Free Mod - Goldeneye: Source (Beta 3)

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Free Mod - Goldeneye: Source (Beta 3)

PostPosted by verdilak » Thu Jul 09, 2009 5:30 am

As long as you have a Steam account and one Source based retail game, you can download this.

This is a mix between a re-imagining and re-creation of the classic N64 shooter. There is still no reticule and the shot spread mirrors the N64 version a lot. You can still bring up the aiming reticule with the push of a button, though you can also move at the same time, just not as fast as without it. All the multiplayer maps are in there, plus a couple segmented areas from the single player portion. The vent in Facility is accessible, though you don't need to do the levitation trick anymore. Paintball mode is included, and some servers do use it on occasion. Weapon loadouts, such as Power Weapons, are identical, and game types like License to Kill and The Man with The Golden Gun are in there as well as the usual DM, TDM, and CTF. The game also has achievements should that interest you.

However, there is NO single-player portion whatsoever.

I remember seeing this mod 2 years back and the reason I'm posting this is cause A) the new beta 3 came out on Feb. 007 (yuck yuck yuck), 2009 and B) it is really, really fun to play. I have a lot of fond memories of this game, and as shooters have progressed, I've constantly said "Imagine if Goldeneye had ragdoll physics" or "Imagine if Goldeneye had new graphics" etc. etc. Well this is the closest you are going to get to that.

Official Goldeneye: Source Homepage [] - There is a download section on there
Goldeneye: Source Wiki []

There are a lot of deals for games and such and I've seen a lot of posts referencing Goldeneye so I thought this would be of interest to them. There are a ton of mods out for Source and I'm not trying to promote any old mod, this is a well-built, well-polished mod that plays like a new-gen version of Goldeneye so I figured it would be worth mentioning. I'm not expecting thumbs up or rep, just avoid thread-crapping please.

As it stands, there's only around 100+ servers, but you'll find at least a dozen with a good chunk of people playing it. - Gameplay footage
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