call them Allirent. guys, this is Kitriana.
Trent: *smirks* "I see Peter is already showing his natural charm..."
Trent: "...And very funny."
peter: "and trent, i was not the one that made the initial question; she did."
Allison: *Sits down with Trent, smiling briefly at Loretta and nodding at Kirtriana
Trent: "Sure...Nice to meet you, Kitriana." *moves around the fire some to shake her hand*
peter: "so... Trent, Allison, i have beers." *hands them*
peter: "just a friendly gift."
Trent: *takes two and hands one to Allison* "Thanks man."
** Allison takes the beer but just holds it for now **
** Kitriana doesn't take the hand, and watches Trent's aura for a few moments, "So he's divulged my secrets, I haven't heard a word about any of you." **
Trent: *looks at her a bit oddly for a second, but backs off; his aura would reveal that he holds back a LOT of power--he's a werewolf, but can bring it forth at will*
peter: *nods* "it is *their* business to decide what they will reveal of themselves. do not expect it to be my deed." *waits for others to speak*
Kitriana: "You didn't take that seriously with my business." She shrugs again and inclines her head at Trent.
Trent: *clears his throat slightly as he returns to sit next to Allison again* "Well, technically i guess we're a band of hunters. We seek out evil and destroy or contain it whenever possible." *is obviously keeping his little secret, secret*
Trent: *drinks his beer*
Loretta: *has finished hers by now, and looks a bit bored*
Kitriana: "And what do you define as evil?"
** Allison wraps her arm around Trent again and leans gently **
Allison: "Good question..."
Trent: "Things that threaten the well-being of normal folk, mostly. Least that's how i define it."
peter: *looks to Loretta, giving her a whiesper to stay with him; this was important*
peter: "there is also another source of what is evil and what is not."
Loretta: *shrugs slightly and sighs quietly*
peter: "sometimes i see visions of people in danger. we go there, help if posisble, and eliminate the threat, which might or might not mean lethality."
Trent: *nods* "Most of us have special talents that help. But our goal is pretty much the same."
peter: "to create a better environment for all people to progress,a nd in doing such, not simply save lives, but souls too."
Trent: *smiles* "Well we each put our own little spin and motivation into it too, as you can see, but like i said: very basically, we want to help people; keep em safe."
peter: *nods to agree*
Kitriana: "That doesn't particularly define good or evil, but I suppose it's sufficient for the moment."
** Kitriana turns back to watching the ocean. **
peter: "and what defines good and evil? nothing, really. We are not destroyers of evil-we merely do our best to help."
peter: "though it suprises me that the two women here are less talkative; this is usually not the case..."
Trent: "Honestly miss, if good wanted to hurt my loved ones, or other innocent folk, i'd do my best to eliminate them too. Call it priorities."
Loretta: "You mean three..."
peter: "i mean the two women except Kitriana."
Loretta: "Oh."
** Kitriana offers the slightest hint of a smile at Trent "Honesty is the most admirable trait, I've found." **
peter: "Kit is talkative; you and allison are not."
** Allison shrugs **
Allison: "I haven't really had reason to add anything"
Loretta: *shrugs* "Nothing to add; sounds like you guys are covering it."
peter: "i am not complaining or anything, just reminding you that this is something you 8should* have a say on, its your right."
Trent: *kind of frowns at Kitriana, what with that looking-right-through-you vibe he just got from her apprasing look that replaced the offered handshake*
Kitriana: "There's also something to be said of privacy."
Trent: "Indeed..." *feeling even more paranoid right now*
Loretta: "I kill stuff. Big stuff, mean stuff, bitey things with sharp teeth. That's about all, really."
peter: "so, Kitriana, what do you hope to achieve by coming here? i mean, what do you wnat out of your life?good?evil?safety?peace or quiet?"
peter: "and trust Loretta, she *does* kill stuff good."
Loretta: *smiles, pleased*
** Allison looks between Kitriana and Trent for a moment, giving them both appraising looks **
Kitriana: "What do I hope to achieve? That's yet to be decided."
Trent: *tightens his arm around Allison, slightly*
peter: "kind of enigmatic of you...but that's okay, really. i just think you understand we see a supernatural here, and most of us have no indication of your good intentions-ir at least absense of bad ones."
** Allison smiles gently at Trent and kisses his cheek, but still keeping a close eye on him. **
Loretta: *shrugs* "Spent a whole night in a presumably secluded location with her once, and she didn't try to disembowel me, or suck me dry, so she's cool in my book."
Trent: *seems slightly unsettled, but otherwise gives no sign of his thoughts*
peter: "that is cool. cause she is cool in my book too, i have similar past event with her."
peter: "but Trent and Allison... if i were them , i would feel uncomfortable."
Kitriana: "I'm not here to cause harm, if that's what you mean. There are better things to do than murder a few young people."
** Allison shrugs slightly **
peter: *sees that* "you could have really messed me up then, but you didnt. when we met and i tried to convince you...i was totally defenseless and unaware for some time."
Loretta: *still gives Peter a suspicious look then*
peter: *shrugs* "what i want to say is, we cannot offer you safety, but i really think thats not what you crave; we *can* however be a hunting party that really offers each othewr refuge-both physical and spiritual."
Loretta: "Let me provide subtitles: he wants to be pals."
Kitriana: "And whatever gave you the idea that I needed either? You've been basing your recruitment off quite a lot of assumptions."
peter: *whixpers to loretta* ":which, if you hadnt figured out, means i am *not* pals with ehr, or anything. honestly."
peter: "of cours ei am. i know *nothing* about you."
** Allison sits up a little straighter, taking her own beer and offering it wordlessly to Trent, seeming quite content not to meet anyone else's eyes **
peter: "i can do nothing but assume."
Loretta: *whispers back* "Sounds like you had quite an interesting first meeting; that's all."
Trent: *takes the beer and strokes her hair*
peter: *whispers playfully* "are you jealous?" *pauses to check her reaction* "relax, you dont have a reason to be."
Loretta: *glares* "No; you just have a bad way with words."
peter: "so why doesnt anyone else talk then? "
Trent: *leans toward Allison to whisper in her ear* "Well this is going well..."
peter: *to Kitriana* "anyways; you seem to tell us next-to-nothing about yourself, we can only assume, and we assume wrong. am i correct?"
Trent: 'I think maybe our intentions aren't quite clear enough: Kitriana, we just want to make our little town safer. We're hoping you feel the same way, and if you do, and you're willing, we'd be glad to both assist you, and also have your help on a few things, on an as-needed basis. Interested?"
Kitriana: "Did I give that impression? You are the one that approached me, I can only take that to mean that you did, in fact, already know things about me."
peter: *nods to what trent said* "finally. someone else took charge for once..."
peter: "i know very little of you, just the things i have seen as a psychic.-which in your case were very little."
Trent: "We don't care what you are or what you can do. That can all be figured out later. it's intentions we're really interested in."
Kitriana: "And I've already divulged my intentions, it's not my choice if you wish to believe them."
** Kitriana shrugs again **
Trent: "Well i've got nothing else to say on the matter then. We can choose to trust or not trust. That's all we've been doing so far."
Trent: "So on to the next part: are you willing to help us?"
Trent: "We're all about returning favors if you do."
peter: *sits back and relaxes a little, watching Trent*
** Allison can't help herself and smiles slightly and pokes Trent **
Allison: "Favors... within reason"
Trent: *flinces, but smiles* "Well yeah..."
Trent: *flinches
Kitriana: "It's possible that I might. It's also possible that I'll need to leave town in a week."
Trent: "Well then, i guess we could exchange some contact information, and come what may."
peter: "why should you do that? is a paramilitary organization hunting you or something?"
Kitriana: "I certainly hope not."
Allison: "Yeah... Hate it when 'that' happens..."
Trent: *sighs at Peter's question, thinking maybe he should start putting himself in charge of these things...*
peter: *likes the fact that Trent takes charge*
peter: "so... what i mean to say is, we all have a reason to possibly leave town. this is not a safe life we have chosen either of us."
peter: "i am hunted by a paramilitary organization, Trent has his own thing, Loretta is a slayer, and allison... what have you again?" *said with a joking look* "in any case, we are all in danger; we're just in this together."
Trent: *shakes his head slightly* "Allison has some very handy contacts and access to things the rest of us do not."
** Allison ignores Peter, which she has done most of the evening, to stare at Trent with interest **
Allison: "You have your own thing?"
peter: "i did not speak about abilities."
peter: "i spoke about dangers."
peter: "if i had ever doubted anyone here, i'm sure you'd know."
Kitriana: "So you're all in danger. That's not exactly news for most people in the world."
peter: "yes, allison, he is a werewolf hunter, and thes ethings know him."
** Kitriana just watches the ocean **
Trent: "True, that."
Trent: *to what Kit said*
Trent: *just looks at Peter somewhat incredilously for a moment, but lets it go*
Allison: "Oh really?.... That sounds kind of dangerous... Werewolves..."
Trent: "Very. Are we finished here then?"
peter: "you can present this all you want Kitriana. but theres a difference between facing danger alone and facing danger with friends. gives you a whole different kind of strength."
peter: "yes, i believe we *are* finished..."
peter: *stands up, kinda dissapinted, though to what is unsure*
** Allison looks at Kitriana **
Loretta: *stays where she is, watching the group*
** Kitriana is watching the ocean water through the fire, not really moving. **
peter: *shrugs, lets a strong sigh, then starts walking home*
peter: "bye guys."
Trent: "Later."
** Allison turns to look at Trent again **
Kitriana: "He's quite rough around the edges."
Allison: "Goodbye Peter.."
Allison: "So, what's this werewolf hunting bussiness like?.."
Loretta: "Bye." *once he's gone* "Well, i for one nominate Trent for our future PR work. Pete's no good at it."
Trent: "Dangerous, much like the rest."
Trent: *unclear if he's answering Kitriana or Allison ;)
Allison: "Well.. I hope you're careful, i'd very upset if some wolf thing used you as a chewtoy... Maybe i should go along, it's just full moons right? According to the movies i saw..."
Trent: *sighs and gets up, offering Allison a hand* "Let's go talk."
peter: *stops in a part of the beach, starts throwing rocks*
** Allison get's up, but doesn't move quite yet, looking at Loretta with a distinctly motherly expression **
Loretta: *looks at Allison back, with great suspicion* "What?"
Allison: "You're still welcome to come over to stay.... If you wanted to"
** Kitriana pulls her book back out of the fire, and starts reading again **
Loretta: "Yeah, sure; thanks. I probably will sometimes."
** Allison nods, and follows Trent, though it still seems to take some effort to pull away and leave Loretta sitting around a fire 'nearly' alone. **
peter: *lies down, watches the stars thinking*
Loretta: *shrugs at Kitriana, who is obviously not paying attention, and walks off as well* "later."
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Re: Day 9, Tuesday September 10th

PostPosted by Pyriel » Mon Sep 21, 2009 3:07 pm

[Loretta] *watches where Peter goes, then walks off from the others at the fire in another direction, then doubles back to where Peter went, unseen by the others; goes over and sits next to him* "Well...could have gone worse, i guess."
[Peter] "yes, it could. she was kinda difficult, i would say. still... i arranged the meeting, some people took a more active role...there are positive stuff in this."
[Loretta] "Yeah; Trent's getting more social; next time you should just send him. He gets right to the point."
[Peter] "i fail to see why i shouldn't." *smiles* "sorry for making you feel bored there..."
[Loretta] *shrugs* "I guess i just have a hard time caring if there's a whole group or just two of us."
[Peter] "maybe. " *stands up from lying down, now sitting besides her*
[Peter] "and by two of us, you mean,...?you and trent to recruit?" *honestly confused*
[Loretta] "No, i mean you and me. You watch my back, i watch yours. It works. Why complicate it with others type of thing. But we do need them at times."
[Peter] "well it has worked in the past, true. but we also need others. i do think, however, we shouldnt act that desperate when searching for these other friends." *pauses* "all the same, demon hunting becomes more efficient when we are together" *unclear what this 'we' was*
[Loretta] *nods*
[Peter] *raises eyebrow* "so... i guess you are not angry at me? thats a good thing..."
[Loretta] "Why would i be angry? I mean you're socially inept, but that's hardly a reason for anger."
[Peter] "well, I get it, i get it. It's just, you are very hard to read sometimes."
"hmm. i could go for a swim right now... havent gone for a swim for fun in such a long time..."
[Loretta] "I think you expect me to be more complicated than i really am."
[Peter] "maybe." *shrugs* "the problem is that i dont know if that is good or bad. but i like how we are now-just standing by the sea, talking honestly, nobody trying to run away from any conversation unlike we have both done in the past... we deserve that honesty nonetheless i think."
[Loretta] "Yeah. There's no reason to try to turn this into something uncomfortable. We're friends. We help each other out. Maybe we like each other some. No reason any of these qualities need to be exclusive of the others."
[Peter] "that is true. if i hadnt finished my beer, i'd drink to that." *pauses* "yes, there is that 'liking factor', ..."
"i guess your reason to come here was not to propose me to sent Trent for recruitment from now on huh?"
*speaks calmly, giving her space to speak*
[Loretta] "Well, not just that i guess."
[Loretta] *shrugs* "I'm not against friends with benefits. So long as it's not weird or romantic or anything. And if it doesn't end up feeling natural, we just don't go there again. Seems the fairest way to handle it. Plus, no one has to know; it's no secret that we're friends, and the rest would be our business."
[Peter] *smiles* "I would like that, especially since it seems to be your strangely mature decision, hopefully with no pressure from me. " *pauses* "so... would it be 'too romantic' if i kissed you right now?"
*leans if she doesnt react badly*
[Loretta] *seems to think on it for a minute, then shrugs and kisses him*
[Peter] "...felt natural to me." *smiles*
[Loretta] *wrinkles her nose playfully* "I guess it was alright."
[Peter] "so... where we off to?"
[Loretta] "I dunno."
[Peter] "i guess we could still swim before he leave. i mean, we *are* at a beach, right?"
"unless you forgot something..."
[Loretta] *laughs* "Yeah, well, i *did* come straight from work." *looks around* "It's dark though."
[Peter] *chuckles* "you up for it? " *checks one last time to make sure nobody of the others is near*
[Loretta] *has already stripped down to nothing and jumped in; modesty is not her strong point*
[Peter] *does the same, after giving her a quick positively appraising look*

**they go for their swim, get dressed, and have a quick kiss as loretta leaves to go to allison's**
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9th level Demi-God
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Re: Day 9, Tuesday September 10th

PostPosted by hippie_mama » Tue Sep 22, 2009 1:55 pm

Trent: *walks with Allison to another part of the beach, away from the others* "So i guess it's time for the ol 'Mysterious, Shady Past' talk, huh?"

Allison: *She follows him, and keeping a close eye on him* "So.. There's more then just hunting werewolves?"

Trent: *stops, looking out at the water for a moment* "Yeah. I told you my family was killed by monsters when i was younger too." *brushes Allison's hair back off her neck and touches her scar lightly* "I got bit too, but unlike vampires, the process is straight-forward. The bite is all it takes for the curse to get passed."

Guy #1 is looking at Trent and Allison from the brush through a pair of binoculars. "We sure that is the guy? because these things aren't all that cheap..."

Guy #2, "Yeah, it's him, Here's a print out of his driver's lisence if you want to be damn sure."

Being smart enough to stay downwind of Trent's girlfriend, Guy #1 throws the grenade-type item while Guy #2 has his sights set on Allison. "Time to do what the boy won't have the guts to do..."

Allison: *She looks at him intently, her muscles kind of limp instead of tense* "But... You can't be cursed..... We've been in the sun together..."

Trent you smells 2 guys around 100 feet away or so in the brushline. A small handheld object drops at Trent's and Allison's feet, pulsating with bright blue light. Trent starts to change.

** Allison turns to look at the strange object, squinting against the bright light **

Trent: *quietly* "There's a couple of people lurking over that--" *starts to dive with Allison out of the way of whatever it is before getting all beastly*

Allison: *She let's out a groan as she's shoved into the beach* "What's wrong it's just a flashli...." *She falls silent to just stare at Trent*

Trent: "Don't be afraid. Just stay down."

Guy #2 "Bob... She didnt change..."

Bob "Yeah, I'm seeing it... and the boy isn't ripping her to shreds..."

Guy #2 "Tranks?" Bob agrees, "Tranks."
Trent: *takes a chance and stands, hands up in a non-threatening manner* "The lady is a cop; you don't wanna kill me here."

** Allison doesn't seem to have registered what was said, just staring at him frozen on the sand **

Both guys freeze, then whisper to each other. "He talked!"

Trent: "Damn right i talked! Now what'd ya go changing me for? I was trying to ease my girl into this whole thing, and now you've gone and scared her!"

Bob, shakily, gets his wits under him and shoots tranks at Trent (Comba Score 16)

Trent: Dodge [1d10+8] => [6,8] = (14) "Dammit."

Trent gets hit, hard, with a trank right dab in the center of his chest. He goes down in a heap, the trank working very fast.'

Trent: *Thud*

** Allison stares at Trent untill he's hit by a tranquilizer and she seems to regain herself as adrenaline starts to flow ** "NO!"

The two guys stand up out of the brush, still a bit unsure of what just exactly happened here.

** Allison grabs her main bag imediatly in order to pull out her gun, almost deciding not to take the badge, but taking it anyway **

Bob "Ma'am, we know we know we just tranked your boyfriend, but you might be a mite to close to the situation if you are looking at him all hairy like and thinking he's your boyfriend right now. He's a beast, a monster."

Trent: *drools*

Allison: "You should have listened to him* *Holds up her badge in one hand, and holding her gun in the other* "You really wanna be the ones hunted for killing or kidnapping a cop" *Then points the gun at the flashing blue thing and shooting that* "Now put down those guns, NOW. Or maybe you don't think i can shoot at least one of you before you hit me with one of those... things."

Guy #2 "Ma'am, ah can't help but notice that we gots ourselves a hairy monster at our feet and if you want to get the police involved and put your hairy boy's mug on the evening news, be my guest. But I would rather we do this like was always do it."

Allison: "I'd rather have him on the news, then dead, or with you people. At least PETA would be here to protest on my side within half a day"

Bob "Pita? What do.. oh, PETA," *chuckles to himself* "Actually, what we would have is a mass exodus of werewolves and demons looking to keep this underwraps. See, they dont want the world to know that such things exist and will take elaborate steps to keep it from going public. And then there's the good guys who want this sort of thing to stay quiet even more than the baddies."

Guy #2 "We just want to throw him in the back of our van, silver bars and all, and wait til he wakes up to understand how the hell the ol' bastard talked while wolfy."

Loretta: *hearing what sounds like a gunshot grabs her clothes and starts running toward it to check things out, not bothering to say anything as she's certain Pete's doing the same thing*

Peter: *is ofc doing the same thing*

Allison: "Well, then we have a stand off don't we, you seem to care a whole lot about nobody finding out, and i seem to care a whole lot only about keeping him alive. If you wanted to find out, you should have asked, not gone and shot him with nasty... needles... You wanna hunt werewolves? Fine, go off and do that, but you're not hunting 'mine'"

Loretta: *pulls on her clothes as she goes*

Bob "We were hunting you actually ma'am. We only tranked him because we weren't expecting him to be the wolf."

** Kitriana tosses the book aside again and sighs, running towards the shots fired. **

Peter: *after putting on the clothes as he goes, makes sure to use his vision to see whats going on; keeps running and hoping people are OK*

Guy #2 "Hell! We weren't expecting any wolf to talk like that. Ain't natural is what i say."

** Allison scowls at them, rather insulted **

Bob "He bought silver bullets, primed and ready to go, and engraved them with 'With Love'. Now, to us, that sounded like he wasn't emotionally distant from having to kill you on the next moon. We were going to do it for him... now it seems he wanted you to kill him, but if he can talk..." Guy #2, "Maybe the changer is wonky?"

Allison: "What?..."

Bob "It's working perfectly, the talkin came from him."

** Allison scowls at unconcious Trent, and resists the urge to kick him **

Guy #2 "I say we kill him like all the rest. Talky or no."

Bob, "No, he's got like control or something over his wolfy half. I don't understand it... but if thats true, there might be more of them out there, but safe."

Guy #2 *gets more visually freaked out at Bob saying there might be more than suspected* "I think I need to see a priest..."

Bob, "Yeah, I need to make some phone calls..."

Guy #2 pulls out a flask, takes a swig, and then sprinkles some on him and on Trent, then says to Allison, simply, "Holy water."

Allison: "You're NOT killing him.... Need i remind you i'm the one holding the gun with bullets, you're the ones with tranquilizers... Now take that... Flashy thing and leave..."

Bob and Guy #2 both pull pistols, "We got more than tranks ma'am, and if you aren't calling for backup, you aren't a cop right now no matter what your badge says."

Bob "But i see your point... let me go make a few calls and see what the hell is going on with the boy... Sam, no killing, got that? SAM! Got that i said? No killing."

Sam, grudgingly, "Yeah... sure... i got ya."

Allison: "I don't need to call for backup, You think nobody heard gunshots on a beach? it tends to carry"

Loretta: *runs up and sees men with guns* "Oh--" *stops abruptly and finds cover*

peter: *reaches the location, checking to see any danger, and hides, having obviously seen them fast enough**tries to sneak his way near*

** Kitriana steps behind the two men, not particularly interested in hiding, "Now what's going on here, boys?" **

Bob "We got your cops buddies busy with a liquer store robbery right now, they won't be by any time shortly."

Loretta: *draws Peter's knife from behind her back and assess the situation--which looks a bit complicated for arriving late*

Bob, "Werewolf who can talk, dating the woman, and I'm going to make some calls to see why the fuck the werewolf Trent was talking." moves off to the side to start calling people.

Loretta: *behind a rock* "Hey wait, that's Trent? What the hell did you do to him?"

Loretta, Peter, Kitrina, all see a werewolf body at Allison's feet, and a blue-pulsing object a good 20 feet away

Sam "Just tranked his ass. His talkin scared us."

peter: "so what? you tranqed anyone that scares you?" *gets out of the bushes he was hiding in*

Loretta: "Yeah, well the guns are freaking me out, so let's just maybe go another way about this, at least until i know who the hell i'm supposed to kill!"

Sam, "no, we normally kill them with silver, but the talking was a first for us, so we tranked him."

peter: "i thought attacking what scares you is an animal thing..."

Kitriana: "Mmm, I see then."

peter: "not a human one."

** Allison keeps her gun ready to shoot the first who looks like they might decide to kill Trent ** "Somebody come here and... Pull that damn... needle thing out of him..."

Loretta: *seeing no one's shooting currently, gets curious so goes over to check out the Trent-Beast*

Sam "So you okay that your friend is a werewolf? A killer who cannot help but hunt for human meat on the full moon? Wasn't there a wolf or dog attack last full moon here? Dead people?"

** Kitriana walks over to Allison and Trent, picking up the blue pulsing object. "Well isn't that interesting." **

Loretta: "Needle? You mean the tranq thing they're talking about?" *Rolls him over to his back* "Damn! That thing's big!" *marvels for a moment*

peter: "what? we so killed the monster that had done the murders."

Sam puffs up with pride, My wife, Lotty, she made that for us."

** Allison can't help but shiver when Loretta mentions the size of the needle **

Kitriana: "And let me guess, it forces this?" She waves a hand at Trent

Sam, "The thing you killed was the one killing and eating people? Yup, that way we don't kill innocents."

Allison: "We don't need a precise description of it Loretta!"

peter: "the thing we kileld was skinning people, but i get your point. there is anoither, non-talky werewolf here."

Kitriana: "Good for you; tell her it was good work."

Allison: "And Trent hasn't killed anyone.... He wouldn't do that..."

Sam "You know for sure that is another one? Werewolves don't like to run in packs."

peter: "did that cross your mind, brilliant hunters? that perhaps theres a non-talky, *actually dangerous* guy here? what makes you think they're friends? wont you investaigate that? god, you people are sluppy..."

Sam "Number 1, weres don't talk, ever. When they change, they are hungry and eat the first thing around. Human that is."

Kitriana: *tosses it in the air, and points a finger up at it* "Incindere." [1d20+17] => [7,17] = (24) (( Jet of Flame, rawr. ))

Loretta: *puts one hand on Trent's chest as a brace, then grabs the dart with her other hand and yanks it out uncerimoniously* "Woo! That thing was in deep!"

Sam "Number 2, you are just as sloppy to think the dust devil you guys killed was the one eating people on a full moon. Thats pretty stupid. Hey! Thats a month's pay!"

** Allison can't help but take a step away from Loretta and Trent **

peter: "or i was testing how much you had researched."

it explodes

Sam "You don't look smart enough."

peter: "so... it seems you want less demon hunters to exist? cause that guy *is* a demon hunter."

Kitriana: "Shouldn't have used it, then. Expensive things often get broken."

Sam "That guy got too up close and personal with the demons he hunts. We know it happens, and thats why we make it painless."

peter: "really? well, thanks for being so... humane. and yay for researching. you didnt even know other demon hunters were near."

Sam "So, you guys are in the yellow pages then? Whatcha under? Ghostbusters?"

peter: *nods* "we are new. but we kill bad stuff, we kill it good."

Loretta: *twirls the traq round around in her fingers while the grownups talk*

Sam "After it got someone laid up in the hospital, skin scrapped off, nearly dead?"

peter: "hahaha."

Kitriana: "You really musn't be all that great at your job...I've only been here a day and found them."

peter: "your information is incorrect."

Sam "We work outta Portland, and normally deal with things further norht, but we had a lead, and we took it." *looks at Peter, "I didn;t say he died."
peter: "and you investigated the lead... 10 minutes."

** Allison can't help but snap at Loretta, shivering slightly **

Allison: "Stop that!"

Loretta: "Stop what?"

Allison: "Playing with needles... it's not... Just stop it"

Sam shrugs "If the girly wasnt a were, no harm done."

peter: "so, killing a demin hunter that has found a way to *mimick* bad guy abilities is?"

Sam "turns out, it was the boy, who had odrerd silver bullets for her to use on him."

Loretta: *throws it like a dart down into the sand then* "What are you, my mother?"

peter: "its just another weapon, guys, and like you said, he cant eb a werewolf. or he wouldnt talk."

Sam "You idjit! He ain't mimikin! The magic wouldnt have worked that way."

Kitriana: "Are you absolutely certain it wouldn't?"

Sam "See? You don't know of were's talking, nor do we. Thats why Bob is making some long distance calls."

Kitriana: "Spells often go wrong, you know."

peter: "you idjit! he aint were! he wouldnt tlak that way!" "se? i can have similar arguments too."

Sam takes affront at that. "Lotty knows her were magic."

Allison: "You wouldn't listen to me more even if i was.. But i'm pretty sure i'm a bit too young for that.."

Sam shoots at Peter's feet, at the sand. "Keep it up."

peter: "now... why should we trust that you do not make phone calls to kill us? you don't want to shoot me."

Sam, "you all weres too?"

peter: "i dont know, wouldnt that thing makes us turn?" *chuckles*

Sam, "No, I don't, you arent a were, but if you piss me off, I might actually enjoy it."

Loretta: *waves a hand, passively* "Slayer, here."

Kitriana: *watches the gun fire off* "Now, now, no need for that..."

peter: "i might actually enjoy it too, to call my commander."

Allison: "Real Champion of Justice there"

Kitriana: *points a finger at Sam's gun, this time* "Fragile." [1d10+15] => [9,15] = (24)

Sam looks to Kit "Make the boy shut the hull up, unless you know healin magic."

peter: "she doesnt need to. do you even know who you're dealing with, mr 'i research for 10 seconds' ?"

Trent: *spends 2 drama points to wake early*

peter: "you dont even know we have a slayer here. and we might have another."

Kitriana: "They appear to not know a lot. You'd think a good hunter would know what he was looking for before shooting it."

Bob turns back around, discharges a shotgun into the air, and re-cocks it. "Everyone, shut the hell up, wouldja please? Sam, put the gun away. You," *points at Peter* "Keep being an idiot and you'l; never know what happened." *turns back to the rest* "Can i tell ya'll what my contacts said, or do we need to all drop our drawers and start pissin?"

peter: "tell us what your superiors said. " *is in a OH SO SOLDIERY stance of movememnts* "so i may contact mine."

Trent: *groans and writhes around on the ground some, changing back to human form* "Ok, from all the talking and shooting going on," *sits up, clutching his head* "It sounds like we got ourselves a nice, big, misunderstanding."

Bob looks at Peter and points the shotgun at him "Sam was right, you are an idiot who doesn't knwo when to keep his mouth shut. We'll meet later, I can promise you that."

peter: *nods* "i'm sure my commander will liek that."

Trent: *slowly gets to his feet* "Shhhh. Please."

Bob, "name of your commander?"

peter: "Riley Finn." =

Bob helps Trent to his feet, "Sorry bout that boy, but we had to make sure, y'know?"

Allison: "You didn't 'have' to do anything, you 'choose' to do something, and it was rubbish!"

Sam "You are the government's lapdog? Initiative agent" Damn... " *whistles through his teeth*

Trent: "I'd have done the same. Let's go have a quiet word, the three of us, before anyone else shows up to "help.""

Bob, "Sure. Sam, Trent's A-OK. Got that?"

Sam, "Well, I'll be.."

** Allison scowls at Trent **

Trent: "Everyone else, why don't you get home before the cops decide there's something to see here, and we'll catch up tomorrow." *still rubbing his head like he's very uncomfortable*

Allison: "If you're going i'm gonna go too"

peter: *nods* "i have people to inform."

Loretta: *looks at Peter oddly, then leaves the area without needing further prompting*

peter: *leaves with loretta* "dont worry. Finn knew nothing of the operation with me and would never approve it, so i am OK initiatibe-wise." *whispered*

Loretta: "I thought you didn't work for them anymore."

peter: "of course i never would."

** Kitriana holds out a hand, and her book appears. "Good evening, then. Be careful with that gun, child." and walks off in an opposite direction. **

Trent: *just waits to see where everyone else goes*

peter: "but government involvement is always intimidating."

Loretta: "Whatever; i'm all sorts of confused."

Bob to Trent, "You sure do know how to pick the ones who can start a shit-fire faster than anyone else son."

** Allison sighs, after calming down a moment **

peter: "dont worry; i just lied. is it that bad?"

Allison: "Alright... But you don't you 'dare' get shot or kidnapped again... And i'll wait at the car i guess..."

Loretta: "I don't know; it sounded weird to me, so i'm sure it sounded really weird to everyone else."

Trent: *to Allison* "Thank you, it shouldn't be long."

Allison: "Alright, i'll go talk to peter for a moment... And see you in a bit..' **hesitates briefly but kisses his cheek before heading after Peter and Loretta **

peter: "maybe thats true. but i wanted to buy us time." *sees allison coming* "we keep a secret right?"*whispered*

Trent: *sighs heavily as the others leave* "You guys mind if i sit? I feel like shit."

Bob "Go ahead.."

Sam hands Trent a Mr. Goody bar "Here, this always helps me when Lotty shoots me with the tranks after a night out drinking or hunting or whatever else pisses her off."

Trent: *sits down slowly and carefully* "Alright. I think i know what happened here, but please excuse me if some of the details are a bit...foggy." *takes the bar with a chuckle* "She sounds like a feisty one."

** Allison walks up to Peter to give him a long appraising look **

Loretta: *follows along with peter and Allison, but doesn't seem like she feels she belongs there*

peter: *to allison* "so... told ya i was a soldier."

Bob "what happened was the shit hit the fan after I tranked ya.."

Trent: "Yeah, i'm betting my friends showed up about then. Anyone get hurt? You only came with the two, right?"

Allison: "I also remember you saying a paramilitary organisation was after you about... an hour ago"

Sam "You know the one guy is working for the government? The Initiative? They do experiements on humans and demons... I'd be careful around him."

GM: Bob "Yeah, We threw the changer, we thought it would change your girl with those bullets you ordered."

peter: "yes. but the person i mentioned knew nothing of me being hunted down."

Bob "And you have got to know how rare someone like you are, right?"

peter: "so if they contact him, he will even disapprove that. hell, maybe he'll even fund me. thats a long shotm though."

Trent: *nods* "Yeah, now that i think about it, that was pretty dumb. I should have at least showed up in person, but it was sort of a...i dunno. Romantic whim type of thing."

peter: "last time the initiative tried to do similar experiments with mine, Riley stopped it. so i'm Ok by that account."

Bob "It was romantic for you tell your girl that she might have to shoot you someday, just in case, and here are the bullets? Odd sort of romance."

Sam "Lotty would get it I'm sure."

Trent: *shakes his head* "Yeah, well, that girl makes it so i can't think straight all the time."

Allison: "Fund what exactly?"

Sam chuckles "I understand ya there... but how did you get yourself to talk like that?"

Trent: "Well, I am a werewolf, so you guys were right about that much. But i also hunt Werewolves. Call it a personal vendetta. I learned to control the changes and use the abilities that came with it to my advantage. I guess i never had occasion to talk while in that form, but it does make me feel better to know that i can--i don't like changing at all, as you can probably imagine. it's not something i wish to embrace. So i don't know 'how' it happens, except that i have control of my mind when i change."

Allison: "So... Tell me more about it"

peter: "about what?"

Bob "Change at will? And can you keep from changing with the moon?"

peter: "i dont really wnat to talk about my time there... it was horrible."

Allison: "I don't need a personal recount, but you could tell me what it's about"

peter: "they hunt demons, kill demons, maybe sometimes capture demons. and they made experiments on me, not the least of which were psy-ops."

Trent: "Yes. And i have started to hope that others can learn as well. You should know though that there is another Werewolf in town--not surprising considering the attack that made the news. i'm giving her the month to learn to control herself though; i didn't find her until she'd changed back on the last morning, and as you can probably understand, i wasn't comfortable blowing the head off a college girl."

Bob "Girl? Full of life and dripping with sex?"

Trent: "Um...i suppose that's the type?"

Allison: "That explains something... So are you or are you not still a part of this thing?"

Bob "If it's the same girl, Sam was supposed to take care of her two months ago.." Sam looks sheepish. "Lotty got we twice with the tranks for that."

Loretta: *still following, but acting completely uninterested*

peter: "i am not a part of them anymore. they tortured me and sliced me everyday. it was hard to escape their influence..."

Trent: "I she's not new to this. She would have known well by now to at least stay locked up." *starting to look less woozy and more angry*

Allison: "But you just acted as if you still were minutes ago..."

peter: "i wanted the hunters to believe that so they get worried about governemtn involvement; it would buy time."

Sam "She's knows how to play men all right... and damn if she didn't look good, all naked an stuff... Don't blame ya boy."

Allison: "Yeah... Good job..."

peter: "i dont think tey care much about law anyway... or they;d have stopped by the badge."

Trent: "I didn't--she didn't play me *that* way. I just felt sorry for her."

Bob "Either way, you got played."

Trent: "Yeah...well. I guess we got some work to do in three weeks then. There any more of you?"

Bob "All over the world actually. Mostly small outfits like me an Sam. But you see a gun shop that does custom bullets, you can normally find us. And why wait for the full moon? We just gotta drive back to Portland to get some more changers.."

peter: "so... looks like Trent got lucky today... must have scared you. its good that nobody got hurt."

** Allison turns to look at Loretta with that protective look, but turns her attention back to Peter ** "I wouldn't go that far... The night isn't over yet... Trent could stil very well get hurt!"

peter: *chuckles* "well, at least i bet you can hurt him in nicer ways."

Trent: "Well, this is my territory, and that's the way i do it. Besides, played or not, i gave the bitch my word. I'm not a man that goes back on it."

Bob looks at Trent "Alright, but if she surfaces in this area, call us and we'll help ya."

peter: "so, allison... do you ahve any family?"

Trent: "Absolutely. And if she shows up wolfed-at-will before then, i'm not wasting any time."

Sam "And if you ever go feral, we will put you down, just so you know we are lookin out for ya. We wont wait for your girl to have to do it."

Allison: "I have one family member left yeah.."

Trent: "I appreciate it." *is sincere about it*

peter: "really?"

Bob "Alright Sam, lets get goin... And I'll tell Lotty the changer was my fault this time, she wont trank me."

peter: "what family member? parent, or... sibling?"

Trent: *laughs* "Alright guys, see ya around--and i still want those bullets."

Sam, voice getting a bit distant already as they walk off "Eh, doesnt matter, she'll take out her displeasure by trankin me anyways. But thanks for the offer."

Allison: "My brother.."

Loretta: *quietly* "You've...uh...met him. Kind of."

Bob waves back at Trent, "Sure thing. Come up in a week, we aren't driving down to you again unless there's something that needs to be taken care of."

peter: "you must love him a lot..." *hears loretta* "what? when?"

Loretta: "That time we went to the club, when you had a date. I mean you were there at the same time, but didn't talk or anything."

peter: "i never went to a date with a guy!?" *thinks* "oh, that kid. the one youw ere dancing?"

Loretta: "Erm...yeah. That one."

Trent: "Later guys." *goes too, to see if Allison's still waiting in the car or if he's going to have to walk*

peter: "hmm. interesting turn. i guess this made us meet you, right allison?"

Allison: "Don't remind me... Don't know how he managed to wriggle out of punishment for that anyway..."

Loretta: "Punishment for what? We didn't do anything."

peter: *to allison, curious but nothing more* "what did they do?"

Allison: "He was supposed to be home doing homework, and leave my car alone"

Loretta: *definsively* "He said it was ok."

peter: *honestly* "i supposed something like that. and hey, allison, dont give him a hard time. he will learn."

Loretta: "Supposed something like what?"

peter: *to loretta, innocently* "nothing. i actually supposed that he was late and his sister got worried. every kid does that from time to time... didnt assume anything else."

Loretta: "Oh. We didn't vandalize anything, or hurt anyone, or get arrested--it wasn't even very much fun."

peter: "so allison... go talk to trent a bit, i think you need time... and loretta will you ride in their car in a bit if its OK with everyone?"

Allison: "Yeah, funny how kids do that sometimes.... They can be so stubborn and willfull, you'd almost think they're adults already..."

Loretta: "If they need time to talk, being in the car with them is hardly helpful. I'll walk and meet you at your place, Allison."

** Allison looks into her second bag and hands a warm sweater to Loretta ** "Here... Just in case it get's colder on the way"

Loretta: "I should patrol some anyway." *starts walking but stops as she hands her the sweater--looks at her funny, but shrugs and puts it on before continuing*

peter: *waits for allison to leave, kinda worrying about how it went with trent's talk; walks away too, but makes it a point to be close enough to loretta, though seemingly about to turn at different street*

Trent: *catches up to them finally, but with a rather drunken-looking stride* "Loretta's off again?"

** Allison looks towards the direction they left ** "I doubt she'll be unwatched..."

Trent: *sways slightly as he stands there, then bends over and pukes*

peter: *takes a turn at a different street, though intending to catch up with her and ask her something*

Loretta: *takes her time, using indirect routes, and looking for trouble*

peter: *reaches her eventually* "hey loretta. i'm gonna go home, just i wnat to ask something... so that things can be clearer."

Trent: "Ugh...i'd walk, but i think i'll fall down if i try. Give a pathetic guy a ride home?"

Loretta: "Sure."

** Allison sighs and puts an arm under his shoulder ** "Of course... But that doesn't mean you're off the hook..."

Trent: "Didn't figure... But i think i'll stop puking as soon as i sit down. Go slow just in case though."

peter: "about that ;friends with benefits' thing. I really believe you did nothing with that kid, just... I may have misunderstood something that should be clear. If you intend to see other people, you should tell me beforehand.No complains, just... it would be fair for me to know."

** Allison keeps her arm around Trent all the way to the car and helps him in, then getting into the drivers seat herself, starting the car and turning up the heat, but not driving anywhere **

Loretta: *snort laughs* "Oh? Would that bother you?" *playfully*

peter: *chuckles playfully too* "hah, you know it would.same way you can get bothered by some stuff..."

Loretta: *shrugs* "Seriously, i never thought about it much. I don't have time to date guys anyway. You can have girlfriends and stuff though, if you want; doesn't bother me any--that's kind of the whole point of 'friends with benefits.' If the benefits are exclusive, you're pretty much dating."

** Allison taps her fingers on the steering wheel steadily, seeming to be steeling herself for something **

Trent: *holds his head as she does that*

peter: *nods* "i understand. i dont intend to see other girls, but in a way being bothered can be part of the fun. sometimes. so... i guess i'll see ya?"

Loretta: "Oh, i'm sure...later."

** Allison looks at Trent with a sigh and runs a hand through his hair briefly ** "It's that bad?..."

peter: *attempts to lean and give her a quick kiss, then leaves*

Loretta: *lets him, then continues on her way*

Trent: "Ugh. Yeah, i'm sure that was dosed for several hours. Kinda wish i was still asleep." *digs around his pocket for a cigarette* "You mind, if i roll the window down?"

** Allison nods, and does start driving home now **

Trent: *puts the window down some and lights up* "Sorry about all that. I meant to tell you a bit better."

Allison: "We'll go home to my house... You can sleep it off, and we can talk tomorrow... But i'm still very mad at you...'

Trent: *hangs his head slightly* "I understand. Though you'll probably want to drop me at my place; i don't see this getting any less ugly between now and morning."

Allison: "All the more reason you need to be in my bed where you can watch TV and have someone take care of you"

Trent: "Damn. I'm a lucky son of a bitch, huh?" *smiles, then promptly passes out*

** Allison mumbles something about seeing about that in the morning **
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Re: Day 9, Tuesday September 10th

PostPosted by Solar_Dawn » Wed Sep 23, 2009 9:53 am


Allison drives herself and Trent home, then going inside to tell Eric to bring his ass downstairs, and has him help with carrying Trent upstairs, while glowering at his suggestions as to why Trent could be unconscious.
Once there Allison tugs him in with the blankets and strokes his hair while keeping a close eye on him, until she falls asleep too.
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Re: Day 9, Tuesday September 10th

PostPosted by Lexi » Wed Sep 23, 2009 12:31 pm


Kitriana was still on the beach in the morning, she'd had a lot to think over. She talked to the waning fire as it flittered about in the early winds; "Initiative, amazing how that didn't come up in conversation. No wonder he's going about recruiting non-humans."

She sighed, and stood up, heading back into town. He'd have to be watched, there was no choice in it now. Even demons didn't deserve what the government liked doing to them; they had human blood in them after all.
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Re: Day 9, Tuesday September 10th

PostPosted by hippie_mama » Wed Sep 23, 2009 12:49 pm


Loretta arrives at Allison's as promised, but apparently long after everyone else has gone to bed. "May as well have stayed out..." she says quietly to herself, locking he door behind her, but stays--maybe even with a bit of guilt.
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