Damn good deal from Titan Games if you have $500

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Damn good deal from Titan Games if you have $500

PostPosted by verdilak » Thu Jan 15, 2009 11:01 pm

It is clearance time again at Titan Games. This year, for January we are offering a special deal of 50 assorted CASES of factory-sealed Game Product for $500. That is your "you pick it up" price. You would need to load it into your vehicle - if you want us to load it, it will cost an additional $200. If you wanted it shipped, we would do so - but it won't be cheap, probably at least another $500 for shipping by UPS Ground - and maybe twice that, I don't know.

This $500 lot would include:
A. Role Playing Books (both soft and hardcover) for various systems like Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition and 3.5 D20, Babylon 5, Conan and others.
B. Miniatures gaming stuff for various fantasy and/or science fiction games.
C. Board and or Boxed Games.
D. Collectible and/or non collectible card games.

I would expect the retail value on each lot to be greater than $8,000.00, maybe as much as twice that!

I have enough stock to sell about 5 or 6 of these lots, so if you want to be one of the few who get in on the deal, please call me at: 269-963-3773 to set up payment arrangements, and pick up times.

I also have one lot of just 40 or so cases of Judges Guild items - all mixed, and all unused and stored in Magazine Boxes. That would be $500 - and a YOU pick it UP price (and expensive to ship!)

Interested parties can email at:
titangamesebay4u at aol dot com

Or, call:

We need the room! So, save these games from a fate worse than death!! The Dreaded Sidwalk Sale of Doom!!!!!

Marcus King
Titan Games & Music - Owner
637 Capital Ave SW
Battle Creek, MI 49015
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Re: Damn good deal from Titan Games if you have $500

PostPosted by PhishStyx » Thu Jan 15, 2009 11:40 pm

Heh, I just bought a 2nd copy of The Authority from them for $5 (1st copy is starting to fall apart).
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