Xbox 360s are a real train wreck.

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Xbox 360s are a real train wreck.

PostPosted by verdilak » Wed Oct 15, 2008 5:58 pm

Microsoft sues DHL over disastrous delivery
Xbox 360s are a real train wreck.

By Ben Silverman

If a train carrying over 20,000 Xbox 360s leaves a station in McAllen, Texas at 8:30 am only to crash in Duke, Texas a few hours later, when will Microsoft take the shipping company to court?

If you answered, "one year later," you're better at math than we are.

According to a Gamepro report, the Redmond giant is seeking over $2 million in damages from shipping company DHL for the loss of 21,600 Xbox 360s incurred during a train derailment in 2007.

Apparently, the consoles were en route from Texas to Long Beach, California when the DHL freight train decided to do some sightseeing and hop off the rails. No injuries were reported -- other than "impact damage, wetting, pilfering and shortage" of two enormous containers filled with 360s.

Microsoft contends that despite the wreck, DHL has yet to compensate them for the loss, claiming in court papers that the shipping company "negligently breached its duties as a common carrier, handler, bailee, warehouseman, agent, or in other capabilities."

Interestingly, Microsoft's $2 million suit is actually quite generous. Even at the lowest retail rate of $200 per console, the cost of losing 21,600 Xbox 360s tops the $4 million mark.

DHL has yet to comment.

Daaaamn... but it is DHL's responsibility to make amends.
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