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Rating Site for Parents

PostPosted by hippie_mama » Wed May 13, 2009 6:59 pm


Well ok, good site for anyone, but it's especially targeted at parents who want to know more than the arbitrary rating placed on something. I find this really helpful because while i'm not so comfortable with a lot of sex and nudity, i'm ok with my kids seeing most battle scenes. This site assigns age-appropriateness, and also rates Violence, Sex, Language, Drug Use, and even Commercialism along with providing a summary of morals (if any) and ideas for family discussions. I don't agree with all of their final ratings, but it's nice to be able to make the call myself.


Star Trek
(2009, Rated PG-13)

Why We Rated This on for Ages 12 and Up


The sci-fi military-style action violence is plentiful but not especially bloody. At one point, an entire planet (with a population in the billions) is destroyed. The crews of various starships are pummeled by explosions, struck with torpedoes, sucked out of hull breaches into space, and generally assaulted. A character is impaled with a sharp-ended staff; another falls to her death; another receives several harsh pummelings. Some fistfights. Humanoid aliens are shot close-up; a monstrous beast threatens a character. Close

The sci-fi military-style action violence is… More

Some suggestive talk and kissing; two female characters are seen in their underwear. An underwear-clad couple makes out on a bed. There's a joke about "farm boys having sex with animals." Close

Some suggestive talk and kissing; two female chara… More

Relatively mild, including "arse" (in the context of kicking), "damn," "ass," "hell," "oh my God," "bulls--t," "goddamn," and "whore." One clear (though not particularly noticeable) use of "f--king" in the lyrics of a Beastie Boys song played during a scene. Close

Relatively mild, including "arse" (in the con… More

The movie is set in the 24th century, but somehow Nokia and Budweiser manage to make appearances. Close

The movie is set in the 24th century, but… More
Drinking, drugs, & smoking:

Characters drink beer, wine, and hard liquor, sometimes to excess. Close

Characters drink beer, wine… More
Message & role models:

Even with its sci-fi action and occasional flirty sexuality, the movie has positive, welcome messages about individual responsibility, collective accomplishment, institutional tradition, and working for the greater good. Almost every character in the film puts aside something -- regret, pain, selfishness -- for the ultimate mission, with good work as its own reward. Zoe Saldana's Uhura is a strong female role model. Good cast diversity. Close

Even with its sci-fi action and… More

What Parents Need to Know

Parents need to know that although this slick, upbeat sci-fi adventure isn't much more violent than the earlier Star Trek movies, there's a heightened feel that gives it a little bit more edge. While the action is (mostly) bloodless, it's also intense; expect lots of fights, battles, and hand-to-hand combat. At one point, the villains destroy an entire planet of humanoid aliens. Some of the comic relief scenes have a flirty, playful sense of sexuality (Kirk has always been a ladies' man), but that's balanced by the mature depiction of a relationship. There's also a bit of language ("bulls--t," etc.) and some drinking.
Read our full review by James Rocchi
So, You Going to See It?


Families Can Talk About

Families can talk about the enduring appeal of Star Trek -- what makes people become such faithful fans? Why do you think the studio decided to make a new version? How does it compare to the older movies and TV shows? Families can also talk about revenge, which is a major theme in the film. Ask kids whether it's ever justified to hurt others in the name of revenge. How much of the movie's violence can be traced back to that motivation? How much impact does it have compared to the violence in other action movies? Why?

The site also rates books, TV, games, and music
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Re: Rating Site for Parents

PostPosted by Aluman » Wed May 13, 2009 7:19 pm

Meh more budweiser are sold every year than any other kind of beer, which is weird as foreigners won't touch buds with a ten foot pole (And in Germany its not legal to sell budweiser as budweiser).
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